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In my native Boulder County, Colorado, the fracking fan

In my native Boulder County, Colorado, the fracking fanatics are out in force. They are marching door-to-door, petitions and mythology in hand, and they are storming city council and county commissioner meetings.
There had to be something more important than me being comfortable, me being OK, and me being that one person that made it from Stockton. That’s why I decided to run for city council in 2012.
I’ve been hearing from people saying they see me more than they do their city council member.
Many people vote a straight party line from the president down to city council. Hollywood publicists need to think long and hard about who they are putting forward to lead their awards season campaigns.
When I grew up, and I think about City Council, I look at the men and women then – these were people who just wanted to be a part of the community and give something back. They weren’t necessarily trying to use it as a steppingstone to something else. I looked up to those people.
Brad Wenstrup
I’ve been a candidate for office at least eight times. A couple times for mayor, state representative, city council.
What matters is voting for where you live: Who’s your mayor, who’s your police chief, who represents you, your city council, your judges. That matters that you vote.
If the City Council wants to hold the police accountable, it has the subpoena power and oversight responsibility to do so. They don’t have the courage to do it.
First thing that I put up in my office here at City Hall was a poster from 1971 when my mother ran for city council.
And I would like to have a good, productive relationship with members of the City Council, but I’m not going to allow them to undermine what the people’s choice was and what the people want, which is change.
It’s so worth-while being a judge, because, if I make good, I can help prove that a woman‘s place is as much on the bench, in City Council, or in Congress, as in the home.
Florence Ellinwood Allen
Mayors, city council members, and legislators come and go, but neighborhoods don’t go anywhere.
The First Amendment is first for a reason – it cannot be ignored by the D.C. City Council.
I was a member of the Haifa City Council when I was 23 years old, which made me the youngest city councilman in Israel.
I don’t think I’ll ever fully get over losing the city council seat. I don’t know how that happened. But it was less than 1 percent out of 50,000 votes. I’d put in six or seven years into changing L.A.
Tom Hayden
They divided the city into three electoral wards, and in one ward there was 70 percent of the people, the Catholic population, and they elected eight representatives to the city council.
Especially in local elections, because hardly anybody pays attention to those – but it’s really important who’s mayor and who’s on the city council, county commissioners, sheriffs, district attorney, and of course the school board.
I used to be on the Lincoln City Council. You learn that there’s never enough money for all of the police officers and fire-fighting apparatus you’d like to have.
There is insufficient support for the police and safety and law enforcement, in general, in the city council.
Steve Chabot
A few years ago, the city council of Monza, Italy, barred pet owners from keeping goldfish in curved bowls… saying that it is cruel to keep a fish in a bowl with curved sides because, gazing out, the fish would have a distorted view of reality. But how do we know we have the true, undistorted picture of reality?
Rather than hearing from the city council president, you’d hear from sources all across the country.
Jack Kelley
If not for food stamps, Medicaid, and various job programs, I would never have gone on to be the first in my family to go to college, the first black woman to represent my ward on the Cleveland City Council, and, ultimately, a State Senator.
Things will only improve when the people – all of us – say to authorities, ‘I will hold you responsible.’ We should all be showing up at city council meetings, lighting up every community with activism and mobilization.
The problem with the Democratic Party is, we’re like, ‘If we just get another presidential candidate in there, everything will be OK.’ We should be focusing on school boards, city council races, state legislatures.
I was the first girl in my high school to be chosen as head girl of both my school and my hoste. I was also elected as the Deputy Junior Mayor of the George City Council in grade 11.