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It would be hard to go to your neighbor and say the thi

It would be hard to go to your neighbor and say the things people say on the Internet without getting punched out or having your tires slashed.
If you‘re a cartoon character or most TV characters, sure, you’ll fight, because the punches are juicy-sounding and they don’t leave marks. But in real life, if somebody punches you in the eye, it doesn’t make any noise and your eye is swollen for, like, six months. It’s a nightmare to get punched in the eye.
If you woke up, every day, and someone punched you in the face, for the first week, you’d go, ‘Why is someone punching me in the face?’ But, by the time you got through week two, you’d take it and just go on with the day.
The first thing we ever filmed was, we had to eat off people’s plates, like we just walked over and took something. We thought we would get punched.
Just because you get punched in the nose doesn’t mean that you throw in the towel.
If you go two years without playing with confidence, when your whole life, you’ve been extremely confident and a hard worker… I got punched in the mouth, and it took me a while to adjust. I kind of had my confidence – I don’t want to say taken away, because no one should ever be able to take your confidence away.
But, listen, Eddie Merkyx would have won six Tours if he hadn’t been punched.
Occasionally, especially on video games and with a lot of the fighting stuff, to get what you feel is the proper sound, you have to imitate what you’re doing, and occasionally I’ve gotten carried away and kicked over mic stands or punched things.
I’m a believer in getting punched in the face. I know it sounds cliched, but to me, fighting is a metaphor for life.
When you have a fighter who‘s been punched a lot and been knocked out a lot of times, they’re not going to be able to recover. They’re going to look like they were knocked out.
How many people can say that they’ve punched a fan?
I had no idea if I could fight when I first started. My first four amateur fights, I had never even been punched in the face or trained of any kind.
The first act is writing, the second act is filming, the third act is releasing. If you have to partake in the third act, it hurts the first act of the next one. It’s like a prizefight. You get punched.
I guess I never really had a high school experience. I went for about a month, and on the first day one of my friends got punched in the eye. It was Southern California Public High School. Needless to say, I wasn’t there for long.
I’ve never scratched, or punched, or slapped anybody in my real life.
Leelee Sobieski
We will not rest until the wooden stake is punched through the heart of the Enron lawsuit against us.
Maria Cantwell
I don’t mind getting punched in the nose by a guy standing in front of me. It’s getting stabbed in the back that I can’t handle.
Life is, and should be, a little hard. Getting punched in the face or getting an occasional concussion will probably happen to us all at some point in our lives. We can handle it.
Anyone with a grain of sense would know that if I punched my wife I would rip her head off. It’s all lies. I have never laid a finger on her.
I’m not trying to dog any artist or genre, but to me, there is a lot of diversity missing from the radio. I miss turning the radio on and getting punched in the soul with a great lyric.
2012 has been an extraordinary year for our country. We cheered our Queen to the rafters with the Jubilee, showed the world what we’re made of by staging the most spectacular Olympic and Paralympic Games ever and – let’s not forget – punched way above our weight in the medals table.
I’ll never forget my 24th birthday when my tooth got punched out. And for a second I was like, it would be really hilarious if I sold it on eBay. But I can’t, that’s just too creepy. I don’t think I can go there.
People think of rugby players as being tough but it’s another thing to stand in front of someone and get kicked, punched, taken down. In rugby you have two contact sessions a week and you play a game on the weekend.
There are always moments of despair when you get close to jobs and lose them at the last second. It feels like getting punched in the stomach. You feel like, ‘Why do I do this?’ Then you go to bed, get up the next day and forget about it.
The fact that I was black and desirous to do my work, the other kids would call me a coconut, as if I were somehow attempting to be white. The bullying was real: I’d get punched, spat at, terrible things.
If Jermain Taylor was a bit fitter and he had a bit more steam in the tank towards the end, he might have survived and won on points, but he didn’t have any energy left in the tank, because I sapped it out of him. I absolutely punched holes in him for the last three rounds.
People want to see fighters get punched in the face.
During the fight, if you feel something, you know it’s pretty bad, because normally you don’t feel anything. You get punched and elbowed in the face, you don’t feel it until after the fight.
Usually in fist fights you get punched in the face.
David James Elliott
I used to work at Kroger’s. When the store opened, you were there. When I worked in an automobile plant, you punched in. So it showed if you were a minute late. If you have a paid job, you show up.
If you’re gonna get punched in the face, elbowed, cut up, busted up, injured, have to cut weight, have to bring yourself to the brink of death to show up the next day and try to put on the performance of your life, you’ve gotta love it. And if I don’t love it, it’s just not worth it to me.
I’m happy to report that everybody whose face I’ve wanted to punch on Earth has already been punched.
I remember on ‘JAG,’ Joe Jackson punched Stephen Culp and shattered his nose.
David James Elliott
There are two types of people in the world: people who are passionate about things, and people who’ve had their passion punched, beaten, or whatever out of them.
Journalists have always written that my mum said that I punched a hole through my cot when I was three years old. I don’t remember doing that, and I think it was more that I was very energetic.
My mouth has a tendency to get me into trouble, but because I’m so small and I take on people who are lager than me. If someone punched me, I’d get my drummer beat them up.
Brian Molko
The first boss to give me a shot on-air left the station not long after I started reporting. The next boss fired me, and told me I was the worst person he’d ever seen on TV and that I would never make it. That felt like being punched in the gut repeatedly! But I pulled myself together and kept fighting for my dream.
He punched me. If that’s his best punch, he’ll be in trouble some day.
Patrick Roy
I saw a guy being really abusive to his girlfriend. She was asking people to help, but no one would. When he grabbed her, I tried to separate them, but he turned on me. I punched him and knocked him down. It wasn’t a scandal; I was just doing what anybody should.
I was emotionally and physically punched in the stomach. This is not a place where you go and deliver the lines and then you come back. It’s kind of a life-changing experience. But it can’t get better than this for any actor – this is like an opera.
Johnnie Cochran hasn’t spent 20 years serving people in low-income, minority neighborhoods, ridding them of gangs and narcotics. I have. He hasn’t been shot at and punched. I have. I’ve paid my dues to be able to say I’m not a racist.
At home, I watch fights and documentaries – that’s it. If it’s not about the birth and death of stars, ‘Frozen Planet,’ or someone getting punched in the face, I’m probably not watching it.
The whole social media thing is ridiculous. Everybody gets to say what they want all the time. That’s fine in theory, but it’s not civilised. Imagine going into a bar, and everybody in that bar is talking like people do online. They’d just get their teeth punched in.
I like training hard. I like to punch the face. I like getting punched in the face.
I’ve gotten punched in the face before by Cena. His hands are like rocks.
I don’t think getting punched in the face is too fun. I keep going because this is what I am. Every time I fight, this is why we live. We have to feel this. That’s how we become stronger. That’s how we become champions.
People think that the Middle East is very complex but I have an analogy that sums it up quite well. If you imagine that Palestine is a big cake, well… that cake is being punched to pieces by a very angry Jew.
The Biden regime has punched our Border Patrol agents in the face!
Sometimes in this game, you get punched in the face. And you’ve got to be able to take it and learn from it.
I would never slam my iPhone, and I never punched a metal door frame for any time.
Andy Hurley
I can remember how I felt the first time I was knocked out by Floyd Mayweather Jr. My first fight afterwards was against Juan Lazcano at the City of Manchester Stadium. Every time I got punched I felt like I would wobble.
I was onstage one night and was singing. I hit one note, and I just doubled over. It was like being punched hard in the back. I couldn’t put my back up on the plane seat because of the pain. I got massages, thinking it was muscle spasms. The doctor told me at the time that it was my pancreas. I didn’t even know.
We have scaled the heights of Mount Everest, dominated the Southeast Asian games, we have won international beauty titles, and of course punched our way to triumph in the boxing world. Our people compete and win every day in every imaginable job throughout the world.
I’ve punched a fan in the face because he was obnoxious. I’ve also pinched a child and made him cry, but I was 10 then!
I have a hard time watching people getting punched on screen; I have to close my eyes a lot.
When Will.I.Am punched Perez Hilton, I immediately purchased a bunch of their music.
People who eat with their mouth open should be punched in the face.
You’re always looking to have a unique experience as an actor, and definitely, being punched by a puppet ranks as a singular experience in my career.
It isn’t always the funnest feeling, sparring three days a week, getting punched in the face at 38 years old, it might not always be the funnest feeling but it’s better than a lot of other things. I love it.
Everyone has a plantill they get punched in the mouth.
The doctor punched my vein, the captain called me Cain, upon my belly sat the sow of fear.
Karl Shapiro
My mom loved when I started training judo and jiu-jitsu because that wasn’t hurting me. But when I took her for my first MMA fight, she was like, ‘Baby, you’re not really going to do this, right? To get punched in the face, please stop with that. Do jiu-jitsu, it’s good, it won’t get you hurt.’
I think great comedy comes from the oppressed. It comes from feeling like you’ve gotten punched up in a way.
One thing I’ve realized is that being a nerd has transformed. I like that it’s easier to read comic books and, like, ‘Lord of the Rings‘ now. You don’t have to get punched in the chest in the gym locker room for that anymore.
I did not watch many of my father‘s films because he used to do action movies. So when anyone punched my dad I used to get scared. I have loved him in comedies. I loved him in ‘Hera Pheri.’
I punched my mother out once.
Charles Manson