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Karma is karma. Karma is in life. You do the wrong thin

Karma is karma. Karma is in life. You do the wrong things, you get the wrong things out of it.
Twitter can afford to build the wrong things. However, Twitter cannot afford to build the right things too slowly.
The wrong things are predominantly stressed in the schools – things remote from the student‘s experience and need.
I came up with the album namePlease Don’t Be Deadbecause I felt like we’d lost our way as a society – and I know what happens when you chase the wrong things. It’s the story of my life.
The danger to society is not merely that it should believe wrong things, though that is great enough; but that it should become credulous, and lose the habit of testing things and inquiring into them; for then it must sink back into savagery.
If someone says to me, ‘You are a cheat, and Pakistan is doing wrong things,’ my first priority is to my country.
There are too many people coming to parks doing the wrong things. They treat the parks like popcorn playgrounds. They don’t understand what the national parks mean.
I think you’re a product of your influences, your environment. You see guys with so much talent, but they got the wrong people around them telling them the wrong things. They wind up going down the wrong path.
Well, you know, in any novel you would hope that the hero has someone to push back against, and villains – I find the most interesting villains those who do the right things for the wrong reasons, or the wrong things for the right reasons. Either one is interesting. I love the gray area between right and wrong.
I’ve done the wrong things, I’ve said the wrong things to my father, which is not good for any kid to do and for their parents to do.
Yes, sometimes I have done some wrong things and I’m not an angel.
Fear can make all of us do the wrong things sometimes.
When you’re being interviewed every day, and you’re tired, you can make mistakes and say the wrong things, especially when you’re young. When you’re young, you don’t realize everything, and you’re a little naive.
We didn’t do wrong things because we didn’t want to embarrass our parents.
Most businesses fail because they want the right things but measure the wrong things, and they get the wrong results.
Unfortunately, a lot of people are stupid. They take drugs. They get drunk and do all the wrong things in life. I just played it straight.
I try to remember, as I hear about friends getting engaged, that it’s not about the ring and it’s not about the wedding. It’s a grave thing, getting married. And it’s easy to get swept up in the wrong things.
You know that your happiness and suffering depend on the happiness and suffering of others. That insight helps you not to do wrong things that will bring suffering to yourself and to other people.
I want to leave UMNO because it is no longer UMNO. It is a party dedicated to supporting Mr. Najib, to protecting Mr. Najib, to upholding whatever it is that he does, including some of the wrong things that he has done. I cannot be a member of such a party.
I think there is something in my books that says these are people doing their best under difficult circumstances – sometimes they do wrong things and make mistakes, but who doesn’t? And who wants to read about somebody who never does?
Sonya Hartnett
Babylon is everywhere. You have wrong and you have right. Wrong is what we call Babylon, wrong things. That is what Babylon is to me. I could have born in England, I could have born in America, it make no difference where me born, because there is Babylon everywhere.
Eddie had the perfect template of what not to do. His big brother did all the wrong things.
I hope people will see how harmful words are and how irresponsible we can be when saying the wrong things at the wrong time to certain people.
So many people walk around with a meaningless life. They seem half-asleep, even when they’re busy doing things they think are important. This is because they’re chasing the wrong things.
Morrie Schwartz
I’ve learned I can’t change every opinion or have everyone‘s approval. If I get caught up in that, I’m worried about the wrong things.
Most people are sceptical about the wrong things and gullible about the wrong things.
A lot would change if laws were strictly enforced. I know it’s a medieval thought, but fear is what keeps us from doing wrong things, right?
I don’t like to watch my work after I do it because it just – I’ll always look at the wrong things.
The Right is incredibly deft at getting earnest about all the wrong things.
I’m a guy that tries to eat right. I try to keep my body right. I try to do all the right things. But like everybody else, I have flaws. I slip up. I eat the wrong things sometimes. I have cheat days. I think I make mistakes just like everybody else, but I try to minimize them.
I like to bring people together so we don’t waste opportunities and resources and keep doing the wrong things when we know better. Corporate America makes great things and things that can hurt us. They have to be part of the solutions. There’s nothing to say you don’t make a profit by doing good.
The place where you’re from defines who you are. You put yourself in the wrong situation, the wrong things happen.
Vince Staples
I’ve made pretty much every mistake you can make as a young man, eating and drinking the wrong things at the wrong times.
People are being incentivized for the wrong things. We’ve heard about a lot – doctors for procedures rather than creating wellness or maintaining wellness.
I had a great job, living a great lifestyle… and just started doing the wrong things, getting a little bit cocky.
I only tend to think of the week ahead, to keep my eye on the ball and question whether a full stop is in the right place. It’s easy to get distracted by the wrong things. If you start thinking of grand gestures, it’s going to be a lot of hot air. You have to be logical. The theatre is a very logical place.
Lee Hall
I spent money on all the wrong things. Private airfare. Things like that.
Brand marketers don’t believe that ad-tech companies view brands as true partners. Ad-tech companies think brand marketers are paying attention to the wrong things. And publishers, with a few important exceptions, feel taken advantage of by everyone.
Nobody can negate the fact that there is a section – not only in media but in every field – which indulge in wrong things.
You certainly have a higher quality of life when you are not on the Forbes list. It just means that your security changes, and you’re known for the wrong things.
Ronald Burkle