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I feel uncomfortable with the term public art, because I’m not sure what it means. If it means what I think it does, then I don’t do it. I’m not crazy about categories.
Be not afraid of discomfort. If you can’t put yourself in a situation where you are uncomfortable, then you will never grow. You will never change. You’ll never learn.
I think the relationship between social-dominance orientation in people and the extent to which they’re made uncomfortable by ambiguity and novelty is really important. Better a stable world that’s familiar, in which I’m doing pretty poorly, than dealing with all the ambiguity of a changing world.
On the field if a shoe is too tight, that is the last thing you want,’ he says. ‘You don’t want something uncomfortable that you can’t perform in.
I was uncomfortable writing fiction. My love was the personal essay, rather than the novel.
Trust me, you can’t change anything without causing some degree of disruption. It’s impossible, that is exactly what change is. Some people are uncomfortable with the disruption that change causes, but the disruption is necessary if anything is going to change.
I was a very shy character, always feeling uncomfortable because everybody was stronger than I, and always afraid I would look like a sissy. Everybody else played baseball; everybody else did all kinds of athletic things.
We can all be self-destructive. I make terrible choices all the time. It’s uncomfortable to admit that you did a thing that was selfish and that you knew would hurt someone else.
I don’t really feel comfortable unless I’m slightly uncomfortable. I don’t want to play myself all the time.
Janina Gavankar
I think goals should never be easy, they should force you to work, even if they are uncomfortable at the time.
We’re not uncomfortable with it, and we’ve already been through enough of the music business where I’m not really worried that commercial success is going to in some way – we’re already past saving, you know what I mean? It’s too late for us.
I tend to go with a daytime look, pretty natural, but I always fill in my eyebrows – I hate if I leave the gym and my eyebrows aren’t done; I’m just very uncomfortable with myself.
I just want to be happy and let the world know who I am, and whatever happens, happens… who wants to be uncomfortable?
People want to see politicians who are not afraid to speak the truth. They want them to be honest, no matter how uncomfortable it is.
I don’t want anything to disrupt my routine or make people uncomfortable in meetings during the NCAA Tournament or leading up to the Super Bowl.
All on-set kisses are weird, no matter who it is, especially with people standing around coughing and sneezing. It’s very uncomfortable!
Bella Heathcote
Soccer is an uncomfortable sport. You’re running; you’re getting tackled.
My style statement is to be myself! Because if you try to imitate someone else, you will end up feeling uncomfortable.
I’m rather uncomfortable with celebrity, to be honest.
Stockard Channing
My wife is the sweetest, most even-keeled person ever. A mood swing to her is like, ‘Oh, I’m uncomfortable.’
I don’t regard myself as an entertainer. I don’t think that’s where my talents lie. It always feels a bit uncomfortable.
Darwin‘s idea of natural selection makes people uncomfortable because it reverses the direction of tradition.
I’m not happy on vacation. In those rare times when I have three hours with no work I have to do, I’m terribly uncomfortable.
Gender is not an easy conversation to have. It makes people uncomfortable, sometimes even irritable. Both men and women are resistant to talk about gender or are quick to dismiss the problems of gender. Because thinking of changing the status quo is always uncomfortable.
It’s enshrined in our Constitution that an individual has a right to release information and disseminate information that makes the powers that be uncomfortable.
You don’t have to be uncomfortable or hungry to lose weight. You just have to learn what foods you can eat.
I really don’t write much anymore, and I’m not uncomfortable with that. I’ve tried writing and the sentences come out fine, but I write a few pages and I don’t want to go on.
Lawrence Block
I am uncomfortable with Sarah Palin. I have nothing against her. I’ll say she‘s a very talented woman. Yet I think she owes John McCain her gratitude and loyalty.
Maybe by making people feel uncomfortable, I tap into that uncanny quality that is a part of the scariest, weirdest things that you remember happening to you when you were a kid.
I am not popular socially. I am uncomfortable around people.
My generation was the turning point. Women older than us didn’t expect to have jobs or careers; those younger did. But we were where it was changing – which is interesting but uncomfortable.
I needed to give back, give back, give back. I felt guilty about my success. I felt uncomfortable about how easily I had been delivered this extraordinary life that I had.
I feel uncomfortable in anything tight or body-con.
Watching a person lose their dignity used to be uncomfortable, and now it’s an expected part of the program that we’re becoming comfortable with.
Lisa Kudrow
I would never write something that made me uncomfortable. I’m not sure it’s even possible.
There’s no point doing a job where you’re uncomfortable or doing something you dislike.
Frankly, I think that the news industry is critically important because it points out things and surfaces truths that can often be uncomfortable. I think that that’s working, and the spotlight has been pointed on things that we have a responsibility to do better, and I accept that.
In the writers’ room, I know the difference when someone brushes up against me and makes a sexist crack and when they’ve stepped over the line and made me feel uncomfortable and unsafe.
I was the sibling that kind of kept it all on a level when life at home got tough. I did it through comedy, sarcasm and distraction. All families are complicated, but my home life was glaringly uncomfortable much of the time, and it was me that took the onus.
And I don’t want to live anywhere where I am famous. It makes me very, very uncomfortable, because it conveys an advantage over people, and I don’t like that.
When I write, I tend to read it out loud to myself after. I’m a very uncomfortable reader, so it creates a distance between the text and me – it is a new way to see it.
Most people feel uncomfortable in front of a camera. They find it very hard to be themselves.
People feel really uncomfortable talking about race and identity, largely because the subject is so taboo.
If you are uncomfortable, you make your family uncomfortable because they don’t know how to treat you when they come.
Sure, the comedians who swear or use scatological humor can get laughs, but they’re uncomfortable laughs.
Eartha Mae is very shy. She’s scared to be seen, scared of rejection and even afraid of affection. Relationships can be rather uncomfortable for her. But, as Eartha Kitt, it’s fine. I can accept and reject any time I want to. Do I ever reject? Not really. Although people think I do!
The truth is really funny. It’s uncomfortable sometimes, it’s dramatic sometimes, but it’s really funny. Life is funny.
It’s possible that in the future, women could be drafted not only into the military… but actually drafted into combat. I’m very uncomfortable with that.
I’m so uncomfortable, especially in emotional situations, having to say sentences that don’t feel right. As an actor – or really, as any kind of person sensitive to it.
I’m very uncomfortable with my body, and I’m not interested in people seeing it on screen.
Movies should make people uncomfortable sometimes.
I’d read the book and liked the book, but it made me really uncomfortable trying to picture myself in this part. Here’s this guy who seems to be the embodiment of every single perfect guy.
I really appreciate Barry Jenkins as a filmmaker and the fact that he’s always wanting to push the envelope and challenge perspective and make people uncomfortable in a way that doesn’t seem like it’s allowed anymore.
Whether you’re dealing with a recent breakup, a fallout with family, or a failed business venture, be aware that your emotions could affect your spending habits. Uncomfortable emotions can increase the chances that you’ll behave recklessly, which may have a negative impact on your bank account.
Empathy isn’t the same thing as expressing emotions. It’s not about sharing your feelings – it can be really uncomfortable if a parent cries or loses strength at the moment her daughter needs it most. The message sent is that you need to be taken care of, not the other way around.
The more you practice tolerating uncomfortable emotions, the more confident you’ll become in your ability to tolerate the distress that may be necessary to reach your full potential.
All officers of the Intelligence Community, and especially its most senior officer, must conduct themselves in a manner that earns and retains the public trust. The American people are uncomfortable with government activities that do not take place in the open, subject to public scrutiny and review.
Some people talk about screen kisses being strange or uncomfortable. But I think that I got along with Anna well enough that it just happened; it was a fun day of shooting.
Hillbillies learn from an early age to deal with uncomfortable truths by avoiding them or by pretending better truths exist. This tendency might make for psychological resilience, but it also makes it hard for Appalachians to look at themselves honestly.
Encouraging people to believe in it was the most important thing of all. It’s one of the reasons I was always uncomfortable whenever film crews came on the set to shoot things. I didn’t want our make-believe to be exposed.
I feel uncomfortable if I’m not my self in any situation.
I come from very common stock, and I’ve always been uncomfortable with pretension and all the forms it can take, including disingenuous broadcasting.
Getting to a place of comfort can be uncomfortable.
I want to be uncomfortable – acting is uncomfortable.
I don’t feel uncomfortable in America, but every once in a while, I’m reminded that people don’t see me the way I see me. It doesn’t change my life, but it gives me a consciousness about it.
It is extremely uncomfortable to consider that our democracy may have been corrupted. That potential crimes may have taken place – some of them on Facebook‘s servers – that seem to be beyond the reach of law.
I would be a giraffe because I just want to experience what a sore throat and being a giraffe feels like. It would be really uncomfortable walking around in the Sahara and being like, ‘I really need, like, 15 lozenges for my giraffe body.’
I don’t know how to be comfortable. Comfort is uncomfortable to me so I push myself to new places.
Many of us, if pressed, would admit that we’d prefer a cash gift to another pair of pajamas or bestselling novel. But giving the green can make even the best of us uncomfortable – the etiquette is confusing, and those who relish picking out the perfect something can miss some of the fun.
I always want to be somewhat uncomfortable. But at the same time I want to make music that you react to viscerally.
I think I can get a little passionate about things that I believe in and maybe that can be a little intense for people. And I think a lot of that stuff comes out of the need of wanting to belong, and being insecure and uncomfortable.
Liza Weil
Some people come out going, I don’t get it. And I don’t quite know what they’re trying to get, what they’re struggling for. We have had the reaction where people leave the movie sort of uncomfortable and befuddled. Although that wasn’t our intention.
Pregnancy is uncomfortable and draining, and the end isn’t in sight until it becomes unbearable.
I have a million career weaknesses, and although it’s uncomfortable, I believe that authentically acknowledging and working through your vulnerability is more powerful than the delusion of perfection.
It’s okay to be attracted to other people but not to the point where your partner gets uncomfortable.
When you start a collection, you have to push yourself to limits that may make you uncomfortable.
I guess I cringe when the discussion leads to, rather than books and sentences and characters and the stuff that writers are supposed to be concerned with, how to have an online presence and how many followers you have on Twitter. That stuff always makes me uncomfortable.
I always feel that art in general and acting in particular should make the audience a little uncomfortable, to slap them and wake them up.
I don’t mind have an uncomfortable conversation if those uncomfortable conversations can lead to a bigger dialogue and help us get to a better understanding of whatever it is we are discussing.
In terms of fitting in, you know, I don’t have a lot of armor up. I’m a raw nerve and it’s really uncomfortable for a lot of people.
When you’re elected to Congress, you take a vow to uphold the Constitution and its system of checks and balances. That vow doesn’t say, ‘Unless it’s politically uncomfortable.’
There were rumors in the magazines that I was seeing Ajay Devgn. That made me even more uncomfortable.
When I became poet laureate, I was in a slightly uncomfortable position because I think a lot of poetry isn’t worth reading.
To be political means to speak out, to risk being called ‘catty‘, or worse. I don’t hear men worrying about whether they may be right or not. They enjoy the fight, whether it is with words or fists. Women still tend to shy away from controversy, to be uncomfortable with competition.
When Scorsese shoots a violent scene, it’s very uncomfortable – it’s not like watching ‘Rambo.’
A lot of problems that are going on aren’t going to get better if we don’t talk about it. Race is the biggest one. It’s a very, very uncomfortable topic because the biggest part of America was founded on it.
I’m never uncomfortable with anything I do. I never feel like I regret anything. I love music, you know? All kinds of music.
I’m often uncomfortable with girliness, to be honest.
Journalists always explain that people are mad at them because they tell the truth, which is often unpleasant or uncomfortable to hear. However, they fail in situations where there is more than one truth.
Don’t talk to me about getting comfortable. It makes me uncomfortable.
When you broaden the little box that you’ve been living in for so long, it can be very uncomfortable at first.
I have an uncomfortable groove, ’cause I have a lot of different kinds of stories to tell.
If my Michael Jackson routine left even one person feeling uncomfortable or less joyful, I felt like it was in everyone‘s best interest to change the music to my routine.
I was thirteen, and I did a movie that got attention, and I got attention, and I didn’t like it – it made me uncomfortable – so I just quit. And then I was trying to figure out what to do and was worthless at everything, so I was like, ‘All right, I’ll try acting again.’
A little scruff looks nice, but it feels so uncomfortable. Think about how a guy wants a girl to have smooth legs: It’s expected. Shouldn’t a guy be expected to do the same on his face? I think that’s only fair.
I was raised by a strong mother who always taught me to speak up, I never had difficulty leaving an uncomfortable situation or cutting eye contact; people used to call me cold.
I’m very uncomfortable, mainly with my belly.
I’m a private person and being recognized makes me uncomfortable.
As an actor, you always want to try something you haven‘t done before. For me, the uncomfortable zone is the one to enter.
The term ‘socialite’ makes me feel pretty uncomfortable. To me, those are the women who get dressed up and go from party to party. That’s all they do.
After the global financial crisis of 2008, populist uprisings had sprouted across Europe. Putin and his strategists sensed the beginnings of a larger uprising that could upend the Continent and make life uncomfortable for his geostrategic competitors.
The Chinese are really good at diplomacy – and even at making their interlocutors feel very uncomfortable.
My mother told me never explain, never complain. Even as a young actress, I determined I would never give personal interviews, since they made me so uncomfortable.
Jennifer Jones
As a child growing up in Ireland, you would have to go to Dublin if you wanted to go to the luxury brands. And I remember my mother being too uncomfortable to go into some of those stores. I want to get rid of the barrier.
And I went to New York and died; for 10 years I walked those pavements. I can’t think of New York without feeling uncomfortable and feeling like a failure.
Harvey Korman
I think we always view people who make us feel uncomfortable and appear to intrude on our middle-class cozy space, we view them with, if not hostility, at least suspicion, discomfort, embarrassment.
My Duke of Edinburgh interview for his 90th in June 2011 was not one of my successes. I knew what to expect: there were some very uncomfortable moments and put-downs, but I think it made for entertaining viewing.
Steve Irwin did wonderful conservation work but I was uncomfortable about some of his stunts. Even if animals aren’t aware that you are not treating them with respect, the viewers are.
I’m continually trying to make choices that put me against my own comfort zone. As long as you’re uncomfortable, it means you’re growing.
I’m uncomfortable with the limelight. I’m not the type to go to the places where I know I’ll be seen. I’d rather keep a low profile.
Rachel Hurd-Wood
I had really bad obsessive-compulsive disorder. At its worst, I was compelled to leave my house at three o’clock in the morning and go out in the alley because I just knew that the paper-towel roll I threw in the recycling bin was uncomfortable, like it was lying the wrong way, and I would be down in the garbage.
Unless you have the right legs, these mini-skirts are ungainly and uncomfortable. They’re just a fad.
I have a hard time with awards shows in general because I’ve never been part of the conversation. I just show up to work and do my job because I love the job and I love the people I get to make TV with. When someone wants to applaud it more than just watching it, that makes me somewhat uncomfortable.
Nobody should feel uncomfortable at their work place, and nobody should be in a position to make someone feel uncomfortable.
Every show my heart’s beating real fast, my palms sweating. I’m uncomfortable and I’m trying to get off the stage as fast as possible.
I was a teenager when 9/11 happened. And I really was uncomfortable with many members of our community feeling like they had to strip themselves of their identity in order to mitigate the violence and the fears that they were feeling.
If you feel bored or uncomfortable as you’re writing, ask yourself what’s bothering you and write about that. Sometimes your creative energy is like water in a kinked hose, and before thoughts can flow on the topic at hand, you have to straighten the hose by attending to whatever is preoccupying you.
Natalie Goldberg
There were moments where Supergirl gets a thrashing in the pilot, where if a man in the ‘Flash‘ or ‘Arrow‘ pilot got beat up, people didn’t visibly wince. And I watched in testing, people in the audience really became uncomfortable by the fisticuffs and the action. But then, they were elated and cheering at the end.
If a fan is cool, I’m cool with him. A fan could turn into a friend. But some people act super weird, and they make it uncomfortable for you.
I felt extremely uncomfortable as the focal point, in the spotlight. I really like the behind the scenes role, because all my freedom is there.
I don’t like anything that’s too confining. I’m sort of a control freak, so anything that makes me feel like I’m out of control is a bit uncomfortable. But you know how it is, sometimes it’s good to live a little!
Our city finds itself in an uncomfortable place: on the frontline between freedom and auto_cracy.
I learned early in life that laughter is a great way to diffuse and uncomfortable situation, so I began to use that as a tool, throughout my life.
Romany Malco
Throughout my teenage years or whatever, I’ve been so uncomfortable, or I’ve made mistakes and I’ve felt like I’m the only one who has done that.
I try to talk openly from how I feel. People may not agree with it. It may sound foreign to them. That’s an uncomfortable position for some people, to be sentimental, nostalgic – it’s all kind of the same.
You have to tell the whole truth, the good and the bad, maybe some things that are uncomfortable for some people.
Because I was extremely uncomfortable talking about sex with him at all and particularly in such a graphic way, I told him that I did not want to talk about these subjects.
There have been some friendships lost over this. That’s the most difficult for me. I find it very uncomfortable to know that I was at one time close friends with someone, and because of jealousies and misunderstandings and so on, these friendships have dissolved.
You’ve got to be able to hang in there in some uncomfortable pockets and uncomfortable situations, where you’re going to take a hit and deliver the football.
There is something inherent in our democracy that tends to want to level. America is a little uncomfortable in the presence of someone who is distinctly superior in whatever way.
Anything you’re trying to will is focused on the future; it’s always associated with some sort of anxiety that makes the present moment somewhat uncomfortable.
I was too self-conscious in high school. I wanted to fit in or to disappear. I was a very uncomfortable person in high school, very uncomfortable with my body and I just didn’t feel like I fit in. I wanted to be invisible.
Karl Glusman
DC is good all round. He pushes the pace, makes you think what you’re doing, makes you uncomfortable.
I don’t think that when I’m acting I feel like I lose myself to it, but that sense of losing, that sense of discomfort, well, I guess maybe that comes a bit! It’s about redefining what ‘uncomfortable’ means for you.
Rachel Keller
It is uncomfortable in the extreme for people, and particularly for members of the press, to confront the notion that a president could be so far outside the bounds of tradition that he must be treated differently from his predecessors.
There’s a pattern in Bush 43’s presidency of being attracted to the big and the bold, and my whole reading of him is that he was instinctively uncomfortable with what you might call a modulated foreign policy – a foreign policy of adjustment, of degree.
It’s so valuable to learn that when you put yourself in an uncomfortable situation, you’ll be fine, and you’ll probably come out even stronger.
If your shot is broke, you at least want to shoot it comfortably. You want to be comfortable shooting a broke shot. You don’t want to be uncomfortable shooting a broke shot.
I would never ask somebody to do something where I felt that it’s not right or it puts someone in an uncomfortable position.
Clothing that covers the body can be comfortable or uncomfortable, depending on the fabric. In India I typically wear a full salwaar kameez of cotton, because it is superbly comfortable, and full covering keeps dust off one’s limbs and at least diminishes the risk of skin cancer.
I had to act with a wolf, which made me very uncomfortable! It still does. I think about it all the time!
I like to pace myself at about two minutes of music a day. With ‘Waterworld’ it was closer to five minutes a day, which is uncomfortable and slightly terrifying.
Unseasonal clothing actually only stands out when it’s visibly uncomfortable.
I used to have trouble in front of an audience. I felt uncomfortable.
Robert Goulet
Self-pity in its early stage is as snug as a feather mattress. Only when it hardens does it become uncomfortable.
It’s not like a choice to have an identity politics discussion when you’re living it all the time. And if it’s uncomfortable, well then maybe the way that we need to deal with that is by letting things be uncomfortable.
The catcher is a groundhog. He’s a guy squatting down, digging for the ball in the dirt, and sweating under a pile of uncomfortable protective gear while his knees creak.
Joe Garagiola
The particular way I’m going to die is not going to be particularly pleasant. It will probably be physically uncomfortable, and it won’t be an easy thing for my wife and kids to watch. I think it will be a real challenge to see if I can squeeze the lemons hard enough to still get lemonade the last few weeks.
Move out of your comfort zone. You can only grow if you are willing to feel awkward and uncomfortable when you try something new.
You just need to be a flea against injustice. Enough committed fleas biting strategically can make even the biggest dog uncomfortable and transform even the biggest nation.
When I’m stuck in my writing, the world is amiss. If I’m eating a sandwich, it’s an unsettled sandwich. If I’m in the shower, it’s an incorrect shower. It’s profoundly uncomfortable. But it’s what keeps me pushing.
We have a non-traditional family, and if it makes people uncomfortable, it’s a shame that they are not more open.
People ask me, ‘Did you ever want to be a live-action Peter Parker?’ Are you kidding me? These actors live in a gym and wear really uncomfortable tights for 14 hours a day. And it’s not like you’re doing some very fun acting. Shooting is a real drag. Then you do press for five months? I don’t think I could get it.
I’ve always been able to hear and read what I say before I say it. That’s why I’m a good quote. Or a good interview. If I say something that’s uncomfortable for someone’s ears, it’s going to be the truth; I just happen to voice it. But it’s the truth. It’s not my opinion.
I am not as confident as the characters I play. I am a bit aloof. I am uncomfortable in social situations.
I would never do something I’m uncomfortable with.
When you’re comfortable, you’re more confident – I really believe that. If you’re walking around in a dress or a pair of shoes that are uncomfortable, it reads all over you.
I’ll tell you what, I’ve never seen any football player more uncomfortable in a situation of having to make a one-on-one move on somebody than Patrick Mahomes in space.
I was uncomfortable with that kind of fame when you’re in the tabloids every day.
Toni Tennille
I really don’t feel it’s necessary, as an actor, to make people feel uncomfortable, just because you need to be in a certain headspace. So, I do take myself away and do my own work and hunker down.
Drama asks some uncomfortable questions at times… It goes to pretty dark places.
As a species, we’re addicted to the facile discrimination involved in saying that something or phenomenon is either ‘this’ or ‘that’ – how much more uncomfortable that it may well be ‘the other’.
Fame changed my life completely because, for a while, I was in a position to choose what I did. I miss that aspect. But I always felt uncomfortable with it.
I never really consider myself an awkward person, but once I got into stand-up, I kept hearing that word. The only thing I can trace it back to is that my mom had a similar sensibility. She always made people uncomfortable.
If I’d been bright, I’d have realized that I was horribly uncomfortable, amazingly frustrated, and like any sensible person, I’d have quit. But it never occurred to me that I wouldn’t be successful eventually.
I’m uncomfortable with men making decisions that affect women’s health.
I still feel very uncomfortable with the term ‘celebrity’ because I don’t see myself as one.
‘Filly Browngave me the wings to fly, but red carpets are still very uncomfortable.
When you start, you have no brain; you are a kid. It’s fine. But then I started to be scared. I was scared of judgment – not as a dancer, but as a person – and I was really uncomfortable with people. And it lasted for a very long time.
Some people are uncomfortable with the idea that humans belong to the same class of animals as cats and cows and raccoons. They’re like the people who become successful and then don’t want to be reminded of the old neighborhood.
To me, sound is a crucial component to, really, any moviegoing experience, but particularly with suspense films or thrillers. I think you need the audience to become subtly really attuned to the soundscape in, like, this uncomfortable way.
I mean, I spend every summer working hard to improve my game. I’ve taken parts of my game that I might have been uncomfortable with and worked on them to make them second nature.
Scratch the surface of what’s socially normal. I suppose in some way all of us have something we display to the public and things we feel too ashamed of or uncomfortable with to reveal to other people.
I’ve sort of knocked cancer down to size. It shouldn’t be something that makes people uncomfortable.
If I just wear something because I feel like myself and I’m comfortable, that’s okay – and that goes even for more edgy things. But if I try too much, or if I even try, it doesn’t work. It doesn’t feel natural, and I feel very uncomfortable.
I hate to sound like someone twice my age talking about these comics today and all that, but it’s as though their intent or goal on stage seems to be to see how uncomfortable they can make the audience, or how viciously they can savage their subjects.
I’m very comfortable with uncomfortable situations, and I think that can seem odd to people, that I like the thrill of discomfort.
I’ve always been more comfortable making my decisions from the subconscious level, or more emotionally, because I find it is more truthful to me; Intellectually, I don’t think like that because I get uncomfortable.
I think actors get too comfortable. I like being uncomfortable as an actor because it keeps you alive. I don’t know, I think it’s important.
I don’t like to think of my readership as ‘fans,’ a word which has always suggested a kind of power relationship I’m uncomfortable with.
Grant Morrison
I find it slightly uncomfortable to see my face on a bus or a poster. I like just being known by my friends and family.
Jack Gleeson
I don’t mind have an uncomfortable conversation if those uncomfortable conversations can lead to a bigger dialogue and help us get to a better understanding of whatever it is we are discussing.
The trouble is, I don’t read aloud well, and never have. I grew up dyslexic, and it’s remained uncomfortable for me even as an adult.
I’m usually a fairly harsh critic. It depends. I tend to really not watch my work, because I just feel uncomfortable, and I can be highly critical.
Sometimes when people talk about me in fashion, I feel – I don’t want to say uncomfortable, but I still don’t believe that I’m in ‘fashion.’
The biggest barrier to dealing with climate change is us: our own attachment to habits that are hard to shift, and our great ability to park or ignore uncomfortable choices.
It’s an uncomfortable thing to talk about myself, in general.
I don’t know about scared, but ‘Chernobyl’ definitely made me deeply uncomfortable. Almost addictively uncomfortable: don’t know what that says about me. But I came to love the tatty Soviet brutalism of it.
I get uncomfortable and kind of scared sometimes of certain public situations because, since I’ve been on TV or I’ve appeared in some films, people think this boundary between us has been removed, and I owe them something.
I am always interested in making myself as uncomfortable as I can. Sometimes I ask myself, ‘Can I stand onstage and sing this song and sell it?’ Sometimes I can’t. In a room, you get to pretend a little bit and step outside of yourself.
I will forever be fascinated by how people deal with adversity, how people react in moments of crisis, or how people behave when life gets uncomfortable.
Actual gay people can make many others feel uncomfortable and paranoid because they don’t know and can’t articulate what makes a person gay, and they worry that maybe they themselves are gay.
Failure to find a way to incorporate political Islam in democracy, however uncomfortable its ideology is for secular liberals, will mean we have given them little alternative but to find other means of expression. Inevitably, some of this would be violent.
Sometimes it gets a little uncomfortable to not do everything. That was my modus operandi for many years, but I just feel like I want to do challenging roles.
Josh Pais
I get along well with my medical team and I have a tremendous amount of respect for them. But the idea of discussing my finances during a doctor‘s appointment makes me uncomfortable.
Now, race is one of those topics in America that makes people extraordinarily uncomfortable. You bring it up at a dinner party or in a workplace environment, it is literally the conversational equivalent of touching the third rail.
I still get very uncomfortable and flushed on the street if somebody recognizes me or stops me. I don’t know what to say. It’s uncomfortable and strange.
The reality is I have a closet full of shoes that I don’t wear because they are not comfortable, and I am not going to be hobbling between meetings. There’s nothing that ruins an entrance like somebody who’s uncomfortable in their shoes.
I am uncomfortable talking about the things that I write. It seems unseemly to me. I have no problem at all when I see anybody else talking about the same project, but I feel my work should speak for itself.
I always have this image of a woman running across a desert carrying children, trying to find water and food, not knowing when they’ll get that. And her feet are slashed up from the dry, hard earth… Even when I’m uncomfortable, sometimes in pain, or just cold… I think, ‘Thank God for what I’ve got.’
Cube‘ was the first big science fiction film I was a part of. It was a fantastic directorial debut by one of my oldest friends Vincenzo Natali and it remains one of my most painful and uncomfortable roles. It’s also one of my favorites.
The difference between blues, jazz, rock n’ roll and rap is that rap stayed poor. Even the white rappers are poor. It’s scarier to look at poor people; it makes everyone uncomfortable. Their pain is something that people would like to see swept under the rug.
Donald Trump doesn’t speak like a politician, and that’s made some people uncomfortable. In a world of political correctness run amok, his straight talk has been a breath of fresh air.
No one should feel uncomfortable when they come to a NASCAR race.
I’m the guy who gets uncomfortable. That’s why I was able to write ‘The 40-Year-Old Virgin’ and ‘Knocked Up.’ I believe in those guys.
I get uncomfortable in large groups of people and loud music.
Kristin Kreuk
I was told that, when ‘Betrayal‘ was being produced by one of the provincial companies in England, the two actors playing those roles actually went into a pub one day and played that scene as if it were really happening to them. The people around them became very uncomfortable.
I like a role that is challenging. That’s what I look for and I’m certainly always looking to move further and maybe push myself into a place that might be temporarily uncomfortable so that I might learn something.
I know people always say to get out of your comfort zone and take risks, but when you are on a live national television show, and you are competing to stay on it, then I don’t think you should be uncomfortable up there. I think you should sell it and be your own best self.
Life is not always going to be roses and rainbows. You are going to have uncomfortable moments. It’s what we do with those moments that is going to count and determine our destiny.
If you really want to make a relationship work, at some point in time, you’re going to have to make some sacrifices and do some things that are a little bit uncomfortable.
So when we finally settled down outside of Seattle I felt totally uncomfortable with that idea.
To me, wearing glasses is no pleasure, but once I conceded that I simply couldn’t properly judge distance without them, I began to experiment. I tried glasses and found them uncomfortable. I switched to contact lenses, and they also bothered me.
I love being uncomfortable. I love feeling very revealed. And when I watch a piece of work that I’ve done, I’m actually looking for that. How naked is this character? How truthful is this character? If it’s truthful, there’s automatically a separation.
I’ve played horrible people and done horrible things, and there were moments on ‘The Knick’ where it was super uncomfortable – some of the things I had to do and say.
Over the years I’ve grown more comfortable with making people uncomfortable because that is when growth can happen. You need a little conflict. You need a little tension. And that is part of my calling. A little tough love goes a long way!
I used to go to some Harvard parties with my athlete friends, and they would introduce me as ‘Winona, the Indian activist.’ It made me uncomfortable. I felt like a novelty.
I like to dress the way I like to dress. I kind of like rebelling against the social norms… I feel uncomfortable wearing just, like, regular stuff.
I don’t have any ambitions as an actor. I felt very uncomfortable doing it. The first take every day I’d open my mouth and no words would come out. I’d do a couple of takes and eventually I could run the lines.
Evan Glodell
When I see a movie with someone it’s kind of uncomfortable.
You want the audience to be uncomfortable.
Richard Thompson
When you are in an unpleasant environment that makes you feel uncomfortable, one of the key ways to improve that situation is through design. That’s why I think it is so important to help develop and showcase young designers, as they are our future.
Yelena Baturina
I like putting myself in uncomfortable situations.
I must always, always have a box of Extra chewing gum in my bag because I have developed a terrible cheek-chewing compulsion. It’s not only uncomfortable, but I look really weird when I’m doing it, and chewing gum is the only way I can stop myself.
Things that are uncomfortable and demand time and effort and patience we can switch off to. And I am intrigued by that concept. It’s about human tolerance.
I do think that we all draw limits and I feel like part of the work of an artist is it shouldn’t be fun. This shouldn’t be comfortable. I’m not looking to make people feel unsafe, but I am looking to make people feel uncomfortable.
Everything about your life, about your body, grows! Your cells regenerate; your hair, your nails, everything grows for your entire life. And your soul needs exploration and growth. And the only way you’ll get it is by forcing yourself to be uncomfortable. Forcing yourself to get outside, out of your head.
Work that mobilizes you 24 hours per day and makes you responsible to all of the people in the country is worth propelling yourself through jetlag and uncomfortable news for.
As the cinema is changing, on-screen kissing, love-making scenes are becoming part of the narrative. I am not saying it is wrong, because it is the reflection of how our society has changed and become comfortable with it. But I am uncomfortable performing it on screen.
That word ‘funny’ always makes me feel uncomfortable. Because if I were trying to be funny, I would be something like Bill Wegman – he really tries to be funny. I don’t try to be funny. It’s just that I feel the world is a little bit absurd and off-kilter, and I’m sort of reporting.
John Baldessari
One of the things I’ve really gotten past in the last couple of years is the idea of being made uncomfortable by the way things appear, rather than how things are. Clearly in this business you have to contend with a lot of that.
Aimee Mann
Most of my standup is about stuff that makes me uncomfortable. There are also things I don’t joke about. I don’t do jokes about the people who helped me get sober.
Martha Kelly
When you feel like an oddball, it never really leaves you. Even now, I’m better around people who are uncomfortable with themselves – the misfits.
The thing that gives me great hope is that I think, if anything, our world now is ready to be, like, ‘This stuff happens.’ We’re not trying to pretend like terrible things don’t happen, that uncomfortable situations, uncomfortable behavior, unhealthy behaviors don’t occur in our daily lives.
Reading about myself on public platforms makes me uncomfortable. I don’t like it. I read other people’s interviews or articles, but when it comes to myself, if I see something about myself then I immediately turn over the page.
Dramas make me laugh. The other day, I saw ‘The Place Beyond the Pines,’ and I was giggling the whole time. I laugh when I’m uncomfortable.
Nathan Fielder
When things come up, you deal with them. However uncomfortable that is, let’s have this discussion right now.
It’s actually very freeing to be given permission as an artist to let that ride and to really let it ride, to actually experience it and bring it out of you. It’s been uncomfortable and it’s freeing at the same time.
There are always going to be some people who are uncomfortable getting any football information from a woman. And honestly, I know that’s supposed to bother me, but it doesn’t, really.
We need space to discuss unspoken, uncomfortable dark truths.
We need to start by having a conversation about climate change. It would be irresponsible to avoid the issue just because it’s uncomfortable to talk about.
Wearing a corset is extremely uncomfortable.
I would rather be uncomfortable with the truth than to be lied to in comfort. That’s just my nature.
Leaving my house and getting on to a red carpet is always crazy for me, because you have to find a way to be comfortable in the most uncomfortable situation imaginable.
I don’t find it uncomfortable that I’m recognized and liked by so many people. If that were hard for me, I wouldn’t be doing this work. Rather, I think I’d be more sad when a day come when people don’t recognize me.
I fall in love with characters when they’re out of their element or are uncomfortable and you really feel for them in a knee-jerk sympathetic way.
It is very uncomfortable to be dizzy 24 hours a day.
I always felt uncomfortable with real estate because buildings don’t move, and neighborhoods change.
I like to put myself in the most uncomfortable position.
Exposing any subject that is unpleasant or controversial means risking judgment and making some people feel uncomfortable.
America tends to worship the modest talent because it doesn’t put us in an uncomfortable position vis-a-vis the artist.
There are nothing but great things that come out of dancing. People are laughing, people are uncomfortable, it’s an ice breaker.
I love to continue to evolve as a player, and sometimes the only places you can do that is when you’re uncomfortable, and sometimes when you’re at home for too long, it’s not that.
My privilege as a white man, my privilege as the mayor and the leader of the institutions of power in this community I believe shielded me from time to time from the many difficult and uncomfortable truths about our history and about our society.
The only reason I figured out I didn’t like my old records to listen was I could hear how nervous I was and how uncomfortable I was. And who would want to sit around and listen to yourself being uncomfortable?
I’ve always been kind of uncomfortable just on the beach in a swimsuit. I’m never my most confident in a bikini on the beach, especially when you know people are looking at you, and they expect one thing because of what they see in the magazines, and you might not look that way. It’s always been a scary thing for me.
It makes white men uncomfortable that there aren’t more stories about them because it somehow is perpetuating the idea that they aren’t the center of the universe – and they wouldn’t give up that position lightly.
I never felt comfortable in real life very well. It’s always been an awkward kind of thing for me and so when I hit the stage I just sensed freedom. I sensed, ‘Here’s a place that I can have all the experiences of life and not feel uncomfortable about it.’
I am truly obsessed with Lena Dunham. I find everything about her unique and refreshing. She is a brilliant, hilarious and honest writer who is not afraid to make her audience uncomfortable.
Spencer Kayden
I’m used to being in uncomfortable situations. I actually thrive in uncomfortable environments.
It’s funny. Some people now are like, ‘Why would you transition? Why can’t you just be comfortable how you were born?’ That was my logic, but at a certain point, I realized that I was born uncomfortable.
I use a lot of different words for God – infinite intelligence, primordial, perfection or universal creativity. All of these, to me, are God. And ‘God’ is a word, I think, that some people feel uncomfortable with, so they can use another word, you know? It’s the great mystery.
I’ve become a voice for young women who are growing up and uncomfortable being vulnerable, uncomfortable with changes, heartbreak – and becoming jaded.
I’m not a big fan of self-driving cars where there’s no steering wheel or brake pedal. Knowing what I know about computer vision and AI, I’d be pretty uncomfortable with that. But I am a fan of a combined system – one that can brake for you if you fall asleep at the wheel, for example.
I struggle if I have chaos around me, but at the same time, if I don’t have it, I’m uncomfortable. It’s a strange thing: If I don’t have chaos, I create it.
As a big man you may struggle to get much height when jumping for a ball – but by training with your defender team-mates you can develop a technique for making strong challenges in the air, making defenders uncomfortable and work on taking the ball down.
Indian celebrities have the media and fans permanently outside their homes, and that would make me really uncomfortable.
I’m not uncomfortable around guns – I’ve hunted for most of my life – but bringing them on stories is considered taboo.
Growth is uncomfortable; you have to embrace the discomfort if you want to expand.
I found them uncomfortable and after that I decided to continue running barefoot because I found it more comfortable. I felt more in touch with what was happening – I could actually feel the track.
Zola Budd
I love comfort. Comfort is very key to me because I spend most of my time in very uncomfortable things, so it’s all about trainers and flats.
I’m sensitive, and I don’t ever want to make anyone feel uncomfortable.
I get very uncomfortable with negativity.
Sector-specific price declines, uncomfortable as they may be for producers in that sector, are generally not a problem for the economy as a whole and do not constitute deflation.
CEOs are called by their first names by young whippersnappers. That makes everybody uncomfortable. We need order and structure back in the workplace.
You may have to change how you guard somebody because of how they play. But the mindset stays the same – making people uncomfortable, making them do what you want them to do instead them dictating on offense.
Shows I’ve done in war zones are the greatest. The first time I was in Iraq, I kid you not, I felt so uncomfortable having the troops say, ‘Thank you.’ It’s so deep and heartfelt.
We live in a world in racing where the guy who’s comfortable being uncomfortable does well.
In the best writers, the outward-reaching interest in the ‘found subject’ leads back at a hairpin to some uncomfortable inner recognition that the writer has journeyed very far to see; he comes home half-dead.
I was asked to go in to the ring and perform things I was very uncomfortable with – doing jumps from high ropes in five inch heels.
It’s definitely a thing to be sitting there, getting a pedicure, and you look over and someone is reading an article about an aspect of your life that you know is not true. It’s weird, it’s uncomfortable, but I don’t see it changing anytime soon, so I should figure a way to laugh through it.
I try to make myself, and subsequently the audience, as uncomfortable as possible, whether it’s completely desecrating a song they thought was one thing, or getting too drunk to really do a very good job.
Comfort rules. You want to be able to sit in a good chair comfortably for a few hours and be able to talk and enjoy a glass of wine. There’s nothing worse than sitting in an uncomfortable chair.
Amanda Pays
Right-wing, pivot, centre-back, full-back, right, left. I’ve never felt uncomfortable anywhere.
People are always quick to judge SPW because of the fact that I wear heels. For me, I just have no choice. This is just how I feel beautiful and how I feel awesome. I would just be so uncomfortable onstage if I was wearing something else.
There are things in low comedy that make people uncomfortable, and there are things in high comedy that make people bored.
Lorne Michaels
Listen, there is no equality without the loss of power. Someone is going to have to lose power. That is really uncomfortable for some people to actually think about, but in order for marginalized people to gain power, white, cisgender, straight, people are going to have to lose some and that’s just how it is.
I do like making people feel uncomfortable – it’s separating the wheat from the chaff.
I don’t aspire to be a sex icon, I don’t know why anyone would. It’s an uncomfortable position to put yourself in… it’s something that we all haven’t really made our minds up about, and that’s why we find it all so interesting.
Billy Howle
I am convinced that the better you know your mate off the pitch, the more you are able to work for him on it in uncomfortable situations.
It has always seemed slightly uncomfortable, the idea of politicised musicians. Very few of them are clever enough to do it; if they’re good at the political side, the music side suffers, and vice versa.
When you relate to a person and are being friendly, it’s easy to do a scene without looking uncomfortable.
Doing music to pay bills is an uncomfortable situation. I never wanted to be in that situation.
I think you should never be forced to be nice as an artist. An artist has to be uncomfortable in a way. Narcissistic and uncomfortable.
I happen to have a giant ego, an admission that will not shock my close friends or critics. I am not uncomfortable in saying that because the ego of a man often gets great things done.
I knew that part of the problem with sensitive issues is that, because they’re uncomfortable to address, we have a hard time doing so honestly, if at all.
I am very religious, but talking about it makes me a bit uncomfortable.
In nearly a decade in city government, I have learned that the easiest thing to do in government is nothing. And in trying to deliver change, there will be those who are invested in the status quo who will be disrupted, or uncomfortable, or even lose out.
I felt uncomfortable calling myself a writer until I started with ‘The New Yorker,’ and then I was like, ‘Okay, now you can call yourself that.’
I’ve learnt to hide my tears on stage. They make people uncomfortable.
Martha Wainwright
There are things that are only palatable until they become uncomfortable for us, so it’s very easy to complain about some problem the minute it becomes a problem for you. But you’re okay with certain aspects of gentrification if they’re the aspects you like.
I think feminism‘s a bit misinterpreted. It was about casting off all gender roles. There’s nothing wrong with a man holding a door open for a girl. But we sort of threw away all the rules, so everybody’s confused. And dating becomes a sloppy, uncomfortable, unpleasant thing.
The unknown makes people uncomfortable. And even living in a city that’s as cosmopolitan as New York City is, there’s so many things I don’t know about other cultures, even though I encounter other cultures – maybe even 18 or 19 of them – when I get on a subway car every day.
I was very green when I started in WWE and felt very uncomfortable with talking.
I know that it’s a big struggle with a lot of women to dress up – especially now women have been working – because it can be uncomfortable. So it was important to me with my role to make clothes that are slightly more dressed up but easy to wear.
The only thing that makes me uncomfortable is when people that do drink, don’t drink around me.
Eeew, I’d be a little uncomfortable Googling myself. People sit there – and Google themselves? That’s kind of weird.
I need to put myself out in the world and be brave and be uncomfortable. When I do, it means I can enjoy life so much more.
If I’m in a bad mood, or if I’m uncomfortable, it’s probably what I’m wearing that’s making me feel that way.
I loathe nowheres – airports and bland hotels. I would rather be in an unpleasant, uncomfortable place rather than one just adrift, floating around.
It’s a huge headache – the more money you have, the more hassles. I find money very uncomfortable.
Upamanyu Chatterjee
The athletic part I never struggled with. It was the promos, the talking and, being uncomfortable in front of the crowd. Especially being a ‘bad guy,’ having people call me names, that was hard getting used to.
I’m an impatient person in many respects. I like to put myself in uncomfortable situations. It forces me to deliver.
Fiscal conservatism is just an easy way to express something that is a bit more difficult, which is that the size and scope of government, and really the size and scope of politics in our lives, has grown uncomfortable, unwieldy, intrusive and inefficient.
My record label always says you shouldn’t talk about money because it makes people extremely uncomfortable. Refugees can’t talk about money. Rappers can talk about money; refugees can’t talk about money.
It makes me uncomfortable to talk about meanings and things. It’s better not to know so much about what things mean. Because the meaning, it’s a very personal thing, and the meaning for me is different than the meaning for somebody else.
My whole thing is I don’t want to break mentally. I want to find comfort in uncomfortable situations.
Selfishness, narcissism, being uncomfortable in your own skin, not feeling connected to the world around you, feeling dislocated from family and youth, having a strange relationship with your childhood – all those things feel really true to me.
I’m comfortable with anything that fits me well. Bad tailoring is what I am uncomfortable with.
When I was first asked for an autograph, I felt so uncomfortable that I just wrote, ‘Tig’s Autograph,’ and from then on, that’s what I write when I sign my name.
I’m a person who likes to hang out. I would never go on a blind date. That sounds like the most uncomfortable thing on the planet earth. It’s like, ‘Hi. Nice to meet you. So, what kind of music do you like?’ Date ended.
I was really uncomfortable with fame. I mean, it’s lovely and flattering, and you enjoy all the razzmatazz and being flown around, but when people suddenly call you a star, you think, ‘I’m not a star, I’m just playing a star role.’
I think most fiction focuses on uncomfortable settings because that’s interesting.
I’ve always been drawn to discomfort and that limbo of unease you get between comedy and tragedy. Making people laugh one moment and the next making them feel really uncomfortable.
I wanted to write or direct more than I wanted to be in front of the camera. I still occasionally feel completely uncomfortable being looked at.
I just care about what I get to unearth and what makes me uncomfortable and what makes me grow because, ultimately, I just don’t want to ever play it safe.
Earlier in my career, I wanted to do a lot of things under the radar because I felt uncomfortable in engaging with the fans because then they’re thinking, ‘Well, you’re doing it for publicity,’ or whatever.
Every job I took, I was deeply uncomfortable in terms of feeling unqualified. Every step, every risk I took, built confidence.
Amy Hood
I don’t feel uncomfortable in forbidding institutions, and work with, say, prisons or psychiatric institutions could be one of the things that evolve out of the Laureateship.
The very first Walnut Whales recording was recorded just a few weeks after I had started singing, out of the blue, started singing. And the voice, you can hear how uncomfortable I am with it, and how terrified I am with it.
I always tell people, never wear anything that’ll make them uncomfortable when you’re trying to go out and have a good time.
I’m very uncomfortable about the way I look but confident as a man.
I’ve always been comfortable in my own skin – sometimes a little too comfortable, which in turn makes other people uncomfortable.
I want everyone to know what it’s like to be very, very uncomfortable and to push themselves anyway. It helps build confidence when other challenges come up.
I do this work, but I am uncomfortable in situations where you’re hyped into something you’re not. Just because you’re in a long limo doesn’t mean anything.
I grant that people are generally uncomfortable with how fast privacy issues are changing in the world, but Google Glass is not going to move the needle on that.
If you feel uncomfortable about something, just because you’re in the public eye, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt when people say things.
There’s this idea of a star, and this person is very aloof and writes all the music, and they don’t talk to anyone unless they go through the record label. And I always felt very uncomfortable about that.
Choosing to avoid uncomfortable feelings offers immediate short-term relief, but avoidance can lead to long-term consequences.
I’ve been in situations where someone has told me that my video made them uncomfortable. This was a straight man, and I really don’t want to have to worry about making him uncomfortable. I should really be worrying about my own comfort and me putting out the best art that I can.
I write about what I know: teenage dating, overly charged sexuality, all the things that make you uncomfortable.
Change is uncomfortable.
I think people are made uncomfortable by uncensored expressions of emotion.
Sometimes it’s like watching a train wreck. You’re uncomfortable, but you just can’t help yourself. Some of those so-called bad interviews actually turned into compelling television.
I will write an entire script but not be commissioned by anyone. I want the freedom to walk away from it. If you’re uncomfortable, I will go away. There is no middle ground with me. Also because if I change my character, my story changes.
If people are made to feel uncomfortable in the kitchen, they won’t go in there. That’s why I think children learning to cook can be such a wonderful thing.
I don’t want to be known as an unprofessional actor. There was a time I was considered unprofessional, to a certain extent. I was very uncomfortable about that.
If North American musicians would only know how uncomfortable life is for European musicians.
The point of a presidential campaign is to put the candidate through the ringer: to force him to get banged up by his opponents and the press, and to have to answer the difficult and uncomfortable questions, be investigated, and learn the thrust and parry of political swordplay.
The purpose of art actually is, in many cases, to make you feel quite uncomfortable. Or at least to go to that place that’s already of discomfort inside of you and tap into that.
One shouldn’t ever be conscious of the author as lecturer. When social or moral points are too heavily stressed, I always get uncomfortable.
An Englishman thinks he is moral when he is only uncomfortable.
When you’re friends with somebody, it’s really easy to tell them ‘Help me do this; help me do that.’ It’s not an uncomfortable conversation.
It must be extremely uncomfortable to live with a writer – all that preoccupation and brooding.
I don’t dream – only if I’m uncomfortable or I’m going through something.
I’ve always been attracted to comedy that was really close to the line and made people a little uncomfortable, because that’s where progress comes from.
Part of what I’ve tried to do since I became ‘Hangman’ is try to give back to the world because I know I can make people feel a little more uncomfortable than maybe most wrestlers do.
All of us have our individual curses, something that we are uncomfortable with and something that we have to deal with, like me making horror films, perhaps.
I was such a sullen, angry, sad kid. I’m sure there are writers who have had happy childhoods, but what are you going to write about? No ghosts, no fear. I’m very happy that I had an unhappy and uncomfortable childhood.
It’s time for men to be held accountable when they make women feel uncomfortable or do things out of line.
We just don’t want to sell products that make anyone uncomfortable.
This is why I don’t usually have to create uncomfortable situations, because we are anything but a typical Premier League club. We got promoted with an £11 million budget.
To me, radio is about making you uncomfortable. Television is about making you comfortable: Who do you like? Who do you want to be friends with? So I don’t need to tower over people in television.
The Spanish league has better individual players than the German league. However, in Germany, there are more teams that are uncomfortable to play against because they are more aggressive than teams in Spain.
I am fascinated by the whole process of what it’s like to be alive, whether it’s unbelievably uncomfortable and horrible or whether it’s quite nice.
If I feel like I’m myself, then I’m very uncomfortable.
Women need to be able to speak out if they are uncomfortable or something happened in the past that they were not comfortable with.
I was so shy, it almost paralyzed me in social settings. And as shy people know, that can become a vicious cycle: The more uncomfortable you feel around people, the more you retreat, and the more shy you get.
I talk to teens everyday about topics that are often extraordinarily uncomfortable.
I’ve never had a homosexual or bisexual experience, but it doesn’t make me uncomfortable to dip into those feelings. I think a lot of women have those feelings without acting on them.
Enjoy the pressure. Enjoy the stress. Enjoy being uncomfortable. And don’t shy away from it, embrace it.
So many people dread Thanksgiving because they find it traumatic or uncomfortable. My suggestion is to come with a couple of great questions for the table.
If you imagine yourself to be someone who is very uncomfortable in their own skin, then it does funny things to your voice.
I’m at the stage in my pregnancy where I don’t feel pregnant. You feel very, ‘Oh yeah, I’m pregnant,’ because you’re over the morning sickness and it’s not too uncomfortable. It’s fun.
Kelly Stables
I think the only way you can really grow is if you push yourself and put yourself in uncomfortable positions and doing things that you’re not used to; it’s exciting.
I go away to places in Europe or America and I feel uncomfortable; I can’t wait to get home.
I want art to make me think. In order to do that, it may piss me off, or make me uncomfortable. That promotes awareness and change, or at least some discussion.
The fears you do not face become your walls. Most people in business, and in their personal lives, design everything so they can avoid doing what makes them feel uncomfortable. Yet any good business person knows we are not only paid to work, but also we are paid to be scared.
New York was very frightening and very overwhelming, and I didn’t really know anybody. My sister had some friends there, and I stayed with them, then I moved in with a friend of a friend. I was very outside my comfort zone. Then again, I was pretty uncomfortable in general – but I knew it was where I was supposed to be.
There’s people that are just in awe of what you do, and then there are people who just think it’s garbage. And I think there are people who are just uncomfortable seeing someone have fun with their job.
I think that if you’re going after large banks and large financial companies to try to make sure people are being treated fairly, you’re going to make some enemies, and you’re going to make people uncomfortable.
I could live my whole life being so comfortable doing things I’ve already worked hard to not be nervous at, or I could continue to push the envelope and make myself uncomfortable and learn and see what I’m capable of, and acting is definitely that.
Singing in public makes me very uncomfortable.
I’m unable to do the thing that Broadway actors do in plays, sometimes for years. The same exact blocking, the same exact lines. I’m a little bit uncomfortable with that. Every night I’m looking for ways to try something else.
If my stories make people uncomfortable, because it questions your set ideas and value systems that are convenient for a group of people or ideas that promote patriarchy and religious fanaticism, then my job as an artiste and a writer is done. The more you will cry foul, the louder my characters will speak.
I’d always been a little bit uncomfortable talking about my sexuality just because it took me a while to fully accept it. I had a bit of traumatic time with my friends when I was younger, and it kind of just put me off talking about it.
Dad could speak with a strong voice. And luckily, he was very good at lip-reading, so he was able to disguise his deafness well. He tried various hearing aids but would find them fiddly and uncomfortable, and worse, they often made horrible high-pitched noises.
It’s okay for me to make jokes about disabled people and people with horrible diseases because they make me uncomfortable, and I don’t want to be like them.
Some writers may hate interacting on social media. And if you do, don’t do it, because it shows. If you are uncomfortable being out in public, that shows, too, and makes the reader uncomfortable. So find the best way for you to connect with your readers and a way that you enjoy.
Extreme Makeover… they help people that are uncomfortable in their own skin. They really change lives.
Steven Hill
The masterstroke of male fraternity, I believed, was the practice of never speaking of anything remotely personal or related to one’s emotions. That way, no one is ever made uncomfortable. Any such awkward moments can always be dispelled with a flurry of pretend-punches.
I am looking for projects that challenge me, make me uncomfortable, and also projects that are in the hands of the right team. Then it’s up to me to take a leap of faith.
I never want to be a showoff or attention getter or something that, truthfully, is kind of repulsive to me, but I get uncomfortable.
I have written things that Republicans and Democrats and all kinds of figures have either hated or felt very uncomfortable about. Because in doing these long projects and books, you get close to the bone. And they’re not calling me up and asking me for dinner.
No one has the right to make where you go or what you do uncomfortable.
I don’t play right wing now but I am up and down the right wing a lot at club football. I know it would be a lot different but when I was younger I played there so I don’t think I’d be uncomfortable playing there.
Shyness is inherently uncomfortable; introversion is not. The traits do overlap, though psychologists debate to what degree.
The biggest downside of my current job is that I have to wear a suit to work. Wearing uncomfortable clothes on purpose is an example of what former Princeton hockey player and Nobel Prize winner Michael Spence taught economists to call ‘signaling.’
It’s like, what if you get a set of tires that aren’t balanced right or a driveshaft that’s vibrating. That could create a problem. You try to think of every possible scenario of what can make you uncomfortable and try to come up with a solution for it.
The reason I’m uncomfortable with celebrity and don’t care about it is that none of that matters. I think that’s why people attack me and think I’m arrogant. I’ve never felt the need to justify myself. If I make good music, that music will do the job for me, even when I’m dead and gone.
In my thesis, I made an intellectual exercise out of creating a pair of buildings that were a repeat but slightly different – dissonant things make me uncomfortable.
Human beings never think for themselves; they find it too uncomfortable. For the most part, members of our species simply repeat what they are told – and become upset if they are exposed to any different view.
There should be no individual that is uncomfortable showing up to our events to have a good time with their family that feels some type of way about something they have seen, an object they have seen flying.
Shopping is a great way to bond with the girls, but it definitely makes us focus on our bodies and compare ourselves to others. Something that should be a fun outing with the girls can turn into an uncomfortable experience.
I need to be looked after. I’m not talking about diamond rings and nice restaurants and fancy stuff – in fact, that makes me uncomfortable. I didn’t grow up with it, and it’s not me, you know. But I need someone to say to me, ‘Shall I run you a bath?’ or ‘Let’s go to the pub, just us.’
Quite a few people feel uncomfortable when faced with the claim that the Jews are the world’s smartest people. In our politically correct era, one is not expected to argue that one group within humanity has an advantage over all the others.
Just because ‘Mulk’ addresses some uncomfortable truths, trolls are having a field day. They say that the film has been funded by Dawood because that’s the easiest way to malign it. But I am not affected by such nonsense.
After having the sex change, it was about getting married and fitting in and blending into society, so to speak. When I had jobs, people would say, ‘Don’t talk about that.’ It really made people uncomfortable.
Breakups are still uncomfortable, period, and especially when you really are in love with somebody. They are not the easiest things to deal with, and once you break up, you’re trying to get used to not being with that person.
You know, I’m not really any good at working out when people are flirting with me. And I think I’m too flirtatious with people I’m trying not to flirt with! What I am good at is making people feel uncomfortable. I don’t want to but it always ends up happening!
I am a total workaholic. If I don’t shoot for two days, I get uncomfortable at home. I won’t comment on my personal life. That is totally out of bounds. When I do get married, everyone will know.
Fox is Trump’s safe space. It’s where he’s not going to be humiliated, where he’s not going to hear uncomfortable truths.
Money commands everything because that’s our interpretation of capitalism… what kind of world is that? It’s a very uncomfortable interpretation of a human being. We have been turned into robots.
I don’t treat the band like I’m above them or that they’re a hired hand for me. We’ve never worked that way. So I’m a team player. I would be very uncomfortable having to do this alone.
Because gender can be uncomfortable, there are easy ways to close this conversation. Some people will bring up evolutionary biology and apes, how female apes bow to male apes – that sort of thing. But the point is this: we are not apes. Apes also live in trees and eat earthworms. We do not.
Obviously, race is the elephant in the room, and we all understand that. Unless it is talked about constantly, it’s not going to get better… people have to be made to feel uncomfortable, and especially white people, because we’re comfortable. We still have no clue what being born white means.
I wasn’t exactly uncomfortable when I did my first comedy. I was just very aware of the risks; if you do a comedy that sucks, and you suck in it, then you won’t get a chance to do it again.
In any situation, it is good to be aware of even your co-workers, and if you are uncomfortable or concerned about a colleague’s behavior, report it to a supervisor.
I really try to put myself in uncomfortable situations. Complacency is my enemy.
I’m never really comfortable; I think it’s kind of natural to feel uncomfortable, and I think if people say they are comfortable, they’re just lying.
I don’t think Amber taped Scott or testified for money, but the opportunity certainly presented itself. It makes me a bit uncomfortable, but at least she never sold the story before trial to the tabloids.
Catherine Crier
People always make me uncomfortable when they ask me: ‘Who’s this song about?’ I feel like I let you read my diary and now we have to have a conversation about it! I already let you read it, let’s just leave it at that.
The uncomfortable reality we must face is that California, like the nation as a whole, has treated generations of African Americans and Latinos as largely disposable.
I don’t think I’ve been shy in the past. Young and uncomfortable, maybe. But shy? It has become this annoying term that I’ve been lumbered with.
I feel a little uncomfortable at being asked the sorts of questions that other Catholics in public life tend not to be asked.
I’m always made a little uncomfortable by studies that assert that Millennials are the most narcissistic generation in history. To me, being young has always meant being self-absorbed; in many ways, that’s what youth is for.
When I was growing up, I always wanted to be somebody else and live somewhere else. I’ve always felt a little uncomfortable around people.
Donald Ray Pollock
When I’m a lady, I’m a lady. Can you imagine walking into a men’s room and seeing a beautiful goddess standing at the urinal? It would be as much uncomfortable for them as it is for us.
Sahara Davenport
You have to be slightly uncomfortable with what you’re doing, and you have to be able to try to find moments of newness.
They are uncomfortable talking about sex because they don’t want people to think they know about it.
Sue Johanson
I am uncomfortable with heights, I’m scared of the dark and I am scared of big crowds.
Bubba Watson
I’ve been called Mr. Eddie‘s brother, but I don’t trip on that. Whether you realize it or not, that’s a sign of disrespect. If you address me, call me by my name. You can’t lower me or make me feel uncomfortable.
Reading in a sound booth seems very strange. Everyone has a process they are comfortable with; this was uncomfortable for me.
A lot of sport is being comfortable with being uncomfortable.
The truth of the matter is, ‘uncomfortable’ does not equal ‘unsafe,’ and ‘disagreement‘ does not equal ‘danger.’
I feel uncomfortable because I’m insecure about who I am.
I was victimized by the old Hollywood typecasting thing. I had to really fight to get out of it, so I was uncomfortable with it.
You have to get uncomfortable to meet your goals.
I am used to making people upset and uncomfortable with my lyrical content when it comes to music.
You know, it was uncomfortable doing the same thing. I don’t like a rut.
Humor has become so cliche and boring that nothing’s funny anymore unless it involves something totally disgusting that offends somebody or makes them feel really uncomfortable.
I understand it’s great to read a great book, but it’s better to live your life. It just helps me. It’s uncomfortable at times, but you have to live outside the circle.
I have a theory, which is that the idea of a roast is to go to this forbidden, uncomfortable, almost performance-art-level shock place, but because we’re so regularly shocked and offended today, the idea of an hour and a half of unbridled negativity is just so unappealing.
Yes, you have to be brave enough to take steps that your heart is telling you to take. Because when I decided to go into cricket, not one person told me I was making the right move. At that time, nobody thought the IPL would become so big. I was nervous at that time, because suddenly I was in an uncomfortable spot.
I get very uncomfortable with people watching me.
I like to play the grey areas in life – that’s the most uncomfortable place to be. Nobody likes to be in that in-between state where there don’t know what’s going to happen. There’s a lot of tension in that, and a lot of stuff to play with – where it’s uncomfortable and awkward and sad and scary.
Personally, I like films that make me a little bit uncomfortable because I think you’re uncomfortable when something is real.
Some people are uncomfortable saying what they feel.
Football helped me with confidence that I needed. It gave me a sense of independence and earning my own money and my own keep. That’s what it served. It gave me the strength to be able to deal with rejection, politics, hard work, and being introduced to pain and embracing what’s uncomfortable.
The line between private and public lives is a fertile one for me. I’ve lived quite a public life, and it’s the reason I have used well-known people in my work. I’m interested in what’s going on beneath the facades they present to the world, taking them to a place which is uncomfortable.
My music is – there’s no litmus test, there’s no political litmus test for listening to it – but I am never going to compromise one iota to satisfy with someone who’s uncomfortable with the ideas I feel in my heart.
His work isn’t all glower. Even though he hasn’t smiled in a movie since the underratedProof‘ in the early 1990s, Mr. Crowe is given to a hurt swallow when he’s uncomfortable and to a look of suffering in his eyes.
Locomotion can be uncomfortable in VR, but a number of developers have figured out how to do some subtle locomotion.
I think toward the end of my run as an Emmy nominee, I started to dress better. At the beginning I was overdressed and uncomfortable.
Christina Pickles
I’m uncomfortable doing commercials.
I do a workout every morning in which I purposefully try to make myself uncomfortable. It sets me up for the rest of the day by reminding me that I can choose to be OK in the midst of tough challenges.
No matter how pretty or designer the clothes are, I don’t like to wear anything that is uncomfortable.
In the early days of my modelling career, I think the industry was uncomfortable with how strikingly different I was.
Even when the attention focused on me is positive, I am uncomfortable being looked at by a lot of people – it’s just not my natural state of being.
What I firmly believe in is making positive steps in the right direction gradually and that way you move yourself into a healthy lifestyle gradually and that means you never do anything that’s uncomfortable.
One of the most important misunderstandings for white people to get over to move forward is this idea that racism is a good-bad proposition – that if we’re good we can’t be part of it, that being uncomfortable means you’re a terrible person. We have to let go of that and understand it as a system we all live in.
I like people who shake other people up and make them feel uncomfortable.
That’s how to make a stand-up comedian: You take a person who is uncomfortable and try to squirrel their way out of it through humor.
We’ve yet to deal with the uncomfortable history of England being involved in the transatlantic slave trade, whereas America has at least made some movies dealing with its racial history.
When you run into someone who is disagreeable to others, you may be sure he is uncomfortable with himself; the amount of pain we inflict upon others is directly proportional to the amount we feel within us.
Life is about embracing the things that make you different, which is often an uncomfortable thing to do.
I’m going to force Danny Garcia to fight me, to be uncomfortable and to do things he’s not used to doing in a fight.
People feel uncomfortable talking about racial issues out of fear that if they express things, they will be characterized in a way that’s not fair. I think that there is still a need for a dialogue about things racial that we’ve not engaged in.
Following a trend too closely is a risky thing. If not properly executed, you could easily end up looking uncomfortable, over-styled, and downright foolish.
I have asked people repeated follow-ups for a while and asked people uncomfortable questions for a while. I just try to hold people accountable.
The more you seek the uncomfortable, the more you will become comfortable.
I’m ready for a Christianity that ‘ruins’ my life, that captures my heart and makes me uncomfortable. I want to be filled with an astonishment which is so captivating that I am considered wild and unpredictable and… well… dangerous. Yes, I want to be ‘dangerous’ to a dull and boring religion.
People pretend to know me when they don’t. I feel uncomfortable when I feel like I don’t remember someone.
Isabelle Fuhrman
Prayer for many is like a foreign land. When we go there, we go as tourists. Like most tourists, we feel uncomfortable and out of place. Like most tourists, we therefore move on before too long and go somewhere else.
Robert McAfee Brown
I feel empathy for people who are trapped in a prison of self-consciousness in an uncomfortable way. We can be free, but we’re so held back. So perhaps that’s why I feel a duty to make my work. I feel liberated when I’m doing it, and I want other people to feel liberated through it.
If I’m in an uncomfortable situation, I think I can say something funny to defuse it. Sometimes you can’t.
I’ve never acted, but I’m an entertainer. So I kind of used what I know from being onstage. I’ve done a thousand and two interviews, and I’ve been on camera a million times, so I’m not uncomfortable on camera, but it was interesting for me to be someone else.
People are always like, ‘Did you purposely do something to make people uncomfortable?’ And I say the reason why it’s uncomfortable is because it’s either something that we can’t talk about or aren’t supposed to talk about, and they’re images that aren’t ever seen.
The most uncomfortable costumes have been when you’ve had to wear a corset.
If there’s one message I want people to take away is never compromise being your authentic self. Even if that means making others uncomfortable.
Mrs. Parks was a shy, soft spoken woman who was uncomfortable being revered as a symbol of the civil rights movement. She only hoped to inspire young people to achieve great things.
I’m uncomfortable, frankly, with the hype about Africa. We went from one extreme… to, like, Africa now is the best thing after sliced bread.
America… just a nation of two hundred million used car salesmen with all the money we need to buy guns and no qualms about killing anybody else in the world who tries to make us uncomfortable.
They sent me the script, asking me to play the part of a general. I have never played the part of an authority figure. I’ve never thought of myself that way. I was uncomfortable with it, but I worked at it and knew I had a guttural voice for a general.
I don’t hang out with the glitteringly successful people; I hang out with people who’ve been friends for many years, and to some extent I feel my worldly success is a bit uncomfortable for them.
Everyone at a party is uncomfortable. Knowing that makes me more comfortable.
I have realized that I hate going to the premieres of the movies that I’m in. Because I feel this tension after the movie is over that everyone feels obligated to say something nice to you. It’s so unnatural and uncomfortable.
You wanna build your IQ higher in the next two years? Be uncomfortable. That means, learn something where you have a beginner‘s mind.
I think so many women out there start with a lot of insecurities about their skin tone and whatever it is about their hair or whatever is they feel a little bit uncomfortable with.
I’m not happy on vacation. In those rare times when I have three hours with no work I have to do, I’m terribly uncomfortable.
We should be uncomfortable with the growing gaps in our society, and we cannot allow ourselves to become desensitized to these injustices.
I don’t believe you get to just act like things didn’t happen because it’s uncomfortable or sad.
I’ve never been uncomfortable sharing stuff. It’s almost the opposite. I’ll say the most blunt, brutally honest thing about any situation.
I will never come around to the idea of an anthropomorphic God. I’m also uncomfortable with the word ‘God’… I’m agnostic about the answer and I’m agnostic about the question.
I think in the summer it’s a good idea to use a body lotion after your shower; bath or sunbath. If you wait until you are dried out, your skin will not only look rough, but it will feel uncomfortable too.
I don’t know if you’ve ever shown anyone your work before you’re done with it, but it can be very uncomfortable.
Getafe is an uncomfortable rival for Barca and for anyone. They are experts in winning second balls.
I get uncomfortable when people give me presents and watch me open them. I don’t have birthday parties, because the idea of a group of people singing and looking at me while I’m blowing out candles gives me hives.
Whatever I feel uncomfortable about, I just say it.
It is troubling that modern slavery is a crime that can be hidden in the supply chains of the goods and services we use every day. The uncomfortable reality is that the money we spend could be driving demand for slavery across the globe.
Because of my disability I do find that people can be a bit uncomfortable around me, so I’ve always had one-liners and jokes in my back pocket ready in case someone felt a bit awkward.
My wife is not a public person. She is uncomfortable with the limelight, which is why I love her. I don’t want a political wife – I want someone who, when I get home, I can have a normal life with.
I think in some ways it makes me feel uncomfortable, just getting a bunch of attention. I’d rather just stay chill and kind of lay low.
You can’t keep letting people live their happy little lives in oblivion. To move forward they have to be uncomfortable.
Quitting because you don’t want to be uncomfortable will prevent you from growing.
Publishers give you deadlines for those last phases of production that are perfectly comfortable for them. So, to whatever extent I can, I like to push those to give me a little more time, and make it so that they’re as uncomfortable as I am.
Growing up in a school that was majority white, my understanding of the world was that I was different but that differences shouldn’t be talked about because it’s uncomfortable.
What I want to do with my music is to just encourage vulnerability, and to talk about things even if they’re uncomfortable. Everyone has mental health – everyone has a mind that works in different ways and goes through highs and lows.
I’ve done a couple of interviews, and I realized how uncomfortable I felt as soon as I started talking.
Contending that top-level, male high school basketball players are better than WNBA all-stars, while blatantly obvious, makes us feel uncomfortable to write.
When I was a kid, my dad kind of forced me to sing the third harmony for our little family group, and I just kind of hated it. I just felt so uncomfortable on stage, too shy.
Having your book edited is like watching your cat being operated on. It’s uncomfortable and someone is probably going to get hurt. Most likely the cat. But in the end, things work out for the best and your cat is better it. And then your cat gets released in hardcover, and you have to read all of his reviews.
Jenny Lawson
I’m a big believer in doing things that make you uncomfortable. So, we live in a world where we want to be as comfortable as we can. And we wonder why we have no growth. We wonder why – when the smallest thing in our life gets difficult – we wonder why we cower and we run away.
I get naturally uncomfortable when I’m put under a magnifying glass.
I’ve been offered political shows before, and I don’t know anything about politics and I feel uncomfortable making political opinions – there’s consequences to them. I often think I’m wrong, so I really don’t like getting in political or religious discussions because of the giant possibility that I might be wrong.
Randy Wittman told me not to shoot 3-pointers. That got me very uncomfortable. There were certain labels tagged on me very early in my career, spots on the floor where I felt uncomfortable.
I don’t mind fans coming up in a friendly, respectful way. That’s all part of the fun of being a top tennis player. But if people take pictures without permission, particularly if my children are in the shot, I feel uncomfortable.
I love how controversial pink is. Men still feel uncomfortable wearing pink. It’s ridiculous.
There was certain points shooting ‘Spring Breakers’ where I wasn’t uncomfortable at all, and that let me be free. It allowed me to play with what I love, so that’s what I wanted to do with my music.
In camp, you’re supposed to get comfortable at being uncomfortable; you have to be ready for when you are being punched in the mouth.
Tiananmen Square is a sensitive topic because many things happened there. The idea of turning the plaza into a forest makes many people feel uncomfortable.
Focusing on the way I look makes me uncomfortable. I try to focus on the way I feel – I know what makes me feel better about myself. Reading my child a story makes me feel great, doing my hair nicely doesn’t.
Nobody is forcing anybody who is uncomfortable with the terms of service to use Facebook. Executives point out that Internet users have choices on the Web.
I would be very uncomfortable doing a safe part. It would make me think something is wrong.
The nice thing about Reddit is, we don’t have to sell your data or build a profile of you or do stuff that makes people feel uncomfortable.
You get to a certain age and you start comparing and being uncomfortable in one’s body. And then you get to a place where you start to love yourself, accept yourself, celebrate and honor yourself.
It is true that you can say that death is natural, but it is also natural to fight death. But if you stand up and say this is a big problem, we should do something about this, that makes people very uncomfortable, because they’ve made their peace with death.
I felt a little uncomfortable because, when I went in to the military, I was the main male vocalist they had and when I came out they had like two or three vocalists. Otis came in when I was in the military, too.
William Bell
We are comfortable with the fact that we cannot know personally what happened in the world before we were born, yet we are uncomfortable with the notion that we will stop engaging with time at some point in the future.
I love doing stunts, though I have to be careful with my back. As for dances, somehow I am uncomfortable doing them. I lack grace.
Since I do not believe that there should be different recommendations for people living in the Bronx and people living in Manhattan, I am uncomfortable making different recommendations for my patients in Boston and in Haiti.
I feel very uncomfortable with respect to looking at inflation.
I always feel kind of awkward when I look at pictures of myself. Watching videos of myself is really uncomfortable.
Max Irons
I feel like some women do get away with doing these sexy shoots and looking like they’re being really empowered. For me, I’d feel really uncomfortable in that situation and a bit like I was being taken advantage of.
I don’t attempt to make people uncomfortable; I think that my standards in terms of art and journalism always have necessitated my discomfort.
We are extremely uncomfortable with the spiritual aspects of gardening, and yet most people feel it in some form or other, even if it’s a sense of connection to the greater world on a beautiful day.
I think people are uncomfortable talking about the racist history of this country and what we need to do to undo the impact of racism.
The most glaring aspect of white privilege is that when someone is described neutrally – without indicating color or ethnicity – more often than not, people will assume that the person is white. That assumption indicates an uncomfortable truth: in our society, whiteness determines humanity.
I think that to explore the uncomfortable and the politically incorrect is the job of the artist.
I don’t like new environments. I don’t like being around a lot of new people. It makes me uncomfortable.
I grew up near the sea in British Columbia and San Francisco, and lived in Malibu and Fiji for years. I get uncomfortable being too far inland.
Raymond Burr
I’ve never been uncomfortable being a frontman.
Empathy is an uncomfortable force in politics.
But, there was a time when we all had a great thing going but one person just became very uncomfortable with it and he had to try to change it around to suit him more and then it suited no one else but him.
I spend a good deal of time doing, for anxiety what’s known as exposure therapy where basically you’re supposed to confront things that cause you anxiety and learn to tolerate. It’s all about learning to tolerate discomfort rather that avoiding anything that might make you feel uncomfortable.
When you come to see a picture of mine, I want you to know that I’m not going to do anything that will make you uncomfortable. I want you to know that you won’t be disappointed in me.
I think, as an artist, you want to keep going – you want to keep taking challenges; you want to be pushed, in a way – and I think Sonic Evolution does that, it makes me feel a little uncomfortable and get out of my comfort zone.
At home is where you have to be stronger and get more points and make the other team feel uncomfortable.
Ayoze Perez
I can only be in the sun for 15 minutes before burning. I have sunscreen on my face every day. If I’m walking on the sunny side of the street, I’ll walk to the shady side. I’m too uncomfortable in the sun.
I was never the most technical; I was never the best at one aspect at this sport, but what I was always good as was negating people’s strengths and putting them in terrible situations where they’re uncomfortable.
Most people don’t do front squats because they’re uncomfortable, and there are easier alternatives, but to really add size to the quads, they’re a must.
I’m normally running three to 10 meetings at a time. I just pile them all up. I have no schedule and everybody just kind of meets at the same time. It sometimes makes people who are really important in their minds very uncomfortable because they’re used to getting an automatic three hours alone.
I also have that desire to blurt stuff out, but I’ve learned I can’t do that. Not when you realise the whole world is listening. That’s why perhaps I look so uncomfortable in interviews at times.
What is needed to pass gay marriage is not a Democratic majority – this past year has proven that to be true – but politicians and judges comfortable enough to ignore what the majority of the voters want and do what is uncomfortable, unpopular – and morally right.
I’ve been uncomfortable dealing with my identity since I was 16 years old.
Whenever anybody says what you do isn’t good, it’s always unflattering and makes me feel uncomfortable. But when the person who’s in charge of the United States of America says, ‘Not good,’ I’m like, ‘Oh.’ It’s a little unflattering.
I felt probably more uncomfortable than Beyonce. But I can’t answer for her.
Domestic life in the past was smelly, cold, dirty and uncomfortable, but we have much to learn from it.
If I only acted, I feel like I wouldn’t have enough creative expression over my own sensibility, and also if I only acted, the notion of surrendering my fate and future to other people is deeply unsettling to me and it would make me uncomfortable.
Alex Karpovsky
I know many beautiful people and their lives are just so terrible. They feel so uncomfortable with themselves. Being comfortable is not about what you look like, but how you feel.
Maybe silence is something we’re uncomfortable with as a culture, I don’t know.
On the first season of ‘The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,’ I was constantly uncomfortable with my eyes. It became annoying filming the show and having to turn away every few seconds and put drops in my eye.
I would much rather feel comfortable and feel beautiful, than to feel uncomfortable, but look fantastic.
When I walk down the runway, my main goal is to not think about the people watching. The idea of all eyes on me would make me too uncomfortable. As I step on the runway, I take a deep breath, focus on a point in the distance, and go!
We are at a time in history where everyone with any insight of the climate crisis that threatens our civilisation – and the entire biosphere – must speak out in clear language, no matter how uncomfortable and unprofitable that may be.
Yeah, I guess generally I don’t want things ever to be easy. While there’s some danger of doing something that loses your personal stamp on things, I’d rather take the chance of doing that and do something slightly uncomfortable or hard for myself.
We have far more options for black Americans to tell stories outside of slavery, but whenever it comes to slavery, it’s an uncomfortable subject. Why? Because it’s the most unresolved subject in American history.
I don’t like being called a celebrity. So much so that I find it very uncomfortable looking at myself on the screen.
I’ve always sort of admired and respected one’s ability to be comfortable with other people’s discomfort or, you know, their being comfortable making other people uncomfortable.
I feel that if I am uncomfortable, it will show on my face.
I still feel like a novice when it comes to classical theater, but I don’t ever want to become comfortable with anything. The greatest creativity comes from being nervous and uncomfortable.
I look away at car crashes, and I know people who look away at car crashes, because it makes us uncomfortable to watch other people in pain.
I’m Brian a lot more than I’m Paul Walker, which is awesome. When I hear, ‘Hey Paul Walker!’ my hair stands up on the back of my neck. It’s uncomfortable. But when I hear, ‘It’s Brian!’ it’s cool. I like Brian.
I am uncomfortable judging people, as we – members of the film fraternity – are judged more than anybody else.
With Portlandia, I don’t think our intention is always to find something funny. Sometimes the humor comes from taking something really seriously. We’re okay with making somebody feel uncomfortable or uneasy.
I’d always done family-friendly stuff. I wanted to do a film where I could show my darker side and make people uncomfortable.
I knew what it was to be uncomfortable in a movie theater watching unfolding on the screen images of myself – not me, but black people – that were uncomfortable.
We thought of cultural activities as a way of taking players out of their comfort zone and building team spirit, helping them be braver, and a bit more comfortable in the uncomfortable situations.When you involve the community in that they get interested.
My dad was a very unconventional Asian American man. He was very much not quiet, not shy, not passive. If he had to fart, he’d do it in the library. He did not care. He was like, ‘I don’t know these people. I’m uncomfortable, and I need to let it go.’
Crime, horror, and satire each aim to reveal an ugly or uncomfortable truth: one that, after the reveal, will ensure we’ll never be the same. The big difference between those genres being the effect they create.
Wear things that make you happy because, I think, that really shines through. If you feel uncomfortable in something, then I don’t think it ever really works.
That was where my dream began to take hold, of not havin’ to pick cotton and potatoes, and not havin’ to be uncomfortable, too hot or too cold. That in itself had driven me to try to find some better way of life.
A-Frame became an expression of creating a place where everyone would feel comfortable, even if you were made to feel uncomfortable in restaurants before. It’s a place where I explored my own insecurities as far as being mistreated in restaurants or being given the worst table.
Be careful in dealing with a man who cares nothing for comfort or promotion, but is simply determined to do what he believes to be right. He is a dangerous uncomfortable enemy, because his body, which you can always conquer, gives you little purchase upon his soul.
Gilbert Murray
Growth is usually uncomfortable. If you’re looking for comfort, you will more than likely feel tired and old earlier than you want, and the misery of your caged soul will always be looming nearby.
It’s a little weird exchanging pictures for money. You know what I mean. It makes me a little uncomfortable.
Noah Hathaway
Confusion makes people uncomfortable. They can’t put their finger on me.
Pretty much all I’m doing during an eating contest is being uncomfortable and not forgetting to breathe.
Making people uncomfortable is one of my hobbies.
I do think, with any beat, it helps to establish a basic level of comfort and cordiality, especially if you plan to ask uncomfortable questions. Sitting down in person for a meal or a coffee can help that.
The hardest part about traveling for work is that I’m a big guy, so traveling is sometimes uncomfortable for me.
I’ve never hosted a party in my life, not even my own birthday party. I’d feel really uncomfortable saying, ‘Hey everybody, let’s celebrate me!’ But I’m not antisocial. I don’t hate people.
I have always been uncomfortable with a series of movies. I hate that word ‘franchise‘ – it always makes me think of French fries. What I felt each time was that we were going for broke, that this was going to be the last in the series. You can’t count on anything.
I like making myself uncomfortable and throwing different stuff my way and trying to find a solution for it. I think that’s how you improve. Find a way to make yourself uncomfortable, get comfortable with it, and do it again.
The purpose of making people feel uncomfortable is to play with their preconceptions.
Perhaps it has been too uncomfortable for those with vested interests to acknowledge, but we have spent the best part of the past century enthusiastically testing the world to utter destruction; not looking closely enough at the long-term impact our actions will have.
I’m awkward at these things. Just being nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for Karate Kid was a real surprise and I was a little uncomfortable.
Pat Morita
I remember filming my TV show, ‘Growing Up Supermodel,’ and just being uncomfortable. And then when I saw myself on TV, not even recognizing myself, it was really hard to see.
While in some ways I lack privilege, in other ways I have a ton of it. I have a lot of resources and power. And when I’ve been in uncomfortable situations, just as every woman, practically, in this industry has been, I’ve been a lot luckier and had more help.
That’s the challenge as an actor. You put yourself in uncomfortable positions because that’s your job. Otherwise, just stay home and watch TV.
I never interacted with actors in any way, texting or otherwise, that should make anyone uncomfortable.
I’d like to think I have a strange affinity for the embarrassing. Not sure what that says about me. But I like the awkward, uncomfortable comedy.
I don’t know where the idea originated that memoir writing is cathartic. For me, it’s always felt like playing my own neurosurgeon, sans anesthesia. As a memoirist, you have to crack your head open and examine every uncomfortable thing in there.
I’ve gotten better at not making people feel uncomfortable with my shyness.
Clea Duvall
When I think about it, I do start to worry about this whole social media thing. It does make me uncomfortable; kids should be out, living their lives, getting out and enjoying themselves.
A horse is dangerous at both ends and uncomfortable in the middle.
Ian Fleming
Not being able to grow in comfort is a beautiful thing when you’re uncomfortable, so just embrace it and roll with it, and you’ll come out stronger.
Herr Schroder has conducted two electoral campaigns, and he is doing it again now, by not telling people what is really necessary. He keeps avoiding the difficult and uncomfortable issues, those that imply changes and therefore provoke discussions.
For the most part, it was never assumed that I was gay, and I’ve had people be sort of surprised that I was gay or act apologetic like they didn’t know, which would just make me really uncomfortable. And I never had shame for it, but I never felt like introducing myself as, ‘I’m Antoni. I’m gay. How are you?’
We get bored because we don’t want to sit with our fears. We don’t want to sit with our anxiety. We don’t want to sit with our stress because it’s uncomfortable.
I am drawn to intimate, often uncomfortable portraits of a woman persevering and awakening.
No one should feel uncomfortable when they come to a NASCAR race, so it starts with Confederate flags. Get them out of here. They have no place for them.
I’ve done a lot of talk shows where you can tell that the host is just thinking about what he wants to say next while you’re answering him and that’s really uncomfortable.
Dave Navarro
Now I’ve devoted my life to making sure that I can be a trailblazer for any other African American kids or any other gay kids or any other kids that just feel weird or uncomfortable and have their own issues and don’t know how to express themselves. I want to be like a beacon for those kids now.
To sit in my concert and be uncomfortable is brave. Because you could always leave, you know?
There are lots of parts of filmmaking that I don’t like. At the end of the day, especially on features, the film turns into a commodity. You have to play this entirely new game I’m very uncomfortable with.
The hardest thing to write was explaining what anxiety feels like. Every time I’d try to really write about what it feels like to have an anxiety attack, I would actually have an anxiety attack. It was good material but so incredibly uncomfortable.
Jenny Lawson
The most uncomfortable thing about going to space is coming home. It’s a little strange to get used to gravity again.
Some of the earlier stuff I did in studio with producers was very pop-directed, which I was uncomfortable with.
I spent a good amount of time with David Bowie, and I was talking about getting the band back together. He said, ‘Does it make you uncomfortable?’ I said ‘Yeah,’, and he said, ‘Good. It should. You should be uncomfortable.’
I think if I were a college professor, no one would say I was uncomfortable about being shy because that might be expected. But I think because of people’s stereotypes, they think of a football player as someone who is very outgoing and I’m not.
If you asked me to seriously kiss someone on a screen, I would be very uncomfortable. But I will lick any part of your face.
You don’t divorce simply because your spouse has a number of qualities you dislike and on occasions makes your life uncomfortable. If you are reasonable, you view divorce as a measure of last resort. There are many steps you can take in the meantime. You might even call in a trained mediator.
You can hit as many revolutions as you want, but women are always going to wear uncomfortable shoes that look good.
I’m uncomfortable with selfies and status updates documenting mundane pieces of my life, which I don’t think should be of interest to anyone else.
Honestly, from a very young age, before I had the language, really – anywhere that I encountered binary, whether it was in clothing or in toys or in media, it always made me uncomfortable.
If you’re somebody who writes songs or writes fiction, a writer that people pay for your opinion in any way, you shouldn’t be the least bit uncomfortable giving it to them. People want songwriters to tell them how they think and how they feel. That’s what a song is. That’s what I want to hear in a song.
I’m good at cold reading; I’ve made a living doing this, and most of the time I do audition, but it’s very tough. It’s a very uncomfortable, awkward process. You never get used to it, really.
Courtney Gains
It is uncomfortable to be reminded that the Catholic church only removed the reference to ‘perfidious Jews’ from the Good Friday liturgy in 1960.
I’d never want to go back to being in my twenties or thirties. I was lost and confused and uncomfortable in my own skin.
Even though I believe in mass social movements, I’m uncomfortable in crowds.
There’s certainly something very uncomfortable about the voyeurism involved in being in the press, being an actor, where people have a seemingly insatiable curiosity about, you.
The process of getting conscious, for me, was a very, very uncomfortable, disturbing, and sometimes physically painful process. And so that’s the standard to which I write, because it was what I’ve experienced over my time.
Most women get pregnant and even though it’s a challenge physically and uncomfortable, they generally wanted to be pregnant.
Mary McCormack
My parents felt so uncomfortable coming to the kind of theater I was in; they had nothing to say about it.
In Mumbai people never mob you. They might come and talk to you, but they never make you uncomfortable.
I would be a giraffe because I just want to experience what a sore throat and being a giraffe feels like. It would be really uncomfortable walking around in the Sahara and being like, ‘I really need, like, 15 lozenges for my giraffe body.’
I don’t really have loads of friends – three or four who are close. The thing that I love the most is playing with my band, and with everything else I feel kind of uncomfortable. I don’t think I’m socially awkward. I just prefer being behind a piano.
I just – I like the saccharin and the gooeyness of ‘Bachelor,’ and how just gross and like falsely romantic it is. Whereas, like, the ‘Real Housewives’ is just raw, and it’s just – it’s the fights that get me. It’s just very uncomfortable for me.
Change can be uncomfortable and scary. But I believe change exists to teach us to appreciate and enjoy the right now.
The last really expensive trip we took was so uncomfortable. It’s so lazy. I want somebody to give me a great $30 massage as opposed to a bad $265 massage.
It is often difficult to watch yourself onscreen, especially 60-feet high. As an actor, it is an uncomfortable experience.
I’m not good at telling a joke, but I can say a line in a certain way that makes people uncomfortable because they don’t know whether to laugh or not, and I love that comedy.
Walton Goggins
The magical and fantastical isn’t something I’m uncomfortable with in books, and I chafe slightly at the idea that a purely realist novel somehow has more value.
I have become a marketing tool and I feel very uncomfortable with that. There’s no space for me to express myself.