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I hate losing football games and hate when I don't perf

I hate losing football games and hate when I don’t perform at a high level.
I didn’t have to fight. I chose to fight. I believe God put me on this Earth to be able to do this and do it at a high level.
I feel like I’ve had 20 years of experience at a very high level, if you throw in college, playing overseas, I’ve played in hundreds and hundreds of games.
I still feel like I can play defense at first base at a very high level.
I think when you do anything at a high level, it’s very difficult to just stop and do nothing.
I was born to perform on a high level.
Barca play a really clever type of football, close together with everyone at a high level technically.
I think, from just playing street ball and stuff like that, I was always able to play up with the older guys, and I think that got me physically and mentally prepared to play on a high level of basketball.
It has been very good playing here at a high level in Spain, in La Liga, every week. I get to train and focus hard for the games and, for me, it has been very good.
If all goes well and my body reacts well, and I feel I have a good high level to compete amongst the best then I’ll come back and play.
Mary Pierce
The Pixar name means more than any other name. It’s very important to us to keep that name at a high level.
Hopefully my books are improving. One of the ways I find motivation to improve is looking at someone who is already at a high level and continues to get better with each book. That’s really what you want to emulate.
When I’m working on an idea I have a very high level of expectations. If we do a video it has to be high level. Artwork has to be really good.
Because of players like myself, Sergio Aguero, Kevin De Bruyne and so many others, the game in England is at such a high level.
I’ve learned things in Italy at the age of 31. Some of the passing drills are so complicated you need a high level of concentration and if you mess up the rhythm, believe me you are told!
For guys playing sports at a high level, for money, I can’t put my finger on it, but in a man‘s world of sport, there is something visceral to beating another man.
I obviously intend to play at a high level to show the boss that I can play more.
You’ve got organizations out there that are consistently at a high level. They’re known to play the right way at the right time.
I’m used to playing for a high level team that expects to win, to be competing at this level.
I sort of tend to equate tattoos with prisoners, punks or people with a high level of self-confidence. I don’t necessarily have a covered-in-tattoos personality.
I want to be at a high level for as long as possible.
I don’t feel like I have anything to prove. I’ve played this game at a high level for a long time.
In my family no-one did high level sports at all.
And I know I will run for the rest of my life because the actual act and art and feeling of running I love, and I hope to compete on a high level.
I try to maintain a high level of coolness. Which means I’ve gotta look at lot of magazines. I’ve gotta look at a lot of ads to see what people want to wear.
I went to Fulham for the project they explained to me – but it didn’t really work out. I might have been playing at a high level for the national team, but I was starting to miss those European nights and challenging for titles.
When you like the coach and the guys in the locker room, and you know you can still play at a high level, and you feel like you can help take a team to a Super Bowl, and you know you’re job‘s not gonna be as hard as it may have been before – it’s just fun.
After winning a championship, I learned something about this: To win a championship, you need everybody. You need everybody to be out there, everybody to have confidence to play at a high level.
My sense, talking to the general public around the country, is that most people don’t have a very high level of scientific literacy.
It is a time for women‘s tennis to return to the light, as it were, and be on a par with men’s tennis, which is at a very high level.
There’s a high level of communication between all of us at Marvel, and between Marvel and Lucasfilm.
We have high expectations and a high level of standard we try to reach in everything we do. Ideas get through if they are good enough, songs get their way in.
At a high level there’s always gonna be noise and rumors, whether it’s fake stories or real ones. You’ve got to be able to block that out and zone in and focus on the task at hand.
I think I have a high boxing IQ and I do this at a really high level.
Many Asian players have seen they can play in Europe at a high level.
Once you get on the playing field it’s not about whether you’re liked or not liked. All that matters is to play at a high level and do whatever it takes to help your team win. That’s what it’s about.
I think if I wasn’t in very high level, I never will be in the team. Cause I was high, in very high level.
Of course the most difficult thing on the violin is always intonation. The second one is rhythm. If you play in tune, in time with a good sound that’s already high level. Those three are the main things.
Ruggiero Ricci
If beauty isn’t genius it usually signals at least a high level of animal cunning.
At Valencia I was playing a high level every week and I improved a lot. I was under pressure in a good way, I played in a team which played very good football with an explosive counter attack.
Most businesses think that product is the most important thing, but without great leadership, mission and a team that deliver results at a high level, even the best product won‘t make a company successful.
I definitely feel like I have the skills to play quarterback at a high level in the NFL.
My mum‘s amazing. She‘s the person I admire most, I think, in her sacrifice to me and my sister and her level of emotional sacrifice to people around her. She takes a high level of personal responsibility for the welfare of people around her.
My techniques are basics, but my willingness to be in the pocket and see things is very high level.
There’s a history of artists being taken advantage of, and artists have to keep criticizing and keep skepticism at a high level. I think that’s mission critical. Artists have to be educated, and choose wisely and watch platforms carefully.
I wear the beard as a label. I want people to know I am a Muslim and I want people to know I am representing the Muslim faith. I want to show that you can practise your faith and still play cricket to a high level.
If one has curiosity, then one stands the chance of attain a high level of scientific inquiry.
If you take energy and climate change, you really cannot deal with the problems with energy and climate change without European co-operation at a high level. If you take digitalisation, it’s an obvious area where European co-operation can actually make a difference.
I think working so hard in Portland to earn the right to have it be my team and to have my own team over the years and try to play at a high level, that was hard-earned.
You always want to play at a high level.
I always said I wanted to finish my career back at Ajax, but I didn’t think I was going to play for so long at such a high level, so that’s not going to happen now.
There are a lot of very good juniors who have a very high level, but mentally, they’re not quite there yet.
We want employees teaching each other what they know. We’re tying to build a company so each person can achieve at a very high level – we’re not just the engineering company or the design company.
I understand that it’s a business, but I feel like good business would be wanting to make a player who performed at a high level on your team happy and want to feel like he wanted to be kept and feel like they wanted him to play here forever.
It goes without saying that there is a significant gap between the NBA and Basketball Australia in terms of catering to the players’ needs so that we can perform at a high level night in, night out.
You have to raise your game to the level of those around you. Then you have to maintain that high level, and by doing this I think I am improving naturally.
I think naturally, if you’re an actor, there’s a high level of assertiveness that you need to have to survive this business. There’s boldness in being assertive, and there’s strength and confidence.
Grand Slams are four tournaments a year, so of course those are the big ones, those are the ones that people and us players want to do our best at. It’s just high level quality of tennis.
Let me tell you, writing comics is as hard as anything I’ve ever done – for me, at least. I’m now officially in awe of guys who can crank out multiple books a month and maintain a high level of quality. Comics are completely different than any other medium I’ve dabbled in.
I took pride in knowing, ‘Hey, my numbers may be down, but football guys know I’m playing at a high level.’
I love that ‘Much Ado About Nothing,’ passionate, smart fighting. I love fighting with guys, and that’s something that I don’t get to see: arguing at a high level with a member of the opposite sex. That didn’t really happen that much on ‘The Office.’ I just like that ‘Moonlighting,’ Benedick-Beatrice type of thing.
If you see in sports at a super high level, people get hurt or have injuries when there isn’t that pleasure, the true pleasure of the sport, when they’re tired or demoralized or they’re not quite focused.
David Belle
I was playing a relatively high level of hockey, and I thought that’s what I wanted to do. But I had my first movie audition, and I was hooked.
Robbie Amell
I’m trying to do my job at a high level and that’s it. Everything else can take care of itself.
To do anything to a high level, it has to be total obsession.
Sportsmanship is definitely an important thing in all sports. In soccer, we all respect each other on such a high level, between Sweden and Brazil and Japan or whatever team it is.
In my wide travels across the world and my meetings with various heads of states, be that Africa or South Asia, Singapore or in high level meetings in the U.S., U.K. or Japan, one common mention is about Dr. Singh’s extraordinary reputation as a Wise Man, an outstanding Economist and a fine Gentleman.
I know I can play well and play at a high level.
It’s all a mind thing, just all mental. You have to know going into the game you have to play at a high level, as many minutes, stuff like that. It’s just all mental. You get yourself mentally prepared for it and go out there and play.
You can only stay at a high level so long before you need to rest your body.
The top clubs in the Premier League benefit very much from the fact that there are six teams on a very high level. They have so many games against each other so that they practically play Champions League the whole year. That helps them very much to persist in the international games.
I’ve fought at such a high level I couldn’t have people look at me and say, ‘well, he’s just fought someone to knock them over.’
It takes years of building that experience as a filmmaker, as well as physically. You have to have a high level understanding of martial arts.
If you have a piece by Bach, he often develops the piece to such a high level that you can hardly do much more to it. But Saint-Luc wrote very simple baroque music, and so if you do not embellish it, it just falls apart. It’s way too simple.
David Russell
More than anything, Play Cloths has taken risks in regards to the pieces of clothing that we’re even creating. We started out as straight T-shirts. It was just T-shirts and a couple cool things. Now, it’s leisure pants, it’s all types of clothing. We’re evolving even with fashion trends on a super high level.
For musical compositions to reach a high level and to derive from spontaneity, of course, one has to do the necessary steps to learn the rules and regulations of composing high quality music.
The other thing I knew I had was a high level of competitiveness.
You’ve got to be able to compete and play at a high level.
I can get by quite well in Italian or German, though if the discussion got to a high level, I’d run out of vocabulary. I’m stronger in French and Swedish.
I learned that I could definitely play at a really high level and I definitely belong at this level.
If I can’t hit at a high level, I won’t play, and I know there comes a point where my body won’t be able to do that.
I think it’s good for me to play in Fenerbahce, and play at a high level in the Euroleague.
It took me a lot of years to understand everything that it took to be at a high level. Not only on the court and in the weight room, but also making sure that I’m taking care of my body, that I’m recovering. It’s a year-round process. It’s not just in-season and then offseason and it’s over.
I love the thought of the AAF giving players a chance to earn experience through playing the game of football at a high level. And letting players showcase their skills and continue to develop.
Any player playing at a high level is available for consideration to the women’s national team.
Every player at a high level faces pressure and must respond, and I am ready for that, too.
I think I play better when people say keep showing us what you’ve got, keep showing us. And whatever’s going to get me to play at a high level is what I want to do.
Just by chance, I happened to meet someone who told me there was a high level quizzing circuit.
Anne Hegerty
It’s tough in the NHL; you have to produce on a high level. And everybody expects you to do it because you make a lot of money. And I never minded it. I always want to be that guy.
Jaromir Jagr
Often, when you’ve reached a very high level of achievement, you almost become paralyzed by the idea that anything you might do might be imperfect. Perfection is just the striving, the effort, the struggle, but it’s hard to remember that.
Gelsey Kirkland
Personally, I need a high level of physical fitness in order to feel at ease.
Jurgen Klinsmann
In 2003, being Virginia Player of the Year was an amazing feeling because I think that was the moment I realized I could actually, really go far in my sport, and I was actually, really good at something. At that moment, I knew that I could play at a high level.
I’ve seen some amazing independent wrestling shows. I’ve seen high quality matches, I’ve seen high level talent.
I have decided to give up competition. I cannot train properly for the Tour de France which I had hoped to ride for the last time as apotheosis to my career. Doctors are forbidding me to ride anymore in high level competition and I bow to them.
You know I played till I was 38 and that at a very, very high level. It’s sad to be out but I keep myself fit with training in the gym every day.
For me, I just focus on playing, playing at a high level. And when you can’t do that any longer, you’ve got to get off the train.
People sometimes think that if someone plays basketball, they have to do that one thing they’re great at. But I like being able to show that you can do more than one thing and do it at a high level.
If given an opportunity, knowing I’ll play 36 minutes a night, I can perform at a high level. Spotty or inconsistent minutes, which have been the case in the past, then the numbers fluctuate.
I started off at the high level, in the slick magazines, but they didn’t use my name, they used house names. Anyway, then I went downhill to the pulps, then downhill further to the comics.
Mickey Spillane
I talk a lot about Jackie MacMullan. Think about the trust and the equity Jackie has built with people in this game. When you watch her work, there is such a high level of respect given. It’s hard to describe it, but you can see it when players engage with her.
I love doing films, action films, anything I can get into that is produced at a high level, really use my skills.
Doing science fiction at a high level is tricky. It’s really tricky.
It’s incredible in our sport how small the differences are, and we are all aware of that. We’re all on a high level and skiing well, and at the end, it’s just hundredths that count. Maybe it’s just one finger or a hand can change the color of a medal.
Tina Maze
Being able to play basketball at a high level, adjusting to the ball in the air, quick feet, quick hands and all that stuff definitely translates to playing tight end in the National Football League.
Working together on solving something requires a high level of humility and a high level of self-awareness.
It’s just the game itself that drives me. I just want to be able to compete at a high level.
If I play at a really high level, opportunities will come my way.
I can still play this game at a high level; I’ve proven that. I want to be home. I want to be close to my family. I want to be close to my foundation and my business interests.
I am very happy here at Liverpool. It’s a very good club at a very high level – a big club.
There’s a high level of frustration with the two-party system out there.
The ratings are obviously important, but quite honestly we don’t spend that much time with them because we believe that if we can play good football, if we play at a high level, everything will fall in place, the ratings, the attendance, all of the things that are important on the business side.
I’m going to do everything I can to play at a high level. I say this to a lot of my good friends: ‘The minute you see that I suck, tell me and I’m out.’ Instead of lying to me, someone let me know!
My father used to play ice hockey, though not at a high level, and my mother wasn’t involved in sport at all, but they were keen that we played some sort of sport. They chose tennis because they thought it was a good sport for girls to play.
I’m going to be wearing the Stryker hat because I’m a walking testimonial to the fact that you can get your knee replaced and still play at a really high level and get your life back.
Fred Funk
Being able to play at club level at a high level and then getting called into the national team, it’s amazing.
Groundbreaking research involves a high level of risk.
If he stays, that would be a positive signal for Schalke. Raul is a super player and we need his high level of quality in order to be successful.
There is no roles. No one is keeping any roles. The drummer is also answering everybody and everything. So it is a constant conversation and communication between musicians on an extremely high level with extremely valuable material, motifs, and melodies.
When someone speaks to an introvert, her brain responds with a high level of activity. It is as if several lights start flashing on a control panel.
How can we ask for our young stars to have a high level of responsibility if we are not demonstrating that same level of responsibility towards them?
You never know how long a player has left, especially with strikers. Once you turn 30, as a striker, you are usually on the way down, and playing from the age of 16, at such a high level, has to take its toll.
I feel like there’s too many areas in my game that I’ve sharpened and crafted and brought to a really high level.
I’ve always loved to fight. I love what I do, and that is why I’ve been doing it for so long. I really enjoy fighting and competing at a high level. I love getting in there and getting after it.
I experience psychic phenomena, so people think I must be crazy. But you have to be accessible and intelligent to be a good actor. I might not have gotten the best grades in school, but I have a very high level of emotional intelligence. You have to be open to receive.
Christine Ebersole
One thing everyone knows about the NBA is that it’s very difficult for young players to win at a high level.
I feel Teddy Bridgewater is an accurate passer. He’s a leader who wants to make everyone else around him better. Someone who’s a hard worker, someone who smart with the football and takes care of the football. Someone who competes at a high level on a consistent basis.
The average person may, at a high level, think of us as a digital currency bank, but we’re not a bank.
Brian Armstrong
If not the biggest, the Premier League is one of the biggest leagues in the world. It’s very competitive, and I find that exciting. I like challenges. I came here because it will be a great challenge for me at a very high level of football and be among these great players in a great team like Liverpool.
I want it because I love it. I loved it my whole career. I’ve always played with a lot of pressure, since I was a little kid. That’s what I need. That’s what I need to perform at a high level and that’s what I need to bring the best out of me.
In the high level cartoon world, my number one admired hero would be Chas Addams – really a top, top artist that the ‘New Yorker‘ was lucky to find and employ.
Peter Beard
I love to play at a really high level.
In New York, after that famous home run, they expected me to be up there every year. That homer raised me to a high level, with the top guys in the game.
Bobby Thomson
I was thrown into a position where I had to learn a new language, become professional and not be just that child anymore coming into a team. I was able to learn from players that were so experienced at such a high level. You can’t get that anywhere else. Nothing against college, but you can’t get that in college.
The environmental movement doesn’t have many deserters and has a high level of recruitment. Eventually, there will be open war.
I’ve been involved in cycling all my life and at a high level for 20 years. It consumes your every waking minute whether you are aware of it or not: your last training session, your next session, what you are eating next. It is a passion.
I’ve been in WWE for 22 years, and that’s a long time, and I still think I perform at a high level.
Without sounding too full of myself, with wrestling I felt like I was one of the best in the world and I competed at a very high level for a long time.
India has a high level of corruption, a lethargic bureaucracy and is low on accountability. Investigations are long drawn and often aimless; those in power are rarely sacked for incompetence unless the media sets up a serious clamour for justice.
Ding has a fantastic all-round game. His temperament is also at a very high level.
I would never want to live in L.A., and I made that decision years ago, so I never chose that path for myself, although I have much respect for those that do it at a high level.
When your back is against the wall, your brain has to function at a high level.
I think I’ve really stepped outside the box in the way I try to train, eat, hydrate, the cognitive brain games I play on a daily or weekly basis to try to build up some durability within my body, within my brain, to be able to go out there and play at a high level at age 38.
I knew who I was coming into the NBA, so I knew what I could contribute to a team, and I just had a high level of confidence in myself and what I could do.
And preserving our open spaces or having them there for recreational purposes is one of the things that contributes to the high level of quality of life that we offer in Pennsylvania, and that also translates into economic benefits.
When you achieve a high level in this league you want to do everything that you can to maintain it or do even better.
The Japanese actually approach the music on a high level. It’s always been on a high level.
Billy Higgins
I have always maintained a high level of fitness, and that is why I am still able to handle the demands of playing in the Premiership. People have always commented on my fitness, and it’s something I pride myself on.
Richard Gough
There is not enough faith in black music at a high level.
I think Together #WePlayStrong is a big step for football. This project is about building interest and professionalism and making younger women want to play football at a high level.
A lot of guys I’ve seen in my career that played at a high level and were done, they moved on, never thought another day about it.
Coming into my second year, my main thing is to show growth – show that I can be consistent and play at a high level all the time.
You always want to test yourself at a high level, and I would be proud to represent Great Britain.
The Premiership is maybe the best league, it’s a very high level.
I have such respect for… the Kennedy Center Honors. To be an artist in America and to be honored for it is extraordinary. In Europe, they really honor their artists. And you are on a very high level. And here it’s not as revered as it is in Europe or Russia or anywhere in the world.
I want to try to have fun as long as I can and play football at a high level. I do not know how long that will go on.
Working on ‘Housewives‘ was very similar to ‘Sex and the City.’ Different cities, of course, but a high level of talent in the writing and acting on both!
I just want to go out there and play basketball, do it at a high level, put us in a position to win.
Xavi has won the Champions League three times, the European Championship twice and the World Cup. He’s a real football player, a man who focuses on his football, hard work and training instead of the glamour, and that is why he has stayed at such a high level for so long.
I just want to remain relevant and remain performing at a high level, which I think I do night in and night out. As long as I can do that and I enjoy doing what I’m doing, I’m going to keep on doing it.
All forms are complex once you get to a really high level, and jazz and hip-hop are so connected. In hip-hop, you sample, while in jazz, you take Broadway tunes and turn them into something different. They’re both forms that repurpose other forms of music.
I absorb and sense energies around me at a very high level. Whether it’s from living people, residual energy, objects or from spirits. I’ve been like this my entire life.
If you want to continue to be good and perform at a high level and be deep in all areas, you still have to hit on some undervalued players, too. You can’t just go out and sign marquee free agents or trade for players when they’re at the peak of their value. That’s not a formula for long-term success.
Neither one of my parents played sports at a very high level when they grew up in Nicaragua.
Our job is to play as best as we can. And if that means hitting 1, 2, 3, then I’ll do that at a high level in order for us to be able to win.
A rise in the level of saving can reduce aggregate activity temporarily but only a sustained high level of saving makes it possible to have the sustained high level of business investment that contributes to the long-run growth of output.