Bandwagon Quotes

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I was waiting for all other actresses to wear a bikini

I was waiting for all other actresses to wear a bikini first so I can just follow the bandwagon.
Venture capitalists are like lemmings jumping on the software bandwagon.
Adam Osborne
‘The Green Lanternseems a little calculated to me. It’s like, ‘We’ve got to get on this gay bandwagon and make this character gay.’ Like anything else, there’s earnest expressions in the culture and then there’s kind of bandwagoning.
I jumped on the Brady Hoke bandwagon in 2003 when he left an assistant job at Michigan to be the head coach at our alma mater. During his six years at Ball State, we were close.
Trust me: not everyone is on the Adriane Lenox bandwagon. I’m not stupid enough to think that.
Adriane Lenox
I hate driving a bandwagon.
The 3D thing has been abused slightly, I think. There is no question about that. ‘Avatardid it magnificently, and then, of course, there was the old ‘leaping on the bandwagon’ thing where there have been one or two films which, let’s face it, all know look bloody awful with the 3D.
Martin Campbell
Priyanka Chopra has produced a Marathi film. Even John Abraham announced he wants to make a Marathi film. Suddenly everyone wants to jump on the bandwagon. Shah Rukh, Rohit Shetty also want to do a Marathi film. There is an awareness. But I hope they don’t come and spoil the market by making their kind of cinema.
If you’re constantly just trying to go in this win-loss cycle that MLB is pushing, you are creating bandwagon fans, and that’s not the type of fans you want to create.
Fans jump on your bandwagon and desert you when you hit the harder times.
It’s not like I want to hop on a bandwagon, because I said it 15 years agobringing a child into your life who is not genetically yours is one of the most beautiful things you can do. But I’m also interested in having my own baby, too.
I’d never jump on a bandwagon; sometimes people do that and it’s not what I wanted to do.
A lot of people have the misconception that I decided to become an actor when Lily became famous and have accused me of jumping on her bandwagon. But that’s completely untrue.
We get on the bandwagon in all sorts of ways – you know minor ways and major ways – like what you’ve just encountered which isn’t censorship exactly, it was something sort of uglier in a way.
Everybody‘s all up on the EDM bandwagon now, because it’s, like, another viable conduit for traditional pop music to ride for a bit so they can get out of their little stagnant pool and make a dance hit.
Bandwagon and all that it is is such a huge passion of mine. We’re already bouncing around ideas for season three, what we would call our golden ticket, in terms of a celebrity we would pair up with. We have a few in mind, and a few topics.
Emma Caulfield
They wanted to jump on their own bandwagon. Bobby Charlton had never made it as a manager. Bobby Moore hadn’t either. I think they never stopped trying to put me in the same category. That was the road they went down with me.
Bryan Robson
I didn’t want to be like some other guys who jump on another team‘s bandwagon just to get a ring.
I’m a sheep when it comes to opinions; I will change my mind and jump on the bandwagon.
Things get much easier if one jumps on the bandwagon of existing trends.
Lei Jun
First and foremost, play what you love to play. Don’t try to jump on a bandwagon or a trend or a popular musical craze.
Everyone is trying to jump on the biomimic bandwagon. But a cork floor is not biomimicry. Neither is using bacteria to clean water.
Janine Benyus
If you see a bandwagon, it’s too late.
James Goldsmith
We are not jumping on the austerity bandwagon. A healthy economy is by far the most important thing for Social Democrats.
Helle Thorning-Schmidt
And it took me about 11 years to get a record deal, and I just had to work around and come to terms with the fact that what I was doing was going to be different, and I just had to wait until somebody was ready to jump on the bandwagon.
I just have to stop biting my nails. I’ve been on and off that bandwagon so many times. I feel like it’s going to be a lifelong struggle.
I did a dance with Fred Astaire in the movie ‘Bandwagon.’ I got to waltz just from left of camera to right of camera, and I’m taller than Fred Astaire. Fortunately, I was wearing a long skirt, so I waltzed with bended knees.
A lot of bands, they’ll try to jump on the bandwagon or the fad or the fashion, and they’ll skyrocket, have this quick overnight fame. But as soon as that fad or fashion changes, they’ll go out with it.
I’ve seen a lot of people jump on and off my bandwagon.
My advice to new artists is to not follow a trend, but to start one. By that, I mean to not be tempted to do what business people might suggest to you, to jump on the bandwagon, but to be strong.