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Sometimes, when I hear people without experience of add

Sometimes, when I hear people without experience of addiction blame addicts for their behaviour, I feel like saying to them: ‘You simply don’t understand – how can a child be held responsible for doing such a dreadful thing to himself?’ But then again, at other times I have to acknowledge: it was done wilfully.
I admire the world of the books and the characters that she‘s created, but I’m not an addict of Harry Potter. I don’t feel possessive about it.
Because I know I’m an addict, and I know I’m an alcoholic.
It was back in 2011 that everything changed. I was not a healthy eater at all. Up until that point, I was a student and a complete sugar addict.
I am on a sugar-free diet. I used to be a sugar addict where I would eat gummy bears and candy when I lived in Europe.
Madison Avenue makes us addicts of consumerism, using glass wampum to steal our capacity to direct our own lives.
Alex Jones
I started to write in about 1950; I was thirty-five at the time; there didn’t seem to be any strong motivation. I simply was endeavoring to put down in a more or less straightforward journalistic style something about my experiences with addiction and addicts.
And my father always took me to the library. We were both book addicts.
Cornelia Funke
I am an Apple addict. I have every Apple product, and I buy them so that I can complain about it, you know.
I’m a chocolate addict.
Food is being purposefully formulated to addict you.Then it is purposefully marketed, targeted to young children to addict them at an early age. This is unethical, right? This is immoral, particularly when you see the results of it which is this world-wide epidemic of diabetes and obesity.
Here is the real domino theorygay man to gay man, bisexual man to straight woman, addict mother to newborn baby, they all fall down and someday it will come to you.
I’m a tan addict.
If I brought another car home, there would be problems. I have a lot of cars as it is. I’m a car addict.
When I did these psychological characters like the drug addicts, the ones who were rejected and dejected, I started to feel a sort of melancholia which was very unnatural for me to have at a teenage. Then I avoided those characters.
Kangana Ran
I am a roller-coaster addict.
Breakups are a horrible thing for almost everybody I know. For someone who is a love addict, it’s debilitating.
I prefer to say that I am a beautiful person. But the addict is a horrible person.
Daniel Baldwin
I’m 20 years old. I like to party as much as anyone my age. Going clubbing is my way of relaxing or releasing a lot of stress. I don’t feel that I should have to justify that part of my life. I don’t know that I’m necessarily an addict.
Anyone who’s ever had a loved one go through addiction will know just how devastating it can be and how tough it is for those around them, as much as it is for the addict.
I was a terrible Sugar Babies addict, so I had more cavities than the surface of the moon.
Rick Reilly
I work with The National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University. I sit proudly as one of only two recovering addicts on their board.
Secrets keep addicts ill and cost lives.
I’m a big Ping-Pong addict. I love it.
I’m a TV addict.
In New York, you’ve got Donald Trump, Woody Allen, a crack addict and a regular Joe, and they’re all on the same subway car.
Politicians are addicted to spending and revenue extraction. As with an addict, there’s little pause for moral or legal contemplation.
I do believe that I’m an addict on one level or another at all times.
I’m a sugar addict.
Some people are addicts. If they don’t act, they don’t exist.
After about the age of 13, I was a romance addict. Still am, though I read just about every other genre as well. The only thing I really shy away from is political thrillers.
Kristan Higgins
I have seen too many screenwriters of promise become formula addicts and slaves to stop watch structure. Spend that time watching movies, reading screenplays, reading plays, and most importantly – write from your gut.
I am more than just a serious basketball fan. I am a life-long addict. I was addicted from birth, in fact, because I was born in Kentucky and I learned, early on, that Habitual Domination was a natural way of life.
If you’re an addict, it controls your life and your life becomes uncontrollable. It’s boring and painful, filling your system with something that makes you stare at your shoes for six hours.
I’m a food addict, that’s my downfall.
Higher Power‘ was the result of a personal experience: a friend of mine who went through the process of addiction and recovery. It’s a very, very tough thing – very easy to become addicted and very, very hard to become a recovering addict.
Patrick Melrose’ is a frantically accurate exploration of the addict mind tormented by trauma, magnificently brought to life by Benedict Cumberbatch. At its core, it is a story that has a timeless quality with echoes of Cervantes.
I am a raging alcoholic and a raging addict and I didn’t want to see my kids do the same thing.
Ozzy Osbourne
I grew up watching television. I’m a television addict. I had all these heroes, but they didn’t look like me.
I was a functional addict.
Romeo and Juliet’ is two love addicts acting out, and look how that ended.
I promise you that I did not become an addict because of anything to do with the behavior of either of my parents. Everybody has to make their own choices.
It is a lot of work being an addict. There’s nothing harder than being an addict.
I was a sci-fi addict when I was a kid and a teenager. Novels, graphic novels, movies, it was my way to deal with reality.
I’m a true-crime addict. It’s not something I’m particularly proud of, but I can’t stop.
Never leave home without a great gloss: Dior Addict Perfecto is one of my faves.
I’m a green tea addict, though the occasional glass of red wine is nice, too.
I think readers are always patient. Look at the ‘Harry Potterseries. Some have given up on this generation of kids as game and TV addicts, but lots of people spend lots of time patiently reading through hundreds of pages of dense prose. I think reading a comic by comparison is a lot more immediate.
Well, c’mon, everyone is a Facebook addict!
Carlos Pena, Jr.
I’m a huge food addict.
My advice is to give up stevia, aspartame, sucralose, sugar alcohols like xylitol and malitol, and all of the other heavily-used and marketed sweeteners unless you want to slow down your metabolism, gain weight, and become an addict.
My favorite splurge would be gluten-free pizza. Or I’m a total truffle addict so truffle mac and cheese.
I don’t take for granted all the blessings that I have, and as soon as I heard about Computers for Youth, I really wanted to be involved. Anyone who knows me knows how much time I spend on computers. I’m a computer addict. Every young person deserves to have a computer in his or her home.
Ambition is a drug that makes its addicts potential madmen.
There was a time when I was a huge TV addict. I used to race home from school to watch ‘Dark Shadows.’
There’s a fascinating school of thought that some women are relationship addicts. You get really strung out on a guy who’s not returning your enthusiasm and tell yourself you’re going to fix him and make him better, and of course it’s impossible.
I’m a TV addict, and I personally really enjoy reality TV.
I am a print addict. I have an ebook and a computer but I remain hooked on print.
Annalena McAfee
When the addict gets recovery, his family gets recovery, right?
I have my sweetheart Yorkshire terrier, Tabasco, along with two cats, Romeo and Jasmine. Yes, I am both a Shakespeare and Disney addict.
Kirsten Prout
Every time you do something, make something, it’s final in a way, but it’s not. It immediately raises a great set of questions. And if you become a question addict, which I am, you immediately have something you need to pursue.
Robert Irwin
So maybe I can go back to being a Gardeners’ World addict again.
Ken Thompson
Nixon was a bad loser. He hated losing worse than death, and that is why I enjoyed him. We were both football fans, both addicts; and on some days, nothing else mattered.
I relish tea, but I am not an addict. Twice a day is fine.
I don’t t drink coffee, but I’m a tea addict.
Toks Olagundoye
I also learned to play Fruit Ninja on an iPad. It is quite hypnotic, and I hope one day to get past 100 points. I remembered that David Cameron admits to being an addict. I wonder if it helps him in his work. ‘Great, just destroyed a pineapple! Reminds me, shall we send those grenades to the Syrian rebels?’
Why is it drug addicts and computer afficionados are both called users?
Clifford Stoll
I’m a real nature lover, so whenever possible, I like to get to the beach or get to a forest or get somewhere there’s fresh air. Apart from that, I’m a film addict and a DVD freak.
Murray Bartlett
I’m hardly a smartphone addict. I rarely look at social media.
I was a fashion addict by the time I was 11 years old. I’d wear a miniskirt and patent-leather boots.
I love roasted beets with goat cheese. I am also a fruit addict.
You know, we think about addiction as a morally reprehensible choice, but addicts act crazy because, in a way, that they are.
I never watch TV. I’m a Radio Four addict. I love listening to music too.
Louise Jameson
I’m a coffee addict. I think I buy, like, four a day. I’m not even jittery from it any more.
Kirsten Sweetland
I have to say that after some initial resistance, I’m now a complete ‘Game of Thrones’ addict.
Drugs shift the way that we think. So, yeah, the logical thing would be to get help, but that’s not the way addicts operate, which is why it’s really, really hard to get someone to understand that they need treatment.
She’s been a smack addict, she’s had big success in Europe in the ’70s, and she’s lost everything. She’s been rediscovered in the ’80s, and as we meet her she’s just about to sign a new recording contract.
I, Joseph Francis Buck, became a hair-plug addict.
I love video games. Me and Meth are video game addicts.
For those uninitiated in the art of guerrilla war tactics: Smear campaigns never run fair or square. So just to set the record straight: I’m not a drug addict, I don’t smoke or drink and I’m most definitely not a lesbian.
I love food. I’m a huge food addict. I think in my past life I was a pig or something like that, but I love eating; I never stop eating.
Justin Lee
People are really excited right now to see women in new roles. When I was young, as a crazy football addict, it wasn’t something I saw, and maybe that’s why I thought it was never something I can do.
It’s sometimes too easy to point fingers when circumstances dramatically go awry, but as an addict, I’m ultimately responsible for my own decisions, no matter how benign or tragic the consequences.
I’m an addict. I’ve been one my whole life. Most of it was channeled in the right direction, whether it was playing basketball or working out. From the time I was little, my mom said I always needed to be entertained.
I try not to become too regular an addict of any one subculture.
Sin is, somehow, at the root of all human misery. Sin is what keeps us from God and from life. It is in the face of every battered woman, the cry of every neglected child, the despair of every addict, the death of every victim of every war.
E-cigarette companies are using shameful tactics, such as Joe Camel-like cartoons in advertisements and creating e-cigarette flavors like bubblegum and cotton candy, to addict our children early – and guarantee another generation of smokers.
I think there was a time when I considered myself a work addict, but that’s no longer accurate. My life has changed so dramatically over the last number of years, especially having a family now. My priorities have shifted.
If you are an addict yourself, how are you going to fight drugs? That’s why the dope test is compulsory for Punjab Police personnel and youngsters joining, regardless of what newspapers are saying that women should be exempted.