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I'm a simple country neuroscientist, not an expert on d

I’m a simple country neuroscientist, not an expert on democracy, but I do know something about how the brain works and how opinion-reinforcing bubbles can distort the picture of reality we build from the information we encounter on a daily basis.
Bitcoins are not a real investment; they are bets inside a casino. If the price goes back up, don’t be fooled. In the parlance of popping investment bubbles, it’s something called a ‘dead-cat bounce.’ People who are desperate to keep the game going rush back in, hoping to bring the price back up, but it never lasts.
It’s important for the Fed, hard as it is, to attempt to detect asset bubbles while they’re forming.
To us large creatures, space-time is like the sea seen from an ocean liner, smooth and serene. Up close, though, on tiny scales, it’s waves and bubbles. At extremely fine scales, pockets and bubbles of space-time can form at random, sputtering into being, then dissolving.
I live on David Kirsch Wellness Water and Energy Bubbles. They keep me hydrated, healthy, and full of energy.
What we need to understand is, one, that there are market failures; and two, that there are things like asset bubbles and irrational exuberance. There are periods of booms, bubbles, and manias. These things, if left to themselves, can lead to crashes, to busts, to panics.
Collaboration is like carbonation for fresh ideas. Working together bubbles up ideas you would not have come up with solo, which gets you further faster.
Normally, the law of nature is such that one who rises falls, and one who rises quickly falls as quickly. I don’t know how the law of nature will work as far as Modi is concerned. But some time or the other, all bubbles burst. This bubble will also burst.
We are a segmented society, living in our individual bubbles.
You know how fighting fish do it? They blow bubbles and in each one of those bubbles is an egg and they float the egg up to the surface. They keep this whole heavy nest of eggs floating, and they’re constantly repairing it. It’s as if they live in both elements.
Give fools their gold, and knaves their power; let fortune‘s bubbles rise and fall; who sows a field, or trains a flower, or plants a tree, is more than all.
John Greenleaf Whittier
If people stay in their own little bubbles, none of us will reach our full potential.
Bubbles are best identified by credit excesses, not valuation excesses. And there’s no bigger credit excess than in China.
I think bubbles are things people see with 20/20 hindsight. If you look at any particular period where prices go up and then they go down, you will always find people who predicted that they would go down. Those are the people you pay attention to.
Bubbles are weird things. They’re not fragile. They’re infinitely flexible. They’re not what we think they are.
For me Brazilian music is the perfect mix of melody and rhythm. It just bubbles rhythmically. If I had to pick just one music style to play if would be Brazilian.
Herbie Mann
Society loves to put bubbles up there and pop them, and I resent it. I’d rather expose myself myself.
Bubbles are round for the same reason that planets are spherical. The universe itself is like bubbles.
When I blow the head off a glass of Guinness or eat a slice of white bread, there are so many bubbles!
We thought we completely understood bubbles when we were kids. But we didn’t. Bubbles are these amazing things. It’s just that people aren’t paying enough attention.
What people don’t realize is that China papered over its last two credit bubbles, those in 1999 and 2004. The banks were never bailed out – they just exchanged their bad loans for questionable bonds from quasi-state organizations.
The reason bubbles are spherical is that a sphere is the smallest, most economical form possible to contain a given volume.
Modern elites live in bubbles of liberal affluence like Ann Arbor, Brookline, the Upper West Side, Palo Alto, or Chevy Chase. These places used to have impoverished neighborhoods nearby, but the poor people got chased out by young singles living in group homes, hipsters, and urban homesteading gay couples.
The good part about getting older is you stop trying to prove anything to anyone, including yourself. All you are in the pursuit of is collecting experiencesbeautiful, fragile little soap bubbles that you store in your heart, and every once in a while you pull one out and gaze at the delicate pictures it shows you.
The blessing of my mother is that she is so interested, she is so bright, she never complains – the joy of the Lord just bubbles out of her. Anybody who’s in her presence is blessed to be there.
I was in my hippie stage. It was tough for my father. First it was the long hair, then the bubbles.
It’s illegal to be gay in Little Rock – this is such a reality for so many people, but once people get to these bubbles of New York or L.A. or Boulder, Colorado, they forget.
iO Tillett Wright
I had this memory of being with my aunt, who I loved, you know, and watching her blow some bubbles in sunlight, and my heart fluttered when I watched her.
I am heartbroken that this movie would cause anyone pain. It should be a source of joy. The story is a metaphor about how we try to stay in our own little bubbles, we don’t let life in, we don’t take the journey.
Swoosie Kurtz
I had to find a way to get off the streets because it was too windy. So I started organizing variety shows of street performers. I would rent a hall, cafe or bar so I could put on a show. I did that for years before the ‘Tonight Show With Johnny Carson’ heard about this odd thing I did with bubbles.
Bubbles have quite a few things in common, but housing bubbles have a spectacular thing in common, and that is every one of them is considered unique and different.
Enthusiasm just creates bubbles; it doesn’t keep them from popping.
Whether you’re writing a horror show or a James Bond film, I think what bubbles beneath is interesting characterization. The colors that emerge through storytelling is what a dramatist does. There’s always got to be something bubbling underneath that will erupt at some point.
I’m of those who believe that excesses in all matters are not a good idea, whether it’s formation of bubbles, whether it’s excess in the financial market, whether it’s excess of inequality, it has to be watched, it has to be measured, and it has to be anticipated in terms of consequences.
When I do the dodecahedron with the science audiences, I’ll point out that I can only do three of the five forms with bubbles, since bubbles only join at three-way corners. The two I can’t do are the ones that represent water and air. That always gets a big laugh from the mathematicians. They see the irony in it.
Americans have less and less patience for the intrusive and divisive moral scolds who thrived in the bubbles of the Clinton and Bush years.
Don’t you think it would be great to do a bunch of Nicorette commercials? Just, like, me in the desert, kind of Marlboro Man-style, driving a fast car, pulling over, looking at the sunset. Dissolving in ecstasy. Can’t you see it? Me blowing huge Nicorette bubbles.
First I got a yo-yo. I got good and then I got bored. Next I got one of those wooden paddles with a rubber ball at the end of an elastic band. I got good and then I got bored. Then I tried bubbles. I got good but I never got bored.
Of the birth of subgenres, there is no end. They arise like bubbles full of miraculous hopes and potentials from the Planckian foam of the canon, inspiring writers new and established alike.
Real laughter is spontaneous. Like water from the spring it bubbles forth a creation of mingled action and spontaneity – two magic potions in themselves – the very essence of laughter – the unrestrained emotion within us!
Douglas Fairbanks
Bieber is the first mega YouTube star, born inexplicably out of a novel and disruptive medium. It has, of course, always been so for pop culture: feverish bubbles, silly novelty acts and disconcerting new forces impose themselves on a reluctant and condescending media.
We are told that the trouble with modern man is that he has been trying to detach himself from nature… In this scenario, Man comes on as a stupendous lethal force, and the Earth is pictured as something delicate, like rising bubbles at the surface of a country pond, or flights of fragile birds.
If you look at the soap bubbles in the sink when you’re doing dishes, you’ll see the incredible diversity of shapes in there. There are cubes in there; there are decahedrons and tetrahedrons; there are odd, irregular shapes without names, you know.
It can be difficult to be subtle and not cartoony in prosthetics. But when you see characters like Bubbles and Desiree from ‘Little Britain‘ on screen, it makes all the hard work worth it. It’s such fun watching those transformations.
Bitcoin will experience many bubbles along its way to improving the lives of everyone on the planet. I’m not concerned with the short-term price fluctuations.
Mathematicians are stiff abstract guys. They’ll tell you they don’t need the physical world. But then when I show them my bubbles they’re like little children.
No matter how the financial system is set up, no matter what the economic system is, as long as you have people, you’re going to have financial crises; you’re going to have bubbles that manifest themselves in the financial system.
Sometimes it’s even hard to tell the difference between a tic and a compulsion. But while tics stem from an urge in a specific part of the bodyeither completely unconsciously or through a premonitory sensation that’s satisfied only by the tic – OCD bubbles up as conscious thoughts in the mind.
Market timing doesn’t work. If all the bubbles and all this mispricing really exist, how come so few people see it before it turns out that way?
I worked in a factory for 10 months with the aim of going traveling in Europe. I bought a bottle of bubble stuff and spent every night playing with bubbles. After 10 months, I went to Europe and did bubble shows on the street.
Bubbles are always new; you just can’t find an old bubble.
Indeed, bull markets are fueled by successive waves of prior skeptics finally capitulating as their fears fade. Eventually, fear turns to euphoria, and that’s the stuff of bubbles.
I had to make squirrel noises as Bubbles and without realizing it, I was making the face and putting my fingers up to my face to look like a squirrel and everyone made fun of me for the rest of the day.
Tara Strong
Bubbles are one of the few things in life that we are allowed to break.
My tendencies are much more the Henry James thing, where we sit in silence at the table for three minutes, and our whole lives are changed because of a revelation that never quite happens but almost bubbles to the surface.