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I loved playing for Coach Ambrose, and I definitely lov

I loved playing for Coach Ambrose, and I definitely love playing for Coach Wright.
It seems to me that if Mr. Obama wins the presidential election, then Messrs. Farrakhan, Wright, Ayers and Pfleger will gain power for their need to demoralize this country and help create a socialist America.
Well, I called him and I said, Mr. Wright, what can I do? Universal offered me a contract $300 a week. He says take it. You’ll never get that money from me.
Anthony Quinn
As Fallingwater demonstrates, Wright’s genius was always specific, but also always lively, always daring.
‘Loving Frank‘ is about a forbidden love affair between two people who lived a hundred years ago – Frank Lloyd Wright and his married client, Mamah Borthwick Cheney. The affair set off a colossal newspaper scandal when the lovers ran off to Europe together.
Nancy Horan
In some ways, the best novel about terrorism, though it’s not a novel, is ‘The Looming Tower‘ by Lawrence Wright or ‘Perfect Soldiers‘ by Terry McDermott.
Some of my biggest influences are people like Steven Wright and Todd Berry. I’m a shy person, and I don’t think people who aspire to do comedy think that’s an option.
The movies I respond to are by guys like the Coen brothers and Edgar Wright, where it’s hard to fit them into any one box.
In 2008, Senator John McCain forbid his staff from using an ad that referred to his opponent Barack Obama’s inflammatory former pastor Jeremiah Wright or from raising that issue in any other way. He believed it was a sneaky way to use Obama’s race against him.
I actually think I need ‘Homelandrehab. And that Ray Donovan. I think I’ve watched every episode more than once. Liev Schreiber, Jeffrey Wright and Jon Voight have made me fall in love with acting again.
In 2004, Lawrence Wright wrote in the ‘New Yorker‘ about ‘The Kingdom of Silence,’ where a massive sewer project in Jeddah was really a series of manhole covers across the city with no actual pipes underneath. I, as the editor of a major paper at the time, can say that we all knew – and we never reported on it.
And, finally, as a Republican, I believe it is important to keep our word and keep our covenant, and that is exactly what we should do with the Wright amendment today.
Joe Wright called me and I also had some trepidation along those lines but he said no, it would work. He had a very clear and specific idea of what he wanted to do.
I’m addicted to ‘Scandal.’ Joe Morton is the devil, and I love him. I am addicted to ‘Boardwalk Empire.’ Jeffrey Wright is the devil, and I love him.
I’ve read that Steven Wright’s style was born out of genuine nervousness.
Lizz Wright is my favourite singer. Her voice moves me and takes me to another place. She also grows her own food, and that inspires me.
I was heavily influenced by Andy Kaufman and Steven Wright.
I grew up in a time when Eames and Le Corbusier and Frank Lloyd Wright and other architects were putting their furniture and objects on the market. You could buy some of those objects on the open market. Eames was a huge influence on all of us in school.
There’s a historical milestone in the fact that our Apollo 11 landing on the moon took place a mere 66 years after the Wright Brothers’ first flight.
Something I’ll always remember – when I was a kid, I shook hands with Orville Wright. Forty years later, I shook hands with Neil Armstrong. The guy that invented the airplane and the guy that walked on the moon. In a lifetime, that’s kinda wild when you think about it.
Jay Wright is class personified. He wins with class, loses with dignity when he does, which is not often.
Lizz Wright, we call her lovingly ‘Amazing Grace.’ She has a folk and gospel kind of approach to the music, and she writes beautiful lyrics and songs. She’s like this balm that is really full and very rich and deep.
For Michael Wright and Frank Darabont to cast me as the ultimate good guy and Eddie Burns as the ultimate bad guy, and really switching roles from what we usually play, is pretty awesome. That generally doesn’t happen, but TNT is a horse of a different color.
Neal McDonough
Marian Wright Edelman is a mentor and hero of mine.
I haven‘t any wisdomjust a child like everybody else. I’m not as great as Frank Lloyd Wright.
Jeremiah Wright is one of the greatest prophetic preachers that black America has produced. What I find striking is that many white brothers and sisters miss the fact that there would be no black church if the white church wasn’t political and racist in refusing to worship with us.
The first play I ever did was with Michael Langham, Brian Bedford, and Colm Feore, at Stratford Festival. That was my first professional job, and I got to work with Garland Wright and so many great artists.
You could put all of Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s angry sermons on to one loop. You could put that loop up on the big screen at Radio City Music Hall and let it play there 24 hours a day, seven days a week and Barack Obama will still emerge as the next president of the United States.
Gary David Goldberg
My grandfather Frank Lloyd Wright wore a red sash on his wedding night. That is glamour!
Anne Baxter
Those who closely watched the campaign should not be surprised by Obama’s hostility toward Israel, given his relations with pro-Palestinian, virulent critics of Israel and his voluntary membership in Reverend Wright’s decidedly anti-Semitic church. Furthermore, his campaign website featured anti-Semitic posts.
Back in his Chicago Senate days, when he was seeking greater black credibility, Obama was happy enough to attend the Reverend Jeremiah Wright’s Trinity United Church of Christ.
When I was in high school I saw Steven Wright, a brilliant one-liner comedian, and I thought: ‘That’s what I should do; I should write one-liners.’ And I did. My first album is mostly one-liners.
Innovation really is the life blood of our American economylooking back at the stories of Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell, and the Wright Brothers, you look at emergence to technology innovation and what it has done for our economy. We need to continue that.
Alan Shearer, Ian Wright, unbelievable centre-forwards – but you could not say to them: ‘For the next three weeks I want you to play No 10 and thread the ball through the eye of a needle.’
But the fact that some geniuses were laughed at does not imply that all who are laughed at are geniuses. They laughed at Columbus, they laughed at Fulton, they laughed at the Wright Brothers. But they also laughed at Bozo the Clown.
Twenty years ago I brought young, unknown film maker Joe Wright with me to a private show of ‘Nil by Mouth.’ Gary Oldman asked me if he was any good. I said, ‘give it a few years and he’ll direct you in a film that will win you an Oscar.’
I love Robin Wright. Kristin Wiig! I love those two women.
Kathleen Rose Perkins
I got to work with Jeffrey Wright, which is fantastic. I started out starstruck, but he’s so cool, so it was all OK.
No-one can replace Richard Wright – he was my musical partner and my friend.
Where most politicians would have abandoned a supporter like Jeremiah Wright and the community he served, Obama, while strongly criticizing him, did not throw his friend overboard.
I do not regret the years I spent reading the traditional canon of white male writers in school. I do regret reading so little else there: Austen, George Eliot and occasionally Woolf, likewise Wright, Ellison, Hughes and Gwendolyn Brooks.
Few Westerners know Iran as well as Robin Wright: her first trip there as a journalist was in 1973, and she has covered every important milestone since, from the Islamic revolution and the hostage crisis to the more recent staring contest with the West over Tehran‘s nuclear program.
I love Robin Wright’s character in ‘House of Cardsbecause she’s a bona fide villain. She’s a not-nice person in a believable way; you can see her working in the world.
A turning point in the public’s perception of the building art came with the publication of Frank Lloyd Wright’s ‘An Autobiography‘ of 1932, a picaresque narrative that captivated many who hadn’t the slightest inkling of what architects actually did.
We are ever on the threshold of new journeys and new discoveries. Can you imagine the excitement of the Wright brothers on the morning of that first flight? The anticipation of Jonas Salk as he analyzed the data that demonstrated a way to prevent polio?
I was walking down First Avenue, heading to CVS. And two police cars pulled over and stopped, and rolled down the window and one of them asked, ‘Are you Isaac Wright?’ When I said yes, they immediately got out and asked me to take pictures with them in front of the police car.
Frank Lloyd Wright made houses right up until the end. I think that’s important because it gives you a direct connection to all the basic aspects of architecture – the spatial energy of the place, the construction, the materials, the site, the detail.
Steven Holl
Steven Wright can do Steven Wright very well. Not everyone can do Steven Wright’s jokes with the same results.
It’s so crazy to work with Ryan Murphy and then work in the David Fincher world with Robin Wright.