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I was a football fan, a kid who loved football and when

I was a football fan, a kid who loved football and when you are a kid from Paris there are only two stadiums – the Stade de France or the Parc de Princes – and that is what makes Paris so special.
The big stadiums, sold-out crowds and games with massive things riding on them; as players these are games you want to be playing in. It’s a chance to write your name in the history books.
People don’t come to the stadiums for every match because if there is a game every three days, it is difficult. You need to make games more exclusive and make them more special.
Football stadiums are just a reflection of what is going on in society. Many times in stadiums, people just feel more relaxed and say what they think when they’re somewhere else.
It would be great to play in England. The atmosphere in the stadiums is incredible.
Travelling to different countries is a goal. I wouldn’t mind playing huge places if we got an opportunity to, but it’s nice to play small places too. Fish was saying yesterday that he doesn’t ever want to play stadiums, or maybe he would once, he said.
Every young kid growing up playing football dreams of playing in those big famous stadiums.
The nWo was the greatest time in professional wrestling because we were going into mixed stadiums like the Georgia Dome. That was one of the greatest times in pro wrestling and was the most profitable time in pro wrestling.
The Hawthorns has a good atmosphere, like many of the Premier League stadiums.
Since I was five or six years old, I just wanted to be a professional football player. I wanted to play against the best players. I wanted to play in big stadiums in front of big crowds, and I was desperate to play for my country one day, and thankfully, I was lucky enough that happened.
It doesn’t bother me to play on the road except in the playoffs or in domed stadiums.
I think there needs some attention to be paid to what sport is going to represent to young people: should it be viewed in the competitive, team-oriented sense that it is now, or does it become a vehicle for betting, which may, in effect, change the atmosphere in the stadiums and the arenas?
It’s always nice to play in new and big stadiums.
It’s a massive difference when you play in front of full stadiums; you can sense the buzz around the players, and it helps us get that extra one or two per cent that may be the difference in games.
I think you have a crossover when you are known to a wider audience and a different market. I’ve been able to sell out stadiums all over the world by doing my music. I’m lucky to be in that list without having done an official crossover. Now, will you hear me doing a little bit of R&B? Sure.
A lot of the metal bands that were around when Metallica put out ‘The Black Album,’ now they’re playing clubs, and Metallica is playing stadiums.
It’s important that you prepare the players for what happens at a tournament, like a World Cup, for example. You can get a better idea of a situation. They can get to know the conditions, the atmosphere in the country, the stadiums and the journeys involved.
I’m mainstream, and I have pretty chart-tastic tastes. I don’t often veer away from a big melodic song with big words for big stadiums.
The Premier League is the best in the world. It is fascinating because of all the teams, the atmosphere and stadiums. The football is of course a little more aggressive, there is more contact but I like this.
I am a wild orchid of comedy, so I can only do well under specific conditions… There are people who I think can do any room, and do stadiums and thousand-seat theaters, and then there are people like me who just perform for my parents.
I’ve worn a 100% polyester cheerleading outfit in stadiums full of people – it is pretty hard to embarrass me.
In England, the fans are more spectators than supporters. There’s a better atmosphere in French stadiums.
I hate those domed stadiums because the air is goofed up. There’s no fresh air, and you almost feel like you have claustrophobia.
In England, you have stadiums in the middle of the city.
I’m not just selling out Yankee Stadium; I’m selling out stadiums in Mexico, in Argentina – with my bachata. I try to stay true to what I do.
The number of fighters that are ISIS fighters wouldn’t fill up most American football stadiums. This is not a large group of individuals, but they’re tenacious, and they rule with absolute terror.
If you talk about stadiums that everyone knows, the most historic are San Siro and Old Trafford.
Museums are like sports stadiums, hotels and hospitals: they are in the category of captive-audience dining.
We need to work together to embrace and repair our land, repair our power systems, and repair ourselves. It’s time to stop building the shopping malls, the prisons, the stadiums, and other tributes to all of our collective failures.
I respect the people who work with me, and I respect the crowds in the stadiums – I just live the game and try to advise my players in the right moments. If that means I have to raise my arms and jump, I will raise my arms and jump if that is the best way to help them.
The Cottage was one of my favourite stadiums to play in. It was such an intimate atmosphere, and I’ve just got so many great memories of playing there.
Scoring at the big stadiums in Glasgow is something I have dreamed about doing since I was a wee boy and now I have managed to do that.
It’s much easier to be successful than it is to be relevant. The tricks won’t keep you relevant. Tricks might keep you popular for a while, but in all honesty, I don’t know how U2 will stay relevant. I know we’ve got a future. I know we can fill stadiums. And yet with every record, I think, ‘Is this it? Are we still relevant?’
The Premier League is one of the best in the world, without a doubt. The stadiums are always full, and the atmosphere is incredible, but not every footballer is able to play in England. The character can be difficult for a foreigner.
I’ve been lucky enough to have fulfilled so many ambitions, and gone way past anything I ever thought I would do. I could never have imagined the career that I’ve had with the Foo Fighters – playing stadiums and having songs on the radio. It’s amazing, and my goal is really just to carry on playing.
I’ve played at five World Cups, including one in the U.S. where the distances between the stadiums were also big.
I’m not scared of big stadiums. There are other risks in my profession, and I love taking risks.
I remember playing at Old Trafford, and the way to the dugout was always nice. It was never like in other stadiums.
When you are 17, you don’t know what pressure is, because you play with the best team in big stadiums with big players. But when I look back now, it’s difficult for a 17-year-old to get by and deal with the whole situation.
I play against big teams in big stadiums.
We’ll always play different venues. We’ll play small clubs or stadiums or things in between.
I’ve played a few times in stadiums where the fans have been banned, and it’s just not the same.
If every racist who came to football was silenced, football stadiums would still be full of racists. Racism is everywhere in our society, it is inside every one of us.
The stadiums are like none I’ve ever seen. I think there must have been some strong competition nationally between Korea and Japan to make the best facilities because they are very well designed.
Lamar Hunt
When people in stadiums do the Wave, it’s the group-mind collective organism spontaneously organizing itself to express an emotion, pass time, and reflect the joy of seeing the rhythms of many as one, a visual rhyming or music in which everyone senses where the motion is going.
Just by saying it is wrong to be racist and saying we are going to arrest people and kick them out of stadiums does not stop them being racist.
Ambiguity around ambiguity is forgivable in an unpublished poet and expected of an arts student on the pull: for a professional comedian demoting himself to the role of ‘thinker‘, with stadiums full of young people hanging on his every word, it won’t really do.
People had this idea about becoming rock stars packing stadiums instead of having the goal of becoming what musicians used to be in terms of how they would perform and connect people.
We don’t have sports tickets, we don’t have corporate jets. We don’t have stadiums named after us.
Richard Kinder
Every time you achieve something, you want to go after what’s next. I’d like to see my own shows grow and someday be a headliner, fill up stadiums.
I think if you’re a footballer, you want to play in big stadiums like Old Trafford.
Stadiums are full, pitches are good, the press is different, people are different, the football culture is different. Everyone talks highly of England and I’d like to experience it one day. You see more space, more opportunity to enjoy your football. It’s more physical, more intense, but I think I’d be comfortable.
I have competed before empty stadiums a lot in my career.
I remember going to stadiums and huge sections of the stand gave you racial abuse. It was never nice but it wasn’t a surpriseparticularly when I was first at Spurs.
At the World Cup and even now at the Confederations Cup, our security provisions will ensure the greatest level of protection possible for all those participating – both inside and outside the stadiums.
It’s very interesting to observe how highly the Bundesliga is spoken of abroad, from the overall quality to the stadiums, the family-friendly atmosphere, and the football itself.
I am pleased for Poland as a country, that new motorways are being constructed, new businesses, new stadiums.
Today, you’re either very big or you’re playing stadiums or you’re not playing anymore. You’re either popular where everybody will go to a 20,000 seat arena to see you or they won’t go to see you at all.
Ultimately, we are doing the same job as the men, but I understand that we’re not filling out stadiums.
Ed Sheeran is a good mate of mine, and he just flies around the place doing every single bit of promo or gig or interview, and it’s no wonder that when you combine that with immense talent that he’s playing in stadiums and arenas around the world.
In those days a concert was a personal experience. I wanted to be as close as possible to the audience, and of course big stadiums didn’t enable you to do that. It wasn’t my style.
Racism in the stadiums must be defeated, but to succeed, even before the laws of sport, those of the State will be needed, deterrents that help to curb these unhealthy habits.
Andrew Carnegie loved libraries; he knew their importance to an educated society and as anchors to our communities. And so, just as some loyal baseball fans travel to attend games at all 30 major league stadiums, over the last decade or so, I have slowly, casually, visited Carnegie libraries whenever I am on the road.
Sam Weller
As a rock fan, you read of the big labels and the multinationals and the big tours with road crews and semi-trailers full of gear, and playing stadiums. In the ’90s, that’s what we did.
Ego is hilarious – especially the vanity of a comedian. As soon as you see one start worrying about how cool he is or about how many stadiums he can fill, he stops being funny.
We are playing at home, with full stadiums and passionate fans. It will be very special moment for me.
Andriy Shevchenko
Football teams represent cities and colleges and schools. The people have built great stadiums, and the game is culturally intertwined with our calendar. We don’t go back to college for the college. We go back for a football game, and, yes, we even call that ‘homecoming.’
You know all these stadiums that U2 are playing? I’ve played in them. And I’m building up to it again.
Raphael Saadiq
Wembley is one of the top stadiums in the world.
I’m reaching a huge audience. I’m doing what artists like Beyonce are doing in terms of selling out stadiums. The difference is my audience speaks Spanish.
For women‘s football in this country, it’s important we do play in the best stadiums, and for me, Wembley is the best in this country.
Dave Matthews, Tim McGraw, U2, The Rolling Stones – there are a lot of artists selling out stadiums around the world that we work with regularly. And end up making most of our money with those artists.
It is bizarre to see the NFL attacking an America that has treated it so well over the years. Taxpayers pay over 70 percent of the cost of stadiums. Our citizens pay more and more for tickets, and valuations of professional sports franchises have skyrocketed. Player compensation keeps growing.
Nobody has a better product than the German Bundesliga. We have the most spectators in the stadiums. We have the best stadiums. We have the most goals. We have very good teams. We have high-level international players with big names.
At Barca, we always have an obligation to win and to do it in style for our fans in the stadiums and around the world.