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And that's the case with all of James McMurtry's songs.

And that’s the case with all of James McMurtry’s songs. He never presents these characters for us to judge, but only to sympathize with. He has a capacity for compassion with every sketch that he makes with a person that he is not.
Very rarely do I talk off the top of my head on stage. I’m not an improv guy. I’m a writer-guy who presents what he’s written.
There’s no need for me to go out there and try to set the world on fire, try to win races and put myself in a tough spot, not be able to capitalize on it. If the opportunity presents itself, yeah, we’ll jump on it. There’s no need for me to force a hole, end up tearing up a racecar.
Every novel presents a slice of life. A noir policier for example presents one slice, one that perhaps addresses social dysfunction or some sort of pathology, while mine present a slice that is more upbeat and affirmative.
When the opportunity for a title shot presents itself, I’m going to be there. I’m going secure that spot and try to win the belt.
Our country presents on every side the evidences of that continued favor under whose auspices it, has gradually risen from a few feeble and dependent colonies to a prosperous and powerful confederacy.
With the world as it now presents itself, there is something perverse, and probably dysfunctional, about a person who stays in the same house for 40 years. What about the expanding family syndrome, the school-lottery migration, the property portfolio neurosis? Have you no imagination?
Iain Sinclair
To him who looks upon the world rationally, the world in its turn presents a rational aspect. The relation is mutual.
Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel
Christmas Day we get all the dogs and the cats and make breakfast and open presents and then go to the backyardbecause it is always like 100 degrees in L.A. – and we get a speaker and play fun ’80s music and dance outside with all the animals.
Sistine Stallone
‘The Creation‘ presents an argument for saving biological diversity on Earth. Most of the book is for as broad an audience as possible.
On Christmas Eve, it’s my wife and my son and my daughter and I. We’re home, and we open our presents together on Christmas Day, and then after we go visit the rest of the family.
I have great people, smart people that are around me and we love the challenge. I guess it’s like climbing a mountain or building a building. It’s a challenge but you love every challenge that it brings or presents itself.
I often buy myself presents. Sometimes I will spend $100,000 in one day in a posh boutique.
When we unwrap presents, I tend to sit there with a bin liner trying to collect up the wrapping paper and thinking about which pieces I can reuse and which I will recycle.
With a population of more than 600 million people, an emerging middle class that is driving strong consumption, and a robust and resilient economy, Southeast Asia presents a compelling growth opportunity for Starbucks.
I like to say that a ‘Times’ editorial presents a strong opinion based on reality.
Sometimes God presents opportunities that look insignificant or rather ordinary. Perhaps you don’t see how they fit into the big picture for your life. But if God is asking you to do something, He has a purpose for it.
I don’t fear death so much as I fear its prologues: loneliness, decrepitude, pain, debilitation, depression, senility. After a few years of those, I imagine death presents like a holiday at the beach.
The history of Rome presents various men of greater genius than Scipio Aemilianus, but none equalling him in moral purity, in the utter absence of political selfishness, in generous love of his country, and none, perhaps, to whom destiny has assigned a more tragic part.
I pride myself on buying really good presents.
Older readers will remember there used to be matches on Christmas Day. I remember leaving the fireside and the presents to watch matches on the day as a boy but such matches were rare by the time I began playing.
I definitely carry a little bit of a burden with me, being a gay athlete going to the Olympics. I think that there’s pressure on me… It presents an amazing opportunity, and I think that it kind of gives us a chance to shed people’s misconceptions and just kind of, like, break down barriers.
I don’t know if it’s how I speak or what it is about me that presents that sort of label, but I don’t know how many times I have to be out in public with a girlfriend to stop that from being said.
Jeff Garcia
In earthly life, a person can conceal whether evil or good is active in his soul. After death, this is no longer possible. The spirit form presents after death the physiognomical expression of what the person was on earth.
You always look forward to the start of the regular season. It’s like opening presents on Christmas morning.
Handmade presents are scary because they reveal that you have too much free time.
Our country needs a new generation of leadership, and I believe that Marco Rubio presents this nation with the greatest possibilities and opportunities to meet the challenges of the next generation.
I think New Jersey‘s process is actually a very good one – the good government. The governor presents the budget, you’ve got one-on-one meetings, you’ve got leadership meetings, you’ve got hearings, more importantly, that are transparent and open.
Phil Murphy
Illegal immigration presents a huge problem. That is why I decided to spend a week along the southern border to see firsthand how bad the problem is and, more importantly, what Congress can do to fix it.
Ric Keller
The energy sector presents exceptional opportunities for governments and investors.
Writing as a woman presents enormous problems but I have attempted it several times and haven‘t had many complaints.
This election presents a stark choice – we can continue down the road of the Obama Democrats, more and more spending, debt and government control of the economy, or we can return to the founding principles of our nation – free markets, fiscal responsibility and individual liberty.
As a member of the House Committee on Homeland Security‘s Subcommittee on Transportation and Maritime Security, it is my responsibility to help our country adapt to and overcome the threats that COVID-19 presents to air travel.
I try and get all my shopping done before December so all the presents are wrapped in my lounge and ready so I can really relax and enjoy Christmas.
If we treasure our own experience and regard it as real, we must also treasure other people’s experience. Reality is no less precious if it presents itself to someone else. All are discoverers, and if we disenfranchise any, all suffer.
We must remember that coronavirus is a new disease, which presents new challenges.
Books are the legacies that a great genius leaves to mankind, which are delivered down from generation to generation as presents to the posterity of those who are yet unborn.
The more we can personalise, the more the market can fragment, because of all the availability that streaming presents. Things become old sooner. That’s terrifying.
I think wrestling is the one that presents theater for people who want to see some theater but don’t necessarily have to dress up or be quiet while they’re watching.
Come to think of it, even though I’ve received tons of fan letters and presents from everyone, I’ve never written anyone back. How rude of me!
We were bemused, I guess, when we got the call from Hollywood. We didn’t know anything about the entertainment industry or even what a casting agency was. But I thought, ‘What do I have to lose?’ It’s not every day a great opportunity presents itself.
Thomas Horn
I do like Christmas but the build-up is ludicrous. Such a kerfuffle about two meals and a few presents.
One of the reasons I like a suit is because I’ve never been that keen on my body. The shape a suit presents is always going to be better than anything I can do.
While consumers may be more shocked by pink slime or the feeding of Prozac to poultry, the routine feeding of millions of pounds of human antibiotics to chickens presents a much graver threat.
I just go my own way. If my agent calls and presents me with something, and I find it refreshing or illuminating, yeah, I’ll do it.
Right now my career is totally schizophrenic, because when an American production like Hitchcock Presents asks to see my work I would never dream of showing them my independent films.
I listen to National Public Radio, which, to me at least, presents the most rounded view of things.
That’s part of the deal. You’re going to be criticized. I always welcomed that. Not everyone believes what I believe. And I welcome the criticism, not because I like it, but because it means they’re watching you. It presents an opportunity to share your message and share your faith.
I had eight brothers and sisters. Every Christmas my younger brother Bobby would wake up extra early and open everybody‘s presents – everybody’s – so by the time the rest of us got up, all the gifts were shredded, ribbons off, torn open and thrown aside.
The great Satyr and Tiger of Hyrcania presents a gift to those of the Ocean; A fleet‘s chief will set out from Carmania, one who will take land at the Tyrren Phocaean.
A friendship can weather most things and thrive in thin soil; but it needs a little mulch of letters and phone calls and small, silly presents every so often – just to save it from drying out completely.
Pam Brown
I would rather the man who presents something for my consideration subject me to a zephyr of truth and a gentle breeze of responsibility rather than blow me down with a curtain of hot wind.
Grover Cleveland
Being with the family, running downstairs and opening presents, it was always fun with my brothers.
They say I spend too much money, so they take it and put it away for me. What do I spend it on? Oh, old records and presents and things.
Mr. Putin presents himself as a czar – and like any czar, he fears revolution above all else.
Superhero stories are kind of in my DNA from childhood on, so I think I’m genetically drawn to playing in the genre when the opportunity presents itself.
Just the other day I pulled out this old cassette of Ragged Glory and I popped it into my cassette player and I was digging it. They were just a great rock and roll band, one that presents the song ahead of everything else – there’s no grand idea or concept behind it.
It can be a grind, training and fighting and waiting for your chance. But when that opportunity presents itself, you have to be ready because you never know if or when you’ll get another shot.
I never look for music by genre. I look for an artist who puts a dependable trademark on things. Like Elvis Costello – he’s a great songwriter who presents his songs in a number of contexts. I feel the same about my own music.
Angulo presents a difficult challenge because he’s a fighter who can punch and take a great punch.
I just do these ‘Sleeptype tracks when the situation presents itself. I never set out to do them, like wait all day until I’m really tired or something. Gotta come natural.
Aaron Funk
One sheds one’s sicknesses in booksrepeats and presents again one’s emotions, to be master of them.
I am convinced that this approach, a mainstream Democratic approach, commands the strong support of the American people, and presents a sharp and compassionate contrast to the Republican abortion position which offers no real hope or commitment to mother or child.
Back in Israel, I would spend much effort and plenty of money on presents when I went abroad, even if it was only for two days.
Resilience presents a challenge for psychologists. Whether you can be said to have it or not largely depends not on any particular psychological test but on the way your life unfolds.
As a former CIA case officer, I recognize that the rapid rise of firms like Huawei and ZTE presents a significant national security threat to the telecom infrastructure of the United States and our allies.
I have a particular interest in corporations that give themselves a cultural aura and are in other areas suspect. Philip Morris presents itself in New York as the lover of culture while it turns out that if you look behind the scenes, it is also a prime funder of Jesse Helms, someone who is very hostile to the arts.
Hans Haacke
The threat that ISIL presents and poses to the United States is very different in kind, in type and degree than al Qaeda. ISIL is not your parents‘ al Qaeda. It’s a very different model.
Reviewing Michael Wolff’s ‘Fire and Fury‘ presents a challenge for those of us tired of a media environment where the dominant voices consistently try to have it both ways.
The cloud presents a variety of new opportunities for Fortinet, ranging from how we leverage our own cloud-based technologies to make networks more secure, to actually developing the solutions that help secure the cloud infrastructure.
It is an outrage that Donald Trump can swear and scream on national television and no one says boo about how he presents himself.
Every movie presents unusual challenges, and I like solving the problems with a combination of artwork and engineering.
If the label presents them with a contract that the band don’t want to sign, all the label has to do is wait. There are a hundred other bands willing to sign the exact same contract, so the label is in a position of strength.
What I’m trying to argue, as passionately as I can, is that the Jesus story isn’t worth dying for, it’s worth living for. Jesus presents a third way, a way of being in the worth that embraces the Sermon on the Mount, with its challenge to violence and greed.
I feel like movies are presents, and credits and fonts are bows and wrapping paper. I like everything to feel like it was given a lot of time. I hate it when I watch movies, and it seems like they just went and picked a font and, like, called it a day.
The problem with pity parties is very few people come, and those who do don’t bring presents.
Presents can make up for some of the disappointments that life doles out, such as it makes almost no sense and is coming to an end more quickly than ever.
I just think there are enough hours in the day. If you just focus and dedicate yourself and approach each task as it presents itself, you can accomplish a lot.
What we view in the media – and who presents it to us – does so much to determine how we think, how we feel about ourselves, and how we view the world.
I hate Christmas, really. I don’t really give presents away or expect any.
Joy Bryant
On occasion, I used to give presents to the kings, besides the hire that I gave to to their sons who accompany me; and nevertheless, they seized me with my companions.
I believe the digital world presents tremendous opportunities for the producers who understand it, and I am launching a digital production company, iMan Productions, to take advantage of this opportunity.
People say I don’t write books, I make Christmas presents.
Bryce Courtenay
The center of all my enjoyments is the home wherein are my wife and children, and I have no wish to wander out from that home in pursuit of any pleasures that the world presents.
Lucius Quintus Cincinnatus Lamar II
I just like to stay ready for whatever presents itself.
Presents are symbolic. When you give them in your personal life, they should show that you are paying attention to the person to whom you’re giving them.
The web presents an opportunity to showcase any character your sick mind desires. Want to create a cross-dressing, deaf/mute, corrupt politician who has a soft spot for saving children? Go for it!
The opportunity for brotherhood presents itself every time you meet a human being.
Jane Wyman
Only bake one type of thing at a time. Even when it seems like you’re killing two birds with one stone, baking multiple recipes at the same time in one oven presents a tricky balancing act.
Cisco presents our biggest challenge in the firewall market for the fact that they have such a large percentage of market share. Displacement of an entrenched incumbent is always a challenge.
The dynamic, creative present, however conditioned and restricted by the effects of prior presents, possesses genuine initiative.
Corliss Lamont
The greatest advantage of being First Lady is the opportunity it presents to truly make a difference on issues of great importance.
The energy Major Lazer presents on stage is guided by sound system sessions of years ago.
One of the best Christmas presents I ever got was the globe that I now keep right beside my desk.
A writer who presents men and women as creatures truncated below the waist is exposed as one who goes about without his trousers saying, ‘see, I have had my testicles removed.’
Norman Lindsay
I have trouble with things like Facebook. It presents such a warped vision. I get sick of people’s opinions about every little thing and this warped view that everyone is as happy as a pig in garbage.
From aerial robotics to big data analytics, technology presents the opportunity to expedite and magnify the impact of humanitarian relief efforts through greater efficiency and responsiveness: reaching more people, sooner, more cost-effectively, and saving more lives.
The recent past always presents itself as if destroyed by catastrophes.
In this film George presents issues that are important, essential and vital, whoever you are, about constitutional rights and the bedrock of a democracy. I am drawn to those kinds of stories because they inspire me – they are responsible to a populace and responsible to man.
David Strathairn
My mother, she had a very good attitude toward money. I’m very grateful for the fact that we had to learn to save. I used to get like 50 pence a week, and I’d save it for like five months. And then I’d spend it on Christmas presents. I’d save up like eight pounds. It’s nothing, but we did that.
A signal is comprehended if it serves to make us notice the object or situation it bespeaks. A symbol is understood when we conceive the idea it presents.
Susanne Langer
Beautiful music is the art of the prophets that can calm the agitations of the soul; it is one of the most magnificent and delightful presents God has given us.
The musician writes for the orchestra what his inner voice sings to him; the painter rarely relies without disadvantage solely upon the images which his inner eye presents to him; nature gives him his forms, study governs his combinations of them.
Sometimes it’s just harder to remind yourself about what you’re doing and why you’re doing it… Other times, you have a great desire for it, but physically you’re not responding the way you want. That presents other challenges. Then sometimes it all comes together.
When I was young and it was someone’s birthday, I didn’t have the money to buy nice presents so I would take my mom’s camera and make a movie parody for whoever’s birthday it was. When I’d show it them, they’d die laughing. That reaction was a high for me, and I loved that feeling.
David Henrie
I used to have nightmares when I was a little kid that I woke up prematurely and opened all the Christmas presents. And then I would be so relieved when I woke up and I realized that I hadn’t done it.
One truth I’ve learned as a father: Children want presence more than presents. They don’t want to read about you; they want you.
I think the thing that really started setting my career on the course that it’s on is when I did ‘1000 Cats’ on ‘Funny or Die Presents’ on HBO. That’s what I feel like kind of got me a little bit more into the system.
Writing ‘Deathstroke’ presents a number of challenges to me. As a Christian, as a minister, it’s difficult for me to write a comic book that all but glorifies violence. So my take on ‘Deathstroke’ has been to not so much celebrate violence but to deal with the consequences of violence.
Cabaret presents different challenges, as it is all on me. I love having the freedom to say anything you want – do anything you want. It is a lot of responsibility, and if it works, you get all the kudos, and if not – all the blame.
I give myself little presents all the time. But I don’t do extravagant things.
When you’re a position coach, your next goal is to be a coordinator. While trying to be the best tight ends coach you can be, I always wanted to be an offensive coordinator at some point. When the opportunity presents itself, you want to make sure you capitalize on that.
The film industry is run by multinational media conglomerates and they have their perspective on what they need from their product. That’s why we live in an era where you see reboots and sequels and remakes and prequels, all these old presents are re-wrapped and offered up as new gifts.
I allowed life to give me presents. And everything just sort of happened the way it was supposed to happen. I did not pursue anything. It more or less pursued me.
Ruth Bernhard
Indeed, our everyday world presents intellectual challenges just as daunting as those of the cosmos and the quantum, and that is where 99 per cent of scientists focus their efforts. Even the smallest insect, with its intricate structure, is far more complex than either an atom or a star.
Even today, I am still very child-like while designing. It’s a bit like Christmas – each of your designs you create is like unravelling your presents.
For the larger interest of humanity, Islamic society presents the safest place on this planet.
Jermaine Jackson
We feel that the Republican platform presents the best opportunity for the success of minority families. All minority groups seek the same opportunities in the United States that the settlers from Europe did when they came over.
For example, in painting the form arises from abstract elements of line and color, while in cinema the material concreteness of the image within the frame presents – as an element – the greatest difficulty in manipulation.
Sergei Eisenstein
We only open a couple of presents on Christmas morning; we’re all about the stockings – we even get them for the dogs!
Paris presents one incessant round of amusement & dissipation but very little, I believe – even for its inhabitants of that society – which interests the heart. Every day, you may see something new, magnificent & beautiful; every night, you may see a spectacle which astonishes & enchants the imagination.
Early on, my way of teasing the art world was by playing at being accessible. Like making pottery: I thought people would buy that for Christmas presents.
There are three hundred and sixty-four days when you might get un-birthday presents, and only one for birthday presents, you know.
I liked that sort of thing, those one-off stories like ‘Tales of the Unexpected,’ ‘Hammer House of Horror,’ ‘The Twilight Zone‘ and ‘Alfred Hitchcock Presents.’
Film making is an expensive, as well as a serious business. We should be able to entertain our audiences, who are fully aware of what they want. Every filmmaker has a different point of view and presents facets of society.
I think it’s really easy to approach a touchy subject head-on, but ‘Sharp Objects‘ does it in a way that’s subtle and it presents mental illness as something quite common and normalized. It’s so common and shouldn’t be a conversation we’re afraid to talk about.
Because let’s be clear about this: birthdays are for children. It’s the one day of the year where they get properly spoilt and are the centre of attention, and they get the presents they really, really want.
Each story presents a mystery that has to be solved in the process of writing. When I’m at work on a story, I’m completely immersed in that world and in the lives of those characters; they’re utterly real to me. Then, when I’ve completed the story, it all just falls away. The whole compulsion to understand is over.
Carol Windley
I have an art magazine about drag called ‘Velour,’ named after myself, and I have a monthly show called ‘Nightgowns’ that curates and presents some of the most creative and high-quality drag in a professional theater setting.
From a producer’s point of view, of course, ‘Law & Order’ presents an ideal – a show that is almost entirely actor-proof, that can keep going and going no matter what happens to the cast or how many actors demand raises.
There’s usually one piece in ‘Vanity Fair‘ every month that grabs me, but when it presents hatchet jobs without substantiation to impress its liberal friends, I laugh first, then toss.
I love giving gifts. It’s almost like I don’t open my gifts until, like, three days after Christmas ’cause I want to give everyone else their presents.
He is ready, if the occasion presents itself, to throw the whole English population in the St. Lawrence.
Wilfrid Laurier
Life rarely presents fully finished photographs. An image evolves, often from a single strand of visual interest – a distant horizon, a moment of light, a held expression.
Rakshabandhan is one day in a year I always look forward to… As children, we used to get presents and money, and there would be a full line-up of rakhi brothers, but as I grew older, the excitement was lesser as the love grew deeper.
Princeton University‘s campus environment presents unique challenges and opportunities for architecture to act as a social condenser.
Steven Holl
I have always cited the decision by director Stephen Frears to shoot ‘Mrs. Henderson Presents’ before my script of ‘The Queen‘ as the reason for my taking the plunge as a playwright.
After a breakup, it takes a couple weeks for the fog to settle, but it’s always a period of self-priority and growth. Life presents you with so many decisions. A lot of times, they’re right in front of your face and they’re really difficult, but we must make them.
I grew up poor, but I didn’t really know it because of amazing places like the Salvation Army where we got a lot of our Christmas presents from.
My grandparents, one Christmas, they did not have anything. They did not have money to buy presents. So my grandmother went to the orange tree outside her home, and so her boys did not go without for Christmas, she took oranges to her sons as presents.
A lot of the jewelry that I wear are fan gifts because they’re so awesome and they give me great presents.
In my 20s, I visited Vegas quite frequently, and I still like to get out there when the opportunity presents itself.
I wrapped my Christmas presents early this year, but I used the wrong paper. See, the paper I used said ‘Happy Birthday‘ on it. I didn’t want to waste it so I just wrote ‘Jesus’ on it.
I collect a lot of beautiful tins from around the world, and I’ll put things in them and give them as presents.
There can be little question that the tall building presents one of the most difficult challenges to the architect.
The threat that ISIL presents and poses to the United States is very different in kind, in type and degree than al Qaeda.
The man who became a big influence in my life was Dean Martin. He started my career in Las Vegas. When I came to Las Vegas, he put his name on the marquee: ‘Dean Martin presents Engelbert Humperdinck.’ And I’m the only one he ever did that for.
Step-parenting and being a step-sibling presents a lot of exciting opportunities. When families break up and re-form, there may be less order, less certainty, and a bit more trauma involved, but kids can end up having half-a-dozen parent figures.
On my 30th birthday, all the presents I got were boxes of food. That’s what I needed.
Kay Lenz
You can’t change somebody‘s character, but you can change the way a person presents themselves.
Tokyo in the late 1960s seemed to be like one of the futures that science fiction presents. Here was the proto- super-technology of the future, electronically, robotically, blahblahblah, intercut with traditional Japanese cultural patterns, Shinto patterns.
Some of the best presents I get from my children for Mother’s Day are homemade. It makes me so happy to see the time and effort they put into each gift.
I don’t think that much anymore in terms of ‘write a record, record a record, tour a record,’ because in my own mind, things have changed, in that I’m just an ongoing artist. I’m not quite sure what the next project needs to be until it presents himself, and then I know. I just follow dutifully while I’m being led.
In karate, as your skill level increases, your instructor presents you with the next belt. But in poker, only you can decide when it’s time to graduate to the next level. That’s a tricky proposition for some players because it’s difficult to assess your own progress.
Rather than standing back and being left behind, we must make the most of the opportunities that a growing China presents to us here in Britain.
As a literature of change driven by technology, science fiction presents religion to a part of the reading public that probably seldom goes to church.
As fast as each opportunity presents itself, use it! No matter how tiny an opportunity it may be, use it!
The idea of doing something that I’ve never done before, that presents a new challenge, that forces me to stretch in some way – that’s kind of a perfect project for me, and especially something that has greater social, conversational ramifications. I mean what more could you want?
Your children need your presence more than your presents.
Presents don’t really mean much to me. I don’t want to sound mawkish, but – it was the realization that I have a great many people in my life who really love me, and who I really love.
I have a very big family and a lot of friends, and buying presents is one of my favorite things to do.
Since the Moon has no atmosphere, it presents a unique orbital opportunity – we could fly incredibly close to the surface while staying in lunar orbit.
I just love buying myself presents. Is that a crime?
At her birthday, my seven-year-old daughter will say that she wants these big cakes and certain expensive toys as presents, and I can’t say no to her. It would just break my heart. But when I was little, for birthdays we just played outside and we were happy if we got any cake.
Goran Ivanisevic
I relate to ‘Dangal’ because of the way it presents the state’s culture and how Haryanvi parents are. They might act strict, but will always motivate their children to do their best and will stand by them, always being emotionally connected to them.
I could never rap, personally. I can’t even wrap presents.
Chris Colfer
Every opportunity that presents itself, my main objective is to conquer and be victorious.
‘The Anthill’ is the podcast wing of The Conversation, the site that presents news and views derived from the academic and research community.
Life constantly presents the greatest opportunity brilliantly disguised as the biggest disaster.
I do spend money. I like to spend money, on houses – on furnishing houses. And I love to give presents to people. It’s just in my nature to be that way. I always spent money I had. And I always spent what I made. I’m not stingy.
Prostitution presents a moral, economic and social problem that cannot be resolved juridically.
Federica Montseny
In South Africa, success never presented the problems that it presents in New York. In New York, if you happen to be the flavor of the month, a lot of nonsense comes with it into your life.
Yes, my parents brought us up like anybody else. We didn’t get any more presents than other people.
I try to get people thinking, to consider their pasts and presents, ultimately encouraging them and giving them the tools to embrace the work of reshaping their lives.
Reading feeds writing: it presents you with new ideas to engage with.
The writer presents himself to the blank page not with an open passport but an open heart.
Taiye Selasi
On Christmas morning, before we could open our Christmas presents, we would go to this stranger‘s home and bring them presents. I remember helping clean the house up and putting up a tree. My father believed that you have a responsibility to look after everyone else.
I just think Valentine’s Day is a day to really appreciate the person you love, no matter who it is, and to spend time with them. I don’t think it’s all about fancy presents or whatever. I think it’s about spending that quality time with that special person.
Opportunity does not knock, it presents itself when you beat down the door.
I still buy nice pieces but, at the moment, they’re presents for other people, so I only collect vicariously.
Michael Aspel
My theory is that one needs to be loved completely, unconditionally, and unfettered by parental disapproval, if one is to get happily through life which, after all, presents its own hurdles.
I remember, as a child, wanting all the time to buy my parents presents. I stood around forlornly in fancy shops, unable to afford a single thing.
For me, the most indispensable tool for wrapping presents is a wife.
My grandmother adopted me for a while, and I was bouncing around a bit. I was always helped by the PTA and church groups with food and Christmas presents. It’s a hard cycle to break, because when you don’t have the resources, it’s almost impossible.
Social media presents an opportunity for business people to connect and know each other prior to a phone call or email taking place.
I have not been on any river that has more of a distinctive personality than does the Missouri River. It’s a river that immediately presents to the traveler, ‘I am a grandfather spirit. I have a source; I have a life.’
William Least Heat-Moon
I know firsthand how our being such a rural state presents challenges to healthcare.
I’m happy with the way everyone presents themselves onstage.
Daisy Berkowitz
The old age of lower mammals presents characters similar to those found in man.
Elie Metchnikoff
Having one of the highest IQs ever measured is as much a curse as it is a blessing. My parents were great, though: they were always seeking the most difficult presents possible for me – Rubik’s cubes and things like that.
For me, Christmas was always about presents. As a child, we each had an allotted place in the sitting room for the ceremonial unwrapping and mine was perched beside the telly on a Moroccan pouffe. We would watch our mum with bated breath as she divided up the gifts.
But the universe, as a collection of finite things, presents itself as a kind of island situated in a pure vacuity to which time, regarded as a series of mutually exclusive moments, is nothing and does nothing.
I think when tragedy occurs, it presents a choice. You can give in to the void: the emptiness that fills your heart, your lungs, constricts your ability to think or even breathe. Or you can try to find meaning.
After I finish writing a chapter, I’ll print it out, cut it up into paragraphs, and cut away any transition sentences. Then I shuffle all the paragraphs and lay them out as they come. As I arrange and hold them next to each other, very quickly a natural structure for the chapter presents itself.
From activism to socialising to starting new bands, 99% of everything that happens on MySpace is fun and positive. But with that many people, there’s going to be a few bad apples, which presents challenges.
Chris DeWolfe
I take UKIP very seriously. The truth is that UKIP presents an electoral challenge to all political parties. The way to defeat UKIP is not to be a better UKIP but to be a better Labour Party.
Climate change is a humongous challenge but it also presents numerous economic opportunities.
What I dislike about movie culture is that it often presents a parable of our problems – but the issues are all straightforward and the people are either nice or they’re not. In real life, everyone falls between those perimeters, but not many American films operate in that grey area.
Politics presents few win-win situations for partisans on either side.
Children in my family really look forward to Christmas presents and I enjoy becoming their Santa, eating chocolates, playing and spending some time with them. I also meet up with some of my close friends to have good food. That’s all about Christmas for me.
This bizarre industry presents so many paths of temptation. If you don’t have some kind of foundation, typically from family, then it will be difficult to deal with.
I have always looked up to Ileana for the way she presents herself. She is so full of grace and is a very honest person.
Classical music presents some of the world’s most challenging pieces.
Mam loves to buy presents but she hates decorations. We once had a black Christmas tree because we had a new black leather couch and she wanted it to match.
I like presents that a man has spent time on, doing them himself, like a card or anything that is made by hand and from the heart.
Christmas Day itself hasn’t always been great. My parents went abroad when I was very young, and I went to boarding school. We had a few Christmases before that – I remember a big sack of presents and Mummy cooking goose.
We have no desire to permanently rule over millions of Palestinians, who double their numbers every generation. Israel, which wishes to be an exemplary democracy, will not be able to bear such a reality over time. The Disengagement Plan presents the possibility of opening a gate to a different reality.
I think Donald Trump’s language and the way that he presents things oftentimes is not good.
At our house, we’d always open presents with our Christmas records playing. ‘Little Drummer Boy’ was one of my favorites when I was a kid because it was about a kid.
Je’Caryous Johnson presents ‘Set It Off’ is a dream come true for me and I’m honored to bring it to fans across the country.
Life presents itself in constantly changing ways, but you’re able to accept the challenges, rather than recoil, throw up your hands, and go on a binge.
I’m not materialistic. I believe in presents from the heart, like a drawing that a child does.
One Christmas I had no money, and so I went home and just, like, wrote a poem; I mean, I didn’t write them, but I just handed out poems as Christmas presents. Like, ‘Here’s a Pablo Neruda poem that really made me think of you.’
June Diane Raphael
When television began, it modeled itself after radio. Many early television programs were radio programs first. ‘My Favorite Wife,’ ‘The Jack Benny Show,’ ‘Burns and Allen,’ ‘Alfred Hitchcock Presents.’
We are accustomed in England to chalk in rolling downs, except where bitten into by the sea, but elsewhere it is riven and presents cliffs, and these cliffs are not at all like that of Shakespeare at Dover but overhang, where hard beds alternate with others that are friable.
In most Telugu families, marriage is a union of two families, and ‘Rarandoi Veduka Chuddam’ presents conflicts from that aspect.
My mum and dad weren’t wealthy people. We used to have pasta every day, meat once a week, fish was once every two weeks, presents only at Christmas and birthday.
No matter what, I always make it home for Christmas. I love to go to my Tennessee Mountain Home and invite all of my nieces and nephews and their spouses and kids and do what we all like to do – eat, laugh, trade presents and just enjoy each other… and sometimes I even dress up like Santa Claus!
Only now that I’m a mum can I fully understand the terrible pressure parents feel buying presents for their kids. My mum had four children plus all of the extended family and she not only had to feed us all but she bought presents for everyone, too.
I think, as a woman in action in the business, you would be stupid not to express interest. Any female action role that presents itself as an opportunity I would throw myself at!
I tend to think of Pluto and its moons as presents sitting under a Christmas tree. They’re wrapped, and from Earth all we can do is look at the boxes to see whether they’re light or heavy, to see if something maybe jiggles a bit inside. We’re seeing intriguing things, but we really don’t know what’s in there.
I really like my cars. The way I see it, if I work then I can treat myself to these presents.