Creditors Quotes

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We borrow 40 cents out of every dollar that we spend. W

We borrow 40 cents out of every dollar that we spend. We borrow most of it from countries like China. They have become major creditors of the United States and have more power over our economy than we want them to. So dealing with this is not only the right thing economically, it’s certainly right from a moral viewpoint.
We owe the government taxes. We owe our creditors interest. What do these powers owe us?
Some have been ensnared in the net of excessive debt. The net of interest holds them fast, requiring them to sell their time and energies to meet the demands of creditors. They surrender their freedom, becoming slaves to their own extravagance.
It turned out in the long run that Lincoln‘s credit and the popular confidence that supported it were as valuable both to his creditors and himself as if the sums which stood over his signature had been gold coin in a solvent bank.
John George Nicolay
Creditors have better memories than debtors.
Greece will not manage to get back on its feet without restructuring its debt. There is no way around it. The country‘s creditors will have to reduce a portion of its debts by extending maturity dates, lowering interest rates or giving them what’s called a ‘haircut‘ in financial jargon.
In a world awash in debt, power shifts to creditors.
Yes, it is long past time we get serious about tackling the nation‘s ever-growing deficits. But the average American family drawn into serious debt cannot just threaten to stiff its creditors. It must cut its spending in the future, but also take responsibility for the debt incurred in the past.
The best companies with the strongest credit ratings borrow like the United States: on a non-prioritized basis. This means that in the event of a default, all of their debts are of equal priority because lenders and creditors believe default is highly unlikely. And they spend considerable effort maintaining this status.
Africa is poor because its investors and its creditors are unspeakably rich.
I never heard of an old man forgetting where he had buried his money! Old people remember what interests them: the dates fixed for their lawsuits, and the names of their debtors and creditors.
Indiana taxpayers, retired Hoosier state policemen and teachers are neither greedy speculators nor unpatriotic. They are, however, secured creditors of Chrysler. They deserve to have their funds protected under the full auspices of the law.
Much of what Germany and France have done in the rescue of Greece has also helped German and French banks, who for a long time were major creditors for Greece and Greek banks.
We prefer an orderly resolution to the debt crisis and we’re moving in that direction. But the most important thing is that the deal we reach with creditors is sustainable.