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Chicago taught me when to talk, taught me when to shut

Chicago taught me when to talk, taught me when to shut up, taught me when to stay, taught me when to go. And really it all forms to make BJ the Chicago Kid.
Chicago is amazing.
When I’m back home in Chicago, since ‘Roseanne’ was such a Midwestern, blue-collar show, that’s what sticks out in people’s minds.
Before ‘This is Our Youth’, I did a week of table readingAirline Highway‘ at Steppenwolf in Chicago while the author, Lisa D’Amour, workshopped it.
I remember, when we startedLeverage,’ we were all in Chicago, and I read the script for the pilot and thought, ‘Boy, this is just a real interesting place to begin a character.’ I had to figure out how to go about playing someone who had hit rock bottom.
My father was a carpenter, a very good carpenter. He also worked for the Jones boys. They were not family members, we weren’t related at all. They started the policy racket in Chicago, and they had the five and dime store.
The American dream is Chance the Rapper, or ‘little Chano from 79th’ who hails from Chicago’s Southside and became the first artist to win a Grammy without selling one physical copy of his album.
I must say that it’s easy to write nice things about Chicago because it’s that kind of town.
Sammy Cahn
I think the absolute worst job I ever had – not because it was a terrible job, just because I was just so bad at it – was when I worked at a scenic factory in Chicago.
Chicago’s music scene is very inspiring. I like to think of it as a small community of friends who enjoy creating and inspiring each other.
My first job was with an auto plant, Kansas City – they treated you like slaves. From there I went back to Chicago, worked in steel mills, drove a cab, stuff like that.
I want to live and work in Chicago for the rest of my life. You know when you were growing up and you wanted to become president? What I want now is to be mayor of this damned town in ten years.
In 1971 I returned to the University of Chicago as Professor of Physics.
James Cronin
The last copy of the Chicago Daily News I picked up had three crime stories on its front page. But by comparison to the gaudy days, this is small-time stuff. Chicago is as full of crooks as a saw with teeth, but the era when they ruled the city is gone forever.
John Gunther
I love Chicago for several reasons, but one of the best is that I was so intrigued that you have wild rabbits running around in the city. I never had seen bunnies in such a large urban environment before.
This is a broad thought, but loving yourself and having the support so that you can love yourself is the most important thing that young people in Chicago can get.
Unlike Chicago or New York, small-town Minnesota did not allow a man’s failings to disappear beneath a veil of numbers. People talked. Secrets did not stay secret.
I love Chicago.
Abigail Breslin
I’ve been in Chicago for every Christmas of my life.
First of all, I’m a Midwesterner, being from Kansas, and Chicago is basically a big Midwestern cow town. It was built from the stockyards, and everyone is very friendly, and it’s at the edge of the tallgrass prairie. There’s just a good feel to it.
I left Detroit in 2007, worked on a cruise ship for a year, moved to Chicago in ’08, then moved to L.A. in February 2012.
I love being in Chicago.
Many visitors to Chicago know the Loop, the shops on the Magnificent Mile, and the Museum Campus. Meanwhile, much of the bustle is in the developing neighborhoods around the Loop: North, South and West.
T.J. Miller and Kumail Nanjiani I met when I was in Chicago, learning how to do comedy.
Being born and raised in Chicago made me tough. It made me strong. I feel like I can deal with anything. I truly believe that in my heart.
Shani Davis
‘HEAVN’ is about black girlhood, about Chicago, about the people we miss who have gone on to prepare a place for us somewhere else, about the city/world we aspire to live in. I hope this album encourages listeners to love themselves and love each other.
Chicago is a rough city. It made me raw.
We are proud to have with us the poet lariat of Chicago.
Richard J. Daley
I got traded in the middle of an injury – my ankle injury – so in ’09, I came back and just kind of flukishly had some success. I was far, far from healthy. I came back in 2010 still nursing that ankle injury. Yeah, it was a rough, rough go. My first few years in Chicago were not much fun.
I came into Chicago in winter – I’d never been so cold in my life! I was very homesick, and a poor student at that time. America seemed so different and so filled with amazing things – and almost all of them were out of my reach.
It was about 105 degrees in Chicago. And that’s a time when everybody gets tired. I came into the clubhouse, and everybody was sitting around, and I said, ‘Beautiful day. Let’s play two!’ And everybody looked at me like I was crazy. There were a couple of writers around, and they wrote that, and it stayed with me.
Chicago is a lot of my background as a chef.
Jose Garces
Chicago always hit me as such a gloomy place – I just remember all the snow getting dirty as soon as it would fall, all the decaying brown brick buildings around where we lived, all this soot all over the place.
After that, I started going downtown and doing a lot of theater shows in Chicago. When you go downtown there, it’s like you’re in New York, it’s like going to Broadway.
Kel Mitchell
The people of Chicago are a proud people – and for good reason.
I don’t want to say this in a lame way, but D. Rose is one of my heroes. His whole story and background and what he’s done for communities in Chicago is super inspiring.
Back in his Chicago Senate days, when he was seeking greater black credibility, Obama was happy enough to attend the Reverend Jeremiah Wright’s Trinity United Church of Christ.
Chicago has definitely played a part in my character development. I love the essence of the city, the personalities of the people, the hard-working spirit that you need to get through the winters. And every neighborhood has its great restaurants and the local hot-dog stand.
ChicagoNEXT is focused on making Chicago the best possible place for technology entrepreneurs.
Aside from a few master teachers that we have had over the years, this has been a completely local talent development. But people have started to come now from Chicago, we have a number of students from Chicago and different places of the country and even in the world.
I’m from a really little town called Quincy, five hours southwest of Chicago.
A few years ago in Chicago, I rented an office, and I went there every day. For the most part I do work at home in an ugly room.
I always thought moving to New York would mean starting over in theater, because I had great work in Chicago and didn’t want to become a waitress here.
I think the thing about it is when you grow up in Chicago there’s such a thing as putting on airs, you know? And you just learn not to put on airs. Don’t act like, ‘Oh boy, I’m somebody.’ They’ll slap you down.
My company, Cinema Gypsy, produced a podcast, ‘Bronzeville,’ in conjunction with Larenz Tate and his brothers that we’re developing into a television show. It deals with a very tight-knit African-American community in Chicago in 1947 and people who run a numbers wheel.
I love Chicago. I wouldn’t be where I am now, and I certainly wouldn’t have the confidence that I hope that I project, if I’d not lived in Chicago.
I went home one night and told my dad that an older kid was picking on me. My Dad, a Korean War vet and a Chicago cop for 30 years, told me, ‘You better pick up a brick and hit him in the head.’ That’s when I thought, ‘Wow, I’m going to have to start dealing with things in a different way.’
Steve Wilkos
There’s a bunch of cities I’m not crazy about, but I love Chicago. I love the musical history – the mid-’90s indie rock scene, Chicago house music. It’s a great town.
I’ve made it clear I like Chicago.
In Chicago, I’d audition 3-4 times a week, but when I got out to L.A., there were, like, 4-5 a day, and my skin got really thick.
Jacob Zachar
We started very slow in America. It was small acoustic shows. We played places like Los Angeles, New York and Chicago and everywhere there has been a great reaction. It has been really lovely. They listen to the lyrics and the melody over there and the reaction has been fantastic.
Emeli Sande
I’d grown up in the U.K., where the surveillance apparatus went into place in the 1970s in response to the Troubles with the IRA. When I was a kid, we moved to Chicago, and I was surprised to see you could live in a large city in which you didn’t have cameras on every street corner.
I went to the Goodman School of Drama in Chicago.
Harvey Korman
I tell people in Chicago to take care of themselves.
When I met Michael Jordan on a basketball court at an athletic club – we hooped together in Chicago – he came to me and asked me if I wanted to do a song for his upcoming movie. I was like, ‘Yeah!’ I didn’t even ask what it was.
If there’s one thing about Chicago, we take care of our own.
I’ve leased the apartment; my partner is going to come out here. But we’re keeping our house in Chicago because real estate is a really good investment and also because it is just crammed with full of stuff!
Celebrities in general are pretty democratic, just being in the theater. Plus, I’m from Chicago. But Obama’s sensible… he’s just a reasonable, sensible human being.
I was welcomed into some nightclubs in Chicago that no white man’s ever been in.
I remember being an art student and going to the Whitney in 1974 to see the exhibition of Jim Nutt, the Chicago imagist. It was then I transferred to school in Chicago, all because of that show.
The Chicago Economics Department was in intellectual ferment, although the central issues of the 1930’s were very different from those in later times. I had never before encountered minds of that quality at close quarters and they influenced me strongly.
George Stigler
I loved the city of Chicago, and I love the Reinsdorfs. I’m forever grateful for them in taking a chance on me, allowing me to become the player that I am today. It’s still incredible to me that I got to hoop in a Bulls jersey.
I got my SAG card doing a Kentucky Fried Chicken commercial in Chicago.
We grew up in a middle-class family in Chicago. Even when we went on vacation as a family, it wasn’t a really fun time, because my father didn’t want to spend any money when we got there.
I want to be more involved outside just my community of Chicago.
I originally wanted to stay in Chicago as long as I could. I love Chicago. I don’t love L.A. I don’t want to leave Chicago.
When I came to Chicago, I didn’t even know what improvisation meant, as far as pertaining to comedy. I knew about Second City, but I didn’t know what the word ‘improvisation’ meant.
The first acting part I ever got was a guest spot on ‘Chicago Hope’ playing a security guard. I thought, ‘Oh, this is going to be cool.’ But a little bit later, I got a vague part on this short-lived show called ‘Marshall Law’ with Arsenio Hall and Sammo Hung. It was a poor man‘s ‘Rush Hour.’
It’s great to be able to continue my career in Chicago. Playing with the best organization in sports and the best fans in the game is a blessing.
I have a band called M&O. We were working on our first album in 2011 or 2012. We were looking for people to collaborate with, and I met Chance through a Young Chicago Authors poetry slam.
If you take into account prisoners, a large majority of African American men in some urban areas, like Chicago, have been labeled felons for life. These men are part of a growing undercaste – not class, caste – a group of people who are permanently relegated, by law, to an inferior second-class status.
Chicago still remains a Mecca of the Midwest – people from both coasts are kind of amazed how good life is in Chicago and what a good culture we’ve got. You can have a pretty wonderful artistic life and never leave Chicago.
Since I was a kid, I’ve had an absolute obsession with particular kinds of American music. Mississippi Delta blues of the Thirties, Chicago blues of the Fifties, West Coast music of the mid-Sixties – but I’d never really touched on dark Americana.
I was born in Chicago. I moved to Detroit until I was six and moved to Oakland at that point. And then we had a couple years in Stockton and Pasadena. And by the time I was 13, I was back in Oakland.
The credit for much of this rightly belongs to the late Mayor Daley who forged a coalition of business and labor that kept Chicago always moving ahead.
Pinchas Perry, the director of ‘The Chicago 8,’ offered me the role of the judge, and he did not know that, 35 years earlier, I’d played a judge in the theater production. So life has its own little twists and turns.
Philip Baker Hall
My family moved a lot as a kid. We started in Colorado, where I lived for five years. We moved to Chicago for two years, to San Francisco for one year, Connecticut for seven, Oregon for a couple years, and then I went to school. So I was always moving, I’m still always moving.
I would love to be on Broadway. I would love to do a three-month run, similar to how celebrities do a three-month run on ‘Chicago.’ Something like that would be awesome. So, I’m putting it out there.
Rochelle Aytes
I grew up on the north side of Chicago, in West Rogers Park, an overwhelmingly Jewish neighborhood. When I was 13, my parents moved to Winnetka, Illinois, an upper class, WASPy suburb where Jews – as well as Blacks and Catholics – were unwelcome on many blocks. I suffered the spiritual equivalent of whiplash.
Chicago seems a big city instead of merely a large place.
In Chicago, we love our crooks!
I’m aware me getting a role out of Chicago as a complete unknown is an insane anomaly, so I knew I’d have to get out here to L.A. as soon as the door opened.
I’m proud to say I had a bet with a guy from Chicago who said Chicago is windier and colder than Wyoming. Wyoming dominated them.
It was Chicago with its World’s Fair which vivified the national desire for civic beauty.
Daniel Burnham
There are great fans in Chicago. I think you’d rather have them recognize than not recognize you.
Because Chicago was to radio what Hollywood was to films and Broadway was to the theatre: it was the hub of radio.
Mel Torme
I never thought I would write about Chicago, and I definitely never thought I would write a drama.
Da Pak was a group out of Chicago. It was a put-together group. We actually met for the first time at this showcase. They were like ‘Yo, you should do a song together.’ So we did. It just so happened that the name of the song was ‘Wolf Pak.’ They said, ‘Y’all should be a group called Da Pak, and here’s a record deal.’
Chicago gave me more music than any other city in America.
I found people I really wanted to work for; I made myself available to do whatever I could with the skills I had; I took some risk, packing up and moving to Chicago; and I looked for the opportunities that fit for me. So I think the biggest advice is to find people you love to work for who you’re going to learn from.
When I was hanging out with Joey Clements in Chicago, I made it a point not to try to emulate him. I wanted basically to create my own character. I didn’t want him to think I was hanging out with him solely to use him as research.
Knowing that more people associate Chicago with street violence than generosity is difficult for me because, despite all my proclamations of being from the Bay Area, I have spent much of my life in Chicago. So I have a deep love and a pretty good understanding of the city.
L.A. can be pretty insane because there’s so much show business here, but I also know a lot of kids who grew up in Manhattan who are some of the most normal, nicest people I know. Casting directors always say Chicago people are just nicer.
New York feels like sometimes it’s not part of the United States. So does L.A. Chicago feels like it’s a big city that’s part of America.
I learned that Chicago lunches are terrible. If I was a Chicago student, I would ask my mom to pack a lunch.
When I am president, I will work to ensure that all of our kids are treated equally and protected equally. Every action I take, I will ask myself, ‘Does this make life better for young Americans in Baltimore, Chicago, Detroit, Ferguson, who have as much of a right to live out their dreams as any other child America?’
Donald Trump
I did a bunch of commercial voiceovers in Chicago before I left. For Balducci’s pizza, I did a whole series. Actually I was making a good living with voiceover before I left.
I was a bouncer when I was in DePaul in Chicago at the theater school. I threw drunks out of barsunless I had a play running that weekend. But I only had two actual fights. Some were like out of old Westerns.
When I was a kid, my father brought home the autobiography of Sid Luckman, the great Chicago Bears quarterback – probably an extra copy from the sports department where he worked. It was the first sports biography I ever read.
After New York, Chicago is my favorite city. It’s just this great mix of Europe and America. The friends I have there are smart and witty and fun.
Chicago seems to follow New York, and coming from New York and being in real estate, I worry about things happening in Chicago that have happened in New York. I’ve seen a great city like New York go downhill. It has a wonderful financial downtown, but the rest of the city is not very nice.
I was asked to come to Chicago because Chicago is one of our fifty-two states.
Chicago’s one of the rare places where architecture is more visible.
I love Chicago, but in a lot of ways it’s a disappointment. You can work there for years and years, and because you’re in Chicago, you don’t get the recognition. It has some of the best theater in the country, but when they shoot a movie there, they bring in all their actors.
I think how Chicago plays a role in my life – it had such a role in my youth and the decisions that I made as a kid and formulated who I am as an artist early on.
I’m from Detroit, but Chicago is a second home for me.
I went to a lot of Chicago Wolves games when I was growing up… They would come out of the tunnel, the pyramid would be there, and the fire would come out of the pyramid. I thought it was the coolest thing.
Chicago is seriously my favorite city in the country. People have roots here, which is nice. When you go to Los Angeles, no one is actually from Los Angeles.
I’ve commissioned an adaptation of ‘The Jungle‘, by Upton Sinclair, a story of a young immigrant from Lithuania to the meat-packing industry of Chicago in 1904, and the rise of the unions in America.
Atlanta is definitely where it’s at. I still go back to Chicago a lot though, I got family there.
I love Chicago. I think it’s an amazing city.
Chicago is the greatest of all baseball cities. I make no exception, although I have been treated well wherever I have been. It is the greatest city because the fans will stick to a loser season after season. I have had my share of defeats, so I should know.
Charles Comiskey
I know I’m being biased about Chicago, but I think Chicago got the most talented people in the world.
I think the state has some serious problems. Just look at the layoffs going on across the state, not just in Chicago. It affects the middle class. It pushes people down.
I hold strongly to my identity as a Chicago artist and want to do whatever I can to participate in creating a strong community here so that artists don’t feel pressure to move somewhere else to succeed.
I couldn’t do what I do without the encouragement and influence of the musicians I played with in Chicago.
There are too many senior citizens and good residents in Chicago who are sick and tired of having to walk several blocks out of their way when they leave their homes just to avoid the gangs and drug dealers on the street corner.
We have created indoor installations inside museums, like the Wrapped Floor at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago in 1968, and not monumental at all by any standards.
Living in Chicago as a country boy, basically, and going to college made a very big impact on me.
Fred Eychaner
It’s nice to be able to work; I’d love to be able to do another TV show I could do in Chicago so I could live and work in the same place. It’s hard being a parent and being in a good marriage, and it all takes a lot of work, but if you’re not there you can’t do any of it.
In America, people think being South Asian is still kind of exotic. When you go outside New York and Chicago and L.A., there are people who have never tried Indian food… they’ve never even tasted it!
My first day in Chicago, September 4, 1983. I set foot in this city, and just walking down the street, it was like roots, like the motherland. I knew I belonged here.
I joined an improv group in college, which was a lot of fun. After I graduated, I moved to Chicago to try to get into the Second City.
I started out as a high school teacher in inner-city Chicago and realized quite quickly that my students weren’t that motivated.
My mother is an African-American from the South Side of Chicago who married a white guy in 1978. She was hyperaware of racism and made me aware of that.
Chicago kept industry, attracted new business, became the center for convention trade and transportation.
When I first got out of school, I went on a children‘s theater tour, and I went around the country a little bit that fall, and it was the first time I went to Chicago. We spend a couple of days in Chicago, and I was really struck viscerally by the city.
There are so many good venues in Chicago.
Lee DeWyze
My real father died when I was two years old, so I never knew him. He was a barber in Chicago.
My dad was born in Chicago in 1908… his parents came from Russia. They settled in Chicago, where they lived in a little tiny grocery store with eight or nine children – in the backroom all together – and my grandmother got the idea to go into the movie business.
I love Chicago. It’s one of the great cities. I’m crazy about the town. It reminds me of New York when it was at its best, the New York that used to be and is no more. I love the architecture, the old stuff and the new stuff.
I’m just a Chicago actor who’s a playwright. Even with the success of ‘August,’ the people in town who come to our theater know me by sight, because they’ve seen me onstage so much.
I grew up on the south side of Chicago, most of that time on welfare. My mother and sister and I used to live with my grandparents and various cousins. We shared a two-bedroom tenement, and the three of us slept in one of those bedrooms and had a set of bunk beds.
After being away at college and in the Army, I never considered living anywhere else. I loved Chicago then, and I love Chicago now.
Chicago’s neighborhoods have always been this city’s greatest strength.
In our national mythology, we seem to include only one-way migrations to the great capitol cities. The journey from the small Wisconsin town or Minnesota city to Chicago or New York or Los Angeles. Certainly for some people, that journey is a round trip.
I was born in Chicago, but I was raised in a town called Jackson, Tennessee. And a lot of these changes that were necessary and talked about it as important have been made, like, people go to school where they want to go. They work for equal pay, they work for – they can go school and have an equal shot at a job.
I have a Chicago personality, which means that just because I’m friends with one person, I don’t assume I’m friends with his friends.
Every year, my family and I would go visit my mom’s family in Texas. We would drive from Chicago to Texas, and once we started to get towards San Antonio, everyone looked like me! It was such a great feeling. Everyone had the same brown skin that I did.
I never made more than $50 doing any play in Chicago. That was the way I grew up.
People in L.A. think I’m insane to go back to Chicago during the winter. It’s because I love my apartment and fleece leggings and my friends.
New York’s got a little rougher edge to it than Chicago.
I have a center at 412 West Chicago Avenue. It’s called the Jesse White Community Center and Fieldhouse. It’s a state-of-the-art gymnastics facility, game room, weight room, computer lab.
The aggression. The love. The joy. The pain. All those feelings and emotions that come from the music are Chicago. Chicago pretty much made me the man that I am. It’s in my name. I have no choice but to accept and embrace that.
Music is so important. Because in Chicago it’s up to us to tell the stories nobody else will.
Ethnic life in the United States has become a sort of contest like baseball in which the blacks are always the Chicago Cubs.
Ishmael Reed
I pledge tonight to be Mayor for all of the people of this city – for one Chicago.
I want to see talent and companies and money and entrepreneurs moving to Chicago.
Even before I came to Chicago, I had gotten interested in the existence of dispersion of prices under conditions which economic theory said would yield a single price.
George Stigler
I first became aware of Charles Darwin and evolution while still a schoolboy growing up in Chicago. My father and I had a passion for bird-watching, and when the snow or the rain kept me indoors, I read his bird books and learned about evolution.
I was 14 when the Democratic convention in my hometown of Chicago erupted into violence. It was a tough year.
I live in a beautiful vintage building that was built in the heart of downtown Chicago.
I was in my early twenties. I was 22-ish. I graduated from college and went right into teaching. The first year, I taught in Indiana at a couple schools, and then I moved over to Chicago.
In 1986, human nature in America started to change. That year, ‘The Oprah Winfrey Show,’ based in Chicago, became nationally syndicated, and the country entered the beginning stages of a quiet cultural revolution.
Lee Siegel
You know, my first nine years I only played for two teams, Chicago and New York. And the only reason I got traded from New York was the 2010 free agency period, when they had a chance to sign LeBron and D-Wade and that whole class, and I understood that. But from there it’s kind of been a roller coaster.
I grew up three and a half hours outside of Chicago, but people would call me a ‘hick’ or ‘country boy.’ Maybe it’s because I talked with more of a country accent.
I come from Chicago, and the landscape of the Midwest has always meant a great deal to me.
I was not a great guitarist, so I sold my 1960 Fender Stratocaster in exchange for a Shure Microphone, made in Chicago, and a flute.
We could get more action in the South because the Negroes had a feeling that they were being oppressed. But you take New York, for example: they’d give Negroes little five-cent jobs here and there – and they thought they had something. And the same in Chicago and any of the metropolitan areas.
Germany was the cause of Hitler as much as Chicago is responsible for the Chicago Tribune.
Alexander Woollcott
When I got to Chicago I had to find my way.
Luther Allison
I was never a joiner. I tried – I had people I admired and liked and wanted to hang with, but I ended up starting a theatre company and that took me back to Chicago… I guess I wasn’t a scenester in the end. Something must have worked out right, as I’m still here – but I’m only a binge socialite.
Under Superintendent Johnson‘s leadership, our police department is on a path to earn the respect of every community in the City of Chicago.
In Chicago, they die for their teams.
I am proud to support the incredible economics department at the University of Chicago.
I’ve been very engaged in Illinois and Chicago civic activities for a long time; mostly around building businesses and helping entrepreneurs grow companies, but also around education and education reform.
Selling public property is the true Chicago way. Had Mr. Obama not been elected president, the nation‘s business journals would be falling over one another to praise his city for its daring, market-friendly innovations.
My adult life, I grew up in Chicago. When I go back there, I always have fond memories.
I started writing poetry as a teenager in suburban Chicago out of emotional desperation.
I have a band that I started with a buddy of mine, a Vietnam veteran pal named Kimo Williams from Chicago.
I went to, you know, a church in Chicago, and my mom, of course, was in the choir because my mom was a singer; she used to sing. I wanted to be in the choir as well, and I was like, ‘Mom, please, you know, I want to sing in the choir with you guys.’ I kept on asking her, and finally I was, you know, in the choir.
I decided I would go to Chicago and try my luck as a writer after those eight months as a fireman.
So I went to Chicago in 1940, I think, ’41, and the photographs that I made there, aside from fashion, were things that I was trying to express in a social conscious way.
Gordon Parks
New Yorkers know how to borrow wildly. You know, Louis Armstrong was not a New York musician. He went from New Orleans to Chicago to New York, and when he arrived here, he taught those New Yorkers. New York needs that infusion.
The puppet characters were combinations of people I had known and to some degree aspects of my own personality. Weird was based on someone I knew in Chicago. Dirty Dragon was based on a good friend I had in Indianapolis.
William Jackson
Having someone from Washington, California, or Chicago come in as a verifier, it shows the Hispanic community that Hispanic leaders support me.
I never cook. My favorite place to eat is Smith & Wollensky in Chicago.
Jonathan Toews
However, I was a restaurant critic at Chicago magazine before I worked at Esquire, and I’ve been a really enthusiastic home cook for a long time. It’s just something I’m passionate about.
In Chicago, integrated neighborhoods do not stay integrated for long.
I went through ups and downs as a young player dealing with criticism and things of that nature. To finally win that first NBA championship, it was definitely a relief of a lot of pressure and frustration we dealt with as a team. It was great to bring a championship to the city of Chicago.
Chicago is not a very fashion-driven place. Nobody says, ‘Oh, you’ve got to come see these fabulous people!’ Nobody cares.
I have a dialogue coach who helps me out with some of the more tricky Chicago vowel sounds.
I was raised in a house on the far South Side of Chicago, in a development erected on a landfill made from slag and other industrial by-products a few years after World War II.
Scott Spencer
I have been robbed of three million dollars all told. Everyone today is playing my stuff and I don’t even get credit. Kansas City style, Chicago style, New Orleans style hell, they’re all Jelly Roll style.
Jelly Roll Morton
The only place I’ve ever been where people were as proud about their city as people are in Chicago is Florence, Italy, where I lived for three years.
When I moved to Chicago, I was coming from a school that didn’t have any arts in Alabama. I essentially came from a town where the arts didn’t exist and the desire for education didn’t exist and wasn’t valued.
The best food is in Chicago. There are great restaurants everywhere, from fancy places to burger joints.
I’m always struck by the kids who turn up in New York and LA, and places in between. Chicago. Wanting to do theater, wanting to do independent film. Wanting to break into television or radio.
New York is the place where they bind books and write blurbs and arrange the publicity and print the galleys… But Chicago is the place where the book is lived out before it is bound and the song is sung before it is recorded.
Economists at the National Bureau of Economic Research and University of Chicago persuasively argue that one of the biggest reasons for the nation’s current obesity epidemic is that food is now so much cheaper and easier to prepare.
Thanks to a deal finalized in 2008, Chicago’s parking meters will be operated for the next 75 years by a group of investors put together by Morgan Stanley, including the sovereign wealth fund of Abu Dhabi.
I was knocked out by the show, Chicago.
Huey Lewis
Chicago ’68 was a relatively small demonstration for its time, but I’ve talked to millions of people who claim they were there because it felt like we were all there. Everyone from our generation was there and was at Woodstock.
Bill Ayers
I make no promises every book will be about Chicago, but it’s so inspiring. It’s a city of such contradictions. I love to write about it.
Nine of 10 whites in Chicago borrow from top-drawer banks and mortgage companies, which the industry calls prime lenders. They lend to people with A credit ratings, making loans at competitive rates.
If there was ever a true emotion of a Chicago Bull, Derrick Rose embodies it. Because he is Chicago. That kid will do anything for the city of Chicago.
I feel like L.A. is more of a showcase, and Chicago is a pure comedy scene where you’re doing comedy for comedy. You’re doing comedy actually for the audience that’s there.
Everybody would love to be mayor of Chicago. If you look at what we have done over many, many years and where we are today and the commitment by the business community, the commitment by the not-for-profit community – all this coming together – this is a wonderful city.
If I have one special memory, it was when we recreated the trial of the Chicago Seven – and I’d known about it before – but this was a pivotal moment in my life. If my father had been found guilty of conspiracy, I wouldn’t be here.
Troy Garity
The telephone call that forever changed the lives of the Dodd family of Chicago came at noon on Thursday, June 8, 1933, as William E. Dodd sat at his desk at the University of Chicago.
I enjoyed living in Chicago and doing plays for little or no money. I never actually thought that I would leave Chicago, originally. I wasn’t one of those people that had a plan to pack up the van and drive out to Hollywood. I didn’t want to.
I became the storyteller of South Side Chicago. I used an old Kiwi liquid shoe polish as a microphone. I’d go around the house interviewing everybody, telling stupid jokes, doing voices. I mimicked Sidney Poitier, Sammy Davis Jr., people on ‘Laugh-In,’ Flip Wilson.
There’s no way in the world I can feel the same blues the way I used to. When I play in Chicago, I’m playing up-to-date, not the blues I was born with. People should hear the pure blues – the blues we used to have when we had no money.
Muddy Waters
Chicago is my hometown and will always have a special place in my heart.
Kenneth Choi
Perhaps I will stay in Chicago and operate on human beings instead of on dogs. From a business standpoint, it would be excellent. But, as I hate medical practice, I would like better to make little money in doing scientific work than a great deal in doing surgical operations.
Alexis Carrel
Mum used to hide love letters from my boyfriends and put me down. Now I understand that she was a Polish immigrant forced to settle in Chicago. She was jealous of the freedom life gave me.
Ruby Wax
I think Chicagoans have a great set of values. You know what I mean? Kindness. Morals. Ethics. People in Chicago do the right thing. If somebody falls on the street, someone will actually stop and help them up. That doesn’t happen in certain other cities.
I have two homes, like someone who leaves their hometown and/or parents and then establishes a life elsewhere. They might say that they’re going home when they return to see old friends or parents, but then they go home as well when they go to where they live now. Sarajevo is home, Chicago is home.
Growing up in Chicago, I was a theater nerd. That might be very cool on the East Coast, but in Chicago, it’s really the athletes that come in No. 1 on the cool scale. Maybe musicians after that. Community theater? That’s way down the list, my friend.
It’s important to me that there’s not just one story told about our city. ‘LSD’ is an ode to Chicago, a song for the complicated love I have for my city.
Hollywood is run by people who sit up in their executive office, who are not connected to Mississippi, Alabama, Chicago, South Carolina. They know nothing about that, they don’t go to church, and they make their decisions about what they think is right.
My first job was at a Chicago night club called Mr. Kelly‘s.
Shelley Berman
Chicago is a beautiful city with a wonderful skyline.
You have in Vegas the most heterogeneous audience you’re gonna get anywhere in the country. In Boston, Chicago, Miami, you know who goes to the theater. In Vegas, you have people who only see one theater show a year, and it’s in Vegas.
When I lived alone in Chicago, I had a lot of loneliness issues.
The good things about Chicago save me on a daily basis, like getting to work with my students, seeing a beautiful part of the city, or seeing the people that I love.
I was a Chicago Bulls, Michael Jordan fan growing up.
I could have easily been too afraid to say ‘yes‘ to Chicago, because it requires so much I haven‘t done before. If I am a flop at singing and dancing, maybe my love for it will carry me through.
Not saying that we are realer than most people, but because Chi is so segregated, first of all, we have to be diverse comedians and be able to make a lot of different people laugh. And Chicago comics, we’re OK with who we are in our truth. That stems from Bernie Mac and a lot of other greats who came before me.
Truth be known, President Obama has never been particularly driven by principle. Right after his election, I wrote a column in a few days warning people that even though I voted for Obama, he was not what people were describing him to be. I saw him in the Senate. I saw him in Chicago.
I’ve said this time and again: My greatest concern coming into the White House was making sure my girls came out whole and normal, and decent and kind, just like I would expect them to if we were living on the South Side of Chicago. And it takes work to keep White House life normal for the kids.
I’m a young dude from Chicago who grew up with Kanye as my image of hip-hop. Finding your voice in a room where you have to challenge Kanye is scary – but it’s also life-affirming.
I was born in Evanston, about three blocks away from the Chicago border. My mother, at the time, was finishing her Ph.D. in African History at Northwestern University. Soon after my birth, my parents split, and my father moved to Wicker Park, which is on the north side of the city.
I’m a huge fan of Chicago sports and Chicago food, and I love going home and my family is still there. I guess it’s pretty easy to have a normal life in Chicago.
If the national economy improves, Chicago will improve.
Charles L. Evans
I’ve always wanted to write a book relating my experiences growing up as a deaf child in Chicago. Contrary to what people might think, it wasn’t all about hearing aids and speech classes or frustrations.
I’ve never seen a theater community to rival that of Chicago. Neither New York nor L.A. has the raw talent or integrity that Chicago theater has, and I think it’s because Chicago doesn’t have Broadway or the film and TV business to distract it.
You can use up all the slums for new development. In all the cities of the world, there are large areas of these. Also, you can avoid the spread of these silly suburban houses. Chicago has thousands of them all over the place.
I built RPM Italian, a restaurant I frequent as much as I can, because that is what people from Chicago do. They build things.
My father actually moved out from Chicago just so he could play tennis 365 days a year, so it was – it was a place we played every day. We played before school. We played after school. We woke up. We played tennis. We brushed our teeth in that order.
I grew up in Chicago, and I understand what Michael Jordan symbolizes.
Liberals want to live downtown. All over America – in New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Georgetown – there are crowds of liberals living in the gritty, ugly, dirty neighborhoods sensible people are trying to flee.
I was born October 5, 1957, on the South Side of Chicago, in the Woodlawn area, a neighborhood that hasn’t changed much in forty-five years. Our house was on 66th and Blackstone, but the city tore it down when the rats took over.
As a citizen of the great city of Chicago, I find it impossible to root against the White Sox. The White Sox organization has been much more consistent, in my lifetime at least, at putting a winning ballclub on the field.
I wouldn’t live in Chicago cause it’s too conservative, aside for the fact that Oprah Winfrey lives there.
My family has always made Chicago our home, and I care deeply about the values our company has espoused for decades.
My mother’s father, Hobart Cromwell, was a bacteriologist with Abbott Laboratories in suburban Chicago. I never got to know him well, as he died very young, but he was always a heroic figure in our family, wise and gentle and intelligent by reputation, with the courage to fight against the McCarthyites.
In my flat in Chicago, I’ve got this big room with an office in the corner and a balcony so I can watch people go by.
I’m from Chicago, my family started a chain of movie theaters in Chicago that were around for 70 years and then one of them became the head of Paramount and the other was the head of production at MGM and we all came out of Chicago.
When you talk about the American League, you think of Fenway. When you talk about the National League, you think of Wrigley and the fan base that they have in Chicago.
With a rich history, a world-class interdisciplinary program, and a vibrant student experience, I can’t think of a better location to continue my own lifelong learning than the University of Chicago.
I was looking forward to playing soccer, playing more minutes on the pitch, and I didn’t have the chance to play more minutes in Manchester. So I came here to the Chicago Fire.
I am in the Chicago Carpenters Union. They are huge supporters of mine and of MMA.
Clay Guida
Chicago is an exciting place which renews itself. The workshop system encourages close reading and frank discussions of papers and ideas.
There are many things I’m looking forward to in 2013, both personally and professionally. Plans for new restaurants in the U.S., including Eataly Chicago, are underway, and I’m gearing up for the 2013 Ironman world championships in Hawaii – if I’m lucky enough to get a spot!
There was a lot of feeling that with an African-American president, life on the South Side of Chicago would be radically different.
The beach is still a public place, and that’s an amazing grace about Chicago. We have so many problems, but the water always stays. That inspires me and keeps me inspired about the city and keeps me hopeful.
I knew from an online search that the Wisconsin State Historical Society, on the vast University of Wisconsin campus, held the papers of Sigrid Schultz, a spunky correspondent for the ‘Chicago Tribune’ who became one of Martha Dodd’s friends in Berlin.
My definition of a ‘friend’ is, coming from Chicago, someone who says, ‘Yeah, sure. You know what? Let’s talk about what we can talk about. Let’s help each other out. Your politics are none of my business.’
Yes, I live in Chicago. Yes, I support Chicago.
I didn’t really start performing until high school. My whole family is actually in the business, and started in the business in Chicago, so I was going to shows when I was a teeny-tiny kid, but I didn’t really start performing until high school.
My uncle was the town drunk – and we lived in Chicago.
George Gobel
Part of our history includes the long struggle to pass the Chicago Human Rights Ordinance.
Fred Eychaner
Chicago is the Great American City, and it was really great to live there during a time of economic expansion and opportunity and growth. I felt like I was living at the center of the world. Unlike New York, no one expects you to be a professional writer.
At Marshall Field in Chicago, I had them take a big bed into the menswear department, one with black sheets. I’d get in bed wearing a nightcap, and my fans would get in bed with me, one at a time, and I’d sign their memorabilia. And then I’d give them a free pint of Ben & Jerry‘s.
Wavy Gravy
I want to do ‘Chicago P.D.’ for as long as it’s on the air. I love the show; I love the Dick Wolf family. I think he’s created something genius with the crossovers and having everyone on these shows inhabit the same universe as far as ‘Chicago Med’ and ‘Chicago Fire’ and ‘Chicago P.D.’
Jesse Lee Soffer
Taxes and fees in Chicago and Cook County are forcing low-income families like the one I grew up in out of this city. It’s clear we can’t keep treating low-income and middle-class families like an ATM machine with no limit.
That first year in Chicago was one of the most memorable in my career. Getting traded rejuvenated me, and I had something to prove. I wanted to show them what I could do.
Dennis Eckersley
I did a lot of theater in the South side of Chicago.
Kel Mitchell
If you think about the amount of critical thinking that has come into the field of economics, two universities have dominated the landscape in my life: Chicago and Harvard.
That’s what I love about music. It’s immediate. There’s a connection whether you are playing at Hyde Park or Chicago, and it’s been happening since the beginning of time and the troubadours.
I did a lot of theater growing up, and in college I was in the musical ‘Chicago.’
I first met Bev Shea while in Chicago when he was on Moody Radio. As a young man starting my ministry, I asked Bev if he would join me. He said yes, and for over 60 years we had the privilege of ministering together across the country and around the world.
Working with BJ The Chicago Kid was amazing.
I came out of the old Second City in Chicago. Chicago actors are more hard-nosed. They’re tough on themselves and their fellow actors. They’re self-demanding.
I just want to play well, have the people in Chicago enjoy watching soccer. You have a very good baseball team, a very good ice hockey team, and a very good football team. Hopefully you’ll have a very good soccer team.
Tonight – by taking this solemn oath – I am no longer a private citizen but the Mayor of the City of Chicago.
In Chicago, you know you got beef with everybody. In Atlanta, you’re chilling, but you don’t get too comfortable. Like, if I go to the store, it’s not like anybody‘s gonna come out shooting at me.
King Von
Yes, William E. Dodd was the – became the – America’s first ambassador to Nazi Germany. Prior to that, he was a professor of history at the University of Chicago – mild-mannered guy.
Jamie Moyer was in his third year as a major league pitcher and was, by his own admission, still wide-eyed, watching everything going on around him and soaking it in. He paid particular attention to older teammates on his Chicago Cubs squad, hoping to emulate habits that had allowed those veterans to extend their careers.
I just want to help, first of all, the Chicago Fire to grow, to change the mentality to a winning team, and to reach the playoffs. That’s my goal. But also to change the game style into a team which is able to control every opponent.
I’ve spent my whole life in Chicago being asked where am I from, so that I have a sense of displacement that also is very psychologically disorienting.
Ana Castillo
As a young boy growing up on the South Side of Chicago, I was inspired by the nascent space age.
I was born in Chicago, then I spent most of my youth in Joliet, Illinois which is about thirty minutes south, and I went to a military academy for high school in Wisconsin. Then I went to college, on a basketball scholarship to a small school in Iowa, so I’m like Mr. Midwest.
Imagine a doctor in Chicago doing an operation for someone in Taiwan using robotic surgery. You want the doctor to feel immediate feedback to what the robot is experiencing.
I’m a Chicago kid. So, of course, I’m open to playing for the Chicago Bulls if that’s a team that’s interested in me. At the same time, any decision that is made, it’s never personal. It’s always business. I have to make the right decision for me and my family.
People drive everywhere in L.A., so you get very little human interaction… but N.Y. and Chicago are like London… L.A. lacks the social interaction.
I did Chicago on Broadway the year before last. That was a great opportunity and I had a blast.
I came from a family where I felt great pressure to be financially successful, and I felt that staying in Chicago and doing theater, I was, in all likelihood, not going to find financial success.
I have a place in Chicago and I get there as much as I can… The city is so unbelievably beautiful. It’s one of the greatest cities on the planet. My heart beats differently when I’m in Chicago. It slows down and I feel more at ease.
Every time I try to set something in Chicago, I get intimidated by ‘Augie March.’ It’s easy to set something in Indianapolis – we don’t have ‘Augie March’ here. But I love writing about Chicago, and I love being there and imagining lives in Chicago. I hope to set something there in the future, but it’s intimidating.
I moved from Chicago to New York in 1984 for ‘Biloxi Blues.’ In 1989, my wife and our then-baby daughter moved to Los Angeles to try to get in television.
Alan Ruck
I been living down in Atlanta, but everyone back home has been in my thoughts, especially those doing something for the community and all the neighborhood heroes. I thought about all the first responders putting their lives on the line to help out and it inspired me, so I took a jet back to Chicago to show my thanks.
I wanted so badly to be in a famous band, and it was not happening. I played drums with different bands and with the Blue Man Group in Chicago, but I definitely felt like, ‘Wow, I did not picture my life being like this.’
My home is in Chicago, but I have an apartment in Los Angeles.
Only in Chicago do they care more about who the mayor is than who’s president.
I would never have become music director of the Chicago Symphony, which would have been an extremely sad loss.
Georg Solti
So, We’re really L.A. based with a secondary base in Chicago.
Living in Dallas, I root for the Mavericks and the Stars and the Cowboys, but I’ve always pulled for the Chicago Cubs. I enjoy watching them play.
As with all the other rappers I’ve worked with, Biggie and I shared common ground. Even though Biggie grew up in Brooklyn and I grew up in Chicago, we came from the same ‘hood.
I am a Chicagoan. I feel like I’ve simply been on vacation for 10 years in Los Angeles. But Chicago is a real place, and L.A. is a motel.
I obviously spent a lot of time in New York City, and I loved it, but Chicago has a very different history than New York City does.
David Eigenberg
It has to be because unemployment problems in northwest Indiana are similar to those in southeast Chicago.
You feel like an ant contemplating Chicago.
I never thought I would see the outside of Chicago.
I came up in the community center. I used to be physical director of the South Central Community Center in Chicago on 83rd. It’s still there. It used to be around there when I was a kid.
I think it’s so dope that I’m here in Chicago and contributing to the music scene that’s thriving. People are so happy Chicago’s shining that everyone is willing to say ‘I represent Chicago.’ That wasn’t always the case.
The Great Migration changed American history not just for the migrants but for all of us. It made possible American cultural milestones like the Harlem Renaissance, Chicago blues, and Motown, just to name a few.
I grew up on the North Shore of Chicago, and I don’t think I had a friend that wasn’t Jewish. I spent more time in a temple than any other house of worship. I’ve been to about 150 bar and bat mitzvahs.
When I first started out, being from the South and going to New York or Chicago, people kept telling me to get voice lessons and ‘lose that stupid accent you got.’ And I’m like, ‘Well, where I come from, you have the stupid accent.’
I worked a lot in Chicago’s theater scene as a fight choreographer. And so I do have a lot of experience in stage combat and also in Kabuki dance and Kabuki theater.
I had been a basketball fan growing up, and I felt that if we brought in the proper coach, and we played basketball the old fashioned way – where defense is paramount and offense involved movement off the ball and movement of the ball – we could build a winning team, and Chicago would respond to that.
You know what I like about San Francisco? The women are beautiful, fashionable and smart. San Francisco is one of the only cities I like to visit. I love New York and Chicago – I studied there, and L.A. has the same people as New York.
Things come in waves, and I’m always more interested in places like, for instance, Chicago, where people don’t follow fashion. They’re not galloping past your window on the way to the latest anything. They’re living their lives. You do a play, they come and see it and say, ‘That’s nice’, and then they go home.
I’m a trained fine artist. I went to art school from the time I was 5 years old. I was, like, a prodigy out of Chicago. I’d been in national competitions from the age of 14.
When you think Tink, you should just think of me as that around-the-way girl – relatable and honest. Even in my lifestyle, my entire aura is real. I don’t sugarcoat anything, whether I’m on stage or home in Chicago or just behind the scenes just chilling. I’m the same person you see on stage, always.
I actually didn’t grow up in a household that loved Chinese food particularly, and it’s not really my go-to food or anything… We were more a pizza family, being from the Chicago area and all.
I work for the Chicago Cubs, a team with a following so loyal and adoring and a history so forlorn that we were known nationwide as the Loveable Losers.
America is more than just a country. It’s more than Chicago or Wisconsin. It’s more than our borders. America is an idea. It’s a very precious idea.
It’s a tough town, it’s a loving town, it’s a supportive town, and that’s why so many great news people, journalists have come through Chicago or are from Chicago.
When we started doing sketch comedy – actually in ’91 in Chicago – making your own videos, which we did, took forever. It would take like, a year to make one video. It was just so difficult to edit and just do everything you had to do.
Although I was born into the America that experiences and believes in opportunity, my trips to Ferguson, Detroit, Atlanta, and Chicago have revealed that there is an undercurrent of unease.
I was actually born in Baltimore! Although I moved away when I was quite young and consider Chicago to be my hometown, Baltimore is sentimental to me, and I still keep in touch with family friends I knew as a little girl.
Los Angeles for many years had operated with a police department that was far smaller than other police departments had in areas of comparable or larger size, New York and Chicago being the most obvious examples.
I love Chicago. It’s such a great town, and it’s got great culture and great history, and it’s not as extreme as LA or New York, and it’s just- it’s hard for me for work, because I don’t live and work in the same place and that’s tough. But I’m- I love it.
This man is frank and earnest with women. In Fresno, he’s Frank and in Chicago he’s Ernest.
Sen. Obama comes from the old Chicago machine politics and has never taken on the special interests in his party on a major issue ever.
Maybe we can show government how to operate better as a result of better architecture. Eventually, I think Chicago will be the most beautiful great city left in the world.
And there was no money in Chicago for a band.
Santiago Durango
My culture-deprived, aspirational mother dragged me once a month from our northern suburb – where the word art never came up – to the Art Institute of Chicago. I hated it.
There’s nothing like doing a show at home. When you do a show in Chicago, there’s just a certain love that you don’t feel anywhere else; it’s like home base.
I’ve been to Chicago a lot – it’s one of my favorite places. My wife is from Chicago, and I worked in the theater there a lot.
I’m looking forward to working for the ‘Tribune’ because any company that can invest in the Chicago Cubs has a view of the future we cannot begin to comprehend.
Jeff MacNelly
The Phillies liked the work I had done with the Cubs, and really wanted me there. They were on the phone as soon as my contract was up in Chicago, and it was just a great feeling to be wanted, to be appreciated for the work you do.
I’m from Chicago, so you know we come from juking and footwork.
I come from a pretty working-class neighborhood in Chicago. Hard work was just expected of you. It wasn’t some noble thing you did; it was a prerequisite. It’s what a man did. You get up, you put on your boots, and you work hard. We’ve lost a lot of that, I’m afraid.
I feel like I have gotten to know Chicago pretty well, and every time I come here I have a really good response.
I was full of pride when President Obama talked about coding in his last State of the Union address. I was proud when Chicago recently made computer science mandatory as a requirement for graduation. To see this elevate to the level of a bigger conversation is progress.
May 4th is a particularly memorable day in American history because 84 years to the day before May 4, 1970, there was another demonstration at the Haymarket Square in Chicago.
William Kunstler
My favorite band – and Bobby Cannavale and Terry Winter have already made fun of me for this – is Chicago.
I left the University of Chicago’s creative writing program for a tenure-track job at DePauw University in Indiana, then left DePauw in 2010 for Los Angeles.
It scared me to death to think about improv, but I got hired for a year at Second City in Chicago, which made me nervous, but I found I could improvise. Then I was in a group called the Ace Trucking Company, which we’d do, like, a half hour set of material, then open up for improvisation.
I took an improv class in 2005 in Chicago at ComedySportz, which was short-form, more of a games-based improv. I remember it being real fun and helping with my stand-up. If I did an improv class, and then I did stand-up later, I felt looser on stage and more comfortable.
My bookshelves have no order. I prune them regularly and sell the books to Myopic Books, a Chicago bookstore. They give me store credit, and then I spend all the store credit, and, presumably, return to sell them back more of the books I bought from them.
After going to theater school, and then subsequently dropping out, I would say that when I first went to Chicago and learned long-form improv, that was a far better acting workshop than any acting school I’ve been to.
I remember somebody came in with Chicago Transit Authority, and we listened to it one time.
I live in Chicago, and I play in a band there.
Whether it’s on the streets of Philadelphia or New York or Chicago or Atlanta or in a classroom in Newtown, Connecticut, people want to be safe.
I was raised in Chicago and I guess that was one of the special breeding grounds for gangsters of all colors. That was the Detroit of the gangster world. The car industry was thugs.
I joined the Army and was sent to the MIT radiation laboratory after a few months of introduction to electromagnetic wave theory in a special course, given for Army personnel at the University of Chicago.
Jack Steinberger
I was never exposed to a great deal of racism, but the Chicago I grew up in was very, very segregated.
Don Cornelius
I’m very into film and strengthening what it means to be a rapper and to be a black dude from Chicago.
Chicago’s privatization mania began during Mayor Richard M. Daley’s administration, which ran from 1989 to 2011. Under his successor, Rahm Emanuel, the trend has continued apace. For Rahm’s investment banker buddies, the trend has been a boon. For citizens? Not so much.
There are so many talented actors in Chicago, I have to go see shows when I’m there. A lot of these actors, who I’ve seen when I’m in Chicago in theaters, are technically amazing and never have an opportunity to showcase it on a bigger medium.
Jacob Zachar
Our whole family assembles in Chicago at Christmas and usually in Aspen in the summer.
James Cronin
For me, getting your number retired is the greatest accomplishment. There is no accolade with more significance that you can receive from an organization or school. Whether it was my four years at Central Arkansas or all my seasons with the Bulls in Chicago, it’s a sign of respect for what I have done.
We need to send Barack Obama back to Chicago. I’d like to send him back to Kenya, back to Indonesia. We have to unmask this man. This is a man that seeks to destroy all concept of God. And I will tell you what, this is classical Marxist philosophy.
Rafael Cruz
I am both delighted and honored to return to the University of Chicago as a Distinguished Senior Fellow and embark on this new journey with the students, faculty, and wider Chicago community.
What makes my work my own is where I’m writing from. And I feel like I have a million stories to write about Chicago.
Joe Meno
I think there are four or five interesting pockets where a lot of cool technology companies are getting started. Chicago is one of them. New York is certainly another. Silicon Valley really dominates. And you’re seeing some stuff out of Boston and Seattle and down South.
Eric Lefkofsky
And we had a DJ – my childhood friend from Chicago came to be the DJ at our party out in LA. It was a party, rockin’ and rolling, and it was dancing and fun. For me it was different; just to have family with us.
Jami Gertz
I would jump off the Willis Tower, which is the tallest building in Chicago, to support Hillary Clinton.
My signing of Derrick Rose was like anything in life, I think it was just luck. I played in Chicago. Derrick is from Chicago.
My kids are really dope. I was just at home in Chicago, and my daughter Brittany was interviewing me. It was like I was on ‘Oprah.’
Growing up in Chicago, there was a very particular type of home that would display the black Jesus figure. It wasn’t a radical home. You wouldn’t find these in a Black Panther house. There’s still a strong allegiance to Christianity.
In Chicago, actors start up companies and get together and produce things, and there’s a really rich, vibrant non-Equity theater scene out there.
I really wanted to go to a city and get involved in a theater scene and a theater community. I had some friends who had moved out to Chicago and had said really good things about it and about the work. I didn’t care at that time about making money.
I was 16. In the middle of the night, I took a taxi to the Detroit train station – or maybe it was the Pontiac train station? – and got on a train to Chicago, then transferred to a train to San Diego where my boyfriend was living at the time.
I worked hard learning harmony and theory when I was growing up in Chicago in the 1920s.
Lionel Hampton
I really value what Closed Sessions is doing to build the Chicago music scene and am excited to partner with them for my first solo project.
Here is the difference between Dante, Milton, and me. They wrote about hell and never saw the place. I wrote about Chicago after looking the town over for years and years.
Our friends in the group Chicago, they just numbered theirs and we thought that was kind of neat but it made continuity from album to album and that was our way of doing it.
Gerry Beckley
I resent the fact that people in places like Boston, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and San Francisco believe that they should be able to tell us how to live our lives, operate our businesses, and what to do with the land that we love and cherish.
Wilford Brimley
Yes, I was inspired by Jack London and still love reading his books. Ernie Banks is another hero because I lived in Chicago for two years as a kid, and I loved that he was the Cubs’ loyal underdog and one of the first African-Americans to make that breakthrough.
My stepfather had a connection with The Second City and told me I should go there. I woke up in a cold sweat one night and said, ‘I’m moving to Chicago.’ That’s how I went to Second City.
Ian Gomez
Dancing is my number one love. That was my first goal as a child. I would love to do stage, maybe do Chicago. I love being in front of an audience. It’s so stimulating. I also love to barbecue.
You know what they say about Chicago. If you don’t like the weather, wait fifteen minutes.
Ralph Kiner
Jackie Berman, a 64-year-old widow and former special education teacher from Chicago, enrolled in Obamacare. She really needed coverage after sustaining serious injuries from being hit by a car. Now Jackie gets the care she needs at an affordable rate.
I’m impressed with the people from Chicago. Hollywood is hype, New York is talk, Chicago is work.
I do feel strongly that we have got to do a little brand-positioning work. Wouldn’t it be great to have something that everybody could say: ‘Yep, that’s Chicago.’
When I close my eyes to draw I always think Chicago in 1975.
I wish that food trucks could exist here in Chicago like they do in Brooklyn and in New York, where you’re actually cooking off the truck.
The Chicago Symphony is considered the greatest orchestra in the world.
When the government picked companies and gave them monopoly rights to frequencies in San Francisco and Los Angeles and New York and Chicago, it was picking the winners of the competition; it wasn’t setting the terms of the competition.
When you’re a Chicago artist, to play Lollapalooza, that’s not a normal thing. It’s artists on a path to a certain place that do that. Chief Keef did it; Kids These Days did it; Cool Kids did it. And I’m the next Cool-Kids-Chief, if you will.
I did see ‘Les Miz’ and I thought it was just incredible. Totally incredible. I love ‘Chicago,’ too.
When I was in Chicago, I was working as a carpenter while I was doing plays. I thought it’d be a fun set construction job, but it turned up to just be a straight-up factory.
Chicago is a pretty good town.
My main graduate training was received at the University of Chicago from which I received the Ph.D. in 1938.
George Stigler
But when I go to Chicago, I know I’m home.
Hank Sauer
Chicago is constantly auditioning for the world, determined that one day, on the streets of Barcelona, in Berlin’s cabarets, in the coffee shops of Istanbul, people will know and love us in our multidimensional glory, dream of us the way they dream of San Francisco and New York.
I’ve done all of them except for Oprah. My shoes were on Oprah but they ran out of time so I wasn’t on. I left my shoes in Chicago so they could put them on the show.
Matthew McGrory
I was actually born in Chicago, and then when I was a toddler, my parents moved to Philadelphia.
Chicago has a burly, action-oriented but still self-assured and relaxed confidence to its stride. The city has a lot of wide-open space and all the possibilities that suggests. There’s a lot of horizontal grandeur here.
When I come to Chicago, I gorge myself. I get off the plane and start with Gene and Jude’s for two hot dogs with everything, swing by The Fudge Pot for a taffy apple and a turtle, chocolate clusters at Sarah‘s Pastries and Candies and steak at Smith and Wollensky. I find time for Gino’s pizza within the next 12 hours.
I get a certain feeling when I go to Lambeau field in Green Bay. Soldier field in Chicago is special to me. Those are the places that I really like. The stadiums.
I love Chicago.
Jesse Lee Soffer
But my favorite band is Curbside Life, out of Chicago.
Everyone here seems to appreciate the sunshine way more than we do in California. We tend to take it for granted, but in Chicago, it’s like Woodstock love every time it gets above 70 degrees.
If you’ve ever lived in Chicago, anyone who has, they know what a winter in Chicago is like. To be going through a tough time here in the winter would be just be all the more worse.
Lee DeWyze
I grew up in Dolton, just south of Chicago, about a 20-minute drive from old Comiskey Park.
Richard Roeper
I grew up on the South Side of Chicago, north Beverly. It was cool, everybody’s cool on the block.
In 1980, I moved to Chicago, and I recorded demo tapes for my friends’ bands, and in 1981, the first Big Black record – the first thing I did that was an actual record.
It’s a character-builder to be a fan of the Chicago Cubs.
I am sad to leave so many friends at Manchester United. But I am grateful to the club for allowing me the chance to take up the challenge at Chicago Fire.
I think that what comes through in Chicago humor is the affection. Even though you’re poking fun at someone or something, there’s still an affection for it.
Chicago is a wonderful, vibrant city with wonderful food cultures to it, wonderful talent downtown.
I’m from Chicago and it’s a huge influence on me.
I have struck a city – a real city – and they call it Chicago… I urgently desire never to see it again. It is inhabited by savages.
People live in their part of the Union, and if they don’t travel a lot, then there is a tendency to believe that the other parts of America couldn’t possibly be as American as their part. You can see it in the way people in the South scrunch up their faces when they hear words like ‘New York,’ ‘Chicago,’ and ‘challah.’
I’ve been a Cub all my life. I came up here when I was 20 years old and spent my whole career here in Chicago. I’ve always been an optimist; I believe you have to be in order to survive, to be honest with you – in health, with what I’ve been through. That’s the way I am.
Ron Santo
The thing about people from Chicago and the Northwest suburbs is that they’re very cocky. I think that serves us well in the show business world.
I was 10 years old, and I went to the Marigold Arena in Chicago, and I was hooked, just like that.
Bobby Heenan
I have a 92 year old father whose doing beautifully who lives in Chicago and a sister and a nephew and a niece and I love coming back and try to do so fairly often.
There is a lot of history buried in Chicago that I still have yet to discover.
I’m just happy to be sitting right here in Chicago and right here at U.S. Cellular Field, holding my Hall of Fame press conference. I’m proud of that.
Frank Thomas
I grew up in Evanston and lived in Chicago for a long time, in Old Town and Wrigleyville. I did three films when I was in high school. The first was ‘Class,’ with Rob Lowe. I had a supporting role in that.
My roots really instilled Chicago values in me.
Chicago fans cheer and boo who they want. They’re great fans whether they like me or not. They show you how they feel. I don’t like crowds that sit on their hands.
To me, I grew up in the suburbs of Chicago, and my identity is of a suburban Chicago person. It’s not like, ‘Oh, I’m Indian.’ I’m not. I’m American.
I live in Chicago but own some property up in Wisconsin.
The only actor who I think probably might have possibly taken a swing at me if he could have would be Burt Reynolds. He used to call Roger and me the Bruise Brothers, out of Chicago.
Gene Siskel
I grew up on the Southside of Chicago. What people don’t realize is that my father was a multimillionaire who owned 12 hotels, motels, a steel mill, a radio station, a club, nursing home, and a law office. So I think it’s safe to say I’m a little above middle class and I’m a daddy‘s girl.
While Mayor Daley surprised me today with his decision to not run for reelection, I have never been surprised by his leadership, dedication and tireless work on behalf of the city and the people of Chicago.
The Chicago Special Olympics prove a very fundamental fact, the fact that exceptional children – children with mental retardation – can be exceptional athletes, the fact that through sports they can realize their potential for growth.
Eunice Kennedy Shriver
I like everything that is wrong about Chicago.
I just want to paint that picture of Chicago that everybody’s missing, and I just want to rap about it.
I had the chance to visit all 56 counties in Montana in my pickup. You can put Washington, D.C., in one corner of our state and put Chicago in the other corner, and that’s the size of my congressional district.
Steve Daines
Working for the ‘Miami Herald’ in 1972, I covered street action for both the Republican and Democratic national conventions in Miami and saw probably the most violent conventions ever – more violent than even 1968 in Chicago.
I grew up in Chicago, so I’ve always been a Bears fan.
People of my generation who became photographers in the late fifties, early sixties, there were no rewards in photography. There were no museum shows. Maybe MOMA would show something, or Chicago. There were no galleries. Nobody bought photographs.
Chicago’s like Melbourne – there’s a city center, there’s public transport, and there’s more of a cultural scene.
It took me forever, learning improvisation, because I had studied with Lee Strasberg – I dropped out of Chicago and went to his classes in New York for a couple of years, once or twice a week. What I didn’t realize was I was learning directing because he wasn’t all that good about acting, not for me.
Back in Chicago, all we cared about was rock ‘n’ roll and staying out of the army.
John Belushi
Illinois and Chicago have shown they can compete on the world stage, and we will continue to answer the challenge.
I grew up in Chicago, so hip-hop has always been a part of my life.
Being from New York, living in L.A., being in Chicago, you kind of get more of the big-city, melting-pot sort of thing. But when you drive through the country, there’s so many small pockets of people that don’t experience people of different backgrounds. So what they’ve seen on television is their baseline.
It’s basically taking a 911 call, bringing them on stage and dealing with it just like when I was a Chicago policeman for 12 years. I personally become involved. Where Jerry lets people tell their story and lets everything happen on stage, I kind of go after the bad guy and protect the little guy.
Steve Wilkos
It wasn’t until I left that I realised it’s not weird to grow up in certain cities and, by the age of 27 or 28, for all of your friends to still be alive. I can think of a lot of kids that I knew in Chicago who were supposed to grow up but didn’t.
In July of 2010, I lost my finance job in Chicago. Instead of updating my resume and looking for a similar job, I decided to forget about money and have a go at something I truly enjoyed. I’d purchased a semi-professional camera earlier that year and spent my free time taking photos in downtown Chicago.
We could see the Teamsters coming in from New Jersey, the AFL-CIO from Chicago. You could see all of the people being bused in.
Bud Johnson, God rest his soul of fame, a tenor saxophonist. Bud was always a big, big, big booster of mine and he always when I first met Bud in Pittsburgh when he came through there, he heard me sing and he wanted me to come to Chicago.
Some of the best cooks that I’ve cooked with, whether it’s in New York or Chicago or even here in Philadelphia, are actually Ecuadorians. And there’s something about their palates that really just inspires me, and has a really deep sense of flavor.
Jose Garces
They planned this fair to bring business to Chicago, into the Loop. But you could have fired a cannon down state street and hit nobody, because everybody was out at the fair.
Sally Rand
My musical education was grounded in blues and Chicago blues – John Lee Hooker and Otis Redding.
I was assigned to the heavy cruiser Chicago.
Jack Adams
I love this city and the Chicago fans.
I think that unless you grew up in New York or Chicago or Los Angeles, you’re sheltered.
Waste Management was based in Chicago, but I lived in Ft. Lauderdale and for 10 years had to commute to work – catch the 5 P.M. Sunday flight to Chicago and the midnight return flight on Friday.
Wayne Huizenga
I love Chicago. Chicago is my home.
Jonathan Toews
By the time I was 14, my most burning ambition was to leave my home, leave my neighborhood, leave my city. I kept it a secret wish. It was easier done than said. It wasn’t only that I wanted to leave Chicago – I wanted to live in New York City. And I did – for a time.
Scott Spencer
I was Miss Chicago in 1946.
I’ve heard New York actors say Chicago actors intimidate them because apparently we’re the real nitty-gritty actors who’re in a town where being onstage doesn’t necessarily get you anything except your craft.
Second City Las Vegas is very different from Second City in Chicago on the main stage, where they do improv sets. That’s how they kind of hone material, kind of work up to new material.
Any conductor who tells you that if he is approached for the directorship of the Chicago Symphony that he’s not interested in it, you know perfectly well he’s lying.
Overall, I think Michael Jordan is the greatest athlete in any particular sport. He dominated the game for the Chicago Bulls and brought the NBA to its greatest peak of popularity.
Will McDonough
It just so happens that I was born and raised in Washington. Had I been born in Chicago or San Antonio, the streets and places would have figured into whatever I wrote. Just so happens that it’s Washington, D.C.
Chicago’s buoy was a couple of hundred yards astern of Arizona, and I was saddened to look at her.
Jack Adams
Chicago is a big town for magicians and card hustlers. So when I was very young, a fellow sat me down and taught me the Three-Card Monte. And that kind of put me in a – pointed me towards easy money.
‘The Devil in the White City’ – the ‘White City’ was the nickname for the World’s Fair of 1893, the World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago.
I wrote my first novel and my second novel in Chicago. It was the place where I became a writer. It’s my favorite city.
My own interest in basic aspects of electron transfer between metal complexes became active only after I came to the University of Chicago in 1946.
Henry Taube
I was researching a different World War II story when I came across an article in the ‘Chicago Tribune’ from June 1945 that knocked me for a loop. The article explained that a military plane had crashed in an impossibly remote valley of New Guinea that had been nicknamed Shangri-La.
Chicago – it’s the Midwest, and the people are not as tough or not as edgy as they are in New York.
I went to DePaul University Theatre School in Chicago, Illinois.
I would like to run for the mayor of the city of Chicago. That has always been an aspiration of mine even when I was in the House of Representatives.
Currently, I am overseeing the construction of the new Trump Tower in Chicago. I am involved in meeting with the construction crews, architects and sales teams. I am learning a lot and working with some of the best in the business.
One thing that people outside Chicago need to understand is that the city is not just one thing. It is one city, but it is huge and sprawling. And historically, it has been one of America’s most segregated cities.
When the Chicago rap scene came about, I listened to all of the upcoming artists like Lil Durk, Chief Keef and G Herbo.
Being Irish was a big thing for me, particularly growing up in Chicago.
There’s something specific about Chicagoans, and I just felt like I’d love to tell their story in a creative way. Not in a way to go, ‘Oh, Chicago’s perfect.’ I don’t believe that. I don’t think that. I know we have our issues.
In Chicago, we have a century-old transit system that desperately needs updates to keep up with increased capacity.
I had, like, two goals in my career: One was to try to get into ‘Second City.’ When I moved to Chicago, my goal was to try to work at ‘Second City.’ And beyond that, my goal was to make enough money as an actor to not do anything else but act, not have to go and wait tables again.
I look forward to going to Chicago because it’s where I grew up, and the food there is so munch. Especially during the winter, I get deep dish pizza or Italian beef, and it warms me up. It’s something I don’t normally get, especially here in L.A. where you’re always trying to be healthy.
I had worked for ten years in theater; I had worked at Second City in Chicago. Then I got to Hollywood, and I was like, naively, ‘Where’s my pilot?’
The overwhelming number of police officers in Chicago are doing good work under difficult conditions. They put their lives on the line every day in situations none of us can fully comprehend or appreciate.
I was born in Chicago and grew up in the suburb of Evanston.
No matter how you rearrange President Obama’s inner circle, it still looks, smells and tastes like a rotten Chicago deep-dish pizza.
My dad was very excited about me doing ‘Laguna Beach,’ and he thought it was a great opportunity. My mom, however, living in Chicago, was a little nervous. I mean she had some reservations about MTV. I think there was a point in my life where I wasn’t even allowed to watch MTV!
I think there’s a big difference between New York and Chicago.
David Eigenberg
Chicago has a strange metaphysical elegance of death about it.
Claes Oldenburg
A lot of people who voted for Barack Obama expected and were led to expect something new in politics: a new tone of political discourse in Washington. And I think – I think they’re disappointed, because Barack Obama is not a new kind of politician. In fact, he’s an old Chicago politician.
Bernard Goldberg
Access Living is a powerful voice for people in the Chicago area who live with disabilities.
We’ve had enough with the gun traffickers and straw purchasers who buy guns out of state and sell them out of the trunks of their cars in Chicago.
I went down to Chicago to try to go into a place called Second City. I auditioned for that and got in pretty quickly, but I couldn’t stop partying. They gave me a warning: ‘If you do it again, we’re gonna kick you off the main stage.’
David Cromer, from Chicago, I think is the most gifted young director in America.
Why can’t DFW compete like San Francisco does with Oakland, like Miami does with Fort Lauderdale, and like Chicago O’Hare does with Midway?
John Ensign
I grew up in Chicago, IL. I’ve got three siblings.
I came from the South Side of Chicago wanting to be a rap artist and make videos.
I was so glad to get out of the cotton patch and stop pickin’ cotton, I wouldn’t of cared who come by and said, ‘I’ll take you to Chicago.’
Koko Taylor
I had never been to the playoffs, and it was exciting. The fans went through the roof. They were excited about the whole team. It was great to be traded to a city like Chicago, which was a lot like Boston.
Dennis Eckersley
I live my life. And the best place to do that is Chicago.
It took me forever to leave Chicago. I went to Columbia College because I wasn’t ready to leave! My professors had to kick me in the pants to move to Los Angeles.
There a great ethnic cuisine available to you in Chicago.
Jose Garces
I believe the way I describe the problems in Chicago is that it’s a metropolitan area. I’ve said that everywhere. The uneducated child is not just my problem, it’s the state’s problem. It’s also the federal government’s problem.
We have not really advertised Chicago internationally.
I was born and raised in Rogers Park in Chicago. My father sold furniture, and my mother was a Chicago public school teacher and proud member of the Chicago Teachers Union for decades.
I’d been studying philosophy at the University of Chicago. I hadn’t been doing well, because I was sitting in with jazz musicians at night – it’s hard to read Heidegger, but it’s especially hard if you’re half asleep.
I’ve been lucky to conduct the very best orchestras in the world: New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Berlin, the London Philharmonic.
With ‘Chicago Hope,’ I’m seeing if anyone will like me again.
Jamey Sheridan
Anybody who has been to Chicago has a very positive view. But not everybody has come to Chicago, and in many ways, Chicago is an undiscovered treasure. It punches below its weight internationally.
The tradition of Chicago price theory is a good one, and it is a low-tech methodology that tries to apply simple economic theory to the world.
It’s wonderful to be here in the great state of Chicago.
I’m a dirt road out in the country kind of person, but I remember thinking, I could live in Chicago.
I love that movie ‘Chicago.’
Khandi Alexander
I just wanted to see every single musical I could. The very first one I saw was ‘Beauty and the Beast,’ the only one I could get tickets for, and then ‘Les Miserables’ and then ‘Chicago.’
I was perfectly satisfied with the West Side of Chicago when I was in knickerbockers. I hope it was with me.
Charles Comiskey
I grew up in Douglasville, Georgia. My father played football for the Atlanta Falcons. We lived a bunch of places when I was younger. I was born in California. We lived in Chicago for a little bit, and finally, we ended up in Georgia.
I adore Chicago. It is the pulse of America.
Sarah Bernhardt
I grew up in youth programs in Chicago, so they are definitely close to my heart. It is all about helping kids and giving back to a sport that has given me so much.
Chicago is everything to me.
My family moved a lot as a kid. We started in Colorado, where I lived for five years. We moved to Chicago for two years, to San Francisco for one year, Connecticut for seven, Oregon for a couple years, and then I went to school.
I am here before you tonight to dedicate this administration to bringing a new renaissance of neighborhood life and community spirit, a renewal of confidence in the future of our city and a revival of opportunity for all Chicago.
I’m always going to get more of a charge playing Chicago than I will Duluth or some place like that. Just because of the history and the people there are way more knowledgeable than a lot of other cities. It’s an amazing music scene with some great bands and great musicians.
Politicians are at a great distance from the academic world. Barack Obama was my colleague at Chicago – but could i ever talk to him now? Never.
You’d never think of taking a cab if you had to walk a mile down Chicago’s Michigan Avenue. But in a bad city you take a cab just to go around the corner.
Before the Great Chicago Fire, no one took notice of Patrick and Catherine O’Leary, two Irish immigrants who lived with their five children on the city’s West Side.
Karen Abbott
Several elementary school teachers had described me as a ‘future authoress or poetess.’ Mother took me to meet Chicago’s leading black librarian, who published a poem of mine in the magazine she edited for Negro children.
I worked for three years in a small IT firm in Chicago. I managed our client base, so I translated into human speak for our technicians. But our company was sold, and the atmosphere and the culture really changed, so I quit without having anything else lined up.
I sometimes feel it is to my disadvantage that I have not conducted the Cleveland Orchestra or the Boston or Chicago symphonies, but then I have had to sacrifice something in order to have enough time with my orchestras.
My influences were the riff-based blues coming from Chicago in the Fifties – Muddy Waters, Howlin’ Wolf and Billy Boy Arnold records.
For a few years, there were three shows running on Broadway that I had all opened: ‘Chicago,’ ‘Wicked‘ and ‘Anything Goes.’
In 1989-90 I became one of the group known as the Jordanaires, a.k.a. the Bulls. From the day I arrived in Chicago, I knew what everyone else on the team did: Michael Jordan was a phenomenal talent.
Reviewers said Ghost Country was rich, astonishing and affecting in the way it blended comedy, magic, and a gritty urban realism in a breathtaking ride along Chicago’s mean streets.
I think the beard plays a slight factor to my presence on the mound. It’s kind of part of the persona now. Everyone in Chicago embraced it, so I got to keep it. I can’t ditch it now.
The decision came from the publisher. It certainly was cleared by Chicago. And then they come out with these fine sounding words about relation to readers and their obligation. It has nothing to do with that.
Right before I graduated from the national theatre school, I got the part of Roxie Hart in ‘Chicago’ in Copenhagen. That led to me playing it here in London. I was 26 when I came over for that. It was the first thing I did as a professional, and it is still the experience of my life.
For over 20 years, I have been saying that Chicago is by far one of the greatest food cities in the world.
It would be impossible for me to say when the idea of becoming an owner first came to me. Probably it was a gradual process. The first time the matter was brought to my attention in a concrete form, however, was when Charles Murphy was selling out his controlling interest in the Chicago Cubs.
Jacob Ruppert
I think Chicago is the best city in the country, hands down, but I don’t like the winter there anymore.
I’ve been proud to be a lifelong Chicago Cub and still be with the Cubs. That’s always been important to me and I think it’s always been special.
I grew up, until age 6, in Chicago. My parents rented their apartment and, at the end of the Depression, my parents wanted to replicate that situation. So, again, we lived in a somewhat suburban setting outside of New York City, and again, they rented.
As a kid, my parents had the typical stuff going on in the home, like Bee Gees, The Carpenters. Then I got exposed to what my brothers were listening to: a lot of classic rock, Led Zeppelin. It was around the mid-’80s when the whole Electro-Techno-Pop-House music thing started happening in Chicago.
My wife is from Chicago, and every time we go, I just love it. I love the restaurant scene, and people here are so into the food. It’s one of the most exciting food cities in the country.
I grew up in a Southside suburb of Chicago. It was idyllic. But I was plunked into a family that was not artistic and didn’t know how to deal with my emotions.
Dr. King said, ‘We are all tied together in a garment of mutual destiny.’ Which says to me no matter how well I may be doing in Hollywood, if a young brother or sister in Louisiana, the South Bronx, the South Side of Chicago, South Central Los Angeles – is not doing well, then I’m not doing very well.
I had a teacher who recommended I take improv classes in Chicago – I’m from Evanston, Illinois – so I did improv classes at Improv Olympic, and that kind of opened me up.
I was really grateful to have a chance to have some really in-depth study about the power of language using a philosopher who taught at the University of Chicago by the name of Paul Ricoeur. I’m really happy to be in Chicago because a lot of what I do is rooted in his approach to language.
Over the years, the technology of trade has changed in response to advances in the ability to communicate. From its origins on the streets of Chicago, the Board of Trade moved to a building housingtrading pits’ for the open-outcry exchange by brokers representing buyers and sellers.
Dale T. Mortensen
My first improv was Second City in Chicago. Before that, I worked at – with a partner, doing comedy sketches.
I’m from the Southside of Chicago.
I love playing in Chicago. It’s the memory lane hometown, which is really nice.
When the entertainers of the Right aren’t declaring their disgust with President Obama for groveling before foreign potentates, they’re pretending to fear him as a left-wing thug, an exemplar of what they call ‘the Chicago way.’
My father had a lot of allergies, and he just didn’t like the cold of Chicago, and his father – his parents had broken up when he was young, and his father had lived in Pasadena for a while, and he kind of fell in love with Southern California.
‘Will Grayson, Will Grayson’ is about two guys named Will Grayson who live in different Chicago suburbs who eventually meet each other.
It’s always very special for me to work Chicago. Both of the record companies I was with, early on, were based in Chicago. The music was always huge there.
I like New York. I like Philly. I like San Fran. I like when people are stoked. But Chicago’s a real music town, and they’re really good to us there. There’s just something in the air there; people are just really stoked about music. Every time I go there, I have a great time, and the fandom is really heartwarming.
Chicago is the product of modern capitalism, and, like other great commercial centers, is unfit for human habitation.
Eugene V. Debs
The more activity around Chicago-based companies, and the more success that entrepreneurs have in Chicago, the better we as venture capitalists in Chicago will do.
In New York, you couldn’t wish for a nicer audience, or in L.A., Chicago, Boston. But when you get into secondary markets, they don’t have a clue.
I moved to Chicago and I did theater, and then I started writing and I stop acting and I did sketch. You know, I did all of the things that, if you were serious about doing television, don’t do.
I was working in Chicago, in theater and in commercials and anything that anybody would let me do. When I moved to L.A., I had made a choice to be a character actor, meaning that I wanted to become somebody else. That’s what attracted me to becoming an actor in the first place.
Janina Gavankar
As big a problem as gun violence is for Chicago, it is not beyond our ability to solve. Ending this string of tragedies is our top priority as a city. We are infusing our police department with the manpower, technology and training to meet this challenge head on.
I went to art school in Chicago for a year at Columbia College. I had this whole master plan of getting into sustainable development and green architecture and construction, so I wanted to go to business school and then get my masters in construction and development.
Nico Tortorella
The size of the city and the nature of how independent the neighborhoods are means that not only do people who live outside Chicago not know what is going on there, Chicagoans often don’t know what is going on there.
No city embraced privatization more eagerly than Chicago, where I live.
Bethany McLean
We can’t just rest on the fact that this is beautiful Chicago. I want to triple down on that experience and make it… life-altering.
The average Liberian, it turns out, does not share the same assumptions as the average black Methodist minister from Chicago.
Chicago, with its big newspapers and major broadcasting stations, couldn’t have been a better city to start a journalism career.
Irv Kupcinet
Chicago’s where I started my career. I’ve had a lot of success playing here.
The Sixties were different in an isolated place. We got two television channels if the wind was blowing in the right direction. The radio stations went off at sundown. Then you picked up Chicago and heard the teenage music you really yearned for.
I’m just a stage actor from Chicago.
We were in the heart of the ghetto in Chicago during the Depression, and every block – it was probably the biggest black ghetto in America – every block also is the spawning ground practically for every gangster, black and white, in America too.
I was an accountant in Chicago, and a friend of mine, Ed Gallagher, was in advertising. At 4:30 every day I’d be bored, and I would call him. He’d interview me.
For some people, home is family and their mom’s house or their girl or whatever, and I have those experiences as well, but the biggest thing for me is Chicago.
As a kid growing up in Chicago, I’ve been shot at before. I remember I very calmly went down on the ground. Afterwards, you’re like, ‘Omigod.’ You just don’t have time to think.
The success story at Citadel has been written by a number of people who have backgrounds from the University of Chicago.
Basically, I wear sandals, like Jesus. When it gets cold in Chicago, the snow way up to my knees, I still wear my sandals. But that’s me.
Skating is big in Chicago. There’s a lot of hockey; a lot of the boys play hockey. And figure skating is big.
I know Los Angeles has it better than Chicago when it comes to produce year round!
Rick Bayless
Obama the President needs to stand up for what Obama the candidate and what Obama the Senator and what Obama the Chicago community organizer stood for and lead the Congress towards reform.
Did I ever think at the time, when I was with the Alouettes and the Chicago Blitz, that I would be head-coaching a team in the Super Bowl? It would be hard to believe. Is it a dream come true? Yes.
A friend told me about the casting notice for ‘Queer Eye.’ I was in Chicago and I had a contract with ‘Esquire’ magazine, so had been coming to New York City regularly and thought I’d catch a cheap flight, crash on a friend’s sofa and do this hilarious audition that I had no chance of winning.
When I was four, we moved to the house on the west side of Chicago where I grew up. My earliest memories are of that first summer.
I am back in Los Angeles after a very successful run in Chicago as Billy Flynn.
Greg Evigan
I moved to Chicago when I was 28, and I wasn’t completely idealistic about going to Second City and making a living from comedy, but I knew it would be great for the resume.
When I was in college in Chicago, I was doing a lot of commercials – that was my bread and butter.
Janina Gavankar
Deep down I knew that if Hell existed, it was a real place full of ruthless, venal people, like the commodity pits at the Chicago Board of Trade, Disney World, or oral arguments before the United States Supreme Court.
I just thought that I had had my fill for a while and wanted to have a family. My husband was moving to Chicago for his job. And so I went along. And it was a great thing that I did.
Lauren Holly
Part of what I like about living in Chicago is it’s not easy. The breath of the city, the everyday challenge of it, is good. It forces you to grow and push yourself.
When I bought the team, I wasn’t thinking about a new arena. But obviously I’m very proud of the contributions that the Bulls franchise has made to the community between Chicago Bulls Charities and the re-development of the West Side with the United Center being the catalyst.
I love directing. It’s something I started doing in theatre when I was in university in Chicago and I started a theatre company right out of college and was directing for many years.
My first job out of college was with HBO. I worked in a small sales office in Chicago. So, I can say that even when I was just a little, low-on-the-totem-pole assistant for HBO, they were always amazing.
Jazmyn Simon
Moving our headquarters to Chicago is another significant step in our journey to build a better McDonald‘s. This world-class environment will continue to drive business momentum by getting us even closer to customers, encouraging innovation and ensuring great talent is excited about where they work.
I came to the University of Chicago on the morning of January 2, 1932. I wasn’t yet a graduate of high school for another few months. And that was about the low point of the Herbert Hoover/Andrew Mellon phase after October of 1929. That’s quite a number of years to have inaction.
I’ve always been a dog owner, from the time I was a little boy in Chicago.
David Seltzer
I ain’t expect it. I just expected to be Chicago famous – ‘hood famous. I ain’t expect to be outside-of-Chicago famous.
I grew up in the inner city of Chicago, and then I moved to Robbins, and it kind of raised me. When I was in college, I actually had them change the starting lineup to say ‘from Robbins, Illinois’ instead of ‘Chicago, Illinois.’
Our daughter was born in Chicago, and she’s already showing it. The temperature has to be approaching zero for her to wear a hat.
For me, I never wore my religion on my sleeve, you know what I’m saying? I never put myself out there as Lupe Fiasco, he’s Muslim, he’s from Chicago, he likes to ride a skateboard.
There have been some terrible winters in Chicago, where it feels like I’m literally being punched in the face, and everyone walks around looking stunned like they’ve just witnessed a murder.
Theater in Chicago will always be my first love. It started careers for me and about 50 of my friends. We all love coming back. As soon as the TV show is over, I’ll be back in Chicago, doing live theater.
I just know that I could never spend a winter in Chicago or some place like that. I’m just not a cold weather person.
Emily Robison
Politics gets me out of bed in the morning It’s what really interests me. I’m a competitor, but I also feel like I’m contributing, whether it’s working on health-care policy in the White House or out here in Chicago.
Stephanie Cutter
I grew up north of Chicago, not far from where the Schwinn bicycle plant used to be, and was conscious of the fact that these beautiful, everlasting bikes were made just down the road.
I love Korean food, and it’s kind of like home to me. The area that I grew up in outside Chicago, Glenview, is heavily Korean. A lot of my friends growing up were Korean and when I would eat dinner at their houses, their parents wouldn’t tell me the names of the dishes because I would butcher the language.
Well, I think one of the reasons Chicago became so popular as a filmmaker location is because New York had been used so many times that Chicago, I think, was rediscovered maybe in the late ’60s, early ’70s for a long time as a new location.
Richard Roeper
The Midwest isn’t somewhere you mix with those from the performing arts. But my mum and dad would go off to Chicago every so often to see shows. They would bring back the albums and the movies, those little eight metres, and we would all watch. I think that was when I fell in love with acting.
I love Chicago, but I didn’t think I had enough soul to be a Cubs fan.
Well, I design costumes because I started with the theater in Chicago, but somehow a few lines just sort of fell to me to do it. And I studied it in school and I always liked it.
In the days and months I spent walking through the various communities of this city, I found that Chicago did not work for everyone, however.
I lived in Chicago until I was about 12, and then I moved to Dallas until I was 19. So I think both were probably the time right when I was about to get an accent, or I lost it right when I moved.
I don’t think anybody feels safe in Chicago. Bullets ain’t got no name on them.
No citizen is a second class citizen in the city of Chicago. If my children are treated one way, every child is treated the same way.
When I grew up on the south side of Chicago, it was kind of a rough neighborhood, and when my parents saw the prospect of my older sister going to middle school, high school, they decided that we would move to the north side of Chicago, Highland Park, and for me, that was a whole new ballgame.
They say Chicago is for haters. No one will just sweat each other and say, ‘Oh, you’re so good,’ if you’re not. Which is another reason I’m inspired to stay.
Mahalia Jackson, I grew up around the corner from in Chicago.
Nichelle Nichols
I remember when I saw ‘The Dark Knight‘ movie, and I was sitting there watching it, and there actually came one or two places where I had trouble divorcing myself from the reality of the locations because it was filmed in Chicago, and I know that city quite well.
I actually graduated from the Chicago Academy for the Arts. I think John Cusack did as well.
I’m from Chicago. And I was an actor in high school and college, and I wanted to see if I could make a run of it in this job. So, I went downtown in Chicago, and I went up on a stand-up stage and did an open mic. It went well, so I’m like, ‘Alright, I’ll give it another try.’
My family background is Mexican, and I was born in Chicago. It’s pretty much family tradition every time we get together for Christmas and major holidays to sing. Our family time is centered around the food and a little bit of performing for one another.
Ailyn Perez
While at Chicago my interest in the new field of particle physics was stimulated by a course given by Gell- Mann, who was developing his ideas about Strangeness at the time.
James Cronin
I really don’t know the Chicago School. You see, I never walk. I always take taxis back and forth to work. I rarely see the city.
Chicago, we always had it. People just shied away because it’s nothing businesswise from the industry. Everybody from Chi will go to N.Y.C. or L.A. – R. Kelly to Kanye to even Twista. Everybody is great from there, but it’s nothing downtown.
I grew up on Chicago’s South Side in a working-poor family, so I watched everything on television. It was like my window on the world. But we also went to the movies pretty regularly – mostly on Tuesdays, because that was Ladies Night, and my mom could get in for free.
I’d seen the current stage production and the 1975 production of Chicago. I liked them both very much, but I didn’t use them necessarily as inspiration.
For all the things that make Chicago great, for all the things that make us proud to call ourselves Chicagoans, the violence that is happening corrodes our core. It is not the Chicago we know and love.
I went to the theater school at DePaul University in Chicago, the Goodman School.
Despite my express wish, I was not left in Chicago, but taken to Paris to live, and I did not see my father for many years. But we never stopped loving each other, and in 1940 he died in my arms in Hollywood, where he had come to be near me at the end.
Investing in Chicago property is just Wanda’s first move into the U.S. real estate market.
When there were fears about the future of this nation’s older cities… when a few of the cities teetered on the brink of bankruptcy, all eyes were focused on Chicago for contrast.
A lot of the original people on ‘SNL‘ came through Chicago – and Toronto, I’m sure – but Chicago was the center of it all. When I was there, Chris Farley – I knew him; we hung out and stuff – he went off to ‘Saturday Night Live,’ it was like, ‘It’s possible to be from here and make it.’
When I was a carpenter, I built sets for small storefront Chicago companies. Like, I built sets for friends of mine at The House Theater.
If you stand still in any city long enough, you see everyone pass you by. So you’re in Chicago. If you stand on the corner of Belmont and Clark, and you do that for three years, you’ll pretty much have seen everybody in Chicago pass that junction.
On the way from Chicago, I spent the summer of 1947 in Ottawa, helping to build the first of a series of econometric models for the Canadian government.
Lawrence R. Klein
I grew up in Synagogue in the boys’ choir. We didn’t listen to music in the house; only at temple. Then I went to a mostly African American high school on the South Side of Chicago and joined a gospel choir.
I’m playing a cop in Chicago. So I have to look beefier – like a guy who eats steak and potatoes.
Jesse Lee Soffer
You know what I’d really like to do? I’d like to record some white Chicago jazz.
Restaurants in Chicago are seldom disappointing.
People always go, ‘Damn, how you got all this happening at once?’ I tell them it’s the Chicago in me.
I love a web series. But to me, it does the girl in Detroit a disservice who just watches television. It does a disservice to the girl on the south side of Chicago who doesn’t go online.
You go to Los Angeles or New York or Miami or Chicago, and you see Latinos everywhere; they are involved in every part of American society. That’s why they have to start being represented in Hollywood, because an ‘Americano’ can’t walk down the street and not see a Latino.
I have a friend who lives in the South Side of Chicago. I helped out at a church charity there where they try to give a bit of cohesion to a desperate area. Everyone was very welcoming.
I grew up in Chicago, so I’ve always been a Bears fan. Dad used to take me to Bears games and Cubs games. My brother used to ride me over to Lake Forest College on his Honda Supersport and we’d watch the Bears practice. I remember those guys out there as monsters – they were the biggest things I’ve ever seen!
Every black man in Chicago walks through the world differently, and I think what young black boys do is observe, and that’s what gives them their road map.
I’m from Chicago, I live in Chicago and I wanted very much for the music in Chicago to succeed.
It was a great time to grow up in Chicago. It was the mid-’80s, and we had the ’85 Bears and the Michael Jordan era.
Bailey Chase
We don’t have a full black community in Boston. Our people are scattered. There’s a middle class where I live in Highland Park but it’s not like a piece of Washington or Chicago.
Henry Hampton
My kids and wife love Chicago, especially the kids.
There’s a real difference of what one believed was one’s chief responsibility between American professors and Chinese professors. This was vividly revealed to me when I compared what I could learn in Chicago and what I could learn in China.
I wasn’t always interested in technology. I had been a student for a long time – I’d earned a bachelor‘s degree, a law degree, and an MBA – and decided that I wanted to work in a large corporation, focusing on finance and law, in either New York or Chicago.
The handwriting is on the wall: if you want to have your franchises viable, then you can’t have a situation where New York and Chicago and Los Angeles are doing very, very well, and some other teams are, but, I would say, a significant percentage of the teams in our league are struggling financially.
Michael Heisley
House is a big part of the rhythm in Chicago. I don’t care if you’re the most hood gangbanger – you understand house.
In my hometown of Chicago, I’m kind of a medium deal.
Be assured that I did not become the Mayor of Chicago to preside over its decline.
Chicago is my home. And the way Chicago sounds will always be a part of who I am.