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It's funny, my girlfriends think that because I am marr

It’s funny, my girlfriends think that because I am married to a fashion designer, I get all these great tips and hints about great fashion, but it’s not like that at all. He never tells me what to wear.
My first boyfriend was a fashion designer. He was a junior in high school, I was a freshman.
As a fashion designer, I was always aware that I was not an artist, because I was creating something that was made to be sold, marketed, used, and ultimately discarded.
If I hadn’t decided to be a fashion designer, I would have loved to be a Broadway showgirl or a Rockette!
I’m more of a fashion designer than I am a rapper.
Westside Gunn
I’m a fashion designer and people think, what do I know?
I’m a fashion designer, not a shoe designer. I like to design clothes.
I worked 10 years as a toy designer before I started my career as a fashion designer. It’s something I just fell into and really liked.
To work on the competition wear for the Olympics is kind of insane. As a fashion designer, you don’t think to yourself, ‘I’m going to get the opportunity to work with athletes at that level at the Olympic Games.’ It really is such an incredible thing to have any kind of contact with as a designer.
I always wanted to be a fashion designer, for as long as I can think of. Acting happened by chance, so I call it beginner‘s luck, actually. I am planning to carry on for as long as I can.
I definitely went through a phase where I wanted to be a fashion designer when I was younger… But I certainly wasn’t very good at it.
I always loved fashion. My mother was a fashion designer, so it was always in my blood.
When I was growing up as a little girl and as a teenager, I loved designing and making dogs‘ clothes and wanting to be a fashion designer. I took art and ceramics. I loved dance.
People get this very romantic vision of a fashion designer who in one night makes 25 sketches and in the morning throws them on the table and there are a lot of women in white aprons with the pins on the lapel and they start to grab the sketches and… It’s not like that.
We have the Terminator as governor, and we had an actor as president, so why shouldn’t we have a fashion designer as a senator?
Knowledge-based apprenticeships kickstart careers. Just look at British fashion designer Karen Millen, for example, who learned her craft through an apprenticeship scheme.
I never intended being a business person I wanted to be a fashion designer.
No one ever said ‘no’ to me about anything. No one ever told me anything was wrong. Never. No one ever said, ‘You can’t be a fashion designer.’ No one ever said, ‘You’re a boy and you can’t take tap-dancing lessons.’ No one ever said, ‘You’re a boy and you can’t have long hair.’
Often when I meet people and say I’m a designer, they say, ‘Oh, a fashion designer.’ Which is not a bad thing I suppose, a bit groovy.
Ross Lovegrove
I just use fashion as an excuse to talk about politics. Because I’m a fashion designer, it gives me a voice, which is really good.
My girlfriend is a fashion designer. She has her own company called Rachel Antonoff. She is doing a collaboration with Urban Outfitters right now, a shoe collaboration with Bass. She sells to Barneys, stuff like that.
Never in my wildest dreams did I entertain the idea that I would become a fashion designer.
Fashion was always with me since I was young. I would always be like, ‘What do I want to be when I grow up?’ And it hit me when I was young – I wanted to be a fashion designer.
Hennessy Carolina
I drive around on my scooter in Milan alone – we don’t have bodyguards or anything like that. I am a fashion designer, not a celebrity, and although I get stopped for autographs and the like, I don’t think I am famous.
I don’t say I create. I copy, of course. I’ve never been interested in the point of view of the tailor or creator. Fashion is a visual impression. This is why I often refuse the name of fashion designer. It’s a superficial, stupid job. The social-psychological aspect is more interesting.
Franco Moschino
Right now I’d say my favorite fashion designer is Zac Posen.
If I was a fashion designer just following trends or designing for celebrities, I would not be fulfilled.
Christian Lacroix
This is very much my philosophy as a fashion designer. I have never believed in design for design’s sake. For me, the most important thing is that people actually wear my clothes. I do not design for the catwalk or for magazine shoots – I design for customers.
I was always extremely creative. I was very artistic and never strong with numbers or science. I wanted to be an artist or a fashion designer. I wanted to be something that allowed for a lot of imagination.
If one lazily thinks of what a fashion designer might do if he’s going to conquer cinema next, it would be taking the opportunity to display his fashion sensibilities.
I would love to be a fashion designer but that’s easier said than done.
I didn’t want to be a fashion designer, and for a good half of my career I didn’t like it. I always wanted to do other things.
I became a fashion designer to make clothes for the people, not to be a top couturier in the French tradition.
I became a fashion designer by accident. I loved to make portrait drawings when I was a teenager, and from that came the interest in what people were wearing and why they were wearing it.
Ann Demeulemeester
Growing up, I wanted to be a fashion designer, which I’m still in school for. Like, that’s what I want to be: a fashion designer.
Hennessy Carolina
I’ve always wanted to be an actress as well as a fashion designer.
My mother was a fashion designer, and my father was a model.
Paige Butcher
The worlds of art and fashion have always been very intertwined at Dior. Francois-Xavier Lalanne and his wife, Claude, for instance, did windows for Monsieur Dior. Dior himself was a gallerist before becoming the revolutionary fashion designer we all know.
Delphine Arnault
From singing to acting to songwriting to mom to fashion designer! It’s been quite an evolution.
I am trained as a fashion designer and do not claim to be an expert architect or anything like that. I won‘t do something unless I know I can do it.