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I love Lady Gaga, Rihanna - all the pop girls like Katy

I love Lady Gaga, Rihanna – all the pop girls like Katy Perry. I think Miley Cyrus is very talented, too. Apart from the visuals, which you may like or not like, but her music is quite good, actually. ‘Wrecking Ball’ is quite a good song, and she sang it really nicely.
Millennials give comics the kind of adulation past generations reserved for musicians. We respect Lady Gaga. But we’ll travel hundreds of miles to touch the hem of Jon Stewart’s robe.
I listen to music – Lady Gaga, Kanye, Jay-Z, the Beatles, Robert Plantwhile I’m walking down Fifth Avenue to my office in the Trump Tower early each morning.
As big as Metallica are, they’re still not like a pop act. As big as they are, they’re still not U2 or Lady Gaga. It’s still underground.
I’m a musichead. My favorite Gaga song of all time is ‘You & I’ – it might not be the popular vote in terms of charts or sales, but it’s my favorite.
I love working in television, and I’ve been thrilled to be a part of so many wonderful shows. I worked with Lady Gaga on ‘Gossip Girl,’ and the brilliant Felicity Huffman on ‘Desperate Housewives,’ but I think my favorite TV job so far was the pilot I shot for the CW Network this year called ‘Joey Dakota.’
Erich Bergen
My family, the support of my friends, the amount of people that have written and come up to me on the street and said, ‘Thank you for representing us,’ and Adam Lambert, and Lady Gaga, that’s been amazing.
I love Lady Gaga and I love Katy Perry and R&B and rap music… I love big, American pop music.
Certainly, people like Gaga have introduced a new type of hat-wearing.
I’ve created, directed and choreographed for Lady Gaga since the beginning, so ‘Born This Way,’ this was musically such an amazing evolution and such a brilliant record. So when she played it for me, it took me a while to find out the visual interpretation that I could give back to her.
If you only ever heard Lady Gaga, she’s the most boring singer in the world.
Lady Gaga is one of the most amazingly talented musicians to bring her gifts to humanity in a long time.
I have an ounce of Lady Gaga’s full-bodied ambition.
Nobody works harder than Lady Gaga. Nobody. She is unbelievable. I don’t know how she sleeps, or when or if.
Ryan Tedder
I’m not a corporate machine. I’m not Lady Gaga, I’m not Madonna, I don’t have a million dollars behind me and big giant record companies. I am an organic artist.
I’m obsessed with Lady Gaga. I saw her at the Alexander Wang fashion show after-party, and I think she’s the nicest person ever.
I respect Lady Gaga’s work as an artist and as a fellow fashion icon. She is a very talented performer, playing the piano, singing live, and dancing, too.
If you go back to the ’80s, you had a whole plethora of artists, everyone from Madonna and Cyndi Lauper to Prince. God bless Lady Gaga for doing her thing, but she’s kind of a lone peacock now. If anything, we have a much more conservative kind of pop world. It’s not necessarily about individuality.
She’s been around so long and she doesn’t disappoint ever. Gaga also thinks out of the box and that’s what the best artists do.
I’m a huge Lady GaGa fan – she makes the world a more incredible place.
Ryan Tedder
When I first heard Lady Gaga’s ‘Born This Way,’ I looked out the window for the car alarm going off.
She was a performance artist calling herself Lady Gaga, who had a European dance-club sound and pop-star aspirationselements that historically haven‘t mixed.
I think Lady Gaga is talented. Madonna is talented, and the flair that Michael Jackson had. He was talented! Whatever it is that they do, they must be doing something right. They do have an audience out there, so I respect that.
I’m such a huge fan, and I’ve done classes of all Lady Gaga music. And she’s just someone who evokes freedom and love for her fans and passion in what she does. Lady Gaga, I’ll take you out for a salad anytime.
New York‘s various undergrounds can make for a disciplined apprenticeship, and Gaga takes pride in her earliest fan base of art, fashion and music students.
Gaga came to me, and I just could not find a soul. I come from church; maybe that has something to do with it. I like to get to the soul of a person. I just didn’t feel a soul.
As for Lady GaGa, she’s just a copy of Madonna.
Nobody has communicated with the public more than Lady Gaga. Ever. I trust the audience, and I’m very impressed. As far as they’re concerned, she’s part of their family. The only guy who ever did that was Bing Crosby, years ago.
When you’re around me and really see that all I do is live and breathe for my work, it’s not strange, it’s just Gaga.
I love the way Lady Gaga finds humour in fashion, but it’s still very stylised.
I can tell you, to me, Lady Gaga is Madonna with diarrhea.
Obviously, Gaga’s one of the greatest music visionaries of our time, and Beyonce is one of the greatest visions of our time. She is a music visionary, too.
I have beautiful, beautiful clothes, designed by my bachelor boy son, Kenny. Kenny has a big following as it is, and even Lady Gaga has asked Kenny to design dresses for her. But Kenny isn’t very keen on, well, shall we say, extreme women. He likes someone that women all over the world can identify with.
I’ve been to every Lady Gaga concert.
To this day, some of my closest friends say, ‘Gaga, you know, everything‘s great. You’re a singer; your dreams have come true.’ But, still, when certain things are said to you over and over again as you’re growing up, it stays with you and you wonder if they’re true.
Be like Sasha Fierce. Be like Miley Cyrus. Be like Rihanna. Be like Lady Gaga. Be like Rita Ora and Sia. Be like Madonna. I cannot be like them, except to the extent that they are already being like me.
You can do anything and be a star. You can dress like however you want, and you can do whatever you want. If you wanna wear meat suits like Lady Gaga, good. She’s freaking amazing! She’s doing that, and she’s unbelievable. I can wear T-shirts and still be great, too. So that’s just what I’m proving to people.
I’ve always wanted to continue work as an actor in Hollywood. So being in a film with Lady Gaga is something I’m trying to get my head around. It’s a fabulous dream honey, don’t wake me.
I had a lot of fun during all the performances, but the most memorable one was ‘Born This Way.’ Lady Gaga is one of our favorite artists, and I remember the Once in America had the best reaction when we performed that song for them.
Lady Gaga is not saying anything new, she’s just quoting something that’s already been said, and staging it. It rarely seems sincere. That’s why I always try to say something authentic.
There obviously are a hell of a lot of people that love Lady Gaga. But to me, she’s been the theatre of the absurd. And the more absurd it is, the bigger she got.
I was gaga about dinosaurs as a kid.
David H. Koch
I listen to everything from Lady Gaga to Lady Antebellum. I’ve got Frank Sinatra. I’ve got old stuff, new stuff. Iggy Azalea. I’ve got everything.
Develop your eccentricities while you are young. That way, when you get old, people won’t think you’re going gaga.
When you sing live, you cannot expect any artist, except for the amazing Beyonce or GaGa, to get it right every time.
The reason we care so much about what happens to the likes of Lady Gaga is not because her shenanigans will ever impact our lives; rather because our brain doesn’t realize there’s a difference between rock stars we know about and relatives we know.
I love Lady Gaga. When I was in high school, I really wanted to dress like her.
Some of the most successful artists are the weirdest ones – look at Lady Gaga. I’ve done shows with her and she’s amazing.
I used to like Lady Gaga. I still love her. But what I like about LMFAO is that they’re completely outside of the box; they’re completely different. They’re not ridiculous, but they are not afraid of it. And also, it’s a certain type of artistry.
I wanted to get out in the world, have a great job, make my mark, and see how far I could go. And I wanted to make good on the philosophy my mother drilled into us with all the subtlety of a Lady Gaga performance. I got it loud and clear. I would need to succeed, and then I could possibly be happy.
Lady Gaga is the Picasso of the entertainment world. She’s very intelligent.
I’m obsessed with artists like Lady Gaga. I’m obsessed with artists like Lana Del Rey.
I was surprised to see the kind of synergy we made with Lady Gaga and our colors.
I like all kinds of music artists like Akon. I even listen to Lady Gaga.
When Lady Gaga wears a meat dress, it’s meant to be controversial, but then it turns into money, and it’s all fine.
If you are the record label who owns Lady Gaga, and you have a new artist coming up, you can say, ‘Let’s have the artist play just before Gaga.’ Now you’ve exposed the huge Gaga audience to the new artist. It’s similar to showing a trailer before a movie. The hit creates a hit.
I get a lot – a lot – of requests to make things that are like Lady Gaga. Like, ‘I’m a 9-year-old girl in Wisconsin. Please dress me like Lady Gaga. How much would this cost?’
I like Lady Gaga because I like that she pushes the envelope.
Pat Benatar
Let the record show I would never turn down a role with Lady Gaga.
Lady Gaga has a very unjaded intelligence. It’s brilliant, ’cause it’s anti-snob.
I like Kylie Minogue sometimes – I like a lot of unusual stuff… I don’t know – I like Justin Timberlake over Lady Gaga, just musically.
Artists like Justin Bieber or Lady Gaga have more sway over popular minds than a politician.
I was on some TV shows with Lady Gaga the other week, and you could see the difference in reaction between her fans and my fans outside. She comes out, and she looks like a star, and the reaction is just tears, crying, people going, ‘Oh my God, Oh my God.’ My fans are like: ‘Alright, Ed.’
For my group of friends is Lady Gaga eye-opening? No. She’s a less dangerous version of what was so cool about pop culture in the ’80s. Back then it was so gay and so punk in so many ways.
I don’t really have a style icon but I really admire the way people dress like Gaga, Rihanna and Gwen Stefani. It’s good to be inspired by singers who write music and dress incredibly – rather than models and people in the fashion industry who dress immaculately anyway because it’s their style.
I want people to understand that from the minute Lady Gaga arrived, she created a new set of rules: being different is good; embrace it.
I was very disenchanted in the industry for a long time before I met GaGa. Everyone wanted a ‘Single Ladies‘ for their artist, or a Puffy move.
I’ll tell you who makes me laugh, in a good way, and I’d love to have a date with her: if I could just have a salad with Lady Gaga? This would be my – I would almost probably faint.
Performers should really go to the best schools, like Lady Gaga, you know, she went to NYU and had great teachers… It’s best to really study your technique as much as you possibly can so you can have a long career instead of a quick one that’s a failure.
Lady Gaga is the present and the future. She is the most revolutionary and inspirational artist. She is fearless and daring.
Any time anyone says anything nice about me, whether it’s Lady Gaga or your neighbor, it’s a nice feeling, I’m very grateful for it. It’s very helpful for your career. Every time someone says something complimentary it introduces you to their audience. It gives you credibility.
She’s got her own thing going, Lady Gaga is a genius as a fashion icon.
Someone I would love to do a beautiful and glamorous red carpet moment is Lady Gaga.
Lady Gaga said to me, ‘You showed me how it’s done.’ I have no idea what she meant by ‘it.’
I admire Lady Gaga. She wears exactly what she likes, no matter how good or bad it turns out.
Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Rihanna, all of these artists that we do love – you see so much of what we do, the personas, makeup, hair, fashion – like, all of is now incorporated in pop culture, and a lot of it has to do with drag, because we over-exaggerate everything, right? We take it out to the next level.
Lady Gaga listens to me. Her mantra is only one word – ‘Bikram’ – because Bikram makes her what she is today. It works.
I was doing these performance art pop music pieces in the city. And they were a bit on the eccentric side I suppose. So people started to call me Gaga after the Queen song ‘Radio Gaga.’
Lady Gaga is my big fashion inspiration. I look up to her a lot.
One thing I love about Lady Gaga is I feel like her sound is always evolving and changing with her and her phases of life.
If somebody wants to get inside my brain and figure out what I’m chasing, what I’m after think Richard Branson, think Madonna, think Lady Gaga.
There will always be kids in every generation that understand that Lady Gaga is not music, it’s theater.
With Gaga – she’s not afraid to take chances. You get these dynamic projects because of it. She’s completely unafraid.
Lady Gaga is phenomenal. From the first day I met her, she was lightning in a bottle.
Do you believe in Madonna? Because Lady Gaga has got something to say about ‘Express Yourself,’ and she’s turned Madonna’s fourth-best single of 1989 into her own instant-classic club anthem, ‘Born This Way.’
In the book of Gaga, fame is in your heart, fame is there to comfort you, to bring you self-confidence and worth whenever you need it.
In high school, I listened to Lady Gaga and I was really obsessed with just being who you are and owning that experience – she was a really big inspiration in that aspect to me and my friends, who were young and growing up, and making our way through the city and the world.
I toured with Lady Gaga, and her choreographer is incredibly talented and develops some crazy routines. Lady Gaga is very involved in the dancing, too, and she always wants to have creative input. I had an incredible time with her!
A Star Is Born’ was everything. Gaga and Bradley, and having people you look up to laugh at your jokes, felt really good.
I was 14 when I decided I wanted to start doing music and stuff. I was a really big fan of Ben Howard, and he put out a really amazing album in 2014, and then, after being inspired by my dad and Lady Gaga and Ed Sheeran, I wanted to start writing songs.
I have a personal barber, Mister C. He lives in Brooklyn, but he travels with me. He used to cut Lady Gaga’s hair, but he fired her to work for me.
I would love to work with Karlie Kloss and model for Chanel. And I would love to be in a music video with Lady Gaga or Taylor Swift, my two favorite artists.
Madeline Stuart
All of the agreed-upon pariahs throughout pop-culture history put their identities into the thing we decry. And yet we derive our own identities from the act of hating. We connect on the things we are disappointed in. Some may argue that nothing in history gathers a crowd like complaining about Lady Gaga’s meat dress.
I am thrilled Lady Gaga has helped to teach her audience about long durational work and performance art.
After graduating from flares and platforms in the early 1970s, I started drama school wearing a pair of khaki dungarees with one of my Dad’s Army shirts, accessorised by a cat‘s basket doubling as a handbag. Very Lady Gaga.
Lady Gaga is a professional, truly, and someone who I aspire to be like as an entertainer.
There are people we look up to, like Lady Gaga and what she’s built. She’s not afraid to own who she is.
Ian Axel
In general, people are comfortable sharing their music. There are two exceptions, though – Lady Gaga and Britney Spears.
Gaga is an entertainer, so a hat for her is part of the illusion of entertaining.
I’ll never take any credit for Lady Gaga or Katy Perry’s success. But I knew within a month that Gaga was going to be huge.
I really love when music artists like Lady Gaga or Michael Jackson wear outrageous things. Obviously, if I wore something like that I’d look like an idiot, but I really respect fashion.
I like to think of myself as the people’s pop star a little bit. I respect Lady Gaga so much, and I love what she does, but she has this kind of mysterious, out-of-reach thing. I’m just not that – as much as I’d love to have that sort of mystique, I think I’m kind of an open book.
I’m pretty sure I’m going to fall in my GaGa shoes one night on tour and I’m hoping it becomes a Youtube sensation.
Chris Colfer
Lady Gaga? She’s cool! She works really hard. When we would have our dance rehearsals, she wasn’t the singer that was like, ‘Oh, I’ll just stand in front.’ She wanted to learn everything – she was doing the dance moves. She’s a good dancer.
I respect Lady Gaga very much.
It was a privilege and an honor to work alongside Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper. Working with people at the top of their game was like a master class.
There are so many things to learn from Lady Gaga.
I can’t list all the influences that Lady Gaga has given me and my generation.
I don’t have Twitter, but Lady Gaga tweeted at me – like, reposted an interview where I was fangirling – and wrote, ‘Katherine’ with a love heart. And I kind of freaked out a little bit.
Kids love Lady Gaga because she’s a freak, and she’s one of the few people doing that, but unfortunately, Lady Gaga hasn’t got the tunes. She’s not David Bowie or Roxy Music.
I really like Lady GaGa and everything she is for her fans.
I’m ready to do something with Lady Gaga or Andrea Bocelli. I’m really grateful that nothing is out of the realm of possibility.
It was so incredible meeting Lady Gaga. I mean I’m gaga for Gaga, literally. We kind of just each flew to each other like magnets after the ceremony ended and we were both just crying and hugging.
You can’t make an artist like Lady Gaga. You can help support, you can help develop the vision – I think you can add to the vision – but you just can’t make an artist like that. That’s like saying Lebron James‘ high school coach made Lebron James.
The whole point of Lady Gaga is that anyone can do it. A few years ago she was a nobody. She talks about how it’s important for people to know that by sheer force of will they can bring about anything they want in their lives.
Huge fan of Lady Gaga – huge, mega, superfan.
The thing you can’t underestimate is the true fan’s intimacy. So Lady Gaga or anybody‘s true fan, I don’t think they’re going anywhere. There are people who are into commitment. If they’re connecting with an artist, I think they’ll be there over the long course.
Gaga is a gorgeous singer, and when she sings a great ballad, I get goose bumps.
I worked with Lady Gaga for a day on a video shoot. It was crazy; we had a lot of fun. I had a great time.
There are certain people you feel like you’ve known for a long time from the moment you meet them, and that’s exactly how it was with Gaga.