Undone Quotes

Here, we’ve compiled a list of the best Undone Quotes from famous persons: Alexa Chung, Kirsten Dunst, John Dryden, Kenko Yoshida, Jackie Cooper. The wide variety of quotes available makes it possible to find a quote to suit your needs. You’ve likely heard some of the Undone Quotes before, but that’s because they truly are great.

I like people more undone than made up. Patricia Arquette is the ultimate. She’s not anorexic or perfectly tan, she‘s not trying to be anything but what she is, and that’s the most sexy thing.
Even victors are by victories undone.
Leave undone whatever you hesitate to do.
Kenko Yoshida
So whatever I might have started to learn at that age was all undone by the next director and next crew in the next cheap picture, because I was allowed to get away with murder.
Jackie Cooper
Faced with what is right, to leave it undone shows a lack of courage.
A person who has not done one half his day‘s work by ten o clock, runs a chance of leaving the other half undone.
Emily Bronte
To separate children from others of similar age and qualifications solely because of their race generates a feeling of inferiority as to their status in the community that may affect their hearts and minds in a way unlikely ever to be undone.
Even on the red carpet, French celebrities keep it minimal. Think of Charlotte Gainsbourg – the look can be quite undone.
Life creates itself in delirium and is undone in ennui.
Most of the films I’ve tried to make I’ve ended up making. And they don’t necessarily go in the order you want to do. So I haven‘t got a huge list of undone films or stuff that’s just been abandoned forever.
We all know that history cannot be undone. But let me assure you that we Austrians know that, because of our history, we have a great responsibility.
We wrote the early idea for Undone’ but it just wasn’t working. Then Gwen had to go to England for some family stuff and when she was there, she sent me an email saying that she had an idea for what to do with Undone.’ She sent me these demos and she was totally right, there was something there.
I find it hard to relax around any man who’s got the second button on his shirt undone.
What’s done can’t be undone.
Nothing has been left undone by the enemies of freedom. Every art and artifice, every cruelty and outrage has been practiced and perpetrated to destroy the rights of man. In this great struggle, every crime has been rewarded and every virtue has been punished.
People are always fascinated by infidelity because, in the endwhether we’ve had direct experience or not – there’s part of you that knows there’s absolutely no more piercing betrayal. People are undone by it.
Anything that is worth doing has been done frequently. Things hitherto undone should be given, I suspect, a wide berth.
An idealist believes the short run doesn’t count. A cynic believes the long run doesn’t matter. A realist believes that what is done or left undone in the short run determines the long run.
So I guess the complete lack of any new developments is what struck me. That and the fact that much of the good we had done for the artistsside of the industry with G.O.D. had been just as quickly undone by the big boys.
Mike Wilson
The 21st century for the black community is about building human capital. That is the undone business. That is the unmet need. That is the completion of the civil rights mission.
When they talk of ghosts of the dead who wander in the night with things still undone in life, they approximate my subjective experience of this life.
Jack Henry Abbott
The unknown has undone many a president, and no matter the popularity of an Oval Office occupant, any and all presidents are vulnerable. Of course, one thing that seems to set Obama part from his recent predecessors is his ability to keep an inner calm about tough issues.
Once the fabric of a just society is undone, it takes generations to weave it back together.
I definitely think men prefer women more undone and natural than butch and masculine. They prefer a fresher, sexier, more feminine look.
I’m mostly interested in characters and how they manifest themselves in their relationships. I’m delighted that people relate to the characters in ‘Bojack,’ and hopefully they will too to the characters in ‘Undone.’ If they understand themselves or feel seen in a new way, I think that’s a wonderful thing.
I have been fortunate. I have done so many things and enjoyed so many things and had such a great life, not to imply that it is ending, but that there aren’t many things that I feel I have left undone.
For me, in my normal life, I’m very all-or-nothing. I’m super comfortable dressed to the nines – full hair and makeup. I love feeling really done up. And I love feeling undone. I love sweatpants and my hair in a topknot. I go with no makeup. Or I have a full look.
Briga Heelan
It is hard finding clothes that fit. At the German Vogue shoot most of the clothes were undone at the back.
Why would you be afraid of death? It would be an inconvenience. I have a lot of undone things and it’s bound to get in the way. But, no, it doesn’t scare me at all.