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I was not satisfied at Rangers, not by a long way. I ha

I was not satisfied at Rangers, not by a long way. I have hassles there, I had obstacles placed in front of me, and certain things never sat easily on my shoulders, and never will.
I am friendly to all political parties. So, I am able to do my social work freely without any hassles.
You can obviously roam in public, but you can’t do that with complete abandon. At the back of your mind, you are always worried if someone‘s watching you. But then, it’s something that comes with the job profile. People approach you because they like you, and I don’t see it as a hassle. It’s a blessing.
Considering all the legal hassle child stars can be, I won‘t be surprised when they are phased out by CGI children voiced by adult actors.
It makes sense – you wanna gather a lot of people together, and Vegas really does that well. New York can, but you know the hassles. I’ve lived there. It’s an entirely different beast.
There is so much headache and hassle involved in starting a business or running a business.
I thoroughly believe that shaving is the best way of hair removal, as it’s the most convenient and hassle free of all the methods.
I always want to give my best and do the best I can. I know when I have sung my best and when I haven‘t. There can be stresses and hassles with time travel and press attention. I just have to adapt and find a way of dealing with it.
Miso makes a soup loaded with flavour that saves you the hassle of making stock.
The advantage of trains over planes is that there is much less hassle. You can get up from your seat and stroll about; you’re more likely to meet people, and, particularly if you’re making a long journey, you can actually see the terrain.
I grew up in an area of Ireland where there weren’t many black or mixed-race children. But I never had any hassle; maybe I’ve blocked it out, but I don’t think so.
We’ve had hassles, ups and downs, ins and outs, failures and triumphs. We’re human beings, and we’re not perfect. And we’re mortal. But the Beach Boys is musically a tremendous body of work that transcends individuality and time and national boundaries.
I wrote a lot about the need for an information appliance. I think we’ve pretty much arrived at one: the iPad. A child could figure out how to use it quickly. Compare it to a DOS computer or even an Apple II; it’s no longer nearly as much of a hassle or a mystery.
What I really remember is that people camped out everywhere, and the fact everybody expected it might turn into a big nightmare with all sorts of hassles because back in those days everybody was smoking pot and taking acid.
Johnny Rivers
Will I switch to E-reading? I won’t, mainly because I love the look and feel of books – particularly hardbacks. I love them enough to put up with the minor hassles of lugging them around and maneuvering them in my lap and having to set them aside while I eat my cheeseburger.
The R K banner has had this tradition to make good films, and good films always take a lot of time to complete because of the hassles involved.
The teenager‘s room is her cave. It is here she can meet herself, undistracted by the new hassles life is making for her. Here, she can reflect.
Any society where it’s a crime or a hassle to be different is a society based on psychological fascism.
All my records were dance-oriented, and all the hassle with major labels about changing my records, release dates, videoseverything was out of my hands. I always had to deal with somebody else, and I had a different perspective on a lot of things.
Flying is just such a hassle. If I had a million dollars, I would teleport.
It’s much more work for the mother of an autistic child to have a job, because working with an autistic child is such a hassle until they go to school.
The way you deal with bullies is you change their economic equation. Make it more expensive for them to hassle you.
Computer hacking really results in financial losses and hassles. The objectives of terrorist groups are more serious. That is not to say that cyber groups can’t access a telephone switch in Manhattan on a day like 9/11, shut it down, and therefore cause more casualties.
I have no hassles handling U.P. For 57 years, the state has been ruled by non-BSP parties which is why it is so backward. In my first term as the chief minister, in four months I did the work of four years.
The amount of hassle involved in travel can be overwhelming.
Everybody should live their lives to the fullest with no hassles, no hold-backs, no matter what age, what color you are… I don’t have an issue talking about it, taking the forefront of it.
A holiday vacation can mean sampling all kinds of new cuisinewhether it’s Uncle Joe‘s award-winning chili or the exotic flavors of Nepal. If your little ones are fussy, be sure to ease mealtime hassles by bringing along a supply of the familiar foods they’re accustomed to rejecting at home.
It’s too bad about ‘Dark of the Sun.’ It was really about Tshombe. When I read the script, I thought it was going to be a political movie, and I thought we might even have a hassle. But the director simplified it to brutality and bad taste.
People don’t tend to hassle me because when I’ve got a hat on, I look like a banker. I’m just a plain guy.
Make an effort to do the things that you enjoy instead of being lazy about it. Life is worth the hassle.
Ninety per cent of the times, filming is a cakewalk. You start it, shoot it and release it without any major hassles. Then comes along one film that gets stuck or faces unusual problems.
I find donating stuff to be the biggest hassle.
I just put myself in a hotel and was smoking coke for a while. Then I met up with the wrong people. I ended up getting in a hassle. I had to call the police and get myself arrested or get attacked, ripped off and got to jail. So I called the cops on them and myself.
Marc Wallice
Thanks to the social web, we can share and trade to use a whole universe of things we once had to buy ourselves. From cars to solar panels, people are realizing they can reap the benefits of ownership without the expense and hassle of buying.
I advise you to say your dream is possible and then overcome all inconveniences, ignore all the hassles and take a running leap through the hoop, even if it is in flames.
Toum is a staple of Lebanese cuisine, and more than just another condiment. This garlic sauce is great for stirring into soups and pasta, marinating chicken, and tossing with roasted vegetables; it adds an energetic punch of garlic to anything without requiring the hassle of peeling and mincing.
Ironically, for the mega-rich, recession brings with it the ability to live well at a lower cost and with less of a hassle.
Airports drive me mad. I don’t mind the flying; it’s all the hassle before you get on the plane and afterwards, including walking five miles through corridors to the point where you queue for ages to check passports and hope your luggage has arrived safely.
The funeral business is so manipulative emotionally. I would want to be thrown into the sea or burned – something that’s not a big hassle.
People don’t hassle me. It’s always very friendly anywhere in the world.
Paul Hogan
There definitely will be flying cars, but whether there’ll be flying cars for most people to use, it’ll probably take a long time to straighten everything out, all the rules and hassles. It’ll take a while to figure out how to keep people from crashing into each other.
I was never part of that cliquey girl drama. Most of my friends were guys growing up, so I was never part of that whole toxic energy. It seemed like way too much hassle.
Aimee Teegarden
There’re a lot of Republicans in the state of Texas that vote by mail, probably more than Democrats. We make it an incentive to make it easier for seniors to be able to vote. I do believe, from a personal experience, it discourages people from voting. It’s the hassle of getting the stamp that is my biggest concern.
We have to continue to raise awareness as the Voting Rights Caucus… make sure people call into their state legislators. Let us know that they’ve decided they weren’t going to vote because they heard it was a hassle.
The United States is considered a puritanical society by many Western nations. For example, they can’t believe we hassle public servants like General David Petraeus because he had a mistress. In France, if a powerful man doesn’t have a mistress, he’s considered a wimp.