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Mork, played by Robin Williams, was my introduction to

Mork, played by Robin Williams, was my introduction to improv, and my first real peek behind the curtain of television production; I had seen Williams riffing on ‘The Tonight Show‘ and soon put it together that certain scenes with Mork were not scripted.
We may train or peek for a certain race, but running is a lifetime sport.
Alberto Salazar
My books should feel like you‘re getting a peek into a private world: a diary no one was meant to read. As soon as I start thinking, ‘This book is going to be published,’ my drawing becomes calculated and deliberate. It’s one of the ways I trick myself.
Jeffrey Brown
My job as an actor is to cover and expose in varying allowance that – so that the audience can peek through the window to the people I create.
I was born on a plantation, and things weren’t so good. We didn’t have any money. I never thought of the wordpoor‘ ’til I got to be a man, but when you live in a house that you can always peek out of and see what kind of day it is, you’re not doing so well. And your rest room is not inside the house.
The only way for writers to meet is to share a quick peek over a common lamp-post.
You’re immortal, aren’t you, until you get a little peek over the precipice. The thought of death…You’re not supposed to start pondering it until you’re old. And there’s nothing like being told you’ve got a life-threatening disease to concentrate your mind on that.
Poems are not read: they are reread. Reread the poem, then read between the lines, then look at it, then watch it, then peek at it: handle it like an object. Contemplate its shadows, angles and dimensions.
I confess I sometimes sneak a peek at ‘The Big Bang Theory.’ I chuckle at their antics. But I cringe when they portray physicists as clueless nerds who are doormats when it comes to picking up women.
People want to see other‘s secrets and get a peek into their lives.
I think if you were to really peek under the hood of what got Aerosmith back again for our second life in the Eighties, you’ll find out that it’s exactly this, it’s the willingness to take a risk.
I’m not very comfortable about the audience getting a peek into my personal life. I like to keep my personal space.
I ain’t trying to run away from no danger. If it’s supposed to be dangerous for me, then I’m going to go and take a peek. I want to go and look and see what’s so dangerous about it.
I wrote the first draft of ‘Madame Bovary’ without studying the previous translations, although I gathered them and took the occasional peek.
It’s nice to be able to show how we are like in person and give a peek behind the curtain with ‘Total Divas.’ That’s been my biggest feedback is how different than I am behind the scenes than I am onstage.
And then as I frequently do, some times I’ll peek out from underneath the focusing cloth and just look around the edges of the frame that I’m not seeing, see if there’s something that should be adjusted in terms of changing the camera position.
With Germany conquered, the Kremlin checkmated, Japan converted, it became easiersafer – to peek around looking for someone to fear… and maybe do something about. Ideally, somebody far away, from a country about which almost nothing was known.
David Douglas Duncan
Feeling Good‘ is a peek into my life through song.
The pictures I take are not regular selfies. I give people a sneak peek into culture and lifestyles and experiences from around the world.
As a director, nobody told me I’d be talking to people all day. I’m naturally reclusive – I feel myself peek out at a certain point and go, ‘All the extrovert in me is done! I’m on reserve!’
It is a process of discovery. It’s being quiet enough and undisturbed enough for a period of time so that the songs can begin to sort of peek out, and you begin to have emotional experiences in a musical way.
Laura Ingalls Wilder‘s ‘Little House’ series is a national treasure, beloved by generations. But what I love most is the peek it provides into the planting, harvesting, hunting, and preparing of the foods that America‘s settler families ate in the late 1800s.
It’s true that I love to connect with my fans on the social networking sites, but I try not to go overboard, ever. I just give people a peek into my mind space, but never bombard them with my tweets.
I don’t think it’s a director’s job to peek behind the curtain too much.
The Little Paris Kitchen‘ was about my experience of living and cooking in Paris, ‘My little French Kitchen’ about my travels around France and ‘Rachel Khoo’s Kitchen Notebook‘ was a peek into my personal cooking diary with influences from around the world.