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We were in Philadelphia when Manager Pat shifted me fro

We were in Philadelphia when Manager Pat shifted me from third to short, and right off the bat, I knew I had found my dish. Footwork was more a part of the new position than it had been at third. I suddenly felt I had sprouted wings. A world of new possibilities opened for me.
Bobby Wallace
Hassan N’Dam is a very good fighter, he’s very experienced and been around a long time. He’s got good footwork, very good movement.
It’s true that I went to dance classes as a young boy, and it did improve my feet, but I don’t believe that it was solely dancing that helped my footwork.
A lot of people might sit back and watch Dominick Cruz doing his footwork, and say, ‘Oh, Dominick Cruz just dancing around, and he runs away.’ It’s a totally different atmosphere until you get in there, and you actually experience it.
I’ve just tried to do everything I can personally to be the best quarterback I can be, whether it’s doing extra work for my rehab, extra work in the film room, on the board, extra work out on the field with my drops and footwork.
Once I got to college, I didn’t know defensive rotations; my footwork was sloppy. I used to travel every other play.
It’s not always about reach, it’s about footwork, it’s being fast, in and out, stuff like that.
There’s a lot of things I can get better at as far as my footwork, being quicker, getting in and out of the hole, getting north and south.
I’m athletic enough to do guard stuff, so if you were to mold me into having guard moves and footwork in a big‘s body, that’s revolutionizing the game.
Somebody is going to have to do fancy footwork to make sure Elizabeth and John Edwards get their prime-time shot .
At some point, the power side of the game has to peak, players can’t get much bigger. Guys will be doing more footwork and explosive-speed stuff.
I want to be known to fans and appreciated as a ‘boxer-painter’ in regards to speed, footwork, punching power – an art form inside the ring.
A style is not a matter of camera angles or fancy footwork, it’s an expression, an accurate expression of your particular opinion.
Karel Reisz
I’m big. I’m strong. I’m fast. I have the hips. I have the footwork. I’m always trying to perfect my craft, and at the end of the day, I’m just a competitor.
In the battle of existence, Talent is the punch; Tact is the clever footwork.
I’m an orthodox fighter, relaxed, fast, and powerful. And I’ve got good footwork.
I dazzle you with that footwork.
I think footwork is one of the most important things to becoming a great fighter. That’s where everything starts.
I’ve been working on my footwork a lot.
Footwork is the biggest element to any quarterback game because if it’s off, it will mess with your mechanics.
You see Tom Brady, you see Alex Smith, and you see all those guys in the pocket and how quick they are with their footwork and how they get the ball out fast. I have to get like that.
When you have an audience standing and screaming the entire way through the short program and cheering every element you do, whether it’s footwork, or spin, or a jump, to have that kind of emotion coming at you from every direction in the building, it’s the most amazing sensation you can get as a sportsman.
I accept MMA, I appreciate MMA, I even get techniques from MMA, surprisingly, like footwork techniques and how I move. It’s different and unorthodox to what boxers are normally used to.
If you look at a lot of the best kicking footwork in the sport, karate has a huge influence. You can’t be effective with it if you don’t apply it correctly, however. You look at Conor McGregor, who is known for his boxing, but when I watch him fight I see a lot of karate movement with how he goes in and out.
Personally, I always try to focus on the little things in my game. As a defender and attacking outside back, I continuously work on completing passes, not being too predictable going forward into the attack, good services into the box, good positioning and footwork.
Daisuke Takahashi has really good footwork.
Blocking is part physicality and part physics. You have to be the lower man and get your hands inside to control your opponent‘s mass. If you have short footwork, tight hands and if you play low, you can hold your own.
With any player, especially at quarterback, I don’t care if you’re talking Tom Brady or Peyton Manning or Drew Brees: you want to make sure to continue to hammer down the fundamentals, and it all starts with your feet. Everything starts with footwork.
Even as a coach, sometimes you forget the little intricacies of the offense, the details of the routes, the timing of the footwork, and the timing of the offensive tackles with the different sets that they have.
I used to break dance. I can do some good James Brown footwork. But now I think I’ve danced too much. My girlfriend made fun of me: ‘Enough with the dancing.’
Soccer helped especially with my footwork. When I played soccer, I was on offense scoring goals – I didn’t pass the ball so much so it probably didn’t help much with being a point guard.
I’m a lot more comfortable in the ring. I’m comfortable catching punches, and defensively, I feel like I’ve improved a lot. I am banking on my athleticism. I’ve worked hard on my footwork.
A lot of what I do is try to watch tape and understand how guys come out of breaks – what their footwork looks like, or how they look at the top of a pass route. Guys have tendencies. I try to understand what they do, which allows me to be successful.
Kobe Bryant was the reason I started playing basketball – always was and will be my favorite player of all time. I love the way he could get his shot off, his footwork down in the post, just his determination to be the best player.
MMA embodies a lot of disciplines of sports with footwork and with football, especially with the punching technique you get the hand and eye coordination.
I believe I’m better than everybody when it comes to footwork, timing, reflexes, defense, you name it.
I don’t have the same serve speed as some of the guys, but I have good footwork, and I take the ball early.
You’ve got to learn the footwork, the positioning, how to box out, how to pass, how to shoot your free throws. All these things are necessary, not to be the No. 1 player in the world, but maybe you can play against him.
I’m fast and I move well so I know how to come in at weird angles and keep my feet under me. I’m looking for that power shot and I might not be able to fire off anything after it if my feet aren’t under me. Footwork is a huge part of my game.
At 15 I was very clumsy, big feet and my footwork wasn’t great. I was definitely not quick.