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According to the Social Security Administration, in 194

According to the Social Security Administration, in 1945, 41.9 workers supported each individual retiree, while today only 3.3 workers support each retiree. This system cannot continue.
A bonus container is food, especially for each individual – supposed to be one every month, but in fine Pandya fashion, I have beensavingthem. They are food that we requested or indicated that we particularly liked.
Sports teaches you to understand the meaning of a team. You need to be able to work with everybody; you don’t have to be their best friend. You can experience the fun of competition and driving toward a common goal without pushing to bond in some major way with each individual on a project.
Even if each individual plants and protects a single tree, it will save the world and benefit several generations to come.
Being transgender, like being gay, tall, short, white, black, male, or female, is another part of the human condition that makes each individual unique, and something over which we have no control. We are who we are in the deepest recesses of our minds, hearts and identities.
The balance between faith and reason is for the determination of each individual, and of the people as a whole, not of unauthorized government officials uttering impious humbug as they arbitrarily try to define that balance.
Democracy matters because it reflects an idea of equality and an idea of liberty. It reflects an idea of dignity, the dignity of the individual, the idea that each individual should have an equal vote, an equal say, in the formation of their government.
Press and Internet freedom correlate against economic and social success, GDP, innovation, number of patents filed, and educational attainment. The more freedom there is, the more information, the more choice, and ultimately, more power for each individual.
There are mysteries, secret zones in each individual.
Pentatonix has always been keen on emphasizing the diversity of each individual band member.
Mitch Grassi
I want to be the number one player in the world, right? But at the end of the day you have to go through each individual step and be able to execute each individual step to be able to get to that goal.
I believe each individual can have a say and make a difference.
The only freedom supposed to be left to the masses is that of grazing on the ration of simulacra the system distributes to each individual.
Michel De Certeau
Whatever each individual woman is facing – only she knows her biggest challenge.
To all general purposes we have uniformly been one people, each individual citizen everywhere enjoying the same national rights, privileges, and protection.
All stress can be used to better yourself, each individual has to understand how to use that particular stress – whether it is in your relationship, personal life, your own thoughts about yourself – to become a better person.
If you consider each individual tin as just the building block for a larger recipe, it doesn’t really make much difference whether it comes from a tin, or whether it’s fresh because it’s just being used in a lot of other things.
That I have the right to express myself freely at all times in all circumstances entails the idea that free speech is a ‘basic human right’ possessed by each individual, and, as such, trumps the interests of the society or group, including my neighbour.
I love working in groups – I think it makes each individual more powerful.
You know, sometimes you’re jealous of other people and their achievements, and you wanna be that person, but I’ve come to realize that each individual on this planet has his own path.
Armin van Buuren
Every child is different. I think it’s important that we don’t have maybe just one or two books that we’re recommending to all children – but rather we cater the books to fit each individual child.
Nobody’s life is perfect, and each individual will have their own struggles and stipulations.
In each individual the spirit is made flesh, in each one the whole of creation suffers, in each one a Savior is crucified.
For each individual, sport is a possible source for inner improvement.
I hope that my team can show just how well we can play football and that we have the desire to win each individual match.
We must reject the idea that every time a law‘s broken, society is guilty rather than the lawbreaker. It is time to restore the American precept that each individual is accountable for his actions.
Each individual has their own pre-match ritual and pick off the menu. But I usually have a bit of pesto – either spaghetti or penne. On game-day I’ll add a bit of meat to it and maybe some greens.
The achievements of an organization are the results of the combined effort of each individual.
Each individual garment has its own customizations based on a collaboration between us and the designer. We say what we think our woman wants, and they say, ‘This is what we think we can do with our production.’
The filibuster is used more aggressively, so I think doing each individual appropriations bill through regular order would be a home run. But I think that we should try to hit a few singles.
Each individual human being has a lot of stuff that nobody knows about. Nobody knows what anybody else is going through at any point in their lives.
The world before 1914 was already a world in which the welfare of each individual nation was inextricably bound up with the prosperity of the whole community of nations.
The work of anti-racism can only take place inside each individual soul, where we all try to grow into better people. There is no national tonic or instant cure.
We should seek a system that provides outlets for those skills and talents so that everyone can find a way to work and serve in a manner that best suits the strengths of each individual.
Lee R. Raymond
We all understand that this isn’t about me beating you and you beating me. It’s about each individual competing against himself.
Trust is an issue that is very personal to each individual. You want to feel love and trust and all those things that bind relationships together, with your partner, your friends, your relatives, or any loved ones.
Groups are grammatical fictions; only individuals exist, and each individual is different.
We are in the society of the teacher-judge, the doctor-judge, the educator-judge, the ‘social-worker’-judge; it is on them that the universal reign of the normative is based; and each individual, wherever he may find himself, subjects to it his body, his gestures, his behavior, his aptitudes, his achievements.
Each person on a team has a responsibility and a role, and knowing the value of each individual and what they bring to the table is something very special and unique.
The indestructible is one: it is each individual human being and, at the same time, it is common to all, hence the incomparably indivisible union that exists between human beings.
I think I do a pretty good job preparing myself. That’s something I take pride in – being prepared and knowing what each individual guy is responsible for. I can point at guys and let them know what they’re doing if they have questions.
The human psyche shows that each individual is an extension of all of existence.
Even the striving for equality by means of a directed economy can result only in an officially enforced inequality – an authoritarian determination of the status of each individual in the new hierarchical order.
It is my firm belief that the highest value must be placed on the virtue of each individual, regardless of gender, race, religion, or sexual orientation.
Everything on mobile seems a lot quicker. You have direct access to each individual fan, and they can respond to you just as quickly as you sent a text message.
We throw to the winds the old dogma that governments can give rights. Before governments were organized, no one denies that each individual possessed the right to protect his own life, liberty and property.
My best stuff as a teacher was always to find the problems within each individual actor, and I’ll suggest things that I know that particular actor will have difficulty with.
Each individual piece is a calculated attempt to entice women to add to their wardrobe.
Bill Blass
My goal is always to bring a sense of balance, symmetry, and proportion to each individual face. The brows are an essential starting point.
I really have no preference between TV and film. I think that each individual project is its own thing and has a very different style.
Zach Gilford
The right of each individual in any relation to secure to himself the full benefits of his intelligence, his capacity, his industry and skill are among the inalienable inheritances of humanity.
Slavery is a wrong to each individual enslaved; and not merely to the first of a series. Natural law, therefore, as much forbids the enslaving of the child, as if the wrong of enslaving the parent had never been perpetrated.
Thanks to the digital and big data revolution, we can start to do what was previously unthinkable – to improve patient outcomes and lower healthcare costs while delivering personalized care to each individual.
Death‘s an old joke, but each individual encounters it anew.
Ivan Turgenev
A surprising number of government committees will make important decisions on fundamental matters with less attention than each individual would give to buying a suit.
I do a lot of conditionning in the off season with my coach but there a lot of exercise and they are specific to each individual.
I always want to be a part of ensembles. Besides it feeling safer, I think it’s a more fun environment to work in. To have a bunch of people collaborating on something, it takes the pressure off of each individual.
Megan Fox
Each individual fact, taken by itself, can indeed arouse our curiosity or our astonishment, or be useful to us in its practical applications.
Hermann von Helmholtz
Real education enhances the dignity of a human being and increases his or her self-respect. If only the real sense of education could be realized by each individual and carried forward in every field of human activity, the world will be so much a better place to live in.
But there will come a time and a place to give back, and each individual will recognize that time and place.
Vernon Jordan
That is the great thing about Impact – they care about each individual talent and everything that we put out on TV has a lot of thought and time put into it.
Every theory of love, from Plato down, teaches that each individual loves in the other sex what he lacks in himself.
G. Stanley Hall
Since the struggle for our nation’s independence, America has been a union of purpose: a union born from the belief that although each individual is the pilot of their own destiny, when we come together, we change the world. We are stronger as a woven rope than as unbound threads.
Alexander Vindman
Each individual member of a co-operative society works with that interest which is inseparable from the new position he enjoys. Each has an interest in the other.
One must love humanity in order to reach out into the unique essence of each individual: no one can be too low or too ugly.
Georg Buchner
It would be a mind-boggling endeavor to try to identify each individual who claims to have been a survivor of victimization during this period of 24 years.
Jose Ramos-Horta
Love is something that is very personal to each individual based on where they are in their lives. It fluctuates and changes over time.
The problems of aging present an opportunity to rethink our social and personal lives in order to ensure the dignity and welfare of each individual.
I made every single piece myself, each individual component, so it was quite time consuming.
We must forget the prewar time, which was totally different. The sooner we adjust ourselves to the new, changed world, to its new, albeit harsh, beauties, the sooner will each individual be able to find his own personal happiness. The distress of Germany will spiritualize and deepen us.
The freedom of each individual can only be the freedom of all.
If I were given the opportunity to present a gift to the next generation, it would be the ability for each individual to learn to laugh at himself.
Charles M. Schulz
Life is an operation which is done in a forward direction. One lives toward the future, because to live consists inexorably in doing, in each individual life making itself.
As the father of eight children, I’m quite convinced that each individual arrives here with their own unique personality. We are intended here from an invisible held of infinite potentiality. That which has no form, has no boundaries – it’s the I that’s in the ever-changing body.
The reality is that the workforce relative to the number of people retired has shrunk and today in America there are only 3.3 working Americans paying payroll taxes to support each individual currently retired and collecting Social Security taxes.