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For a very long time, loyalists were often left out of

For a very long time, loyalists were often left out of patriotic American histories of the revolution. Or they were caricatured as upper-class Tory reactionaries, or – rather like the Jacobites – made the subject only of nostalgic antiquarianism.
My definition of a star is someone who really lasts for a very long time.
Dave Foley and I have been friends for a very long time. We both actually have the same lawyer in Toronto.
I look at my paintings for a very long time before letting them out of my studio. I like to get on the treadmill and look around at all of my paintings while I exercise. I try to stare them down to make them reveal their weaknesses. If they reveal weaknesses, they get repainted.
In summer, my Sundays are often taken up with cricket. I play with a bunch of other over-competitive and overenthusiastic guys who I have known for a very long time.
After playing Saffy in ‘Ab Fab’, I needed to take time out from acting to see if I really wanted to do it. I had been doing it for a very long time and I was being sent the same sort of scripts again and again.
Most of what we know about sales comes from a world of information asymmetry, where for a very long time sellers had more information than buyers. That meant sellers could hoodwink buyers, especially if buyers did not have a lot of choices or a way to talk back.
There is a lot of talent and a lot of good things happening and coming from Molenbeek, but unfortunately, it has had to deal with a very, very long time of being ignored, really, and it was very easy, even in the neighbourhood where I grew up, to just fall off the grid, and nobody would notice it.
For all of the separateness of church and state, Christian morality has shaped Britain and its inhabitants for a very long time.
I just kind of, like, know who I am. I think that comes from having an incredibly strong sense of purpose for a very long time.
I am very bullish and I have been bullish on India for a very long time, and I see our own business growing very substantially.
Now we understand that experience counts for a lot. Tessa and I have been together for a very long time, we’ve been in a lot of situations and we know how to handle them.
If I were to wait only for roles that clarify my racial makeup, I’d be waiting for a very, very long time.
These are old issues. Female power, misogyny, the treatment of women, how you make meaning in the world. And these are all issues that I’ve been thinking about and writing about for a very long time.
Nothing is ever perfect. You have to make compromises and sacrifices, and it won’t always be as glamorous as the fairy tales may suggest. But I do believe there is a person out there who will love you for all your imperfections and messiness. And those kinds of people will be with you for a very long time.
Four months after we released ‘I Don’t Want to Be Funny Anymore,’ the album came out on EggHunt. Three months after that, we officially signed with Matador. That’s not a very long time: half a year between the first flood and the final signing.
We lived on our own for a very long time, and those are my happiest years, me and my mom.
I believe that a lot of what we put in our bodies really can harm us. It’s been proven that people who eat Mediterranean and Japanese diets live for a very long time.
Bruce Wayne needs a sense of humor to do his job. Batman, for a very long time, was going to a very dark place.
People shouting abuse has happened for a very long time, and I find it kind of amusing and irrelevant.
Tony Wilson
I’ve been a huge fan of the cable network FX for a very, very long time. I think their brand of comedy is incredible. For me, as an audience member, that’s a go-to channel.
Chris Klein
Five years is a very long time. If you think about it in terms of just people’s lives, in terms of who our audience is: if you were in high school when you first saw our stuff, you’re in college now.
Three days doesn’t sound like a very long time, and under normal, everyday circumstances, it’s not – but under POW camp conditions, it doesn’t take long to wear down a man‘s sanity.
I firmly believe that without the fans, I wouldn’t be where I am. I’m truly fortunate to be relevant for a very long time, and it’s because of them wanting to see more of me.
I’ve known for a very long time that making music for the church has been my calling.
You have to be gifted to begin with, of course, but what follows is a process that takes a very long time. You train, you listen, you travel, you follow artistes… all of it goes into making you who you are as a performing artiste.
The one thing people don’t appreciate, I think, is that central banking is not a new development. It’s been around for a very long time.
Society has been conditioned for a very long time to see beauty as something that’s been westernised.
I wanted to have the no. 1 show on the Discovery channel. I went for it for a very long time, and I was knocking on every door in L.A. that would answer, and sleeping in front of Discovery’s office, probably. It wasn’t working, so I decided to regroup and take a break from knocking on doors.
Houston‘s been getting flooded for a very long time. We always have to prepare for disasters and we have to do this in a very bipartisan way.
We don’t look at ‘Maha Kumbh’ as just another serial. We would like viewers to see what we see. We haven‘t had a game-changer on Indian television for a very long time. We hope this one will make difference to the way audiences look at the home-viewing medium.
Romney-Ryan is likely the best matched ‘team’ that has been on a national ticket in a very long time.
I suppose for a very long time I’ve been trying to understand how it is that people might make sense out of their lives and make meaning and make their lives meaningful in the face of the trouble that life brings.
I tried the paleo diet, which is the caveman diet – lots of meat. And I tried the calorie restriction diet: The idea is that if you eat very, very little – if you’re on the verge of starvation, you will live a very long time, whether or not you want to, of course.
A. J. Jacobs
Music was the only voice of cinema for a very long time before we had sound; it’s organically linked to cinema itself.
I can work on a verse for a very long time before realising it’s not any good and then, and only then, can I discard it.
I’ve been in the Green party for a very long time – when was it, 1986 – and I joined the party because I seriously wanted the party to have influence.
Whenever I have friends over, we end up eating and talking and losing track of time, and, once in a while, singing karaoke. It reminds me of the family meals we had in Russia, which always lasted a very long time. That’s a tradition I miss.
Like the UAE, we have been thinking of the time after hydrocarbons for a very long time.
I thought for a very long time that I had to conform or maybe change the way I look, or maybe the hijab was dimming my beauty. I took a moment, and then I realized, you know what, there’s a lot of girls who do wear this, and this is their reality. It just made me even more prouder to wear it.
I used to do promo work, where you would be paid not very much to stand in the street for a very long time endorsing a product that you’d either A, never heard of, or B, didn’t like.
Chris Geere
Sometimes things can take a very long time and still not be very good. It took us all of evolutionary history just to get where we are today, for instance, and mostly where we are today is on the couch.
It’s too bad that ‘Dragon Ball,’ which I drew for a very long time, has ended. Just kidding. I’m incredibly glad. Now I can just leisurely sit around!
I’ve loved vampires for a very long time. In eighth grade, I guess, my research paper was on vampires.
I have spent a very long time in Cate’s shadowshe casts a pretty big one. I have always had the support of my family and coach, and they have always stressed we are completely different people and will achieve things in our own time. They stressed I would get my moment. I just had to be patient.
Bronte Campbell
I honestly didn’t always want kids – for a very long time, it just wasn’t a path I saw myself on. I wasn’t even sure I wanted to get married!
While the political debate over abortion will continue for a very long time, the federal government can and should be doing more to support programs and services that provide women with better options.
The beauty of architecture is it involves work that stretches over a very long time but often starts in one instant, with just one emotion, a kind of instinctual response.
For a very long time now I’ve been saying to young women, ‘You can have it all, but not all at the same time.’ How important it is to take very good care of yourself, of your mental and physical and spiritual wellbeing; it’s hard to do. It’s easier to be a workaholic than to have a truly balanced life.
Fashion has been something that I have been really into since a very long time. Every girl likes dressing up, and I am that kind of a girl who take a little time to dress up. I love to dress up at occasions.
Govinda and I met after a very long time. We did many films together but I really didn’t know that we were so popular as a jodi. We haven’t kept in touch per se, but sometimes bumped into each other at a party or two. We don’t have common friends, we have no commonalities.
Punjabi songs have been a rage in Bollywood since a very long time. The lyricsbeat and the meaning behind them give an emotional touch to their lives and connects with youth.
I am rediscovering the whole sexual dimension of life at the age of 86, really. And that also means discovering the feminine. So the whole of this dimension, which I had been seeking for a very long time, is now sort of opening itself up to me.
Bede Griffiths
I hope to be with you as a writer for a very long time, and I hope that you will enjoy reading my work, because readers are the highest form of life on this planet.
Guy Johnson
A very long time ago, I accepted that travel is just a necessary evil, and unlike many things in my life, I decided going with the flow would make it less painful.
There’s other things I’d like to do. I probably won’t tour for a very, very long time. It’s something that you feel inside and that’s the way I’ve been looking at everything.
I learned my lesson that in the live-action world, you have to earn the support of people over a very, very long time. And in animation, I already have the support.
I worked for a smoothie company, and that was rough. I also sold women’s shoes for a very long time. That was super rough.
I know the families that I photograph extremely well, and I’ve known them for a very long time.
I will play around with an idea for a very long time until it’s found it’s feet and it’s good enough to become a song.
I think it is serious to have good sales. As I learned belatedly, the more you sell, the more publishers pay attention to you, and it took me a very long time to figure that out because I never thought that way.
I’m very devoted to my husband and we’ve been together for a very long time.
A very long time, I’ve wanted to be a mom. When we started this, we didn’t know how it was going to end up.
I haven’t read a book in a very, very long time because, when I’m writing, I don’t like to see other people’s work. I don’t want to see something great and not be able to use it, and I don’t want to have any subconscious influences.
We already live a very long time for mammals, getting three times as many heartbeats as a mouse or elephant. It never seems enough though, does it?
I’ve lived with myself for a very long time, so I’m aware of what I look like. I’m under no false pretense that I’m a stunner, so if somebody comes up and says something about my physical appearance, it’s okay.
Vegetarians have been around for a very long time – Pythagoreans forbade eating animals more than 2,500 years ago – but even as the environmental evidence mounted, they didn’t appear to be winning the argument.
Coming to terms with the fact that my marriage was a failure was devastating and very difficult. I blamed myself for a lot of things. It took me a very long time to get over it.
For me, for a very long time, I was in denial because when you say you’re sad or you’re overwhelmed, we consider it whining or complaining. People say, ‘Count your blessings,’ and it’s like, ‘Yeah, I am, but I’m still sad. Something is wrong with me.’ I had to acknowledge it.
Sometimes if you’re in the studio for a very long time, you want to get out and play live shows and vice versa.
I prepared myself for Miss Universe for a very long time, for years, and I would always try to imagine what it would be like to introduce myself as Pia Wurtzbach, Miss Universe.
My family is more a sports family, and I figure skated for a very long time, so movement and how I relate to movement is very integral to my process.
Hunger is an issue that I’ve cared about for a very long time and is incredibly personal and important to me.
I’m an actor, so sometimes there are moments where I think about everything that’s happening and I want to cry. I’m doing what I love and I will be doing it for a very, very long time – and it’s amazing. A lot of people don’t get to do that.
I think I lost my sense of identity when I was married. I know I did. And it took me a very long time to regain it and find out who I was.
‘Benedict’ means ‘blessed.’ My parents liked the sound of the name and felt slightly blessed because they’d been trying for a child for a very long time.
I had a grungy period and looked like a tramp for a very long time – my mum really hated it! I destroyed her entire ’70s wardrobe by putting studs into everything – I thought I was really cool. But it’s good to experiment – I even had dreadlocks at one point.
I find it very hard to approach people. I take a very long time to open up and become friends with someone.
It was a fight for a very long time. After the end of the first season, all that was done.
John Goodman
I think I could probably make $5 to $10m movies for a very long time and live a perfectly good life doing it. I’d probably get paid as well as a surgeon, which is pretty damn remarkable for a guy who went to film school.
I had wanted to be a writer for a very long time, and I had started a lot of books and failed to finish them. I had this terrible pattern of beginning manuscripts and then just losing steam, and I had begun to believe that I just didn’t have it in me.
I’ve studied authoritarianism for a very long time – for 40 years – and they’re started by people’s attempts to control the ideological and linguistic territory.
I played the first ‘Resident Evil’ on a PlayStation in high school. I remember, those were the beginning of the survival-horror genre; I’ve been following it for a very long time.
For a very long time now, we’ve seen things one way, which is through the eyes of men. Quite frankly, I’m a little bit bored by our stories and the way we perceive things.
Lyriq Bent
Our marriage was a great success. Stephen achieved what he wanted to achieve, we kept going for a very long time, and we had three wonderful children together.
It took me a very long time to be comfortable in my own skin.
I started to ride when I was very young, and it’s a sport I have practised for a very long time.
Charlotte Casiraghi
White actors still get way more money in Hollywood. It’s been that way for a very long time. I hope it’ll change, but it’s a matter of forcing that change.
I had been wanting to work out with a trainer for a very long time. I always had a good cardio regimen, but I didn’t know how to tone up or use weights properly – and I wasn’t sure where to start.
I hid the fact that I had an aneurysm for a very long time. I was embarrassed, and I just felt like no one needed to know because it made me look weak. Who would of thought someone my age, at 23, had a brain aneurysm?
Tamala Jones
Greyhounds are born runners, and I hope to keep them running in West Virginia for a very long time.
Man who waits for roast duck to fly into mouth must wait very, very long time.
Jules Renard
Bonfire‘ was kicking around for a very long time. It was an idea I wanted to explore for a television show. Then I was given this weird gift of time when ‘Jessica Jones’ finished season one. I got really organized and just kind of banged it out, but it took a long time. It took two years to even have a first draft.
Everybody thinks that this civilization has lasted a very long time but it really does take very few grandfathers’ granddaughters to take us back to the dark ages.
I’ve fought to close the gender and racial pay gap for a very long time. One piece of advice I like to give whenever I’m speaking on the subject: if you want equal pay, join a union! I’ve never seen a union contract that pays women 79 cents to a man’s dollar.
I realized a very long time ago, that I was never going to be the guy who, ‘Oh, you look so big, let’s push him in the main event and see,’ or, ‘Oh, this guy’s got the best physique ever, let’s put him in the main event and see.’ It was always going to be the hard way.
Being an American is something I wanted to be for a very long time, probably since I saw the moon landing when I was a child.
Look, the, the – this country has not lived within its means for a very long time, and, and the truth is we’re going to have to take our medicine.
Alexi Giannoulias
It’s very hard to reflect properly when you’re still playing but the hundreds one – when I got my 23rd in Kolkata – felt the most special because it broke a benchmark that had stood for a very long time. It felt good to do something no Englishman has done before.
I have nothing but respect for Adam Cole. I’ve known him for a very long time, and he’s one of the best in the world.
Any art worth its name requires you to be fundamentally lost for a very long time.
I have been playing tennis for a very long time. Tennis is my life. I see my life in other places, and there are other challenges for me.
One thing I won’t be doing on a weekend is shopping. I just don’t like it, and I haven’t bought an article of clothing for a very long time. I usually just take wardrobe from shows I’m on. It’s much easier.
To be honest, and I may regret saying this, the idea of playing the same character for a very long time is very daunting to me.
When I finished ‘Cocktail,’ it took me a very long time to get out of Veronica‘s mindspace, behaviour, and zone. I had to reconnect with who I am. It is a similar story with ‘Bajirao Mastani.’ Some films demand that.
I had wanted to be a writer for a very long time, but I had no talent for finishing books. I would start them, get about 20,000 words in, and come to a screeching halt, because I had no idea how to outline a story or what my own process as an author was.
I’m fascinated with genetic science, and I have been for a very long time. I always look at science and technology because I think that the developments in my lifetime have been so remarkable – and we’re only at the tip of the iceberg with projects like decoding the human genome.
Nick Rhodes
It takes me a very, very long time to write a story, to write a piece of fiction, whatever you call the fiction that I write. I just go about it blindly, feeling my way towards what it has to be.
I didn’t write songs for a very long time.
To work with anyone you admire and respect, and have for a very long time, is a surreal thing.
I’ve been a fella in the fashion industry for a very long time now, and the industry has been very good to me.
I know Kuldeep Yadav for a very long time. We have played with and against each other a lot.
I think the most important thing… is leadership. It’s something that has been lacking in young women and girls for a very long time, not because we don’t want to but because of what society has labeled women to be. I think we are the most powerful beings in the world and that we should be given every opportunity.
Women’s tennis has been around for a very long time – we’re talking about the 1800s. But women’s soccer hasn’t had such a long history, so now they’re right at the beginning of really trying to make things equal. We need to continue not only to advocate for women but to have men advocating for women.
I’ve been with the same person for a very long time but I’m just non-conventional in that way. I don’t think people need to be married. I think a lot of people need that piece of paper, but I don’t think everybody needs that to feel secure.
Lets be clear, Dolly Parton is a rapper. Somewhere before all the country, I don’t know what happens up there in the mountains when you’re growing up, but she has been spitting rhymes for a very long time – 50 years I’d say.
The privilege I’ve had over 15 movies over a very long time has been to make movies that were ambitious or grown-up, complex, that had themes in them that were sometimes political, sometimes challenging, to make these movies on a scale.
It’s really hard to say how long the show will last and will continue. I hope it lasts for a very long time. As long as kids watch it, anyway. But beyond this, sure, I would love to be doing film. I’d love to be doing more theater and perhaps even writing.
There have been some bad times, some very low points in my life. Doing ‘Celebrity Big Brother‘ was certainly one of them. When I came out my phone didn’t ring for a very long time.
I loved ‘Jaws.’ I think that is not really a horror film, but it made me afraid of the ocean for a very long time.
Just in the past few years – since I’ve been making movies, which isn’t a very long time – you now have a culture that is fascinated and informed about the box office in a way that sometimes filmmakers weren’t even.
I was in a very lucky position to be able to consider studio films and had decided to not go that route for a very long time until I read a script that I loved called ‘Aeon Flux.’
I’ve had a lot of years of football so I’ve been in control of power for a very long time.
I write in a very strange way. Things are very fragmentary for a very long time, and then they come together very quickly near the end of the process.
Think of God; attachments will gradually drop away. If you wait till all desires disappear before starting your devotion and prayer, you will have to wait for a very long time indeed.
Writers, not psychiatrists, are the true interpreters of the human mind and heart, and we have been at it for a very long time.
I’ve been the captain of my wrestling team, my college team, so to me, I’ve been in that leadership role for a very long time.
There is a lot of propaganda about opera singers not being able to act. That’s not necessarily true and hasn’t been true for a very long time. And certainly there were those instances when singers were told they need to fit into a certain size dress. Of course, women. Men? They just make the costume bigger.
Im keen to keep coaching for a very long time. Im not in old at 52 in coaching terms, Ive still got quite a few years ahead of me and Ill back myself in any league or in any position to have success.
They had been monitoring the site for a very long time, and at times, I received over 100 hits from the Department of Defense on the website, so I wasn’t the slightest bit surprised.
Sherman Austin
I did become American citizen in order to vote. I lived in this country for a very long time and I finally reached the point where I thought, I’m often sticking my neck out on various issues as all human beings have a right to do.
I saw a niche in the market where made-to-measure wasn’t being done in a modern, fresh way or in a short period of time. Traditionally, bespoke orders take a very long time, but I thought, ‘Here we are with all these fashion-forward ideaswhy not?’
I have quite dark skin, and when I had my son, I suffered quite bad pigmentation; I had dark patches on my face. Everyone said it would go, but it would take a very long time for them to even slightly disappear.
As far as Irish writers being great, I think the fact that there have been two languages in Ireland for a very long time; there has obviously been a shared energy between those two languages.
Garry Hynes
My sister and I, fortunately, have been in this business for a very long time. Ever since we were 11. Throughout those years, people have always wanted to know our dynamic.
I take a very long time to write my books – from five to ten years.
Also, if you’re in a TV show that does turn out to be very successful, you then can do whatever you want to do in theater for a very long time.
Treat Williams
Hysteria is something that I’ve been interested for a very long time. I thought I might have it, but it seems that it’s unlikely.
When you start, you have no brain; you are a kid. It’s fine. But then I started to be scared. I was scared of judgment – not as a dancer, but as a person – and I was really uncomfortable with people. And it lasted for a very long time.
The reality is that I’ve been counted out for a very long time and people continue to underestimate me and I continue to overperform.