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I always try to look at kids like I'm in the locker roo

I always try to look at kids like I’m in the locker room, and I’m a teammate.
Matches are won and lost so many times in the locker room.
Yes, this is our job, but when we’re having rough days and when we’re going through tough times, we can all come to the gym and come to the locker room and let everything out.
Every time I undress in the locker room of my gym, I see women bearing the scars of liposuction, tummy tucks, breast implants.
I love the game of football so every time I step on the field I’m going to do me. I’m going to go hard for the guys in the locker room.
You cannot trust 25 guys in a locker room to have the same respect and training as I do with a weapon. That I do understand. I’ve carried a gun for 10 years. I’ve carried them in the locker room, and nobody really knows about it. I know how to handle myself.
For a while, I loved everything about it, every single aspect of what was supposed to be a job. The training – I loved to train. I loved the traveling. I dug being in the locker room. I didn’t mind icing and heat. I dug it. It was like, ‘Cool. I’d rather do this than anything.’
I’m a competitive guy, very. I don’t like saying that about myself but people in the locker room say that about me. But I’m a competitive person and the GM, the coaches, those guys, they wouldn’t like it if I was happy not to be playing.
Thon Maker
I think that’s what being a good teammate is, and I think that’s what creates a good environment for the locker room. I think if guys are connected, it’s easier to know where they’re coming from when they get upset or they’re down on themselves.
When it comes to representing the WWE, I don’t like calling myself the ‘face of WWE’ because we have so many faces and so many superstars. We are a team, we’re a roster, and we’re a locker room. It absolutely takes every man to make this ship sail.
I’m very close to every girl in the locker room.
I love the locker room.
There was a match in Alaska that I had with Beth Phoenix at a house show where we had a standing ovation from Ric Flair, Triple H, John Cena, and Arn Anderson. I got to work with her so much that we knew each other’s body language. Got a standing ovation from the entire locker room. It was amazing.
Ring of Honor has become a place I call a second home. The locker room is really my second family, they support me and I couldn’t do it without them.
Scarlett Bordeaux
What I miss the most is the locker room, the dinners after the games. The preparation, the sense of going out there and be a team.
You shouldn’t have any betting in the locker room at all, whether it’s baseball or it’s horses. You can’t beat the horses. You can’t beat any kind of gambling because they have the odds.
George Steinbrenner
To me, Roman Reigns was WWE’s version of Superman, and he was our locker room leader on ‘Raw.’
I’ve always favored kids as a player. If I walked out of the locker room and there were 100 people there and 50 of them were kids, I’d sign the 50 kids before anything else.
Chili Davis
There’s a certain reason why certain people win because they have a winning mentality and they bring it into the locker room, into the gym every single day. You can’t have enough of those people.
I’ve been in WWE for 22 years and reached a point in my career where, within the locker room, I’m one of the people that guys come to if something needs to be discussed. I’m also one of the people that the WWE executives, if there is a problem in the locker room, I’m one people that is consulted about that.
It’s always great for a young guy to have those examples, even though you may not follow ’em right away, it’s great to have those guys in the locker room that you could look up to and see the right way to go about your business.
I got a concussion on the final play of a game, and I don’t remember leaving the field. No one helped me off the field. Apparently I was on my feet and I just followed the crowd of players into the locker room. I don’t know where I was or what I did for 10 minutes.
You can’t live on last year, you can’t live on the year before. I can’t bring in my 13 Pro Bowls in the locker room and say, look at me. No. That is gone. That is the best thing about the game of football is that everybody starts over.
Fox does the NFL a lot like they program the rest of the network. There’s sort of a locker room sense of humor that prevails. With ESPN, it’s more like a pat-you-on-the-back kind of comedy. I mean, they’ll all get on each other a little bit, but it’s never mean-spirited.
Frank Caliendo
Homophobia in male sports is much stronger than in women’s sports; the locker room environment is a lot different. It’s going to be much more of a brave step, an earthshaking move, for a gay male athlete to come out.
Sometimes – and I don’t mean it disrespectfully – the easiest people to work in the wrestling business are the people in the locker room.
The Dream couldn’t tell you the vibe in the NXT locker room, because, quite frankly, I have my own. When you are a Superstar as high up on the totem pole as The Velveteen Dream, you have those luxuries.
Velveteen Dream
The only thing you know about Buffalo is, it’s cold. I mean, that’s about it. Until you get here and you see the players in the locker room… But I will say this, once I got here and met the team and people around, there’s a lot of good people around here. They love their football.
I look around and see guys that I’ve been on the road and traveled the world with in a WWE locker room, and we still think it’s surreal. At least once a week, one of us will look at the other and just say, ‘Can you believe we’re really all here?’
As long as my players show respect – not for me, but for the locker room, their team-mates and the club – I will tear my heart out of my chest and let them play keepy-uppy with it.
I’m looking at the belt on the top of the bag across from me, and it still hasn’t fully hit me. There are multiple stages to all of this, but I know that every time I walk into a gym or go to a new locker room since I won the title, I’ve felt like the world champion.
A quarterback has got to take control and I feel like I’ve done a good job with that. Not just what we’re doing offensively, but in the locker room getting to know guys and hanging out with guys. All of that is going to make you a better team.
You go through all the training camps, all the blood and sweat and tears. I think you play for the guys in the locker room. We don’t play for anybody else.
I am not one of these guys that looks to the locker room and points fingers. That has never been my MO.
For a long time, I was an assistant in the NFL to George Allen, and George was paranoid that other teams were cheating on him… that they were offering bounties, that they were wiring our locker room, that they were putting food poisoning into the pregame meal of the other team’s stars, stuff like that.
There is always a dream, for me, in the locker room before matches as well during the day. If you have a strong mind, a strong tendency to keep you strong, I think your dream is coming.
I grew up playing hockey and some football, and I always think about the first time you walk into the locker room on a new team. The cliques are looking at you funny, and you make one friend, but then they’re trying to stab you in the back.
Aaron Douglas
My teammates, they kid me all the time. My nickname is the doctor or the president in the locker room.
Everyone wants to be close to your team. You don’t want to have guys that don’t feel comfortable in the locker room.
For us as coaches, we’re in a different locker room. So we’re coming in pregame, halftime. They spend a lot more time in that locker room than coaches.
I like to get on the court three hours before the game. That way, I can get out of everybody’s way, and I can do what I need to do for me and get up the shots that I need and then be in the locker room and getting my stuff taken care of physically – if I need treatment or whatever may be.
I don’t change the way that I play. I love the game of basketball, man. I ride with these guys in this locker room. They know that. If I’ve got something to say to them, I will say it. You may not like the way that it comes across. That’s fine. But that’s who I am.
I never remember being self-conscious about my body. That just comes from being in a locker room for so long.
The fans are not in the locker room, they’re not at the practice facility, they’re not in the office with us. They want wins; we understand that.
I think it makes the game much easier to play once you have a good cohesion off the court. I think that’s big because you come into a locker room at the NBA level, there’s so much emotion, so much pride in the locker room.
In order to gain the respect of your players in the locker room, you can’t just perform on Saturday. You have to do it consistently during practices, meetings, and in the weight room.
Once Joe Paterno learned that his former assistant coach Jerry Sandusky was showering with a young boy in the Penn State football locker room, he had two choices: think of the child as his own and call police. Or not. He chose the latter.
There were butterflies, otherwise, you’re not really ready to play. The locker room, I remember, was quiet and we were very focused on playing that game.
John Starks
We concluded that one thing we can do is to just go through the locker room and make sure that if anybody is using anything, it’s a product from one of the approved manufacturers.
When the locker room needing shaking up, I did it. I remained myself, a leader, until the end.
When I was on the Ryder Cup team and I surrounded myself with the other 11 guys and our captains, being in that locker room, it gave me an extra sense of confidence.
When WWE announced that the women’s division will be getting Tag Team Championships, I don’t think there was a girl in the locker room who wasn’t totally pumped.
I don’t think there has been enough communication between the players and the tournaments. In one sense it’s just as much the players’ fault. Players talk between each other and in the locker room about things that can be improved and then when the time comes to talk and really do something about it they stop.
I miss being in the locker room with all my buddies. That, to me, was so much fun.
On the golf course, playing cards, running to the casinos, betting on college and pro football, it keeps spilling over to the next step, the next step, the next step. I basically started giving people information that I was receiving in the locker room, injury reports.
I think there’s nothing that’s not important. Everything you do – from how you connect with the guys in the locker room, to how you learn, to how you play on the field – everything’s important; everything goes with the position.
Matt Flynn
When you like the coach and the guys in the locker room, and you know you can still play at a high level, and you feel like you can help take a team to a Super Bowl, and you know you’re job’s not gonna be as hard as it may have been before – it’s just fun.
It drove me crazy, Scotland. It was cold. It was abuse. It was snowing and everything. I was so cold that one day I faked an injury to go to the locker room.
I trained with a locker room and roster full of men, and we were all a family, and they all took care of me like their little sister. It’s what I want out of a locker room. I think it helps the locker room, and it’s a part of the success of the NXT women’s division.
I do feel that AEW is similar to TNA in the sense of the young locker room and in the same way that TNA back in the day had these guys hadn’t had that opportunity on the national spotlight.
Just to be in the locker room with the NHL players, go out to dinner with them, hang out with them. I feel like it was an invaluable experience and kind of like going to Harvard law school, I guess, because that’s the best education you could get being around guys like that.
Jack Hughes
It’s just good to be back in the locker room.
William Green
There are plenty of sports teams that say they’re very open and super accepting in the locker room. But are they really? Is it really a safe environment? Have they preset that environment to make these players feel comfortable for coming out? I don’t think so because there’s none out.
I needed a change of scenery, and it feels good to have a change of scenery. And what a great locker room the 49ers have here. I’m just trying to come in and bring even more positive energy and bring another spark to this offense.
About 10 percent of the time, I miss 3 to 5 percent of the game. I look back, and I’m happy that I played. I’m not wistful. You miss big games. I miss the locker room camaraderie. Sometimes I miss the lifestyle.
Obviously if Gates turns out missing the first game because of this, that’s disappointing for everyone in this locker room because he is big part of our team and we don’t want to see that happen.
I think NXT is kind of like the Cleveland, Ohio, of professional wrestling. We’re that underdog whose hungry, who’s always out to prove people wrong, and that’s kind of what our locker room represents.
Honestly, the All In women’s locker room was such an inspirational group of women. What I love about all the women involvedChelsea, Britt, Madison, Jordynne Grace, Brandi Rhodes, Tenille Dashwood, Penelope Ford, Mandy Leon – is we all bring something so different to the table for a common vision.
I think the locker room gives you tough skin and that can only help in every aspect of life, not just in WWE.
I’ve carried a gun for 10 years. I’ve carried them in the locker room, and nobody really knows about it. I know how to handle myself, and I stow it away where nobody really knows about it.
There’s a respect factor in filmmaking, like in sports, where certain things are kept in the locker room.
The last thing you want to see is your great players in the press box or in the locker room.
Rocky Wirtz
I came into Impact and I ran through the entire Knockouts locker room just like I said I would.
When you play sports, when you’re on a team with people from different walks of life, and you have to look after each other and count on each other, race and all that stuff goes out the window when you are in the locker room.
I like, at the end of the night, to be walking back to the locker room limping and sweating, spitting blood out of my mouth. I’ve been doing this for a long time, and it comes naturally.
I’m always teasing and clowning around and laughing and in the locker room I tend to always have something to say.
I was the security guard that got stationed directly outside the Eagles locker room or on the field. I don’t even know what I did. But there was Jon Gruden, Ray Rhodes, Emmitt Thomas, Danny Smith, all those guys that are legends of the game.
There’s really not much friendship between the girls on tour. There’s so much rivalry and jealousy, so everyone just hangs out in their own camp. In the locker room and players’ lounge, you can feel the jealousy.
I’m comfortable in the locker room situation, so whatever.
Natalie Coughlin
Who cares if the locker room would embrace Conor McGregor. If Conor McGregor can be a revenue driver for WWE, if he can sell network subscriptions, or if he can sell thousands and tens of thousands of tickets, if he can move millions of T-shirts, who cares if anybody in the locker room likes it or doesn’t like it.
That’s something that’s so often overlooked in this game – the dynamics of the locker room.
I think any time you bring those guys in, one with a lot of playoff experience, with rings – those guys won – guys in the locker room gravitate towards those guys. Those guys have been there, so there’s a lot that they can teach the guys.
I knew a women’s Royal Rumble would happen eventually, but nobody was sure. We speculated about it in the locker room; we were all so excited.
I wanted the opportunity to play for Tom Osborne. Here we are in the locker room at half-time, gathering around Coach Osborne. It grows quiet, and I’ll never forget what he said. He said, ‘Let’s get this over with.’
Donald Trump is a divisive name in a locker room.
No one knows what to say in the loser‘s locker room.
Going into a locker room that’s not even yours to begin with is certainly like you’re entering the lion‘s den.
My mom gets mad because she‘ll read on Twitter or some message board that Spencer Paysinger is no good, and the Giants need to get rid of him. I tell her to stop reading that stuff because, at the end of the day, the media has no say on what happens in the locker room.
My first-ever job was when I was 14 or 15 in Washington, D.C., a job that I got through Marion Barry‘s summer-youth-employment program. It was working in the locker room of a public swimming pool, deep inside Anacostia in Southeast D.C., about five to 10 minutes from my house.
It’s football, you know the locker room is going to change.
I don’t want to be in a locker room with someone that we draft that’s kind of a prima donna or, you know, thinks they’re bigger than the team. Those are two things that I don’t do well with.
Women who decide to wrestle are a special type of women. We are tomboys, we are women that can hang in a locker room. I am just grateful that there are outlets for that.
I did those two TV matches in WCW against Kevin Sullivan and Meng, and within five minutes of walking into that locker room, I was like, ‘I don’t want to be here.’ I could tell this is not the place for me. And the dream was still WWF and getting there.
A lot of these players, if you listen to the Islanders or the Rangers, they get interviewed in the locker room right after the game, it’s very structured answers. They’re very protected.
Wrestling has a funny way of regenerating itself, and I’m sure, in the past, a lot of people have asked questions about ‘Who’s going to replace Sami Zayn in the locker room?’ or ‘Who’s going to replace Kevin Owens in the locker room?’ People always step in.
I don’t care what age I am. If I continue to train and feel good and enjoy the locker room and this organization wants me and I feel I can do it, I’m going to do it, no matter what my age.
I love to sew in the hotel room. I even sew in the locker room sometimes.
I walk into a health club locker room and feel an immediate impulse toward scrutiny, the kneejerk measuring of self against other: ‘That one has great thighs, this one’s gained weight, who’s thin, who’s fat, how do I compare?’
There used to be an old thing where every team had a heavy bag in their locker room for people to punch, but again, it was more about conditioning because if you hit a heavy bag for a minute, it feels like your arms are about to fall off.
The NFL goes to great lengths to protect what it calls ‘the integrity of the game.’ The same should be said for us as individuals. Integrity, the truthful interaction of word and deed, not only creates leaders in the locker room who are worthy of being followed; it is also vital for success at home.
I would like to be remembered as the guy who worked hard every night and set an example for the other guys in the locker room and girls in the locker room.
I think you get a lot of life experiences and they all get dumped in a locker room and they say ‘Hey, spend 10 months a year with each other.’ That’s a great example that just because you have different backgrounds and you may be staunchly on the other side on different issues, it doesn’t mean that you can’t cohabitate.
By the time I left college, I had won every award you could win – I was Mr. Man! Then I got drafted by the Giants, and you step in that locker room, and you feel inferior in every way. You just have to stick around long enough to give yourself the opportunity to build your confidence.
Before turning pro, I would never have just left my skates sitting in the locker room unattended.
The vibe in our locker room is real energetic and fun and real personable, I think from Day 1. That gets you through a lot of tough times, where in hard times, it might be common nature for guys to do their own thing and split up and become silent.
One thing I’ve realized is that being a nerd has transformed. I like that it’s easier to read comic books and, like, ‘Lord of the Rings’ now. You don’t have to get punched in the chest in the gym locker room for that anymore.
I think when you’ve played in a league for as long as I have, it would be foolish for a coach not to ask a player with that kind of knowledge about other players. A lot of this goes beyond the court. Are they a good teammate? Are they good in the locker room? What’s their attitude like? Do they work hard?
My teammates would never say anything bad about me, even if they thought it. That’s the kind of locker room we have.
I like making jokes and setting the mood in the locker room. That’s important when you know that you spend a lot of time together. It makes everyday life more fun and enjoyable.
All it takes is one guy to change a locker room. To change the complexity or nature of an atmosphere.
I don’t like taking showers in the locker room after a match.
All I know is basketball, and I’m sure a lot of guys in the locker room, all they know is basketball. So, they have to enjoy it.
I don’t spend a lot of my time in the locker room. That’s my least favourite place in the world.
I think in any situation, so much of effective leadership is when it comes from your own personality. And I feel very fortunate to be comfortable in the Colts locker room, where people can be who they are, and they don’t have to change it when they show up to work that day.
It’s the journey to get there. It’s that moment in that locker room when you’re with a group of people that have gotten it done. There’s nothing like it. If you could bottle that up and take that out in the world, you’d dominate.
I’m always going to be passionate about the guys we have in the locker room because they’ve always been OK with me – they’ve always done right by me – so I have no problem playing with them, going out there and sweating, bleeding, and winning with them.
A lot of what you get done in the NFL is by perception. They perceive you as really talented, and they worry about you. You’ve got to come out of the locker room with something.
Back in Oakland, we have a lot of food in the locker room, but on the road, it’s mostly just fruit. So we have to prepare differently. But really, once you get to the gym, everything on the road is pretty much the same.
I remember one time I wrote something very, very critical about Wilt Chamberlain. The next time I saw him – and Wilt was not a man, as huge as he was – he was not a man of confrontation. And we were in the Lakers locker room. And he sent Jerry West over, and he said, ‘Frank, Wilt would like you to leave.’
My process is walking down to the locker room, laying everything out to how I like it. I’m very particular about setting up my bags and my dressing situation. I love to pull out that portable speaker and blare music even if nobody else likes it. To me, its just keeping everything the same every single night.
For Mantle, the Yankees‘ locker room was a sanctuary, a safe haven where he was understood, accepted and, when necessary, exonerated.
The hardest thing in the world is to write something critical about someone and then show up the next day in the locker room. I mean, that is not fun, and that takes an awful lot of guts. And I never enjoyed that.
There are a lot of things about playing football that I miss. More than anything, I miss competing. I miss the camaraderie. I miss the locker room and the huddle and those kinds of things.
I remember when I first walked into an American locker room, and no one had ever seen a 130-pound wrestler before. Those guys thought I was such a joke.
I have spent my last few years training and aggressively becoming the best wrestler that I can and I will continue to do that but at the same time I’ve been in every major locker room of the professional wrestling world.
The players, when we get in the locker room, we talk about what’s going on. And the players always see how the management or how ownership treat other players, treat other players around.
I know one thing, after the match with Savage at Wrestlemania III, I was gassed. I went back to the locker room and fell on the floor.
Some of the most controversial things I’ve said about President Trump, I’ve heard from Republicans. But it’s just that I’ve heard them in the locker room. That’s what people actually talk about in the locker room – how terrible our president is.
As a young player, you really don’t know if players look up to you, and maybe you’re not sure how to be in the locker room.
When people ask me what I miss most about the game, it’s being in the locker room and getting to know the guys. Back in those days, we had roommates. We had to talk basketball and that was a great way to understand the game itself and form those lasting relationships.
Earl Monroe