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The best way to stay cool is to stay focused - you have

The best way to stay cool is to stay focusedyou have to focus on your job. As soon as you take your eye off that, you will slip up, so you have got to have everything 100 per cent on what is in front of you.
When we work together and stay focused on getting things dones, we can find common ground and make a real difference in people‘s lives.
What I’ve learned in these 11 years is you just got to stay focused and believe in yourself and trust your own ability and judgment.
I’m playing right now a role, and the role is called the ‘Heavyweight Champion of the World.’ And it takes all of the time. And I love this role, and it takes a lot of attention for me for the sport, and I just don’t want to lose the title, so that’s why I have to stay focused and not become an actor.
Be true to yourself, stay focused and stay you, take advice from other folks, use what you can, but never mind what is not for you. For the most part, trust yourself and believe in what you are doing.
I try to stay focused on my creativity.
If we stay focused on data and the real issues, we can tailor our inventions to enhance public health and safety while decreasing the likelihood of racial discrimination.
I listen to music before my competitions to get me pumped up. It helps me stay focused.
Stay true to yourself, yet always be open to learn. Work hard, and never give up on your dreams, even when nobody else believes they can come true but you. These are not cliches but real tools you need no matter what you do in life to stay focused on your path.
Phillip Sweet
Whether you’re an athlete or just someone aspiring to be at the top of your game – in the workplace, gym or even at home – it’s important to have that special something that sets you apart and helps you stay focused.
What I’ve learned is that if you stay focused and believe and actually walk the walk, anything is possible.
I’m trying to stay focused on what I’m doing. I don’t want a whole lot of things going on – people to call back, or text messages or whatever. I chill out, relax a little bit, and then I don’t have those issues.
I try to stay focused on the work and recognize that I’ve been very lucky. Maybe it’s ’cause I grew up with actors, but I’ve seen that recognition comes and goes, so all there really is is your family and friends. You have to maintain those constants in your life. Maintain what’s beyond your work.
Every one of us in Congress has a responsibility to keep working together and stay focused on what matters.
You have a small period of time when you can perfect your career and become good at it. A lot of guys get distracted, which only hurts them. You must stay focused and work very hard at boxing.
I think Republicans really need to be disciplined, to stay focused on sustained economic growth.
I make time to exercise. It’s not being indulgent. I think it’s got a lot to do with your ability to manage properly and stay focused. There’s no doubt about that.
You have to stay in the moment. Stay focused. Know what you’re going to do.
We’ve got to be right mentally – to stay focused and not get carried away if results go our way.
Relationships are important, but stay focused on all the things that are important. Figure out what you want.
Daren Kagasoff
The best career advice I’ve gotten is to stay focused, keep moving forward.
I’ve just learned that you can’t take this game for granted. You have to stay professional and stay focused and stay prepared to produce and continue to work hard. Nothing‘s given.
I can’t just keep fooling around every other fight. Have a few good fights and then get unfocused again and have a couple bad fights. I really have to stay the course and stay focused.
For aspiring actors out there, I would say stay focused and don’t let anyone pull you away from your goals. Shoot for the stars so that if you ever fall short you can land on the clouds.
I wasn’t going to be able to re-grow my ACL back overnight. I was where I was with this and I just had to accept it. I had to stay focused on getting back. Honestly, I kind of felt in a weird way lucky because it was 12 years into my career that this happened.
I don’t do too much outside of football during football season, because this is my job and I take it seriously. I don’t do too much, don’t really go out at all that much, don’t eat out or anything, try to stay focused and stay to myself.
It’s a long road, so we are just trying to stay focused and grounded and keep moving forward. I’ll take it, though.
To play a match between Boca and River in Madrid, it’s weird. But as a player, it is important to stay focused on the match.
Opinions are very easily heard in our media and technology-type of world that we’re in. I just try to stay focused on the people that I’m around every day that I work with, that I trust and value.
I believe we must stay focused on policies that will help put more Mississippians to work and make our economy stronger.
For me I tried to not keep a low profile but I was training in a different country as I prepared for Sydney because I had such a realistic gold medal shot. I just wanted to stay focused and not get caught up in all of the hullabaloo and all of press prior to it.
When I attack a role, be it TV, film or stage, the first thing I say is, I don’t want to know anything. If it’s good I don’t want to hear it; if it’s bad I don’t want to hear it. The only thing either thing can do is distract me. I like to stay focused.
Stay open-minded; stay focused. Train hard and train smart. For me, the older I get, the smarter I have to train also, because the recovery time is longer. Work on everything: become a well-rounded fighter – don’t just be good at one thing; be good at everything.
Sometimes things might not go as you want them to, but you have to stay focused and fully concentrated.
I always want to stay focused on who I am, even as I’m discovering who I am.
Follow your deepest dream, the one you had as a kid… but stay focused.
Try to always stay focused on the objectives that are possible and the positive – and on having fun outside of the stuff that’s going on in Washington.
Fame is a distraction sometimes. You know, it’s a distraction if you let it. So it’s very important to stay focused, stay very connected to your roots.
As an actor, you can’t think about the end result or the fame; you just have to focus on the day you’re in. You have no control over the finished product, what people will think of it, so all you have is the experience of making it, and you have to stay focused on that.
As someone who grew up with a father who was the prime minister, many people liked me, and many didn’t. I don’t pay much attention to labels and certainly don’t let people define me through the labels they apply. I stay focused on what I need to do.
I’m taking memory power boost tablets to help me every day and doing the puzzles to help me stay focused.
During events like the World Cup and the Olympics, I tend to get really wrapped up in my own experience to stay focused, but it’s like a bubble. I don’t see much outside my own perspective.
I’m going to stay in the gym, stay watching film, stay focused, stay being an all around professional.
I like to be organized, I like to stick to my schedule. That’s how I stay focused.
I’m always staying motivated because, as training camp goes on, practices become more intense, harder, and shorter. It’s a mental thing, too, not only physical – you have to stay mentally sharp and stay focused on the task in front of you.
I’m trying to stay focused – trying to open up again – and the music really did a lot of greatness for me and meeting a lot of people that really had concern and compassion for me.
Unless you stay focused on innovation, you can be disintermediated.
I’m facing Niagara Falls – the wind and the mist and the dark and the peregrine falcons – and I’m going to stay focused on the other side.
I don’t do the L.A. scene. I stay focused and very myopic. I don’t feel I need to prove myself or be in people’s faces, especially in this town.
Taylor Kitsch
Stay away from those who would hang around you and drink and do drugs. Drugs are not the answer, because you have to remain focused. There is a lot to be had within music, but you have to stay focused.
My tendency is to be quiet and to stay focused and in character. Not the entire time, but certainly to stay focused while I’m on set.
I’ve just got to keep a balanced head and stay focused.
I get so many requests for interviews. If I talk to everyone, we can’t do our job with our customers and work on our software. It would be hard to stay focused.
Judith Faulkner
Aim higher. Stay focused.
Brandon Adams
I just say to anyone in life or in sport, don’t let defeat bother you and don’t let no one say you can’t. Stay focused and stay positive and keep working hard.
It’s tough for kids to stay focused if they don’t have something to get them off the streets… that’s where the kids can get into the bad things.
To play a match between Boca and River in Madrid, it’s weird. But as a player, it is important to stay focused on the match.
I think you’ve gotta stay focused if you wanna achieve something.
No matter how much it hurts, you gotta stay focused on what you’re there for and your goals, just don’t give up.
It’s always fun to go home and play, but you gotta stay focused on the game.
Dan Gronkowski
Courtney Love gave me advice on how to stay focused. She told me I have a lot of positivity and I have a lot of light and to just stay on that path, because it’s easy to become affected by the negativity.
If you create incredible value and information for others that can change their lives – and you always stay focused on that service – the financial success will follow.
My key to dealing with stress is simple: just stay cool and stay focused.
I’m a very feminine person, but I have this hard shell, man, and I stay focused and don’t take things personally.
Apart from the talent God has given Mbappe, he is a very professional boy, he always plays with the desire to score whether in training or in a match. He listens a lot. He already has, I think, everything needed in football. He knows how to stay focused, how to get into the game.
Treating everything like it could be the last helps me remember to stay focused and give it everything I have.