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Finding some quiet time in your life, I think, is hugel

Finding some quiet time in your life, I think, is hugely important.
I’m a hugely proud Welsh person. I just love it – it’s something very special, being Welsh.
I’ve been on camels before, lumbering slowly through the desert – not hugely exciting, but I enjoyed the ‘Lawrence of Arabiavibe.
My entire life‘s journey has been hugely influenced by seeing Julie Andrews.
When I was a kid, I was hugely impacted by ‘Jurassic Park.’ I think I was just the right age when that movie came out, and I remember running around my town like a Velociraptor.
When you are born into a family like mine, you don’t really know anything else. But you quickly realise that it’s more about other people and how they are dealing with it. Some can be hugely in awe or uncomfortable, but to you, your parents are just your parents.
When I married Sammy, my first husband, we were both just so young. But I’ve had a hugely successful career and I owe a lot of what I learnt in the industry to him, because he was already a top professional, and I was a nobody, really.
They just take on great stories and they tell great stories. That’s their only objective, at least that’s been my experience, so as a result we were encouraged to push the envelope and not hold back. I hugely respect Marvel for that position.
I wasn’t hugely popular at school. In fact, I was bullied at school.
Conrad Black is a picture of a man hugely enjoying himself.
I would not have succeeded as a comedian had I not had some hugely lucky breaks.
Bullfights are hugely popular because you can sit comfortably with a hot dog and possibly watch a man die. It won’t be me, but I can sit comfortably and watch it.
I think cross-cultural dialogue is something that has hugely impacted the richness of the culture of our world.
I was hugely relieved to discover there was a purpose for girls with loud voices.
The film business has changed hugely. You seem to spend about 30 per cent of the time producing the films and 70 per cent talking about it.
It really felt like my generation was deprived of a future that we believed was ours. I don’t mean some hugely privileged future where we all have gigantic houses. I mean having a job.
I played the best role I’ve ever seen on TV or film in the last five years. It was hugely gratifying.
Sherry Stringfield
Business 2.0 was hugely profitable last year, and will be profitable this year.
When I sold my first book, ‘A Conspiracy of Tall Men,’ it was part of a two-book deal. It wasn’t hugely lucrative, but it was enough money for me to quit the paralegal job I had in San Francisco.
If there were some recipe that would make all of our children really sane and civic-minded and hugely intelligent, I think we’d probably all do it. But I don’t know that there is a recipe for creating that.
Fifa would benefit hugely from the experience of former players from a variety of backgrounds including Africa and Asia. There aren’t many senior staff who have played at the top level and the organisation needs balance.
I am shocked and deeply saddened by McQueen‘s death. He was a genius, and his talent was second to none. Like many others, I always cited him as a hugely inspirational leader of world fashion. He will be greatly missed.
Polenta is to northern Italy what bread is to Tuscany, what pasta is to Emilia-Romagna and what rice is to the Veneto: easy to make, hungry to absorb other flavours, and hugely versatile.
Foxconn is hugely important, not only in China – it’s the largest employer in China – Foxconn is important around the world.
Though I respect hugely the effort and the care and the beauty of games, I want to be working with people who want to create the ‘War & Peace‘ of games, the ‘Citizen Kane’ of games, and not just be warming up George Romero.
My fifth record is, in many ways, inspired by the hugely ambitious progressive pop records that I loved in my youth.
I realise I am stepping into the shoes of a hugely respected editor in the shape of Alexandra Shulman, someone who has chosen to leave at the top of their game with a legacy of 25 years of success.
I’ve never been pushy. People have said I should have been, more, but I’m not sure. I’ve watched hugely ambitious people: the minute they’ve got a success, they know where it’s going, they know how to deal with it, and it all happens for them. Great. But that’s not the way I – well, I don’t like to use the wordoperate‘.
I respect Israel as hugely special, especially given all the sensitivities around it. The Jews managed to build a country, to elevate it, without anything except people and brains.
I remember seeing ‘Gremlins’ and having my mind blown and seeing ‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off’ at 13, and it was this hugely aspirational experience.
It’s a hugely popular franchise, and every ‘Housefull’ film has worked well at the box office.
Limitations can be hugely creative and hugely inspiring – so long as they are the ones you choose for yourself. I will not allow anyone to take anything off my palette, but if I do, then within that, I can be creative.
I’m hugely delighted with the presence of U.S. Armed Forces in the Polish territory.
In the end, does it really matter if newspapers physically disappear? Probably not: the world is always changing. But does it matter if organisations independent enough and rich enough to employ journalists to do their job disappear? Yes, that matters hugely; it affects the whole of life and society.
Andrew Marr
I think video advertising is a hugely compelling medium.
A novel I read when I was about 17 or 18 – ‘The World According to Garp,’ by John Irving – really made me want to become a writer. The character of Garp is a novelist, and at the time, the whole lifestyle of being a writer was hugely appealing to me.
Louie is hugely talented. But I get very annoyed at the way the mediasay, ‘Louis C.K. is the greatest stand-up in the world.’ He’s not the greatest stand-up in the world. He’s not funnier than Dave Attell.
I’m proud to have represented England in four World Cups but it was hugely frustrating that we never reached a semi-final or played to our ability.
I wish Rupert, Robert, and their hugely talented News Corp team continued and growing success in all they do, deploying News Corp’s extraordinary skills and potential to the huge opportunities of a relentlessly more digital world.
John Elkann
There are clearly many good politicians who are guided by religious belief, so the mix can work. But there’s a line to be drawn. It would be hugely dangerous for a country’s laws to be set by the scriptures, and particularly those of the expansionist religions.
Everyone needs to stop and breathe and look at how redefining marriage will have a hugely chilling effect on religious liberty in America.
I didn’t have any more children because I couldn’t have continued working – and I was the main breadwinner. But although we are small in number, family life has always been hugely important to me.
If you view history as a backdrop, set-dressing or fiction, then ‘Pride and Prejudice‘ is hugely entertaining. My reread saw the misery of the female charactersreality. My new reaction was sadness and fury. Knowledge ruins everything!
I have a sister, in particular, who’s 13 years older than me. So growing up and watching her – watching her go to work, especially – was hugely influential to me. As the youngest, with a sibling that’s a decade older, I had certain things that I would go to her about instead of my mother.
To my knowledge, there have been no studies done on the effects of antidepressants and altitude. But it is hugely important to find out if there are side effects. We should also find out what are the effects on fine motor skills and reaction time. These are all important questions that should be assessed.
Before I got into television, I was working in New York. I interviewed a few people there, wrote a few articles for a fashion magazine out there called Paper’ – which I hugely admired.
Space is big. You just won’t believe how vastly, hugely, mind-bogglingly big it is. I mean, you may think it’s a long way down the road to the drug store, but that’s just peanuts to space.
I wouldn’t make the film that was an hour and half progression from sadness to despair. I’m hugely optimistic.
I am not hugely concerned about the amount of goals we score – it is the final results that are the difference.
I’m just generally hugely frustrated, I’m a very, very frustrated man. I’m just a ball of pent-up frustration.
Allan Carr
In a way, bullying is an ordinary evil. It’s hugely prevalent, all too often ignored – and being ignored, it is therefore condoned.
I’m honored to have been chosen as a fellow of the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation. I am hugely appreciative for the support I have had throughout my life, and I look forward to using the grant to help institutions that have fed my soul and to support new work that inspires me.
Our news is Fox News. It’s a cable channel and has nothing to do, frankly, with the entertainment area of the company. It’s the model of how this company was launched, and there are a lot of independent stations and Fox O&Os who have hugely successful news that our programming is the lead-in for.
Dana Walden
Subsidies are hugely important; they represent America’s de facto energy policy.
I’m not a cheater, but if I win Olympic gold and people are looking at me and saying I am a cheat because I’ve won, it’s hugely disrespectful given the hard work I’ve put in.
You are hugely responsible for people following you. You need to work out why you are posting, what the message is, and what you are doing to these people.
I’m not really very ambitious. I’m more interested in enjoying my life and looking after my family than being hugely successful.
James D’arcy
Every time there is a major shift in technology, it’s been hugely exciting and scary at the same time. I have seen some really drastic changes in technology, like shooting only film to video to digital.
I think sharing your experiences with younger players is something that’s hugely valuable for your team, for your program. It kind of gives me a sense of self outside of just connecting your passes, scoring your goals – it’s being a part of the larger picture.
David Bowie worked with Brian Eno and dressed up in extraordinary clothes, but he was also a brilliant songwriter who captured the thoughts of a generation. He was hugely successful, without compromise.
I have always been very good at being able to structure my time. My mother had a huge influence on me. My dad was my coach. He was a hugely influential figure.
As a kid, I lived almost entirely inside books, and eventually the books started returning the favor. A lot of my internal world feels like an anthology, or a library. It’s eclectic and disorganized, but I can browse in it, and that hugely shapes both what and how I write.
Kathryn Schulz
After the second and final time that I got hugely fat in my life and when I lost that weight six or seven years ago, I pretty much decided that I was going to stay in decent shape for the rest of my life.
I’ve been hugely inspired by the songwriting of Lauryn Hill and Tracy Chapman – on their albums, they really tell it like it is.
I love Nicole Holofcener and Lynn Shelton, both for the same reasons: their films are funny without being forced, intimate and real while also being hugely entertaining.
The ability to deal with pressure is hugely important.
I’m very fortunate. My husband is hugely supportive, and he is very happy getting on with his career.
I read hugely as a child, but I slowed up when the print got smaller. I am a very slow reader. I don’t know why. Maybe it is like some people chewing their food for ages and some wolfing it down.
I like men. They are hugely entertaining, but they have a lot of shortcomings and you just have to bear those in mind.
Oddly my name has been no professional help at all! It seems to have made no difference. I admire him hugely, both for his benevolence and his enormous psychological perception.
Joanna Trollope
Emerging markets are hugely important.
The wrongful arrest of tens of thousands of British Muslims after the September 11 attacks can be explained by the very poor intelligence the police had, and, just possibly, excused by the fact that a terrorist action in Britain linked to British Muslims would have been hugely damaging.
Crime is the biggest genre in libraries and in bookshops, and it is hugely varied.
Things like engine technology used to be hugely restrictive. You couldn’t have more than one baddie on screen, you couldn’t have more than three arrows firing at once. Now, you can say, ‘I want 20 monsters, and 30 weapons,’ and there isn’t a technical string attached.
The picture is being promoted as Disney‘s ‘Spirited Away,’ although seeing just 10 minutes of this English version of a hugely popular Japanese film will quickly disabuse any discerning viewer of the notion that it is a Disney creation.
Americans don’t pay much attention to environmental issues, because they aren’t sexy. I mean, cleaning up coal plants and reining in outlaw frackers is hugely important work, but it doesn’t get anybody‘s pulse racing.
I think a setting is hugely important. I look at setting as a character with its own look, sound, history, quirks, goofy temperaments and moods.
Hillary Clinton was a hugely important mentor for me. I don’t talk to her every day, but sometimes mentorship means being able to watch somebody‘s leadership from afar.
I have been hugely honoured to have played for my country and I would never shut the door.
First, hugely popular and talented romance/dark fantasy author Meljean Brook gives a really deep, wonderful story. She’s clearly spent so much time thinking about the world of Sonja and her story in particular, it could easily have been a novel of its own.
I was always hugely into sport before I started boxing. I played rugby, football, cricket, athletics, swimming.
I already am very satisfied by my career. It has been long, diverse and hugely rewarding.
We need men and women to sit down and talk to each other about sex honestly and openly. That would help us fight Aids so immediately. But our lack of communication is hugely problematic.
I played old men back in drama school. It’s just now that I’m drawing level with the age of the characters I play, but I’m fine with that, and I’ve certainly never envied people who became hugely famous when they were young.
Most people hugely underestimate the amount of ‘empty space‘ we have in our country. Fly over the U.K., and you see that human settlement does not fill up the U.K. at all. It accounts for something of the order of 15 per cent of the landmass.
I miss the racing hugely. If you told me I could go off and do it tomorrow afternoon I would. For me that’s always been my way of shutting everything off and relaxing.
My parents were hugely supportive like that. I was always the best – it’s so embarrassing, isn’t it? I was always the best at everything.
It’s really important to remember that disability is diversity, and that disabled actors and disabilities are something that is hugely under-represented in film.
I make sure to meditate at least twice a day. I have migraines, and transcendental meditation is hugely helpful in combating them.
Oh God, I feel hugely privileged to have not only been a part of ‘Game of Thrones,’ but also to have a catchphrase. It’s a lovely thing.
I know a lot of actors talk about the importance of wardrobe, and it always seems like it’s kind of a cop-out, maybe, because it seems like a minor detail to some people. But I think it’s hugely important.
This idea of walls, segregation, labels, and ‘You against us’ and ‘We are superior and you are inferior.’ Which people are legitimate? Which relationships are legitimate or not? Who declares that under which authority? These are things that are hugely important.
Ninety-five percent of the eggs produced in America come from factory-farmed birds. Even if free-range farms were hugely more humane, the sheer number of animals raised to satisfy people’s desire for eggs, meat, and milk makes it impossible for us to raise them all on small, free-range farms.
If we’d had a Svengali manager and done what we would have been told, maybe we would have had a bigger, more hugely successful career.
Climate change is hugely threatening to our way of life, in the U.K., Europe and the world.
I realized early on that being an author is a hugely misunderstood job. Because there are no pay grades and very little structure, people make interesting assumptions about the profession.
At this stage in my career, I don’t have to take any big risks. You want to take a calculated risk, not one that leads to people saying ‘yes, but there was that one time when she made that big mistake.’ It’s always a shame when that happens, especially if you’ve gotten by for decades without anything hugely tragic.
I was hugely disappointed that ‘Whites‘ was cancelled.
Alan Davies
I’m hugely self-critical in the morning.
The pitch, timbre, volume, speed, and cadence of your voice, the speed with which you speak, and even the way you modulate pitch and loudness, are all hugely influential factors in how convincing you are and how people judge your state of mind and character.
I spent three years at RMIT doing a bachelor of arts and media studies. It was a hugely formative experience. As someone who had a private Catholic school upbringing, the world suddenly became a much bigger and better place for me.
Sonya Hartnett
I’m hugely into video games; I always have been. I started on the Sega with games like Sonic, Battletoads, and Tetris… all those old-school games.
I did a number of local children’s theater plays growing up, but in 5th grade, I had some good times on stage making people laugh as a troll in ‘The Hobbit.’ That solidified my dream to be on ‘Saturday Night Live,’ which was hugely influential for me growing up.
I think it’s the essence of any film and any stage production – any work where you do work with other people – of course collaboration is hugely important. One does, for awhile, become family.
When there is an influenza threat, drop everything and focus on risks from influenza pandemics. When SARS spreads, focus on unknown respiratory diseases. This approach helps to quell public concern, but it’s a hugely inefficient way to deal with future risks.
I think Galliano returning to London Fashion Week at some point would be hugely well received by the industry.
Picasso was hugely innovative, and, wow, did he have facility, amazing ability, but I don’t think he painted a masterpiece.
It’s an incredible privilege to be the England manager, but when you sit and think about the people who have got to this point before, people I hugely respect and admire… it’s difficult to put it into perspective, really.
My parents were activists and my mother was hugely involved with the anti-Vietnam War protests.
If it’s cross-country ski season, I’ll be out doing that, or snowshoeing up in Quebec. In my California home, I go to the local Y and I like doing yoga. It’s been hugely beneficial to me in injury avoidance.
The arts and crafts architecture of Letchworth and Welwyn Garden City is now hugely admired. Remember much of it was stimulated through open competition.
When I was growing up, my favorite movie was ‘Somewhere in Time’ with Christopher Reeve, which is a hugely romantic, sappy movie. I couldn’t understand it when the guy didn’t get the girl or the girl didn’t get the guy in love stories. I was definitely a sap.
As for actors, I’m hugely in awe of Cate Blanchett – and Meryl Streep, obviously.
I really enjoy ‘Mad Men,’ but I’m hugely into ‘Homeland.’ The characters are very well drawn and complex.
To learn to ride a bicycle, as with the other great noble human inventions, is a hugely complex activity. Generally, it requires three things: the learner, the teacher and the bicycle, all in the same place at the same time, most often outside someplace.
I was lucky enough to be a child during the renaissance of Australian children’s literature, when people like Ivan Southall, Colin Thiele, Lilith Norman and Wrightson were pumping out hugely inspiring stuff.
Catherine Jinks
Working in a hugely, commercially successful film benefits everyone.
South Africa is the most beautiful country I have been to. Canada is also hugely underrated.
Honor Blackman
Not that I am hugely working class, but in the U.K. I’m always perceived, casting-wise, as being working class.
Ralph Ineson
There is no manual on how to run a global city like London. But I’m hugely proud of what we’ve been able to achieve in just the first year.
I’ve always wanted to work with Blair, and finally the timing was right. I have a tremendous amount of respect for him. I think he’s a hugely underrated actor in Hollywood.
There are thousands upon thousands of new Johnny Cash fans every year, inspired by the music, talent, and – I believe hugely – by the mystery of the man.
There are two important things to remember about ‘entitlements’: They are hugely popular programs for a very good reason, and actual sensiblereform‘ would mean improving them, not sacrificing them at the altar of ‘fiscal responsibility.’
It’s very sad that there’s going to be a hiatus in manned space flight from the U.S. The Shuttle was a fantastic, hugely complex vehicle. It was inevitable it would come to an end, but this is the opportunity for the commercial world to get involved. As the Shuttle era ends, another window of opportunity opens.
David Mackay
I was never a hugely successful theatre designer. I painted a lot of scenery and did the lighting, and my lighting business grew out of that.
My sister and I both benefited hugely from the great security that our parents had given us, and then we went off and squandered it all rushing around in showbiz.
Fear is hugely contagious. Used skillfully by politicians looking to manipulate voters, it can become toxic and capable of infecting more than just a few.
I was in a mountain biking accident and broke my sternum about three months before my unit was supposed to deploy to Iraq, and it’s such a close-knit community that the idea of not getting to go is hugely jarring, so I tried to get put back in training and wound up injuring it worse.
Acting was never planned. I happened to do an ad that was hugely publicized. After that, I got an offer for a South Indian movie and I thought this is destiny calling.
Learning about the way people process information and their emotions is hugely helpful to my work.
‘The Hunger Gamestakes place in Panem, a country which is part of America. It’s post-apocalyptic. There’s been a global war. The Panem country is what remains of this hugely destructive war.
The damaged wealthy hero is actually a hugely common trope in romance, and alpha heroes are very common in romance.
I really don’t know where my interest in death comes from. Maybe I’ve just got a twisted imagination. The truth is, I haven‘t had a hugely eventful life – maybe I’m compensating in my creative life. Or maybe I’m just a bit sick.
People desire power. I don’t know why they want it so. It seems to me it implies a hugely superior intellect which separates them from most of the populace.
The world is hugely unequal.
The point of my work is to show that culture and education aren’t simply hobbies or minor influences. They are hugely important in the affirmation of differences between groups and social classes and in the reproduction of those differences.
Pierre Bourdieu
I think I’ve benefited from not being hugely known. It means I have to do something really effective to be noticed.
I have been hugely proud in terms of what I have achieved, in terms of over 60 caps, and I have captained my country on a few occasions which has been a huge honour and something I have been really proud of in my career.
It is quite hard to be a working mother. At the same time, it is hugely rewarding. I have learnt to appreciate working mothers everywhere because millions of women are doing that, including my maid.
When you’re filming for seven months or six months at a time, you bond with people hugely.
Anna Popplewell
Climate change is hugely exacerbated by changing patterns of how we choose to live, often in danger zones such as extremely vulnerable coastal zones – from New Jersey to the Philippines. This enormously increases the economic and human costs of hurricanes, rising seas and changing weather patterns.
Prompting children to create imaginary worlds is hugely important.
You never stop learning in football management and I certainly believe the invaluable experience from my time as Villa manager will prove hugely beneficial in the next stage of my managerial career.
Paul Lambert
I was an undergrad math major and a grad student in computer science. I’m hugely introverted, not atypical of math majors.
Judith Faulkner
It was hugely helpful to me, being South African. I have never felt uncomfortable in posh society because I don’t see what it is that I’m meant to be bowing the knee about.
I have a great relationship with animals, and with children. I get to their level. I try to see the way a child looks at the world, it’s hugely different.
In the many-mansioned house of Alternate History, I occupy a small corner. The trio of what-ifs I chronicled in ‘Then Everything Changed’ all begin with tiny, highly plausible twists of fate that lead to hugely consequential shifts in history.
In my work in Haiti, I’ve seen the hugely positive effects that happen when people come together to build something in the middle of the most desperate situations.
I’ve got a great sense of humor, and if I’m able to say or do something in a movie that people feel like they want to repeat, that’s hugely flattering.
I’m hugely negative, so if a joke doesn’t land it takes me a long time to get over it. If something doesn’t go well I go dark in my head. Basically I start thinking it should be illegal for me to be doing comedy.
I like the fact that Tess Holliday is comfortable in her own skin and loves herself. I think that’s a hugely positive message that women of all sizes really need to adopt.
Immigrants provide skills that we simply cannot afford to do without. They have contributed hugely to Britain’s success.
Several people I had conversations with were hugely influential. People who found internal inconsistency in Westboro’s ideology. It was the first thing that allowed me to recognize that Westboro was wrong.
I read ‘Sabella or The Blood Stone‘ by Tanith Lee, which was hugely influential to me. I love Tanith’s writing. She’s just really lyrical, beautiful use of language.
DirectingFifty Shades of Grey‘ has been an intense and incredible journey for which I am hugely grateful. I have Universal to thank for that.
Trump has said he will dismantle the North American Free Trade Agreement. This would be hugely harmful for Canada and the U.S. and for integration in the region.
The Wellcome Trust is a hugely important organisation, and it is vital that its fundraising continues unabated.
Let’s face it, Obama is not a hugely popular political figure in the state of Texas.
We are the most visited city in the world – and they’re not coming for the weather. Culture is one of things that’s made London hugely successful.
I have a great deal of difficulty with those who live in a hugely prosperous country telling people in the developing world that they should be deprived of a critical source of energy.
Lee R. Raymond
It’s a fight for every actor to surpass what they have done in their previous film, especially when it is accepted hugely.
Investing in renter’s insurance is hugely worthwhile. It protects you from a whole load of financial pitfalls around your home. Your home should be the center of your sense of security – not the cause of you losing financial security.
Being chronically shy I needed to create a persona for myself and be involved with a band where I could be ruler of my own kingdom. Then Pulp became hugely popular and I lost control of it, which is when it all went wrong.
The first thing we should acknowledge is that poverty is hugely expensive. It varies from country to country, but most of the time it’s around 3, 4 or 5% of GDP. If you look at what it would cost just to top up the income of all the poor people in a country, it would cost about 1% of GDP.
If you look at European societies since the financial crisis began in 2008, with very, very few exceptions, the differences between rich and poor have increased, and sometimes hugely.
I am hugely honored to represent my country in the Olympics and in World Cups, and I’m grateful for all the advantages being a professional soccer player brings my way – the opportunities to see the world, the camaraderie and friendships, and more.
Looking at everything I’ve done in my career as a footballer, at all the titles, I believe that what’s hugely important is motivation.
The brain is hugely complicated, and because it is so complicated, it requires multidisciplinary research.
I love sports, and I’m a hugely competitive person.
I have facial blindness. It’s hugely embarrassing as it makes me seem supercilious or snobbish.