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My family moved out of London's East End to a tiny vill

My family moved out of London‘s East End to a tiny village. The school I went to was supposed to be mixed gender, but there were hardly any boys born that year. So, yes, joining a youth theatre was a fun way to meet the opposite sex!
Whether born from experience or inherent physiological or cultural differences, our gender and national origins may and will make a difference in our judging.
‘Hanna’ has grown up in wilderness. It highlights humanness and animal-ness in humans. She has an interesting take on gender and love.
We’re supposed to be bringing out-of-the-box thinking and innovation, and you cannot do that unless you’ve got diversity… It’s everything from gender to ethnicity to geographic diversity.
So many people go through life, and they never deal with their own issues, no matter what the issues are – ours happen to be gender identity. But, how many people go through life and just waste an entire life ’cause they’d never deal with themselves to be who they are.
Climate change and variations particularly impact many aspects of life that are inextricably linked to health: food security, economic livelihoods, air safety, and water and sanitation systems. Gender differences in health risks are likely to be worsened by climate change.
There are racial and gender implications to how we think about what leadership looks like in the country.
I have been studying women’s political behavior since the early 1970s and first identified the gender gap in 1980 with the help of legendary pollster Louis Harris.
Eleanor Smeal
You’re brought up not to hit girls, that it’s the worst sin, and that’s what I do. But you know, gender is the last thing I think about when I’m fighting. It’s the one situation where I don’t think of gender at all.
Gender is not an easy conversation to have. It makes people uncomfortable, sometimes even irritable. Both men and women are resistant to talk about gender or are quick to dismiss the problems of gender. Because thinking of changing the status quo is always uncomfortable.
People who buy your product or use your service don’t care how tall or short you are, or what gender you are, or your age. It is irrelevant. That is not the basis on which your product is judged.
I believe all men, all women, regardless of race, gender, socioeconomic background, you deserve the same rights.
My characters have never waged a war against any gender. They are all about friendship and being loyal to your friends.
A lot of people still have the idea that drag goes from one end of the gender spectrum to the other end of the gender spectrum, and they expect drag queens to be masculine out of drag and hyper-feminine in drag. I think that portrays a lot of binary thinking and, ultimately, a lot of misogyny.
Our parents treated all three of us – two sisters and a brotherequally. When it came to education, or our future plans, there was no discrimination between us based on our gender.
If a woman is successful, then she’s deemed to be the exception that proves the rule. If a woman fails, well, we’re all failures. That kind of underlying approach to our gender doesn’t seem to me to have changed an iota.
At the end of the day, both men and women who become CEOs have showed tenacity and hard work to succeed in their careers. It takes not just skills but also extreme dedication and commitment. And regardless of gender, CEOs are measured by the same criteria – the growth and success of the business.
All human beings deserve equal treatment, no matter their gender identity or sexuality.
It’s almost comical how un-liberal liberal Hollywood is when it comes to fighting gender and racial bias.
It’s about hard work and not gender.
No, feminism isn’t ‘over.’ We need it not only to challenge injustice but because the whole gender expectations thing is bad for men, too.
I have lectured at the U.N. and travelled widely, giving lectures on human rights and gender inequalities in universities. But this is a life I do not wish to live. I don’t want to be a showcase, I want to be in a battlefield where I can stand beside the oppressed and the poor.
Cricket is not gender biased. It isn’t that men’s cricket is different and women’s a different one.
What I learned through my research is that the word ‘actor,’ specifically in reference to those who performed in plays, came about in the late 1500s as a non-gendered word. It applied to all people, regardless of anatomical sex or gender identity.
A hero could be anyone who does something heroic, irrespective of the gender.
Since signing up to Think Act Report, the majority of members are taking more action and publishing more information on gender equality.
I want for every child – regardless of their background, gender, caste, etc. – to be able to access schools that are safe and supportive so that they can learn and thrive.
It’s so interesting that when somebody‘s pregnant, we are obsessed with knowing the gender of the child so we can figure out what we need to buy that child, what the present would be. Like we’re pre-programming the kid before they were born.
Accenture has long been a champion of inclusion and diversity and, specifically, gender balance at every level of our organization, including our board of directors.
Few politicians did much to move the needle toward anything resembling gender equality, but it was President Nixon who first threw women under the political bus of Movement Conservatism.
The more normal it gets for people to see people of a gender or skin tone they wouldn’t expect in jobs that they wouldn’t expect, or speaking a way they wouldn’t expect them to, the more it cultivates a sense that we share more than separates us.
Kelly McCreary
I have gender dysphoria and body dysmorphia. I don’t like to see pictures of myself.
In Sweden, there’s a lot of talk of gender equality. That discussion isn’t as prevalent in the U.S. I feel that successful American women are tougher than Swedish women – they create their space.
I think it’s so funny because straight people just don’t think about gender in their songs, or making a statement by talking about love.
I think our whole family just never limited ourselves to what anybody expected of us based on our gender. I never grew up that way.
Jessi Combs
When you see white, cisgendered, heterosexual men having conversations about gender identity where they go, ‘Oh, those are your pronouns? OK, great. Let’s get back to work,’ it allows other people to say, ‘Maybe if they can do it, I can do it.’
I spent so many years not understanding my own gender identity, not having the language to talk about it, and not feeling safe in many environments to talk about it.
It doesn’t matter what the colour of your skin is, your sexual preference, the region where you were born, your gender. We’re all equal… We can’t take certain minorities and think they have super powers and are different from the others.
It’s a controversial issue: many feminists reasonably worry that by taking the concentration off gender as an independent locus of oppression, we dilute the strength of a women’s movement, or of women’s rights advocacy.
The biggest deficit in terms of gender equality at Ozon lay in our IT department. So we made a decision, along with our key IT leaders, to remove all filters and systemically interview all the women who apply.
I didn’t know there were options like gender neutral or gender fluid. I later realized you could be a girl and dress like a guy.
An assumption underlying almost all comments on interruptions is that they are aggressive, but the line between what’s perceived as assertiveness or aggressiveness almost certainly shifts with an interrupter’s gender.
I always say I never felt ‘latched’ to a gender. I just kind of always felt like myself, and I never felt like I had to do certain things or be a certain way to fit into a certain mold.
My commitment to gender equality is rooted in the quintessentially American principle of equal justice under law.
Like many teens, I struggled with my body and looks, but my despair was amplified by the expectations of cisnormativity and the gender binary as well as the impossibly high beauty standards that I, and my female peers, measured myself against.
Too often, when transgender people die, family members or funeral homes will end up dressing a body of a transgender person in the garments of the gender that they were assigned at birth instead of their gender identity. They’re often dead-named and misgendered.
Gender is something that occurs in the mind, and sex is something that occurs, you know, everywhere else on the body. And whether or not those two things happen to align – well, if they do, great. If they don’t, also great.
When it comes to dividing Americans on the basis of their gender, I know a little something about the subject.
Once you open up the Pandora‘s box of race and gender… you’re never done.
Why categorise crime as a gender issue? Why should a man or woman be more inclined to believe in certain basic values?
I think it’s time we all agree that gender stereotypes are simply the confabulation of our own mind.
We have a history of gender and racial bias on our court that continues to undermine the system. Excluding individuals based on race is antagonistic to the pursuit of justice.
I first wrote about Michael Jackson in the 1980s. His skin was growing paler, his features thinner, and his aura more feminine. Some called him a traitor to his race. Some fussed about his gender fluidity. I saw him as a post-modern shape-shifter. But the shifts grew more extreme and mysterious.
I’ve been lucky. I’ve been at a place that’s a meritocracy. It doesn’t really matter that much what your gender is if you do the work well.
My experience with ‘Transparent‘ has completely spoiled me because it was the safest, most transpositive set ever. I didn’t have to worry about all the usual things – like when people have a vision of your transness that you’re not comfortable with. When they don’t know the correct gender pronouns by which to refer to you.
Building on our strong track record of supporting developing countries, including in areas like climate justice, human rights, gender and education, Ireland recognises that vulnerable communities need very considerable assistance in adapting to climate change.
Study after study confirms that even when you control for variables like profession, education, hours worked, age, marital status, and children, men still are compensated substantially more – even in professions, like nursing, dominated by women. No wonder there’s a gender gap.
There are many things that matter much more than an editor‘s gender in shaping the direction of the leadership.
Our true nature is free of any and all notions of gender, of any notions of difference whatsoever.
It’s definitely a problem inside the technology industry – not just gender discrimination. Diversity is an issue within technology, within Expedia.
For men’s college coaches through to the NBA, I think basketball people are basketball people. When you start talking the game, gender has gone out the window, and they just talk basketball with you.
I want the men of our nation to stand and take a stand against gender based violence.
I really don’t care about what anyone says unless they are also gender-nonconforming. Then I really listen. I love the solidarity felt between us gender failures.
When I’m doing an exaggerated character, I hope it’s clear I don’t think this is how women do, or should, act. There’s aspects of Looney Tunes in drag. But there’s something poignant about a man dressed as a woman, talking about gender. It can make you realize how similar the genders really are.
I think I’m a humanist. I believe all humans should have equal rights to live, express, flourish, love and dissent, irrespective of their gender, caste, class, socio-economic strata, disabilities, political stance, religion or faith.
I am only really attracted to people who are very open-minded and embrace and celebrate people who live outside the gender norm.
The ‘Crossfire’ demographic is all-encompassing. Age, gender, religion, culture… it doesn’t matter.
I am still bowled over by this great young adult novel by David Levithan called ‘Every Day,’ which is about a character with no gender or body who wakes up every day in the body of a different person. It’s a really impressive execution of a really great premise.
I believe in assigned sex but not necessarily gender. Gender is a learned construct that is detrimental to both sexes.
The way I approach the character isn’t about being gay or straight. It’s just about who you love. Gender has very little to do with it.
Mia Kirshner
In the entertainment industry women are often judged. They judge bigger women, they judge black women, and older women too. We just don’t do that in drag. Drag is open to everyone, regardless of gender, body shape or age.
There is – and always will be – the legacy of chattel slavery in this nation, an obsession with racial and gender differences, but I think that, at its best, this nation is capable of creating standards for itself and reaching towards those standards.
The beautiful thing about stand-up advice is that it applies to anybody, any gender, any race, any age. The best thing you can do – everybody will tell you – is get on stage as much as you can. I would add to that: get on stage as much as you can – with the people you admire.
The gender thing doesn’t exist; it’s a social construct you don’t have to fit into.
First there’s my role just as an executive being responsible for advertising, regardless of gender. I think that’s a position that I take seriously. That’s the first role. But I think for my role as a woman at Google, you try to set a good example and be a role model for the other women in the organization.
I’ve struggled with gender norms my whole life, always feeling like I wasn’t black-and-white; I was in this gray area, and gray areas really scare people because you can’t define them.
To make a good film is an art. Gender is irrelevant when it comes to craft of filmmaking.
In 1984, Geraldine Ferraro made history by participating in the first male-on-female vice presidential debate against George H. W. Bush. What should have been a groundbreaking moment for gender equality in politics became a forum for old gender expectations.
The #metoo campaign opened a particular window into the gender dynamics in technology, with many prominent women speaking out.
I was never afraid to try female products. I didn’t believe in those gender identities as it related to products.
As far as I’m concerned, being any gender is a drag.
You should never be put into a mold based on your gender.
God does not discriminate against people, regardless of color, religion, social class, or gender and sexual preferences.
If someone believes they are limited by their gender, race or background, they will become more limited.
At the end of the day, I think people are starting to realize that if you say you stand for equality, it has to be equality across the board. It can’t just be equality for people who look like me, are my gender, think or love like me. It has to be equality for everybody.
I’m a drag artist, and we put so much effort into creating characters, so the easiest way to show us respect is to call us by the name we gave ourselves and refer to the gender we have chosen to be on stage.
I have certainly been very front footed about increasing our gender representation at Westpac.
Gail Kelly
Sex and gender are such befuddling mysteries even for those of us who are in the mainstream that you’d think we’d be wary of being judgmental. Yet much of society clings to a view that gender is completely binary, when, in fact, there’s overwhelming evidence of a continuum.
Soccer, more often than not, helps to unite the world. What this Muslim ban is doing is dividing it: separating ‘Us’ and ‘Them’ to another degree, adding more division to a country that already struggles with race, religion, sexual orientation, and gender.
Typical news accounts and commentaries about school shootings and rampage killings rarely mention gender.
I didn’t want to be discriminated against because of my gender and status. I promised myself I was never going to be treated as a second-class citizen.
I am a black American, I say, and thus announce my atavistic connection to all others who live as black Americans, to all who ever lived as black Americans. Religion, caste, class, gender and race can all be atavisms, and they are inherently anti-democratic because they exclude all outside the atavism.
It is not easy to be a filmmaker but it has nothing to do with my gender.
Not only do we need more women in the technology sector, we also clearly need to refocus energy on improving gender equality in the global economy.
American Muslims – young American Muslims in particular – are starting to understand that unless they are willing to stand up for all the other oppressed communities in this country, including those discriminated against for their gender or sexuality, then no one will stand up for them.
True gender equality in Scotland – and elsewhere – is still some way off.
Being trans means different things to different people. Some people don’t take hormones, some people don’t have surgery, some people are just happy living in the clothes of their chosen gender.
We need to start identifying the triggers that aggravate mental health issues in our society – bullying, social media negativity and anxiety, gender based violence, substance abuse, stigma around issues such as maternal issues, etc., and we need to speak up about these more and get to the source of the problems.
Looking back at my career, I wish I knew then what I know now… that gender bias is built into the system, and it’s unconscious in many ways. I wish I had the maturity and courage to have pushed back more. I was always trying to be a ‘good girl‘ and play by the rules.
We will not achieve gender equality in the workplace until we fix our system of parental leave.
My own experience of gender has been about a lot of fluidity. In drag, I like to combine aspects of masculinity and femininity and rewrite the rules for those.
I decided on a chocolate business. I love the history of chocolate and making it and the fact that people of any gender, age, and race enjoy it. I found a space in Brooklyn that had not been used in 30 years. Then I talked to an investor who wanted more than 50 percent of the business.
Presenting myself and my gender is about my right to exist.
Chelsea Manning
We owe it to the audience to put more characters onscreen that reflect them and that speak to issues of race and gender as well as to a character’s sexual preference.
I guess people have this image of women being more compassionate, being the mother, being caring, but I don’t know if that’s true. I think it’s an image we’ve all carried over the years. I never want to attribute certain qualities to gender.
Caroline Dhavernas
Whether we like it or not, gender differences matter in a combat situation.
Men need to change their mentality. Talent has nothing to do with gender. If you’re making a good film, you should always support that.
Ankita Lokhande
Do not ghettoize society by putting people into legal categories of gender, race, ethnicity, language, or other such characteristics.
Preston Manning
Few professors would dare to publish research or teach a course debunking the claims made in various ethnic, gender, or other ‘studiescourses.
If we don’t think that men and boys are part of the solution in this battle for gender equality for the balance between who we are as humans, we’re undermining their minds and their spirits. They need to be part of the equation.
Every American deserves to live in freedom, to have his or her privacy respected and a chance to go as far as their ability and effort will take them – regardless of race, gender, ethnicity or economic circumstances.
There is a plan and a purpose, a value to every life, no matter what its location, age, gender or disability.
Let’s not confuse traditional behaviours with good manners. The definition of etiquette is gender neutral – it simply means we strive at all times to ensure a person in our company feels at ease.
Creating whole departments of ethnic, gender, and other ‘studies’ was part of the price of academic peace. All too often, these ‘studies’ are about propaganda rather than serious education.
It’s all too common that when we talk about diversity and inclusion, and gender equity in the workplace, it translates to just white women.
There are several places in Vietnam where they’re teaching computer science from second grade in class, so they don’t have a gender divide because everybody is expected to program.
Equality for all is what we should all want, between race, religion, gender, sexuality… it doesn’t matter.
There aren’t a lot of female story artists, and it’s baffling to me. There are a lot of kids in school that are female and I wonder, ‘Where did they all go?’ People have brought it up, asking me, ‘What did you do?’ I don’t really know. I puttered along, did my thing and gender has really never been an issue.
From the time I was 20 and people would say, ‘Chicks with Picks,’ I hated it. It’s not a genre, it’s a gender.
I think gender parity is a crucial part of any healthy society. It’s applicable to the entire world.
I feel like one of the most successful heroines in science-fiction cinema is Sigourney Weaver in ‘Aliens’ – I love her, and as a guy, no part of my brain thinks of her gender.
The one thing that unites all human beings, regardless of age, gender, religion or ethnic background, is that we all believe we are above-average drivers.
One of the first studies in the field of gender and language, by Don H. Zimmerman and Candace West in 1975, found that in casual conversations between women and men, women were interrupted far more often.
Any serious shift towards more sustainable societies has to include gender equality.
Thanks to advancements in gender equality, you now have salty women like me who not only follow politics but also share their opinions on the daily.
I say the law should be blind to race, gender and sexual orientation, just as it claims to be blind to wealth and power. There should be no specially protected groups of any kind, except for children, the severely disabled and the elderly, whose physical frailty demands society’s care.
We’re still stuck in male, female, feminism. I don’t believe in, you know… I believe in gender equality.
I feel like there’s no such thing as gender.
American movies are often very good at mining those great underlying myths that make films robustly travel across class, age, gender, culture.
I even felt like I liked guys better than women – that men were relevant and women weren’t. It took me a while to realize I’d been socialized to have a slighting view of my own gender.
Maybe our work appeals to some people more than others. But the opportunities that I present to my colleagues are completely uninfluenced by gender, race, sexual orientation, or religion.
In New Zealand, men and women would not take a party seriously if it did not have a good gender – and increasingly racial – mix. It’s not about being politically correct; it’s just who we are.
It’d be very difficult to cast me as a ballet dancer. Everybody is, in some sense, controlled by their size and their gender. I’m not going to be allowed to play the part that Denzel Washington plays.
We need to make sure we’re bringing in diverse voices and not expecting everyone to be a representation of their ethnicity or their age or their gender, but judge them individually and make sure that we’re figuring out who the person is and not just checking a box.
Nobody should be treated any type of way because of their color, their race, their gender, their socioeconomic status. We’re all human.
Dance music has no gender, class or creeds.
Since Gamergate, many women I know are reluctant to speak publicly on gender issues, because they fearrightly – that they will be targeted and harassed.
She raised me to not think of men and women as different. She raised me without gender. It’s kind of the reason she named me Billie. It’s not about being a strong woman – it’s about being a strong person.
Gender inequality is a global issue that affects everyone.
My personal style really started in my teens when I gained purchasing power to actually buy my own damn clothes. For so long, my parents dictated what I wore, which largely was their way of containing me within the gender binary.
I had a multicultural exposure; that’s why I don’t believe in a particular religion. I have respect for most because I grew up surrounded by so many. I don’t judge people by that, and I feel extremely offended when people categorise based on race, religion, or gender.
I’m not naive to the fact that my gender has at times helped me. Employers are now thinking, ‘Let’s get perspectives that are different than the ones we have.’
My message is: beauty has no gender. At the end of the day beauty is beauty.
My father was a rare poet. He was somebody who worked in the trenches. When he wanted to speak about social justice or gender empowerment, he spoke through his poetry.
Cultural patterns of oppression are not only interrelated but are bound together and influenced by the intersectional systems of society. Examples of this include race, gender, class, ability, and ethnicity.
We are on the forefront of a revolution in which identity and expression will take priority over the labels assigned to us at birth; in which self-identification will take priority over perception; in which gender will fall away entirely.
We’re able to choose our candidate not based on gender or sex or anything else other than their ideas.
In every generation and in every intellectual sphere and in every political moment, there have been African American women who have articulated the need to think and talk about race through a lens that looks at gender or think and talk about feminism through a lens that looks at race.
I’m not one that believes that affirmative action should be based on one’s skin color or one’s gender, I think it should be done based on one’s need, because I think if you are from a poor white community, I think that poor white kid needs a scholarship just as badly as a poor black kid.
I’m the result of upbringing, class, race, gender, social prejudices, and economics. So I’m a victim again. A result.
I felt alien my whole life, but I didn’t feel alien because of my gender. Other people made me aware of my gender.
Regarding race or gender or sexuality, one of the great things about art and music is that they can provide people with very little else in common with a similar entry point for discussion, but the discussions still need to happen for life to get more interesting.
Tunde Adebimpe
Gender equality has long been at the forefront of my mind, and I think the Me Too movement has elevated many men’s consciousness, my own included, about how to be better allies.
The ’90s were extremely diverse, almost like a laboratory of the new century. There was much experimenting around, in politics, economics, gender and family structures, and also in fashion. There was a cloud of possibilities which kept us all dizzy.
Jil Sander
Be kind to yourself and take the time you need to define your gender and sexuality in a way that feels safe and right for you.
Flame mails and offensive Internet activities are not classy. It doesn’t fit with our culture here, where we respect the gender, race, opinions, ear-lobe apparel and choice of clothing of all employees.
David Duffield
One may fall in love anytime and with anyone. One does not decide that based on caste, religion or gender.
Sexism is where there is discrimination clearly based on gender.
I want to state upfront, unequivocally and without doubt: I do not believe that any racial, ethnic or gender group has an advantage in sound judging. I do believe that every person has an equal opportunity to be a good and wise judge, regardless of their background or life experiences.
I am not in favour of quotas. Just put the best person into the job. It is not about gender; it is about experience, leadership and vision.
I can love people of every gender identity and expression. It is the soul that captivates me.
I would never want to be treated as a prop, to be looked on as an object just because of my gender.
Some people look gender non-conforming because they want to look that way – they don’t want to conform to society’s expectations.
I do think the attempt to raise consciousness has succeeded. People are very aware of gender concerns now.
By December 2009, I had come to terms with my gender identity just as I was deployed to Iraq.
Chelsea Manning
It’s tragic that you can define a whole movement in music by gender alone. People are like, ‘Oh, look, another quirky girl.’
I’m manifestly not the same as Alex Salmond. I’m a different gender, for example… I’m being flippant, but maybe this is a partly gender-driven difference: I’m very keen that we find a way of reaching out across party divides to find things we agree on, as well as the things we disagree on.
The more women sit down and write something in a woman’s voice for a woman, they more you’ll see women in comedy because gender doesn’t define sense of humor. Imagination and intelligence and perspective do.
The fight for justice for the transgender community is largely invisible to our fellow citizens, despite the rampant systematic discrimination of trans people – those whose gender identity differs from the sex they were assigned at birth.
Chelsea Manning
We’re a comedy site and have made fun of every single race, religion, creed and gender. We’ve made fun of it equally.
I think we all, as drivers, come to the table with a package. It’s either your speed and raw talent, your sponsorship money, your nationality. For me, one of my unique selling points is my gender, without a doubt.
It gets frustrating when my male counterparts are questioned about their game or performance, whereas I am fielding questions on gender stereotypes and my ability to stay committed to the game on account of my gender.
‘Drag Race’ doesn’t claim to represent drag as a whole. ‘Drag Race’ is a reality show. If you see real drag shows, we just do drag and respect each other’s art and who your real identity is – name, gender, hair color, anything.
How can our industry better represent the reality of our larger community and provide our next generation a proper example of what they see around them every single day? This representation should also look beyond race and include those of all body types, religion, sexuality, and gender identification.
My father values talent. He recognizes real knowledge and skill when he finds it. He is color blind and gender neutral. He hires the best person for the job, period.
I would like to see the breakdown of the binary way of looking at gender and sexuality.
When you look at human rights, look at gender, and the rights of girls for education in the world – that are crucial issues – some are saying ‘Oh, these are western values.’ But these are really universal values.
Look, does gender play a part in how people perceive Hillary Clinton? Yes. But it’s also not the reason people criticize her about the emails or Benghazi.
I have never been good at doing impressions of women. Which is understandable. There’s a gender issue.
When I was five, long before I understood what the word ‘gender’ meant, I would always tell my mother that I wished I were a girl.
Sexual, racial, gender violence and other forms of discrimination and violence in a culture cannot be eliminated without changing culture.
Charlotte Bunch
I see songs in colors; I see days of the week. Each day of the week I relate to a gender, and it’s very weird. I can taste words sometimes. It’s very strange.
I am not an expert on that whole issue of gender.
All young people, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity, need someone who’s got their back.
James Lecesne
Cricket is not gender biased. It isn’t that men’s cricket is different and women’s a different one.
As long as the G.O.P., led by its increasingly visible women, continues to insist that the problem is not their policies but women’s failure to understand their own lives and interests, the gender gap won’t go away.
My father always defined my gender to my brothers. He’d say, ‘This is your sister; you must take care of her.’
There are broad freedoms in Israel. In fact, Israel’s Declaration of Independence grants all Israel’s inhabitants equality of social and political rights irrespective of religion, race or gender.
Women’s health is not a niche issue – it impacts everyone in some way. That is why a collective effort to improve awareness and understanding of menstrual hygiene is key to closing the gender health gap.
Race and gender definitely came up, occasionally, in my life at work. But the bigger challenge that I had was age. I took roles earlier in my career than people expected, and so a lot of what I got was, ‘Do you actually know enough to do this?’
I don’t think gender is aesthetically defining for me.
Suzanne Vega
Neither gender is routinely more jealousalthough women are more willing to work to win back a lover, while men tend to flaunt their money and status and are more likely to walk out to protect their self-esteem or save face.
I watched my parents act as completely equal partners in their relationship, and as a son to a woman I respect immensely, I never thought of gender inequality as a child.
If there is a woman filmmaker or a woman artist, the issue of gender is floating very close to their work… It almost naturally comes into their work. If one looks at all the male artists, the issue is never there.
I mean, we all carry some form of that bias, right? I mean, it might be based on age, it might be based on gender, it might be based on sexuality, and it’s certainly based on race.
I grew up in a home where I was literally told from a young age, ‘No daughter of mine will ever wash a man’s socks,’ and I am pleased to say I never have. It was made clear that whatever I wanted to do I should aspire to, regardless of my gender.
In some instances, a gender imbalance is indeed a manifestation of sexism. In others, it is not.
The word ‘demand’ is a tricky word when used by our gender. When used by men, it’s part of their vernacular.
Hospitality knows no gender or race.
While dressing up as Courtney is a performance, there is a part of me that is expressing my gender in feminine and masculine ways.
I always felt that it was never the duty of a person to really stand up for their gender or their race or anything like that – I always felt that was a personal choice. But I do feel now that maybe my opinion is evolving or changing a little bit.
I never went through a gender identity problem, but I did with my sexuality.
Arguably, my student status and perhaps my gender were also my downfall with respect to the Nobel Prize, which was awarded to Professor Antony Hewish and Professor Martin Ryle. At the time, science was still perceived as being carried out by distinguished men.
I never saw gender as a barrier.
Negative gender stereotypes related to girls’ education in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics begin as early as primary school and have the devastating effect of making them doubt their own potential.
I’m not trying to be a girl by putting on a dress – gender is separated by fabric.
I truly believe that love is love and gender is immaterial.
Whatever your gender, you can be a ‘Star Wars‘ fan.
In a war, no matter the outcome of a certain skirmish or battle, the winner is the party whose attitudes, behaviors and preoccupations come to dominate the postwar landscape. By this measure, the outcome of the gender wars, if wars they were, is clear: women won.
God does not discriminate against people, regardless of color, religion, social class, or gender and sexual preferences.
The change I want to see is a start-up environment where everyone, regardless of gender and background, feels welcome and safe; where sexual harassment or discrimination will not impede great talent from producing great impact.
I don’t have a gender thesis. I am truly optimizing for the right person for the task, whether that means running a company or working on my team.
I fantasize about the networks making a rule that each show’s writing staff needs to reflect the gender and racial makeup of its audience.
Addressing climate change globally promotes health, education and gender equality. Addressing it domestically secures U.K. jobs and sustainable clean economic growth; it protects communities from flooding and the scandal of fuel poverty. It begins to see clean air flow in our cities and schools.
School is very conformist, and one of the very first conforming that goes on in preschool and kindergarten is gender.
There is a plan and a purpose, a value to every life, no matter what its location, age, gender or disability.
As far as I’m concerned, being any gender is a drag.
As a female, you’re always terrified that if you blow it, you’ve blown it for your whole gender.
I don’t think that humankind is worthy of trust when we can’t let go of war, draw borders between neighboring countries, seek to become richer than others, find joy in defeating others at sports, and choose someone of the opposite gender based on their appearance.
It doesn’t matter what gender you are, or it doesn’t matter what other background you come from: everybody deals with insecurity.
We are now welcoming a world where fashion is not bogged down by binary gender norms. The trend is moving beyond symbolizing its wearers’ identity or gender. It’s now being accepted by the mainstream as more of a look, both on the catwalk and the high street.
We want to say to everyone: New Jersey‘s a place where gender does not play a role in how much you get paid.
Phil Murphy
I could have hidden in Boston and lived at home for three years, gone through my transition, taken voice lessons to make my voice more feminine, gotten gender reassignment surgery, and spent time to complete my transition, but I didn’t want to wait. I wanted to be in the world.
The narrative in 2020 must speak about gender equality which will only come from empowering the women who’ve been given the short end of the stick for far too long.
A man who reads effeminate may well be consistently heterosexual, and another one might be gay. We can’t read sexuality off of gender.
You think intercourse is a private act; it’s not, it’s a social act. Men are sexually predatory in life; and women are sexually manipulative. When two individuals come together and leave their gender outside the bedroom door, then they make love.
I’ve always been interested in how things change, in social change. I was involved in the animal rights movement as a young woman, I’ve been involved in thinking about gender and issues around racism and so on.
No American should have to live in constant fear that their employer can fire them just because of their sexual orientation or gender identity.
To me, it feels like every time I’m watching some trans story, it’s about their grief around their gender. And there’s not really a lot of opportunity for them to explore stories outside of that. It’s just really frustrating. It’s really one dimensional.
They are allowing young kids in primary school to be able to have the permission to change their gender if they want by taking away the permission of the parents. They are trying to take control, as a government, to make those decisions for young kids who are basically 16 years old, or young.
When there is a certain subject matter where I want to get involved, where I think I could add to the conversation, and especially with gender issues, I appreciate having that voice and that seat at the table.
My experiences with gender bias are probably the norm. What I found was that expectations of women were simply lower, and this resulted in being overlooked for certain opportunities.
I don’t think it’s at all weakening of the system if people with the same last name put themselves forward to the electorate, when their experiences, their character, and in my case, gender, may be different.
There’s a gender gap throughout television and it’s very pronounced in morning TV since these shows are mostly meant for women.
As you become more successful, the gender barrier disappears. The credibility challenges you have during your growing up years starts disappearing when you start demonstrating success.
I went to Macalester in Minnesota to study social psychology, the study of why people do what they do. I was really looking at race, population, gender, and how we psychologically function in a way that affects our societal outcomes around those issues.
Business doesn’t cut you any slack because of your gender. You’re either good at what you do or you’re not.
Every hard working New Yorker, regardless of their income, race, or gender deserves an equal shot at attaining retirement security.
If you real from the heart, you real from the heart. That ain’t got nothing to do with no sex or gender.
Regardless of your religious belief, race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, or gender identity, there is no place in our communities for hate.
When members of a certain party concoct various devious schemes to suppress votes, purposely misinform potential voters, spread vile untrue filth about certain candidates, play the race, gender and religious cards, and literally tamper with vote tallies, then we are not a truly representative government!
Because gender can be uncomfortable, there are easy ways to close this conversation. Some people will bring up evolutionary biology and apes, how female apes bow to male apes – that sort of thing. But the point is this: we are not apes. Apes also live in trees and eat earthworms. We do not.
It’s 2014, and women are still paid less than men. Does this suggest that a gender pay gap is an unfortunately permanent fixture? Will it still be with us in 50 years? I would predict yes. But by that point, it will be men who will be earning less than women.
Sexual orientation and gender identity are not a choice, and anyone who knows me and my work over the years knows that I am a firm believer and supporter in the rights of LGBT Americans.
We work together as a team. And between us and between the crew and our teams on the ground, we don’t look at gender, and we don’t see it as a barrier.
Christina Koch
We never had money but it was never a problem. The spirit of comradeship, the commitment to gender equality, social justice and a celebration of pluralism and India‘s composite culture provided the glue that kept us joyous and closely bonded.
We need to start identifying the triggers that aggravate mental health issues in our society – bullying, social media negativity and anxiety, gender based violence, substance abuse, stigma around issues such as maternal issues, etc., and we need to speak up about these more and get to the source of the problems.
The proportion of women attracted to the Islamic State is likely to be less than that in other militant organisations, such as the Tamil Tigers, the PKK, and the IRA. Undoubtedly, their roles within the Islamic State are much more confined by the rigid gender divisions under their ultraconservative rulings.
Gender discrimination is not the only form of discrimination one has to deal with.
Gender is between your ears and not between your legs.
Success in math and the hard sciences, far from being a matter of gender, is almost entirely dependent on culture – a culture that teaches girls math isn’t cool and no one will date them if they excel in physics.
I tend to gravitate toward gender- and race-related stories.
Sexuality is who you want to be with. Gender identity is who you want to be in the world.
I do see the ministry of Human Resources Development through the prism of gender. I see it through the prism of capabilities.
Civic poetry is public poetry. It is political poetry. It is about the hard stuff of life: money, crime, gender, corporate excess, racial injustice. It gives expression not just to our rites but also to our problems and even our values; these poems are not about rustic vacations.
As an Olympic athlete, especially a female Olympic athletic, social media’s such an amazing place, people are so positive, all these young girls. Anything negative is such a small space, people aren’t coming at you for their gender.
We provide comedy for everybody, no matter what your race or gender. We just want people to come out and have a really good time.
Disability informs almost every part of my life. It’s as important, if not more so, than my gender and sexuality. It’s certainly a great deal more important to me than my religion or whether or not I caught a tram, ferry or bus to work.
I had always been a really peculiar child. My mom would tell you I grew up roughing it with the boys and playing with action figures and toy cars and stuff, but I also had an Easy Bake Oven… I find it amazing that in a really weird way, people are mad that they can’t figure out my gender.
Hopefully in the future, generational challenges will be measured by achievement, not gender.
I prefer to put myself in an environment that’s further afield and look through the eyes of someone who differs from me in age, ethnicity, gender, and/or social class. I think a little displacement makes me a sharper observer.
We need to stop judging individuals based on their race, profession, gender, religion, or anything other than their own individual behavior and character.
The only way the gender divide affected me was the social things the younger guy executives could do with their bosses. I don’t know what went on in the clubs, because I didn’t go. I made sure my work was stellar, and that compensated for whatever social time we weren’t spending together.
Stacey Snider
I have an immigrant story. Most people come here for economic reasons, or religious reasons, or racial reasons, or gender reasons, or one of those things. I had a good job in Paris, but America was, and still is, the golden fleece. And I’ve done very well!
I realize that ‘hire qualified women!’ is the sort of outraged demand that’s often met with a sigh. No one disagrees, and yet gender inequality in high-paying positions extends into all professions.
It would be easier for people to grasp that gender, sex, and sexual orientation are different things if we had as much imagination in real life as we do when we are making our movies.
In the first couple of years when you’re transitioning you don’t really fit into any gender, because you’re changing over. You have to start getting electrolysis before you even start your therapy. But I think all the weird looks help to give you conviction in who you really are.
Candis Cayne
As a kid, you get to the stage where you realise the gender barriers that exist in society and what you’re supposed to do and not supposed to do.
My pledge to you is that the SNP will put women and gender equality right at the heart of the Westminster agenda.
I don’t think bullying is gender or age-related or dependent on what section of society you are coming from.
We remain a highly unequal society in which poverty and prosperity are still defined by race as well as gender.
The inevitable campaign for ‘gender balance’ in Silicon Valley will also be indifferent to the fact that females are fast surpassing males in other sectors of the U.S. economy.
‘Separate but unequal’ didn’t work in respect to race, it doesn’t work in respect to gender, and it especially doesn’t work when looking at the intersection of race and gender.
Countries with short workweeks consistently top gender’ equality rankings. The central issue is achieving a more equitable distribution of work.
Gender equality has a transformative effect that is essential to fully functioning communities, societies, and economies.
To address what seems like an endless cycle of gender inequity in media, I believe we need to think beyond what our industry has already tried to do through mentorships and internships. We need to stop talking and start moving the needle, and one solution is to simply give women jobs.
I’m a great example of somebody who is gay but exists on a very complicated gender spectrum. I’m okay with that uncertainty, and I’m okay with existing in a gray area and not always being sure.
Like my gender, sometimes things don’t come out right the first time.
I just wanted to kind of break down those gender stereotypes and just say everyone’s equal, everyone’s their own person, everyone’s their own individual.
Sex is biological, but gender is mental.
I’m not telling women to be like men. I’m telling us to evaluate what men and women do in the workforce and at home without the gender bias.
Gender is irrelevant, and if you love somebody, you love somebody.
If we are going to have to worry all the time that we might offend some studentssensibilities, we are not going to be able to teach in a way that actually matters. We’re not going to be able to teach about sex, gender, race, religion, or violence.
Fortunately, unlike my teachers and classmates, my parents never forced gender roles or even a ended identity on me. I grew up on a farm, so all that mattered was working hard.
Sarah Palin is an heir to the women’s movement. She has not been constrained by gender. At no point in her life has she thought, ‘I can’t do that because I’m a woman.’
I was a me-ist. I believed in the right to do whatever I wanted to do regardless of gender. Still do.
My father values talent. He is colorblind and gender neutral. When Donald Trump is in charge, all that counts is ability, excellence, and effort.
Gender is more of a continuum than we are willing to admit when we hit the restroom.
I think we’re struggling with trying to redefine various positions at this point in history. To allow freedom for women, freedom for men, freedom from those sharply defined gender roles.
Fred Ward
I’ve been harassed. I’ve been stalked. I’ve had every public pre-transition photo of me compiled alongside my deadname with the purpose of never letting me be my true gender.
The more I’ve been able to learn about gay rights and equal pay and gender equity and racial inequality, the more that it all intersects. You can’t really pick it apart. It’s all intertwined.
I have always been interested in gender politics, so I’m not that keen on doing things that don’t represent a truth about women.
I grew up in a cloistered, conservative culture that adhered to strict gender roles. So it’s easy to understand why the ‘girl dressed as a boy’ trope resonated so much. In a world that didn’t want to give people like me adventures or significance, books with cross-dressing girls were treasures.
I hope to be viewed and judged first and foremost by my accomplishments and capabilities as a leader – regardless of my gender.
Studies have been done showing that there really are gender differences, that women do bring more congeniality and compromise to the table.
I believe that if you want gender, then you can have it. If you want to label yourself, then sure. If you want to use history to describe who you are, then there is nothing wrong with that. But don’t limit me on the way that you limit yourself.
Unless we make computer science a priority, we risk making gender, class, and racial disparities worse as jobs flow to those with a computer science background.
There’s this ridiculous idea that I’m a gender traitor because I’m not a feminist. I’m supposed to be part of a sisterhood: you’re automatically supposed to support all women just because you have the same genitals as them, which doesn’t make sense.
The military has been actually remarkable at dealing with race, but gender is an issue.
That one can love another of the same gender, that is what the homophobe really cannot stand.
There can be moments in your life where you may feel attracted to someone depending on circumstance, depending on the person of one gender or another, and sometimes where that is less of an influence in your life.
All human beings deserve equal treatment, no matter their gender identity or sexuality.
Sexuality is who you want to be with. Gender identity is who you want to be in the world.
Equal protection under the law – for race, religion, gender or sexual orientation – should not be subject to the most popular sentiments of the day.
When a human being becomes so still that they begin to lose awareness of their gender, and they are simply looking into that abyss where there is no notion of self whatsoever, the world disappears. And that’s really the only place to go. It’s the only place to remain.
I don’t think about the gender of my readers or about reader expectations. I’m frankly scared to. I figured out a long time ago that if I tried to guess the audience, it would be like me trying to guess which stocks to buy.
Every woman who proves that it is not about gender but about excellence paves the way.
Distinctly American poetry is usually written in the context of one’s geographic landscape, sometimes out of one’s cultural myths, and often with reference to gender and race or ethnic origins.
When I do makeup, it’s performative. I don’t really wear makeup, but I use it as a tool to talk about gender and sexuality.
Just being gender non-conforming opens you to trouble from strangers. And violence.
Actors, who have no real sense of who they are or what they want, have long known that not just their gender but every aspect of their identity is on a spectrum. They can be anything they are asked to be. They aspire to a protean state, shape-shifting like high summer clouds.
Even though I don’t agree with either Sarah Palin or Michele Bachmann on virtually anything, I do think the unique scrutiny – because of their gender and highlighting the potential conflict between them is a product of the media’s desire for juicy storylines. I think it’s inappropriate.
I wish everything was gender neutral. I wish we weren’t separated by boundaries like pink and blue and little things like that. I wish we could choose how we express ourselves without hate.
I don’t like narrowing my readers down – there’s not a particular age or gender or nationality. I suppose I’m aiming at the child I was.
I believe gender is a spectrum, and I fall somewhere between Channing Tatum and Winnie the Pooh.
We do need more deaf people in Hollywood. But I don’t think that deaf people always have to play a deaf role. I think we can play different roles. We need to see more diversity period. More people of color. More disabled people. More gender diversity. All kinds of diversity.
If supporters of equality for women want to vote for the best candidate, they must look to a person regardless of gender and must disregard the gender of political opponents.
I think that often my work is obscured by my gender identity.
For us, gender didn’t come up. We were friends who happened to play together. We never said, ‘Gee, we’re an all-girl band!’
I do believe that it’s something that we don’t talk about, but when there are clearly defined gender roles, it is much simpler. Because you don’t have to think, which people apparently don’t like to do.
Gender is not central to coding.
As I started to explore my gender identity, I didn’t know how I could claim the title of ‘feminist’ without subscribing to the gender binary. I thought I had to be a proud woman to be a feminist. Then I came to the realization that I can be proud of women without necessarily identifying as one.
Turning back the inequality revolution may be difficult. But that would certainly help more families – at almost all income levels – than turning back the gender revolution.
I think history repeats itself. There’s a constant conversation between the oppressed and the oppressor. No matter what your field is, whether it’s gender equality, the Time’s Up movement, or diversity casting, it’s always going to be a back-and-forth battle.
No matter what your age, gender, politics, nationality, social or financial standing, every single person inhabiting the planet Earth has the same reaction to him: ‘Holy crap, Buzz Aldrin, you went to the moon!’
America’s liberal arts universities have long been safe zones for leftist thinking, protected ivory towers for the pseudo-elite who earn their livings writing papers nobody reads about gender roles in the poetry of Maya Angelou.
I definitely try not to get too caught up in putting too much of a gender or age assessment on everything – I’ve just got to get on with it.
Music is one of the most powerful things the world has to offer. No matter what race or religion or nationality or sexual orientation or gender that you are, it has the power to unite us.
Research conducted throughout the world shows gender balance in top positions contributes to improved competitiveness and better business performance.
Beth Brooke
I think anybody has – regardless of your gender, we all have equal value. If you have value to bring and value to provide, you just have to be willing to use your voice.
Children’s picture books are a unique record of social evolution: in gender roles and racial politics, as is much discussed, but also in fashion and interior design.
The gender parity is something that has been organic to Eventbrite since we started building a team.
I think our society has sort of built this gender binary, and the way we’ve said it exists does not really exist in nature.
As Canadians who proudly demand the equal treatment of minorities, religious freedom, gender equality and basic human rights for its citizens – allowing our political leaders to shamefully ignore these values in the name of business abroad, falls short of the high standard we rightfully set for ourselves.
All the English speakers, or almost all, have difficulties with the gender of words.
Bernard Pivot
Ailes built a Kingdom of Yes. That was his genius. He understood the id of many white conservatives – their sense of constant persecution and victimization; and their existential fears of an America whose racial makeup, sexual mores and gender roles were careening in the opposite direction of the country of their childhood.
A good song always has to do with the person representing it – how they’re feeling in that moment – but I think my songs don’t need to be exclusive in terms of gender or race or that kind of thing.
There are no grounds for discrimination in Europe, regardless of whether on grounds of gender, sexual orientation, or religion. On the other hand, there is equally no place for radical thought and political Islam.
Let’s stand together, stick together, and work together for justice of every description. Racial justice. Gender justice. Immigrant justice. Economic justice. Environmental justice.
On May 6, 2013, I started hormone replacement therapy and began transitioning. I was very depressed, which is not uncommon for people with gender dysphoria. Two hours after my first estrogen injection, my depression went away for the first time in my life.
College was a wonderful time to really explore my interests. I ended up writing my senior thesis about gender inequality in the developing world.
People who don’t have gender dysphoria aren’t going to catch it by watching me dance on television.
‘Drag Race’ has become a staple of modern television for the way it skewers expectations and attitudes about gender, much as a show like ‘black-ish’ works to challenge stereotypes about black families in America.
Our equality bill is specifically designed to protect religion and belief on exactly the same terms as race or gender or sexuality.
As a socially conscious person, I have my views on matters like gender inequality and progressive movements. But being a mother, children’s issues have affected me a lot.
Don’t think of your gender as a handicap.
What we want is that one day every workplace will be diverse – we already encourage that with gender and ethnicity, but the next frontier is neurodiversity and it will become ordinary. People won’t think twice about it.
Sometimes it’s not even a role that’s specifically written for a woman. It could be a role written for a white man or Asian man, or Latino. If it’s something that I feel I could do well, I go after it. Especially if it’s nothing that has to be gender or race specific, I’m all over it.
My major obligation or responsibility is to work to integrate gender issues throughout the work of the State Department.
Gender roles are absurd when you actually look at them. The fact that anybody could ever say or think that dressing in women’s clothes is wrong, or odd. Women dressing in women’s clothes and men dressing in men’s clothes is the actually the thing that is really odd.
Nothing changes the gender equation more significantly than women’s economic freedom.
It’s so wonderful that women continue to break down barriers and change societal expectations, but women still suffer discrimination for their gender, class, and race.
Sasheer Zamata
In New Zealand, men and women would not take a party seriously if it did not have a good gender – and increasingly racial – mix. It’s not about being politically correct; it’s just who we are.
In the areas where FGM is going down, it has been addressed in a violence against women framework. It’s a gender power control issue, and it is not something you can just educate people out of. It requires people to think that if they do it, there are ramifications. We cannot just rely on people’s good will.
Efua Dorkenoo
Objecting to someone because of his religious beliefs is not the same thing as prejudice based on religious heritage, race, or gender.
I wasn’t prepared for the environment I encountered trying to break into television news. In the world of music, where I spent my formative years, we were judged solely on our talent, and gender wasn’t a factor.
We need to rebuild our nation with a new foundation. A foundation rooted in love, and care, and equality. Where justice is truly real for all of us, regardless of race, class, gender, orientation, or religion. I fully believe we can.
I’m totally fine with myself. It’s the other people I run into out there who are so hung up on gender. The way it trips them up is their problem, not mine.
Decision by decision, Justice Ginsburg reaffirmed the ideals of our Constitution and our shared values of fairness, equality, and opportunity. Her judicial opinions on voting rights, gender discrimination, and same-sex marriage made this country stronger and will continue to ring out through the ages.
The first thing that’s really important to understand, just when approaching the topic of transgender people, is that the sex you’re assigned with at birth is not the same as your gender identity.
I mean, casting gender non-conforming people in campaigns and editorials and on covers of magazines is a risk for any business because there’s going to be controversy, but I think they need to take the risk and believe they’re moving in the right direction.
If you always have consciousness of gender equality at the heart of your policies, then you will have much more democratic, much more sustainable development.
Isabella Lovin
Women and girls, men and boys all share the right to live free of violence, which is, unfortunately, experienced by both men and women. Women and girls, however, disproportionately experience violence due to a deeply rooted global culture of gender discrimination.
Every year I teach dozens of students at the University of Birmingham. Most of the students on the gender and sexuality courses are women. I guess this is because the boys don’t think that gender applies to them: that it’s a subject for girls.
I try to appeal to all Kentucky voters, regardless of gender, about the future of state.
President Obama‘s version of America is a divided one – pitting us against each other based on our income level, gender, and social status. His policies have failed! We are not better off than we were 4 years ago, and no rhetoric, bumper sticker, or campaign ad can change that.
Mia Love
There is no original or primary gender a drag imitates, but gender is a kind of imitation for which there is no original.
Your gender should not matter in your heart or in the way you express your personality.
Often, our laws and policies reflect patriarchal biases that can trap men in stereotypes – for example, the idea of guarding the modesty of a woman serves neither men nor women nor any other gender – instead, it comes from the same strong patriarchal framework that we need to confront and reject.
Gender is a spectrum, and that’s something that a lot of folks don’t understand.
‘Suits’ fans. I’ve never met a more diverse audience: across gender, race, class. It’s incredible. People who are high-powered lawyers to doormen. A Chinese immigrant cable installer – who barely spoke English – loves ‘Suits!’
David Costabile
It depends on the generation and gender. The males usually go for ‘Police Academy,’ and the young women now in their late 20s or so go for ‘Punky Brewster.’ I am recognized quite frequently because they’re still playing that stuff on television!
George Gaynes
Almost everything about American society is affected by World War II: our feelings about race; our feelings about gender and the empowerment of women, moving women into the workplace; our feelings about our role in the world. All of that comes in a very direct way out of World War II.
I’ve always been Sarah. My gender identity has always existed. I’ve always been a woman. Gay people aren’t straight before they come out as gay, and transgender people are who they are before they come out and transition.
As Canadians who proudly demand the equal treatment of minorities, religious freedom, gender equality and basic human rights for its citizens – allowing our political leaders to shamefully ignore these values in the name of business abroad, falls short of the high standard we rightfully set for ourselves.
In politics, during my organisational roles, I have never seen gender bias within my organisation.
We must focus on people as people, regardless of race, creed, color or gender.
Judge Mills Lane
I had a really honest conversation with my husband about equal pay because we met on a movie where he was paid more than me just because of gender.
By all measures men are the more violent gender.
I don’t hold myself out as a role model. I don’t believe that everyone should make the same choices; that everyone has to want to be a CEO, or everyone should want to be a work-at-home mother. I want everyone to be able to choose. But I want us to be able to choose unencumbered by gender choosing for us.
This whole thing with Anita Hill and Clarence Thomas happened during my first year of college. It was a cross-section of race and politics and gender that I feel is still going on today.
I don’t buy this premise that the number of minifigures needs to be an equal amount to be gender neutral. Nobody makes artistic products like that; nobody makes a movie and says there has to be equal numbers of men and women.
Jorgen Vig Knudstorp
A lot of kids are bullied because of their sexual identity or expression. It’s often the effeminate boys and the masculine girls, the ones who violate gender norms and expectations, who get bullied.
I think one of the biggest misconceptions is that only gender non-conforming, non-binary, or trans people have a gender identity. But the truth is, everyone has a gender identity.
Talent has no gender. People are hiring young male directors right out of film school, off of a student film or off of a film at Sundance for millions of dollars. You can do the same with a female. It’s not a risk about the work if you respect the film that they made.
The speed with which modern society has adapted to accommodate the world’s vast spectrum of gender and sexual identities may be the most important cultural metamorphosis of our time.
My parents didn’t allow me to do all the things the cool kids could do. I was quiet, reserved, and at some points, taken complete advantage of simply because of my sex and gender. For a while, in high school, I was so deep into self-hate.
It’s very strange how electronic music formatted itself and forgot that its roots are about the surprise, freedom, and the acceptance of every race, gender, and style of music into this big party. Instead, it started to become this electronic lifestyle which also involved the glorification of technology.
Never before has a major professional sports team partnered in this way with a female-driven brand like Bumble. It’s an honor to partner with an organization as progressive and compassionate as the Clippers. Like us, they know generating awareness for diversity and gender equality is critical to business success.
There’s a gender in your brain and a gender in your body. For 99 percent of people, those things are in alignment. For transgender people, they’re mismatched. That’s all it is. It’s not complicated, it’s not a neurosis. It’s a mix-up. It’s a birth defect, like a cleft palate.
There’s something about doing Shakespeare with a single gender, whether it is all-male or all-female, that opens up certain possibilities. You are able to throw the behavior of the men into a particular relief and be playful within a slightly larger-than-life way with it.
And think of how we challenged the idea of a male dominated Parliament with All-Women shortlists and made the cause of gender equality central to our government. We were right to do so.
For Marvel, we’ve never looked at any of our characters in terms of gender, race, or religion. It truly is about, who is the best character for the story? If that character happens to be a woman, fantastic.
Women care about a wide range of issues – climate change, social justice. What the Green Party tries to do is apply gender analysis to a whole lot of questions that people might not think of as women’s issues. For instance, women in developing countries are the most vulnerable to climate crisis.
The more I’ve been able to learn about gay rights and equal pay and gender equity and racial inequality, the more that it all intersects. You can’t really pick it apart. It’s all intertwined.
BJP is ready to go to any extent to protest for the rights of Ayyappa devotees. Beliefs should be respected. Man-woman equality is must, but gender equality cannot be established by giving entry to men and women together. There are several temples that deny men entry.
Directing is not about gender. Directing is individual to the actual individual. From woman to woman, directing is completely different. It’s about giving more than half the population a chance to express themselves, you know what I mean? It doesn’t always mean it’s going to be more sensitive.
The divisiveness that threatens the fabric of our nation – whether due to race, religion, political ideology, gender, sexual orientation, or other – must end.
When I reflect on the Colbert interview, it moved so quickly that what we didn’t do was define white privilege, and I wish we had done that. White privilege is the benefit resulting from white being seen as the standard, regardless of gender and income.
There’s an opportunity to make your board – and your company – smarter by adding diversity, especially of gender.
Put simply, barring transgender people from restrooms consistent with their gender identity doesn’t help anyone, and continuing to allow transgender people to access those restrooms doesn’t hurt anyone.
Every conversation we have as a band is about gender in some way, and it’s been like that from the beginning.
Where writers are from is one of the world’ s most boring topics. Where we’re born, gender or race, wealth or poverty – those are the things we spend time talking about. Stop trying to label me. I’m a writer. Worry about whether I’m any good!
M. J. Hyland
What is being called the UN ‘gender architecture‘ is more like a shack. Women need a bigger global house if equality is ever to become a reality.
Charlotte Bunch
If we accept ourselves as animals, and have empathy and tolerance, compassion to others, understand that humans are territorial, aggressive and have gender aspects, then we can change things.
I’m lucky enough to live in London, which is a boiling pot of every kind of language and background and demographic and sexuality and gender, and yet most of what we’re seeing in the cinema is not reflective of that.
I never let my gender define me but in my whole driving career I only ever did one interview not being asked about being a female.
I don’t think gender even exists.
In the face of sluggish growth, aging societies, and increasing educational attainment of young women, the economic case for gender equality is clear.
As a writer and as a reader, I really believe in the power of narrative to allow us ways to experience life beyond our own, ways to reflect on things that have happened to us and a chance to engage with the world in ways that transcend time and gender and all sorts of things.
I know when there’s lots of stuff racing around in my head it can be hard to sleep and stay asleep. And one of the biggest things that used to keep me awake at night was worrying about my gender and sexuality.
The moral case for gender equality is obvious. It should not need any explanation.
When the Nobel award came my way, it also gave me an opportunity to do something immediate and practical about my old obsessions, including literacy, basic health care and gender equity, aimed specifically at India and Bangladesh.
Amartya Sen
Every country faces its own obstacles to reaching gender equality, and to make a real difference, we must change public policies in tandem with stereotypes, attitudes, and behaviors.
If there’s specific resistance to women making movies, I just choose to ignore that as an obstacle for two reasons: I can’t change my gender, and I refuse to stop making movies.
So much of the destruction on Earth has been wrought by men. Women are the ones who give life and try to pick up the pieces… What a great gender they are.
Gender perception can be a pernicious thing: Where a lack of warmth passes in a male, in a woman, it’s deadly.
Sporting events like the Olympics have developed and maintained a clear message of promoting gender equality as an essential criterion in the success of any international event.
By isolating the issues of race, gender, sexual orientation, climate change, environment, governance, economics, catastrophe and whatever other problems the present embodies or the future may bring, science fiction can do what Dickens and Sinclair did: make real the consequences of social injustice or human folly.
Gender equality is not only an issue for women and girls.
Our daughters were coming of age during a rising consciousness about gender equality. Throughout their school years – from kindergarten through graduate school, 1972 to 1992 – women were starting to take their places in areas traditionally reserved mostly for men.
We must make sure #MeToo breaks the race, class, gender, and faith lines that make it so hard for marginalized people to be heard.
The days of a tennis champion as a gender rights leader are over.
As Minister for Women and Equalities, I introduced shared parental leave, extended flexible working rights and won government support to bring in gender pay gap reporting. I’m not going to lie: it was a constant battle.
When I got to be a CEO, I said: ‘Right. I’m now going to tackle gender inequality head-on. I’m going to make a difference and lead by example and actively put in place policies and practices to support women.’
Gail Kelly
When it comes to swag, there’s no gender involved.
It’s not a gender thing. You can pick anyone off the street and it depends on his or her own character how they can drive a car.
‘Thelma and Louise’ was a pretty important film for me and still is. It’s a social film about many things – gender, freedom – and it puts someone like me into the place of these protagonists. Watching that movie, you are living through the eyes of these women.
I saw my gender – and myself – as something of a construct. Like anyone who read one too many women studies’ books in the 1990s, I aspired to both ‘do’ and undo my sex.
In my early 20s, I set out to kind of find myself. At that time, if you were different or if you ever questioned your gender identity or sexual orientation, society kind of put you in the gay club.
I guess professionally I’ve left my gender open to artistic interpretation.
To demand that people find their assigned narrow corridors of culture or ethnicity or gender, expecting people to forevermore stay in that lane, is to limit our human potential. It’s oppressive.
I like diversity. I’d like there to be all levels of gay and straight, all different variations of gender, all colors, all creeds. I’m into seeing that.
One of the hardest questions I have been asked is ‘How will you manage the army if you are having menstrual cramps?’ I have also been asked if I will have the courage to face criminals. My answer is that courage is not a matter of gender.
Josefina Vazquez Mota
I think the world is kind of catching on that gender roles aren’t so necessary and becoming a lot less defined and starting to become a lot more about the individual and character of that person.
The men I worked for didn’t look at me as having any gender at all. They regarded me more as a workhorse.
I knew at a very early age, about 6 years old, that there was something different about me. But being young and not being exposed to people who had gender dysphoria, or role models that you see on TV today, I didn’t know what it was.
This idea that we should be best friends with our partner of the opposite gender leads toward tremendous frustration. Did you ever notice that while men often refer to their wives as best friends, women usually refer to another woman in that way?
American Idol transcends age, gender, ethnicity, everything.
I wrote about ladies who had come through the studio. I get asked, ‘Is it a choice to gender the music or put pronouns in?’ and for me, it just wasn’t a choice.
I believe love’s grip transcends gender. It transcends everything short of a very few primal needs like hunger, thirst, a need for oxygen.
I still believe a little bit that changing gender roles have hurt relationships.
But let me tell you, this gender thing is history. You’re looking at a guy who sat down with Margaret Thatcher across the table and talked about serious issues.
I was assigned female at birth. My gender identify is non-binary.
Given that sexual orientation is innate and that we are all, in theological terms, children of God, to deny access to some sacraments based on sexuality is as wrong as denying access to some sacraments based on race or gender.
Let’s have a People’s Vote to safeguard gender equality and continue the drive towards a fairer world for us all.
We pledge ourselves to liberate all our people from the continuing bondage of poverty, deprivation, suffering, gender and other discrimination.
Feminism isn’t about hating men. It’s about challenging the absurd gender distinctions that boys and girls learn from childhood and carry into their adult lives.
When migraines briefly became a campaign issue for me, it appeared that political foes were maybe playing the gender card.
Gender equality cannot be achieved by cutting programs that allow girls to get the same chance to compete, learn, and play. The United States has had a solid history of commitment to its female athletes and expanding opportunity for women, and it is imperative that we continue on this path.
I’ll say this, and this has nothing to do with gender or sexuality: You do not want to get licked in the face repeatedly by another human being. You just don’t. It’s not pleasant.
I definitely struggle with a disillusionment towards my body and my gender.
I’m suspicious of any man or woman who approaches their own liberation with any kind of gender bias.
On one hand, my gender has never been an issue. The issue has always been what’s on the page. But the reality is, an awful lot of women fought an awful lot of battles to get me to that place.
I think companies need to take more ownership over the gender gap themselves because if everybody does that, then overall, it will improve.
Truth: I loathe the idea of being hired because of my gender, and I shudder at the thought that one day I show up on set, and half of the crew thinks, ‘Here comes the quota hire.’
I never used gender as my crutch. Many women don’t use gender as a crutch.
It’s quite unbelievable that Charlie Crist is getting away with this reinvention of himself – this rewriting of history for blatantly political purposes. Other than his gender, the guy has flip-flopped on everything, and I don’t put that past him either.
A core plank of left-wing academic thought is that gender and race are ‘socially constructed.’
I think our society has sort of built this gender binary, and the way we’ve said it exists does not really exist in nature.
I have been vocal about various social causes in India and has actively taken up matters of gender equality, cruelty against animals, discrimination towards COVID-19 warriors, etc to the Parliament.
As the highest-ranking Republican woman in the U.S. House of Representatives and the mom of two daughters, I believe if we’re serious as a nation about empowering every American to pursue his or her own dreams, then true cases of gender discrimination need to be confronted.
Our goal as Republicans is to ensure gender discrimination ends once and for all, and to also help guarantee those who want to remain in the workforce and continue their careers aren’t hindered by clunky, outdated regulatory structures that penalize them for making that choice.
There are challenging days – but I’d tell people they should really do what they are interested in and not think about their gender.
To all musiciansforget gender – to all musicians, it’s about – do what makes you happy. Just go for it, you know?
Look what I know about directing; is it goes beyond gender. You might see some qualities that are inherently female in the great male directors.
I believe in equal pay for equal work. Gender, race, skin colour, or ethnicity should not be the parameters to hire someone or to decide how much they should be paid.
Gender is a way to hide from the simple truth we all tell: ‘Hey, I’m here, I have a body.’
Susan Griffin
The further left you are, the more your concern for the underdog crowds out everything else, leading you to overlook inconsistencies. You might, for example, argue for immigration and multiculturalism in the UK, but not in the Amazon. You might demand equality before the law and, at the same time, gender quotas.
Breaking gender norms just comes instantly as soon as a boy is comfortable and confident enough to put on makeup.
You can’t avoid the conversation of diversity and remembering that diversity goes beyond race and culture. It goes into gender and sexual orientation and all sorts of things.
It is important to note that there exist vast gender differences in the global role of papillomaviruses in human cancers. This is mainly due to the role of this virus family in the induction of cancer of the cervix.
Harald zur Hausen
Bones tell me the story of a person’s life – how old they were, what their gender was, their ancestral background.
Kathy Reichs
The denial of female aggression is a destructive myth. It robs an entire gender of a significant spectrum of power, leaving women less than equal with men and effectively keeping them ‘in their place’ and under control.
I say, ‘I’m bi, my love knows no gender,’ and the straight community says, ‘Oh right, that’s just a cover-up – you’re gay!’ And the gay community says, ‘Yeah right, that’s just a cover-up – you’re gay.’ They both want to push me gay.
You think intercourse is a private act; it’s not, it’s a social act. Men are sexually predatory in life; and women are sexually manipulative. When two individuals come together and leave their gender outside the bedroom door, then they make love.
I find the question of whether gender differences are biologically determined or socially constructed to be deeply disturbing.
Carol Gilligan
Every life – regardless of background or gender – has equal value.
Mohamed Bin Issa Al Jaber
Let me very proudly say that as a television actor, I never, ever saw any gender bias.
Ah, well, do I wish that we lived in a world where gender didn’t figure so prominently? Of course. Do I even think about myself as a woman when I go to make art? Of course not.
Judy Chicago
In particular, I want to set a challenge to public bodies and private companies to improve gender balance on their own boards.
If you’re a man, you’re a man. If you’re a woman, you’re a woman. You use the bathroom of your gender. If you can’t figure it out, I’m not sure I can help you.
Toughening up, performing masculinity, pretending to enjoy things I didn’t enjoy all enabled me to dodge the gender policing of the adults around me. But the way I really was – the swished hips, the Double-Dutching, the hair flipsseemed to always prevail and attract Dad‘s disdain.
Why are we only talking about gender discrimination. We need to focus on the other kinds of discriminations in practice.
Perhaps it is time to debate culture. The common story is that in ‘real’ African culture, before it was tainted by the West, gender roles were rigid and women were contentedly oppressed.
I’ve been speaking out about harassment and gender disparity for years.
Gender consciousness has become involved in almost every intellectual field: history, literature, science, anthropology. There’s been an extraordinary advance.
I see the effects of sexual and gender liberation all around me, just like you do, but I don’t have a sense of being in the majority.
Susie Bright
I would like to see the breakdown of the binary way of looking at gender and sexuality.
I am much more open about categories of gender, and my feminism has been about women’s safety from violence, increased literacy, decreased poverty and more equality.
Most of the female characters I admire come from science fiction and fantasy, maybe because there’s more permission to shake up gender roles in genre.
‘Personalization’ is a popular word in retail, and people often misuse it to describe simple marketing tactics, like segmenting emails or using big data to identify the likely gender of a visitor to their websites.
Going back as far as I do covering men’s college basketball, the objections to me being an analyst never came from inside the game. The players and coaches have always showed me the utmost respect and quite frankly my gender has never felt like an issue inside the game.
I’m not a woman in the ‘Den,’ I’m a Dragon, we’re all there to invest, it has nothing to do with gender.
Achieving gender equality requires the engagement of women and men, girls and boys. It is everyone’s responsibility.
I do not think that when I write a female character, I intend to reflect my thoughts on gender equality, but I always make sure that my female character is not decorative, they are human, they are good, bad, complex and close to reality.
The gender disparity in STEM is depriving our country of talented minds that could be inventing the next breakthrough technology, founding the next big startup or keeping our nation safe from cyberattacks.
You know, in Russia we say there are three things you can’t choose: your parents, your gender and your president.
We live in a world where there are a hell of a lot of new inputs that need to be factored in to your business. It used to be just about your employees and your customers. Now there are all the issues about global warming, about sustainability, about ethics and now about gender and the distribution of wealth.
True equality means holding everyone accountable in the same way, regardless of race, gender, faith, ethnicity – or political ideology.
I actually believe we are the superior gender. Why are we superior? Statistically, we outlive men by a good 10 years. No one should underestimate the power of nagging – it’s on par with nuclear weapons.
The fact I’m the third female Prime Minister, I never grew up believing my gender would stand in the way of doing anything I wanted.
When I was born, there was a very isolated idea of what it meant to be a man or a woman, and you belonged to one gender or the other.
Feminism is rooted in racial rights and gender rights, and all of those things intersect, and to say that that’s not something you can stand behind – it confuses me. I think it’s a really great word.
‘When Katie Met Cassidy’ is a romantic comedy about two very different women who find themselves uncontrollably drawn to one another. Issues of gender and sexuality play their part in the novel, but first and foremost, it’s a fun, fast-paced love story.
We cannot base our judgment on binaries such as a person’s gender.
What’s great about being gay is that you can celebrate all types of sexualities, because we understand that being queer means you might also be gender nonconforming or bi or whatever.
Jolie’s exotic mixture of brains and glamour makes her the one reliable international star, and one of the few of either gender to make people in every country pay to see her.
I am proud to state that every national Jewish organization we support enforces non-discrimination practices around sexual orientation and that more than 70 percent have written policies in place covering gender identity and expression.
There are hierarchies in B-Town regarding many things, not just gender. Men also go through a lot in this industry.
The business of fiction is the study of the human condition, and gender is something that many humans are obsessed with, thus making it rather difficult to ignore when studying the human condition!
I sort of throw away the definitions of gender – that boys are ‘supposed’ to wear blue and girls are ‘supposed’ to wear pink – and those gender roles and gender presentations. I do it on my own terms rather than based on what other people say I should do.
I’m saying the excessive focus on what gender a person is, rather than what they do, does a disservice to women.
I thought having to explain the risibility of gender codes would be mostly behind us by now.
In my opinion, it’s all about the song and the performance, not the gender.
I perform at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, where my race and gender are rarely pointed out.
Full social and political engagement is impossible without economic empowerment, a point that is as true for women as it is for young people of either gender.
Both European and American historians have done away with any conceptual limits on what in the past needs and deserves investigating. The result, among other things, has been a flood of works on gender history, black history, and ethnic history of all kinds.
I think we’re actually the only sport that has a mix of men and women competing together. The majority of other sports are separated by gender.
When feminism does not explicitly oppose racism, and when anti-racism does not incorporate opposition to patriarchy, race and gender politics often end up being antagonistic to each other, and both interests lose.
You just wish sometimes that people would treat you like a human being rather than seeing your gender first and who you are second.
Our sport is one of the few on the winter side that is so diverse. It shows we don’t have to be limited by race or gender or whatever and how far we have come as a sport.
Feminism is an attack on social practices and habits of thought that keep women and men boxed into gender roles that are harmful.
America’s liberal arts universities have long been safe zones for leftist thinking, protected ivory towers for the pseudo-elite who earn their livings writing papers nobody reads about gender roles in the poetry of Maya Angelou.
Separate inherently is not equal. There’s a reason why $45 million was spent against marriage equality. It’s because people understand the word does have meaning. And equality comes when we accept the same notions and the same institutions for everyone, regardless of race and gender and regardless of sex orientation.
I never intended to become a data head. I could never have predicted it would play such an important role in my life. Yet here we are: My Institute on Gender in Media has sponsored the largest amount of research ever done on gender depictions in media, covering a 20-year-plus span.
It’s my view that gender is culturally formed, but it’s also a domain of agency or freedom and that it is most important to resist the violence that is imposed by ideal gender norms, especially against those who are gender different, who are nonconforming in their gender presentation.
Society as a whole benefits immeasurably from a climate in which all persons, regardless of race or gender, may have the opportunity to earn respect, responsibility, advancement and remuneration based on ability.
I love when an outfit embodies the fluidity of my gender – it makes me feel the most confident and grounded, especially when attending fashion shows, which can be extremely overwhelming.
I have a son and a daughter; I try to teach them equally about balance, gender, and gender equity.
Civility is the recognition that all people have dignity that’s inherent to their person, no matter their religion, race, gender, sexuality, or ability.
A lot of people think that intersectionality is only about identity. But it’s also about how race and gender are structured in particular workforces.
I’ve not been discriminated against, but I can see it happen. And not just race but gender and sexuality, too. It’s stereotyping, lazy casting, which is an issue: that people can’t see outside the box.
Let’s not confuse traditional behaviours with good manners. The definition of etiquette is gender neutral – it simply means we strive at all times to ensure a person in our company feels at ease.
We pledge ourselves to liberate all our people from the continuing bondage of poverty, deprivation, suffering, gender and other discrimination.
If you are educated in English-medium schools, you get a better view of the world, develop more liberal values, have more gender sensitivity and become more forward looking. But you pay a price because you don’t know your own language.
Javed Akhtar
The issue of gender was never my biggest concern; my biggest concern was doing good work. When the feminist movement really got going, I wasn’t an active part of it because I was more concerned with my own mental pursuits.
We are now living through peak stupid with the left, and this ‘toxic masculinity,’ ‘white patriarch’ nonsense, where they’ve now devolved to judging people exclusively by their gender and their skin color is a marker of the total intellectual collapse of the radical left.
A gender capitalist is someone who takes advantage of opportunities given to people based on their perceived sex or gender.
When it comes to swag, there’s no gender involved.
Producers now look at the talent and if they believe that the director has the potential, they are willing to shell out the money irrespective of the gender.
Love is pure and true; love knows no gender.
It is not about gender, it is about experience, leadership, and vision.
To say that gender is performative is a little different because for something to be performative means that it produces a series of effects. We act and walk and speak and talk in ways that consolidate an impression of being a man or being a woman.
I believe writers need to be chameleons, or like Meryl Streep, who can play all sorts of characters. A good writer should be able to cross gender lines and people of all social classes. So for me, writing from a male point of view would be a great challenge, that I would look forward to taking on.
Marisha Pessl
While we teach our daughters about self defense, we should teach the sons about being respectful as well. A society cannot function properly if only one gender is rising. It has to be in tandem. It cannot be unequal. There has to be balance for upliftment.
Thirty years ago, in 1976, the notion of organized activity to combat discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity was an extremely controversial one.
Robert Brady
Bangkok is one of those places where it’s so rich and full of tradition, but they’re so open to different people – different gender expressions and gender identities. As a gay man, I never once felt uncomfortable there. As a black man, I never once felt uncomfortable.
Gender parity in management is a necessity.
In a sense, we are all victims of the misogyny and racism that exist in the world, no matter what our gender or race happens to be.
We are neurologically hardwired to seek out people like ourselves. We start forming cliques as soon as we’re old enough to know what acceptance feels like. We bond together based on anything that we can – music preference, race, gender, the block that we grew up on.
iO Tillett Wright
I am very gender fluid and feel more like I wake up every day sort of gender neutral. I cop a fair bit of flack for going from ‘such a babe to such a boy.’
For me, having a gender identity that was different from my sex assigned at birth and that wasn’t seen by society felt like a constant feeling of homesickness – that unwavering ache in the pit of my stomach.
I believe that individuals in our country should not face discrimination for their sex or their gender or their sexual orientation.
Even in ‘Hollyoaks,’ we were known as ‘the black family‘ as opposed to just ‘the new family.’ But that’s where we are in the world, I guess. It’s getting better; everything’s heading in the right direction, whether it be race, sex, gender.
It’s ludicrous that someone can be fired from their job, refused care at a hospital or denied housing because of their sexual orientation or gender identity.
Too often, customary practices and discrimination on the basis of gender, ethnicity, race, religion, social status, or class are the root sources of pervasive inequality in many countries.
But the issue of sexual harassment is not the end of it. There are other issues – political issues, gender issues – that people need to be educated about.
On one hand, I think it’s very important to talk about race and talk about gender, because if it’s not talked about, then we won’t progress. What I have a problem with is when it becomes another form of tokenization, of shrinking me into a symbol instead of a multilayered, female Asian artist.
Religiosity turns out to be the best indicator of civic involvement: it’s more accurate than education, age, income, gender or race.
There are many different rivers that lead into despair: there’s poverty; there’s political repression; there’s gender apartheid – there’s a sense of culture loss; there’s religious fanaticism.
Hospitality knows no gender or race.
We are going to unite the people, rescue the family, respect religions and our Judeo-Christian tradition, combat gender ideology, conserving our values.
The gender question has always obsessed me.
I think that there’s so many versions of femininity, and in terms of gender as a binary construct, that seems to be being dismantled.
There are tons of women’s perfumes that I’ve smelt and been like, ‘I love that. I would totally wear that,’ and lots of women smell a lot of men’s cologne and think the same thing about that. I think there should be no reason to put gender on it.
A gender line… helps to keep women not on a pedestal, but in a cage.
Just because the gender of the vocalist is the same, that doesn’t actually tell you anything about the sound of the band.
Gender rules were made to be broken, especially if you have been told throughout history that you’re ‘less than.’
Character is made up of a variety of different things. One of those elements is gender.
It seems inevitable, if unfair, that when a woman is vying for a prominent position in office, her outfit choices will be analyzed to a degree considerably higher than those of her male counterpart by simple existence of gender stereotypes.
I want racial and gender equality.
I’m not limited by my gender, and I don’t think anyone else should be either. Because I am the age I am and I sort of rode the crest of the first profound post-suffragette feminists, I wasn’t fighting to burn my bra. Those women fought that fight just seconds before I came into womanhood.
I think that we’re starting to allow ourselves to imagine that gender doesn’t have to be binary, sexuality doesn’t have to be binary, and you are allowed to choose who you love, how you behave, and how you dress.
Democrats believe in a New South because no matter your race, immigration status, income, religion, sex, sexual orientation, or gender identity, we all have the same aspirations for high-quality education, jobs, neighborhoods, health care, and retirement.
For a long time, I really blithely walked around in the world imagining that gender didn’t matter any more and behaving like I was on equal footing with other people. And I think, for a long time, it was easy to live in the world that way.
It is not about gender, it is about experience, leadership, and vision.
Coming out as nonbinary was a response to a lot of criticism I got when it leaked that I’d be playing a nonbinary character on ‘Steven Universe.’ I never really had the words like nonbinary or gender fluid or gender nonconforming until after ‘Drag Race’ and that’s when I first started identifying publicly as nonbinary.
We cannot solve the STEM gender gap without solving it for millennials. They’re our first digital natives, and they’re willing to learn quickly.
People have evolved into something selfish, greedy and intolerant. People are unaccepting, because of religion, race, gender, sexual orientation… I’ve seen it in punk clubs, and I’ve seen it in the world.
If gender is on a spectrum, where one finds oneself is completely unique.
We don’t live in a primitive society any more. Many of us are lucky enough to be educated. We also realize that gender and sexuality is a spectrum.
With the full power of our 360,000 people, we said to the external world, ‘This is what we believe at Accenture is the right thing to do, and gender equality is among the business principles which are fundamental for a company, and we want this to be known outside.’
There are probably industries where gender is more of an issue, but our industry is not one where I think that’s relevant.
NASA didn’t give a crap what gender you were or what race you were. If you could do the math, you were valuable.
I’ve never isolated role models based on gender. I have more male role models due to the mere fact that I’ve done business with more of them and they’re leaders within the verticals I work. Of those, Tony Hsieh, CEO of, is an entrepreneur and personal friend that I have a great deal of respect for.
I don’t want to sound pompous, but I really think your gender doesn’t necessarily dominate your sexual activity.
John Lone
We called our research ‘Getting to Equal – How Digital is Helping to Close the Gender Gap at Work.’ And at its heart we found that when men and women have the same level of digital fluency, women are better at using their digital skills to gain more education and find work.
Garage Magazine’ has a strong track record of promoting diversity and racial and gender equality in the worlds of art and fashion and will continue in our mission to stir positive debate on these and other issues.
Any kind of gender expression is performance for me, regardless of where it is on the spectrum.
Society as a whole benefits immeasurably from a climate in which all persons, regardless of race or gender, may have the opportunity to earn respect, responsibility, advancement and remuneration based on ability.
Sports fandom transcends gender, race, language, political preference, socioeconomic status, or any other way you can think of slicing this planet.
Your race and gender don’t change, but you can choose to change your political affiliation at will.
That’s all true, but there was something else going on for me as a kid, something about my gender identity that I haven‘t figured out yet. And that’s one of the things I’m hoping to dissect and investigate in this memoir project.
I suppose it’s easier for most writers to create and vivify characters of their own gender.
I’ve said this quite often, there was a certain stretch in my career where my gender held me back.
I try to encourage myself to act in a way that supports gender equality, and I call that feminist. Whatever word people want to use to call that, I’m not really attached to a label.
Dressing in an androgynous way, mixing up the masculine and feminine, blurring those boundaries – I’m cool with that. No one should ever be limited by stereotypes of gender, just as no one should ever be limited by stereotypes of race.
I was raised looking at women who were strong, and they weren’t really into playing race cards or playing gender cards. I didn’t grow up around women who were like, ‘Well, let the boys do that, and let the girls do that.’ I didn’t really see that in my house.
We will not achieve gender equality in the workplace until we fix our system of parental leave.
When I hear Obama speak he just seems really sincere and he just seems like somebody who actually has his heart and his motivation in the right place. Forget about color or race or gender or whatever, he’s got his heart in the right place.
Doubt is what I see with a lot of women, we doubt ourselves. Whether it’s because we think we’re too fat or ugly or not smart enough, our gender puts ourselves down. But we need to own exactly who we are.
I think of my gender as a part of my complex humanity.
Race and gender quotas, whether in publishing, the media, or scientific research labs, are becoming more extreme and more ineluctable.
I didn’t come out as gay; I came out as I don’t really believe in gender.
Gender equality will only be reached if we are able to empower women.
To make it in Formula 1, which is the absolute pinnacle, is incredibly tough no matter what your gender.
I’m of the opinion that gender is a social construct.
People in love don’t see gender, colour or religion. Or age. It’s about the other person, the one that you love and who loves you. You don’t think of them in terms of a label. You just go with your heart.
In my opinion, love is not about gender, it’s not about religion. Love has no borders and no boundaries.