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But for me, it is when a student has died. I find the d

But for me, it is when a student has died. I find the death of a young person the most difficult and painful of times. To explain it to other young people, to see a bright future snuffed out, is just awful. I am haunted by those deaths.
I, for one, want to make sure we give every young person the chance to find the fuel for their confidence, something that will power their ambition.
If you are a young person then social media means a lot more to you then if you are older.
I have a way of synthesizing. That’s what I would encourage any young person to do: take in the ideas, the conflicts, and the world. Watch and listen and live before you go public.
Every young person gets so excited about new software packages and new technology.
I don’t think you ever love anything as passionately as you do when you’re a teen. You remember the books you read as a young person your whole life. I feel so lucky to write for young adults.
So in those days, they were scooping up any young person who could sing and look decent, ah, at the same time.
Kitty Carlisle
However, I learned something. I thought that if the young person, the student, has poetry in him or her, to offer them help is like offering a propeller to a bird.
For a young person, it is almost a sin, or at least a danger, to be too preoccupied with himself; but for the ageing person, it is a duty and a necessity to devote serious attention to himself.
It’s hard as a young person of a different ethnicity or background to look at the TV and not see anyone who looks like you. Representation is very important.
The authority of a life for Christ always has greater influence than the authority of talking. A young person can possess all of the benefits of authority – influence, respect, and strength – just by following Jesus wherever he leads.
One great lesson that I would just pass along to every young person out there or anybody that feels that they can handle everything by themselves, that feels all they need is themselves, their sheer will and their confidence, I would disagree with that.
I still have a lot to prove within the industry as a young person in the Marvel Universe.
Just being in the locker room as a young person growing up was something I’ve always enjoyed, without ever having it forced upon me.
It certainly should not surprise us that a young person without any real stake in a legitimate occupation or career may get into trouble more easily. Such persons readily accept the idea that they have been unjustly deprived of money, status, and opportunity.
Everyone goes through a weirdness as a young person, especially in college, when you’re trying to figure things out.
If you are a young person who is wanting to develop a passion, you cannot expect anyone else to tell you what that passion would be.
Because for every Lin Miranda performance, there’s some young person out there saying, ‘Oh, I can write something like this.’ Or, ‘I didn’t think that this was possible.’ It opens a world of possibilities.
In Finland they are brilliant at ensuring no young person falls behind. From the day a child is born they are visited by health workers who assess their well-being and developmental. The health workers work with psychologists and speech therapists and aim to identify any problems at a very early stage.
Abbott and Costello were huge for me as a very young person.
A 75-year-old man doesn’t need maternity leave or maternity care. A young person doesn’t need geriatric care.
Never tell a young person that anything cannot be done. God may have been waiting centuries for someone ignorant enough of the impossible to do that very thing.
G. M. Trevelyan
Every young person has to bear the burdenheavier in proportion as the individuality is richer – of accommodating himself to existence now that it is no longer seen with the eyes of a child, the eyes to which everything is as it should be.
When I was fifteen, I dreamed of living in the big city, as many a young person does if he is artistic and sensitive. By ‘artistic and sensitive’ I mean short, skinny, unkissed, bad at sports, and carrying a C average in high school.
I will always encourage any young person, especially young black females. If you want to be involved in sport please do it.
Youth is wasted on the young. And it doesn’t even matter if you sit a young person down and tell them, ‘You’re so healthy, take advantage of it before it’s gone!’ They still can’t hear it.
Nobody, absolutely nobody, straps a bomb on their body because they were recruited from the Internet. It takes an enormous amount of personal face-to-face contact and time in order to recruit a young person into the cause of jihad.
As someone who wasn’t heavily supported or resourced as a young person when I was going through the hardest times of my life, I’m used to operating outside of systems. The trans movement has always been that way.
Within each individual young person you meet, you have the same fields to plow. The trick is just to wake thmem up, to sharpen their ears for what’s already there in the music.
I think that every young person is a little mentally ill, you know? If we’re not totally shutting down, we’re all a little bit mentally ill in our twenties and maybe into our early thirties.
When a young person is sent ‘up the river,’ we need to remember that all rivers can change course.
A cynical young person is almost the saddest sight to see, because it means that he or she has gone from knowing nothing to believing nothing.
When you are a young person, the world is yours. You can do the impossible.
I didn’t believe when I was first told that I have cancer. I thought, ‘How can a young person like me get cancer?’ I thought it could never happen to me. It took me a while to realise that I was diagnosed with cancer.
Do I believe it’s possible that some young person, young voting actor, or even older voting member for the Emmys, would sit there and go, ‘Yeah, that’s a great performance, but oooooh, I just hate everything he stands for?’ I don’t believe that’s possible.
I saw an opportunity to use a restaurant to identify a lot of my issues and concerns with being an immigrant in America, and Asian in America, and a young person in America.
I think about a young person who is sitting at home, 13 or 14, a person of color, possibly questioning their sexuality, and watching Dr. Hugh Culber and saying, ‘I’m a part of an ideal future that we could work towards.’ We’re planting seeds in the minds of young people to say, ‘Your possibilities are limitless.’
To any young person starting out on life and looking to make a quick fortune, I have this advice: forget banking, but go instead into security, scaffolding, or urban trench digging. Not in a hands-on way. I mean start a company.
All of the things an arts education gives a young person enhance leadership skills and help raise grades.
I had this idea that being an introvert was a negative thing, that it had a negative connotation, and I really wanted, as a young person, to strive to be the life of the party and to be really outgoing and to have a million friends. And then I realized that an introvert isn’t a negative.
Music doesn’t really require whether the person’s a young person or old person for whatever kind of music it is.
I’m just a young person trying to fulfil his potential and be the best he can be at what he wants to do… I guess that’s why people connect with the music.
I think there is a dissonance between how much is expected of you as a young person, whether you are a man or a woman: you are supposed to go to university; you get a master‘s degree, maybe two, particularly if you come from the middle class.
For every young person I meet, I learn an idea.
When you’re a young person, the solace one can get from popular music is something I just have tremendous nostalgia for, affection for. I still have it.
When I came to California, it was the mecca of the world. Every young person on the planet wanted to be here.
When I was young, I lived like an old woman, and when I got old, I had to live like a young person.
It was weird that I was a young person who was Republican. And I wanted to get at the heart of why it was that so many people of my generation thought that being Republican just wasn’t for them. They thought that conservative ideas just weren’t for them.
There’s a scary moment when you realise you’re no longer the youngest person in the room. Especially if you’ve been a successful young person. That’s followed, of course, by the realisation that you’re actually the oldest person in the room.
It was high counsel that I once heard given to a young person, ‘always do what you are afraid to do.’
I think the more important task for a young person than developing a personal brand is figuring out what she’s great at, what she loves to do, and how she can use that to leave an imprint in the world. Those are tough questions, but essential ones. Answer those – and the personal brand follows.
In my opinion, education is the finest gift an individual can give a young person.
Donald Bren
Seeing games become more of a young person thing, I feel like a toy I grew up with has been left behind. I don’t want to. I want this thing to be respected by adults. I want this thing to be growing with me. It’s important to have games that could be more nuanced and reflective of the real world and relevant to adults.
To me it is just common sense that we should be making apprenticeships readily available to every young person who wants to go down that route – and encouraging people to consider taking this path just as readily as we would encourage someone to look into a university degree.
With honesty of purpose, balance, a respect for tradition, courage, and, above all, a philosophy of life, any young person who embraces the historical profession will find it rich in rewards and durable in satisfaction.
Samuel E. Morison
I had a hard time going to school. I probably wasn’t the most pleasant young person to be around. I kept a very tight circle of trusted people.
When you come to Christ as a real young person, I think when you become a teen-ager either you rebel or you search, doubt, and wonder.
I would recommend any young person who wants to be an actor to go and get some training.
Human nature is so well disposed towards those who are in interesting situations, that a young person, who either marries or dies, is sure of being kindly spoken of.
As a young person, I wanted everyone to agree with me.
I founded Homeboy Industries in 1988 after I buried my first young person killed in our streets because of gang violence.
I’m a young person; sometimes I’m political, sometimes I’m not.
I think as a young person, leaving high school or college, you’re like, ‘All right, all right, enough already.’ But now there’s a part of me that would like to go back and relish those moments when you could sit down and just… read a book.
Every young person needs to have a character that they can identify with and feel included by.
In young adult novels and children‘s books, you stay in moment. The story goes through a school year or a weekend. You never get a sense of a future self because the young person has not lived that yet.
If a young person has any idealism at all, it’s strongest about the time he finishes college.
I guess I can be surprised I’m alive. I’m taking a little better care of myself than when I was a young person. My father died when he was 63. My mother made it to 74. My grandparents, God, they were dropping like flies.
I rewatched a lot of ‘Star Wars‘ when I didRogue One,’ and the thing I learned was that as a young person, consuming ‘Star Wars’ at the level that I consumed ‘Star Wars,’ it kind of molds your visual psyche, so you see the world in ‘Star Wars’-ian fashion.
I don’t think a young person ever really quite knows what’s going on when their norm becomes going to the grocery store with sunglasses on at 11 years old. It’s kind of weird, and I’ll say it also went to my head the first little season, because that became normal for me.
There was a certain feeling I developed as a young person for black people. Somehow they were able to get pleasure out of things that I couldn’t see them enjoying. I heard them sing a lot, and I didn’t hear white folks going down the cotton rows singing that much.
Sam Phillips
I don’t have the feeling that as a very young person I read books that absolutely made their mark on my mind.
The single life is bearable to me only through my work in science, but for the long term, it would be very bad if I had to make do without a very young person next to me.
I’d like to think that, at the end of the day, you can look at the things that I made as a young person and the things I’ll continue to make as I get older and they’ll be consistently interesting and soulful things, and if you like them they’ll be a part of your dimension, as well.
I was just blown away by everything my dad was doing, every play. It was amazing to be able to go as a young person to the theater and see these visuals and how creative it could be. More than anything it was realizing you could do that as a life path.
Jorma Taccone
The books you read as a young person are books that stay with you forever. I think that is the biggest privilege of writing for young people. You feel like you can help shape somebody.
Louis Tomlinson, who is a member of One Direction, his mum was a chaperone on ‘Fat Friends.’ So Louis used to come to the set with his mum, and since I was the only sort of young person around, we would kick a football around, things like that.
Well, you have to get a job! That’s the first thing you have to do as a young person. You’re not in school anymore… It costs a lot of money to pay the rent these days.
A father is a person who’s around, participating in a child’s life. He’s a teacher who helps to guide and shape and mold that young person, someone for that young person to talk to, to share with, their ups and their downs, their fears and their concerns.
To be told that one can be dependent on one’s parents until age 26 should strike a young person who wants to grow up as demeaning, not as something to celebrate.
It’s very hard to persuade a young person who has seen the Great Recession, who has seen all the problems with inequality, to tell them inequality is not important and that markets are always efficient. They’d think you’re crazy.
I did all kinds of things as a young person to try to make money. I had a chicken operation – I sold chickens. I can remember going to high school football games as a ten-year-old and gathering Coca-Cola bottles, ’cause you’d turn them in and get a nickel. I wanted not to remain idle.
What was most important, for me, is that I could share what I experience as a young person – in particular, what impact incarceration and policing had on my life and my family‘s life.
A young person coming up and saying, ‘I absolutely love your music,’ is very encouraging.
Sure, every young person dreams about being famous, but nobody wants to be famous – unless they’re Zsa Zsa Gabor – every single moment of every single day.
I was certainly a kid who believed he could make a difference in the world. I was, as a young person, cooking up plans. My hero is Billie Jean King, and the thing that I find so impressive about Billie Jean is that she took something as banal as playing tennis and used it to change the world. She really did.
An experience that shaped me happened early in my TV career when I filmed in Mozambique, Angola and Bangladesh for ‘Blue Peter‘ and Comic Relief. Places with extreme poverty. When you see that first-hand as a young person, you take it with you for life.
As a young person, I was on the road playing music, so I was getting new environments shoved in my face whether I wanted them or not.
I was a very driven young person.
I spent most of my young life in the business and missed out on school events. I needed to be a young person and do what I wanted to do.
Brandon Adams
There are a few directors as a young person where I was kind of like, ‘Well, these are a sure bet.’ The Coens, Paul Thomas Anderson, Wes Anderson.
Sometimes a young person is so intent on proving themselves that they don’t actually listen to people who know things.
When I get asked for advice for a young person starting in the music business, I tell them, ‘Play every chance you get, and be real lucky.’
Johnny Gimble
I have my dream job! As a young person training as an actor, walking on the WB studio lot is a dream in itself.
Keegan Allen
The young person isn’t certain that love can be real; the middle-aged man is only discovering that it is; and the older person seems so sure of it. I was interested in the way that many of us go through the whole of our lives staying with someone just out of complacency, because leaving isn’t easy.
Conor McPherson
When I was a young person, when I was in high school, we did a very emotional and wonderful – for us, life-changingproduction of ‘Godspell.’ It really, really was the highlight of my high school time, and it was for everybody else in the cast, too.
When I was a young person working, everybody was older than me, so I had to kind of keep up. I’d see every movie and listen to everything played, and read all the relevant books. Being an actor, it’s kind of your job to know what came before you and how big your feelings are allowed to be.
Like any young person, I do what I want.
In the land of my birth I cannot vote, whereas a young person of eighteen can vote. And why? Because he or she possesses that wonderful biological attribute – a white skin.
My weight was a huge issue as a young person. For my mother, for my father, and for my siblings… nobody in my family is overweight. And here I come.
I learned early on in teaching how easy it is to hurt a young person and that’s never my intention.
If you could find a way to peel back the skin of this world so to speak, would you really see this supernatural reality that is greater? Is it true that we fight not against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers? Every young person wants to know.
If you’re a young person who wants to become an actor, it’s really important to walk into a casting room with a sense of yourself and some life experience. You can really delight a room and have them already choose you before you’ve even said a word!
Kenny Ortega
If not for music in my life as a young person, who knows where I would have focused my energy.
America is the student who defies the odds to become the first in a family to go to college – the citizen who defies the cynics and goes out there and votes – the young person who comes out of the shadows to demand the right to dream. That’s what America is about.
I’m not exactly an angry young person.
To a young person who can’t come out to our show, make your own band. Make your own music project.
I was taught from a very early age that it was probably the most American thing you can do is to question what’s going on and to try to fix things that you see that aren’t right. I believed that as a young person, and I believe that today.
I’m really interested in going back in to the history of non-binary people and seeing how many people in history were non-binary but that didn’t know it themselves or because we didn’t have the language, couldn’t talk about it. I know how that felt being a young person not having that language.
John Kerry had a very vivid imagination as a young person. I mean, he actually did go and take his bicycle from Norway to go camp in Sherwood Forest to be around the ghost of Robin Hood.
I don’t have a burning desire to act, strangely enough. I don’t know that if I hadn’t been an actor as a young person, I don’t know that I ever would have chosen this because it’s not really my personality.