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I believe that Gandhi was correct. Non-violent civil di

I believe that Gandhi was correct. Non-violent civil disobedience is the only way to bring about change that allows people to enjoy the change and not get killed in the process.
Change comes when people are willing to commit acts of peaceful civil disobedience.
You see, rebellion, and the disobedience it causes, keeps us from having the power of God that’s available to us as Christians.
King consciously steered away from legal claims and instead relied on civil disobedience.
Adversity is simply part of earth life. From it we can grow and progress if we choose to. Yes, some trials come because of our own disobedience, but many trials are simply part of life.
I would support a mass civil disobedience where we take medicine to tell the state that they have absolutely no right to control our consciousness and to define our spiritual practice.
Civil disobedience’s main goal typically is to try to arouse and inspire others to join and do something. Well, sometimes that is a good tactic, sometimes not.
Civil disobedience is – it’s no fun.
In 1999, I was in St. Louis with Martin Luther King III as we led protests against the state’s failure to hire minority contractors for highway construction projects. We went at dawn on a summer day with over a thousand people and performed acts of civil disobedience.
God has always worked wonders through his prophets to increase the faith of His chosen people or to correct their disobedience.
After the novel was published, I came to feel that I couldn’t call myself Orthodox anymore. It’s so patriarchal, anti-women, anti-gay. There was something about writing ‘Disobedience’… it felt like I had put it all in the book. I had done my best by it, recorded what it meant for me. I felt I was done.
All great rebellions are born of private acts of civil disobedience that inspire rebel bands to plot together.
I didn’t know how I was going to deal with ‘Disobedience’ because it takes place in such a specific and often secretive world.
Disobedience is the true foundation of liberty. The obedient must be slaves.
I honestly do not know if civil disobedience has any effect on the government. I can promise you it has a great effect on the person who chooses to do it.
You can rebel in different ways. Civil disobedience is rebelling. As long as it’s peaceful, of course.
Women have to risk civil disobedience for their rights.
Sonia Johnson
Civil disobedience is, in fact, a conservative idea, a few steps short of overt rebellion. It honors the rule of law by insisting on good law and rejecting bad law.
I talk a lot about justice. I’m about it. I’m also about civil disobedience.
Disobedience is essentially a prideful power struggle against someone in authority over us. It can be a parent, a priesthood leader, a teacher, or ultimately God. A proud person hates the fact that someone is above him. He thinks this lowers his position.
I find this proposed amendment very, very, very, very shocking. And immoral. And, you know, if civil disobedience is the way to go about change, then I think a lot of people will be going to San Francisco.
The existing governments of the world are the consequence of disobedience to the commands of God. But Christ came to bring men back to obedience by a new and living way.
In the case of ‘Disobedience,’ the very secretive way of life and religion and tradition that the North London Orthodox Jewish community has was a huge invitation to explore an unknown world. And also a possible trap, and I tried to overcome that by portraying it, hopefully, with great nuance and detail and texture.
As the remaining voices for civil disobedience are suppressed, the political spectrum narrows even further.
I have always looked on disobedience toward the oppressive as the only way to use the miracle of having been born.