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You're trying to form this human being that will fit th

You’re trying to form this human being that will fit the bill, and the human being becomes a hand, and the research is a glove, and you try to bring this character together into the research, mesh it, and create this person that is the sum total of all that endeavor.
I have big hands – I wear either a XXXL or XXL glove. I have a 6-8 wingspan on a 5-11 body – I can dunk. My wingspan allows me to do a lot of things that other people at my height might not be able to do.
I won’t be happy until we have every boy in America between the ages of six and sixteen wearing a glove and swinging a bat.
Babe Ruth
I was in the Black Power movement. I feel as energized about Black Lives Matter. I don’t feel in any way separated from Black Lives Matter. I do believe we are hand and glove. I am the legislative tool.
History is the history of human behavior, and human behavior is the raw material of fiction. Most people recognize that novelists do research to get the facts right – how a glove factory works, for example, or how courtesans in imperial Japan dressed.
I had a great shoe contract and glove contract with a company who paid me a lot of money never to be seen using their stuff.
The Glove is in the Hall of Fame with the greats.
Donning a glove for a backyard toss, or watching a ball game, or just reflecting upon our baseball days, we are players again, forever young.
Remember that cosmic fact and mental myth cannot occupy the same place at the same time, any more than two hands can occupy the same glove. So choose what is truly right for you.
I’m a businessman. I bring my bat and glove and attache case to the office and go to work. I don’t give a damn if the other workers at the office like me or not.
I was the Head Boy of East High School in 1999. I represent 303 – the area code, not the bandMile High, until I die. I’m 31, a comedian; I juggle, but I don’t glove it. I think waxed mustaches run a very thin line between hipster and 1800s barkeep.
When I throw a softball, there’s no time to think about the motion of my arm. I just look at the first baseman’s glove and react.
Keegan Bradley
I’m not very good in the rain. I don’t wear a golf glove.
Fred Couples
Parallels between classical and pop are not new. The whole San Francisco movement of John Cage and Terry Riley went hand in glove with what the Velvet Underground were doing.
My all-time favorite is ‘Charulata.’ I find it to be a complete film. The performances, the art of story telling, the camera work – everything fits like a glove.
I get a kick out of watching a team defense me. A player moves two steps in one direction and I hit it two steps the other way. It goes right by his glove and I laugh.
The only way I’m going to win a Gold Glove is with a can of spray paint.
I used to be in the trailer park with one glove on because I didn’t have two, punching myself in the face saying, ‘I’m Johnny Tapia’ to intimidate the other kids that I would box.
When I perform Strauss, it is as if the music fits me like a glove. My voice seems to lie in a happy area in this music, which is lyrical and passionate at the same time.
Kiri Te Kanawa
Even if I hadn’t have been nominated for an Oscar, to have won the Golden Glove was just fantastic.
Brenda Blethyn
The more suits I owned, the more I realized the best besuited look a man can achieve comes from a harmony of three details: fabric, construction, and fit. If the suit fits you like a glove and it’s well made, you simply feel better about everything in life when you’re wearing it.
But more important than personal awards is winning the World Series. That’s the max that anyone could ask for. Let alone to have the ball in your in your glove for the final out of the World Series. That was the ultimate.
Dennis Eckersley
Certain guys, they can see a guy do a certain thing with their glove and know what pitch is coming. I couldn’t do that. But I can get on first base and I can tell you by his move if that pitcher is going to first base or home plate every time.
I always tried to watch the pitcher and his complete windup from the moment he had the ball in his glove all the way through his motion, and tried to follow it all the way out of his hand, all the way to home plate.
A thug is someone who stands on his own. He lives by the decisions he makes and accepts the consequences. A thug is comfortable in his own skin. I wear mine like a glove.
Trick Daddy
It’s a pretty sure thing that the player’s bat is what speaks loudest when it’s contract time, but there are moments when the glove has the last word.
Brooks Robinson
When I throw a curve that hangs and it goes for a hit, I want to chew up my glove.
Don Drysdale
I used to dress up like Michael Jackson. I didn’t have the glove, but I had a red jacket like in ‘Thriller.’
The Hudson River lay flat and black like a lost evening glove. The clouds parted overhead as the distant moon threw a single, bright beam over lower Manhattan as though it were looking for its other half.
Iron hand in a velvet glove.
Charles V
I love the way people dress at the races. I love people dressed to the nines during the day. That formal kind of daywear doesn’t really exist anymore except at the races. Also I love the tuffs and the working classes being so hand in glove and relying on each other to make the thing happen.
Bella Freud
I’m the catalyst for the downfall of the Blairites, the Clintonites, the Bushites, and all these dreadful people who work hand in glove with Goldman Sachs and everybody else, have made themselves rich, and ruined our countries. I couldn’t be happier.
I travel with Club Glove.
My son has dubbed me ‘the Glove’.
I have to have aftershave in my car. I actually have Gucci aftershave in the glove box that is just for the car, to make it smell nice.
I was watching TV and saw the ‘Emeril’ show, and it spoke to me. I went out and started researching the culinary world and chefs that I knew nothing about. Then I moved to New York and went to culinary school, and everything just fit like a glove. It’s been on ever since.
When I was a kid, man, my dad used to buy me the Ted Williams glove at Sears with the Ted Williams shoes with the eight stripes on ’em. I used to play Little League, and I was Ted Williams-ed out.
Tony Gwynn
That’s what I think makes the best anything, is that if something is written to fit a person like a glove, because then everything feels so true.
My earliest memory is seeing Michael Jackson in Melbourne with my sister when I was about ten. I still have this souvenir stick with a glove that would light up and make a peace sign in a bunch of different colors. I’m so happy my mom didn’t throw that out.
Emilie de Ravin
I thought Paulie could jump. I know he’s not fleet of foot, but at least have some hops. I guess we know who is not going to win a gold glove. I was trying to become a spokesperson for the U.S. Postal Service.
Billy Koch
She trained as a ballet dancer yet she was an iron fist in a velvet glove. My younger brother Luca and I had a wonderful childhood since she would try to guide us gently down the right path.
I must admit I found it astonishing to watch the candidates below Donald Trump beat up each other and never lay a glove on the front-runner. I mean, when I was running, everybody went after the front-runner and pointed out my weaknesses and foibles, and that’s part of the normal primary process.
My favorite leather jacket I got for 40 bucks at the Fairfax Flea Market, like, eight years ago. Leather just gets better over time. There’s something about a jacket that you have over years and years – just fits like a glove.
Jack Falahee
I always love the smell of a bat and a glove, or a hockey puck in the winter time.
I really believe if you give people a product that couples entertainment with a little bit of education, a soft glove and sense of humor – especially about a subject people have begun to feel very frustrated about, which is the legal system – then you have a formula for success.