Homemaker Quotes

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My mother was a fastidious and orderly homemaker. I was

My mother was a fastidious and orderly homemaker. I was the messy but creative type. I picture her following behind me through life with a damp rag and an air of exasperation.
I’ve always been a little homemaker.
My father is a chemist, my mother was a homemaker. My parents instilled in us the feeling that learning was the most exciting thing that could happen to you, and it never ends.
I got an automatic breadmaker. It’s the greatest! I get more points for that. You computerize in the results you want, and it’s no fail. I’m a modern homemaker.
I come from a working-class family, and I’ve been working since I was 13, from babysitting to blueberry picking to factory work to bookstore work. And of course, being a mother and homemaker, the hardest work of all.
I personally don’t like family dramas, but don’t mind playing a mother or a homemaker, provided that character has an identity.
Richa Pallod
My dad worked as an executive at Lockheed Aircraft and worked on the U-2 and things like that. My mother was a homemaker, and she was vice-president of the Democratic Council of California back in the ’50s.
I’m getting all domesticated. I feel like Susie the homemaker.
I’ve always been a homemaker, like, I like creating spaces. Even if I stay in a hotel, I’ll unpack, I’ll put my books out, I’ll put my camera out, I’ll throw a sweater over the lamp to get better light. I am a homemaker.
I think a woman‘s role is not just confined to being a homemaker and have babies, but a lot more.
The tendency is to think if you are a professional woman, it’s because you’ve turned your back on the traditional side. The tendency is not to recognize that we can excel as professionals without giving up our identity of being mother, wife and homemaker.
When I was four and my sister six, we got a Susie Homemaker oven for our birthdays.
My dad was a cop. My mom worked at various jobs – she worked as a homemaker, a bank teller, a bartender.
My father was a motor mechanic, and my mother a homemaker. We moved to Bath when I was four, and so I consider myself a Bathonian.
Some may want to be a homemaker and some want to follow other careers and they should be allowed. If we want to be different we should be different and we should be allowed to be different.
The first book really was kind of an entertaining textbook for the homemaker. I couldn’t find a good book about entertaining in 1982, and neither could my friend, so I decided to write it.
I prefer the word ‘homemaker’ because ‘housewife‘ always implies that there may be a wife someplace else.
Bella Abzug
There is a strong side to me, that is of a homemaker. I look forward to spending time at home in the evenings, cooking a meal, chatting with my parents and inviting friends over.
If a man is secure enough to allow his partner to go out and express herself, and if he does not feel as ambitious as her, he can be a homemaker also. There is nothing wrong with it.
I’m a real Suzy Homemaker.
Suzy Bogguss
I am not a Suzy Homemaker.
Once upon a time, the homemaker was just Mom, but now we’ve evolved and come to a place where we’re celebrating grandmas, grandpas, moms, dads – all the people that keep it safe and clean for our kids – and the overall health for ourselves so we can continue to function and do the variety of things we all do.
There are certain images attached to an Indian woman – a mother, daughter, homemaker… there are certain parts of it that I really like, and I love having that identity also, but I feel women shouldn’t be limited to that.
I love being a wife and homemaker – because it’s my choice. My husband doesn’t expect me to do it. I don’t mind doing things for him because he does so much for me; we both feel that way so there is no power struggle.
When I was growing up, I dreamed about becoming a cowgirl, a detective, a spy, a great actress, or a ballerina. Not a dentist, like my father, or a homemaker, like my mother – and certainly not a writer, although I always loved to read.