Photographic Quotes

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The way that I write is very instinctual and based off raw feeling–I’m a very emotional person and I think that comes across in my writing. Also the songwriting that I enjoy, for example Elliott Smith, Leonard Cohen and Nico tend to be both photographic and visceral.
I was brought in, not in the photographic department at all, I was brought in on a thing called Special Skills. I was to do posters, pamphlets, murals, propaganda in general, you know.
The kinetic quality of New York, the kids, dirt, madness – I tried to find a photographic style that would come close to it. So I cropped, blurred, played with the negatives.
Never have I found the limits of the photographic potential. Every horizon, upon being reached, reveals another beckoning in the distance. Always, I am on the threshold.
W. Eugene Smith
Forgers can start with the same photographic images Warhol did, and sometimes knock off silkscreens only an expert can distinguish from the originals.
Michael Shnayerson
The resulting prints of ‘History’s Shadowmake the invisible visible and express through photographic means the shape-shifting nature of time itself and the continuous presence of the past contained within us.
David Maisel
I was sent to boarding school – a grim place. The only good thing the headmaster did for us was every Sunday evening in the winter he would show us films in the chapel. He couldn’t afford a sound projector, so we saw silent films, which you could then still rent from photographic shops.
Kevin Brownlow
For me, I think my traveling is usually a lot of photographic memories, and I take a lot of photos.
Saturn is such an alluring photographic target.
I have about 1,000 hours of myself on tape in a vault in Los Angeles. But I also have a photographic memory about my jokes, because they’re really about me; they’re my stories.
When you start out, you’re not really aware. I didn’t have a sense of photographic history.
My dad thinks I have a photographic memory.
I was extravagant in the matter of camerasanything photographic – I had to have the best. But that was to further my work. In most things I have gone along with the plainest – or without.
Edward Weston
I have this certain vision of the way I want my comics to look; this sort of photographic realism, but with a certain abstraction that comics can give. It’s kind of a fine line.
I’m never going to go to Mars, but I’ve helped inspire, thank goodness, the people who built the rockets and sent our photographic equipment off to Mars.
My father was a photographer at the National Bureau of Standards. A self-educated man, he never finished high school, but in his career at the National Bureau of Standards, he made many useful inventions and eventually became chief of the Photographic Technology Section.
Raymond Davis, Jr.
I’ve had my nose in a book my whole life. I never thought it would be useful, but it is now. What’s really nice is that I don’t have a photographic memory, so words get blurred, thoughts get mixed up, and they come out as something new.
Requiring valid, photographic identification is a common sense step to ensure voter integrity and sound elections.
French photography was basically poetic, and mine was vulgar and brash and violent, except that there’s never any violence in the photographs: it’s only in the photographic style.
I have a very conveniently photographic memory of emotions – it’s overwhelming, because things don’t fade for me.
When the object that is produced, the photographic image has the ability to make tears come to your eyes; to inspire you to the point where you have to catch your breath, then nothing else matters.
A photographic memory, to me, is kind of like brainiac, genius type. I don’t think I have that.
In every successful still photographic project that I have completed, there has always been a turning point in the story where I felt that perhaps I was working on something that could be very special.
I have a photographic memory for numbers.
I have a photographic memory.
I use zero photography. I have a photographic memory and a complete knowledge of anatomy and physiology, and an interest in grasping the moment of what is happening, not just the outside, but the inside out.
I would love to have a photographic memory. It would come in handy with the rants I’m given on Scrubs… often on short notice!
From as far back as I can remember, I was always insecure about my looks, whether it was my flat chest, my skinny legs, or how to cope with my body as it changed. With hindsight, I can see I was different. I was given a body that worked for photographic modelling and a photogenic face.
The series of photographic operations, developing, washing, final drying, takes about quarter of an hour.
Gabriel Lippmann