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I had that extroverted energy, and I always involved my

I had that extroverted energy, and I always involved myself in quite adult conversations. My mum never hid us from that. There was never a kidstable; we were never treated as kids, per se, because I don’t think she believes in that.
Billy Howle
I hid my weight pretty well but I wasn’t fine, I was super unhappy, miserable and I was working out like an animal with no results.
It is a myth that married women do not get work. Those days are gone now. So, if you think I hid my marriage for that reason, it’s not true.
I want to talk about my very first play, when I was in eighth grade. One day, my English teacher, Mrs. Baker, announced that we were going to read ‘On Borrowed Time’ out loud in class. I was a mediocre student; I was terrified that she was going to call on me, so I hid my head.
When I recorded my solo album, ‘Keep It Hid,’ in 2008, I’d gotten more interested in songwriting, inspired by reading Charles Bukowski and connecting with unfancy, interesting language.
I always loved putting on shows – when you’re the youngest of seven and five are older sisters, you’ve got to get noticed somehow! I did puppet shows and magic shows… even ventriloquism. My doll‘s name was ‘Dan,’ and I used to write these scripts, and my schoolmate hid under the table and supplied Dan’s voice.
My mother hid the struggle from us children. She complained about her salary, and she had a tough time. Although she became a headmistress, she still had to do a lot of sewing. The more I think about her, the more remarkable I realise she was. And she understood straight away when I said that I wanted to write.
I’m happy being myself, which I’ve never been before. I always hid in other people, or tried to find myself through the characters, or live out their lives, but I didn’t have those things in mine.
As I got older and started moving up the ranking, the matches got more important, and my emotions ratcheted up. I guess I hid my real feelings behind the anger.
I will never forget the first time I was teargassed or the night I hid under my steering wheel as the SWAT vehicle drove down a residential street. I will never forget that it was illegal – in St Louis, in the fall of 2014 – to stand still.
At 16, I would wear clothes that hid my body; now I’ve found clothes that fit me rather than cover me. I’m not skinny, but I’m healthy, and you have to embrace what you’ve been given.
Me and Devin have never hid the fact that us playing together would be a dream come true. My mom kind of has hinted at that since we both got into the league. She knows it would be a lot easier only having to travel to one city during the season.
My dad is a really cool guy, but he showed me ‘The Shining,’ and I was like, ‘Hey, dad. I’m thirsty. Let’s go get a Coke.’ So we went to the vending machine, and he hid… and I turned back, and I was like, ‘Dad? Dad?’ And the elevator scene came to my mind.
Daniel Zovatto
If a man dreams that he has committed a sin before which the sun hid his face, it is often safe to conjecture that, in sheer forgetfulness, he wore a red tie, or brown boots with evening dress.
Arthur Machen
I never hid my move to Real Madrid was almost done… my fate changed, and I arrived at Barcelona instead.
The scariness of manhood to males may be symbolically seen in the many stories of indigenous Australian boys who ran away and hid in the bush as the time of initiation approached.
I don’t think I’ve hid the fact that I like being Milwaukee Buck.
I was diagnosed with asthma when I was 18 during my freshman year at UCLA. I refused to accept it – and I hid it from my coaches and teammates. But ignoring my problem didn’t make it go away.
I love ‘Troy.’ I love Brad Pitt’s character – when he went to Troy, he just ran over it. Then this particular scene where they made this big old horse or something out of wood, and they hid inside the wood.
The identity that I knew was completely stripped of me. I hid, and I hated life; I hated everything. The sun would bother me.
When we were in Sweden, there was a fan that hid in a bin. I think one of the security guards saw and tried to take her out, and she went a bit crazy and started tackling them.
Nature and nature‘s laws lay hid in the night. God said, Let Newton be! and all was light!
No disarmament regime is foolproof, and it was always understood that Assad likely hid some elements of his chemical weapons production capacity from inspectors.
Human nature is the same now as when Adam hid from the presence of God; the consciousness of wrong makes us unwilling to meet those whom we have offended.
My good works, however wretched and imperfect, have been made better and perfected by Him Who is my Lord: He has rendered them meritorious. As to my evil deeds and my sins, He hid them at once. The eyes of those who saw them, He made even blind; and He has blotted them out of their memory.
If there was a direct influence on a song, I never hid it.
I once ran away from home because I was upset with my parents! I didn’t get farther than a few feet into the woods, where I hid behind a tree. Sometimes you feel like you should just go out and rebel, and then you realize it’s not the right thing to do. You’ve got to stay true to your family.
Max Schneider
My tattoo is a phoenix. I got the first when I was 16. I hid it for years.
Ashley Scott
For many years, I struggled with how I felt about myself. I hid and harbored very self-destructive eating issues, namely anorexia, which at its worst caused me to lose half of my hair and brought my weight down dramatically.
Renee Olstead
When I was married to an abuser, he’d tell me he wouldn’t have to get so angry if only I’d be less demanding, more supportive, more understanding. I hid the truth from everyone, especially myself.
I never hid under the bed after losing, didn’t cry for two weeks.
Sometimes you have to censor books. When I read ‘Peter Rabbit,’ I skip the part about Peter’s father ending up in one of Mrs. McGregor’s pies. I also hid the book of ‘Grimm Fairy Tales.’ They’re just too grim for my grandkids. Reality will come soon enough.
I became a producer and learned I was pregnant within a five-day span. I wanted both things badly, just not at the same time. I cried and hid my pregnancy for an absurdly long time as I proved myself in the job.
Lindsay Shookus
I hid myself in food.
I don’t care to be famous. But at the same time, you look at all the role models these little girls have, and they don’t have anyone to look up to. I mean, it’s weird, but if I just hid out and didn’t let myself be known, who would they look up to instead, you know?
I didn’t want people to know that I was an artist. I was ashamed. I thought artists were weird, crazy people, you know. So I always kind of hid the fact that I was an artist.
Margaret Keane