Million Times Quotes

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Words are powerful. The tongue is powerful. And when yo

Words are powerful. The tongue is powerful. And when you write it down, and record it, and press it up, it’s 100 million times more powerful. It’s important to utilize our tongue to help people.
I’ve never acted, but I’m an entertainer. So I kind of used what I know from being onstage. I’ve done a thousand and two interviews, and I’ve been on camera a million times, so I’m not uncomfortable on camera, but it was interesting for me to be someone else.
I still don’t know how to jump-start a car, even though it’s been told to me a million times. But I do love thinking about how creativity works.
Dan Trachtenberg
The probability that we will get into a car accident is a million times higher than the probability we will suffer as a result of terrorist act.
The public has heard the stereotypical love songs a million times, and they’ve heard the stereotypical life-or-death songs millions of times. It’s good to mix it up a little bit.
I’ve read the ‘Book of Revelation‘ a million times. It does not make sense, obviously. It needs to be decoded.
Megan Fox
I feel as if I’ve been to Miami a million times because I do so many cruises out of Miami.
Elvis used to have parties at his house – and I’ve told this story a million times – but they weren’t really parties, because there was no chips or dip. Just Elvis and his boys watching TV, and him making funny comments, and everybody laughing at them. Is that a party? Not really. But that’s Hollywood.
I prefer the new me a million times more over than the old one.
Benjamin Cohen
I’m a writer and director, and the movie I’ve seen a million times is ‘Stardust Memories‘ by Woody Allen, starring Woody Allen and Charlotte Rampling.
I have a lot of respect for my fellow young actors. It takes a lot to push forward after being told no a million times, and that was what we all have to go through. So those who push deserve respect.
Colton Haynes
So a lie told a million times becomes the truth.
I remember when I first found out I was having a boy, I became obsessed with buying boys’ clothes. Then came my daughter, and I was obsessed with buying girls’ clothes. Everything looks 10 million times cuter when it’s teeny-tiny.
Richard Lewis is the master at taking a joke that he’s told a million times in a row in the past year, on the road, and making it look like he’s pulling it out of thin air.
I watchedBilly Madisonmaybe 80 times. It’s my favourite movie. Watched it, like, a million times. My brother and sister watched it with me all the time.
I’m friends with Criss Angel. Criss has offered me a million times to go downstairs and see the setup. I don’t want to see it. I just want to go, ‘God, how did you do that?’
Education is the key to the future: You’ve heard it a million times, and it’s not wrong. Educated people have higher wages and lower unemployment rates, and better-educated countries grow faster and innovate more than other countries. But going to college is not enough. You also have to study the right subjects.
I found a great woman in Keely Shaye. Not if I searched a million times over would I find one as good.
I want people to see a real person on the ice. I want to seem tangible, hard-working, passionate about my skating, not just going out and doing something I’ve rehearsed a million times.
We can’t stop a baby in Africa from starving to death… but we can afford enough technology and weaponry to blow the world up a million times over.
The huge advantage of boarding school is that it throws you into the social fire. Every social interaction I’ve had since then has been a million times easier. Literally, ever since then, it’s all been child’s play.
The movie I’ve seen a million times is ‘Steel Magnolias,’ directed by Herbert Ross, starring Sally Field and Julia Roberts.
Someone told me, ‘When you go see Pearl Jam, it’s going to be a spiritual experience,’ and it was. It was my first time seeing them live, and I’ve been a lifelong fan. Eddie Vedder’s voice is a million times better live, and I couldn’t believe the passion he put into every single song.
I think it’s hilarious that you would give an endorsement deal to someone who you’ve heard their lyrics a million times and you thought it was cool. And then they said something a little messed up and you take the endorsement deal away.
If I am tanned, I feel a million times better.
As I’ve said a million times, I’m obsessed with Liya Kebede’s LemLem line. The pieces, made by artisans in her native Ethiopia, are perfect for summer! I’m also a big fan of jewelry line Lulu Frost. Designer Lisa Salzer and I have been friends forever, and I love how she incorporates vintage pieces into her jewelry.
You can never have enough reinforcements, resources for black women to thrive in the world. The topic has been addressed a million times before, but it will never end because what we’re up against keeps morphing, and we have to figure out how to beat it.
I’ve been asked a million times to move to Nashville, but I just can’t seem to do it.
I like the fact that this kind of family has been seen in a movie a million times: teenage kids, the family is a bit strained and they don’t have enough money, but in the background the guy used to be a Gene Simmons type.
I’ve separated my shoulder and my collarbone; I’ve messed up my knee a million times. I’ve broken my foot in several places. I’ve broken my toe a bunch, broken my nose a couple of times, and had a bunch of other annoying little injuries, like turf toe and arthritis and tendonitis. It’s part of the game.
You can’t even imagine how it felt to have a cassette that you could take with you with a microphone so you could put down an idea and not have to hum it a million times to remember what it was.
I watched ‘Psycho‘ a million times.
You can say things a million times, but if you can’t sing it, then it really isn’t much of a song.
I like to say good dialogue is a million times easier to memorize than bad dialogue – difficult good dialogue, even if it’s difficult. Aaron Sorkin dialogue is easier to memorize, even though it’s wildly complicated.
Jesse Bradford
But how does it feel to plug into a system that’s say, a million times as smart as a person.
Rudy Rucker
You can go to the doctor a million times if you’re feeling down, and get nowhere, but if you go for a run it makes you feel really good.
Richard Lewis has this incredible ability to look like he’s just… you know it’s an act that’s been honed. What you have to do in standup is create spontaneity, somehow; even though you’ve done this act a million times, you gotta look like you’re almost just thinking of it now, to make it entertainer.
Having an agent who had been through the process a million times and who could walk me through the process freed up a lot of mental space for me to just focus on the creative. I also worked with recipe testers, photographers, and assistants who were invaluable in creating a book that I’m truly proud of.
I think what I have learned is you can’t avoid losing. You’re going to strike out a million times. The whole point is not to dodge losing – it’s to learn how to lose well.
Put me in a vintage shop, and I am like a child with sweeties. I find it a million times easier to find a vintage dress than trawl the shops for a pair of jeans, so I am either dressed in really nice vintage, or I am in a pair of tracksuit bottoms looking like a scruffbag.
Charlotte Riley
In my own one-woman show, ‘Feeling Good,’ I talk about my childhood and write a letter to my younger self in the show. The most important thing I would tell her is to trust my instincts. Just trust them. They’re little whispers from God, I think. You’ve heard it a million times, but it’s true: Listen to that inner voice.
I just adored working with Woody. He was more than I could have ever dreamed of. I’d do it a million times over.
And that because the moving parts are a million times smaller than the ones we’re familiar with, they move a million times faster, just as a smaller tuning fork produces a higher pitch than a large one.
When I think about doing something, I think: Will I survive a million out of a million times?
The reason we did ‘Land of a Thousand Dances‘ and ‘Gloria’ on ‘Horses‘ was because I liked repetitious, three-chord rock songs, but I didn’t understand that I could write my own. I didn’t realize that you could use those chords a million times.
It is hard to play Blue Suede Shoes. I know everyone has heard it 10 million times, and that makes it even harder to play it, but there’s a very laid back tempo on that. I was surprised at how slow it really was.
I’m a writer and director. And the movie I’ve seen a million times is ‘Coming Home,’ directed by Hal Ashby and starring Jon Voight, Jane Fonda and Bruce Dern.
Growing up, I would think I want to do this, I want to do that. You change your mind a million times.
I go back home for Christmas every year. Inevitably, somebody from my family will say, ‘How’s the karate going?’ I’ve told them a million times I do jiu-jitsu, but it’s always, ‘This is Riley. He does karate.’ They’re very different art forms!
The movie I’ve seen a million times – wait, that’s not possible – my favorite movie of all times is ‘The Empire Strikes Back,’ directed by Irvin Kershner, executive-produced by the great George Lucas and stars Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, Billy Dee Williams, James Earl Jones.
Donald Faison