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Becoming a YA author was actually a very lucky accident

Becoming a YA author was actually a very lucky accident. When I wrote the ‘Queen of Everything,’ I thought it was a book for adults.
The notion of ‘Queen’s English‘ is usually applied to our pronunciation.
When people think of hats, they think of her majesty the queen.
I started as an inexperienced drag queen with awful makeup serving daiquiris to obnoxious bachelorette parties.
I am a drama queen!
I’m not a drama queen.
Being sweet is something that’s already given. As a beauty queen, you know that you should be relatable to people, that you should be authentic – and that makes you sweet. But you should also have that ‘it’ factor, and the confidence that will make you spicy.
It was surreal to think the Queen of England not only knew who I was but thought enough of what I do to give me an award.
I went to Queen’s – a fine university with the proudly stupidest frosh week in the country. This was, when I was there, supposed to be somehow evidence of a higher social class.
Every third person in the world is a drama queen. And cryingvictim,’ especially when you’re not really a victim in any real way, feels good. It feels good to cry victim if you’re not one.
I don’t apologize for my diamonds, Rolls-Royce, Range Rover, or anything. Look, Queen Elizabeth has more diamonds than me. Why don’t people attack her for it?
My only experience in the world of tiaras was as a contestant in a homecoming queen pageant that featured all the high school homecoming queens in the South. While I did not win (much less place), I did walk away from the experience with a renewed sense of self confidence and ambition.
When the whole point of Queen was to be original.
The Queen has stayed with me in the sense that she lets people come to her. She doesn’t feel like she has to go out. I mean, she doesn’t have to anyway because of her rank and her position, but she doesn’t have to overdo it.
If you’re a queen, you’re powerless, so I’d probably demote myself and go shopping.
I’m not the Queen. I’m not a huge superstar; I don’t get paparazzi around me.
I wanted a maternity dress, but I couldn’t find anything I liked. Everything was abominable. So I made one. Then I made a pullover. ‘Elle’ put it on the cover. Then WWD elected me the Queen of Knitwear.
I was homecoming queen. I was star of my basketball team.
Marla Maples
I was afraid my family would lock me up and give me electroshock. I was a screaming queen.
Magical realism is a blending of the unusual or supernatural into an otherwise ordinary setting. And, to me, this perfectly describes the South. ‘The Sugar Queen’ involves a lot of magical happenings, but in a very down-home Southern setting. It’s full of things that could almost be true.
Sarah Addison Allen
There are certain historical figures of such importance that we need to know everything about them, which is why books about Napoleon, Lincoln, Julius Caesar, Joan of Arc, Queen Elizabeth I, and the great religious founders continue to proliferate; these lives require constant reevaluation and interpretation.
I’m really into old school music when hip-hop first came out with Common, A Tribe Called Quest, Queen Latifah, MC Lyte, and Run DMC. I’m really into that! Hip-hop these days isn’t the same and doesn’t have the same sound anymore. I’d rather listen to the old school hip-hop.
Raven Goodwin
Of course I always knew ‘We Will Rock You’ and ‘We Are The Champions‘ and all those. But my real introduction to Queen the band and knowing who they were was the movieWayne‘s World’ like a lot of people in my generation.
I frequently dream of having tea with the Queen.
You never remember what you say to the Queen, she just has this aura about her.
I like Queen Latifah.
My introduction to the Queen was disconcerting, to say the least. ‘This is Gyles Brandreth,’ said the Duke of Edinburgh cheerily. ‘Apparently, he’s writing about you.’
Prince Charles was once obsessed with a particular beauty, Anna Wallace, and couldn’t understand why she walked out on him after he spent the evening dancing with Camilla at the Queen Mother’s 80th birthday party.
Queen Victoria loved the French Riviera. She visited on nine occasions and did a great deal to give this area its chic international reputation.
I guess you can tease me about being a drama queen, because that did heighten the drama.
Greg Louganis
When I think about people like Queen Latifah, who literally found a script for me to star in, that’s what I want to be for somebody. When you look at someone like Queen Latifah, or you think about the Will Smiths, those people are multifaceted. They do so many different things, but most important, they give back.
God bless America. God save the Queen. God defend New Zealand and thank Christ for Australia.
When you are a queen in your own country, why would you want to go anywhere else?
I think Freddie Mercury is probably the best of all time in terms of a rock voice. There was a vulnerability to it, his technical ability was amazing, and so much of his personality would come out through his voice. I’m not even a guy to buy Queen records, really, and I still think he’s one of the best.
Once upon a time there was a Queen who had a son so ugly and so misshapen that it was long disputed whether he had human form. A fairy who was at his birth said, however, that he would be very amiable for all that, since he would have uncommon good sense.
Charles Perrault
I was no one, nobody from Nowheresville, until I became a drag queen.
Once you’re in the military, she means a lot more to you than just a grandmother. She is the queen. And then you suddenly, it’s like start realizing, you know, wow, this is quite a big deal. And then you get goose bumps and then the rest of it.
Back on Nov. 23, 1963, I sailed into Manhattan Harbor onboard the Queen Mary and landed with no job and contacts and just $135 in my pocket. My first lodging was in a rundown hotel for $27 a week with the bathroom down the end of a corridor of beds.
Waving to the Queen after singing Amazing Grace at Buckingham Palace, that was pretty cool.
The first I bought were records. I don’t know which was first, but I feel like it was the same day. It was ‘The Muppet Show’ soundtrack and Queen’s first album, because it was the only one my brother didn’t have.
We used to rehearse in unused lecture halls at Imperial and recorded our first album, ‘Queen,’ in 1971 while I was studying for my biology finals – it is amazing I passed.
I suddenly became an unprofessional tantrum queen but people tend to forget that we associate these terms only with actresses. So many times, actors report late to the sets or don’t even show up. But most women will tell you how we don’t even have the luxury to be five minutes late.
She’s my mother and the Queen.
Princess Anne
The Queen is by much the most powerful of the forces.
I don’t sing for anybody. I wouldn’t sing for the Queen dear.
Joan Sutherland
May I share with you my earliest memory of a political row? It was with my mother, about the Queen – classic Freudian stuff, shrinks would say. I was eight, and refusing to watch the Queen’s Christmas Day broadcast.
I love ‘Somebody to Love’ by Queen and of course ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ is one of my favorites, just because it makes everyone in the room go crazy. Everyone tries to sing along with it, and half the room gets it right and the other half gets it wrong.
I have so much respect for the Queen and for Charles, and what the family represents. And yet there’s still a conflict about whether we can abolish the class system while also having a Royal family.
When Pakistan beat England at cricket, my Pakistani cousins remind me how English and British I am. When they say, ‘You’re one of the Queen’s advisers,’ for them it’s, ‘Wow – anything’s possible in the U.K.’
I think I was always a drama queen. I really, really, really loved playing pretend.
I think, Queen Victoria’s diaries, I think you can get them if you go to the British Library.
I would love to grab roles like the ones my mom did in ‘Oppol’ or the role Kangana Ranaut played in ‘Queen.’
For all those people who always thought I was nothing more than a drag queen, wait until they see what I agreed to look like in ‘Hairspray.’
After Mary Queen of Scots, I turned to the farthest subject possible: Cromwell.
Antonia Fraser
When I started wrestling and then turned into the Evil Queen, I created this character who I needed in my personal life. This woman who is strong, intelligent, confident, empowering. That’s what I needed in my personal life.
A beautiful woman can be painted as a totem only; not as a woman, but as a Madonna, a queen, a sphinx.
Saul Steinberg
I’m comfortable singing jazz. The only thing I was concerned about is that everybody, even in jazz, has their own style. To me, the queen of doodling was Ella Fitzgerald, and scatting is something I never thought I could do.
I enjoy just being me. I don’t need to be Queen Latifah, the brand, 24 hours a day.
Look at films like ‘Raazi,’ ‘Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi’ and ‘Padmaavat’… women in our film industry have changed the whole scenario. They are no less than our male actors.
I never liked Queen. I can honestly say I hated Queen and everything that they did.
A King and Queen can comfort the people in times of grief, and provide a nationalist camaraderie. That is the gift that royalty can give back.
I read a lot about her. I read a lot of bios. I read bios about the royal family; I read this little novella called ‘The Uncommon Reader,’ which is a fiction: it’s about Queen Elizabeth going on this library bus and choosing books and reading them, but it’s so sweet.
I don’t think I’m ever going to get to the point where people run across a freeway to take a picture of me. I really don’t see it getting to that level of hysteria unless I have an affair with the Queen of Sweden or something like that.
In ‘A Royal Affair’ I had to learn to act like a queen and learned Danish. It’s so much different to act in another language. It’s the nuances in the words.
My very first job was a cashier at Burger King in Tucson, Arizona. And I occasionally worked the drive-thru. I’d go wherever I was needed! My second job was at Dairy Queen. I stayed in the fast food royalty.
I don’t want to say I’m closing the doors to this possibility completely. It’s just that I’m very passionate about my acting and being a beauty queen takes time. I’d have to prepare physically. I’d have to perfect my walk. And since I’m no beauty queen, this requires a lot of training.
Tatiana Alvarez, who also became a queen of the wheels of steel in L.A., has now sold her incredible cross-dressing, reverse ‘Tootsie’ story to Warner Bros. in Hollywood, and hotshot producers Mike Medavoy, Brian Medavoy and Erwin More have reunited to turn it into a movie.
It would be good to see what the Queen gets up to at Buckingham Palace. I bet she spends her whole time watching ‘Coronation Street.’
Amelia Warner
The fact is, Charles and Diana‘s marriage was a train smash in many ways, and, as Camilla will one day be Queen, it’s important for the public to understand she’s not some terrible woman.
Queen Victoria did not regard art, letters, or music as in any way springing from national character: they were something quite apart, elegant decorations resembling a scarf or a bracelet, and in no way expressive of the soul of the country.
E. F. Benson
After leaving Queen, I decided to stop doing those mega-four-month tours. I go out for a month, and my dog recognizes me when I come home.
When you stop to take a minute and look at Queen Latifah’s career, she came out of the box right. You know, ‘Ladies First!’ And she’s been consistent with that message of female self-empowerment. She really has!
Khandi Alexander
I started watching, growing, learning, and putting in extra effort to become the best queen I could.
I’m the shade queen and no one throws shade better than me!
The futures and ultimate fates of the characters in The Snow Queen are profoundly changed by choices made in their own minds or hearts, as well as choices unexpectedly forced on them by things beyond their control.
I never really thought I would be a Bollywood actress. However, I am a drama queen at home, so I guess Bollywood was bound to happen someday or the other.
I have always cited the decision by director Stephen Frears to shoot ‘Mrs. Henderson Presents’ before my script of ‘The Queen’ as the reason for my taking the plunge as a playwright.
I’ve never wanted to be an actress. I came into the industry to be a filmmaker, but let us say fate had other plans for me. I don’t want to be the next glamour queen.
Queen songs tend to be about very personal things: personal dreams and personal ambitions.
I have apparently become a sequel queen because of films ‘Raaz: Reboot,’ ‘Guest-Iin-London,’ ‘Yamla Pagla Deewana Phir Se’ and ‘Housefull 4.’
I guess I’ve sort of always wanted to be an actress, except when I was five, which, I did want to be the Queen of England.
Bethany Joy Lenz
Then I wanted the character to be feminine as opposed to effeminate. Because it’s easy to be camp or queen. Anyone can do that. What’s difficult is to play feminine.
To be a queen of a household is a powerful thing.
I was happy to be in England because my mother had always loved the royals, and so do I. My mother had every memento you could find on the Queen.
I bought a racehorse, Tropical Saint, that belonged to the Queen Mother. I used to go down to Banbury and watch him train, but during a televised race, his jockey pulled up and said there was something wrong. They put him in the grass to try and settle him but found him dead in the field.
I love Orla Guerin – she’s my queen… when I watch her on the news, I just can’t believe how brave she is.
My career got off to a very shaky start when I dropped out of school at the age of 18. Despite my lack of academic credentials, I got a job as a fashion assistant at ‘Harper’s & Queen.’
We thought Queen were quite tongue in cheek.
Queen is my all-time favorite band in history. I was an obsessive growing up after I discovered them at 10 at summer camp.
It would be good to see what the Queen gets up to at Buckingham Palace. I bet she spends her whole time watching ‘Coronation Street.’
Amelia Warner
If you really want to get over someone or something in your life, I suggest you throw on some Ivy Queen. She will have you feeling extra bossy.
I was a volleyball player. After the accident, I played the sport in a wheelchair but never liked it. I wanted to live my life like a queen.
When you’re on the victory podium, you’re a queen, but when you come down from it, you’re nobody. You cannot be too proud of yourself.
Yana Kudryavtseva
Reading about Queen Victoria has been a passion of mine since, as a child, I came across Laurence Housman’s play ‘Happy and Glorious,’ with its Ernest Shepard illustrations.
The Queen is the ultimate dictator.
I’ve written extensively on Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth and seen up close how those women, who were born when the country hoped for a male heir, made their way as leaders.
I know if I had the chance of going aboard the Titanic in those days, I would have gone – I know I would have. I adore going on the Queen Mary – I think it’s the only way to travel from New York.
If I were queen for a day, every city would have to spend one hour in utter silence: no music in shops and restaurants, no honking of horns, no conversations on mobile phones. Only birds would be allowed to sing.
I’m a big show queen to begin with. I think in show tunes.
I grew up listening to Queen. They were no stranger to throwing in the unexpected and something a little more dramatic.
I think Freddie Mercury is probably the best of all time in terms of a rock voice. There was a vulnerability to it, his technical ability was amazing, and so much of his personality would come out through his voice. I’m not even a guy to buy Queen records, really, and I still think he’s one of the best.
Say ‘Toronto‘ or ‘Ontario,’ and the immediate thought associations are with a somewhat blander version of North America: a United States with a welfare regime and a more polite street etiquette, and the additionally reassuring visage of Queen Elizabeth on the currency.
As we saw in the Queen’s Speech, anti-social behaviour – a phenomenon that I believe to be a genuine worry that is also being fed by a lot of scare stories – is the political theme of the moment.
Kamal Ahmed
Telugu-Tamil producer Thyagarajan has bought the South Indian language rights for two Hindi hit films, Vikas Behl’s ‘Queen’ and Neeraj Pandey’s ‘Special 26.’ He wants me to play Akshay Kumar’s role in the Telugu version of ‘Special 26.’ Akshay and I even look similar, physique-wise.
Queen has taken the all of our time for last four or five years, you know.
Like the Elizabeth I play, Queen Elizabeth is a monarch who actually moves with the times. She gets new information, assimilates it, and changes in order the fit in with the way the world is moving. I admire that.
I didn’t really know how to write jokes, so I just told weird, long stories about being tall and beautiful and wealthy in New York. I’d tell them very seriously, but I kind of looked like a drag queen at the time with big wigs and crazy 12-inch platform heels.
When I was a teenager in the ’70s, I was really into those great bands like Led Zeppelin and Queen and Jethro Tull, Deep Purple, Alice Cooper.
My first year at Queen’s Park, I just wasn’t good enough, but that tough period shaped me.
When I was 16, I played Tallulah in ‘Bugsy Malone’ at the Queen’s Theatre. Me and five others shared a flat together in Blackheath. It was brilliant being 16 and living in London with my mates.
The greatest shoemaker in England for many, many decades; he used to be the royal shoe-maker for the Queen Mother. This is where I learnt my trade.
After Pride, Christmas is a drag queen’s next best holiday. It’s pretty gay, full of tinsel and glitter and finery and campness.
I’m always nice and then people are happy to hang out with me! There’s no point being a sassy diva queen.
I wanted to be a poet. I fell in love with poetry around eight years old, but not through literature. Instead, it came through hip-hop lyrics and my obsession with reading liner notes. Queen Latifah’s ‘Black Reign’ is the album that stands out the most.
Be cautious of playing your Queen in front of your King and in subjecting yourself to a discovered check. It is better when check is given to your King to interpose a man that attacks the checking Piece than with one that does not.
My brother liked sewing and sculpting and making things, and my sister sewed and painted and cooked and baked. She’s a professional baker now and makes the most gorgeous sculpture-like cakes. She’s the queen of wedding cakes in the Lake Tahoe area.
In ’75, the year both A Chorus Line and Chicago hit Broadway, my head spun around and I became the ultimate theater queen for life.
Michael Musto
Queen has always been my favorite band. Freddie is the greatest singer, ever, is the way I look at it. The other thing about Queen for me is they embraced so many different styles.
I can’t pick a favorite animal; I love so many! But I guess if I have to choose, I pick bees! There’s this brilliant documentary called ‘Queen of the Sun: What Are the Bees Telling Us?’ I think it’s important for people to be educated about bees – they pollinate almost all the food we eat. They are amazing!
Therefore I am sure that this, my Coronation, is not the symbol of a power and a splendor that are gone but a declaration of our hopes for the future, and for the years I may, by God’s Grace and Mercy, be given to reign and serve you as your Queen.
At The Body Shop we had always been measured by how many jobs we had created, and I got a major award from the Queen on that.
The best band in the world is Queen, definitely.
Historic Royal Palaces is an independent charity without funding from the royal family or the government. But I have met the Queen, she comes to open projects, and she is always very interested.
The queen of aggregation is, of course, Arianna Huffington, who has discovered that if you take celebrity gossip, adorable kitten videos, posts from unpaid bloggers and news reports from other publications, array them on your Web site and add a left-wing soundtrack, millions of people will come.
The truth is I do take drag really seriously, and I think that there’s kind of a place for that – to see it as this political and historical art form, and to want to continue pushing it in new directions. And also honor the old directions as well. So I’m sort of like a drag intellectual/drag queen.
Sometimes I look at Helen Mirren on stage and think, ‘You really are the Queen.’ You see people bowing to her at the stage door!
At first glance, Martha Stewart, queen of artfully distressed home furnishings, might not seem to have much in common with Michael R. Milken, one-time king of junk bonds.
I’m a huge Queen fan.
I became the world’s queen of sweaters without even knowing how one was made.
I think at some point I need an OBE from the Queen as I’ve entertained the nation during Corona.
I was only saying to the Queen the other day how I hate name dropping.
Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.
When I was growing up in Ossining, N.Y., playing pool with the guys, the thought that any one of us might become an actor was as far-fetched as being knighted by the queen of England.
That’s the part I kept trying to say on Queen Radio: I don’t have to believe you because you’re saying it. I’m not saying you’re a liar, I learned that long ago too. There’s a big difference between you’re a liar and I don’t believe you.
I’m too young to be a king and too committed to be a queen.
Robert Downey Sr.
I really like milk. I’m a dairy queen.
If I could do shoes for anyone, it would be a special project for the Queen of England.
I start ‘The Code Book’ with the story of Mary Queen of Scots and the Babington Plot, which was foiled when Mary’s enciphered messages fell into the hands of Elizabeth I’s codebreakers.
I speak for all Malaysians in expressing my admiration for the Queen and the grace, poise and selflessness with which she has carried out her duties during her long reign. She represents the very best of British traits: dignity, resilience and hard work.
Anyone who grew up with me knows that Queen is my favorite band of all time.
My family is my biggest support system. They played an important role in transforming me from the girl-next-door to a beauty queen.
Queen Latifah once came up to me and said ‘Bebot’ was her favorite song. She said, ‘I don’t know what you’re talking about, but it feels dope!’
One thing I’ve always loved and rated me dad for is that, because of him, I’ve never seen the Queen’s Christmas speech.
If one drag queen penetrates the mainstream and opens up a new avenue for us to take with our careers, that means all of us can potentially do that.
Hire me for the next picture. I don’t have to just play down-and-out trailer trash and mean, old, wicked, old nuns. I could play a princess or a queen. That’s all I wanted to do. Because campaigning does go on. It’s a part of selling the film.
I enjoy the TV series ‘Dexter,’ where there’s a reason for every kill. Quentin Tarantino is a favourite, and a ‘Kill Bill‘ action-packed movie would be up my street. I’d love to be India‘s first scream queen!
When I was approached to play the queen of witchland, I was fascinated.
I think that Vegas is one of the wildest places I’ve ever been to. You can look to your left and there’s a drag queen getting married by Elvis, to the right there is some old bird sticking quarters into a slot machine for hours.
Marsha Thomason
Any queen who’s ever worked in a drag bar, or even been in a drag dressing room, knows that underlying all of that is a sense of family.
The Queen is the only person who can put on a tiara with one hand, while walking down stairs.
Princess Margaret
Mel B is Queen Bee. I love her.
I didn’t have a desk to write ‘Red Queen’ on, so I got a nice writing desk.
If I could dress anyone, I’d like to dress the Queen – she can handle anything. I’d put her in black – she never wears black – and add a little leather, maybe. A little rock n’ roll.
I’ll take being on Baywatch over being Prom Queen any day.
Brande Roderick
All the girls over there in Ireland are well versed in American country music. Jim Reeves and Patsy Cline are like king and queen over there.
The Queen has well-informed opinions of many of her bishops and likes those who are straightforward and intelligent. Both she and Prince Philip believe Christianity is as much about forgiveness as morality.
There’s a lot of anger in ‘Queen of Denmark,’ and that’s me getting political.
That’s key in a relationship, the husband needs to cherish his wife and always treat his wife like a queen.
They respect rappers in the U.S., but in England, it’s the Queen’s country. She’ll forever be putting out the message on these BBC networks that there’s no hood: it’s tea and red phoneboxes.
I worked in television; I’m the Failed Pilot Queen, I’ve done so many television shows, pilots, theater … when you do it for so long, I’m telling you, you get to the point where it becomes varied because you take what’s available for a number of reasons. It’s just an occupational hazard.
A drag queen on time is not a drag queen.
I am now in a position to choose roles. I did not have so many offers before ‘Queen,’ but now things have changed a lot.
Kangana Ran
That’s acting for you. ‘White Queen’ has English playing Welsh and vice versa.
Most American adults know what a drag queen is, but as they’re portrayed in films like ‘Dressed to Kill’ and ‘Silence of the Lambs.’
The film ‘The Queen’ came about with a producer saying to me that he wanted me to write about the circumstances behind Diana’s death. I think he was hoping that I would come up with some journalistic scoop that would identify an MI5 covert plot.
2012 has been an extraordinary year for our country. We cheered our Queen to the rafters with the Jubilee, showed the world what we’re made of by staging the most spectacular Olympic and Paralympic Games ever and – let’s not forget – punched way above our weight in the medals table.
I love Queen Latifah! Queen Latifah is so beautiful! Every time you see her, if it’s in a cosmetics ad, or on the red carpet, she’s always flawless.
Yvette Nicole Brown
I know people think I’m a stupid little street queen out there begging for change cause there’s nothing else she knows how to do.
I have a friend who calls me the queen of the nightmares because I’ve always had really bad nightmares. I keep a notebook by the side of my bed, so I’ll wake up in the night from a bad dream, and my heart’s pounding, and I’m really scared, but I write it down, and sometimes I get ideas for books that way.
To me, Green Arrow in the past, what people loved about Oliver Queen pre-New 52 was his relationships with other heroes. Like his friendship with Green Lantern, his animosity with Hawkman, his romance with Black Canary – these are all the things that sort of defined him.
The staging for ‘Monsters‘ is all about me getting free. In the beginning I’m like tied, in a dark place… until I am scared no more, and I’m taking the lead of my life, I’m being the queen of my life, I’m ruling the world! In the end I’m taking a risk, but I’m taking the leap of faith.
I’ve been asked that question lots of time before, why wasn’t I on Live Aid? And quite frankly I don’t know. I was riding high in the charts and the styles of music they had were quite varied from Adam Ant to Status Quo to Queen. I would have definitely fitted in.
I feel like I am just an entertainer. It does not matter what form I take to perform and entertain. I think I deserve being called a performer because you don’t call Tyler Perry a drag queen. You don’t call Will Smith a drag queen and all the other mainstream artists who use the aesthetic of drag to entertain.
I’ve always loved Salem, and I love the title of Scream Queen.
A few weeks before the jubilee began in 2002, Queen Elizabeth died, and the public outpouring of grief and affection, with hundreds of thousands of people queuing for hours to pass by her coffin, showed how widely and deeply loved she was.
William Shawcross
I’m not a camp, throwaway queen; I’m not in Neverland. I’m not Jennifer Lopez with three people to pluck my eyebrows. I’ve made myself what I want to be – not everybody’s cup of tea. And people wanna have a look at me. I fully accept that. People have always wanted to have a look at me.
I do feel sorry for the Prince of Wales, waiting and waiting, while his mother looks better and better. She’s not staying on because of any concern about his abilities as a king. The Queen simply feels she must do her duty, and she’s never even contemplated abdication.
Sarah Bradford
Mary Queen of Scots is the most ‘normal‘ girl who became a queen that I have ever written about.
I believe the Australian people have an affection for the Queen, and so they should have.
I have very sensitive skin, and so, whenever I can, I want to give it a rest. I’m, like, the moisturizing queen.
Jews have deep respect for the Queen and the royal family. We say a prayer for them every Sabbath in synagogue. We recite a special blessing on seeing the Queen.
A queen does not wear clothes off the runways.
People regularly practice playing a sport like golf or basketball – but few people think about ‘practicing being successful.’ I had practiced meeting the Queen of England – what I would wear, how I would stand, the handshake – so when I did meet her, I was comfortable – for I had practiced the moment for years.
Years ago, I thought up the name Queen. It’s just a name. But it’s regal, obviously, and -sounds splendid.
When I take good care of myself, it lifts my spirits, boosts my confidence, and makes me feel strong. When someone tries to throw me shade, it bounces right off. I look those haters straight in the eye, keep my chin up and shoulders back. Because I know I’m a fierce queen – and they know it, too.
‘Queen of Katwe’ is an absolutely true story. And it’s wonderful. But it’s not about saviors. Your only savior is yourself – but yourself with your community. It’s never alone. You have to have someone who believes in you.
My dad was the cause of me being in show business. He was not only in poetry but in acting a bit. He was Mordecai in the play ‘A Dream of Queen Esther.’
Theron says that she was intrigued by the psychological demands of the material in playing the complicated ‘Queen Ravenna’, and Stewart’s performance as ‘Snow White‘, the fairest of them all, in her first action-heroine role, kept her literally in constant motion.
My family are from Liverpool, so I have some twang there – I have a Midlands accent, and I was raised about an hour north of London, so my voice is a mess. Although, to American ears, it sounds like the crisp language of a queen’s butler.
In my home country, which is one of the oldest kingdoms in the world, you’re born with the title. You don’t get elected. I don’t know how the king and queen of Denmark would respond if they suddenly had to do a speech, if the people would vote for them. I don’t know how that would end up.
As a child, I was as intrigued by the Evil Queen as I was charmed by Snow White.
Stephane Rolland
With ‘Drag Race’ in particular, I’d seen seasons four and five, before mine. So I wasn’t a huge, knew every word, knew every queen type of fan. There are some contestants who have done this show who know everything about it.
I wrote my first play when I was eight. It was about a queen, and I – of course! – was the queen.
I’m just a boy with a dream from Queens. Just a queen from Queens.
Sometimes if you’re dealing with straight interviewers they’re a little more excited if you’re in drag: ‘Oooh! Aaaah! Eeeee!’ But if you’re just sitting there out of drag, they think you’re just a bitter queen.
Think like a queen. A queen is not afraid to fail. Failure is another steppingstone to greatness.
In some ways, in ‘The Queen of the Night,’ I’m writing about some of the experience that I had with ‘Edinburgh’ where I was entirely unable to speak about what had happened to me as a child, but I could read from the novel.
V. S. Pritchett was one of the most admired, fun, talked-about writers of the 20th century: he was knighted by Queen Elizabeth for his work with prose. He was born in 1900, wrote till he died in 1997, and has been tidily forgotten ever since. This is a real shame.
In the first two episodes, before she becomes Queen, I could be a lot freer with my emotions, but as the series goes on, she develops an armour in order to cope with her circumstances. She has to be a sphinx, which must be so hard. Imagine never being able to shout, ‘Shut up,’ or cry, even in front of your own family.
When Ke$ha tries to rap like L’Trimm, she sounds like any ordinary lonely teenage girl stuck in a nowhere town, singing along to her radio and dreaming of a party where she’s the star. Ke$ha’s greatness is that in her voice, you can hear both the loser girl and the star. All hail the Queen of Noi$e!
I play the Wicked Queen in ‘Snow White.’ I’m not typecast. It’s terrible. I should be Prince Charming.
I am waiting for the right projects to come. I am in no hurry at all. After the blessing of being part of a great film, I want to make sure that whatever I do next capitalises on how amazing ‘Queen’ has been.
And so The Snow Queen also became a story about the need to seek equilibrium, in our own lives, with the natural world, even within the universe at large.
Rhyme, that enslaved queen, that supreme charm of our poetry, that creator of our meter.
Therefore I am sure that this, my Coronation, is not the symbol of a power and a splendor that are gone but a declaration of our hopes for the future, and for the years I may, by God’s Grace and Mercy, be given to reign and serve you as your Queen.
To be recognized by the Queen, it’s just wow, thank you.
As far as I’m concerned, when the Queen, who we all love very much, is finished with her reign then Britain should go and stop being a banana republic as it is when we have the royal family and become a real republic.
People say to me, ‘What do you think your mother would think about this new world with Instagram?’ And I pause and I just say, ‘Well, she really was the queen of Instagram because she was more photographed than anyone else.’
That was one thing my mama instilled in me: to be well trained in the kitchen. Growing up, I was always in the kitchen with her. You name it, I make it: red beans and rice, lasagna, chicken, pork. I am the queen of cooking.
I can remember being at Sandringham, for the first time, at Christmas. And I was worried what to give the Queen as her Christmas present. I was thinking, ‘Gosh, what should I give her?’. I thought, ‘I’ll make her something.’ Which could have gone horribly wrong. But I decided to make my granny‘s recipe of chutney.
My favorite thing about the Ultimate Queen Celebration is that we’re not afraid to explore a non-traditional Queen set list.
‘Living Single’ was on in early 1990s – the show about Queen Latifah living with a bunch of friends. And then there’s ‘Friends,’ and that’s called the groundbreaking show about unmarried adults living in New York!
My family and our neighbors and friends thought of Africa and its Africans as extensions of the stereotyped characters that we saw in movies and on television in films such as ‘Tarzan‘ and in programs such as ‘Ramar of the Jungle‘ and ‘Sheena, Queen of the Jungle.’
I like to refer to myself as king sometimes, not as queen. That’s a conscious decision, because I feel like women are just equally as powerful.
I spent time in refugee camps in Southeast Asia, and in the projects of Chicago. I’ve been to State dinners with Presidents. I met the Queen of England on a beach in Anguilla. No one is any more valuable or important than you are. No one is more important than your family and your friends.
I can’t dance to save my life, really – proper, proper dad dancing – but I was once at a wrap party for a show, and at the end of the night, they still hadn’t played ‘Dancing Queen’. So we extended the wrap party for 40 minutes and played ‘Dancing Queen’ 11 times in a row.
Because I have moderated two general election debates – in 2004 and 2008 – I know better than to carp from the sidelines. I am confident in my accomplishment of having had Queen Latifah portray me on ‘Saturday Night Live‘ both years.
I’ve nothing against the Queen personally. I had lunch at the Palace once upon a time.
Queen Victoria was a woman of peerless common sense; her common sense, which is a rare gift at any time, amounted to genius. She had been brought up by her mother with the utmost simplicity, and she retained it to the end, and conducted her public and private life alike by that infallible guide.
E. F. Benson
I found my style in my aunt‘s attic. She hoarded all her ’60s clothes there, along with the tiaras she’d won as a beauty queen, and I’d steal her wedding dress to wear around town.
No band has two hours’ worth of greatest hits, but Queen comes close.
I mean, come on, Beyonce‘s the queen of pop music. She’s the queen. If you could run for queen… I would put her name in the suggestion box. She’s incredible.
I thought she was just the Queen and he was Prince Philip, and that was just who they were, without thinking about them as a mother or a father or daughter.
‘The Queen Is Dead’ is not merely the Smiths’ best album, but it is one of those timeless, perfect, inexhaustible artifacts that could only have been made by a gang of sullen, sun-deprived rock & roll boys fighting off adulthood tooth and nail.
I left a world in which I was a queen to enter one in which I’m a human being.
I knew of Queen, and I knew of Freddie, but I didn’t know who the rest of the band were. I became friends with Freddie first; then I got to know the others.
I’ve been working every year since I started acting, and I got many awards before I won the Oscar for ‘The Queen.’
I was very privileged to enjoy The Queen Mother’s company on many occasions. She was relaxed and informal – she would just sit down for a chat.
Eighty percent of my life is normal like any other mother. I worry about my children, if they’re doing all right. I worry that my husband is doing well. The 20 percent is just the queen aspect that factors in. But for me, it’s life as usual, and it’s just taking care of my family.
They love putting me in the ‘indie queen’ box. I had some high standards in my 20s that I don’t have anymore.
‘Beauty Queen’ will always be a favourite because I think it’s a really tight play, and when it’s done right, there is a sadness to it that I love.
I guess I’ve grown to admire Queen Elizabeth II more. I’ve always struggled with my feelings about the Royal Family. I am a supporter. I’m not someone who thinks we should get rid of them. But what I’ve struggled with is the lack of emotionality that the Queen seems to share.
The film itself should interact with the audience. In the case of ‘Queen of Katwe’, people are laughing, sobbing and dancing. I am taking them on a ride… It is not like I am asking them for handouts.
As the Supreme Governor of the Church of England, the Queen feels she cannot be seen to smile in church – and her natural reaction is to combat mirth by putting on a stern face.
A drag queen is one that usually goes to a ball and that’s the only time she gets dressed up. Transvestites live in drag. A transsexual spends most of her life in drag.
I remember when I was a kid and I used to go and see Queen play live. It was like there was Queen the album band, and then Queen the four dudes on stage playing the songs on stage, and it never lacked anything to me when it was just the four dudes playing the big songs.
Like every mother, it’s my children; that’s the first thing that makes me really proud. For my own part, it would be when I became a Queen’s Counsel in 1995. I was the 76th woman ever to become a Queen’s Counsel, so it was still a pretty rare thing.
Initially, I wanted to do films with A-list actors when I was struggling. I was hoping that I could also get that platform where I’m launched with Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan or Aamir Khan… and with them my career could also start, but it didn’t happen. And then came ‘Queen.’
Kangana Ran
In fact, I was voted Prom Queen by my classmates in my senior year. So I went from being a wrestler to the prom queen in a year.
I would rather be a beggar and single than a queen and married.
Mary Queen of Scots was my first love, and that is always something special.
Antonia Fraser
If a queen bee were crossed with a Friesian bull, would not the land flow with milk and honey?
Oliver St. John
I’m a bit like the Queen in that I don’t carry much cash.
Queen Victoria was loyal and true to the Pope; that is what I was told, and so is Edward the Seventh loyal and true, but he has got something contrary in his body.
You gotta understand: I believe a woman should praise the man, the king. If you holding it down for your woman, I feel like the woman should praise. And the man should praise the queen.
I met the Queen, the Pope, and we went all over Europe and Asia. I just wish I was older when I did all this. Then I could appreciate it more.
Prince Philip had formally ‘retired‘ in the summer of 2017, a couple of months after his 96th birthday, because the Queen encouraged him to do so. She wanted to stop him ‘pushing himself all the time’. She had become anxious about him.
I am definitely the queen. I definitely see myself as the queen.
Let’s be real, I’m basically a drag queen.
Ever since reading Jean Plaidy’s ‘Queen in Waiting,’ I’ve felt deep admiration for Caroline of Ansbach.
Being the Queen is not all about singing, and being a diva is not all about singing. It has much to do with your service to people. And your social contributions to your community and your civic contributions as well.
Back in high school, I didn’t ever see a Muslim homecoming king or queen – there was never even anyone nominated. It just seemed for a lot of those events, Muslim kids were not being included, and it was probably our fault too – no one was going for it, but no one was trying to push us to do it, you know?
Medieval kings left the job of kindness to their queens. If the queen begged for someone not to be beheaded, the king could show mercy without losing face.
Rosa Parks was the queen mother of a movement whose single act of heroism sparked the movement for freedom, justice and equality. Her greatest contribution is that she told us a regular person can make a difference.
Marc Morial
‘MaerskKendal’ is a rarity with its British flag, the ‘LONDON’ home port painted on its bow, its two British chief officers, and its portrait of the queen in the mess room, apparently common courtesy on British ships, but a little alarming to me.
People would come up to me, saying, ‘You sound a lot like the lead singer from Queen.’ I started wondering, ‘Who is this guy making me sound so unoriginal?’
It was Napoleon who said if you want to understand a man, look at the world as it was when he was 20. When the Queen and the Duke were in their early 20s, it’s around 1940. Their values are the values of Britain in 1940; all that is best of Britain in 1940 is exemplified by the Duke.
When Sir Michael Peat arrived from Buckingham Palace in 2002 to take up the job as Prince Charles’s private secretary, he came with a clear agenda. His instructions from the Queen were to sever Charles’s relationship with Camilla Parker Bowles because it was a mess and was detracting from his work.
I am a man who happens to play women’s parts. And I’m not a drag queen. I’d like to think that I’m several levels above that.
It’s a good thing I was born a girl, otherwise I’d be a drag queen.
I’m completely anti-establishment; the only thing I like about the Queen are her scarves and her jewels.
Anita Pallenberg
I went to Queen’s University Belfast and stayed nine months, then I ran away to be an actor.
The Middletons and the Windsors might seem at first glance to be worlds apart. Kate certainly shows no sign of adopting the horsey, doggy lifestyle beloved of her grandmother-in-law. But the Queen admires how well Kate has embraced royal life, combining it cheerfully with duty and motherhood.
The engagements I had with Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles were about reaching out and showing respect to the unionist people. I also recognised that when someone like her makes acts of reconciliation as she did do at the Garden of Remembrance in Dublin, she is 100% behind the peace process.
She ain’t my queen. My grandmother is my queen, and my auntie, my cousin, my daughters… the Queen’s never done anything for me.
I was a natural drama queen when I was younger. I was always doing impersonations and showing off.
Her friends say she is very funny. At a family dinner, she stood to go, and the footman very properly pulled her chair away. At that moment I asked her a question and she sat down again, except there was no chair. Everyone, including the Queen, laughed and laughed.
Prince Andrew
I’ve said it before: If Queen had died and reincarnated as one person, it would be Devin Townsend.
I wasn’t playing a drag queen – I was playing an extraordinary performer.
John Lone
Every woman is a queen, and we all have different things to offer.
Being part of the Queen story and knowing what Freddie Mercury went through before he died of AIDS has really shown me how far we’ve come in fighting this disease.
He was just always Uncle Hugo. He still is. I remember the first time I was watching ‘Priscilla: Queen Of The Desert,’ and I was like, ‘Oh that’s what he does!’
Some people said my acting was a cross between Euell Gibbons, Rodney Allen Rippy and Sheena, Queen of the Jungle.
I’m a carb queen. I’ll always order macaroni and cheese, but I don’t want it to be fancy. I want it to be as close to Kraft Services as it can possibly get!
I was doing these performance art pop music pieces in the city. And they were a bit on the eccentric side I suppose. So people started to call me Gaga after the Queen song ‘Radio Gaga.’
The photograph of the Queen sitting stiffly across the table from Glasgow resident Susan McCarron is so natural and expressive that it looks utterly fake. It looks like an artist‘s portrait, complete with symbolism, humour and poignancy. No wonder the palace and the press have interpreted it in such different ways.
I love the Queen. I love the whole fairy tale of the Royal Family; the Crown Jewels; Buckingham Palace; the tourist attraction. But really, is that what we’ve got a monarchy for? It’s just for tourism, and then you survive and live off taxpayersmoney?
Someone said to me a long time ago, ‘You’re a drag queen,’ and at the time I was a little like… hello? But then I realized over the years that I actually am.
Lesley Gore‘s part-time field was pop singer, and in her brief but urgent prime, she was the Queen of Teen Angst. She endured heartbreak as a birthday girl betrayed by her beau in ‘It’s My Party,’ savored revenge in the sequel ‘Judy‘s Turn to Cry’ and belted the proto-feminist anthem ‘You Don’t Own Me.’
I’m very interested in Queen Victoria’s younger years at Kensington Palace. She was born in the dining room because it had stairs down to hot water in the kitchen.
Everything about my brand is where I am from like the title of my album ‘Queen of Da Souf’… I always credit my city because that is my brand.
My friends and I make short films. We pretended to rob the Dairy Queen where our friend worked, but someone thought we were real thieves and called the cops! Soon, the cops burst in with guns drawn!
I looked up the Queen of Swords and I read the meaning. It was a tarot card. The description of the tarot card sounded to me like the description of a certain type of woman: She’s strong, she’s proud, she’s intelligent and all these different things. I was like, that’s how I want to be.
When Lady Diana Spencer first visited Balmoral, aged 19, she charmed all the Royals and the Queen especially.
You know, not even your British Queen is called just Elizabeth – she’s Elizabeth the Second. There’s only one Imelda.
Telugu cinema can really spoil you. They treat you like a queen. As soon as you get down from your van, they will all stand up, and they won’t sit till you have passed by. I love that attention and miss that.
Lot’s of marriages don’t last as long as Queen have been together.
I’ll do manicures, but I won’t wear nail polish because I don’t have time to change it, and I chip my nail polish so quickly. I cannot last three days! I think it’s the typing and the use – or overuse – of tech. I’m the chip queen!
I stay in France. Better to be the queen of a village than a servant in a kingdom.
What was Freddie like then? Alongside the showman, he was a rather shy introvert. But if the attention was focused on him, he was a natural star, as we all saw after we put Queen together. Week by week, we saw him grow into this character, Freddie Mercury.
My first time in drag was at Pride. I’m a Pride queen. It was a disaster. The short answer is that you can do it, but you’re going to create a drag faux-pas. Do not, I repeat, do not wear high heels to Pride. Don’t do it. It’s not worth it. Just don’t do it to yourself, honey.
It’s funny that for women in horror, we have to use the term scream queen, because there is no term for a villain in horror who is female and powerful.
Gong Li is like the queen of movies.
My favorite type of music to sing to would be rock and roll, Tenacious D, Led Zeppelin, some Queen – I love all of them. I love singing to them because they’re all just great voices. I love listening to very obscure jazz.
Casey Abrams
I don’t like music that much… I put on the TV. But I often play things like fast-tempo disco or Queen. I’ve liked those since way back when.
I spent my first 10 years in the Commonwealth. I come from cricket, crumpets, cucumber sandwiches, the Queen.
These are truly special days we live in – where a clown in a gown can make her very own drag queen revenge-comedy.
Some day, I’d like to be known as the queen of containerboards.
Zhang Yin
I play music from Queen, to Elton John, to classic.
The Queen is frequently on her own, walking the dogs, riding her horses, playing patience, completing a jigsaw, sorting her photograph albums, watching television, phoning friends, doing the Telegraph crossword. Is she neglected? Is she suffering? Or does she simply understand her man?
I love the Queen. I’ve had a crush on her since I was eight.
Queen’s is one of my favourite tournaments of the year.
When I say I need a queen, I need a woman of principle and poise.
I worked in television; I’m the Failed Pilot Queen, I’ve done so many television shows, pilots, theater … when you do it for so long, I’m telling you, you get to the point where it becomes varied because you take what’s available for a number of reasons. It’s just an occupational hazard.
If ‘Queen Of Denmark’ was about my childhood, then ‘Pale Green Ghosts‘ is definitely about my adolescence, and that period was completely dominated by electronic music.
I’ve been the queen of dysfunction and made every mistake one can make.
Like, no, I can really be queen of the universe. I can be president. I can be, I don’t know, an alien from Venus. Like you could just seriously… and that’s the fun of acting.
I remember, my mom, she’s lived in Spain for about thirty years, and we were playing the Royal Albert Hall, and she was with some friends from New York. Morrissey came out with the sign ‘The Queen is Dead,’ and my mom’s friends are like, ‘Oh my God.’ They took it literally.
Andy Rourke
I think the Queen enjoyed my book on her father, George VI.
Sarah Bradford
I didn’t get along with Lindsay Lohan on ‘Confessions Of A Teenage Drama Queen’, but you have to consider that we were 16-year-old girls. I haven‘t seen Lindsay since then, but I imagine she’s grown and become a different person. I know I have.
Megan Fox
After Halle Berry does her films and Queen Latifah does her films, it’s left to all the black, Latino and Asian actresses to fight over a couple of roles. I opted for some TV. There’s just not a ton of work in film.
I have a lot of female fans, and I feel like in this day and age, as a drag queen who is a female impersonator, I need to show my love and respect to all those female fans out there, especially my young ones who are learning about how to love themselves and love who they are in every way.
I’ll do manicures, but I won’t wear nail polish because I don’t have time to change it, and I chip my nail polish so quickly. I cannot last three days! I think it’s the typing and the use – or overuse – of tech. I’m the chip queen!
I’ve never had to pretend to be having sex with somebody. I’m like the queen of the foreplay dissolve.
Basically, we had the idea of doing this production of ‘Steel Magnolias,’ and we spoke to Queen Latifah about it, and she got excited.
As a kid, picturing people who grew up in the reign of Queen Elizabeth I walking around in hose and latched shoes in the woods behind my house was an interesting atmospheric thing for me.
My favorite thing from Dairy Queen is a Peanut Buster Parfait, which is: fudge at the bottom, vanilla ice cream, some peanuts, fudge, peanuts, ice cream, fudge, and it’s layered. But I also really like peanut butter cups, so I’ll put peanut butter cups in there.
When I take good care of myself, it lifts my spirits, boosts my confidence, and makes me feel strong. When someone tries to throw me shade, it bounces right off. I look those haters straight in the eye, keep my chin up and shoulders back. Because I know I’m a fierce queen – and they know it, too.
I am a queen, and I demand to be treated like a queen.
I wanted to be a drag queen so badly. I’ll bet I still own more wigs than any drag queen – I love me a wig.
Even though my label is that of a beauty queen, I’m not going to limit myself to that, just because that’s my title.
David Haye is a drama queen and I don’t know why more attention is being given to a drama queen but the show must go on.
From the beginning of Queen there was such momentum that I never had any time to do anything else. My energy was 95% focused on the band.
In the first years of the Queen’s reign, the level of adulation – you wouldn’t believe it. You really wouldn’t.
Prince Philip
The Queen made a great fuss of her future daughter-in-law, trying to demonstrate that she was interested in Diana for her personal qualities and not just for what she represented, as the wife of the heir to the throne.
I feel people think I’m almost like a robot – like an android… I just don’t really get portrayed as someone who has feelings or who is sympathetic… like a self-absorbed ice queen.
Megan Fox
My mum has an MBE and the Queen actually came to my mum and dad‘s hotel for lunch with the Prince back in the 1980s.
The common bees will never use their sting upon the queen; if she is to be disposed of, they starve her to death, and the queen herself will sting nothing but royalty, nothing but a rival queen.
Instead of trying to be the queen of cool, it feels like more of an achievement to work with mainstream brands and reach as many people as possible. It’s more unexpected for someone like me.
I grew up with social media. I am the boomerang queen. I enjoy this. I live this. The day I don’t is the day I need to resign.
I was Sweater Queen at Bowling Green State University. Oh, that’s a laugh, isn’t it?
I love gritty dramas, ‘Queen Sugar,’ ‘True Detective‘ – stuff like that, but I also love quippy comedies – those multi-cam comedies with incredibly talented and funny casts with perfect comedic timing.
I do not so much rejoice that God hath made me to be a Queen, as to be a Queen over so thankful a people.
‘La Lupe’ is my passion project. I’ve done it as a one-woman show, but I’m raising money to turn it into a film. It’s a story of a Cuban singer who became the Queen of Latin Soul, the first woman on the N.Y. salsa scene.
Lauren Velez
Keith treated me like queen. In the three years we were married, he never said one ugly word to me, never raised his voice. We had disagreements and arguments but he was so gentle and caring. As much as I had to take care of him, he took care of me in other ways.
On ‘Dawson’s Creek,’ those kids were supposed to be outsider kids – you know, wrong-side-of-the-track kids, weirdo kids. And I just felt like there’s no universe out there where Katie Holmes isn’t the prom queen, hottest girl in school.
I used to go to Dairy Queen all the time. It always brings back a little bit of memories. As kids, we always used to go get ice cream.
My mom choreographed the top Olympians; she’s really the queen of ice in her world, so I kind of get my directorial bug from her because she’s really good at telling people what to do!
Side note, I was Prom Prince. My friend and I campaigned to be Prom King and Queen, and we got the rest of the non-popular people in the school to vote for us. We didn’t win, but we got Prince and Princess.
Tom Lenk
Think like a queen. A queen is not afraid to fail. Failure is another steppingstone to greatness.
My dad is known as the king of tyres in the tyre industry and he is a completely self-made man. And if I were to join the business, I would be called the queen of tyres the next day.
A lot of men do have a fear of my ultra-femininity. Sometimes people say I look like a drag queen, that I look scary, but I think that’s a fear of my confidence. Most women in contemporary culture pare down their femininity, so there’s a slight androgyny about them, and I think men have got used to seeing that.
There’s a difference between being a drag queen on TV where the masses can tune in and watch, and then at a nightclub where you have to be a certain age to get in. There’s a different decorum. We’re all trying to push boundaries, but also trying to stay in our lane.
I think Johnny Depp could play just about any role – I’d love to see what he would do with the Red Queen!
Jennifer Todd
I’d like to be Queen Elizabeth.
Macy Gray
Tina Fey, a performer and head writer for ‘Saturday Night Live,’ has deftly adapted Rosalind Wiseman’s nonfiction dissection of teenage girl societal interaction, ‘Queen Bees and Wannabes: Helping Your Daughter Survive Cliques, Gossip, Boyfriends and Other Realities of Adolescence.’
During the summer of 2000, in the run-up to Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother’s 100th birthday, I asked the Duke of Edinburgh if he was hoping to reach 100. ‘Good God, no,’ he spluttered, ‘I can’t imagine anything worse. What a ghastly idea.’
Queen were the first western band I got hooked on. I got a bootleg – there was hardly any legal buying of CDs in Georgia.
It’s not unusual to have only three weeks to score a picture. And that’s three weeks from signing on to finishing the last recording session. That’s how I did ‘The Queen’ and, more recently, it’s how I did ‘The Imitation Game.’
I quite like the Queen. Now, this must come as a fairly amazing statement for someone who is avowedly left wing, pro-independence and anti-monarchy, but there you go.
I’m a performing queen.
There are projects I’ve done, such as ‘Queen,’ where I played Halle Berry and Danny Glover’s son, where I’m so extremely proud of the work that I did that I will sit down and watch that any time.
Especially as a title-holder, you can do great things with charities, because people suddenly care about what you have to say. I wanted to make a difference, which is why I created the Queen of the Universe pageant. I want to change all of those stigmas in the beauty pageant world.
When I started ‘Rent,’ I already had an idea of how I was going to portray Angel, simply because of who I was at that moment. Everyone always perceived her as a drag queen, but the reality of the matter is that I truly believe she was a trans woman.
I love photo sessions. I’m alone, I’m the queen, everyone’s taking care of me.
Eva Herzigova
In traditional ‘Swan Lakes,’ it’s Prince Siegfried’s 21st-birthday celebration, his coming-of-age. The entire court, from his mother the Queen on down, is on hand.
I guess I was one of the popular kids. I played soccer, I was class president – I even dated the homecoming queen.
I’m not the Queen. I’m not a huge superstar; I don’t get paparazzi around me.
I’ve been performing my whole life. My mom signed me up for a theater program when I was five – I was the evil queen in ‘Once Upon a Mattress.’
I wasn’t the high-school play queen or anything. And my parents would let not me act until I graduated from college.
I never thought I’d say the sentence ‘It was a real honour‘ – because that implies that you’ve done something pretty special. But now I’ve done that several times. Yesterday I was in Buckingham Palace – I actually met the Queen yesterday and that was an honour. I never thought I’d do something like that.
The Queen Mary was the most civilized and luxurious way one could travel to America in the late 1930s.
Prince Philip protected the Queen and made her laugh.
It’s a petty thing, but I wouldn’t join the Scouts when I was a kid, ’cause you had to swear allegiance to the queen. I’m just not a royalist. I think it’s idiotic, a hereditary principle.
Sometimes a busted queen is more entertaining than a polished queen.
It’s occurred to me I need to laugh at myself more, and that I don’t need to be some sad folk singer all the time. I don’t want to be the queen of pain.
My private life has never been a secret. I’ve never been a closet queen.
The first ‘Polly and the Pirates’ is about a prim and proper girl who gets kidnapped out of her comfy boarding school by a bunch of pirates that think she’s the daughter of their long lost queen. In the course of the adventure, she discovers she has a natural penchant for swashbuckling, despite her sheltered childhood.
When I came up with the Alexa Bliss character, I wanted to be the girl that everyone knew. There was always that girl in high school who was mean to everybody. She was mean and rude, but everyone still voted for her to be homecoming queen. That girl. And I wanted to portray that girl.
I frequently dream of having tea with the Queen.
I have an understanding of Queen and the way Freddie Mercury did his harmonies. I know what tablas sound like, because my father played a lot of Ustad Ali Akbar Khan.
Who’s the real queen? Hell yeah, hell yeah. Bow down, I’m the real queen!
The queen and I always got on well, still do; I uphold everything Her Majesty represents, has given up her life for. It’s her duty. For her country, she’s selfless to the grave.
Sarah Ferguson
People want to see me as a posh square, so I’ll play an East End drag queen or a young man with a cleft palate.
Say what you will about Queen Eleanor, she was a savvy, quick-witted woman who made her mark on history. And as the founder of the Courts of Love, what better patron monarch could there be for a romantic novelist?
I feel like every woman is a queen, and we should be treated as such, and we should, you know, sort of request that sort of treatment from others.
I guess my favourite Disney film was ‘Snow White,’ which has a really dark moment when the evil queen turns into a witch and makes the poison apple. It was terrifying in the same way ‘Maleficent’ is.
‘Queen Sugar’ is a drama about family. It’s something that allows us to be ourselves and see the ways that we interact with our own families.
I think of myself as the queen of lounging. No lounge queen is complete without lounge clothes and house wigs.
I like all the families in the U.K. But what I like about the idea of the royal family is… they seem like they’re well educated and there’s something admirable about them. And the Queen… she reminds me of my grandma.
I am excited to work with Vikas. Whenever I tell people that I am doing a film with director of ‘Queen,’ they are like, ‘Wow, good for you.’ That makes me feel really good, and I feel fortunate to be the chosen one.
People say how come I’m from Scotland yet I sound like the Queen?! I went to boarding school in Somerset, which has probably got something to do with it.
Just in my experience as a drag queen, I’ve been able to connect with queer people around the world – and to see them connecting with each other over a shared love of drag!
There’s gonna be a lot of great songs, but there ain’t going to be another ‘Trap Queen.’
Fetty Wap
I am definitely the queen. I definitely see myself as the queen.
The Royal Family are not like you and me. They live in houses so big that you can walk round all day and never need to meet your spouse. The Queen and Prince Philip have never shared a bedroom in their lives. They don’t even have breakfast together.
I love the royal family. I even got up in the middle of the night to watch Kate and William‘s wedding. And I never miss the Queen’s speech on Christmas Day. I feel it’s my duty as an English-born woman to watch.
I don’t believe in strict diets or starving yourself; eat three meals a day. I believe in eating a good breakfast, a good lunch and a light dinner. Eat breakfast like a king, eat lunch like a queen, and eat dinner like a pauper. Your ultimate goal is to eat all the basic food groups in those three different meals.
I was invited to see Queen at Wembley – I think it was the last tour they did, and then afterwards, they had a huge party, which I was invited to – it was all thanks to EastEnders.
When you’re on stage singing, you’re naked. Your voice is something very intimate, and that’s why I’m scared every time before I perform. It doesn’t matter if I’m singing for a king or a queen or the Pope, it’s enough to be in front of anybody. I suffer, but I can’t do anything about it.
Queen Paola and I will never forget the ties that have grown between the people and us during the course of the years. Thank you for your confidence, tokens of sympathy and support, sometimes even with a little criticism. We always loved you.
Albert II of Belgium
After coming toward the completion of Queen Sugar,’ I had the opportunity to speak with the executives and head writers at Days of our Lives.’
I have decided now that my mother should be the GPS woman, don’t you think? That would be fantastic: ‘Make a left in 11 miles. Get over now – I want you to be prepared. Turn right on Elm Street, I want to see if Myrna Rosenblatt is still alive. Make your second left by the Dairy Queen. Don’t go in, they’re anti-Semitic.’
When I say I need a queen, I need a woman of principle and poise.
I don’t know if it’s shocking, but I’m the world’s biggest klutz. I have been dancing since I was 3, and I have modeled, and I have good balance, but you wouldn’t know it. Hanging out with me, I do everything from spill food on myself to trip up stairs. I’m the queen of that, most definitely.
Tiffany Dupont
I’m a big gadget queen.
I never said, I am just a beauty queen or just an actress.
I went into ‘RuPaul‘s Drag Race’ saying, ‘I’ll never cry.’ Because they make fun of every queen that cries on the show. And I did cry, and I did scream, and I did have doubt, and I did have great, victorious moments.
As a director, my job is to spend money, and the producer’s is to save money. Masoom, Bandit Queen and the first Queen Elizabeth have been my most uncompromised films.
For blue eyes, use warm browns, peaches, and yellows to compliment the eyes. Brown and hazel eyes sparkle in blue and purple shades, which flatters the orange undertone of brown eyes. Green eyes stand out in burgundy and plum shades like CoverGirl Queen Collection Vivid Impact Eyeliner in Cabernet.
I really love the movies of Katherine Hepburn, movies like ‘The African Queen.’ I love ‘Midnight Run’ and I suppose, to pick something out of a different genre, I love ‘Aliens.’
I didn’t do anything at the Queen, whom I admire.
I spent 20 years of my life building up Queen, and now I’m spending years of my life trying to get away from it.
The British are very stubborn. The Queen, the Commonwealth, and the special relationship with the U.S. is much more important than Europe.
My wife and I make the bed every morning, but it’s a queen size bed today, as opposed to a rack, you know, a small single bed, which I had in basic SEAL training.
I regularly dream about the Queen. Apparently, millions of people do. I wonder who she dreams about?
I think as a writer you never have to flee from fame because you’re not that visible in the first place, but, after the Broadway success of ‘Beauty Queen,’ people were coming up to me all the time, and I wasn’t really prepared for that level of attention.
I am fascinated by the Royal Family because they are shrouded in mystique, and the Queen, and to a certain extent William, represent fabulous blank canvases. I find the Prince of Wales less fascinating because he spills the beans and we know too much about him.
Although a madman, Norton wrote letters to Abraham Lincoln and Queen Victoria which they took seriously.
Kerry Thornley
I am not a beauty queen, and I was not the popular girl in high school.
To the fashion world, a man in a dress will always be camp. But in the drag world, you have specific genres. So for me, for instance, I’m most categorized as a ‘look queen.’
I am a queen, and I demand to be treated like a queen.
There’s only one Elizabeth like me and that’s the Queen.
Elizabeth Arden
Shaking hands with the Queen of England was a long way from being forced to sit in the colored section of the bus going into downtown Wilmington, North Carolina.
Althea Gibson
But, of course, she didn’t mean that she was going to retire from public life and only when the Queen removed her HRH some years later did she actually drop a hundred charities and just kept five.
I got a lot of influence from my father, honestly. He’d take me in his car. I’d hear Carlos Santana. I’d hear Queen. I’d hear all these Turkish people, like, bands that he grew up listening to. He was in a band as well.
Oprah is the queen!
I sound like a chain-smoking drag queen after a hard night of singing ‘Tie a Yellow Ribbon‘.
We had thousands of people outside Queen’s Park Oval in Trinidad. We would wait to get inside to watch a Test at six o’clock in the morning.
The Queen is distant towards strangers. But with friends and family she can be very funny.
Raven was the first drag queen I had ever seen. Her and Detox in L.A. when I was baby. I respect Raven and Detox so much.
At the moment the Queen stuff does sell really well, but there’s no guarantee it’ll go on forever.
Cardinal Raymond Burke is a 66-year-old guy who lives in Rome, dresses like Queen Elizabeth, and talks like someone who majored in misogyny at some bogus, backwoods, Bible-banging tent school.
Queen had incredible songwriters.
Queen Elizabeth is reserved when she meets strangers – but with friends and family she can be very witty.
We are just continually surprised and obviously happy that the interest in Queen and Freddie keeps alive. It’s a constant source of pleasure for ourselves.
The whole European Federal plan is ridiculous. We are patriotic. The single currency is an outrage. We want the Queen’s head – or the King’s head, if we have a king – on our own coins.
The Bishop and Knight, in contradistinction to the Queen and Rook, are called Minor Pieces.
The most famous person in my phone is Lindsay Lohan. We starred in ‘Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen’ together in 2004 and we’ve stayed in touch.
Adam Garcia
Some people say, ‘Oh you’re a weird queen. You’re a punk queen.’ All queens are weird! I don’t care if you’re in a sickening gown or dressed as an octopus. You are treating every day as if it were Halloween. You are donning a character and a persona that isn’t real.
She ain’t my queen. My grandmother is my queen, and my auntie, my cousin, my daughters… the Queen’s never done anything for me.
Freddie was very much able to ride the neutral wave. We all respected his views because he was such a great songwriter. It was his idea that we share all the credits. It was decided all the songs would be attributed equally to Queen. That immediately got rid of the arguments. That was a fantastic, democratic notion.
It’s no stretch to picture me standing next to Al Pacino or Robert De Niro. Those are ethnic New York men. I’m an ethnic New York girl. Everybody has their limitations. I mean, I should never be cast as Queen Elizabeth.
Madonna is my absolute queen – as a performer, there’s no one better than her.
I think that the benefit of playing someone like Queen Elizabeth is that so much has been written about her, and there’s so much speculation about her – was she a hermaphrodite? She’s so mythologised, and there are a lot of images of her.
I like to listen to the Police, Sting, Queen, Pet Shop Boys.
Well… I don’t think everyone can actually be a drag queen, but I think everyone should investigate drag.
My team or I didn’t enjoy any administrative authority in the creative role play for the Telugu version of ‘Queen.’
I wrote a lot of ‘Red Queen’ wrapped in a blanket, cramped up while watching the snow come down.
I’m a drag queen who is thoughtful and serious about drag in addition to being funny, ambitious, and glamourous.
I’m not a party animal; I took my job as Miss USA very seriously… Sometimes, of course, I want to let it all go. Even though I’m a beauty queen, you’re also an unofficial ambassador, and there’s a lot of pressure.
Rima Fakih
‘Queen’ is an interesting film, and I have always been motivated by roles that help alleviate women empowerment in some form.
In my film ‘Queen’, there was a funny moment with the bra. My director called and said they are blurring the bra. They said it is vulgar. Our director was furious about it. We are artistes… We see props as they are. A woman’s bra is not a danger to the society.
Kangana Ran