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Most architects say: I want to use this type of glass,

Most architects say: I want to use this type of glass, even if it’s too reflective or doesn’t let enough light in. However, the use of a certain type of glass might change the comfort level.
When we look at policy, it’s important we make sure that it’s up to date and reflective of the way the world works today – and where the world is heading in the future.
I was lucky in the sense that I was never blessed with an overly reflective nature.
I’m quite reflective – I listen to music, I read, I walk with Django.
I had deeper, more reflective songs on the first album.
Bubba Sparxxx
But Germany is a reflective power: even as it adapts, a belief in the importance of restraint, deliberation, and peaceful negotiation will continue to guide its interactions with the rest of the world.
A strangely reflective, even melancholy day. Is that because, unlike our cousins in the northern hemisphere, Easter is not associated with the energy and vitality of spring but with the more subdued spirit of autumn?
I think it’s important to approach a house in a way that’s reflective of the original environment. Maybe I’m a sentimentalist, but I think that certain geographies call out for certain architecture. I like residences that reflect their place.
But I know that the vote of 9 out of 10 black Americans for the Democratic Party or for leftist kinds of policies just is not reflective of their opinions.
What’s important to me is that my songs can exist without any material anything. It’s very reflective of my ideology.
Pop culture is a huge strategy for WWE: our storylines are reflective of what’s happening in the world and what’s popular.
There were so few examples of Asian or Asian-American lead characters on American TV or even in the movies. And the ones that have existed for so long were either stereotypical or offensive in some way, or just not reflective of the lives of people in the community.
I think a solo moves forward the way a song does, because it’s reflective of the chords that I’m considering as I’m soloing, and at the same time I’m going as much out on a limb as Frank Zappa used to, in terms of just going crazy on the instrument.
The immediacy of the technology of the web allows us, as songwriters, to write something very sharp and quick. That has a lot to do with helping a songwriter be more reflective of reality, instead of being in an area where you have to process things. It’s the difference between processing fish and catching it in a boat.
I’m disappointed that I really haven‘t been able to race in a way that is reflective of the amount of work that I have done and how I have trained. But I don’t regret giving this a go.
It’s also reflective of a young person‘s religion or faith in that it’s highly charged with sacramental imagery and with country imagery, because I was in the seminary for so many years in the country.
Daniel Berrigan
You should be reflective of the world you live in.
I’m a neat freak… It seems to me that an orderly desk is reflective of an orderly and organized mind, you know?
Jann Wenner
I love winter. It’s a beautiful time, but also a melancholic time, a reflective time, and I’d come to a point in my life where I felt I had to make certain decisions about my career.
When you come in to court as a plaintiff or as a defendant, it is terribly important that you look up at the bench and feel that that person represents you and will understand you, that that person is reflective of our community and of our society.
The U.N. must be made more inclusive, accountable, democratic, effective, and reflective of a world in which political and economic power has shifted.
There are many theories about the best way to remove excess carbon from the atmosphere – some are ludicrous, others are at least worth study. The most commonly discussed plan is to lace the sky with reflective chemicals.
I am to a fault an introspective person. But I am not a reflective person – except for a big mistake, and then I really think about it.
The heart is the best reflective thinker.
Both Brutus and Hamlet are highly intellectual by nature and reflective by habit. Both may even be called, in a popular sense, philosophic; Brutus may be called so in a stricter sense.
Seeing games become more of a young person thing, I feel like a toy I grew up with has been left behind. I don’t want to. I want this thing to be respected by adults. I want this thing to be growing with me. It’s important to have games that could be more nuanced and reflective of the real world and relevant to adults.
Those reflective moments for me usually come from loneliness and separation from people.
There is something about growing up in the Midwest that gives a different kind of sensibility. But if I’m feeling insecure, the smiles and politeness get upped a notch, and maybe that isn’t totally reflective of how I’m feeling on the inside.
My mother was a piano teacher, my father an inventor. He invented the reflective paint they still use on airstrips. They had faith in my ambition, and I think that made all the difference.
To me, the blues is an infection. I don’t think it’s necessarily a melancholy thing; the blues can be really positive and I think I think anyone and everyone can have a place for the blues. It need not always a woeful, sorrowful thing. It’s more reflective; it reminds you to feel.
To some degree, I don’t think ‘Batman‘ works in a completely modern city; I think Gotham has be reflective of his personality and those of his enemies.
To suggest that all members of the Republican conference represent their district in a manner that’s reflective of the makeup of their district would not be accurate.
I go back to the rock n’ roll black leather jacket, red lips, smoky eyes. I like my high heels, maybe some leather pants or ripped jeans, things that have never really gone out of style. Again, it’s very reflective of who I am as a bandmate in our band.
My theory is that if I can stay present in the moment in my life as frequent as possible the artwork will be more reflective of my nature and my experiences.
Ruston Kelly
This idea of bringing awareness to our lives seems like a good idea, right? We’ll gain a productive, enjoyable, reflective life and be able to extend compassion, empathy, and joy to others. That seems like a pretty good deal.
I’m not suggesting that we promote a homosexual lifestyle and we impose it on people, but I am suggesting that it is important to be reflective of our culture and to not kibosh people from the mainstream.
The attention span of children may be one of the main reasons why an immersion in on-screen reading is so engaging, and it may also be why digital reading may ultimately prove antithetical to the long-in-development, reflective nature of the expert reading brain as we know it.
I don’t think of myself as being troubled as a human being, but I guess I’m quite extreme, quite big and quite loud, and maybe people pick up on that when they cast me. I’m certainly not the quiet reflective type.
Ben Daniels
The highest levels of performance come to people who are centered, intuitive, creative, and reflective – people who know to see a problem as an opportunity.
I’ve used mirrors in a lot of movies. I think the mirror is an extraordinary thing, also the reflective, a reflection in water, etc.
I’m influenced a lot by Nina Simone, Stevie Wonder, even Paul Weller – Billie Holiday as well: People who wrote and sang songs that were reflective of their times. I quite like that. I quite admire that.
Jughead, to me, was reflective of a teen experience that made a lot of sense to me.
Whenever you’re writing something that’s reflective, you have to put yourself through some sort of ordeal just to understand the way you’re feeling.
You cannot possibly be reaching the needs of your consumers when the makeup of your company is not reflective of the community you serve.
I think ethics is always there; it’s not always a very thoughtful or reflective ethics.
My parents had this relationship that was really terrifying. I mean, the level of hatred that they had, and the level of physical abuse – my mother would beat up my father, basically – and I think I was drawn to images on television that were bright and reflective.
A verbal art like poetry is reflective; it stops to think. Music is immediate, it goes on to become.
Reflective of the deep sense of gratitude and respect Mongolians reserved for wolves, there was a belief that only through wolves could the spirit of a deceased human be set free to go to Heaven.
The first beat that I ever made that I thought was actually worth a damn was called ‘Toilet Paper Nostrils,’ and I made it when I had a cold. I had the worst cold ever. And I had toilet-paper nostrils making music, but it was really reflective of how I felt. It was a really sad trumpet sound.
Reflective abstraction, however, is based not on individual actions but on coordinated actions.