Interesting Life Quotes

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I have an interesting life, and I’m strong.
Vittoria Ceretti
A career path is rarely a path at all. A more interesting life is usual a more crooked, winding path of missteps, luck and vigorous work. It is almost always a clumsy balance between the things you try to make happen and the things that happen to you.
Tom Freston
I really would like to be involved in things and to understand things, and in some ways you’ve got to be careful what you wish for because I feel very, very blessed to have such an interesting life and to be able to have little snapshots of lives of people from many different parts of the world.
I’ve had an interesting life.
I don’t like memoirs. I think they’re self-serving, and people use them to settle scores, and I really tried not to do that. You have to have a really interesting life to justify memoir, and my life has been pretty ho-hum.
I have had enough of an interesting life to not embellish it in any way.
The most important thing is to live an interesting life. Keep your eyes, ears and heart open. Talk to people and visit interesting places, and don’t forget to ask questions. To be a writer you need to drink in the world around you so it’s always there in your head.
Some things can be quite stupid yet interesting. Life can be like that.
I have had quite the grand, interesting life.
I’ve lived an interesting life.
I feel I have had a very interesting life, but I am rather hoping there is still more to come. I still haven‘t captained the England cricket team, or sung at Carnegie Hall!
I don’t see myself as having had an exceptional life. Yeah sure, I’ve had an interesting life, but I’m more interested in what’s not exceptional about it.
Boxing life is very interesting life; it opened many doors for me around the world, but now I am ready to invest my energy and my experience and my power for the future.
I have had quite an interesting life. My husband was quite successful in the movies, and we went out frequently with Gloria Swanson and other stars.
I don’t cook, and I don’t care to, but Gabrielle Hamilton made me realize that food is about love and connection. And she has had a hell of an interesting life.
Don’t worry about writing a book or getting famous or making money. Just lead an interesting life.
Why does it have to be politics? Is there a dynamism to that world and a theoretical capacity to do things that draws many talented people? Absolutely. Are there other ways to be involved and lead an interesting life? Of course.
I think I’ve had an interesting life. I’ve done films, TV, theatre and got married. I don’t have any regrets.
If you’re willing to take risks, Twitter is a vast amusement park of interesting life possibilities.
You live in an apartment in New York, and you think all the time about like, ‘I don’t even know who‘s living above me.’ There are all these anonymous people in that window or that window or that window, and everybody has their own interesting life that I know nothing about.
Even with limited success as an actor, you usually have a more interesting life than in many other professions, so it’s not an unreasonable choice.
Everyone‘s had an interesting life. Unless they’re interested in business or something.
Leonora Carrington
Science would lead you to a more interesting life than something else.
Despite some of the stories that have gone around, I’ve never had a big, flouncey strop about how much I’m paid. Considering I have a pretty interesting life out of making telly, I’m really paid quite well for it. So I’m not complaining.
Selling Atari when I did – I think that’s my biggest regret. And I probably should have gotten back heavily into the games business in the late Eighties. But I was operating under this theory at the time that the way to have an interesting life was to reinvent yourself every five or six years.
An interesting life could always use a little seduction, confidence, ambition, and danger.
I often think to myself, at the end of an interesting life it’s maybe not such a bad thing to spend your last days with your friends sitting by the blue, blue ocean reliving the story of your life while sitting in the dangerous sun.
I don’t think I’ve had a very interesting life, and I feel that is a great liberation. That gives me great freedom as a fiction writer. Nothing that happened holds any special tyranny over me.
You can have an interesting story about a person living an interesting life. And if it’s done well, that is just as engaging as the end of the world. A million people dying – we can’t process. One person, we can process.
It’s been an interesting life. I feel like I’m 40 years old at the age of 16.
The Kid Laroi
From early morning to late at night, it’s such an interesting life, and I’m healthy and free, and that’s not so easy with a family.
Olav Thon
I don’t stress myself about my looks. I love to laugh. I like being able to lead an interesting life.
I promised myself a long time ago that I would lead an interesting life.
Sacheen Littlefeather
I was brought up to believe you should always live the most interesting life you can.
Nick McDonell