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I had a donkey called Sally that I used to call my BMX

I had a donkey called Sally that I used to call my BMX bike. As a child, I wasn’t a very good horse rider: I thought falling off was normal, and I would just get back on again. I didn’t realise you weren’t meant to fall off.
The entrance into Jerusalem has all the elements of the theatre of the absurd: the poor king; truth comes riding on a donkey; symbolic actionseven parading without a permit!
David Kirk
We were shooting a scene of the Phoenix Ashram in South Africa, but the set was in India. All the donkeys in the vicinity were painted black and white to look like zebras in case one of them strayed into the scene so that it would look like South Africa.
I have always loved animals and groomed friendshorses as a child. I think I may have even ridden the odd seaside donkey in my early years.
On ‘Shrek,’ Eddie Murphy was locked in as the donkey before we’d even designed the donkey.
I fell in love with this idea of an old school game character, like Donkey Kong, who looks like a very simple guy but is really wrestling with this very profound struggle: ‘What’s the meaning of life? What if I don’t like this job I’ve been programmed to do?’
I had a very outdoorsy childhood. I was athletic and used to ride and do dressage. I could ride almost before I could walk. There is a picture of me at 18 months old sitting happily on the back of a donkey.
My dad took me for an audition once, to show me, ‘OK, you want to be a child actor, this is what it’s like.’ I sang a folk song about donkeys on this West End stage with this big director, and there was a queue of 200 girls all singingMemory.’ I was terrible. Terrible.
I’m essentially a jobbing actor. If I’m out of work, I’ll be the back end of a donkey.
Michael Gough
I don’t like to watch myself on screen because in my mind there is a touch of George Clooney about me, but when I see it, there is more than a little Donkey from ‘Shrek’ about me.
The studios gotta start making more stuff where black folks get quality stuff. But I can’t trip about that because I’ve been making movies for 35 years, and I’ve played everything from an old lady to a donkey, so I can’t be on here talking about, ‘They don’t give us enough roles‘ and diversity.
When I wrote the song, I had the sea near Bombay in mind. We stayed at a hotel by the sea, and the fishermen come up at five in the morning and they were all chanting. And we went on the beach and we got chased by a mad dog – big as a donkey.
Ray Davies
You know, if you look all my stuff… If you go back to ‘Saturday Night Live,’ my stuff always has music, even a bunch of my comedy stuff – like in ‘Shrek,’ the donkey is always singing. Music is always there.
When I interview celebrities, I always try to throw them off balance. My favorite is to ask ’em about crazy sex stuff like donkey punches and Monroe transfers. Works every time.
Rachel Perry
It takes a certain type of person to register your ‘Donkey Kong’ score. So I’m just number 29 in registered Donkey Kong scores.
I do believe the Democratic party has moved far to the right. I do believe that the party has a bunch of elephants running around in donkey clothes.
I’m into classic games like Donkey Kong, and also collect vintage tour t-shirts – everything from Olivia NewtonJohn to Duran Duran. I’ve got a Chicago one worth $100.
Michael Rosenbaum
My wife, a schoolteacher, very disciplined. If you think I’m tough, trust me, and wait till you see when the children are on the naughty step. It’s hilarious. So we decided that I’m going to work like a donkey and provide amazing support for the family.
When I read things like the foundations of capitalism are shattering, I’m like, maybe we need that. Maybe we need some time where we’re walking around with a donkey with pots clanging on the sides.
This is an old film from donkeys’ years ago, but the first film I ever… the first time I ever cried watching a movie was when I was watching ‘The Champ.’
Balkh is now little more than a sleepy Afghan town of overgrown ruins forgotten by the world. On market day, down lanes that wind through apple orchards and cherry orchards, merchants slowly make their way to the central bazaar, their wares teetering on donkey carts.
When it comes to pinning blame, pin the tail on the donkeys.
Twenty-two years I’ve been doing this comedy lark, so it’s been like a meteoric rise to fame… if the meteor was being dragged by an arthritic donkey across a ploughed field, in northern Poland.
When you are a child, your father is God to you. Then, as you grow up, you have different gods. You change. But does it really matter? All of the roads lead to the same place, and if you are going in the right direction, it doesn’t matter what you are taking – a jet plane or a cart pulled by a donkey.
And the political system is changing rapidly in this country, and we better realize that. The elephants or donkeys are not what younger people look to. They look at individual candidatesphilosophy, and I think it’s a different time and a different generation.
Most films don’t have a budget for a background score, but it is the toughest job to do. We work like donkeys. And usually we get only around a month to do a score.
The North African mule talks always of his mother‘s brother, the horse, but never of his father, the donkey, in favor of others supposedly more reputable.
A donkey is a very useful beast of burden.
I couldn’t pedal a bike as a child, so I had a donkey instead. I loved the power and freedom it had.
I grew up on a small holding, it was a great way to grow up and incredibly idyllic. We had a donkey and Barney the guard dog, geese, a duckling that followed my mum around and used to sit in the washing up bowl.
I can talk the hind leg off a donkey.
I think I would actually be offended if I was referred to as a donkey in any way. Sorry, nothing personal against donkeys!
Where do we say that a cell became a blade of grass, which became a starfish, which became a cat, which became a donkey, which became a human being? There’s a real lack of evidence from change from actual species to a different type of species.