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With twelve horse power at our command, we considered t

With twelve horse power at our command, we considered that we could permit the weight of the machine with operator to rise to 750 or 800 pounds, and still have as much surplus power as we had originally allowed for in the first estimate of 550 pounds.
Orville Wright
There’s always room for an operator like Airbnb, but it’s quite a different thing to my serviced apartments. Airbnb is a different market – it has nothing to do with me.
My dad was a telegraph operator for the Cotton Belt Railroad. He worked seven nights a week from 4 until midnight, no vacation.
Johnny Gimble
These ‘lone wolves,’ people like to call them, you‘ve got to look at them not like a lone wolf but an individual operator who‘s been convinced in their head, brainwashed, whatever, that this is the way to go. And they will carry out their assaults systematically throughout.
I don’t know what would have happened to Wal-Mart if we had laid low and never stirred up the competition. My guess is that we would have remained a strictly regional operator.
A common pickpocket trick is for the operator to carry a shawl or overcoat carelessly over the left arm, and to take a seat on the right side of the person they intend to rob in a streetcar or other vehicle.
When it comes to meetings and preparing for that, it doesn’t matter if it’s a meeting with the U.N.; with a large operator, CEO, or chairman; or if I have an internal meeting – in all cases, I know that the energy and the engagement in every discussion is extremely important.
I’m cool under pressure. Cool as a cucumber, actually, eerily so. My friends and family comment on it. I think I get it from my father, the quintessential smooth operator.
Sunny Hostin
Whether you’re an opera singer, a legislator or customer service operator, there is a way that we can find common ground with our audience – be they young or old, Democrats or Republicans, rich or poor, religious or secular.
Charity Sunshine Tillemann-Dick
When text messaging first came out, you could only text within your network, whatever operator you had. It seems silly now, but once those walls came down, all sorts of applications and services were built on top of that. It ended up being good for everybody.
If you had a national grid with one operator, you had twenty or even a hundred operators, if you don’t have the ability to compel people to observe high standards of conduct, then you run a greater risk.
Spencer Abraham
Rupert Murdoch is probably the most successful media proprietor and operator in history.
I’m a good operator: good with food and good with math.
Mark de Mori is a solid operator.
TSA serves as the operator, administrator and regulator for the nation‘s transportation security. But in fact, the TSA bureaucracy does all it can to thwart any conversion to a system with more private-sector operations and strong federal oversight and standards. This agency cannot, and should not, do it all.
I love Ableton’s vocoder and Operator for basic side subs and general low-end.
A great idea can’t succeed without a great operator. But rarely can a great operator squeak by with a bad idea. So, as pithy as it sounds to say ‘It’s all about the people,’ I only invest when I think I have found the right team for the right business.
My own grandfathers were a submarine commander and a ‘desert ratstank operator in the Second World War.
It ain’t the picture and it ain’t the camera – it’s the operator.
Simon Travaglia
You know, when you get the White House operator and they say, ‘Just a moment for the president of the United States,’ that’s a pretty heady moment.
Opening a business is going to be hard work, no matter what choices you make. If you decide to fall on your sword and just slog through all the work as an operator instead of an owner, then you take responsibility for the entire operation and the actions of the business.
I was in the Air Force and was a boom operator (in-flight refueling). I got my comedy start in the Air Force.
Supposedly, some writers work in rowdy coffee shops or compose whole novels to Megadeth, but when I write, I wear a pair of chainsaw operator’s earmuffs.
In ‘Winter‘s Bone,’ it’s literally the director and the camera operator. That’s it. Just a super-small Kubrick crew. You know what I mean? Like, 8 people.
I started out as a camera operator. I was doing news, and I was doing sportsbaseball games and football games. And I was acutely aware of women not really being in those roles then.
When we automated away the elevator operator function, who knew that all the descendants of those operators would become social media marketers, machine learning engineers, and all these other jobs that we didn’t even have a language to describe back then.
We don’t expect every operator to be Christian, but we tell them we do expect them to operate on Christian principles.
5G goes beyond the regular operator business; it’s a business revolution.
Catwoman isn’t a ‘joiner.’ She’s a solo operator. She isn’t naturally heroic; she‘s fairly selfish.
Everyone knows who I am; everyone respects me as a shooter, as an operator, as a soldier… I’m always truthful, I’m always honest, and I’m always trying to do the right thing.
YouTube‘s traffic continues to grow very quickly. Video is something that we think is going to be embedded everywhere. And it makes sense, from Google‘s perspective, to be the operator of the largest site that contains all that video.
In the business world an executive knows something about everything, a technician knows everything about something and the switchboard operator knows everything.
Harold Coffin
I began my career as the switchboard operator at ‘Rolling Stone.’
Chris Connelly
The day after my high school graduation in 1952, I headed to Alaska. I was 17. I started out greasing equipment, then became a heavy-crane operator. I made and saved good money there for two years.
Dennis Washington
My dad was a third-generation printer and linotype operator, by all accounts a fabulous ballroom dancer. He was jettisoned from the family before I was 2, and I have never met him and have no memory of him.
Being a 911 operator means balancing seemingly contradictory skills. On one hand, operators have to be fanatically precise and well-organized. On the other, they must be able to establish rapport with panicky callers.
When I saw the Earth from above, personally, as a spacecraft operator, it certainly reinforced and drove home the fact that there’s one place where we can live right now.
In most science-fiction pictures, the black guy is either an engineer or a radio operator, and he is the first guy killed – gone from the movie.
I started off as a model maker, so the first part of my career was a model maker and then a motion control camera operator, so I shot a lot of miniatures.
We have been investing in building a mobile-first selling capability by establishing the Consumer Channels Group to strengthen and align the device-selling motion and to expand our impact with OEM, retail channel partners and our operator channel, and by extending it with our opening of Microsoft Stores.
B. Kevin Turner