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It's a disease we have that we think that everything is

It’s a disease we have that we think that everything is explainable. It’s a merchandising idea because you can sell explanations and cures for everything, but it doesn’t work like that. It’s very hard to understand everything.
I was first hired at Staples in 1992, by company founder Tom Stemberg and eventual CEO Ron Sargent, to be the first director of marketing and merchandising for the catalog business.
Shira Goodman
The UFC makes about 99 percent of the money, and the rest goes to the fighters. That one percent ain’t nothing compared to what they make on merchandising, on pay-per-view, and everything else they make around the world.
The journey of making money in music has changed a great deal and is now based on merchandising and just being very smart in the business. Downloading from iTunes has become the way to purchase music and the price that you pay there for a song cannot compare to the days when people paid money for records.
I find, in merchandising and design and creative, a business school degree isn’t particularly helpful.
I was always into fashion because my mom has always been interested in fashion. She majored in fashion merchandising in college, and it’s always been something we have in common.
Advertising moves people toward goods; merchandising moves goods toward people.
Morris Hite
As soon as you go into merchandising, everyone nods sagely and says, ‘Ah, now we know why you are doing it.’
Dave Sim
Everybody got into the rugged outdoors business and into lifestyle merchandising and so forth and so on. And everybody was getting into catalogs and e-commerce and – you name it. It was just intense.
Leon Gorman
Great product trumps all. You can have the biggest marketing budget, the biggest show, a perfect merchandising plan, but at the end of the day, it doesn’t mean anything if the design and quality of the product you are offering is not compelling.
I didn’t make good money on ‘Nightmareuntil part three. I eventually got some nice merchandising checks.
The poetry and transgression that was so much of surrealism‘s anarchic force has been recruited into mainstream culture. It has been made commonplace by television and magazine merchandising, by computer games and Internet visuals, by film and MTV, by the fashion shoot.
I can’t tell you that it would be bad exposure for me to be associated with someone who has the global Q-rating of Ronda Rousey. She certainly knows how to attract attention and garner tons of publicity, and just to be in on the merchandising of Ronda Rousey, would love for her to be a Paul Heyman girl.
Unlike novel characters, comic book characters last an eternity. When a character is changed beyond recognition, there’s no longer the merchandising aspect.
Grant Morrison
The gimmicks that have driven the fast food sector for yearsdollar menus, limited time offers, and merchandising partnerships – are not producing results like they used to, as consumers simply want better tasting, nutritious food and a more compelling experience, not gimmicks.
I think that putting merchandising into the hands of the artist themselves is one of the best things for the artist.
To be honest, the real money is in merchandising and performances.
Of course, neither David or myself ever saw a penny from them; it was the early days of merchandising.
When you’re really young, dating girls, and trying to explain Kiss, they just look at you like you’re kind of crazy. I think they got so big in the Seventies and were such a phenomenon – they did the ‘Kiss Meets the Phantom of the Parkmovie, the solo records – some people only know the merchandising stuff.
Shutterstock has the tech ethos. Rex has the relationships, packaging, and merchandising know-how.
I had a fundamental love of fashion, of products and accessories. I loved the merchandising side of it and understanding how to maximize sales.
Marie-Chantal Claire
I wanted control over the merchandising, the actual packaging of the product. That was a big factor. The only way for me to exercise control on all those levels was to start my own label.
When I was a kid, if I liked something from merchandising, I’d have to go to the toy store.
I think it’s one of the coolest things especially as a young actor, actually at any time – even doing my stuff with Avatar – merchandising, video games come out and action figures and plushie toys. It really ignites the kid in you.
In rock n’ roll, we don’t sell records at all like we used to. Yet the artist still has to pay to make records. So you’ve just got to get out on tour and be smarter about your merchandising.