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Back in the days, we had to work with a shoestring budg

Back in the days, we had to work with a shoestring budget. We had a movie screen, and we’d show movie trailers on them, and then we’d rip through it and started playing. Now we have a little money to play with to do a cool stage set.
Perhaps I will stay in Chicago and operate on human beings instead of on dogs. From a business standpoint, it would be excellent. But, as I hate medical practice, I would like better to make little money in doing scientific work than a great deal in doing surgical operations.
Alexis Carrel
The best football players in the world still earn very little money compared to people who really earn money.
In my career, I’ve never been a box office name. Granted, a couple of my movies have made a lot of money, but I’d do other movies which make very little money, or they’re not seen that much.
My experience is that books take on a life of their own and create their own energy. I’ve represented books that have been sold for very little money and gone on to great glory, and I’ve seen books sold for an enormous amount of money published to very little response.
I found it very helpful not to do the venture round. Instead, I started with very little money, a few thousand dollars, and I did every job myself. I was the first photographer. I was the first customer service rep. I was the first online marketing person.
If I can’t play for big money, I play for a little money. And if I can’t play for a little money, I stay in bed that day.
I will tell you that my position is that funding bills should include as little money for Obamacare as possible.
Show me a man with very little money and I will show you a bum.
Joe E. Lewis
No one wants to work for little money; otherwise, they would be living on the streets.
I was living in Argentina in Buenos Aires and I was working as a journalist, but I was earning so little money and I needed extra money, and I went on Craigslist, looking for writing jobs.
A fine timepiece is part of dressing like a gentleman. When I first made a little money, I bought my first watch which was a Rolex Daytona. It was just one of those things that said I was successful.
Starbucks is not an advertiser; people think we are a great marketing company, but in fact we spend very little money on marketing and more money on training our people than advertising.
I take pride in the fact that a guy and a gal can come to my show, have a couple of beers and still go home with a little money in their pockets.
We can safely abandon the doctrine of the eighties, namely that the rich were not working because they had too little money, the poor because they had much.
Writers of literature make very little money.
I love politics, but I wouldn’t want to be involved in it. Too little money, too much work! I don’t really have the personality for that.
I went over to shoot for six days. It turned out to be ten days, very nicely so. A little money.
Our idea is to serve everybody, including people with little money.
Ingvar Kamprad
My home life, growing up, was like tumbling inside a washing machine as I shuttled around the middle of Kentucky with my mother. She was never content to stay in one place, or with one man, for too long. She was as smart as she was independent, though, and always landed some job that brought in a little money.
We can be thankful to a friend for a few acres, or a little money; and yet for the freedom and command of the whole earth, and for the great benefits of our being, our life, health, and reason, we look upon ourselves as under no obligation.
I need the money. People don’t understand how little money you make in a band.
I’m not rich but I’ve made a little money in my time.
Long made it possible for me to get on records, so what little money he did take from me, if any at all, he was entitled to it. He didn’t take something from me.
Brownie McGhee
When I was a child, there was very little money, so I’ve always been concerned for my financial security, which has meant that finding myself as a writer was a bad move. The practical difference the money has made is that I can support myself by fiction. That is what I have been trying to do throughout my life.
We need strong public health institutions to respond to any challenge. We need to deal with critical infrastructure. The reality is that very little money has flowed to communities to help our first responders; to help our hospitals; to help the public health infrastructure.
Anime has been good to me. I made and continue to make very little money at it, but the undying, feverish loyalty of the fans of the genre has been such a life-changing influence for me that I wanted to do everything I possibly could to help give something back to them.
Steven Blum
Much ingenuity with a little money is vastly more profitable and amusing than much money without ingenuity.
Arnold Bennett
A woman‘s best protection is a little money of her own.
In America, people buy cars, and they put very little money down. They get a car, and they go to work. The work pays them a salary; the salary allows them to pay for the car over time. The car pays for itself.
Iqbal Quadir
Forget being ‘discovered.’ All you can do is write. If you write well enough, and are stubborn enough to embrace failure, and if you happen to fall into the narrow categories that the book market recognizes, then you might make a little money. Otherwise, it’s a struggle. A gorgeous struggle.
I love politics, but I wouldn’t want to be involved in it. Too little money, too much work!
From a child I was fond of reading, and all the little money that came into my hands was ever laid out in books. Pleased with the ‘Pilgrim‘s Progress,’ my first collection was of John Bunyan’s works in separate little volumes.
I haven‘t modelled since I was 12 – that was a one-time thing, and I did it as a kid to make a little money to save up for university. Acting is my first love as well as writing and eventually producing and directing.
Kyle Schmid
When I moved to Los Angeles, I wrote spec screenplays. I was really poor, and I thought I was just gonna do this for a while to make a little money so I could write novels. I thought movies were a second-class art form. I condescended to it – I didn’t know enough to know it was really gonna be hard.
In my 20s, I was a freelance writer with little money and living in a rabbit warren one-and-a-half-bedroom with a roommate.
My marriage ended when I was pregnant with my second child. I lost all the support system with little money left. Then the book ‘Who Moved My Cheesechanged my life.
Every time I got paid, I would give my parents money. I would save some money, and I would have a little money to spend.
My NFL pension can barely pay my son’s tuition. You know, it’s very little money.
O. J. Simpson
When I was a kid, there were no credit cards. Instead, retailers offered layaway plans. My mom would go to a store, such as a furniture outlet, choose the sofa she wanted, and put it on layaway. That meant she put a little money down to hold the sofa, and every payday she’d pay a little toward the purchase.
Mine was quite a working-class childhood with very little money, and my father was out of work a couple of times, which had quite a traumatic effect.
The American school system‘s a little warped, so anyone can get a degree if they have a little money.
Before finding music, I didn’t have too many aspirations. I wanted to hang out, make a little money from whatever I had to do.
I see my friends, my family, my cousins work all day long for very little money, and if I have this problem of not being able to wall on the streets, it’s not a big deal.
In Irish law, busking is considered vagrancy – you can be arrested for it. It’s risky asking people for money in public. So it’s not like it’s a high-art job. And people who do it as a high-art job make very little money.
All studio movies are the middle of the Bell curve. The only way to do something is to do it yourself. And the only way to do that is to not take any money from anyone or take as little money as possible from anyone and that’s it.
Thomas Lennon
There are a lot off very good college players after a year or two who may not want to play that third year of college football, may need to earn a little money, support the family.
Ray Kroc called his first McDonald‘s restaurant, which he opened in Illinois, ‘a little money machine.’ That’s why thousands of franchisees bought it.
Since we had little money and few documents, we had nothing.
Alain Resnais
I moved from Huntsville, Alabama to New York City right out of high school. I was alone, scared, and had very little money.
They sent me the first ‘Untouchables’ script, for instance, and I’m glad I didn’t do it. For one thing, it was practically a feature film, and for very little money. If I’d taken it, I’d have been faced with the job of turning them down on the series later.
It’s amazing what a little money can do when it’s spent on the right reason.
My parents raised me and my six siblings with little money… but lots of love.
Hilda Solis
On the little money I had collected I lived in Berlin very cheaply, ate very cheaply. And already in 1920 I saved the first salaries I received to go to Munich.
When you’ve got hardly any equipment, very little money and no access to any information, your sound is very much dictated by you, your setup and what you’re listening to. Nothing more.
The data says that with the poor, a little money can buy a lot of happiness. If you’re rich, a lot of money can buy you a little more happiness. But in both cases, money does it.
Daniel Gilbert
As kids we didn’t complain about being poor; we talked about how rich we were going to be and made moves to get the lifestyle we aspired to by any means we could. And as soon as we had a little money, we were eager to show it.
I will not let anyone tell me we must spend more money. This crisis did not come about because we issued too little money but because we created economic growth with too much money and it was not sustainable growth.
There’s so little money in my bank account, my scenic checks show a ghetto.
Starting a business from scratch and having little money in the bank focuses your mind in a way that running a multibillion-dollar business never does. It brings the key drivers of performance into sharp relief. I promise.