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I don't meet many people who are talking about shows on

I don’t meet many people who are talking about shows on Showtime.
I’m the bad guy on the rest of Jennifer Love Hewitt’s ‘The Client List,’ I’m the bad guy in Renny Harlin’s ‘Hercules 3D,’ and I’m a movie starfinally – on Showtime’s new seriesRay Donovan.’ But most importantly, I’m about to be a daddy, so I’m expecting some ‘Dark Circles‘ for real.
I worked on this Showtime series called ‘Beggars and Choosers,’ this was like 2000, and Bea Arthur guest-starred on our show. I always loved ‘The Golden Girls,’ and thought she was a supreme comedy actress, supreme actress period.
Sherri Saum
As a kid who grew up in Inglewood, California during the Showtime era, I’m so happy to help bring the story of Earvin ‘MagicJohnson to the screen. This project is a convergence of so many things that excite and interest me as a filmmaker.
The great thing about Showtime is that they really give us leeway and the range to explore the real dark side of stuff.
The first time probably people really were aware of me, I unfortunately had the title of Showtime’s Funniest Person in America. And that’s a really tough title to travel around with when you’re not even known.
I really was interested in doing something for a premium channel like Showtime or HBO, just because you get to really let loose. I think they let their storylines go wherever they want, and it’s really a special place to work.
Ben Schwartz
My wife and I have our date nights. We love the Showtime shows like ‘Shameless,’ ‘Homeland‘ and ‘House of Lies.’ And of course, ‘Scandal‘ is high on the list; you’ve got to do ‘Scandal.’
Glynn Turman
I did ‘Showtime at the Apollo‘ when I was 10, and it was the first time that I’d ever performed on TV, and it felt great.
As far as the future for the Showtime episodes that have already aired, we are sold into syndication so we’ll be appearing primarily on the Fox syndicated networks and then eventually the SCI FI Channel. So, we’ll be around for a while.
Showtime has given new, young filmmakersblack, white, across the board – an opportunity to make films, as well as actors who want to cross over into directing.
There’s three networks you want to be on: It’s either AMC, HBO, or Showtime.
Frankly, with HBO and Showtime and cable shows, the DVD box sets and all, you can have a product that doesn’t make you feel like as soon as it’s projected, it’s thrown away. It’s really a piece of art.
Fighting on HBO and Showtime, people had to pay money to watch them and a lot of people who love boxing, they didn’t have those channels.
There’s something that goes on in a new-business meeting that’s wonderful to watch. It’s like showtime. There are people who are nervous, and there are people who are jittery, and there’s so much drama and so much at stake.
Television is really fertile ground, and it’s because of platforms like Netflix and Hulu and, of course, the cable channels like HBO and Showtime.
If it’s Saturday night, and you’re sitting on your couch watching ‘Showtime at the Apollo,’ then you’re not a man‘s man.
No matter what job I’ve undertaken, whether it was Glory Kickboxing or Strikeforce or Pride Fighting Championships or Showtime Championship Boxing, you have to play by the rules of the company you work for.
Football has never left me. I still wake up in the morning and think of the operating room like a game, like it’s showtime, let’s perform.
My mother saw the magazine, and she was like, ‘You made it.’ I’ve been on Showtime and Comedy Central, but none of that matters – all that matter is that she sees me in ‘People!’
I’ve always been a big fan of entertainment. Having cable gave me access to HBO, Showtime, and The Movie Channel. Constantly taking in all these films from different eras and different styles has really given me a good vocabulary in how to talk about movies.
I’d like to do a little bit more adventurous TV. Maybe Showtime or HBO or just a little bit edgier. But I would go back to NBC, CBS, whatever.
At TNA, I like to promote the time that the doors open. And they open up an hour before showtime, and you have autographs and pictures from the time you come in the door.
But as a result of that, there was, once the show ended, there was this talk for sort of four, five months about what was going to happen, and if we were going to move to Showtime, and if we were going to be bought by ABC or whatever.
People often ask how my hair has that supreme fullness even at midnight. Here’s a trick that one of our Fox News stylists taught me: Backcomb your hair just at the crown for height, and then put a large velcro roller there and wear it for as long as you can. I keep rollers in until showtime.
My husband and I went to Bald Head Island for our four-year anniversary. We spent the night in bed with champagne, tequila and Krispy Kreme doughnuts and watched a boxing match on Showtime.
Teri Polo
We have this pre-show thing where we all get into a huddle and yell, ‘Pop, pop, it’s showtime,’ and I have to give credit to Bruno Mars for that one. I started doing it after I became obsessed with ’24K Magic.’ I want to ask Bruno if he’ll ever come to my huddle with me!
I do not buy CDs any more; I usually stream Internet radio. For movies, I hardly every buy any DVDS. I have a DVR, so just record things off HBO, Showtime and so on.
I hate Showtime, I can’t stand those guys.
I’ve seen shows on Showtime, and they’re very provocative, if you will, but nothing to the point that’s over-the-top or gratuitous.
Megalyn Echikunwoke