Being Broke Quotes

Here, we’ve compiled a list of the best Being Broke Quotes from famous persons: Jen Sincero, Dakota Meyer, Loni Love, Skylar Grey, Jorge Masvidal. The wide variety of quotes available makes it possible to find a quote to suit your needs. You’ve likely heard some of the Being Broke Quotes before, but that’s because they truly are great.

It doesn’t matter how big of a company you have: I always tell people that you are one job away from being broke. And if you don’t live that way, you’ll be broke.
I have a fear of being broke. That’s what I have a fear of. I’m not kidding.
I didn’t have any knowledge of the music industry when I first got to L.A., and I really didn’t know on a creative level what I wanted to sound like, so I had to do a lot of experimenting. It led to a spiral of depression and being broke.
My mom would get up every day at 4 A.M. and worked two jobs. I always felt I was the poorest kid on the block. I had a chip on my shoulder about being broke.
The most popular rap artists aren’t supposed to be rapping about being broke.
Danny Brown
Being broke is a temporary situation. Being poor is a state of mind.
Mike Todd
There’s something so romantic about being broke in New York. You gotta do it. You have to live there once without any money, and then you have to live there when you have money. Let me tell you, of the two, the latter is far better.
I can just remember being broke, wondering if I had any talent – really wondering whether this was all a fantasy – but I had to get out there and keep trying.
Being broke and being in the street does not mean that you’re keeping it real. I think that everybody that lives in a non-wealthy neighbourhood spends their time and energy trying to do everything they can to better their living standards. I’m no different.
The best thing that ever happened to me is that nothing happened in writing. I ended up working for engineering companies, and that’s where I found my material, in the everyday struggle between capitalism and grace. Being broke and tired, you don’t come home your best self.
I’ve tasted the dirt side. I’ve tasted being broke. I’ve been in the dumps, I’ve lived in motels as a kid. I want a different opportunity for my children. I never want them to see those things.
If you’re broke, you don’t want to rap about being broke; you gonna rap about hustling and getting that bread.
I got songs about being broke, being on welfare, being poor, Section 8.
Let me tell you something: being broke ain’t going to make nobody come to the Gospel.