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My cousin lives in Delhi, so I kept visiting the city a

My cousin lives in Delhi, so I kept visiting the city and got really fascinated with DU. Apart from studies, one also gets good exposure to music here. For an artist, there are a lot of opportunities in the city.
Maybe because I had a sister with a disability I was already sensitised to and fascinated by people who think or develop differently.
I started drumming around the same time I came across this part of American history. But there seemed to be a way forward playing drums. There didn’t seem to be a way forward being fascinated by a piece of history.
I have always loved magic realism as a form of writing. I have also been fascinated for a long time with the intersection of science and religion.
I’m fascinated by the ways people under repressive regimes still manage to share information – and joy.
I’ve really loved steampunk for a long time, ever since ‘Wild Wild West,’ and it’s always been a genre and an era that’s fascinated me. But so often it’s set in England, and that doesn’t really resonate with me, or maybe it just seems a little overdone.
M. K. Hobson
I’ve been fascinated by mysteries for as long as I can remember. Real, fictional, solved, unsolved, I don’t care; they all fascinate me. I think that’s a core human trait.
I’ve always been a huge fan of thrillers like David Fincher’s ‘Se7en.’ I am fascinated by the disturbing, dark underbelly of life. I find such films deeply engrossing. They delve deep into the human psyche, and that’s a place worth exploring.
I’ve always been fascinated by Baretta and Donny Brasco, and other undercover cops in movies.
My mother had been a Latin teacher, and she was always very fascinated with words. She and I shared books and responded to them.
Jean Fritz
My own training is in the field of neuroendocrinology and I really became very fascinated many years ago with the molecules of emotion, molecules that we call neuropeptides.
I am fascinated by that person who is trying to live authentically, but they are on the outside of society, so how do they manage in the world around them?
I’m fascinated with the electronic devices that we can mess around with.
Gerry Mulligan
Ever since I was a child, I was fascinated by show business, the theater.
I got fascinated with all of this work in terms of spirituality, philosophy, behavioral science when I was around 18 years old. I’ve been doing this for 14 years, and I’ve been doing it online for three years.
I’m always fascinated by how different writersrooms work.
Right outside of Kansas City is Leavenworth, and there are, like, five prisons there. It was kind of the tapestry of my childhood. I was always fascinated. I wanted to know what was behind those walls.
Sometimes it’s a form of love just to talk to somebody that you have nothing in common with and still be fascinated by their presence.
You’re always fascinated by what you do, and how other people look at it.
Harvey Weinstein
I attended elementary school and high school in Mexico City. I was already fascinated by science before entering high school; I still remember my excitement when I first glanced at paramecia and amoebae through a rather primitive toy microscope.
Mario J. Molina
Pirates have always fascinated me.
Tanith Lee
I just am fascinated by other female artists, probably because I feel a kinship with them, no matter who they are and what they do.
I’m a London lad, but I’m fascinated by America. I want to take a motorcycling trip across the country and see those wide open spaces.
America has always fascinated me; it’s a country where you can make it from one side to the other with no money, by hook or by crook.
I am fascinated by the engineering. The science of constructing and understanding why it stands. And I am drawn by the madness, the beauty, the theatricality, the poetry and soul of the wire. And you cannot be a wire-walker without mingling those two ways of seeing life.
I’ve been a fascinated observer of grand public funerals since I was a kid, starting with the life-altering black-and-white images of President John F. Kennedy‘s funeral.
I’ve always been very fascinated by technology – the Internet, social media.
I’ve always been fascinated by activists, people who will devote their life to a cause, people who go to India and to Africa and put their life in jeopardy to do what they believe is right.
Deep in the heart of Kentucky‘s rugged Eastern Mountain region, there lives a woman who has fascinated and inspired me for two decades. She is known locally these days as ‘Mayor Nan’ – the octogenarian chief executive of Hazard and advocate for its 5,467 residents.
I love to watch the movement of light on water, and I love to play in rivers and lakes, swimming or canoeing. I am fascinated by people who work with water – fishermen, boatmen – and by a way of life that is dominated by water.
Berlie Doherty
I have always been fascinated by plants. I have always preferred plants to human beings. They give me an enormous amount of solace.
Roddy Llewellyn
My dad‘s a history buff, and I spent a lot of time on Hadrian’s Wall. I became fascinated by the idea of what was so terrifying up there that the Romans built a 60-mile long, 30-ft-high stone wall to keep it out.
I spent my time, growing up, essentially between two things: technology and retail. I was fascinated by selling and loved the idea of making a profit, but I also spent a lot of time on technology.
I used to be very fascinated by Victorian stuff, and my best-known books, the ‘Mortal Enginesseries, have a sort of retro, Victorian vibe, despite being set in the far future.
Philip Reeve
I’m fascinated by Jesus and pray to him every day.
I’ve always loved listening to music on my own, but there’s another side of me that is just fascinated by… like Goa trance, for example – just a rave on a beach in India, you know? Where there’s someone that’s spinning the music, and it’s just this free-flowing, continuous energy.
I’ve always been fascinated by real scientistsAlbert Einstein, Isaac Newton, and so many others – how they’ve come up with solutions to very complicated problems that nobody else can seem to figure out.
India brings out so many different feelings in me. I’ve been fascinated with India and Indian culture as long as I can remember – ever since the ’60s with the Beatles and Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.
I always loved silent movies. I was not a specialist, but I loved them. And when I started directing, I became really fascinated by the format – how it works, the device of the silent movie.
These people are fascinated by me, but I haven‘t done anything.
Why did I go back to school? After working with giant snails as the manager of an abalone farm, who wouldn’t be fascinated with the inner workings of the mind? They are a very contemplative species.
I have always been surrounded by women with strong personality and feminine: my mother, my sister, my aunts, my friends. I am fascinated by the look they can have – simple details such as a step, a way of speaking, a gesture, a way of wearing a garment.
I am fascinated by Shah Rukh Khan. He is brilliant.
I use Windows; ’98 second edition and it works very good for me. You know, I just started on the computer about 9 months ago and am fascinated with the possibilities. I don’t know what I would do without it now.
I’ve had over a dozen models come in and pose fro me live for these new Cirque pieces. Cirque is a world-wide phenomenon and they are just incredible athletes. I’ve been to all the performances and am really fascinated by all of their productions.
One of the elements in the film that really fascinated me was not to look at the world in bi-polar terms of us vs them or east vs west, which was a by-product of the Cold War.
I’m very happy to be a part of a very successful piece of art, as the ‘Saw’ films have been. One gets into this to participate. It’s the coming together of a good story. So, that aspect of it has been just splendid. It really has nothing to do with me or my popularity. I’m fascinated.
I was always fascinated by how things work and learning about them.
Eugene Parker
My childhood was surrounded by books and writing. From a very early age I was fascinated by storytelling, by the printed word, by language, by ideas. So I would seek them out.
I’ve always been fascinated with how transportation systems work and how cities are designed.
We’re all fascinated by the numbers, as we were about the 100 points.
Wilt Chamberlain
I love watching programs about Discovery Channel and just reading New Scientist, and all that kind of stuff. Im just fascinated by it.
Growing up, I was fascinated with Buck Rogers‘ airplanes. As I began to mature in World War II, it became jets and rocket planes. But it was always in the air.
As CEO of Levo, a millennial-focused career platform, I’m fascinated by how others turn their passion into success.
I’d always been extremely fascinated by the French Nuit Blanche, which is a weekend that they have in Paris where they keep all the museums open until dawn. You can go and hang out in Versailles in the middle of the night and watch the sun come up.
I’ve always been fascinated by the Mississippi River and the way of life in these small river towns.
I’m just fascinated by houses. In another life, I’d have probably trained as an architect. If I had enough money, I’d collect them like other people collect teapots. I don’t know why I love them so much. I’m just very interested in the idea of a house as a metaphor for the way one lives.
Frances Mayes
I think I am fascinated with slightly tragic characters.
I’ve always been fascinated by the concept of reincarnation. I learned that many brilliant people were interested in reincarnation, including Carl Jung. I’m a big Jungian. So I began writing novels involving theories integrating past and present, even if the past element in the novel took place 500 or 1,000 years ago.
Once I could persuade these guys that all I wanted to hear from them was what they did – Tell me what you do – once you can persuade someone that this is all you’re after, you can’t shut them up because we’re all fascinated by what we do.
Roger Angell
I’m fascinated with design. I realized early that I had no talent in that direction, but I love talking with architects and designers about what they do. I appreciate applied creativity as a source of pleasure and meaning.
I’m fascinated by the narrative of geology, and I’m a veritable pack rat of a collector on the road. I keep a rock hammer in my car.
Marianne Wiggins
I read everything that Tolkien wrote, and also read biographies of him. I was fascinated by his experiences in World War I, which includes the loss of life of some of his very, very close friends. I think he writes about that a lot in ‘The Hobbit‘ and ‘The Lord of the Rings.’
Fascinated by history during my secondary education, then by physics and mechanics at the Ecole Polytechnique, I finally entered the national administration of mines in 1936.
Maurice Allais
I was fascinated that everybody in the story thinks that they’re in the right.
Andrew McCarthy
I am fascinated, I suppose, by a flawed man with a streak of greatness.
As a storyteller, I’ve always been fascinated with the idea of recreating this notion of choices in fiction. My dream was to put the audience in the shoes of the main protagonists, let them make their own decisions, and by doing so, let them tell their own stories.
Like most people, I’m fascinated by characters who are completely flawed personalities, riven by anguish and doubt, and are psychologically suspect.
One of my favorite things about being the host of ‘The School of Greatness’ is that I get to learn from the best minds in the world about stuff I am fascinated by.
Part of my affinity with urban music comes from being on ‘Kids Incorporated,’ ‘cos we used to sit around and listen to Chaka Khan and Prince, and I got influenced by all that. Then gangsta rap got started, and I was infatuated with that – maybe that’s why I’m fascinated by guns.
I’m fascinated with all kinds of religion, but I’m not committed to any specific one.
My mother’s English, and she always was fascinated by the desert.
Arizona Muse
For bedtime reading, I usually curl up with a good monograph on quantum physics or string theory, my specialty. But since I was a child, I have been fascinated by science fiction. My all-time favorite is ‘The Foundation Trilogy,’ by Isaac Asimov.
I kinda go for the Jane Eyre type of film. I am fascinated by classics.
Ever since I’ve been young I’ve been fascinated by the human body. I’ve written songs about it, but you can become quite morbid if you think about it too muchparanoid and a hypochondriac.
I was always fascinated with rock ‘n’ roll, or girls, or something like that when I was a kid.
I studied history at university, so I’m always quite fascinated by the Second World War and France. That’s one of my interests.
I was always fascinated by engineering. Maybe it was an attempt maybe to get my father‘s respect or interest, or maybe it was just a genetic love of technology, but I was always trying to build things.
I’ve never necessarily chosen to be a bachelor. I’ve had girlfriends throughout the last 20 or 30 years. It’s just that there were times when I met people that fascinated me and times I didn’t.
Adam Clayton
I always was fascinated by neat nicknames.
When I am fascinated by something, I like to play with it.
Tanith Lee
I like to think I’m a listener, and I’m fascinated by observing people – I suppose you just lock that in.
Politics always fascinated me. In my 20s, I was involved in politics and, as I look in the mirror, not for the noblest of purposes. It was for sport.
I was raised, I feel like, on television, definitely a child of TV, and was always fascinated by storytelling.
Everybody knows about Pearl Harbor. The thing that really fascinated me is that through this tragedy there was this amazing American heroism.
I am totally inspired by ‘Godfather,’ one of the greatest films made. Also, I am fascinated by the thought of how someone becomes a gangster and continues to be one.
I love ’80s rock music. I was fascinated with Stevie Nicks when I was growing up.
Bresha Webb
I wanted to be a director of photography for a while, because I’m fascinated by what they do. You’re made to look good by them and you can learn so much from talking to them.
I love ocean life. I’m fascinated that so much of it remains unexplored by human beings. Diluted seawater consisted of nearly the same concentration of elements and minerals as blood plasma. They’ve got the same amount of sodium, too.
Nnedi Okorafor
I’ve always been fascinated by the operation of memory – the way in which it is not linear but fragmented, and its ambivalence.
My singing voice had rescued me from the scene I was in at school – I was an unpopular, bookish kid who had an indeterminate ethnic background. I became fascinated with women sopranos because they had a future that I didn’t as a singer.
The slow rejection of the foreign skin grafts fascinated me. How could the host distinguish another person’s skin from his own?
Joseph Murray
I have been fascinated with survival and having to go on no matter what. That always appealed to me.
Katharine Ross
I can remember at the age of about six being fascinated by the planets and learning all about Mars and Venus and things.
I’ve always been fascinated with storytelling.
I would say I’m more fascinated by Big Daddy V than I am necessarily a huge fan of Big Daddy V. He simply threw on the double-strapped unitard… and now he’s some sort of fearsome, fighting, wrecking machine.
I’ve always been fascinated by the idea of creating music using only vocals.
Mitch Grassi
I learned French in Tunis, along with Arabic. I also learned French history. I knew the entire history of the kings of France. And I was fascinated by Versailles.
Every person who went into the space industry did so because they looked up at the sky and were fascinated by it – not because they wanted to make a military or commercial object.
I love taxidermy. I collect taxidermy. I’m fascinated by the art of taxidermy. But on a more artistic level, I look at taxidermy as pulling something from the wild and taming it, and posing it in a style of your own personal pleasure that will last forever, and ever, and ever.
But to this day I am convinced that the real reason we met was because Alexander is from Nebraska, and he was completely fascinated that I was about to go off and make a movie with Brandoperhaps the most famous Nebraskan of all.
If there was one key to happiness in love and life and possibly even success, it would be to go into each conversation you have with this commandment to yourself front and foremost in your mind, ‘Just Listen’ and be more interested than interesting, more fascinated than fascinating, and more adoring than adorable.
I was a waitress for six years in New York. I actually got fascinated to see how fast and how good a waitress I could be. I was doing it, so I tried to do it as well as I could.
I grew up as a computer scientist, and I’ve always been fascinated by algorithms.
I don’t remember my first trip, but I do remember when my mom took me to Disney World in Orlando. It wasn’t the rides but Epcot Center that most fascinated me. It made me want to see those countries that are represented there for real.
Music had been my first love among the arts, and I was fascinated by it, as I still am.
If you’re talking to a child, you’re going, ‘This is the wonder of science and here’s why I’m so fascinated by it.’
Brian Andreas
People are fascinated, for whatever reason, by human drama, and the idea that cameras are capturing ambient stories.
I think we are fascinated and scared by evil at the same time. I think it’s important not to suppress our fascination but to walk into it with open eyes.
I’ve always liked the Krampus character, and I’ve always been fascinated with him, especially the tradition that he was such a part of the holiday season in Europe, in Germany, Austria, northern Italy, various other places.
The Seven Cities of Gold always fascinated me. Southwestern U.S. history especially fascinates me. The whole spur of the Spanish exploration of the Southwestern U.S. was the search for these mythical Seven Cities of Gold.
I love history, doesn’t matter what era, I’m fascinated.
I continue to be fascinated by the fact that feelings are not just the shady side of reason but that they help us to reach decisions as well.
I’m a very hard-line, angry atheist. Yet I am fascinated by the concept of devotion.
I used to aspire to being more of a traditional bass player, to be honest. People say I play it like a guitar – and I was a guitar player when I was growing up. I started learning when I was eight, and that’s what I was fascinated with in my teen years.
I was born in 1950 and watched science fiction and horror movies on TV and was always really fascinated by them.
I was always fascinated by clothes, and I think I’ve had clothing in my blood for as long as I can remember.
I’d been an Army bomber pilot and fascinated by the Navy and, particularly, the story of the Enterprise, which at Midway really turned the tide in the whole war in our favor. I’d always been proud of that ship and wanted to use the name.
I am completely fascinated by the differences and comparisons between real life and fairy tales because we’re raised as little girls to think that we’re a princess and that Prince Charming is going to sweep us off our feet.
When our bodies are sick and people extend their sympathy, bring us soup, offer up solutions. When our minds are sick, people tend to shy away from you, be afraid, or call you outright crazy. I’m fascinated by the way society and individuals view mental illness, and most of my shorts comment on that.
Anna Akana
I’m not so fascinated by these ingenue roles. I tend to gravitate towards women in plays or shows or films that are more chaotic or have something dire going on.
People will be fascinated. We will think of each other in a far more homogeneous way, because we will know that there is something that is different from us. And when we say ‘us,’ it will mean as a species.
I am fascinated by the Royal Family because they are shrouded in mystique, and the Queen, and to a certain extent William, represent fabulous blank canvases. I find the Prince of Wales less fascinating because he spills the beans and we know too much about him.
I’ve always been fascinated with science and exploring our world, from microbes to the solar system.
People who work in factories or in the woods or maybe a dairy farm – for years, I’ve been fascinated with people like that. No pretensions. They just live their lives. I found them beautiful. They were all I seemed to be interested in writing about.
I’m really enamored with the idea of a reformed society, and I’ve always been fascinated with the Dark Ages as well as the power vacuum that followed the fall of the Roman Empire.
I’ve done a lot of research about the Civil Rights movement, and I’m fascinated with how difficult it would have been for a black man to show feelings toward a white woman in that time period.
Very early in life I became fascinated with the wonders language can achieve. And I began playing with words.
Gwendolyn Brooks
I immediately loved working with flies. They fascinated me and followed me around in my dreams.
Christiane Nusslein-Volhard
I’m always fascinated by the theme of children who parent the adults.
I want to venture into film more, and I think that a nice way to transition into doing that would be a documentary. I think it would be interesting to find one person that really fascinated me or maybe a band and travel with them, but I don’t think I could do it like I used to do it.
Ryan McGinley
I’ve always been fascinated by Elizabeth Taylor, and I had read that her first kiss happened on a film set, which actually made me a little sad. You need to have normal experiences of your own.
Music was more than just something I enjoyed listening to. I was fascinated by it. I’d watch some of my favourite artists and emulate everything they did.
I’m fascinated with the regionality of rap music.
I was very fascinated with meteorology at a young age. I lived on the Gulf Coast and hurricanes blew through there. That is the class I failed in college: meteorology.
I am fascinated by the whole process of what it’s like to be alive, whether it’s unbelievably uncomfortable and horrible or whether it’s quite nice.
I think it was the ability of the theater to communicate ideas and extol virtues that drew me to it. And also, I was, and remain, fascinated by the idea of an audience as a community of people who gather willingly to bear witness.
I’ve always been fascinated by the desert.
A lot people don’t know that Mannie Fresh is one of my favorite producers because I used to just be fascinated with how he would be producing stuff. He’d be silly, too, when he raps.
I did plays because I liked plays. I studied psychology because I was fascinated by the subject, and I hope to keep doing films because I love the medium.
Space fascinated me because I’m from the generation that saw Neil Armstrong walk on the moon live on TV. I was 7 at the time. Also, ‘Lost in Space’ was one of my favorite shows on TV back then.
What’s fascinated me from the time I was a little kid was the way we construct our lives through stories.
People write fiction in their minds all the time – every time we read a ‘human interest’ news story, or a true crime tale, we find ourselves fascinated because we’re trying to understand why people behave the way they do, why they make the choices they do, how we become who we become.
Dan Chaon
The very name ‘Manson’ has become a metaphor for evil… He has come to represent the dark and malignant side of humanity, and for whatever reason, there is a side of human nature that is fascinated with ultimate evil.
I’ve always been fascinated by this idea of who we are versus who we want to be.
The creative process of composing music has always fascinated me.
It’s always fun to see faces that are either familiar or resemble yours. I was fascinated by movies like ‘Big Trouble in Little China‘ growing up because there were so many Asian people in it! The same with ‘Year of the Dragon‘ or ‘The Last Emperor’. It was just so great to see so many Asian actors working.
I’m just mystified and fascinated by women, and I’m still single. Hence all of that, and the fact that I celebrate them so much, I understand that I’m unevolved at this exact moment to share my life with one. I wouldn’t inflict that upon anyone yet. But, I’m getting closer.
As a former English major, I have always been fascinated by the connections between literature and history.
‘Poltergeist’ was the film that scarred me for life. I saw it at such a young age – 5 or 6 years old – and it has one of the creepiest doll sequences with the clown, and ever since then, I’ve just been fascinated by dolls.
I’m fascinated by the idea that genetics is digital. A gene is a long sequence of coded letters, like computer information. Modern biology is becoming very much a branch of information technology.
David Attenborough… has that wonderful, breathy voice, and he’s always so fascinated by what he’s seeing. There’s nothing about him that I can’t find attractive.
I’m fascinated by anything that deals with the unexplained. I love any show that totally makes me want to know more. How did they build these pyramids? Why did they find these carvings that look like spaceships?
Elena Satine
When I moved to Wales more than twenty years ago and began to research ‘Here Be Dragons,’ I was fascinated from the first by the Welsh medieval laws, by the discovery that women enjoyed a greater status in Wales than elsewhere in Europe.
Sharon Kay Penman
My favorite books are psychology, self-help, and I’m fascinated by Jung, by dream work.
I’m fascinated by diamonds. When I put diamonds on, my hands start to shake.
I think every little girl is fascinated with mermaids whether you are familiar with ‘Splash‘ or ‘Little Mermaid’ or things like that. I did remember the film but I didn’t watch it going into ‘Aquamarine.’
The secrets of small towns have fascinated writers and readers since the first psychological thriller was penned.
I remember reading a ‘Scientific American’ article about the use of new physical techniques – including neutron scattering – as a method for unravelling the structure of the ribosome. I was fascinated.
I started writing rather late in the game. I was fascinated about the story about how Bob Dylan, for ‘Nashville Skyline,’ wrote between takes. So I’d try to sing new songs off the top of my head. I had rather less than spectacular success on that. But a lot of my songs were done that way.
I was born in Dallas; then I moved to Allen, Texas. But then I got sent to boarding school, where I started to get fascinated with actors like Al Pacino.
Scott Haze
I’m fascinated by people who can keep who they are in the midst of this business, which is all about not only pretending to be other people, but also that perception of who you are and how successful you are and your standing in the business.
While I circled around and around in my brown rental skates, I studied a group of skaters spinning in the center. I was fascinated! When my mom picked me up, I began a campaign for skating lessons.
I was always fascinated particularly with synths: how they looked and stuff that when you’re a kid you’re like this is the most incredible thing in the world just to play.
Has Werner Herzog ever said anything that wasn’t true? What a brilliant fountain of wisdom. Everything he touches I’m just fascinated by.
When I was younger, I read a book by Frank Barnaby, this wonderful nuclear physicist – he said that media had a responsibility, that all sectors of society had a responsibility to try and progress things and move things forward. And that fascinated me, because I’d been messing around with a camera most of my life.
Jeremy Gilley
I’m fascinated by comedy.
I had read tons of science fiction. I was fascinated by other worlds, other environments. For me, it was fantasy, but it was not fantasy in the sense of pure escapism.
Books of exploration have always fascinated me, like somebody going up the Amazon for the first time.
When I was in junior high, a foreign-history teacher started a theater class. So I got my feet wet there and through high school, so I was very fascinated with acting as a means of expression.
Coming from a filmy background, I have seen everything growing up, but even at that point of time, it never really fascinated me. I did not like going to my dad’s shoots. We were taught not to get carried away with it from a very young age.
I loved ‘Homeland‘ – it’s such an intriguing, intelligent piece of television, and I am fascinated by them making a hero and heroine that are so odd, so flawed and so complicated. It is a programme that really draws you in.
I was a little bit of a loner, but fascinated with emotions that people feel.
You can learn at any age, but when you are young, you are like a sponge, and when you are introduced to more different types of things before the age of seven and eight, then you get fascinated by that.
I like playing off strong actors, whether it’s Benedict Cumberbatch or Dominic Cooper. Also I’m a hopeless romantic, so I’m fascinated by relationships.
I have always been fascinated by the corruption of power.
Joe Eszterhas
I have been fascinated by Rani Padmavati from my childhood.
I’m always fascinated when people really fervently believe, because I have such a hard time believing anything. When people have real faith in something, it’s fascinating to me. And the fact that so many people, in surveys, so many people say they do. It kind of blows my mind.
That’s one thing you hear in my voice today. I could yodel from one octave to another octave. It always fascinated me.
It’s always been the genres that fascinated me. I think great action movies and great thrillers are transformative.
As a programmer, you’re working with very simple structures compared to the brain. So I was always fascinated by how the brain works.
I have always been fascinated by the story of Henrietta Lacks.
What fascinated me mostly about Mickey Cohen was that he, in his later years, hired someone to help him to comprehend literature, to help him to read better, to understand words better.
I am fascinated by all the new technology that creates places for us to meet in what is called cyberspace. I understand what it must have meant for the rebellions in the 19th century, especially in 1830 and 1848, when the mass circulated newspaper became so important for the spreading of information.
I was always fascinated by strength. Arnold was an idol of mine.
My mother was always fascinated with the fact that I could rhyme so much stuff.
I’m always fascinated emotionally in the moment that someone pulls a gun, even a cop. That action – I don’t know that I, personally, as a human being, could do it.
I won’t say I’m not fascinated by the way advertising works. I like the sleekness. But a picture in advertising doesn’t last too long. They have to work for 30 seconds. And I’d like to reach at least two minutes. This is my goal: to break that two-minute record.
When I was 17, I was at La Coupole brasserie, and Jean-Paul Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir asked me to join them at their table. They were fascinated that I’d watched their programme on existentialism back home and wanted to understand nothingness and being.
I’ve been fascinated with technology since I was a boy banging around on my father’s adding machine. Back then I’d type in an equation, the device made some cool noises, and out came my answer. I was hooked.
I did a lot of reading of the Bible and became fascinated with the idea of the Rapture. It’s pretty wild. I hadn’t heard of it until I was in college.
I don’t think you ever really get used to it, do you? There’s always another little level of shock in it and of being starstruck at the people you meet. And that’s the beauty of it: you’re always fascinated, because it’s not a normal thing to do, is it, this acting game?
I’d always been fascinated by boxing and became very engaged with it through my husband, actually. But I started to write about it because so many decent, righteous people wanted it banned.
If you’re a Kennedy and you go to Italy or you go to Argentina, you’re treated as royalty. And in the United States, we’re endlessly fascinated by the family.
First and foremost, I consider myself a storyteller. And I’m endlessly fascinated with people, with what they do and why… and how they feel about it. Which means I’m interested in romance fiction. I was drawn to it, as both a reader and a writer, at the very beginning of my career. It’s my kind of storytelling.
Debbie Macomber
I think the driving thing was curiosity about the universe. That fascinated me. I didn’t think anything about being famous or anything like that, I was just interested in the concepts involved.
I do not know why I have always been fascinated by science or why I have been driven by the intense desire to make some original contribution. And although I have had some degree of success as a scientist, it is hard to say precisely why.
Jack W. Szostak
I’m fascinated with what an audience will take away from an image.
Now most of ‘Alice‘ isn’t really a political social commentary, but I think a big message is here is that the culture we’re involved in is fascinated with very quick fixes and instant gratification.
Caterina Scorsone
One of the things that I’m fascinated about generally is the rise and fall of everything, from civilizations to families to companies.
People are fascinated by evil because it’s mysterious and it doesn’t seem to have a rationale behind it, and the second you say that Hannibal Lector was abducted as a child and he had to eat his sister or something like that, it becomes immediately mundane. The character becomes mundane.
I am really quite fascinated by echo-locating bats and dolphins and have always wondered how sound affects the unconscious brain.
I was obsessed with New York early on. I was watching sitcoms that were set in or around New York, like ‘The Dick Van Dyke Show.’ I was always very fascinated with the people who were on ‘What’s My Line?’ and I always had an incredible obsession with the city.
I’ve always been fascinated by history.
I am always fascinated by the structure of things; why do things work this way and not that way.
Ursus Wehrli
I’ve always been fascinated by horror films and genre films. And horror films harbored a fascination for me and always have been something I’ve wanted to watch and wanted to make.
I’ve been fascinated by the idea that evil is the absence of empathy.
John Connolly
I remain fascinated by where you go as a woman once you are a mother, and if you ever come back.
I’ve always been fascinated by the picaresque.
We’re all fascinated by the way other people live their lives, how they cope with hardship and triumph, what they put in their home movies and family albums.
There’s something called toxic stress, which is repeated exposure to trauma. I was fascinated by how it affects the brain and the development of a person.
That’s part of what always fascinated me about the Flash. Yes, he had superpowers, but he wasn’t superhuman. He was vulnerable. He could be hurt or killed. He’s not getting in a jet. He actually is the jet. So he had this gift, but with it came this risk. And I think that’s what makes the character relatable.
I’m fascinated by how you’ll change your position so many times over a lifetime, but really what you’re doing is occupying a series of positions on a landscape.
I’ve always been fascinated with sound, since I was a little kid when my mother Dorothy Dean took me to my first piano lesson. Later on, my guitar, bass guitar, and synthesizer were my secret weapons.
Mike Dean
I’ve always been fascinated with Navy SEALs in general and their role in Afghanistan in particular.
A lot of the films I like are more than fantasies – they’re movies fascinated by the technology of space exploration, and they try to honor the laws of physics. I watched the Gregory Peck movie ‘Marooned’ over and over when I was a kid.
I was very shy as a kid, but films fascinated me a lot. I think every North Indian kid wants to grow up to become an actor at some point. I hail from a small village in Punjab.
I was fascinated by the shape of words even before I knew what they meant.
I’m fascinated by the whole communist thing. No one has a lot, but everyone is the same. I like that way of living.
I have always been an amateur history buff, and I’ve been fascinated by legal history.
I enjoy listening to contemporary rock on the college stations while I’m taking long walks, love gospel and soul music, am fascinated by hip-hop and rap as the new kind of urban ‘beat’ poetry and, come to think of it, find something interesting about just any kind of music.
Oscar Hijuelos
One of the things I’m fascinated by as a traveler is watching how different countries control how they let the world encounter them.
I’ve been fascinated with all kinds of weapons my whole life, and as I have been able to afford to acquire pieces, here and there I started to collect.
A lot of stories that have fascinated me are tabloid stories that have come from other newspapers, like ‘The New York Times.’
And so from that, I’ve always been fascinated with the idea that complexity can come out of such simplicity.
Will Wright
When I began to study baby delivery, when I was about to have a baby, I became very into it and fascinated and what our body does and how a mother’s body temperature will rise the minute that the baby touches her chest because she needs to get warmer.
Games have fascinated me my whole life, starting with ‘PacMan’ on my uncle‘s PC. I moved up to classic Super Nintendo and then on to N64, and then XBox, DS and ‘WoW.’
I’m fascinated by historical fashion, and I like to live in the past slightly. If I could walk around all day dressed in a crinoline, I would.
People are fascinated about the world above them because it seems so out-of-reach.
I was always fascinated by graphic art and typography and architecture. And so I was constantly cutting things and making blocks and making buildings out of shoeboxes.
I’ve been fascinated with Stevie Nicks for a long, long time. I’ve written ‘Stevie Nicks’ inside everything I’ve made for the past 20 years.
I am slightly fascinated by the question of whether humanity is capable of change. I may have come to the conclusion that we’re not, but we keep trying.
I think that people are fascinated with the stories, with human nature and the dark turns it can take.
I have always been fascinated with guns. I grew up in America, so, granted, it is part of our heritage, and it is written into the laws of how this country is run.
I’ve always been fascinated by mythology or, in modern parlance, by X-Men or vampires.
When I came for the first time to the United States, visiting, I was absolutely fascinated by New York.
I’d always been fascinated by archaeology; it was my original career plan as a kid.
I’m fascinated by food. Food is love, isn’t it?
I don’t eat two days a week. And people are fascinated by it, but it works. If you cut two days of food out of your life you will lose weight.
I love new places, new people, new ideas. I love cultural differences, and I’m fascinated by the truth – all the different versions of it.
I was fascinated by each area I studied, whether neurology, urology or surgery.
Tabare Vazquez
I’ve always been fascinated by intelligence and how our brains work, and how they can be improved.
I am fascinated with singers. I find them cooler than actors.
I’ve always been fascinated by the grassroots folktale level of a culture, and as a storyteller, I have to follow what seems to be leading me on.
Robin McKinley
I’ve always been fascinated by what you can learn from looking into your DNA.
Mollie Hunter was both a great friend and a very fine writer for children. She was fascinated by Scotland‘s history and its folklorealmost all her novels reflect her tremendous knowledge of both.
Joan Lingard
I found myself fascinated by neuroscience, attended a monthly lecture on brain science at the New York Psychoanalytic Institute, and was invited to become a member of a discussion group devoted to a new field: neuropsychoanalysis.
I definitely went through my magic phase. I think all little boys do at some point or another – they get fascinated by magic tricks.
You know, a balance-sheet is like a bikini, it shows more but it hides what is vital. I learnt to read a balance sheet and then I got fascinated by stocks.
In more recent years, I’ve become more and more fascinated with the indigenous folklore of this land, Native American folklore, and also Hispanic folklore now that I live in the Southwest.
I studied Japanese language and culture in college and graduate school, and afterward went to work in Tokyo, where I met a young man whose father was a famous businessman and whose mother was a geisha. He and I never discussed his parentage, which was an open secret, but it fascinated me.
Arthur Golden
I’ve always been fascinated by the military, the discipline they have and the sacrifices they make to defend the country. It’s something I’ve always been interested in.
I didn’t choose Russia but Russia chose me. I had been fascinated from an early age by the culture, the language, the literature and the history to the place.
I’m just very interested, fascinated, heartbroken, obsessed with the IsraeliPalestinian conflict and our need to find peace on that front… Everyone’s always, like, victim and avenger at the same time.
I’ve always been a Civil War buff. In fact, the ships that always fascinated me the most were the ironclads, because they were the start of an era.
I got into DJing and making beats when I was about 17. I was always fascinated by the four elements of hip-hop: you know, writing, rhyming, breakdancing and graffiti.
Dogs have such short life spans, it’s like a concentrated version of a human life. When they get older, they become much more like our mothers. They wait for us, watch out for us, are completely fascinated by everything we do.
I am fascinated in religion and theology and what people believe.
Sarah Wayne Callies
People are fascinated by me and always have been, and I have no clue why.
You should enter science because you are fascinated by it. That’s what I did.
I’m interested in nutrition and fascinated by the changes you can make to your body through diet and exercise.
People are very complex. And for a psychologist, you get fascinated by the complexity of human beings, and that is what I have lived with, you know, in my career all of my life, is the complexity of human beings.
I’ve always been fascinated by how the past impacts the present. For the first half of my career as a novelist, I wrote psychological suspense mysteries. I wanted to be a therapist but was told that while I was a fine diagnostician, I would be a terrible therapist because I wanted to solve everyone’s problems.
I would have loved to have been a painter or a sculptor. I’m still fascinated by those things.
What amazes me is that the whole world is fascinated by Kim Kardashian. What’s her talent?
If I write a joke, sometimes people will call it a ‘lie,’ and I’m fascinated with that.
I’m fascinated by delving into the historical context of what life was like in the past.
We’ll always be fascinated by people who live above the law.
My mom is Episcopalian; my dad is ancestrally Jewish but personally atheist. After their divorce, however, my dad married a Jewish spiritual director, and I became fascinated by the traditions she brought into our lives.
I was fascinated by ‘The Lord of the Rings’ from about the age of eight, and that lasted well into my teens.
Philip Reeve
I have always been fascinated by Indian history and architecture.
And Michael likes to read a lot. People don’t realize that about him but he reads a number of books per week and he’s fascinated just about every subject.
David Gest
I can be fascinated with very little things. The clouds stimulate my imagination, and sometimes I just sit somewhere and go on dreaming for a long time. Your head is also a computer. When you’re dreaming, you are simulating a world in which you are living.
Theo Jansen
You know, having raised animals all my life for 50-something years, I would say that you know, I’m fascinated by cats.
Jack Hanna
I’m fascinated by rap and by hip-hop. I think there’s a lot of poetry in it. There’s a lot of anger, a lot of social energy in it. And I think you’d better listen to it pretty carefully, ’cause it’s important.
I am always fascinated by the way kids create their own world. That is something I am very attentive to anywhere I go.
Francis Alys
I was born on the fairer side, but I’ve always been fascinated by dusky and dark tones. So, when the makers of my films asked me to go a few shades darker, I didn’t think twice. I am not doing anything extraordinary, but I want to break cinematic notions about outwardly appearances.
I was fascinated by mortality. Most people are, even if they don’t admit it.
Improv is a very big thing for me. The thing with actors is I do not understand at all how they do what they do. I’m fascinated by it, and I have such a respect for it.
I’ve always been fascinated by physics and cosmology. It gets more and more scary the older you get.
I had a fascination with the back side of the business, and the creative process always fascinated me. Vince gave me an opportunity in ’98 to sit in the production meetings. He would talk creative with me, and we had this creative rapport.
I’m fascinated by Bollywood.
I had always been fascinated with Napoleon because he was a self-made emperor; Victor Hugo said, ‘Napoleon’s will to power,’ and it was the title of my paper. And I submitted it to my teacher, and he didn’t think I had written it. And he wanted me to explain it to him.
I’m fascinated by journalism. I put a keen eye, not a negative eye, on its role, particularly how it is changed by the times we’re living in.
I have always loved science fiction. One of my favorite shows is ‘Star Trek.’ I like the trips, where it drops my mind off, because they give you a premise and all of a sudden, you say, ‘Oh!’ and I’m fascinated by it.
I am fascinated by English football.
Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always been fascinated by the Arthurian Legend, and, you know, the notion of nobility in battle and the – the notion of chivalry.
Matt Frewer
Almost every script that I’ve gotten has been for sort of the generic Hollywood type. I haven’t chosen them. All the ones I have chosen are because I’ve been fascinated with the source material or because of the script.
I was following my dad around from a young age. I don’t know if it’s genetic or just because I was surrounded by it, but I was always fascinated with building and construction and development.
Technology is a wonderful tool, but also if used incorrectly a horrible tool. We’re fascinated by all aspects of it, whatever makes our human lives easier on the planet, but eventually there will have to be some sort of merger. The fascination isn’t going to die down.
I was fascinated with jeans, because you can impress your life upon the jeans you wear. The way you sit imprints on the jeans.
I think I always wanted to go into physics. What always fascinated me about science was the desire to understand what underlies it all, and I think physics is basically the study of that.
I’m fascinated by almost any mythology that I can get my hands on.
I was always fascinated by politics, and I did not like the direction the country was going under Bill Clinton.
Reading Bukowski and Burroughs and Henry Miller doesn’t necessarily mean that a kid is going to try to emulate their debauchery to the point that Nic did, but he really was fascinated by it.
I’ve been completely fascinated with history because it tells everything about what’s going to happen next because it’s cyclical, everything repeats in general.
Emilie Autumn
Who isn’t fascinated by evil?
Marvin Gaye
People have always been fascinated by the foibles of the wealthy and privileged.
I am just fascinated by this reassurance from a menacing figure. It is rather frightening.
I was fascinated by all of it. The sounds of the theater and the audience, their rapture when a play took over and moved them and held them quietly… When the audience was truly moved, it was absolutely quiet. They were in a communion because they were learning the truth about themselves.
George Stevens
I would love to direct a western. I love taking photographs and I’m always fascinated with angles. Also, my father was a film editor, and I have a talent for thinking of things that aren’t always in a script.
Johnny Crawford
The public is absolutely fascinated by aging. They don’t want to get old. And you can see – read Shakespeare. Read the sonnets. They’re all about aging.
I’ve always been fascinated by the Gold Coast. The homes themselves are spectacular, unlike anything you’ll see other than in Newport, Bar Harbor or Palm Beach. It’s a very special area that, because of local demographics, is not going to survive much longer.
Nelson DeMille
I think, as kids, everyone is fascinated with dinosaurs. I definitely was. It is the ultimate big, huge, monster.
Brian Tee
I don’t think I’m all that interesting. I mean, I’m a guy who does a morning show and goes to bed at 9:00 every night. I mean, I don’t have a lot in my life that’s really fascinated or fodder for tabloids.
Shakespeare fascinated me. He hardly ever left the country. His imagination was worldwide though reading.
Michael Tippett
I am extraordinarily fascinated by the future of technology. We are in the early infancy of technology, and we have an opportunity to guide how technology develops and integrates into our lives. I talk a lot about the ‘invisible interface,’ or the idea that we can utilize technology without being absorbed into a screen.
But I’ve always been fascinated with that prettiest-girl-in-the-class person that I never was, getting inside her head and showing that she’s just as tormented and messed up as everybody else.
I became fascinated by the then-blossoming science of molecular biology when, in my senior year, I happened to read the papers by Francois Jacob and Jacques Monod on the operon theory.
My mother had been blind as a child. And so, blindness was something that has long fascinated me, but also it’s something I find really, really scary.
I’d go to Coney Island to hang out, and I saw a magician doing a rope trick on the boardwalk. I was fascinated. I guess that’s how it started.
I was fascinated by a compelling character embroiled in a controversial topic that told the story from a different point of view.
I’m fascinated by male vulnerability.
I’m from New Orleans. There’s a lot of vampire mystique and mythology that resonates there, and I was fascinated by it. I always wanted to play one.
I had earlier done a few paintings on Durga because I am fascinated by her.
I became a student of the history of religion. I am fascinated by how religions often center on mystical experience, and in the Old Testament tradition you find flames, the burning bush.
My mother and dad were big animal lovers, too. I just don’t know how I would have lived without animals around me. I’m fascinated by them – both domestic pets and the wild community. They just are the most interesting things in the world to me, and it’s made such a difference in my lifetime.
I’ve always really liked theater. It fascinated me. You can create a reality and get people involved in that reality. It takes place in real time.
The magic of creation has always fascinated me.
Ralph Allen
I’m fascinated how often and with what whole-heartedness people will risk their lives to perform acts of courage, sacrifice, and compassion for total strangers.
I am fascinated by the idea of employing beautiful images as a device to convey something extremely disturbing in an apparently harmless way.
Although I completed two years of internship in various small hospitals, I decided against continuing my medical training. I was much more fascinated by the unsolved problems of medicine than by practicing it.
Gunter Blobel
My relationship with Paris began when I was working for Cerruti in the mid-1960s. When there was an important event in his store, Nino Cerruti very kindly took me with him. I was fascinated, and the city made a big impression on me.
I’m fascinated by how ethnic communities have assimilated into massive capitalist environments.
I recall being fascinated by numbers even at age three and viewed their manipulation as a kind of game.
I’ve always been fascinated by weather.
Shepard Smith
Emotions interest me, and I’m fascinated by how a child’s mind works.
My mother insisted that I pursue music. I rented out my father’s musical equipment and earned some money. As a child, I wasn’t sure about a career goal, but I was always fascinated by electronic gadgets, specially musical equipment.
I think I’m fascinated by the power of religion in our culture. Like a lot of secular, liberal people, I ignored it for a long time. Lately, of course, just from a political perspective, it’s impossible to ignore.
I always thought it’d be cool to portray these certain things, make people feel a certain way. I was kind of fascinated with that, but I wasn’t the type to do acting school or theater. I didn’t have the best views of Hollywood, so it wasn’t something that I was going to try and pursue.
If you’re fascinated by America, you’ll be fascinated by family.
Stephen Carter
I have always been fascinated by entrepreneurship.
While Jane Fonda has no shortage of knowledge to share, I was particularly moved and fascinated by her recovery from bulimia, which she battled with for over 25 years.
I was initially just fascinated by the Branch Davidians. This doesn’t really apply to Rachel Koresh because she was born into the church, and that was all she had ever known, but I was fascinated by the psychology of how people get to that place – a place like Mount Carmel and an FBI stand-off for 51 days.
When I was starting to write, I was fascinated with ‘Knuffle Bunny‘ by Mo Willems. I remember taking it home and typing it out, trying to figure out how it worked. It’s just a classic, with dauntingly few words.
I’m fascinated with the stories that we tell. Real histories become fantasies and fairy tales, morality tales and fables. There’s something interesting and funny and perverse about the way fairytale sometimes passes for history, for truth.
Death is the one – the one thing we don’t have many answers for. We understand how people die, but we don’t know what comes next, and that’s something that’s always fascinated and disturbed me and frustrated me.
World War II really fascinated me because it’s the only time that everybody in this country sat down at the same table, because eating on rations was your patriotic duty.
For better or worse, I am as fascinated with human flaws as anything.
I try to approach the film medium as a novelist and the novel medium as a filmmaker on some level. It’s that question: Do we think in pictures, or do we think in language? And the novelist believes one thing, and the filmmaker believes another thing – and I’m fascinated by that balance.
People are fascinated with eternal life and physical power – the idea of having no vulnerability. We all feel small and powerless in the world at times, so the temptation to be a vampire is compelling.
I was just fascinated with how everyone else in the world lived, and I was interested in telling their story.
As I get older, I’m sort of fascinated with the idea of somebody who could construct an entire persona for themselves – one that was really, in a lot of ways, fundamentally at odds with who they really were as a person.
When I was a kid, I really loved game shows. For whatever reason, I was fascinated with them and watched them a ton.
I was always drawing eyes, even as a child. Eyes fascinated me.
Margaret Keane
I spent my childhood in northern New York State, and like many kids, bugs and other critters fascinated me.
Romulus Whitaker
We want to live in the black and white, but we don’t. The world is gray. And, I’m always fascinated by people who are clearly, ‘This is black and this is white, and that’s the way life is.’ Life always has something to say about that.
My hand still shakes when I sign autographs. I still go and sit in the movies like everyone else and look up there and go ‘God! Movie stars! Wow!’ And I’m in this business. I walk out there just fascinated, and I always want to stay like that. I’m just a little kid going to these movies, and I don’t ever want to change.
There’s no more private family than the royal family. People who can really only be themselves with each other. The rest of us just spend all our time fascinated by them.
It always circled back around to Marco Polo and Kublai Khan. That always fascinated me because so few people make the connection between the two.
I’m fascinated by the people I grew up with and the mistakes I made – and God, I have screwed up. I like writing about where it all went off course.
It might sound strange now from where I’m standing as a world boxing champion, but I harboured serious thoughts, at the age of nine, of putting my whole life into snooker. I remember being fascinated by the game, watching the likes of Steve Davis, and thought I would do it.
I’m fascinated by the whole clown phobia thing because I personally don’t have it.
Right after watching ‘Kabul Express,’ I wanted to work with Kabir sir. Moreover, earlier he was a documentary maker, and the respective genre has always fascinated me, and I still desire to work in one.
As someone who was basically a software engineer for many years, I became fascinated with how the brain functions and is put together and works in such a different fashion than computers do.
I started to do theater when I was a little boy at school, and then, I think because my father was a documentary filmmaker and worked for German television, I was of course fascinated by what he did. Then when I was around 15, I did my first movie.
I know plenty of people with kids in elite, private schools and had heard many stories. I have drifted into the homes of some of those very wealthy families in New York and am fascinated with the dynamic and how much freedom the children are given.
I’m fascinated with worlds where there’s a small population left, whether it’s a movie or these TV shows that fascinate me – ‘Falling Skies‘ or ‘The Walking Dead’ – they are about survival and triumphing over difficult times. I just have a thing for ’em.
Cam Gigandet
I’ve always been fascinated by horror.
I’m not anti-Hollywood; not at all. In fact, I’m rather fascinated by everything that goes on here. When I get hold of a copy of ‘Variety,’ I read it cover to cover; I love to know what people are doing.
I always adored Cary Grant. I was fascinated by him. But I could never get too close to him.
I’m fascinated by fire. When I was four, I wore an American fireman’s hat all the time, and I still have one in my office today. Glasgow used to be called ‘Tinderbox City;’ there were always fires, people getting killed.
I love action films because I have grown up seeing some of the brilliant movies of the genre like ‘Ghatak,’ ‘Ghayal,’ ‘Shiva.’ Watching people doing such stunts had always mesmerised me and fascinated me to think that I should also do such things if I become a hero.
What I do, basically, is look at things from different angles. That is what I do on stage comedically, and that is what I do in art. I was always fascinated by the structure of things, why things work this way and not that way. So I like to see how things behave if you change the point of view.
Ursus Wehrli
I’m fascinated by people’s obsession with how they look and how humans really do judge you within the first few seconds of meeting you.
I had always been fascinated by comics, but it had taken me several weeks to make up my mind to buyWatchmen‘; for someone on a publisher‘s assistant‘s salary, it was some quite unheard-of sum of money.
I’m not someone who can do 10 stepovers or backheels – I’m not very interested in that. I’m more fascinated by the simplicity of play because the thing that makes this sport so beautiful.
Miralem Pjanic
I have always been passionate about dancing and acting, and before I was passionate about it, I was fascinated by it.
I am fascinated by storytelling glue. Anytime I see someone who’s good at it, I stop and wonder, ‘How’d they ‘do this? Why can’t I tear myself away?
Robert Krulwich
Zoos have always fascinated me. What child hasn’t wondered what would happen if all the animals escaped from the zoo? Or what would happen if they got caught in an enclosure?
Matthew Reilly
When I started running for Congress, it actually took me by surprise that so many people were fascinated with me being the first Muslim in Congress.
I’ve been quite fascinated by the relative insignificance of human existence, the shortness of life. We might as well be a letter in a word in a sentence on a page in a book in a library in a city in one country in this enormous universe! And that kind of fear and insignificance has kept me awake at night.
There are no more Elizabeth Taylors. You could be fascinated by her, she lived so many lives, she lived far, she loved the jewels; she had gaudy taste but she had extraordinary talent.
I guess that’s always the mystery of music. It’s like why does this song make me feel so grey or why does it make me feel sad or happy or nostalgic and so I’m most fascinated by breaking that down in my music.
I’m fascinated by management and organizations: how organizations get things done and how successful organizations are built and maintained, how they evolve as they grow from start-ups to small companies to medium companies to big companies.
I am really interested in eccentric minds. It’s rather like being fascinated by how cars work. It’s really boring if your car works all the time. But as soon as something happens, you get the bonnet up. If someone has an abnormal or dysfunctional state of mind, you get the bonnet up.
I am always fascinated by India.
I had been fascinated with Islam since college – particularly how it could inspire such fervor in our modern age and move a significant number of its followers to horrific acts of violence. That invisible hand moved me to study more and more about Islam.
My father loved the single-handed backhand, so to him, that was the main goal; we were always fascinated by that shot. He taught me all the technique and how to structure my game. I was really privileged to have a father like that.
I’ve always been fascinated by people, their psychology, what drives them and trying to understand them.
Adan Canto
The trial of Olympic athlete Oscar Pistorius has kept me fascinated and shocked in equal measure. But like many women, I was relieved this week when he was found guilty of culpable homicide after killing his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp.
I’m so fascinated by the concept of teen pregnancy for some reason. Not that I condone it or promote it, but it’s just a very real thing in our country and culture.
Leven Rambin
People are just fascinated by assassinations.
Whether it’s ‘Veep’ or ‘Homeland’ or ‘The West Wing’ – which is a more idealised version of democracy – people are fascinated by politics.
If I wasn’t acting, I would want to be in the food and restaurant business. I really love to cook and am fascinated by the art of cooking in general.
From the time God saved me at 21 years old, I’ve always been fascinated by the parables of Jesus.
Space has always fascinated me. As a young boy looking up at the stars, I found it impossible to resist thinking what was out there and if I ever would experience space first-hand.
Even though I played national level badminton, I told my parents when I was in 10th that I was not interested in continuing. Being a model or actor fascinated me from a young age, and I even did a couple of ads when I was just eight years old.
When I was younger, I was fascinated by David Bowie, for example. he had created an entire myth around himself. It was as important as his music.
Most people are fascinated to see someone play an instrument in an inspired way. We are moved by witnessing musical brilliance, and it was this notion that led me to purchase the GuitarTV domain 10 years ago.
Well, I had a lot of help from my father with the soldering and so on, and he was very good at math and was fascinated with computers, and so I was fortunate enough to have a bunch of exposure going all the way back to high school – this was in the 1960s.
I’m fascinated by how much we, as women, have to subjugate and hide ourselves in order to get on in the world.
Young people are fascinated with the idea of love, maybe because they haven’t experienced it. The older you get, the more jaded you become with this, like, mystical love thing. It’s not as exciting because it’s not unknown.
For me, I’ve always been fascinated by tales of the Chinese railroad and the workers and the conditions of the workers who built the railroad.
I am fascinated by people’s flaws and delusions: all the messy bits of human nature we all try to pretend we don’t have.
Hattie Morahan
I used to fight in school. I was a rough, athletic child. I always knew I could fight and, watching UFC, I was always fascinated by it.
I’ve always been fascinated by Oscar Wilde.
I became almost immediately fascinated by the possibilities of trying out all conceivable reactions with them, some leading to explosions, others to unbearable poisoning of the air in our house, frightening my parents.
Richard Ernst
People that could yodel always fascinated me. People that could sing loud always fascinated me. So I started trying to mimic at a really young age: 6, 7 years old.
I’m kind of fascinated by this idea that we can surround ourselves with information: we can just pile up data after data after data and arm ourselves with facts and yet still not be able to answer the questions that we have.
John D’Agata
I love flying and kind of just fascinated with it, and to fly something like an F-22 would be a blast.
My attention is constantly being caught! I’m constantly learning, constantly becoming fascinated by new things – I’m lucky that I read incredibly quickly and absorb a lot of information easily, because otherwise I don’t think I’d ever get my head out of a book!
I think most families have a few secrets or some strange aspect to their history. We’re all fascinated by family dynamics, but I’d much rather sit in an audience and watch someone else’s problems!
When I was a child, I had posters of James Dean in my room. I was a big admirer of his work and was fascinated by him living on the edge. Looking back, my life was kind of the same.
I’m fascinated by human agency – by the process of decision, both in the individual and the mass.
I’m fascinated by failure, and I’m fascinated by finality. Shakespeare’s historical plays are more universal than his comedies because they relate to the finality of life. Without finality, life would not be beautiful.
George Hickenlooper
I think that each character has fascinated and interested me enough to want to play him.
Growing up, I had a sense of the importance of commerce and trade to everyday life. Our family lived in several countries, and I was fascinated by the free exchange of goods and services between individuals and companies – the way both parties could benefit.
Muhtar Kent
The students on my course were fascinated by the idea that gravitational waves might exist. I didn’t know much about them at all, and for the life of me, I could not understand how a bar interacts with a gravitational wave.
Romantic Orientalism was fascinated by the color and excitement of a powerful culture, and nearly always approached its subject with love.
I talk to children in schools all over the world, and I’ve found that both boys and girls are fascinated by how hunter-gatherers manage to survive entirely on what’s around them in their environment: trees, rocks, animals and plants.
My artistic decision to cast my mother’s objects into bronze moves beyond the notions of memorializing her. I’ve been fascinated for some time with the idea of monumentality and what it means to memorialize. Both of these notions are relevant historically, artistically, and culturally.
During the summer of 1963 between my junior and senior years, I began a research project on hypothermia in the Department of Surgery with Sidney Wolfson. I quickly became fascinated by the project and continued working on it throughout my senior year.
Stanley B. Prusiner
I’ve always been fascinated by books. When I was young, my grandfather used to hand out a book – which would be anything from a biography to a classic – to me every week and ask me to write a piece on what I thought about it. On the other hand, my mother used to love reading thrillers and bestsellers.
I became fascinated by the fact that people write to give away rather than write to be read. It’s the difference between playwrights and novelists.
I’m fascinated by the ruins and remains of industrialisation.
When I started playing the bass, I became kind of fascinated by it and started investigating various styles of bass playing, and I was really struck with funk music, mainly American funk music – Stanley Clarke, Funkadelic and that kind of stuff. That comes out in a couple of songs like ‘Barbarism Begins at Home.’
Andy Rourke
I just love biography, and I’m fascinated by people who have shifted our destinies or our points of view.
Performing, I can take it or leave it. Horticulture is far more challenging. I’m absolutely fascinated by it.
Kim Wilde
I started working with brain sensing tech in labs over a decade ago and was immediately fascinated by the potential to help people peer into the workings and behaviors of their own minds.
Ariel Garten
I don’t know why we choose to reach out to help another person, or why we decide that we can’t, and withdraw and try to care only for ourselves, but I’m fascinated by that choice.
I’m fascinated with what happens to the creative output when you isolate yourself from the approval and disapproval of the people around you.
Growing up in the 1960s, I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t fascinated by airplanes and rockets.
I want to play Lena Horne because I’ve always been fascinated with her. Her talent was astounding and more than that, her life story is incredible.
Naya Rivera
I’m fascinated with quantum physics.
There’s definitely an interest in Scotland and what happened here. I think the rest of the world are fascinated by our history, and it’s nice to be able to bring Scotland and our culture and music to the screen.
I think the kind of person that gravitates toward New York is a person that’s not so much focused on controlling exactly how they appear and how they exit. They’re more fascinated with the process.
When I was younger, I would look at a game with computers and still be fascinated by the possibilities.
Gandhi became my role model. I have always been interested in Eastern philosophy. Since early in my life I’ve been fascinated by India, and I have spent a great deal of time traveling in that country.
Sometimes I’m fascinated with how famous my work could be while I’m not so famous.
I think we’re all fascinated and a little mystified by how the brain works. One of the most mysterious of the physical sciences is neurological science.
Alexis Denisof
I didn’t really know who Cassius Clay was. I just wanted to show America through a heavyweight championship fight. Ever since my childhood, I’d been fascinated by the way the whole country becomes polarised around this event.
Even as a little kid, I was fascinated by newspapers and magazines. They were my TV. I’d be the first one up to grab the morning paper, mainly to look at the sports pictures, the war pictures.
Early ’90s, I was big, big into Sinatra. I was in college. I was fascinated.
I’ve always had a fascination with vampires. It’s not that I’m exactly fascinated with the dark side. It’s the human struggle with it. How we deal with those two aspects of who we are. We all have those elements.
As far as the style, I was fascinated by surrealism.
Mark Mothersbaugh
I have always been fascinated by the way things work and how they came to take the form that they did. Writing about these things satisfies my curiosity about the made world while at the same time giving me an opportunity to design a new explanation for the processes that shape it.
I want to fly a jet. I’d love to just be in the air and go mach 3 or mach 4. Or, I’d be an underwater salvager. I’ve always been fascinated with the Bermuda Triangle and Atlantis. I love chemistry, also. That’s why acting is so random for me!
At the age of 16, my father’s father dropped dead of a heart attack. And I think it changed the course of his life, and he became fascinated with death. He then became a medical doctor and obviously fought death tooth and nail for his patients.
A lot of people are frightened by old age – by being around people who are, basically, on their way out – but I’m fascinated by it. It’s an amazing thing to be around someone who has had a life well lived.
As a child, I loved fairy tales because the story, the what-comes-next, is paramount. As an adult, I’m fascinated by their logic and illogic.
Gail Carson Levine
I wanted to be my own boss. I was fascinated by airlines and how I could change travel for the average person. Then I wanted to diversify.
After a lifetime of world travel I’ve been fascinated that those in the third world don’t have the same perception of reality that we do.
Just in the past few years – since I’ve been making movies, which isn’t a very long time – you now have a culture that is fascinated and informed about the box office in a way that sometimes filmmakers weren’t even.
We’ve always idealized youth and then destroyed youth. That has happened since the beginning of time, and I’m fascinated by why we do that.
My most annoying habit is complaining about my aches and pains. It’s the new ones that I haven’t identified yet that make me nervous. According to my wife, I complain way too much. I may be a borderline hypochondriac, or you could say I am fascinated by the body – at least by mine.
I was completely fascinated by the studio process and layering sounds and creating soundscapes out of layering massive squalls of sound.
I see people as haunted by the selves they don’t know… I don’t have children, but I have nieces and nephews, and one thing I notice is how fascinated they are by stories of their lives before they can remember.
Diane Setterfield
When I was seven, my mom took my twin sister and me to a play. I remember being fascinated about life onstage.
I was fascinated by what motivates men and women to fight for what they believe in.
Film is new for me so I’m so fascinated by it and love it, but I would pass out if I could never do theater again. I’d be physically ill!
As a kid I was fascinated with sports, and I loved sports more than anything else. The first books I read were about sports, like books about Baseball Joe, as one baseball hero was called.
Although I have no plans to tweet, I am fascinated by developments on the Internet.
Oscar de la Renta
I’m fascinated by the way early experiences haunt and revisit you, remain present in your life for decades and decades – they can even shape who you ultimately become.
I’m fascinated with acting now. In retrospect, I was only beginning to chip off the tip of the iceberg with how far I can go or what I was exploring inside of me that I hadn’t touched in a while as far as emotional headspaces.
I think people are always going to be fascinated about the haves and have nots – about the divide between the servants and the rich families upstairs.
Neil Jackson
I’d be so fascinated to talk to a psychologist or sociologist about the deep psychological impact of seeing oneself represented. I don’t think we’ve really touched the surface of what it does to the psyche of a people if the only image of you out there is negative. Or if it’s never out there.
I love life. I’m fascinated by human behavior because that feeds back into my work.
I’ve always been fascinated by memory and dreams because they are both completely our own. No one else has the same memories. No one has the same dreams.
Travel for me is all about transformation, and I’m fascinated by those people who really do come back from a trip unrecognizable to themselves and perhaps open to the same possibilities they’d have written off not a month before.
I had a bike accident a few years ago, and I went to the emergency room, and I had to have a gash sewn up. And I am the kind of person that I was sitting up fascinated, watching, to the extent that the doctor said, ‘Do you want to do a couple of stitches? You seem to be very interested.’
My parents played bridge, and I remember being fascinated watching them. I sometimes got a chance to sit in on a hand, which I loved. But then I didn’t actually play on my own for about 30 years.
I know that people are fascinated by what I did as a teenager, but what I did was immoral, illegal, unethical, and something that I am not proud of – nor will I ever be proud of.
Every element contributes to building a character and I’m especially fascinated when it comes to recreating period looks.
I became fascinated with the concept of speak no, see no, hear no evil. And – and the actual depiction of three wise monkeys. And I began collecting it over the years. And I kind of figured that I might be the – the fourth monkey, the feel no evil monkey.
Mackenzie Phillips
I’ve often been accused of dressing too well. I’ve always been fascinated by fashion, though I don’t think I’m particularly fashionable.
I’m fascinated by what people will do to each other. Actually, I’m sort of interested in the gory details of life.
I was fascinated with the writing process and seeing the evolution of a sketch and how it would change up to the minute before it went on the air.
Trevor Moore
I’m fascinated by how much has changed from one generation to another. There are young people growing up now for whom apartheid is just a distant memory and the idea of military service is an abstract notion.
I have been fascinated by Dickens worshippers who strenuously deny that he did anything wrong in relation to his wife, even though the record is clear that he did.
The opportunity to completely become someone else and inhabit them is something that has always fascinated me greatly as an actor. With a bit of fortune, a few more of those opportunities will lie waiting for me in the future.
Adhir Kalyan
I developed ‘Trapped’ because I was fascinated with the idea of a terrible crime in a small town cut off from the rest of the world.
I’ve always been fascinated with knowing the self. This fascination led me to submerge myself in art, study neuroscience, and later to become a psychotherapist.
Ariel Garten
The process of communication with the afterlife – more of an exchange than a conversation – has always fascinated me.
I have always been fascinated by Kollywood because of the interesting scripts and genres that they come up with.
I’ve always been fascinated by Disneyland and Disney World, and my favorite part of the park was always Tomorrowland.
I’m fascinated by young people who do extraordinary things.
It’s reached this point where people are fascinated by every intricate detail of other people’s lives. And some people are willing to give up their lives like that.
I am fascinated with times past.
Frank Darabont
I’m endlessly fascinated with the ways families work and the ways they don’t.
Steve James
I’m fascinated by Japanese cuisine.
Some people are fascinated by what they know, and some are fascinated by what they don’t know. I’m just very interested in what’s possible.
Wayne McGregor
I guess you could say I’m a closeted animal person, because a lot of my life I did it in secrecy. I was always fascinated with exotic animals, particularly reptiles, from the age of 6 when I got a pet tortoise.
I’ve always been fascinated with Ireland, especially Northern Ireland, having lived in London in the ’80s when there was an Irish republican bombing campaign there.
John Gordon Sinclair