Singled Quotes

Here, we’ve compiled a list of the best Singled Quotes from famous persons: Carson Palmer, Carlisle Floyd, Martha Reeves, Kevin Bacon, Rene Ricard. The wide variety of quotes available makes it possible to find a quote to suit your needs. You’ve likely heard some of the Singled Quotes before, but that’s because they truly are great.

Anyone who creates something new or does something different artistically is going to be singled out.
Lead singers not only do the majority of the work, but their personalities are singled out and taken as the general attitude of the unit.
Martha Reeves
As I was coming up on the stage, there was one source that could make or break you, the New York Times. Inevitably there would be one actor singled out for a better review, or worse, than somebody else. The effect of that was cancerous, divisive.
I asked someone once why he liked Jean-Michel’s work and why it was being singled out for acclaim, and he said, ‘Because it looks like art.’ But then again, art doesn’t always look like art at first. The way the space shuttle that lifts off doesn’t much resemble the space shuttle as it lands.
Rene Ricard
I was singled out by other girls for participating in classroom discussions and physically bullied.
There have been a lot of great players through the years who have played at UCLA. I hate to be singled out while other guys are being left out of that kind of group.
The sixth man, the position, I don’t have a problem with, but the award – it’s not that it’s not important, but being singled out, it’s like affirmative action or something like that to me. So, it’s like, whatever.
I was so gangly, even sneakers looked awkward. Everybody kind of goes through some phase, and it’s hard if you’re singled out for anything. But there was this one boy in particular who made fun of me, and – it’s funny – then later, when we were 18 or 19, he wanted to go out with me.
You may feel singled out when adversity enters your life. You shake your head and wonder, ‘Why me?’
For most Americans, poetry plays no role in their everyday lives. But also for most Americans, contemporary painting or jazz or sculpture play no role either. I’m not saying poetry is singled out as a special thing to ignore.
People who are pierced should not be snickered at, should not become the object of ridicule, should not be singled out for special and uneven and unequal treatment. They should be respected just like everybody else.
Having been a ‘Page 3′ model I know what is it like to be singled out as one thing, to be dismissed as unintelligent and only possessing one quality.
There’s tremendous shame with being bullied. I think there’s a level at which you think that there’s a reason that you’re being singled out, that you’re being chosen.
We listened to Donald Trump speak at the debate aboutStop and Frisk.’ I don’t think it’s a good way to go through life. I don’t think that’s going to solve any of our problems. It’s actually going to make racial tension a whole lot worse, and it’s going to make us feel like we’re singled out.
I’m often being singled out because of who my significant other is. That’s nice when his approval rating is 70 percent, not so nice when it’s not.
If we all say the same thing, then I think the government has to listen. But because no one is saying it, I become singled out, even though what I’m saying is common sense. It’s very essential values that we all have to protect. But in Chinese society, people are giving up on protecting these values.
Companies are communities. There’s a spirit of working together. Communities are not a place where a few people allow themselves to be singled out as solely responsible for success.
Henry Mintzberg
Sometimes it can feel like my bad days in Test cricket get amplified or singled out more than other players, while my good ones can fly under the radar. I’m not making excuses but over time this can get to you a little bit.
It’s not really cool to be singled out.
Pogba is a great player and left Juve by his own decision. It makes sense that he is singled out at any club – and even more so at United.
Every director, actor, and even producer gets angry on the sets. Why am I the only one being singled out for losing my cool or being talked about vis-a-vis my anger?
Today further EU targeted sanctions on Syria come into force. The message is clear and unambiguous: those responsible for the repression will be singled out and held accountable.
The rap community has been singled out as more homophobic than other groups, but I don’t think that’s right. It’s homophobic, all right, but no more so than the heavy-metal community or the Hollywood community or any other community.
I have been accused of things that I have never done. I have been called a perpetrator of incidents while I was actually a peacemaker. I really don’t know why. Yuvraj Singh isn’t a party animal; he is just singled out. I don’t know why.