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I had a wreck during a race in Michigan, which led to t

I had a wreck during a race in Michigan, which led to the hyperextension of my left leg and subsequent amputation.
I don’t get back to Michigan nearly as much as I’d like to.
I go to all the haunted houses that I can get my hands on, and I grew up in Michigan, where there are a lot of back-woodsy haunted attractions.
Set politics and party aside: If it’s not right for Michigan’s small businesses and middle class, it’s never been right with me.
Gary Peters
People need to seek out some diversity in their life. One of my friends is a pig farmer in Michigan, and even she has black friends. She’s in the middle of nowhere – the closest airport is, like, three hours away – and she manages to connect with black people.
I remember playing a college in Michigan, and they all held up their hand to show me where they live, which made me wonder what weird alien cult I had entered.
We’ve lost 400,000 jobs in Michigan because of downsizing.
I’m from Mt. Clemens, Michigan. It’s right outside Detroit. The suburbs. I was always very heavily involved in theater back then. I was always in drama club or forensics. Anything that you could do that had some performing, I was doing it.
I love Michigan.
I’ll always be a fan of coach Harbaugh. Not too sure about Michigan.
As a kid, to have adults think you’re valuable enough to perform certain tasks gives you a real sense of confidence. Cutting the lawn. Raking leaves. Shoveling snow. Walking the dog for our neighbor Mrs. Trumm – who was a German professor at Michigan – for 25 cents.
I like playing Michigan.
It’s one thing to be a cynic or an opponent of Jim Harbaugh if you’re a fan of Ohio State or Michigan State or Penn State or an SEC school.
So whether that’s taking a bunch of people from Chicago down to Standing Rock or being in Flint, Michigan, or being in Palestine or Baton Rouge after Alton Sterling’s killing, I’ve been trying to, just as a man, be present and stand with the struggling and oppressed people around the world.
Michigan is a state we should have won in 2016, and we didn’t, and I want to understand why.
A Michigan man is going to coach Michigan.
Bo Schembechler
Whether or not we can save Lake Michigan, whether or not we can avoid a breakdown in our criminal justice system are more important than whether or not I’m going to be governor.
Bill Scott
We are all better off when we raise skills in our state, and I know that Republicans and Democrats are going to hear from their communities, hear from their constituents, hear from the businesses in their areas about really making sure that we’ve got the workforce to make us competitive and raise wages in Michigan.
Michigan State means so much to my life and me.
I think the most important thing to know is I’m running for governor because I love the state of Michigan.
I think it’s really exciting for me to see Brandi branch out. Because when you look her up and see her pictures online and see that she was this bikini model, it doesn’t tell you that she’s got a degree from the University of Michigan or that she attended the master‘s program and the University of Miami.
Judge Aquilina did what Michigan State University officials, USA Gymnastics, and the Karoyli ranch officials did not: Immediately believed the women who had been abused, validated their lives, and ended their perpetrator‘s access to them and other victims.
People in Michigan are good at separating fact from fiction. They know, better than most of the country, what happens to the economy and jobs when the scales are tipped too far in favor of one group over another.
I was born in Norway, and when I was little I went to live in Detroit, Michigan. My father was a professor of philosophy at Wayne University, and my mother was also a teacher.
Marta Kristen
Because my brother liked Michigan, I liked Michigan, and by the nature of that, I didn’t like Ohio State.
I see more genuine sociability between the races in Mississippi than I see in Michigan. No question.
It’s been a long time since I lived in Michigan, but I did grow up there for 18 to 20 years of my life. It does feel my home state.
I was born in Battle Creek, Michigan, about 20 miles from Kalamazoo. I lived around there for about seven years. That community is one that I really care about.
Being with my family is my favorite thing about being back in Michigan.
I played Big Mama in ‘Cat on a Hot Tin Roof‘ when I was 20 years old at the University of Michigan.
You incubate a product in an atmosphere where that product is best incubated. So, for example, we incubated our electric scooter in California. Because it’s low-volume manufacturing but high-intelligence, intensive manufacturing, we are starting in Michigan.
Michigan is a state that wants access for women to healthcare.
I’m from Michigan, but I’m just as country as anyone else. Maybe I don’t have the speaking voice of most country singers, but it is what I love. It’s how I’ve always sung, and it’s what I grew up on.
Exercise is really important to me – it’s therapeutic. So if I’m ever feeling tense or stressed or like I’m about to have a meltdown, I’ll put on my iPod and head to the gym or out on a bike ride along Lake Michigan with the girls.
Doesn’t matter if you’re a Democrat or a Republican in Michigan. We want jobs in Michigan.
One of my favorite places on the planet is a place in northern Michigan: Long Lake in Traverse City.
Gregory H. Johnson
At the point when I wanted to become a designer, I didn’t think about, ‘Oh, but I’m a woman,’ just like didn’t think about like, well, ‘I’m Chinese‘ or that ‘I’m in Michigan.’ You know, none of those things were obstacles to me. I just had this idea that this is what I had to do.
By these purchases the Indian title, with moderate reservations, has been extinguished to the whole of the land within the limits of the State of Ohio, and to a part of that in the Michigan Territory and of the State of Indiana.
It’s a success story here in Michigan. We have hiring going on. We have new industries going on.
I grew up in Flint, Michigan so I’m used to broken promises so I don’t look forward to anything. I look forward to the now. I don’t even like planning trips more than a week ahead because you don’t know how you’re going to feel a week from now.
Michigan is also the only industrial state that has a AAA credit rating.
Before I broke my back, I was really looking forward to playing hockey at the University of Michigan. That was my biggest goal.
As Michigan’s voice on the Senate Finance Committee and Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, I will continue working to make sure the next generation of advanced technologies and alternative fuel vehicles are made right here in America.
I went to Holland Christian High School in Holland, Michigan, and to Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan.
Lisa McMann
Iggy Pop is a pure Michigan product – gritty, smart, but not afraid of looking stupid or foolish. His father was once a high school English teacher. I love Iggy as a physical entity, sinewy, twisty – even in old age – an embodiment of rock and roll history.
It is my responsibility to always have my ear to the ground on issues affecting the people of our district, and whether it’s supporting the veterans of Michigan’s 8th district or anyone else, I will always do my best to listen and follow through on the needs of folks here.
There is a racial element: It’s undeniable. We’ve had inequitable funding of schools for decades in the state of Michigan.
Michigan was the place that people used to move to from all around the world.
I lived the first five years of my life on a farm in Union City, Michigan, with my mom and grandparents. It was the most magical time of my life.
I’ve surfed on Lake Michigan.
The reason Donald Trump was elected was that we automated away four million manufacturing jobs in Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. If you look at the voter data, it shows that the higher the level of concentration of manufacturing robots in a district, the more that district voted for Trump.
When I went to Ann Arbor, University of Michigan, what I really wanted to be was a radio announcer.
I love ‘The Walking Dead.’ Steven Yeun who plays Glenn, is from Michigan and is a really close friend of mine as well.
The Clean Michigan Initiative has been and continues to be a success.
I wrote the first draft of my first novel at Michigan, and then I wrote the first draft of ‘Salvage the Bones‘ at Stanford. So I workshopped the entire thing.
I deeply appreciate the people of Michigan. I love their grit. I love the way they face life. I love the family values they have.
The first thing to know about playing baseball in Michigan is, Michigan’s really cold.
When people think about Michigan, they usually think about cars.
If you’ve never been to Michigan, everyone thinks it’s completely rural. It’s a destination state. You don’t really drive through; you’re going there for a reason.
What Chris Webber and the Fab Five – Jalen, Juwan, Ray, Jimmy and those guys – they created a culture, and Michigan was a beneficiary of that. Chris Webber was a big part of it.
I wrote the Michigan 2020, which was a free college plan, before Bernie Sanders ever offered it on the national level.
There is this idea of ‘north,’ and if you’re from Michigan and you wandered the Upper Peninsula, you know what it feels like. The sky has a particular vibe, a coldness, stretching into the upper reaches of Canada.
Michigan is a very special place and the college experience only comes once.
In Michigan, a liberal democrat raised taxes and kept their government programs at the same level. And guess what? Their economy continued into the toilet, it continued down.
I’m a suburban mom. I grew up in Oakland County, Michigan.
This group, DAR, is probably one of the finest groups there is, not only in the State of Michigan but also in the United States of America, and to be recognized by this group here in Kalamazoo, and I believe statewide too, I’m very honored.
James McCloughan
At nine or ten, I was playing guitar in music class in my elementary school in Jackson, Michigan. They had a guitar class, and I played with ten of my classmates, and we did a little guitar orchestra for a school music.
Every time Mr. Trump goes to speak somewhere, he lays out the problems with that given location, whether it’s Ohio or Michigan, or Indiana, you know, your country is a mess right now. Our jobs are leaving. Our trade deals are killing us.
I graduated from the University of Michigan with a BA in Communications and left formal education behind.
I was approached by friends who encouraged me to run for an open seatattorney general of Michigan. It was a big risk.
So if you want great sports, Michigan’s the place to be.
Rick Snyder
I was a member of the Fab Five at the University of Michigan, but I was also on the Dean‘s List there. I took pride in my education.
In the state of Michigan, where I served in the state Legislature, there was a lot of shuffling of money between one year and the other to balance the budget.
Justin Amash
I am already in a couple Hall of Fames, like the Michigan Hall of Fame and the Dan Gable Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame, so my accolades speak for themselves. Let’s just say I’m not losing any sleep over any Hall of Fame induction.
My mom graduated from the University of Michigan, which is a great school. Then she got her Master’s from NYU. She wanted to be an actress, so when she graduated, she had a dream, and she started following it. She moved to New York and took acting classes with people like Denzel Washington.
In Michigan, if you want to act, it’s local theater, it’s high school theater and it’s going to camp and putting on plays in the summer, and I always loved doing that. There was something that just drew me to it.
It’s more than a little ironic that the mantra that swept Bill Clinton into office is exactly what prevented Hillary from winning it. Somehow, the Manhattan billionaire became the voice of the disaffected blue-collar middle class in states like Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Michigan.
Everything I’ve done in my career has started in and around Detroit, you know, the metro area and Michigan.
The recount in Michigan is over. The election is over. Our next president is Donald J. Trump. Winning once was nice. But winning twice was huge.
With Michigan’s economic future on the line, we can’t afford to have our 500 local school districts marching in different directions. Instead, we need a high standards, mandatory curriculum to get all our students on the road to higher education and a good paying job.
Hockey is my favorite because I’m from Michigan. I used to figure-skate and root for the Red Wings.
Michigan… it’s a great state… somewhere.
I think we’ve got outstanding teaching in Michigan classrooms.
We obviously – I’m from Michigan, so we saw a disproportionate number of these social media ads targeting us, targeting our population. So I want to close that loophole. That’s my amendment, so that no foreign entity can buy an ad for or against a candidate in our democracy.
I went to Michigan State because a coach I was being recruited by told me if I go to Michigan State, I wouldn’t start. I didn’t like the boundaries he put on me. He was probably trying to look out for my best interests, but at the time I took it kind of personal. Not only did I start, but I made captain.
My father was a Republican and my mother was a Democrat. In Michigan, we always fought about sports, not politics.
Where gays and lesbians are the best organized and most concentrated in numbers are states that President Clinton must carry in order to be reelected in 1996. Among the states are California, New York, Michigan, Oregon, Washington, Massachusetts, Illinois.
By 1968, I had lived 10 years in Michigan. Gradually, I had come to love watching Detroit’s baseball club in its small, beautiful, antiquated Tiger Stadium – a baseball park as fine as Fenway Park or Wrigley Field, though it never got the adulatory press.
My yoga teacher is a guy from Michigan. ‘Yoga Dan’ – that’s what he calls himself – he’s been a big help for me.
Canada – they won’t like me saying this, but it’s really like it’s a part of Michigan, that area.
I’m a member of the Michigan Democratic Party, a DSA member, member of the League of Women Voters, ACLU.
I had full rank scholarship to the University of Michigan, which anybody in the north will tell you, I don’t know anyone that has had that at the University of Michigan, which tells you that I was a stand up student.
When I look at Lake Michigan each July, I imagine the men of the Indianapolis visible on the horizon; dark heads, struggling arms, a cry and whirl of a world being remade. I feel an overwhelming sense of sadness, accompanied by a desire to yell out that they will be rescued.
While our corporatists burn incense at the shrine of the global economy, Trump went to visit the working-class casualties. And those forgotten Americans in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, and Wisconsin responded.
I think I was 9, and my mom ordered them for me from a catalogue. They bred like crazy, and I was selling gerbils all around Michigan. They wrote a story about me in the local newspaper.
I am so proud of the growth of Dylan‘s Candy Bar into two more flagship stores: Union Square in New York City and Chicago on Michigan Avenue, and two airport stores: JFK and Detroit.
I grew up in St. Louis, Missouri. I lived in Grand Blanc, Michigan for a year and that’s when I got involved in acting and took classes there. A manager who saw me at the agency I was at in Michigan wanted me to come out to L.A.
The effect of Bill Clinton’s NAFTA and Hillary Clinton’s Colombian Free Trade Agreement has been devastating to Michigan and most of the rest of the country, and accounts for the appeal of Donald Trump.
If you don’t know one thing about Kid Rock it’s that he’s loyal. His band has been together for a long time, he stands by his friends, and the guy still lives in his home state of Michigan.
I’m actually forced to write about Michigan because as a native of that state it’s the place I know best.
For most of the 20th century, we didn’t just enjoy economic success in Michigan, we defined it. Our innovators and entrepreneurs created the world’s most productive companies, and our unions made sure that productivity led to broad middle class prosperity.
Very early on, when I was in my twenties, Steve Jobs convinced me to quit college. He talked to me after I had spent about a year in Michigan studying the history of art.
There is a gentleness in Michigan that you just can’t replicate.
I am old enough to remember when America’s K-12 public schools were the best in the world. I am a proud graduate of them, and I credit much of my success to what I learned in Detroit Public Schools and at Michigan State University.
One way or another, we’re going to fix the roads in Michigan.
I went to the University of Michigan for one year, and fortunately they had a foreign-film cinema, and I discovered it, and I thought I died and went to heaven.
Back in the ’80s and ’90s, when GM was consistently posting giant profits, they were simultaneously firing tens of thousands of workers in my hometown of Flint and across Michigan.
The water crisis in Flint, Michigan, has shown us what can happen when we ignore the warning signs of lead poisoning and corroding pipes.
I grew up in Michigan, so I played hockey, football and basketball. I played a little bit of lacrosse, too. My brother played more lacrosse and ran track.
Steven Yeun
My number one priority is keeping our kids safe and protecting the health of the people of Michigan.
I have lectured at Town Hall N.Y., The Library of Congress, Harvard, Yale, Amherst, Wellesley, Columbia, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Louisiana State University, Colorado, Stanford, and scores of other places.
We need to continue to make the case that Michigan is where you ought to be.
In a nutshell, I love Michigan.
U-M has provided me the chance to live my dream of playing college basketball and to earn a Michigan degree.
Funny people come from all over. I think Michigan has dark humor on lock, though. Michigan, to me, is equal parts beautiful and noticeably dark. Saginaw made me dark, hahaha.
In 2004, one of my books, ‘Whale Talk,’ was chosen as an all-school read in Fowlerville, Michigan, a rural town not far from Detroit. They had done what I thought was a brilliant and innovative thing: decided to teach the book in every discipline, sophomores through seniors.
When I left Michigan and I came to New York, that was my goal, to be a professional dancer. And I sort of fell into singing by accident in a way.
A big piece of my heart is definitely in Michigan and will always be in Michigan. Growing up there is definitely a big part of who I am as a person.
I can’t dismiss my roots as a kid growing up during the Great Depression in the ordinary midwestern town of Grand Rapids, Michigan. From the standpoint of money and material possessions, we were barely scraping by.
Very few teachers or leaders in my small Michigan community ever discussed the issue of ‘The Catcher in the Rye,’ and certainly no one came to the 1951 Novel’s defense.
If you were a new guy at ILM, they put you on the night crew – my shift was from 7 P.M. to about 5 A.M. In my free time, I was working on an idea with my older brother, a software engineer getting his doctorate at the University of Michigan. Ultimately, it developed into Photoshop.
So by the time I got to Michigan I was a stutterer. I couldn’t talk. So my first year of school was my first mute year and then those mute years continued until I got to high school.
I started acting at the University of Michigan in my sophomore year.
David Alan Grier
You’d never think of taking a cab if you had to walk a mile down Chicago’s Michigan Avenue. But in a bad city you take a cab just to go around the corner.
Central Michigan was the one FBS team that recruited me hard.
I got a degree in psychology at the University of Michigan and can most definitely sing the greatest college fight song of all time.
Fellow conservatives, particularly within the Republican Party, typically do a good job arguing against totalitarian, one-size-fits-all approaches to policy. What works for a family in New York City might not work in Jenison, Michigan, or Tulsa, Oklahoma.
I used to drive up from theatre in Michigan to Stratford, Ontario to watch every show. I idolized the actors from Stratford. I was very influenced by them because they would come down and work at my theatre and get time on their American Equity union cards.
What you hear is southern Michigan, not a drawl, but a halting kind of speech where you leave spaces when there shouldn’t be any. We take a breath anywhere.
It’s my job, it’s my role, it’s my mission, it’s my dream to have everyone who has Michigan ties – whether you went to college in Michigan, whether you grew up in Michigan, if you’ve ever heard of the state of Michigan – to do what you can to influence the students of the Detroit metropolitan area.
I ended up working in Michigan for a young company called Sycor out of Michigan, worked there, and that company got bought by Northern Telecom. We became the Bell Northern Research Labs of Northern Telecom.
Growing up in the 1950s, in Grand Rapids, Michigan, boys were supposed to be athletic.
I’ve lived all over the country – Michigan, California, Texas, New Jersey, Rhode Island and, now, Maine – but I never understood springtime until I spent 25 years farming in the Ozarks.
I didn’t want to miss that opportunity to be able to enjoy an afternoon fishing with my dad which is something we had done growing up a ton of times on Lake Michigan and it was funny that it kind of turned into an attention thing than I expected and even more than if I would have gone to the draft.
I do know that I love placing my stories in Michigan because, if you collect all the ideas, it turns the whole state into one kaleidoscopic, frightening place. Michigan as house of horrors.
I’d have probably gone to Michigan. Only because one of my friends, Vada Murray, who passed away, went to Michigan and as a freshman and sophomore he was my big brother at Moeller.
As a writer, I live in the world of literature and ideas, but I entered that world as an emigre from a medieval fiefdom, the sports world of Michigan.
Max Apple
Growing up in Flint, Michigan, I saw so many kids from my school end up in jail or unemployed, and gangs would hang out and cause trouble in my neighborhood. I had to learn how to protect myself, because it didn’t feel like anyone else was protecting me.
As a foreigner, I used to think all of Michigan was a post-apocalyptic wasteland of burning buildings, trashed cars, abandoned factories and broken dreams. But now I know that’s just Detroit. It’s only the Democrat-controlled areas that are a disaster.
Wherever you go in Michigan, you find that toughness. I don’t know if it’s the weather or the hard times. It’s like, if I can make it out of here, I had to be super tough.
As a Michigan senator, I feel a special responsibility to protect the Great Lakes. They are not only a source of clean drinking water for more than 30 million people but are also an integral part of Michigan’s heritage and its economy.
I liked what any other kid did back in the day. You know, Bob Seger, Alice Cooper, and everything else that was on the radio in Michigan. There was a lot of Steely Dan; just a lot of great music inspired me.
Back when I was a freshman-sophomore in high school, I was saying that I was going to Michigan once I saw the Fab Five come through – I was just mesmerized.
It all started in Michigan. My dad got a job in Michigan, so we all moved up there from St. Louis. I kind of hung out in the summer and had nothing to do, so I sort of got into acting. And then I was going to Grand Blanc High, doing the acting thing and hoping it would pan out.
George Perles at Michigan State was the first coach that gave me responsibility as far as being a coordinator. I learned a lot from that experience.
God blessed me by putting me here for thirty-one years at Michigan and Trumbull.
There are two real keys to winning. You’ve got to have good players: no coach won with bad players. You win with good players. That is number one. Number two is, when we are playing, let’s say we are playing Michigan, and they had a really good press: we’ve got to solve that press.
I’ve called the spring game for Big Ten Network for Michigan State. It’s a great opportunity to still stay around the game, to be able to feel like you’re close to the action. I’m very analytical, so I think it fits the way I think.
My wife and I now live in the summers in northern Michigan in an environment which is wonderfully conducive to research, and where most of my work in the last 15 years has been done.
Douglass North
Michigan’s problems are not partisan problems. Potholes are not political. There is no such thing as Republican or Democratic school kids or drinking water. These challenges affect us all. They make Michigan a harder place to get ahead. A harder place to raise a family. A harder place to run a business.
Michigan’s been recruiting me since the eighth grade, so they have a special place in my heart, I’d say, because I’ve visited there seven times, and my mom lives in Michigan, still, and she’d probably like me to stay closer to home and play.
When the hospital sends for me, when the ambulance comes and I ease my way out of the world, I’d rather be in Detroit, Michigan, than Lenox Hill.
When I first went to college, I went to Western Michigan. I had been rejected by a bunch of schools for theater. I was like, ‘I’m obviously not cut out for this, so I might as well just go into film.’
Alexander Koch
It was a culture shock at first, moving from Michigan to Mississippi. But it ended up being the best decision I ever made.
I filed a brief as a friend of the court in the U. of Michigan to keep affirmative action at the U. of Michigan, which I attended the law school. And I was one of the original sponsors of making the Martin Luther King birthday a federal holiday.
People don’t cut through Michigan the way they cut through Ohio and Pennsylvania and Illinois. So tolls are more complicated for us because we’re a destination state.
I went to the University of Michigan for two years, and I auditioned for ‘Bring It On’ during my sophomore year, so I got to finish my sophomore year, and then I joined the cast – the touring cast.
I’ve always worked with a team of actors and filmmakers ever since I was a kid in Michigan making Super-8 movies.
Drew Henson could go down as the greatest quarterback in the history of Michigan football.
For me, there’s a lot of great jobs, great opportunities I know in coaching but, for me, the Michigan job was the best job for me.
I’m from the Detroit area, just north of Detroit. But then I went to boarding school in northern Michigan, so a little bit colder up there. But beautiful, very beautiful.
Each summer, as Lake Michigan finally begins to warm, I think of the men of the World War II cruiser Indianapolis and the worst disaster at sea in United States naval history. I go down to the lake, and I wonder: How would I have survived what they experienced?
My biggest dream was to get out of Michigan – to discover life beyond the Sacred Heart Convent.
I am so proud of Michigan’s citizens for the kindness and generosity they have shown in assisting in this endeavor. It is truly heartwarming to see the compassion shown for those in need.
But I love Chicago summers on Lake Michigan, Philly cheesesteaks on South Street, falling in love in Brooklyn, street fairs in Asheville, North Carolina.
As a little girl growing up in a small farming town in Michigan, my idols were women like Marlene Dietrich and Rita Hayworth.
They said a Republican could never win Michigan. I knew better, you knew better, and Donald Trump knew better. We all know – never underestimate Michigan.
Neither the University of Michigan nor its law school uses a quota system.
Nobody talks about it. But everyone knows that if you signed at Michigan or UNLV, you were viewed one way. If you signed at Duke or Indiana, you were viewed another way.
I did study with Anne Carson briefly in Michigan. She taught there, and that’s where I first encountered her, in her class.
I grew up in Michigan. I feel like a lot of my childhood was in solitude, in the woods or making tree forts.
I used to live in an old historic shipyard town called Trenton, Michigan, and a month after I moved in, I started hearing this woman screaming my full name at three in the morning, every night. Finally, on the seventh or eighth night, she screamed it again, and I woke up.
I worked in Ann Arbor for two years, covering Michigan football and basketball in the early 1990s.
People in north Michigan are not different at all from people in southern Alabama. Trust me, someone who’s spent a lot of time in both places. They’re all hardworking, simple people.
Donald Trump won, or he got the majority of the electoral votes, a large majority. I think it would be patronizing to say that the majorities of people in Florida and Ohio, smaller majorities in Wisconsin and Michigan, that they voted for him because they were misled by something on Facebook.
The Cool Kids are Chicago. Me being from Michigan is a part of that dynamic.
Chuck Inglish
I think people who grow up in one particular environment, like the Alabama-Auburn game, they don’t ever get the same appreciation for the Ohio State-Michigan game or the Michigan State-Notre Dame game or the Michigan-Michigan State game, the Browns and the Steelers.
I had a great time at Michigan State, but no four years will compare to Saginaw High.
Part of the reason I sort of shot out like a cannon out of Michigan and left home at such an early age is because I had to feel independent.
Our great history has been that people came to Michigan because you didn’t have to have a college degree to get a good-paying job. Consequently, we have got a larger number of our population that right now are facing outsourcing, et cetera, without higher or advanced degrees.