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There's no more exciting moment for me as a brand strat

There’s no more exciting moment for me as a brand strategist than a turnaround.
Fixing obesity is going to require a change in our modern relationship with food. I’m hopeful that we begin to see a turnaround in this childhood obesity epidemic.
Small businesses want things streamlined, and one of the great successes we’re having is less paperwork, faster turnaround times.
I travel all over the United States basically in evangelism, speaking in churches, speaking in prisons, speaking in rehab centers wherever I can basically sharing my story of redemption and the turnaround in my life.
Pre-preproduction is the tenuous time before a project is greenlit; before the studio commits to spending real money. This is the most vulnerable period for any film because it’s the time when your project is most likely to be put into turnaround. That’s film-speak for killed off.
You love playing on a national stageanytime you get these games. The Thursday ones are tough; I have a mixed opinion. I think if you win them, they’re awesome because you get another little bye week in there, so to speak. They’re tough on the quick turnaround.
When I graduated from college, I got a 9-to-5 traditional job doing social media for a company, and I’d spend all day long fighting with the system of getting things approved and the fact that social media has such a quick turnaround. Things had to be very reactive and instant.
We have our own ocean, we’ve got a great bike trail – I love riding all the way to the turnaround at Hollywood Beach.
I made the big turnaround in the early Nineties when I started hearing all the tenth generation punk bands like Green Day and Offspring and all those people. It just made me fall in love with punk again and remember my roots, and since that time I’ve always wanted to do more of that kind of music again.
Turnaround or growth, it’s getting your people focused on the goal that is still the job of leadership.
LaMarcus Aldridge, his midrange game, his turnaround jumper is awesome.
My average duration in a job is more like six months, because I’ve done crisis and turnaround stuff for two decades. I’ve been in a lot of companies and not-for-profits and institutions that were really on fire; in a lot of ways, the Senate is the least urgent, least serious institution I’ve ever worked in.
While Safeco’s turnaround is one of the greatest things I have ever participated in, the heart-wrenching decisions to let people go will stay with me forever.
Mike McGavick
‘The Blind Side’ took forever to get it out of 20th Century Fox in turnaround. It was one of three different movies I was involved with then. ‘The Blind Side’ just happened to be the one that got made.
When you’re in a turnaround situation, you cannot incrementalize your way out of it.
The game against the Vikings back in my second year stands out. It was kind of a turnaround for us. It allowed us to make a run at the playoffs for the first time in quite a while. The memories are so many it’s hard to pin one down.
Every single woman that fights MMA has done just as much work as Ronda has; we just haven‘t gotten as much turnaround. Those women who came before her haven’t been on magazine covers. They weren’t plastered everywhere by the UFC. They didn’t get the same reward back.
No doubt about it. For every player. Thursday nights are very tough for us because it is a short turnaround.
You don’t have to be Wilt Chamberlain to get into the Basketball Hall of Fame. If you don’t have a sweet turnaround jumper from 18 feet, the best route to the Hall is fatherhood. Daniel Biasone, aka the ‘father of the 24-second clock,’ made the cut.
What a turnaround in sentimentGlee‘ exemplifies. It was only a few years ago that pursuing the dream of a Broadway career or cabaret stardom relegated some poor yearning dope to a lavender ghetto of losers, self-deluders, and social rejects.
Through his deferential yet decidedly determined demeanor, Pope Francis is not only setting a superior spiritual standard, but he is also leading a thorough transformation of the Catholic Church – rivaling any brand revitalization or corporate turnaround you could name.
But every company of the future is going to be in the business of exquisite carewhich means quick turnaround time and convenience. To deliver exquisite care, you need an organization that coordinates well and listens well.
Fernando Flores
My mornings are really about being with my children, so I tend to lay out my outfit the night before when my children are asleep so I can have a quick turnaround time in the morning.
Every time I shoot a turnaround, I feel like nobody can block it.
Fargo‘ was the turnaround for me, in terms of film, because it was a part; it wasn’t a line.
‘The Turnaround’ isn’t even really a crime novel. But you need conflict to make a novel, any kind of novel, and I don’t know any other way to do it than crime.
Sometimes in this country, we don’t focus a lot on people’s experience and their resume. Mitt Romney would be the most experienced executive to be nominated since 1952. The fundamental task for the next president is going to be fixing things, cleaning things up, being a turnaround artist, if you will.
The process of doing films is not my favorite, but I love television. Television is a quicker turnaround. You shoot more during the day, which makes me feel more productive. It would be like, ‘I did five scenes today and ten pages.’ That’s television.
Relative to Google or the kind of turnaround we’re seeing, we do care about profitability. That is our goal in every one of the areas where we invest.