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There was no such thing as production at Starday. We'd

There was no such thing as production at Starday. We’d go in with the band, we’d go over the song, I’d look over and tell the steel player to take a break or kick it off, and I’d get the fiddle to play a turnaround in the middle.
George Jones
I didn’t want to walk into WWE and be someone who just does bikini matches and played second fiddle to the guys. I wanted to stand out, make people excited to see women‘s wrestling, and show them we can be better than the men.
My father played fiddle and the accordion.
You’ve got to be the best at what you can do – be the best at it! And the best has to be the best; you can’t just fiddle around and hope.
I am not going to fiddle taxes. I pay my accountant a fortune to look after me.
I love five-string banjo. On an electric guitar, let’s say a two-hour show, it starts getting heavy right across the neck and shoulders. And I like to be able to flip it off and grab the fiddle, and that’s just the way I do it.
I take them both seriously – I don’t particularly want to be an ‘actor-musician.’ I want to play the great challenging parts, to be right for the part, rather than just, ‘Oh, he can play the fiddle.’
The tendency of experts is to fiddle around with their expertise rather than trying to find new solutions.
My dad played fiddle as well.
I still play the fiddle every day. I’m afraid if I don’t, it won‘t know who I am.
Johnny Gimble
All my momma‘s people were very musical. My grandpa, who was the Pentecostal minister, he was a great musician. He played the fiddle, he played the piano.
So we in Congress have a very clear choice. We can take largely symbolic action and sit back and fiddle while Americans burn more gasoline. Or we can pass concrete, effective legislation that will save consumers money while significantly reducing U.S. oil consumption.
I was much distressed by next door people who had twin babies and played the violin; but one of the twins died, and the other has eaten the fiddle, so all is peace.
Edward Lear
I stay up nights and fiddle with my opera designs. It’s a bit obsessive. That’s why I can’t do it all the time.
It’s not easy casting the men. You have to go gingerly, but you have to approach the right man at the right time because men don’t want to play second fiddle to a woman. That’s the truth.
I wasn’t getting any work as a songwriter in Texas because I was only known as a fiddle player.
In my brief, home affairs, we have witnessed ministers issue countless dodgy dossiers, fiddle figures and fudge facts.
The ukulele was the first of many instruments they had bought for me. They got me a guitar when I was eleven, which my son Morgan uses until this day. They paid for 3 years of guitar lessons; they bought me a bass fiddle, which I still play.
I have quit chewing tobacco and don’t touch any lager beer, and I don’t speak to the girls at all. I am getting to be a perfect hermit; my fiddle, my dog, and my gun I almost worship.
Wild Bill Hickok
I’ve known Shawn for several years. And he’s just an amazing talent. He’s a great writer, a marvelous, marvelous guitar player, and plays really good fiddle.
Guy Clark
Going back to the Byrds and ‘Sweetheart of the Rodeo,’ when country was kind of getting away from the fiddle and steel aspect, it took some rock & rollers to introduce a new generation to it, and it kinda put some things straight.
The failure of the U.S.’s foreign adventures often seems to have its roots in the U.S.’s total ignorance of things on the ground, of the countries that they fiddle with.
When you’re a big money earner and your husband isn’t, it makes you question how feminine you are. I felt I was less feminine than if I was a supporting wife, or a second fiddle, or ‘Mrs. Higgins.’
I’m playing second fiddle to Justin Bieber – Bieber Fever is sweeping our house, and my girls have made it clear I’m no longer their favourite man.
Chris is the engineer down at the studio where we do these things. And he’s just such an integral part and he has such a marvelous ear. Also it turns out, we didn’t know, but he’s a pretty good fiddle player.
Guy Clark
I found it really hard for a couple of years to do any writing because all I wanted to do was play the fiddle. From the minute I took it up, I just couldn’t put it down.
Kate Thompson
I’ve always been second fiddle, man, to everything. Everything. But I never believed that I was lesser than this person, that person, anybody. I always thought I was on the same level.
There’s some places where, I don’t know if they’re fiddle fans, or Natalie fans or if they just love Celtic music, but there’s some places where there’s just awesome crowds.
Natalie MacMaster
It was really amazing. I mean, he’d never mentioned that he played in the symphony, like serious violin playing, not fiddle playing. And he just blew us away.
Guy Clark
I have never tried to fiddle my role as leader of the city of Sheffield, as an MP or as a minister.
I can’t remember who said, ‘No film is completed, just abandoned,’ but I think most filmmakers will tell you that they could endlessly fiddle with their films for the next couple of decades, you know, changing things, altering things.
I’ve been hearing fiddle music since I was in the womb, I’m sure.
Natalie MacMaster
Choices had become limited postCrook‘ and I was being offered films that had me play second fiddle. I realized that would take me nowhere, so I waited.