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The lack of available, good work inspires a lot of peop

The lack of available, good work inspires a lot of people to be self-creating.
A lot of people think, ‘Oh, you madeSNL.’ You’re set. You’re good.’ No. All there is gigs, and you go from one gig to another. And hopefully you get a good gig, and it lasts for a while, and you get good work and people remember it, and you have good memories of it.
In America, we like everyone to know about the good work we’re doing anonymously.
I’ve never been in this business for the recognition or the awards. I just want to do good work, grab a decent paycheck, and move onto the next job.
I do good work in Pakistan. I am an A-lister actor. So, even in Bollywood I want to work with an A-lister.
Right now, I’d like to just continue on a series where I am doing good work with a balance of comedy and drama. That and do occasional features and movies.
Mario Lopez
I love to drown myself in work. I pray to God to keep me busy and let me do good work.
I’m just looking for good work. I just really love acting, and I’d like to jump on something that’s really exciting for me.
Noel Fisher
You can do good work simply staying up all night and eating nothing but junk food, but probably not in the long term.
I am trying to pick roles that are interesting to me and are different so that I can continue to do good work.
New York is fantastic, and I’ve done several films in Los Angeles which I really enjoyed, but I don’t think that America is the be-all and end-all. I’ll follow the good work wherever it may be.
Tom Riley
I was living in London and I thought, ‘There’s nothing here for me anymore.’ I don’t want to become this actor who‘s going to be doing this occasional good work in the theater and then ever diminishing bad television. I thought I’d rather do bad movies than bad television because you get more money for it.
I am waiting for some good work to come my way – whether it’s TV or films… As long as it catches my interest, I will take it.
As an actor, what matters to me is to keep doing good work.
You create a work of art. You do not know whether it will get public sanction. Sometimes outstanding films do no business, and sometimes films which are not so good work.
I want to do good work in cinemas and on OTT.
There’s no problem with trying to be successful, but it’s all about just doing good work. It’s not about fame.
Brian Gleeson
All religions must be made child-proof. Our teachersunions have done good work in this field, K through 12. Delaying first communions and bar mitzvahs until age 21 would be another positive step.
I think good work, sincerity and discipline speak for themselves.
My career wasn’t planned, never had any targets. I just go by my instincts, and I think I am doing good work.
I’d love it if every company could give raises to the average worker for doing good work.
I think when you’re doing good work, you don’t necessarily need to be validated.
Frankly, I’m not religious, but I believe in the cause of humanity – doing good work.
Sukhwinder Singh
Good work will come to you when your film does well.
Me and Kyle O’Reilly have wrestled all around the world. We’ve done good work.
It’s not my style to either wear minimum clothes, to strip, or to even be comfortable with a sex-symbol label. I just want to do good work instead of sporting such meaningless tags. Sex sells, but to a small extent, not always. And this is what filmmakers have to accept.
I produced some very good work at ‘New York’ magazine.
Michael Wolf
There are many interactions that an actor like me has in public when he gets recognized. The best are ‘You’re a great actor, good work,’ and move on. A very good interaction could be when they say ‘You were awesome on ‘The West Wing,’ ‘Loved ‘In Her Shoes,’ great movie,’ ‘What Women Want,’ good job dude.’
Mark Feuerstein
I think that they had afforded me many opportunities to do good work there, and I think I did. It was a wonderful four years. I really worked with some great people, terrific producers, terrific editors.
I don’t have massive ambitions to be anywhere other than in this country doing good work.
Have a good work ethic. You’ve got to practice, practice, practice. I’m not telling you what to practice – that’s up to you.
If you fail to make a mark, you might not get good work later. So, it is important for every actor to have a plan B to bank on. Here, nothing lasts forever. That’s why my husband pushes me to do different things in life.
I think that anything that leads to creativity and good work is good.
If you love something – and there are things that I love – you do want more and more and more of it, but that’s not the way to produce good work.
I think there are lots of ways to make good work. You can throw big bucks at a project and make what some would call crap, or you can work very modestly with eloquently moving results.
Actors love to do good work irrespective of country and borders.
If you love something – and there are things that I love – you do want more and more and more of it, but that’s not the way to produce good work. So as an author, I need to write what I need to write.
You have to make enough noise to be cast in the right films, and the best way to make that noise is to do lots of good work.
Awards are like a pat of appreciation from the jury and viewers. It is almost like them saying, ‘So, you have done well; we expect you to carry on doing good work.’
If you do good work, it tends to stick around. People still come up to me and say, ‘The Ref’ is my favorite Christmas movie.’
My characters are much more famous than I am, so I don’t crave attention; I just crave working and doing good work. Having a feeling of self-worth.
All honest work is good work; it is capable of leading to self-development, provided the doer seeks to discover the inherent lessons and makes the most of the potentialities for such growth.
It’s a lot easier to do good work when you have good words to say and work with good people.
Mark Harmon
Whatever final judgment awaitsBush v. Gore‘ in the annals of history, I am certain that the good work and good faith of the U.S. federal judiciary as a whole will continue to sustain public confidence at a level never beyond repair.
I want to be remembered as an actor who put in some good work in the beginning of his career, even better work at the end of his career and slowly, successfully made the transition into writing and directing.
Jonathan Brandis
My work has never been about me, and I’ve never made a big deal about my race. I’ve actually tried hard to avoid ever making a big deal out of it and have, instead, simply tried to do good work that matters.
Much good work is lost for the lack of a little more.
Edward H. Harriman
I go where the good work is being done.
I’ve always been a little kid compared to the guys I’ve competed against in terms of body development. I’ve always looked a lot younger, so naturally my body got a bit bigger and stronger. I combined that with a good work ethic, good mindset and focus.
Rock n’ roll is our religion, and we will continue to lose disciples as we go, but we pick up the fallen flag and keep moving forward, bringing forth the good news that our heroes have helped create, their bodies lost, but their spirits and their good work everlasting.
After so many years, I don’t really think writing has to be absolutely new. No. It has to be good work.
It’s very exciting to be able to just work in this business, let alone on stuff you are extremely proud of. So it does make me a little nervous, because ‘Breaking Bad‘ is so special. It’s great being part of something so great because people pay attention to you, hopefully because you’re doing good work.
The cast gets along pretty well, it’s a good work environment. I hang out a lot with Brett Claywell, he plays Tim Smith on the show. We play plenty of basketball.
I don’t want to do anything and everything. I want to be a brand that, every time I leverage my name, I want people to feel sure that it’s going to be something good – so whether it be my movies, my perfume, my restaurant, my musical, it’ll be good work, good food and good everything.
I suppose in the long run, it’s the good work that outlasts the shoddy work, but there’s enough room for all kinds of writing.
Quite frankly, I didn’t become an actor to become a movie star. I have never dreamed about being the most famous person on the planet. I just want to do really good work.
I just want to be remembered for good work.
Rakshit Shetty
I definitely learned about having a good work ethic from my family. They showed me what it meant to go out and work for something and then how good it felt when you accomplished your goals.
When I joined the music scene, a lot of big-ticket singers were not getting good work… It was a lean phase.
I do not need any rest. I enjoy my work, and at work, I rest. I rest with my good work.
Right now I’m doing four shows at a time, trying to read four outlines every week, four scripts every week, and watching four rough cuts; it’s a lot of good work. It’s fun to do it, but it does wear you out.
You’re not going to do good work if you’re not choosing something because it inspires you.
When I am presented with good work, I accept it. Wherever it is.
I feel really grateful to be a part of a cast that is dedicated week in and week out to doing good work, and you don’t always come across that, but everybody on the call sheet is committed to doing good work, and a big part of that is having these firefighters on set and using our resources.
Of course, any work you do as a sporting person, a football coach or any coach, if it is good work, you’ve got to have something – a championship – to show for it.
I’m going to try to keep believing that if you do good work, people will keep calling. Whenever that fails, I’ll just start going nuts on Twitter.
PC stuff just lowers the general acceptance of good work and replaces it with bogus poetry that celebrates values that in themselves are probably quite worthy.
I want to be remembered for the good work that I’ve done, for the positive work, and as somebody who was innovative and who people enjoyed.
I dislike when people try to pigeonhole me, when all I want is to do good work.
Karen Black
I did a lot of good work with my trainer and the physio in Barbados, and they were tremendous help to me during my comeback period.
I’m only focusing on good work. I’m known to be a little choosy, and I’m proud of it.
I’m much more comfortable in a meritocracy and in reward for good work as opposed to a political environment, where I feel like all of that can be confused.
I want to do good work, but having kids and a life outside of that is important, too. If you don’t have anybody around who loves you, then what’s it all for? You’re just lonely in the end.
The notion of making money by popular work, and then retiring to do good work, is the most familiar of all the devil‘s traps for artists.
I don’t want to be the actor who’s followed by paparazzi, you know? I would like to just do good work and have that work be respected and acknowledged.
Good work is the only thing that would make me feel jealous or envious.
With film, you can feel confident that you’re doing good work, but never know what it’s going to look like.
Wood Harris
I see myself and my contemporaries being part of some good work in Bollywood.
I don’t even know what a traditional producer is or does. I feel like the job is like being a coach, building good work habits and building trust. You want to get to a point where you can say anything and talk about anything. There needs to be a real connection.
Chiru is very supportive of my acting career and always pushes me to do good work. In fact, he expects me to continue my acting career even after the marriage.
I got a lot of support from the entire industry, stars like Akshay Kumar. A. R. Rahman told me to keep doing the good work and not get bogged down by anything.
Good work is good work wherever it is.
Lesley Ann Warren
The important thing is to do good work, no matter what medium you do it in.
Roy Scheider
I am thankful to Fenerbahce for the opportunity that they gave me and I believe that I repaid their faith with good work on the pitch.
For me, doing good work is important.
Sometimes I feel an obligation to be accessible as a personality, but for me the driving force since the beginning has always been good work, taking risks, trying new things. If the door opens, go through it. Always go forwards.
David Soul
Everyone works hard in this industry. However, it takes time to get good work. Some get it quite late. It is a frustrating and confusing journey, but I feel I have been patient.
The truth be told, the World Trade Center was neither a very good work of architecture nor a very successful piece of urbanism. Its shortcomings were somewhat mitigated by the westward and southward expansion of the World Financial Center and Battery Park City during the 1980s.
As an actor, you think to yourself, ‘I want to do good work,’ but you also want the work that you do to make an impact in some way.
When someone gets a success, and we, too, have done good work and sometimes even better work than the person who has just triumphed, we wonder: ‘Why did success pass me by?’
Akhil Sharma
The best restriction I learned was getting into the habit of doing something, even if I didn’t feel like it, instead of running away from it. Sometimes good work needs to be earned, and when you can overcome yourself, the muse notices and celebrates.
It’s not about the fame and the money because if you do good work all that stuff comes.
I don’t care what I do – act, stand-up, write, direct – it doesn’t matter as long as I’m being creative and it’s good work.
As an artist, one of the ingredients to doing good work is self-awareness, and that’s something I cultivate.
Creativity is a habit, and the best creativity is the result of good work habits.
When you have to do all the more crappy jobs before, you appreciate all the good work that comes out of that. There are many girls who immediately have a top model career, and there are lots of models who are doing things that aren’t as exciting as doing big campaigns and beautiful magazines.
Saskia de Brauw
There is a great deal of reward when you do good work and people see how successful that work is and the happiness it brings to them.
I try to keep in mind that it’s a long journey. It’s not a race. It’s about staying focused, continuing to do good work, make my family and community proud; that’s all I really want to do… and pay my bills.
I believe that if I do good work, something in the universe will fall right for it.
Its only when you are a great actor and are recognised for your good work that you become famous. Unless you are in the news for the wrong reasons!
Christine Lahti
When we have a good work dynamic we don’t need to ask too many questions of each other.
I love growing old and if I get good work playing women of my age and talk about their issues and lives, I am happiest doing that.
Randy said I could call him for anything, Paula said that she loved me and said how much of a star I was. Simon was like, keep up the good work and I’ll have nothing to worry about.
I am not an insecure person. Thanks to my training in martial arts, I have it in me to appreciate good work, say ‘Wow,’ and say ‘You deserve it.’
When people talk about how parameters can generate really good work, there’s no better example than working within a genre in film. That’s like the ultimate parameter.
I realized that work doesn’t beget work. Good work begets work. So I got a lot more patient and stopped worrying about working all the time.
Brady Corbet
Eggs give me protein after a good work out. The cheesier, the better!
My philosophy was, if I just do good work, someone will like it enough to employ me. It never made me famous. And I’m way, way too old now, mate. That boat‘s sailed.
Ian Hart
I’m not really devoted or specified towards any specific genre at all. I really like it all. There’s good storytelling in all the genres, you know. I just want to tell good stories and do good work.
Angela Bettis
I was watching the last season of ‘Mad Men,’ and they’re now so in their characters and they’re so comfortable in their characters, and they’re doing such good work. That can only happen from doing it over and over, and developing a character over seven years.
James Frain
Keep up the good work, if only for a while, if only for the twinkling of a tiny galaxy.
There is a kind of victory in good work, no matter how humble.
So then you have to say to yourself: Do I want to be rich, or do I want to do good work?
Jackie Cooper
There’s a different kind of attitude when you come from Western New York. You work for everything you get, and nothing’s really handed to you… You realize good work turns to good things, and that’s the edge I always came up with.
Good and productive labor is valuable, and it doesn’t mean you have to have a fancy job description. You don’t have to become rich. You can be ordinary. Happiness lies there. Do good work, create good work for others.
The audience is expecting good work from me. They want me to do roles that are unique and important in the story. So, I am trying to focus on different characters to play. I am doing the kind of films which are completely different from each other.
My ideal day would be to get a good work out in, listen to music, talk to my family and friends on the phone, read and go to a good movie.
Most good work is a combination of parts you love and parts you could do better. My constant mantra is, ‘Next time, next time, next time.’
I am ambitious to do good work and do it really well.
I always want to do good work and enjoy doing it.
I’ve done some good work and some not-good work.
More brands are waking up to their social responsibility and doing good work through cause marketing campaigns. Yet too many still go about it the wrong way. I mean ‘wrong’ in two senses. Firstly, they are marketing ineffectively, and secondly, as a consequence their positive social impact is not maximized.
If it’s one thing my parents did right, it was teaching me to have a good work ethic, and I plan on doing the same with my kids!
It is a wonderful thing in the process of writing when such paper characters are first sketched, and, when one is doing good work, from a certain point in time they come alive and start contradicting the author as well.
I’ll probably stick to comedy for the time being. I mean, a great piece of work is a great piece of work, and I’m up for good work anytime. But I do love comedy!
I have never fanned out at all, actually. I mean, there’s only a few people that I have fanned out about before: Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, pretty much anyone from ‘Star Wars.’ But I don’t usually fan out at all, just because they’re all people just doing their jobs. It’s exciting because they do very good work!
Gaten Matarazzo
I don’t see myself in competition with anyone, I am in my own space; I don’t follow anyone, though I appreciate good work always.
I think I have a really good work ethic.
It’s a little bit of a bummer because you’re really trying to do good work and be nice and be a good person, and in the meantime… people wish negative things upon you.
Whether you’re an obstetrician or a third-grade teacher or a real estate agent, you know when you’re doing good work. You’re passionate about it.
Black Mirror,’ I read that, and I had another offer for a movie at the same time that was a bigger movie, an actual film as opposed to TV, but I said, ‘No, it has to be Black Mirror.’ And it hadn’t been sold to Netflix, hadn’t gone abroad at that point – but it’s just good work – that’s all there is to it.
I work for creative satisfaction. It’s my hunger for good work that motivates me to explore.
The world is small, and the film industry is even smaller. So, if someone does something wrong, you really can’t hide it, and if it’s good work, it also can’t remain hidden.
Generally, there’s a correlation between good work and good reviews. In the very odd, very rare case that they say it’s terrible, but actually you’re a genius who is ahead of your time, you are going to just have to suffer.
I always encourage employees to feel free to raise any issues that prevent them from getting good work done.
Gwynne Shotwell
In public life, differences should not deter us from acknowledging the good work done by others whom we may not agree with.
An actor’s journey is never fulfilled. We always look for greener pastures, better roles, better creativity. We all want to do good work.
The focus has to be about making good work. I don’t ever want to be hired for a job because I’m a woman. And I don’t ever want to be recognized for a job because I’m a woman.
God blessed me with great talent and good genetics. Plus, he blessed me with a good work ethic and a drive to want to be the best.
I think TNA has been an excellent locker room. They have a good mentality, they have a good work ethic, and they try really hard. They’re obviously really passionate about wrestling, and there’s a huge amount of talent.
The highest reward that God gives us for good work is the ability to do better work.
Good work is good work wherever it’s done, in a play, a motion picture or television, and that includes commercials.
My parents instilled a really good work ethic from when I was little – if you want to have money to spend on holidays, you earn it. So I’ve always been someone who wanted to be able to survive by myself, but I think you have to let down the barriers a little bit – let other people in.
I like Cinderella, I really do. She has a good work ethic. I appreciate a good, hard-working gal. And she likes shoes. The fairy tale is all about the shoe at the end, and I’m a big shoe girl.
Ekta Kapoor believed that I would do good work and allowed me to explore. I had that support system.
There’s only so much I can do to effect change – and really, the thing that I can do that’s most effective is to work and to do good work. That, I feel, is speaking out in its own way.
I’m not hungry for success. I am only hungry for good work, and that is how it is with most superstars. Every day I tell myself how fortunate I am to be where I am.
It’s impossible to feel the creative juices flowing if you’re always worried about the end result. I think really, really good work comes out of people being quite open, not stressed, really exploring, trying to be imaginative, without worrying too much about the end result.
The overwhelming number of police officers in Chicago are doing good work under difficult conditions. They put their lives on the line every day in situations none of us can fully comprehend or appreciate.
I’ll walk around the city, and people will come up to me and say, ‘Hi,’ or ‘Keep up the good work,’ or whatever, and I’ll stop and talk to them.
Ryan Howard
I seek out good work.
Heather Matarazzo
I just want to continue to produce good work. I don’t want to do junk.
There are so many people who are dependent on me. You know, setting expectations, and then feeling afraid. But I am a firm believer in the fact that good work has always been recognized.
It’s a lot of hard work to be a manager or a coach. But as players, we had to have a good work ethic to be good, and we can use that trait in management or as a coach.
We always want more, more, more. You see good work; you want it better. We push, push, push.
Talent is given by God but you should respect it by doing good work.
For me, this is a familiar image – people in the organization ready and willing to do good work, wanting to contribute their ideas, ready to take responsibility, and leaders holding them back, insisting that they wait for decisions or instructions.
It is a mistake to expect good work from expatriates for it is not what they do that matters but what they are not doing.
Yes, I want to do good work. But just because a movie is small, it doesn’t make it better. In fact, there are a lot of really horrible independent movies made.
When you’ve done good work, you can’t come back with something stupid.
There is no dearth of good work or wonderful roles.
In real estate, if you’re hustling and maintaining a good work ethic, you’ll get deals.
Careers are not all up, up, up; do good work, continue to grow as an artist, and opportunity finds you. I have no sour grapes.
John Allison
All the good work in the world will not compensate for the damage that a single facet of the business, or a rogue individual, can do. Insider trading, environmental damage, human-rights violations, and opportunistic practices erode trust and result in net negative impact.
Anyone that’s involved in development has discovered that all the good work that’s been done in development has been undone by the AIDS emergency.
I’m quite happy with the body of work that I’ve done, and I’ve done some really good work over the years that I’m proud of. I’m proud of some of the people that I’ve worked with, been lucky to have worked with.
I want to tell human stories not solely based on race. There are so many great actresses and actors that are out there, and I just want to see them do good work.
I don’t think I’m going to do any good work this morning.
David O. Selznick
Small businesses play a big role in Louisiana‘s economy, but many that do good work face hurdles that are beyond their control.
The World Development Movement, to take just one example, is doing good work. Some political parties are, too.
Every film for every actor is a make-or-break film. I believe every film has the power to break you or make you. So, an actor will treat every film like his last film. That’s the way we need to work, and that’s the way you can drum up that passion needed to do good work.
But this is a little different. This is the adult acting. This is a different crowd. It’s more work and more good work. That’s it. People will have their opinion regardless.
If you do good work, you start to make a name for yourself and things can come around. Weird little happenstances happen.
But I want to do good work, after this series.
Jackie Cooper
I do notice that when I come in to meet casting people, they love that I’m Australian. Maybe it’s our good work ethic.
We should know that faith is a gift of God, and that it may not be given to men, except it be graciously. Thus, indeed, all the good which we have is of God; and accordingly, when God rewardeth a good work of man, he crowneth his own gift.
I’ve done a few studio films in the last few years where I feel like I’ve done good work, and then I only end up in two scenes. That’s been very disappointing.
Illeana Douglas
I had to create some good work habits and attitude.
You only do good work when you’re taking risks and pushing yourself.
Those who first oppose a good work, seize it and make it their own, when the cornerstone is laid and memorial tablets are erected.
Edgar Lee Masters
I always wanted to do good work, the best that I was able to, to really discover myself, getting better with each role, and find newer ways to do the same thing.
We always want to live in an environment where there’s no artificial block to good work.
I just know that making ‘Beast‘ was an amazing experience. It was my first feature, it was the director‘s first feature, and every day, you’re just trying to do good work and learn.
I do actually do good work! And it’s hard! And I’m worth it!
I am a workaholic. I am very restless, and I am always looking for good work. I don’t act for the heck of it; I do it because I love it.
Immortality is a by-product of good work.
Vicky Kaushal is a shining example of what happens when you do good work consistently. Rajkummar Rao, Radhika Apte are other examples.
I am proud to be a Next 20 ambassador for Kick It Out and take this role very seriously for an organisation that does such good work.
I don’t trust anybody that doesn’t do good work. I don’t give them any credibility. If they can’t write, why should I believe anything they have to say?
As an actor, I am only excited about doing good work – be it in mainstream Hindi cinema, Hollywood, a French film, or a Marathi movie.
I always wanted to do good work, but not in order to buy big houses and big cars. I just wanted to be ‘alright‘, to have enough money to be able to live on, to go to the cinema when I wanted to, and buy the books I wanted to read.
I’m not interested in world domination. I’m interested in running a nice little brand that takes care of its own and does really good work.
I’d rather see the United States as a beacon of good work and good citizenship, rather than as #1 on some international educational measurement.
Don’t worry about being a star, worry about doing good work, and all that will come to you.
For fiction, I’m not particularly nationalistic. I’m not like the Hugo Chavez of Latin American letters, you know? I want people to read good work.
I always wanted to do good work and play strong parts.
I believe that working with good people matters because then the work environment is good. If there is a sense of respect and belief among the people you work with, that is when good work is done.
I’m getting some really good work. And because I’m delivering what they want, more good work is coming my way.
I feel that I have not got my due in films. However, I did a lot of good work on television and that’s why I never got typecast.
I don’t want to work more. I want to do limited but good work.
I want to do more good work. That’s very much my parents’ influence in me.
A lot of time, you play well and you do good work, but you are not on a good team, so it really doesn’t mean anything.
I have no interest in doing anything other than good work.
It’s continuously humbling to work hard, you know? As long as you’ve got a good work ethic and a sense of humor, I don’t think anybody can become too much of an egoist under those circumstances.
I want to do good work in the world.
I appreciate good work no matter where it’s coming from.
I don’t have an exact picture of where I aim to see myself, but I want to do something which will be an example for everyone. If anyone is giving a reference for good work, then they should think of me.
I don’t think we should discriminate against an organization or congregation because they’re religious, if they’re doing good work. But government can’t subsidize proselytizing or worship or religious activity. It can’t.
If it’s a good work of adaptation, the book should remain a book and the film should remain a film, and you should not necessarily read the book to see the film. If you do need that, then that means that it’s a failure. That is what I think.
Macbeth‘ is one of the best operas ever, and doing it was a great experience. I added some things to the opera based from my experience on the movie – such as some of the special effects and bits of film – to make it new and interesting. It was a very good work and a very good experience.
I hope each day to have done 10 seconds of good work that they can use in the film. And I’m always afraid I didn’t get those 10 seconds.
Louis Garrel
I don’t think being a star has ever been part of the plan. But I always want to do really good work, even when I made career moves with projects that made more sense in sort of a career way than in an artistic way… like I did with ‘The Darkest Hour.’
Unfortunately we live in a world where I think women aren’t actively encouraged or at least not empowered to make good work in every creative sphere, particularly in comedy.
I’m lucky to be getting a lot of good work in Tollywood. And I won’t say I’m choosy, but of course, you have to select the best, and I’m trying to grab as many good films as I can. There was a time when I had to let go of some films which I regret now.
Football, that’s just athletics. But in the business world – doing everything – people are competing. So you need good work ethics, and I think it helped me to develop good work ethics, being in a small town.
I don’t have a good work ethic. I have a real casual relationship with hours.
It doesn’t matter what medium I perform, I just love to perform in general, if it’s good work.
Heather Matarazzo
I want good work.
When you do good work, people will notice you.
Ram Kapoor
Instead of cribbing that good work is not coming my way, I look at the positive side where I see no pressure from my parents to work for the sake of it.
It is always great to work with Vishal Bhardwaj and his team as they regularly come up with such good work.
I just want to do really good work.
Chaske Spencer