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I pretty much live about 10 minutes from my office. I h

I pretty much live about 10 minutes from my office. I have two kids, and I have about 8 projects that I’m working on, so I basically just get up and go to work, and go home every night and play with my kids, so I don’t really know.
Obviously, I like guys that can defend other positions. Draymond Green is doing a great job with Golden State. Jimmy Butler brings it every night when I’m out there.
I don’t think I’m all that interesting. I mean, I’m a guy who does a morning show and goes to bed at 9:00 every night. I mean, I don’t have a lot in my life that’s really fascinated or fodder for tabloids.
At Juve I was a great professional, in Madrid we went out every night.
I can’t understand artists that don’t want to perform and, like, get on stage and do their songs for all their fans every night.
You have to be a real live dog to come out there and compete every night.
Even though I’m in the changing room and I know I am, you still have to pinch yourself every night that you can say you’re a Manchester United player.
My mother would apply castor oil to my lashes every night. That was kind of torturous, because I would wake up with my eyes stuck close. She knew I would thank her years later for my long, curled lashes!
For me, winning isn’t something that happens suddenly on the field when the whistle blows and the crowds roar. Winning is something that builds physically and mentally every day that you train and every night that you dream.
We dream every night, all the time.
Stephen LaBerge
When you’re Kobe Bryant, you’ve got every little young guy coming at you every night, and it’s you who’s still got to carry the team. When he tore his Achilles… I just felt bad. I knew he was going to come back and be Kobe Bryant.
I used to tell my three younger siblings stories because that was my household chore, and I told long stories in installments because it was easier and more fun than making up a new story every night. I loved it.
Every night at dinner, my father would say something about the greatness of the United States – and tell us to make sure the government is there for the next people who come along and need it.
I would have loved to have been a broadcast journalist. I’d even love to be the weather girl. I have to watch the weather every night; I’m just obsessed.
Stand-up is like a movie every night. You write it, direct it, produce it, the audience votes, and you go home. There’s nothing more satisfying.
I’m still learning every night, with every opportunity to write something, to sing something, to perform any work. Every opportunity to do these things brings me further along the journey, and the best part is, no matter how far along I go, I have so much more to learn.
I want to know that I’m gonna knock ’em dead every night.
It’s about just staying healthy, being on the floor, doing what you do. That’s my niche, really. That’s what I bring to the table. And every night I step on the floor, I just try to go out there and be aggressive, attack the boards, rebound the basketball, and give my team a chance to score.
Well, if you find a note tonight that sounds good, play the same damn note every night!
Count Basie
I lost my voice for the first time. I was so bummed out, but it happens to every singer at some point in their career. I don’t think most people understand, but I sing every night and sometimes we do five shows in a row, which is really bad for your voice.
Two packed houses. I guess the theater sat 2,700 people every night so it was an amazing experience.
Filming is quite exciting because every day is different, but it can involve long hours standing around in chilly locations. Theatre is a very different challenge because every night you’re striving to keep it fresh, even though you might have been performing the same play for months.
When we were starting, the only old guys you’d see on stage were blues guys. They played every night, feast or famine, skint, rich, in fashion and out. You didn’t have to ask them about their lives, their dreams, it was written on their faces: that’s who they were and that’s what they did.
But for the first time in many years, I get to sleep in my own bed every night. I haven‘t done that, literally, in years. It seems like such a small thing, but it is so nice.
Linda Vester
I would go to bed every night and have dreams about having a time machine and somehow I’d have the ability to move through time and space freely, and save Anne Frank.
Jeff Mangum
I’ve always been a very harsh judge of talent because if you don’t play the game on both ends of the court, and if you don’t play hard every night, I’m probably not going to be in love with you as a player. I’m going to respect you because you’re good, but these players are unique.
For my kids, I cook everything. We have dinner every night, pretty much, just the four of us: my husband and me and our two kids.
Lela Rose
I have to visualise my jokes, live my jokes, feel the audience because every audience is different. It’s like having a different dancing partner every night.
It’s tough at first. You realize in the NBA, it’s not easy. Each and every night, you’re playing against that player that was the best high school player, that player that was the best player on his college team.
I learned early on that you do yourself a disservice trying to replicate the record onstage every night. As a player, and for the audience I think, it’s a mistake.
Sleep is my great indulgence, and I get eight hours every night. Being chronically overtired raises stress levels in a bad way and is responsible for a lot of depressive breaks.
Every night, you fight for that standing ovation at the end of the night. And if you do something wrong, the domino effect is chaotic. And you must not allow yourself to make mistakes whatsoever. So in that case, theater, it’s fascinating because of the discipline that you need.
Being a writer is like having homework every night for the rest of your life.
Music is a big part of my sleep routine. I listen to peaceful and calming music every night, and have my go-to playlists and albums I play at night.
I spent every night until four in the morning on my dissertation, until I came to the point when I could not write another word, not even the next letter. I went to bed. Eight o’clock the next morning I was up writing again.
Abraham Pais
We go out there every night, and we fight the battle. We don’t care about people who don’t think we’re true metal. We hope to change their minds. I have total faith.
Every night in ‘Hairspray‘ we will be doing a vocal warmup, so I hope that will improve the muscles. It is a muscle, and we’ve not been using it – anybody that is on stage, that is.
I worked every night, and I’d go 25, 35, 45 minutes, and that is what made me, and that is that I knew how to work, and I knew how to work the people.
To just to get up on stage and sing every night at 9 or 10 years old was unbelievable to me. It wasn’t that I was getting paid; it was that I was getting paid to do what I like to do.
A ritual or tradition can be as simple as something you do every night, like read a story to a small child, or something you do weekly, such as go out for Chinese food.
MMA has been in U.S. for the past 10 years. I went to Sanjay Dutt and said ‘I want to launch this sport.’ He said ‘I also watch it every night… let’s go and do it.’
You’ve just got to bring it every night. And that’s what makes the great players great.
The bed is a bundle of paradoxes: we go to it with reluctance, yet we quit it with regret; we make up our minds every night to leave it early, but we make up our bodies every morning to keep it late.
People have confidence in you. It’s easy to have confidence in somebody that’s going out there every night and giving the team a chance to win.
I feel my shows are like a late-night talk show that we settle down and do every night.
My grandma was so old-fashioned. She thought we were supposed to have homework every night. I would come home, and she would be like, ‘Where’s your homework?’ and I’d be like, ‘I don’t have none.’ She’d be like, ‘I’ma call your teacher.’
A lot of people who were the best in their fields. I was fortunate enough to be friends with Sammy Davis, Jr. – I spent a lot of time with Sammy. I was over at his house almost every night. Those people were very special and very special for me.
James Darren
Coaches don’t sleep for a reason. They don’t sleep because it’s a danger zone every night. Very seldom do you ever get two or three days off… The lifestyle of coaching in the NBA is a tremendous challenge that gives you tremendous highs but also tremendous lows.
George Karl
My grandmother taught me how to make the basic pate brise pastry crust when I was young. The one thing I learned simply by eating her endless variations on delicious tarts for dinner every night is that this dough can be used for just about anythingsweet or savory.
I liked comedy as a kid. When I was a kid, I’d go to sleep to, like, Bill Cosby albums every night. I’d listen to ‘Bill Cosby Is A Very Funny Fellow… Right!’ and ‘Wonderfulness,’ which are two of his most famous albums. Then the next night, I’d flip them over, ’cause it was the old stackable turntable.
I have a very all-over-the-place lifestyle. The people I know who are married – 90 percent of them have houses and live in the same place and sleep in the same bed every night.
It’s hard to say when my interest in writing began, or how. My mother read to my sister and me every night, and we always loved playing make-believe games. I had a well-primed imagination. I didn’t start thinking about writing as a serious pursuit, a career I could have, until after college.
I knew the Big Ten was one of the best conferences in the country. Every night you’re up against pros. It’s just so competitive. You can get beat by any team. That’s really what I like about the Big Ten.
Trey Burke
I came from a family where, you know, we sat down at the table every night, and you better have a story to tell. My father never wrote his stories down. And you know, I learned that they went farther if you wrote them down.
I’m in a difficult position in the sense that, preposterous as this might sound, I don’t like being the centre of attention. I get up on stage every night and play songs, but I almost feel the songs are the centre of attention. I don’t like opening my birthday presents in front of people, either.
I wish I didn’t have to perform ‘Iron Man’ every night.
Ozzy Osbourne
As the Obama administration negotiates with the Karzai government and with Pakistan, we may be tempted to make commitments that, in the name of nation-building, restrict our ability to fight terrorists. If we must involve the Afghan government in every night raid, our operations will slow and targets will escape.
When you have a girlfriend, there are many things that are irritating every day, every night. I’m sure it’s different for everyone, but when you fight, it gets really annoying.
I’ll get depressed out on the road simply because I’m not being the mama that’s cooking supper every night, or that’s fixing my husband’s plate and my baby‘s plate. You miss those things, and I miss them.
Ashton Shepherd
I read a book every night. I really am that nerd, so when I get to go to the Smithsonian and get to go in the back rooms and play with stuff, things like that, for a guy like me, that’s amazing.
There’s variables at every single gig. I look forward to those every night. We have a lot of things that happen in our show, a lot of people from the outside watching the show might think it’s one schtick after the next. We promised ourselves we have to be there mentally. We have to be aware. We are forced to be aware.
I have the rare privilege of talking to my dad every night at 10 p.m. and hearing about what he did that day.
Vanessa Kerry
NASCAR racing is the highest form of American auto racing, and I’ve always wanted to be racing in the highest form. I want to accomplish good things in everything I get in every night, but NASCAR is the biggest, most-watched thing in American racing.
I love to relax. It’s my favorite thing in the world. I am very good at being like a grandma and staying in and watching ‘Game of Thrones’ or a movie. I think I could do that every night.
My life is spent in hotels, which tend to be quite disappointing if you’re in them every night.
Everyone needs a place to live. Everyone needs a place to come home to every night. I don’t understand why our society, our government, can think that you can lock a person away for months or years… and then release them back after they pay their debt without any support and expect it to be okay.
I did Chekhov’s ‘Three Sisters’ once. Two months in, I remember going, ‘Human beings shouldn’t be forced to do or watch this play every night.’ It’s so dark and so bottomless.
I feel more comfortable doing films with groups of guys. It’s a lot easier for me. There’s a difference with women: you can’t take them to dinner every night and go crazy.
That’s basically what you’re going out trying to do every night – help the team win.
Anderson Cooper every night dreams about getting my job permanently really.
Every night, whisper ‘peace’ in your husband’s ear.
Andrei A. Gromyko
Looking back, I had a great lockdown – the vibe of my family got me through it. Every night we’d cook, play tunes and dance.
I pretty much have no life outside of the theatre. I go home every night, and I put the TV on, and I veg out and order food.
I am a scholar of life. Every night before I go to sleep, I analyze every detail of what I did that day. I evaluate things and people, which helps me avoid mistakes.
Compay Segundo
Every night before bed, I drop down to the floor and do 20 sit-ups, 5 push-ups and stretching. No matter what the day has been like, I drop and give myself 20 every single night.
I like to work. I like to go every night and play a part.
I watch everybody every night, from sitting down to being on their feet at the end, and I feel a sense of reinvention, of caring, presenting these songs in their purest form.
Defense is the thing we can control and bring every night. But I want to be great on both ends.
I try every day and every night to find a movie or a TV show that I can watch, but I just can’t make it past ten minutes of anything.
I have pretty set rules that I go home for dinner every night unless I am traveling.
I worked from 10 p.m. until 1 a.m. every night for a year to write the first ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul’ book.
The beautiful thing about theater is every night is an opportunity to incorporate what you discovered the night before.
As a hockey player, playing for an Original Six team at Madison Square Garden, where it’s packed every night, there’s nothing like it.
My arms and chest were always the hardest for me. I obsessed over my arms for 32 years! I did everything to bring them up: for 2 years, I did mini arm workouts every night before bed!
Rich Piana
It’s exciting to be able to go out and compete every night and show what you can do.
The Ballon d’Or? It’s up to the journalists to vote. I do not go to bed every night thinking about it. I just try to do my best and score as many goals as possible.
After becoming an engineer, I worked for a year in Faridabad. I was so bored. I used to live in a one-room apartment, and every night I would come back to a frog in my bathroom.
You live with your family for awhile, and then you move out into the world, and you still have your family; you just don’t get to see them every night when you go home for dinner.
You know, you don’t have to have permanent opinions. You can think, every morning, ‘I love the world’ and go to bed every night thinking, ‘I hate the world.’
Michel Houellebecq
I went to work in 1962, and by ’64 I was writing all the time, every night and every weekend. It didn’t occur to me that, having read nothing and knowing nothing, I was in no position to write a book.
Housewives of the 1950s were supposed to create show-stopping meals every night for their hard-working husbands.
I have never had a social life, don’t ever want one because it’s boring. I’m just not very good with people, and you meet people every night who expect you to be this rock star with these developed social skills, which I don’t have.
I don’t like to do the same songs every night for a week. I just… it’s boring and tiring and frustrating basically.
It’s been cool to watch the fans who’ve kind of always been there for me. That’s just a special feeling every night: to go out and know that there is people that are proud, not just to be at the show but proud to be your fan, and they’re invested in what you’re doing.
I watch ‘Jeopardy!’ every night and ‘Wheel of Fortunefollows. And every time I’m like, ‘Whoa, it’s still on! This is still happening!’
Martha MacIsaac
Film and television are so piecemeal. You do one scene, and then you put it to bed, and then you do a scene that comes before. In a play, you have to go from beginning to end every night, and that’s harder, but also more fulfilling in a way.
I will beat Carl Froch every night of the week and it doesn’t matter if it is the best Carl Froch or the worst Carl Froch.
You can have all the talent in the world, but if you don’t bring it every night then nothing matters.
My cat Isabella, she doesn’t get along with anyone else. She’s kind of like me: like, very anti-social and fierce. So we speak to each other on a spiritual level, and we cuddle every night. So it’s pretty serious.
I remember when people actually wore coats and ties to theatre every night. They don’t anymore. It’s very different.
I’ve never been one to want to be the center of attention and be put up on stages every night. That’s just not really my personality. I’m comfortable with it now, but my real passion is being creative.
The oldest form of theater is the dinner table. It’s got five or six people, new show every night, same players. Good ensemble; the people have worked together a lot.
It’s something I take a lot of pride in doing, in being the best defensive player in the world, in helping my teammates every night.
I’m at the point where you look back on your life and reflect. I’ve always been an unbelievable critic of me. If we lost a game, I blamed myself every night. I’m very proud of some of the things I did as an athlete, as an executive.
Each show is a very honest portrayal of how I’m feeling that night. It can go off in any direction. The show is different every night, and that makes it much more exciting. Every evening is unique.
Working with a company like LIDS just makes sense for us. Every night, we play a song we wrote that has now become a hit and was inspired by seeing so many of our fans wearing Snapbacks. Our fans are LIDS customers, and we are excited to partner up and bring them into the Old Dominion family.
Playing in the Target Center where there’s more than 15,000 people every night, it’s just crazy.
I drink red wine every night and chamomile tea before bed.
I do watch reality TV every night.
I’m trying to help out with the power play and work hard every night. I’m not the miracle worker.
To you, W. B. Yeats, good praiser, wholesome dispraiser, heavy-handed judge, open-handed helper of us all, I offer a play of my plays for every night of the week, because you like them, and because you have taught me my trade.
I was inspired by a lot of people when I was young. Every band that came through town, to the theater, or the dance hall. I was at every dance, every night club, listened to every band that came through, because in those days we didn’t have MTV, we didn’t have television.
Listening to Bikini Kill’s Kathleen Hanna gave me the confidence I needed to get up on stage and be photographed every night on tour.
The show is different every night, because I never write a setlist.
I just want to go out there and play hard every night and do my best.
When you do a different city every night, it’s easy to repeat things. There are songs you want to play for people and get excited about so you don’t always switch things up.
Music is like a really sacred, awesome thing. That first 45 minutes to two hours that you’re on stage spending time with music every night is always really great.
Tift Merritt
This isn’t really a convention, This is really an infomercial. And every night we’ll have a different infomercial and people view it with a certain level of cynicism.
I have a fireplace in my kitchen that I light every night, no matter what.
When I was a kid I used to pray every night for a new bicycle. Then I realised that the Lord doesn’t work that way so I stole one and asked Him to forgive me.
Besides my son, music is the most important thing to me. I always have music on in my car and playing at house, and I’m in the studio or performing every night. I like Beats by Dre for headphones, and Bang & Olufsen soundsystems.
If you have guys where they don’t know what their job is every night, then you start seeing guys, they don’t give each other high-fives. They don’t communicate when there are miscues. They just kind of look at each other and try to blame each other.
But the good thing about performing every night is I don’t have any excuse not to try something new every day.
With me, nothing goes right. My psychiatrist said my wife and I should have sex every night. Now, we’ll never see each other!
When I’m not filming anything or on the road doing stand-up, I’m usually doing stand-up shows every night – usually a few shows a night at different clubs in the city.
I brush my scalp from the back of my neck to the front of head. I brush it every night before I sleep before it stimulates the scalp. If you brush it, it will naturally secrete oil that is very good for your hair.
I started growing my own organic vegetables… and started a routine of generally going to bed at 9.30 to 10 o’clock every night and sleeping until 7 A.M. I take perfect care of my machine.
Ottolenghi sells lots of delicious sweet things, but my daily addiction is their unbelievable dark chocolate salted caramel biscuits. They’re the best things in the world – I go through half a packet every night. I bring them out after pudding at dinner parties.
I’m a comic; we get hecklers every night! It’s really just part of the job.
I’ve done so much theater, and yet I never had an experience like ‘The Normal Heart.’ We could feel the reaction of the audience every night. It was visceral.
I cook a little bit. I make a Hungarian dish called chicken paprikash that’s out of this world. I’ll give a heads-up to all of your readers that it doesn’t have to be between Thai and Mexican every night. Toss some Hungarian in every once in a while. You will not be sorry. Good, solid peasant food.
I’ve been driving in the city for years because, as a stand-up in N.Y.C., you can perform at more comedy clubs a night if you have a car. Getting from club to club by subway is too slow at night and too expensive by cab. So, many comics live far out from Manhattan and drive in every night.
I survived on sandwiches, and I was on stage every night for six years of my life. I was working 16 hours a day between class, rehearsal, being on stage.
Thierry Mugler
Pretty much every night of their lives, my 8-year-old sons have absorbed themselves entirely in books. As toddlers, they pointed out pictures, made conjectures; lately, we find them in their bunk beds embarked upon two-hour comic-reading benders.
I want people to know that I am having fun. That’s the biggest compliment I can get is when people tell me I’m having a blast out there – if they only knew. I’m having the time of my life every night.
All I try to do is put as many colors as I can on the canvas every night.
I’m getting in front of real, diverse audiences every night that I can, and I’m trying to make things from an angle where it’s not the only thing I’m hanging my hat on.
What I like about Broadway is that you are still entertaining. You’re standing in front of an audience every night and the critics are not friends at all – and that’s good for me as an entertainer because I want to grow. It also gives me the structure of remaining in one city so I can get creative in different ways.
When I first started as a cover band, I built everything based on hanging out every night after the shows and talking to as many people as I can and making relationships.
I love life on the road. I’m in a different city every night and it never gets old.
If I was on a third or fourth line I would probably be in the NHL, because you don’t have to produce every night.
Jaromir Jagr
Being a professional chess player is not very family-friendly and I am away quite often playing tournaments, sometimes for 12 days at a time. I catch up with Gusztav every day on Skype and email but even though I miss them, I don’t make a point of ringing the children every night.
I don’t have a favorite song that I’ve written. But I do have a favorite song: ‘Always on My Mind,’ the Willie Nelson version. If I could sing it like he do, I would sing it every night. I like the story it tells.
When I’m singing ‘Deanna,’ for example, which I sing pretty much every night, it brings forward a kind of imagined, romanticized lie about this particular person, which I find really comforting and exciting to sing about.
I’ve always been obsessed with skincare, so representing Shiseido, the skincare powerhouse, is both an honour and a dream come true. I love the way my skin feels every day and every night using Shiseido products.
Sui He
There used to be a lot of acts, which was good, because people don’t want to see the same act every night. But, you don’t want too many acts, you don’t want to over-saturate it.
There’s nothing like spending an evening with an audience every night.
I say three prayers every night to make sure that God knows I thank him so much.
I really like Bioderma. I really like to wipe my face with it, like, every night.
I used to go to the Improvisation Comedy Club every night in Times Square. How I didn’t get killed in that area either means that 1) God is watching over me or 2) I am so insignificant to God that he didn’t bother having me killed.
I’ve been invited to the White House about five times. I think the greatest thing would be if they actually invited everybody to the White House every night… they’d just take about 500 people a night. Everybody would just love this country because it’s so thrilling to go there. It really is.
I still suffer terribly from stage fright. I get sick with fear. Not every night, but at the beginning and on occasion – not necessarily when I’m expecting it. You just have to cope with it – take it on the chin and work through it, trying to use the adrenalin to perform.
I wasn’t playing the music, the music was playing me… and once that went away, and I had the feeling I was playing music, I had to stop. The need to go onstage and get my brain flattened every night left me, and what I didn’t wanna do is go onstage and perpetrate a fraud… You cannot fool an audience.
I started having anxiety attacks and panic attacks. I would cry myself to sleep every night and wish I could go back in time and get my life back and be a human again instead of a photo op.
It’s frustrating and difficult to go out there every night as an underdog, knowing you’re probably going to lose, knowing you still have to play hard to prove yourself to your teammates, coaches and higher-ups that you’re still valuable.
You can’t have your bullpen throwing three or four innings every night. Just not fair to them.
The respect from my peers is what means a lot to me. The guys I go up against each and every night. You know, to have their respect, I think that’s huge. And that’s what I care most about, to have the respect of my peers.
What theatre people love about theatre – and I totally understand it, I just don’t share it – is that they feel they mint something afresh every night. Because I would rather do something until I’ve done it and then know it’s done. New day, next thing!
I stay up too late pretty much every night working on music.
It takes every ounce of my concentration and focus every night to be in character, to sing in good voice, to not fall off the platform. I use my peripheral vision more than I have ever used it in my life.
Ruthie Ann Miles
I think I bring it every night.
I have the luxury of having the choice to perform and go up on stage every night.
Another suggestion is to cook a meal, maybe not every night, but a couple more times a week than you usually do. That way you have leftovers, and you take your lunch to work.
By about age 12, I would prefer to stay up and watch the stars than go to sleep. I started learning. I started going to the library and reading. But it was initially just watching the stars from my bedroom that I really did. There was just nothing as interesting in my life as watching the stars every night.
Vera Rubin
I wash it a couple times a week, but pretty much every night, I put in some leave-in conditioner. I want to say it’s like a Moroccan-type, argan oil conditioner of some sort. I don’t know; I just use it. I don’t really know the details on it.
When you start out, it sometimes feels like you’re fighting audiences every night just to prove that you’re funny.
What we do every night is we change out the set list as much as we can to make sure that (fans can) go home and tell their friends they experienced something unique and cool.
I did six shows a day, five days a week at Dollywood which I think really did prepare me to outwork everybody and really understand what it means to put on a show every night and the expectations that go along with that.
I could spend several hours on YouTube every night. It’s all there. I just don’t have enough time.
When I started ‘Game of Thrones,’ the first three seasons, I still DJ’d every night before I went on set. I’d finish DJing at 3 A.M. and have to be on set at 5 A.M.
I behave. I lock myself in my hotel room every night.
I spent summers in my room listening to cast albums, like ‘Les Miserables,’ every night. I knew it backwards and forwards. I want to be the first black Jean Valjean.
If there is ever a crew that goes out every night behind the eight-ball and have their work cut out for them to be respectable, it’s the ‘205 Live’ guys.
I play a percussion instrument, not a musical saw; it needs no amplification. Where it’s needed, they put a microphone in front of the bass drum. But, I don’t think it’s necessary to play that way every night.
I’m a basketball player. I’m going to compete every night, play some good ball and get better.
I never understood that if you sweat as much as I used to every night, you drain your body of salts. So I got very, very, seriously ill. I got to the stage where I was almost hospitalized with serious problems.
We love not just Judas Priest music, but we love heavy metal and we love to get out on that stage every night and perform. It’s a joy to be able to do it.
Glenn Tipton
I went home every night wondering how to get in the Burnley team. It was, ‘You’ve been brought up nicely, had everything handed to you.’ Is that what people think just because I went to private school and played instruments?
To compete against the best players is something I really enjoy every night.
Every so often, you have to do a show that makes you walk to your car with your head down, wondering what you’re doing with your life. It’s good for you, as long as you’re not feeling that way every night.
I love the novel as a form, as an adventure of mind and soul. Really, I absolutely love writing them; they consume my days and nights – what can I say? But I am an avid film student, too: I watch a movie every night.
Every night is different, you never know what it’s going to be like. I remember every night. I don’t like to compare them.
We are not a typical family that goes for a movie on Sunday or has dinner together every night. But we are strong as the Great Wall of China. Nothing can stop us from supporting one another and enduring each other’s pain as well.
I feel like every night, when you see a really good production of ‘Romeo and Juliet’ or something, you should hope that it ends differently. That’s why we watch our favorite movies again and again.
Flair was a tricky guy to work with when I worked with Ric. When he was champion, we had much better matches, and the moment the title got switched, we seemed to screw up my match every night.
My mom says I’m not allowed to move out, but I’m allowed. I said I have to FaceTime her every night to make dinner with her because I won’t be able to do it myself. So she said she’ll accept it if I do that.
I appreciate the level of professionalism and talent that I get to be around every night, eight times a week.
I have modes, mental modes that I get in, and when I’m on the road, I focus very much on doing the work. On playing the show, on being good every night. And part of me just gets switched off. The part that’s very private and very personal and very intimate. That especially, that part of me gets shut off.
I have this idyllic love life, but my mind just won’t accept that. I would like to bring a new guy home every night. I try to make humor out of that situation.
I don’t want to scream ‘Immigrant Song’ every night for the rest of my life, and I’m not sure I could.
Everything happens every night for this audience, and it’s a very special occasion to come to the theatre.
I remember in the early days when we played six nights a week for a month and I was doing my long drum solo every night. My hands were covered in blisters.
John Bonham
Since my parents both worked, they hired me when I was 11 to make dinner every night. I got a quarter a day. But I was always making things like duck a l’orange and baked Alaska. I was a little bit nutty.
When I was a teenager, I did a lot of pull-ups and push-ups. Every night before bed, I’d do 150 – in sets of 30 or so. Looking back on it now, I’m not totally sure that’s the best way to improve as a climber. But it did make me a lot better at doing pull-ups and push-ups.
There’s a reason why the Foo Fighters don’t blast out Nirvana songs every night: because we have a lot of respect for them. You know, that’s hallowed ground. We have to be careful. We have to tread lightly. We have talked about it before, but the opportunity hasn’t really come up, or it just hasn’t felt right.
Before I started doing ’30 Rock’, I did about 25 movies. I’d always been doing stand-up every night, and then I would do, like, two to four movies a year. So I really liked doing that, and I want to get back to that, but because of the time commitment to ’30 Rock’, there’s not much time to do that stuff.
I never really lost touch with video games. Even while shooting ’10 Cloverfield Lane,’ I brought my PlayStation with me, the most portable of all the consoles, and was playing every night.
Dan Trachtenberg
I always live in the present. Every night, my mother asks me what I want for breakfast the next morning, and I say that I can only tell her that when I wake up the next day.
I could see no position to say, ‘I’m going to make a living as a writer.’ But I went to classes for it; I read every play in ‘Theater’ magazine. I saw the second acts of everything on Broadway – I had a job as a CBS usher in New York City, and on my way home every night, I’d see what shows I could get into.
It makes it hard to get over a certain period of your life when you are constantly revisiting it every night.
Like every other place, I guess, Kansas City was quite a different city when I was a youngster there. They had quite a few clubs, and we had what we used to call jam sessions every night.
Ben Webster
The first five years I lived in New York I was going out every night, to restaurants and album releases and parties.
A storm swept the world in 1968. It started in Vietnam, then blew across Asia, crossing the sea and the mountains to Europe and beyond. A brutal war waged by the U.S. against a poor southeast Asian country was seen every night on television.
Ultimate Warrior had a hell of a gimmick, but wrestling is about so much more than that. You have to be consistent, work main events every night and have matches that people really believe in and want to see.
That’s been kind of a mantra for me my entire career and something that I think every coach throughout most of my basketball career has told me: I’ve got to continue, every night, to try to stay aggressive and assert myself.
I have a responsibility and a job as a guy who gets paid a lot of money, I’m expected to perform. And 82 games in 6-7 months is a lot, and it’s hard on the body, and you’re not gonna play perfect every night. Even Ray Allen misses shots, even LeBron misses dunks.
When I was dressed as a clown in all that make-up I used to shed pounds every night and got agonising kidney stones because I was sweating so much.
I write in a diary every night to collect my thoughts. It’s very therapeutic to songwrite, because it’s the same thing.
I’m going to play at the highest I can, the best I can every night. Wherever that lands me, that’s where it lands me.
Mums and dads, if you’ve bought something that needs putting together, do it before Christmas. When the kids have gone to bed, do a little bit every night. Then on Christmas morning, they can actually play, rather than standing over your shoulder, saying: ‘Is it done yet?’
My mother worked full-time running a foundation, but she found all the time in the world to have supper ready every night, feed us shirred eggs on the weekends, and produce a leg of lamb for my fourth-grade Bedouin feast at school.
I pray every night before I go to sleep and every morning when I wake up.
When I went to WWE, the level of work I put out every night was just balls to the wall.
I read the news every night to millions of people around the world. It doesnt test my confidence.
Generally my day-to-day is pretty much the same. Just busy and working and on tour. And trying to put on the best show possible every night.
The one thing the Allman Brothers Band does not do is phone it in. They bring it every night and that’s something I draw from.
I live halfway between London and the airport, which means I can operate my European career and get home every night. It costs a lot of money, but it’s worth it.
Every day I wake up I am thankful and every night I am very thankful that I’ve made a career out of the phrase ‘Let’s get ready to rumble!’
I want tap to be something danced in arenas. Sort of like a rock group. Other art forms happen every night. Take theater, opera; there’s always opera happening every night.
Every night before going to bed, I think about Vizag. But once you wake up, you have to catch up with life.
You don’t get this opportunity many times in life to compete against the best in the world every night. I certainly didn’t expect to have 10 or 11 years of chances at it, so I don’t want to take that for granted.
I had really good English teachers in elementary through high school. Not only were we required to read a lot – which is the best training for writing – we were drilled on grammar every day, every night. I hated the drill part, but I don’t dangle my participles too often.
Carol Berg
You think of, like, Justin Timberlake. He does a three-hour performance every night, and it’s like, wow, I don’t know how that guy does it.
I give myself a non-negotiable eight-hour sleep opportunity every night.
I was worried that my voice would struggle with talking nonstop every night, but it’s been fine.
I’m not saying that every night of the week, my husband, ex-husband, our children and I all sit around together like one big happy family. But we do see each other frequently, and everyone loves each other, and we are all friends.
With ‘Wagon Wheel,’ I loved the visual it painted, and it’s a song I can truly say I look forward to performing every night.
Kyunki’ will never end. The way the story is going I don’t see an end. People always complain that it’s dragging along but they have to watch it every night!
It’s new and different every night. The charge you get from a good audience is like nothing else.
Lance Burton
As a child my life was shrouded by fear. Every night I would crawl into the alcove outside my sisters‘ bedrooms and sleep on the floor, just to feel as though I wasn’t alone.
For me, it’s about trying to do everything I can to help us win. Try to bring that energy every night, try to make it as contagious as possible and try to win a game.
Every night, I say goodnight to the kids like Rajesh Khanna, muah muah, two kisses, say goodnight to my wife, and every night, I’d go to the recreation room and watch cricket with two old men.
Cyrus Broacha
I definitely take influences from my idols David Bowie and Billy Joel. I’ve combined them with the Frankie Grande-isms that I’ve cultivated over singing every night for two shows a week for four years on Broadway.
I learned a valuable lesson doing ‘Mr. Sunshine,’ which is that I didn’t want to be in charge because it’s too much. Being in charge and acting in every scene was just too difficult. It’s like eating dinner in a moving golf cart every night.
I think it all started with Nina Simone. When I was maybe seven or eight, I used to listen to one of her albums every night before I went to sleep. For me, her voice was everything.
Where every moment is about truth and I think it’s a great challenge every night. That’s what really drove me to wanting to do theatre, and it’s great.
My mother always said bringing me up was a tiring business, which I ‘believe. For instance, when we lived in Singapore, the Chinese staff used to leave their slippers at the bottom of the steps. Every night, I used to go and remove their slippers. I stopped being tiresome at about 14.
My growing up years, we watched ‘Happy Days,’ every night. I don’t know what was reruns and what was new.
When I was on ‘Head of the Class,’ 25 million, 30 million people would watch that every night – now a big hit doesn’t get a third of that audience.
See what I have to put up with every night?
To play at the Mecca of basketball and the Garden every night, it’s probably the greatest decision I’ve ever made to go to New York.
Every morning waking up and every night going to bed, I look at my scar. And I tell the Lord, ‘Thank you for the blessing that He’s given me to keep living, to keep playing, just to continue to breathe everyday.’
My main thing is I’m gonna go out there every night and give it all I got and just try to put on the best show I can. That’s just the way I’m programmed and wired.
I want to feel lucky every night when I go onstage, and not feel like, ‘Oh, great, here we go again.
Just to get out, put it out on the line each and every night is a great feeling for a basketball player.
It was always chaos with Mom, Dad, uncles, you know; we all lived in the same building. Dinner parties with 25 people every night.
When you’re making an album, it’s, like, exciting every night you make something new, but you’re the only one who gets to hear it.
And I don’t consider Broadway the acropolis of theatrical art. I mean Broadway is commercial – that’s what it is. It’s expensive seats and a lot of them that have to be filled every night. Off-Broadway and Off-Off Broadway, as far as I’m concerned, is in New York the pride of New York theater.
My mum was ill when I was originally making ‘Edward Scissorhands’ in 2005. I was virtually visiting her every night after rehearsals, and she never got to see it.
The Vision Festival was packed every night, always has been for the four years it’s been happening.
The woman who runs the Pennsylvania Innocence Project told me that there’s a man she’s been trying to get out of prison for 26 years. Every night before she goes to bed, she thinks, ‘What is he doing?’ She says you don’t sleep. And yet, she has the greatest sense of humor and this light that comes out of her.
I think that any moms that leave, even for the day at work, and come home every night will tell you that it’s not easy.
A lot of the reason my look is the way it is, is because it’s really easy to put on a sundress every night if I have to perform – or just wear jeans every day and a flannel or something.
The Grammy is the highest honor in music that we can receive, outside of having fans come and watch you every night and clap.
I fully believe in ghosts. I have, my entire life. The first house I ever lived in was haunted. There was a grave of a man in the backyard. I was just a baby then, but my parents would tell me that every night, at the same time, they would hear someone walking up the stairs.
Meaghan Rath
I pray every night. I just talk to God and I can go to sleep. I don’t worry anymore.
No one can be their best every night.
I’m petrified of spiders. I hate them. I sleep with a glass of water beside my bed every night. I woke up once to take a sip of water and almost swallowed a dead one floating in the glass.
Kyle Schmid
I would like to be remembered as the guy who worked hard every night and set an example for the other guys in the locker room and girls in the locker room.
We have a great group of guys that really sacrifice every night, care about each other, and try to play the right away.
We go out there and kill it every night, and you can see what this means to people.
I watch basketball. I got League Pass, so I watch a lot of basketball. Each and every night I watch basketball, so I keep up with the whole league.
There was just nothing as interesting in my life as watching the stars every night.
Vera Rubin
I went out almost every night with the guys on the team between 1975 and 1981. We were winning in those years. It was fun.
I am not a person of faith. I’m a Catholic. I was brought up Catholic, but I’m not a church-going sort of girl. I’m very spiritual. I pray every night. I believe in Heaven and Hell, but I’m not a person that goes to church, like, every Sunday.
I DJ a lot of night events – sometimes I may work 3 nights a week, and some weeks I don’t work at all; other times, I’m working every night.
People ask me how come you say hello to your customers every night? It’s because I need that. It’s not just a restaurant. It’s my house.
What I do is I remove my makeup every night, use a little bit of Vitamin C serum, and that’s it, pretty much. Of course, I use my 3D White products!
I have to juggle school, dance training every night, work-outs and all the writing sessions.
I used to work until two in the morning every night, then still get up at six. Now, I have to help my daughter with her homework, spend time with my wife.
You learn so much about yourself as an artist. I never would have thought that I could sing every night, you know? Travel and perform every single night, and travel to another city the next day and do it all over again? You learn a lot of new things about yourself, and you make a lot of connections with people.
I love to sing ‘Stay’ every night… because people sing along. And they do sing along – loudly!
If you’re not prepared to go out and steal the show every night, your job is going to be much more on the line on a regular basis. If you can master that, that’s something that you never really have to worry about.
I’d like to think my performance is today. I never try to – it’s so, as you know, watching me, I have a beginning, middle and ending. But every night the show changes and I relate to an audience and I relate to the young people.
I came out of the private sector, a life that I enjoyed. I sleep in a bed every night with a woman I went to first grade with. I wasn’t running for a job. I was running – and I think you will find this to be the case with many of the freshmen – to produce results.
Steve Southerland
I watch the Dodgers every night – no reading anymore – and I dream that I could have hit that home run.
At 10 o’clock every night, I take my dogs for a walk. And sometimes people do see me on the road. I actually don’t bother a lot about what people think about what I am doing.
I was happy to find out that when on tour, Dolly Parton doesn’t use hotels but stays on her bus every night, to the point of having her buses shipped from Austria to Australia so she can tour the way she sees fit. I used one of her buses once – an honor.
With repertory, you had to play all these different characters. The range of roles is really what I fell in love with, every night getting to become somebody different. That was my idea of acting, getting to be part of the company and a family.
I’m out there every night working my butt off trying to do what I do, and that is entertain every single person that paid their hard earned money for a ticket. So I think people realize that and I think over time, I feel like that’s grown, definitely.
In theater, you are there, you have a character, you have a play, you have a light, you have a set, you have an audience, and you’re in control, and every night is different depending on you and the relationship with the other actors. It’s as simple as that.
I don’t go to rock bars. Why would I go to rock bars? I can do that every night; it’s boring.
Flair and I would work with one another sometimes seven nights a week, and with four weeks in a month, we had to keep changing up the matches with fans following the circuit every night. It would always test me and Ric to do something different.
Every night, I watch films.
In Uganda, I am surrounded, unfortunately, by evangelicals; I can’t bear it. Every night I hear the chants of Baptists urging people to be born again.
Every night, I was read to. Every Friday, we were taken to the library. I always received at least one book for my birthday. I have a few of them yet. Early on, I had my own collection of books. I loved to read. Still do.
When I started in the business, getting in the ring, most nights I’d look across at a 15-20 year veteran. And every night, he would take me to school.
Some weeks, I’m super-duper busy, so I can only fit cardio in here and there, a lot of stuff happens in the afternoon, so I can get up and have a workout, which makes me feel awesome for the rest of my day. There’s just something sexy about feeling strong. And every night I’m onstage, I get another workout.
I’m unable to do the thing that Broadway actors do in plays, sometimes for years. The same exact blocking, the same exact lines. I’m a little bit uncomfortable with that. Every night I’m looking for ways to try something else.
In Vancouver, in Sydney and in Orange County, we live among fluorescent stores and streets so brightly lit that you can read a book after dark; in other places across our global body, there are blackouts and curfews every night.
You can’t work in a steel mill and think small. Giant converters hundreds of feet high. Every night, the sky looked enormous. It was a torrent of flames – of fire. The place that Pittsburgh used to be had such scale.
Jack Gilbert
Thanks to the great fans of Milwaukee. Their work ethic truly inspires me every night.
No live performance can ever be perfect, and that’s what keeps you on your toes – it pushes you to practice harder, show up for that 8 A.M. ballet class, and walk through the stage door every night just to have the chance to do it all again.
That’s what we all hope and dream to do, when we stand in front of the mirror with our Goody comb and sing into it, is to have a bunch of songs that have touched people so much that they want to hear ’em every night.
I really don’t go out every night to red-carpet events.
I see friends who are in different genres of music, and they say they’re so burnt playing the same stuff every night. That’s why you see a country act wanting to go out and play an old classic rock song. But what cracks me up is that they all want to be Jimmy Buffett. I can’t figure that out.
Vegas is definitely a new challenge, but I wanted to be able to put on a different type of show. You get to do so much more when you don’t have to put your stage in trucks after the show every night – we got to build a venue specifically for my show. It’s going to be more like a party than a typical concert.
I wish I could be as consistent as I am during my great games every night.
Summer ends, and Autumn comes, and he who would have it otherwise would have high tide always and a full moon every night.
Hal Borland
You know what actors are like; they moisturize every night. They’re frozen in time.
With Zeppelin, I tried to play something different every night in my solos. I’d play for 20 minutes but the longest ever was 30 minutes. It’s a long time, but whenI was playing it seemed to fly by.
John Bonham
My focus is to start my game with my defense every night.
Before I had kids, I was out every night of the week.
The NBA has the best point guards in the world, so it is important that I come ready to play every night.
Every night, I don’t care if I’m doing interviews that day or photo shoots that day, what’s most important is that I’m making sure I’m right and tight for the show. These people all come out to see me, so I have to perform and make sure that they never forget it.
If that many people recognize how hard I go every night and what I put into my game, to make myself and my team better, it means a lot to me. I’m fortunate; I’m blessed to be in the situation that I’m in right now.
The only place to get better is to work in front of a crowd every night, that’s when you’ll find what really works and what doesn’t.
I do have odd habits. I check under my bed every night for the bogeyman. That’s just a little thing, though.
I eat very well. I cook for my family every night. We eat a variety of things, including chicken, fish, pork, lentils, all veggies, pastas, and salads. You name it, we eat it – except salmon, which I find disgusting. Sorry, salmon.
Alicia Coppola
During the Second World War, we lived in a flat on Whitechapel Road in the East End of London. At one point during the blitz, the air-raid sirens went off every night for 30 nights, and each time, my parents would grab my sister and me and take us to the shelter beneath Whitechapel underground station.
The greatest players use anger as fuel. Michael Jordan played every night with something like road rage.
I don’t typically have a social life, I don’t have a family, and I will stay up all night, every night, for days on end, to solve something that I think is solvable. And it’s very frustrating sometimes, because I know that I’m like that, and it’s not always a positive result.
I pray every night to win the Champions League with City.
Paris presents one incessant round of amusement & dissipation but very little, I believe – even for its inhabitants of that society – which interests the heart. Every day, you may see something new, magnificent & beautiful; every night, you may see a spectacle which astonishes & enchants the imagination.
I should have been out there having a wild time like all the other girls my age, but I wasn’t. I was going home every night to what was, initially, a very happy marriage.
Amanda Holden
I just try to do as good job with the material as I can and play some jazz as well, some improvised music, and do that every night. Just see where it goes.
I think that being read to every night is the reason why I was plowing through volume after volume of ‘Nancy Drew‘ books all by myself by the time I reached the first grade. I loved stories. I loved the escape. I had a vivid imagination.
I never thought I’d write one book, let alone three. I’m absolutely delighted and every night, thank the good lord for spell check.
All you would hear every night on the news was that somebody had been shot dead in a certain part of Belfast. We lived opposite a judge, and there were always soldiers crouched down in our garden. We’d sit and talk to them, and I even used to sing to them!
I sleep three or four hours every night, but I wouldn’t change anything.
Danielle Colby
Every night, I will write until I’m done. Until my eyes are burning and tearing, and I can’t see the computer screen anymore, till I finish the script, till I get to the point where I’m happy stopping, till I get everything off my plate, because I hate going to bed with a full plate. It makes me very neurotic.
I learned from watching Florida Georgia Line every night. The energy that they possess on stage, that’s something that I wanted in my show.
I think when everyone found out I was Moana, we got banana bread practically every night of the week. Aside from that, it’s been really normal!
With theater, depending on the audience, the show is different every night and really requires your constant concentration. With film, it’s more possible to focus for shorter, more intense bits of time.
When I got a part in ‘All American Girl,’ in 1994, I remember thinking, ‘Now I have a series, I’m not going to need to do standup,’ but every night I’d go out afterward and get onstage somewhere.
Part of the tradition of the Christmas season is every night my son and I hit the town and look for every Christmas light we can find. This is something my son absolutely adores.
I guess sci-fi was like my candy growing up. My dad always thought it was important for me to read an hour or two every night. And if I got stuck or didn’t want to read, sci-fi was sort of the thing you’d give me to spur me on to read that evening.
I’m motivated every night.
Believe me, it jabs you. When you’re on the side of buses and New York loves you, you love to go out there every night. It’s like a race. Curtain opens, out you go, and New York is yours.
Angela Lansbury
In the Led Zeppelin shows of the Sixties and Seventies, it was the same numbers every night, but they were constantly in a state of flux. If I played something good, really substantial, I’d stick it in again.
I tried moving to the more white area, but I found that every night I was getting harassed by police.
When I was in Lochgelly as a boy, I went to the cinema every night – and on Sundays, I used to go to Cowdenbeath and see something there.
Kenneth Cranham
I really don’t work a whole lot as far as touring, but I do stand-up every night of my life, no matter where I am. It’s really made the touring a lot less grueling.
Daniel Tosh
I read to my kids every night.
I have learnt my boundaries and what I need to do to preserve my energy and not give out too much of myself every night.
I feel like I’m making the right plays and right reads each and every night, so if I keep doing that the assists are going to come.
I learned to love myself, because I sleep with myself every night and I wake up with myself every morning, and if I don’t like myself, there’s no reason to even live the life.
Some guys lay their fannies out there every night – they play the game at such a high level, and they give so much that, frankly, they don’t get credit for it. And I think it’s tragic sometimes.
In many ways, I was a typical young guy out of college. I was at Oxford, where every night there’d be a late showing of some great film.
If I can make people forget whatever they’re dealing with for an hour and a half, two hours every night, that’s nice.
Sleep is essential for the body and mind and restful sleep is one of the foundations of good health. Recharging and rejuvenating body and mind sufficiently every night is important for better quality of life.
Our family has dinner together every night – you can tell that my daughter wants to run. After dinner, I go up to my room and immediately put on my pajamas. I mean, immediately. I read some things that I haven’t read yet, and I jump into bed.
Every night that I put my head on the pillow, I go to sleep knowing that I can do more. I’m working toward perfection. I’m trying to be the best ever.
But I’m going to play with the same passion and desire every night, and nobody‘s going to change that. Not referees. Nobody.
My favorite lineup is just a trio, because then every night you can improvise and change the repertoire. Keyboards and brass can be great, but it puts you in a different ballgame because you’re not quite as free. You have to stick to the arrangement of the song.
Every night on stage it gets more and more comfortable. I think it really shows in the performances and just being able to revel in it and do it and live the dream I’ve thought about for so long.
New Orleans is awake all night, and every night is a party.
I fall asleep to a movie every night! I don’t have a go-to movie, but I like Netflix or whatever I can find. Usually, it’s just noise in the background; I think it’s damage from living in New York, where it’s so noisy.
It takes me so long to take care of my skin at night! My friends will call me, and I’ll be like, ‘I’m washing my face.’ They’ll ask me 30 minutes later what I’m doing and I’m like, ‘I’m still washing my face!’ I use makeup wipes every night – I always like to try different ones, but I really like Aveeno’s.
Pizza Express has been a real godsend for me. I’ve been working there for several years, six weeks a year. You can go to work every night and play. It’s a nice little club. It’s just about the right size for me, about 150 people.
I know from my experience in theater that the crowd is different every night; the reactions, the tension. But it’s true for film as well, going from country to country and culture to culture. The difference between California and New York responses, for example. It’s really fascinating.
I’m gonna tell y’all what we tell the crowd every night when we play back in the States. We tell them to remember people sleeping in a sandstorm so that we can be free.
We really can’t go out and party every night like a lot of bands do – we have to keep our voices right for the show. It’s a bummer, but you gotta do what you gotta do to live the dream.
You dream every night. Every person in the world, even if they don’t remember, is dreaming every night.
Film is mostly a visual medium, and so the director has much more control in terms of painting pictures and painting a performance. For theater, the director does everything he can and then says, ‘Out you go,’ and the actors are in charge of that stage every night.
David Lindsay-Abaire
My mom was probably the biggest influence. She cooked dinner every night. We sat around the table every night. It was a very traditional family.
Sometimes I wish I had taken the Bob Dylan route and sang songs where my voice would not go out on me every night, so I could have a career if I wanted.
I don’t love plays. I don’t love doing the same thing, every night, for 100 nights in a row.
Going through processes as a team and getting better each and every night, that’s what you do it for – to eventually win games as a group.
Well, I think that the most exciting stage of any tour is getting the tour together. Because when new material works, there is no other feeling like that. It’s just brilliant. And for the first half of the tour, you’re still often finding the extra stuff in that material. You’re exploring it every night.
I enjoy making films, but my heart is in the stage. Every night you have to be on. There’s no second take.
It’s so fun to do theater, because as opposed to television, you just keep doing it again and again and again – every night. Sometimes it lands beautifully, and sometimes it lands just beside of it. It’s like throwing a horseshoe. It’s great fun.
Missi Pyle
This isn’t an easy lifestyle for a coach’s wife. The coach is the guy who stands up and hears everyone tell him how great he is. The wife is the one waiting at home alone while the coach is spending every night at the office.
People that know me know that I cook. I cook every night.
I first went to ‘Rocky Horror‘ when I was 14, and nothing was the same after that. For about two months afterwards, I would watch that movie in my bed every night.
Sleep is a regenerative process where we heal and where our neurons build strong connections. It’s like a fountain of youth that we dive into every night.
The planet is ill, everyone knows that. But I need to be optimistic, otherwise I would just be adding to the negativity. So every night I come on Madrid TV and read a piece of good news.
Once you are first in the East, one of the top teams in the league, you have a target on your back every night.
Lynyrd Skynyrd is not a political band, but you know what? We believe in this country. We have a soft spot for our military. We love the red, white and blue, and every night we dedicate a portion of our show to our fighting men.
It’s important for me to write songs that feel good to sing every night and remind me of my core, truest beliefs.
I think when you’re a very good defensive team you give yourself a chance every night, on the road, at home, it’s a big factor and something to build on.
It’s always performing for me. I write and I record so I can perform. It all ties to that. I’ve done it since I was a little kid. That’s my absolute rush, is playing for different people every night, bringing something else to the table they’ve never seen.
I’m fortunate that I’m employed. And if you’re in show business, of course, every night you go to bed and go, oh my god, tomorrow I’ll never, ever work again.
I play against a front and a back every night, Ming does not have to do that, Duncan does not have to do that, Garnett doesn’t do that. I am the only one that has to do that.
In a city like New York, especially for young professionals who aren’t in a family situation, most people don’t cook for themselves. This is the only city I’ve ever lived in where I eat out every night.
You will never, I think, fully conquer the play. Every night, you see this Everest before you. It’s that two, three hours and the audience, and you’d better tell the truth.
I did theater as a kid, more of an after-school program. But every night I would put on a movie and fall asleep to it.
Scoot McNairy
I can’t do the same thing every night, the same gestures… it’s like putting on dirty panties every day.
Because makeup happens in my life as an actor, face wash is a key. I use La Mer cleansing gel every morning, every night, sometimes three times a day. Also, I use Bobbi Brown‘s Hydrating Face Tonic that you put on after you wash your face. It just rejuvenates your face. It takes away that morning face.
I’ve been meditating since February 2019, and it’s something I do every night.
You look at driving down the road, night after night, tryin’ to make a town, getting $25 – that’s hard times. It’s our duty to make it good times for the fans that pay their money to see us perform each and every night.
One big, glaring difference I can think of between Iraq and Vietnam is the news coverage. During the Vietnam War era, you had TV coverage of the war saturating the airwaves every night, and that coverage wasn’t put through a military filter at all.
Mark Boal
Ambien is one of the most prescribed pills in America. A lot of people take it every night or several times a week or several times a month in order to help them sleep. I’m just not one of those people. That’s the perception of me. But that’s not the reality.
Greet every morning with open arms and say thanks every night with a full heart. Each day is a precious gift to be savored and used, not left unopened and hoarded for a future that may never come.
I’ve talked to some drummers who seem to have a very hard time staying in shape on the road, including some drummers touring with high-profile acts that don’t have to live on fast food every night.
If people take a knee, and the National Football League players want to take a knee, they should take a knee at night, every night, and thank God in Heaven Donald J. Trump is president of the United States.
I don’t go to bed every night worried about getting back into baseball.
I go to the studio every night.
Any actress will tell you, when you’ve been given a starring role in the initial run of a show, you want to be getting the standing ovations every night, not just on review night.
He appeared every night, like myself, at about nine o’clock, in the office of Mr. Tyler, to learn the news brought in the night Associated Press report. He knew me from the Bull Run campaign as a correspondent of the press.
Henry Villard
I love good balance, so being a collector is a fun little thing while we travel this world. I mean, every night, it’s something else. The other night, I head-banged a dude on my rental car and drove him through the curtain in my rental car. So some moments are not as good as others, but they are all fun, that’s for sure.
Every night when I go to bed, I hope that I may never wake again, and every morning renews my grief.
I’m used to structure, and the relationship I have with my mom, from a military standpoint, is all about structure. There’s a certain way of doing things. My mom knows how to focus on different situations. What I learned from her helps me out every night I play.
A lot of guys come out, and they do the exact same thing, are in the exact same mood, and have the exact same entrance every night, I really just make up a lot of crap as I go along.
I just completed a tour in Europe. I played every night. This requires traveling some days for six hours in a van or a train or a car. After six weeks of that, I checked into the hotel and just fell apart.
Lee Konitz
I believe I am one of the best and I work to prove that every night I go out there.
The first step to take to wake up earlier is to have a nighttime routine that not only encourages you to fall asleep but also guarantees you’ll sleep soundly each and every night.
I try to get as close as I can to cleaning out my inbox every night.
I love champagne, but I don’t have champagne every night. If I go out, and I want to have a drink, I’ll have a glass of champagne.
I used to live in an old historic shipyard town called Trenton, Michigan, and a month after I moved in, I started hearing this woman screaming my full name at three in the morning, every night. Finally, on the seventh or eighth night, she screamed it again, and I woke up.
I played center but if I didn’t have to guard guys damn near twice my size every night, I was free to roam around and do a lot more. I could guard the perimeter.
Every game is a different game and I have to find a way. I have to be consistent every night.
Every night is different, a ball of thread that unrolls differently.
I really don’t work a whole lot as far as touring, but I do stand-up every night of my life, no matter where I am.
Daniel Tosh
My main purpose every night is to win a game.
Stand-up keeps you alive. It is definitely the most specialized field in comedy because you need to stay sharp and well-tuned every night.
Tommy Davidson
We did a different show every night. We’d open a show, and then two weeks later we’d open the next show. And two weeks later we’d open the third show until we had all eight running. And it was just one of the richest experiences I’d ever had in my theatrical life.
I had only one pair of white shoes with a very high heel, and they were terrible. They got terribly dirty, because I had no money and I walked all over Paris by foot. I also only had one black dress, which I had to wash every night.
It’s good to be a widow in New York, because I can do something every night.
Wrestling was like stand-up comedy for me. Every night I had a live audience of 25,000 people to win over. My goal was never to be the loudest or the craziest. It was to be the most entertaining.
When I look back, I can say that the summer when I was 19 was a formative time for me. But at the time I just thought I was making tofu every night for dinner and going to work.
My father is my idol, so I always did everything like him. He used to work two jobs and still come home happy every night.
The inventory goes down the elevator every night.
Fairfax Cone
I have Social Disease. I have to go out every night. If I stay home one night I start spreading rumors to my dogs.
I used to work as a volunteer in a hospice, but I don’t have any nursing skills or cooking skills or anything, so I was what they call an escort. I would take people to the support groups every night, and I would have to sit sort of on the sidelines so I could take them back to hospice at the end of the meeting.
That’s one of the problems with making music your business, it becomes a business. You’re no longer just this kid who is a fan and going to see every show. I’ve been in a bar every night for the last 15 years. Going to see bands for me is work.
Mojo Nixon
I mean, I guess I realized subconsciously that this is what I should be doing before I realized it, consciously. Verbally, I don’t think I had committed to it, even though I was driving everywhere, every night, just trying to get on stage.
How do I keep young? Haven’t you heard? I sleep every night in the deep freezer!
I never think of yesterday. Can’t do anything about it. I’m a positive guy. When you really deep down look at it, we go to bed every night, get up every morning, stay here for 70 or 80 years, and then we die.
I should probably confess that ice cream is my favorite food, and I eat it every night. When I go grocery shopping, I try to buy a new flavor, rather than reverting back to a favorite flavor. I’m on a mission to taste every flavor of ice cream out there!
Becca Fitzpatrick
I just try to compete every night.
Yeah, but on the U.S Tour we threw a new song into the set almost every night. Ofcourse, you can’t do too many new songs every night as they’ve never heard it.
Glenn Tipton
I’ve never had vocal training. No one could ever say that they helped me carve what my voice has become. It’s just been more of self-training: me just continuously going into the studio every night and trying out different beats.
I love to smile. I love to laugh. I like to hear jokes. For instance, when I’m on the road, every night I watch ‘Seinfeld.’ I find it somewhere. I think it’s so funny, and I watch the repeats over and over again.
Every night, we put on shows that are deteriorating our bodies’ life span… we don’t do it for it all to be in vain.
After the games, you know, go on Twitter and stuff, ‘Hey, do you know you look like Pete Davidson?’ Like, yeah, I get it every night.
My husband has the philosophy that if you can work a Nintendo control, you can chop an onion. So, we have our children in the kitchen. We sit down every night for dinner. We’re trying to give our kids a sense of what’s going into their bodies, and it’s also good for family time.
We survived a Slayer crowd every night for about 50 days and thought we could do about anything after that.
When you have a coaching change, when you have trades, an injury, when you have all these things happening – these are all things that are out of your control. Quickly, you start to understand that, really, the only thing you can control is going out and playing hard every night and being ready for your opportunity.
I literally order sushi, watch ‘Law & Order,’ and go to sleep at 9 o’clock every night. I’m a grandmother.
I didn’t have cable television growing up; there were only six channels you could watch then. The only really good channel was channel 10, and they would play ‘The Nanny Called Fran’ every night for years. I’ve seen every episode 100 times. I would get my Grandma to make me leopard skin dresses on her sewing machine.
I get goosebumps going out on stage every night.
When you’re recording in the midst of touring, you get a different sense about you. Things are more rocking, darker, heavier and louder. You’re thinking about the audience that you’re seeing every night.
When I was on Broadway, my most recent Broadway show was ‘Spring Awakening,’ and every night I did a topless scene.
When I was managing Boyzone and Westlife there were screaming girls every night. If there wasn’t a high-piched screaming, it was a bad gig. I got used to it.